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The Marines are the World Government's military sea force, tasked with law enforcement, international security, and military operations. The Marines are one of the Three Great Powers, alongside the Shichibukai and the Yonko.

They are present in all the seas around the world, as evidenced by their branch offices. The focus of their assets is on the far more dangerous Grand Line.

Their base of operations for Marine Headquarters is currently at Marineford in Paradise.

Due to their actions and role overall, they are one of the main antagonist groups of the series.


The duty of the Marines is to maintain a law and order throughout the world and impose the will and might of the World Government. They are therefore considered the key strategic development force in the World Government and are expected to obey its orders at will. Sometimes these orders are questionable; however, they are expected to carry them out regardless of opinion. Amongst their duties is awarding bounty hunters the bounties for the head of a criminal. They tolerate bounty hunters as a method of making their jobs easier, but are known to go out bounty hunting themselves. Apprehended criminals who are brought in alive are handed over to be made an example of. The Marines are left to ensure the transportation of these criminals to prison and/or to their execution.

Marines often work in pairs, with one superior officer and a second-in-command, or a subordinate who is of a lower rank. These partnerships may remain even during promotions, with both pairs advancing in rank together. In the pair, the higher ranked officer will give the orders to those under their command, while the other acts as an advisor or information gatherer while ensuring their partner's command is undertaken by the subordinates.

Higher-ranked Marines (admirals and the fleet admiral) are expected to be on call to lead the Marine forces into war. This may take the form of apprehending many criminals at once, protecting the World Nobles, or calling a Buster Call to tackle a situation. Vice admirals are the ones who serve on the ships that the admirals call out, and are tasked with carrying out the admirals' orders exactly.

Some high-ranking Marines are also involved in infiltrating notorious and/or dangerous pirate crews. The goals for infiltration may vary, from attempting to stop the intake of recruits to monitoring their activities. Also, high-ranking Marines may even be involved in the apprehension of notorious pirates and/or criminals, to the extent that even an admiral can be tasked to do the job.

The main purpose of the Marines remain footed in the idea of bringing justice to any criminal. They use justice as their constituted policy to manage a world that is made entirely of one ocean much easier. However, the main problem within the Marines is their approach to Justice. They are generally divided between those who support Moral Justice and those who support Absolute Justice, with the latter being the code of conduct for the Marines as a central doctrine. Nevertheless, there is little worry from the higher-ranked Marines as to how the Justice is carried out, so long as it is, leading those who truly support absolute justice to take questionable actions in carrying out their duties.

The Marines are also aided by the Shichibukai in terms of maintaining the "Three Great Powers", and as such, are expected to cooperate when necessary. Despite this, several Marines think of the Shichibukai as no more than pirates. In turn, the Shichibukai have no obligations to obey the Marines unless under the direct orders of the World Government itself.

One of the most questionable parts of their "Justice" is when it comes to slavery. Despite the practice supposedly being abolished years before, it is often shown that they just look the other way. Especially when it comes to the World Nobles' slaves, where it is even seen as a crime to free said slaves even if the person is merely a child. Often they are tasked in finding and retrieving the person to be a slave once again. They even purchase promising children from slave traders to be recruited into soldiers.


Fleet Admiral
Heiwa Box.jpg
NoPicAvailable.png Shishios.jpg NoPicAvailable.png
Edo Shishio
Vice Admiral
NoPicAvailable.png Slade Squared.png Kaguya Mitsuki Face.png EL.jpg
Shironeko Seven-Six Slade Taketori Karyū
Ken Buki Crop.png NoPicAvailable.png Senkaku PT Potrait.png Tanahashi Infobox.jpeg
Apotheosis Forseti Senkaku Tanahashi
Rear Admiral
Damocles Anime Infobox.jpg Hailee Squared.png Kenta Hogan Squared.jpg Auri Profile.png
Shirasagi Crystal Hailee Kenta Hogan Feinberg Auri
Clothilde Rouge pfp.png Perfetto Portrait.jpg Seireitou.png
Rouge Clothilde Michael Perfetto Seireitou
NoPicAvailable.png Blackstone Arthur cutout.png Robo-Marine.png Megapunk.png
Kabuto S. Willem Blackstone Arthur Robo-Marine Megapunk Emil
NoPicAvailable.png Kirigakure Kintarō.png Benedict Portrait.png DIAPT2.jpg
Beiner Orn Kirigakure Saizō Benedict Chaviv
Green Lantern Simon Baz (2).jpg
NoPicAvailable.png NoPicAvailable.png Abel Face.png Fugo Face.png
Konomi Jettson Pandora Abel Fugo
Zeno Crop.png KagumoAiyaHS.jpg RedJuliusHS.jpg
Zeno Golden Silk Red Julius
Commanders, Lieutenant Commanders
Jackson Storm.png Robo-Marine 2.png Surg E. On.jpg Lucy Kepler Profile.jpg
Storm D. Jackson Robo-Marine 2 Surg E. On Lucy Kepler
Lieutenants, Lieutenant Junior Grades, Ensigns
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Naoki Zasha
NoPicAvailable.png FLOCC.png NoPicAvailable.png Homies Cropped.png
Marines Science
FLOCC Sky Force Homies
Sun Pirates' Jolly Roger.png
Sunfish Vanguard
Former Marine Personnel
X Caesar.png Iceberg's pretty face.png The Immortal (2).png Ryūnosuke Shintarō.png
X Caesar  Iceberg  Adamantine D.
Ieyasu infobox.jpg Chiyoko Box.jpg Photelle Milan MBox.jpeg Tosei UF.jpg
Ieyasu  Chiyoko  Photelle Milan  Tosei 

Rank System

The system of military rank in place for the Marines is fairly straightforward, where each rank is clearly delineated.

Officers and recruits present at Marine Headquarters are considered "Super-elites". All ranks present from "Lieutenant" above are usually trained here, exceptions being those in command of other Marine bases

Rank Insignia

The Marines do not have a system of rank insignia per se. There is significant variation in the kinds of uniforms worn by officers, with many opting to wear a variety of dress showcasing their own eccentric style. Marines are also allowed to wield whatever weapon they are most comfortable with, no matter how unusual they may be. They are even free to fight bare-handed. However, as a general rule set down by the author, uniform guidelines are as follows:

  • Upon first entering the Marines, new recruits are given the standard uniform, consisting of a white short-sleeved shirt emblazoned with the Marine emblem and a simplified seagull with "MARINE" underneath it on the back; a blue neckerchief; dark blue trousers; and a baseball cap with "MARINE" across the front. All officers at the rank of Seaman (一等兵 Ittōhei?) and below wear this. The quasi-rank of "Zatsuyō" (雑用 Zatsuyō?) adds the kanji 雑 Zatsu ("various" or "odds and ends") to the sleeves, and to the Marine emblem on the back.
  • Once an officer has reached the rank of Petty Officer (伍長 Gochō?), he or she can choose from a number of different uniforms, including his or her own personal clothes. Only those who really want to appear "sailor-like" will stay with a more traditional uniform. This uniform is generally the standard sailor outfit with red and blue epaulettes.
  • Sailors at the rank of Ensign (少尉 Shōi?) and above are allowed to wear the coat with "Justice" (正義 Seigi?) on the back. This coat tends to be worn like a cape, draped over the shoulders with the arms not in the sleeves. It should be noted that the sleeves of these coats are often much longer than the wearers' arms.
  • For the rank of Lieutenant-Commander (少佐 Shōsa?) and above, a suit worn underneath the "Justice" coat is the preferred attire.

There are, of course, exceptions as various marines do not wear the full uniform. This may have something to do with the exceptional circumstances by which these Marines were brought into their present situation, the lenience on the part of their commanding officer, or just the fact that the rule is not strictly enforced.

Some Marines, particularly high ranking ones, have special custom colors in their coats.

Commissioned Marine Officers

  • Fleet Admiral (元帥 Gensui?)
  • Admiral (大将 Taishō?)
  • Vice Admiral (中将 Chūjō?)
  • Rear Admiral (少将 Shōshō?)
  • Commodore (准将 Junshō?)
  • Captain (大佐 Taisa?)
  • Commander (中佐 Chūsa?)
  • Lieutenant Commander (少佐 Shōsa?)
  • Lieutenant (大尉 Taii?)
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade (中尉 Chūi?)
  • Ensign (少尉 Shōi?)

Infantry and Sailor Division

  • Warrant Officer (准尉 Juni?)
  • Master Chief Petty Officer (曹長 Sōchō?)
  • Chief Petty Officer (軍曹 Gunsō?)
  • Petty Officer (伍長 Gochō?)
  • Seaman First Class (一等兵 Ittōhei?)
  • Seaman Apprentice (二等兵 Nitōhei?)
  • Seaman Recruit (三等兵 Santōhei?) or Recruit (新兵 Shinpei?)
  • Chore Boy (雑用 Zatsuyō?) (not an official rank)

Special Ranks

  • General Inspector (大目付 Ōmetsuke?)
  • Instructor (教官 Kyōkan?)


  • Captain of the Science Unit (科学部隊隊長 Kagaku butai taichō?)
  • Base Commander (基地長 Kichi-chō?)
  • Captain of SWORD (「SWORD」隊長 Sōdo taichō?)
  • Captain of the Sunfish Vanguard (翻車魚先頭・長 Koboshishagyo Sentō Chō?)


In addition to the ranks of the military forces, in the Marine Bases there are employees in charge of the service of the base and the other Marines, including chefs and kitchen employees, doctors, or scientists. They also have a Photography Department.

Military Powers

Although the exact total number of Marines is unknown, it is without a doubt to stand as the mightiest military power in the world of One Piece. The last number of reported to have assembled was around 100,000 foot soldiers, accompanied by 50 Naval Warships, it was known that Marine bases all around the world still had a very large number of troops stationed there during that time. They are protected by their Headquarters Marineford, which is one of the strongest Marine Fortresses in the Grand Line, with numerous defense mechanisms, and artillery in almost every direction. The Marines enlist not only humans, but also other known races such as Giants. They are also aided by most of the dreaded Shichibukai. Then there are the powerhouses in the form of the Admirals, as well as numerous Marine officers who are not only strong and effective, but also have made their names known and remembered. Last but not least, is also boast possibly the strongest Marine to have live, Fleet Admiral Heiwa.

It is a force formed all for the sake of defending, ensuring, and enforcing the might of Justice.