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Martin Pestico
Age 41
Birth name Martin Pestico
Also known as "Candy Floss"
Birth Date
Origin Hanamizu Village
Gender Male
Occupation(s) First Mate, Pirate
Affiliation Pretender Pirates
Bounty 128,000,000
Love None
Devil Fruit

He was once friends with Alexander Graham's father but when he unfortunately died, he was given the kid's live to care for. He became the first-mate of the kid's pirate crew and cares for him as if he was his own son.


At the age of 22 he met "The Great Tyrant" Graham, he immediately became friends with him even after he told him he was a pirate with a bounty of over 100 belli. He joined him on his adventure and became his first-mate after the death of Graham's cousin. He is now part of Alexander's crew.


His best friend is Luther, the only one left apart from Alexander of the old crew. He seems to have a lot of respect for him and his job as a cook but is sometimes a bit of a bad person towards him. He is very nice towards Alexander but every time he commits a mistake he is very pleased to tell him he did.


Many call him the "Candy Floss" since he is impossible to get rid off once he gets you, like floss on your teeth. This is because of his super-human strength. He also counts with an incredible skill in sword fighting with one sword. He is very skilled in many languages but unfortunately has bad eyes and can't make out colours after he was cut in the veins around the eyes.

Current Story

After his captain recruited Ana Jaques, an ex-bounty hunter he seemed to be glad to have one more person with them since sailing on the Grand Line is tough with just three persons. He also help Alexander and Luther raid the Great Sea Rouges hideout and along with Alexander took out their leader.