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Meeting with the Reaper
Date Started: October 8th, 2021

Date Finished: th, 2021

Setting: Amazon Lily

Characters Involved:

Synopsis: Several months before the war was declared, Angrboda D. Seiryuu meets up with an old crewmate, Vipe Lycodia, visiting her island in an attempt to warn her of future events.


Call from the Reaper

On Amazon Lily, each of the Kuja Tribe are seen enjoying their daily lives. From the usual fighting, training, shopping, the usual. This will go on for many normal days and nights. One night, in the grand field of the palace, a large werewolf can be seen sitting upon a fluttering field as a large bow lays on her back. Her tail wags back and forth noticing one of the other weapons on the ground was a sword. The werewolf had her eyes closed but soon opened them, revealing them to be blanks. After appearing to sense something, she suddenly turns serious.

"Byoshogan!'" she shouted as suddenly veins appeared around her eyes as she focused fiercely in one direction, picked up her bow, and shot it. She would then shoot at a very small target that appeared to be over 10 miles away through the middle of it. "It appears as I got it."

"Good my daughter. It seems like you have been handling your powers well after all of these years." Lycodia said as she was behind Alessia.

"Although I would much rather focus on my sword play mother..." Alessia said with a sigh as she deactivated her powers.

"You will in due time. I think it is about time for us to head inside." Lycodia said as she walks inside with Alessia.

"Ugh this form is quite the pain to walk in. Losing my clothes each time is also an hinderance." Alessia said as she sat herself down. "Where is sister anyway?"

"She is in the other room already asleep. She will be up in the morning. For now, you can slumber." Lycodia said with a friendly pat on her head.

"Right. Night mother." Alessia said as she fell asleep couldn't help doing in a curled up expression.

Later, Lycodia is seem in her room with Elder Salmusa and Asclepius seated beside her appearing to look at a letter.

"What do you make of this?" Salmusa asked with a small puff of her smoke.

Asclepius was seen looking at the mail. "Dear Lycodia! It's been awhile hasn't it?! Since that old bastard's sham of a crew! Ooh has it been over 2 decades! You should write to me more! FUKA-HAHAHAHA! Anywho, I am about to make this world mine soon and I have some business to take care of around where you live! So, I decided I'm stopping by! I will NOT take no for an answer especially an old friend! I'll see you in the afternoon tomorrow! Have plenty of milk! - Angrboda D. Seiryuu" Asclepius read. "The one known as The Reaper I presume? Your old crewmate?"

"Quite. Me, him, and the dragon warlord Ryushiki were all part of the Dead End Pirates a long time ago. However, all three of us decided to abandoned our captain, Zero D. Rooke, after deciding he was indeed below our levels. Seiryuu himself tried to recruit us to his crew, but I decided to do my own things while Ryushiki herself decided to take over a kingdom. They are both ruffians." Lycodia explained with a sigh.

"But now that man is on his way here tomorrow! We need to gather the Kuja to prepare for him!" Salmusa said with a sudden raise in her voice.

"That will not be necessary. He is coming alone. He is quite formidable. He just wants to talk about something. That is all. I think it is best I handle this." Lycodia said.

"Probably need to watch the princesses. Not sure how he'll react to them." Asclepius said with her arms crossed.

"Trust me. He probably would want to meet with them." Lycodia said with a yawn. "It is time we all get to bed now. Good night."

"Night. I better get the Kuja prepared in case. Let's go Asclepius." Salmusa said as she walked out.

"Right Elder." Asclepius said as she followed behind her.

The Reaper's Visit

It is morning on Amazon Lily as each of the Kuja can already be seen setting up around the island. Lycodia was in her room preparing to get herself together as Alessia can be seen already awake but was sitting down just outside her door.

"So the man known as The Reaper is visiting. I heard he is quite powerful." Alessia said to herself.

Bessie, Alessia's older sister, was seen walking down the hallways naked, as she has a habit of somedays. She sees Alessia nearby, "Morning there sister! How are you in this morning!"

Alessia looks at Bessie with some deadpan though she was still wrapped around in a towel herself. "Morning sister. I am doing well. Have you heard of the news of an old acquaintance of mother is visiting here soon? I've heard he is quite strong which is why the Kuja are assembled on the side." Alessia stated.

"Ah yeah I heard about it." Bessie says as she then yawned and wagged her tail, "Something about me just ain't worried about him, probably cause mother can beat him if she needs to."

"If it comes down to it. Mother has stated that this man will be even much for her to take down, hence why the meeting." Alessia said.

Lycodia can be seen walking down the hall as she then looks at her two daughters. "Alessia, Bessie, Seiryuu will be here in quite soon. I ask why aren't you both fully clothed yet...?" Lycodia said with a deadpan expression."

"I just got up after transforming last night. I do at least have a towel. Sister...not sure why she isn't." Alessia said defenseily.

"Because I am over 30 years old and can make my own decisions." Bessie responds crossing her arms and speaking in a defensive tone to her mother.

"Apparently you are old enough to not understand tact..." Alessia said with a deadpan.

Lycodia simply has her hand over her face after and sighs deeply. "There is something else you got from your father alright. Pure stubbornness." Lycodia stated.

"...And a lack of decency." Alessia added.

Meanwhile, over the shores of Amazon Lily, a large figure can be seen leaping from a large, old ship as it makes a large crash onto the ground. It stood a very tall man with spiky blue hair and an appearance that will make many flee in fear. It was The Reaper himself, Angrboda D. Seiryuu as he takes the moment to take in the air.

"Ah...Amazon Lily! It's been a long time hasn't it! With plenty of pretty women for me to see! FUKA-HAHAHAHA!"

"HOLD IT RIGHT THERE REAPER!!!" Salmusa said as she was soon followed by Asclepius and a bunch of the Kuja.

"Don't you dare be causing any trouble. You are only here to chat with our Empress and nothing more." Asclepius said with a stern tone as she was armed with her bow.

"Ah Elder Salmusa and Asclepius! It's been a long time! Clearly time has done only one of you favors! FUKA-HAHAHAHA!" Seiryuu laughed.

"You bastard! I will never forget when you laid waste to my old home town!" Salmusa said with anger.

"Perish the thought! It eventually lead you to originally leading Amazon Lily correct? And speaking of, I wish to talk with her right now if you will be kind!" Seiryuu said in a demanding tone.

"Tch...What are you even going to talk about with her?" Salmusa said with gritted teeth as she is afraid of him.

"Fate. That's all I am saying. I know she knows I am here! You may want to make it official!" Seiryuu stated as he looks over at Asclepius.

"...Right." Asclepius said as she reached for her den den mushi to call Lycodia. "Empress, he is ready to see you."

"Then let him through. I am sure he can find his way." Lycodia said as she hung up the den den mushi. "Now, I am being serious you two when I say to get dressed already. I do not want to take the risk of him thinking he'll kill you for disrespecting him."

"I'll do it if sister does it. I should be old enough to make my decisions as well." Alessia said.

"...Not sure if you got that from your own father or Bessie..." Lycodia said with a facepalm.

"Rah! Fine!" Bessie then flails her arms comically and turns around to her room, "I'll get a day to myself where I can do what I want someday."

"With that said, I will get ready myself." Alessia said as she got up and walked to her room not knowing her towel fell off at that point.

"I really need to choose what my daughter's fathers will be like..." Lycodia said with a facepalm.

About 30 minutes later

Seiryuu can be seen just arriving outside of the palace. He spreads his arms out to bask it the appearance. "Ah! The Kuja Palace! You haven't changed a bit! FUKA-HAHAHAHA!" Seiryuu laughed as he walked inside to be greeting by Lycodia who had her two daughters by her side. "Lycodia! It's been awhile!"

"Hello Seiryuu. Indeed. It has." Lycodia said sternly.

"Heh, you were always the stern time eh? Who are the two kids? Your maids? FUKA-HAHAHAHA!" Seiryuu laughed.

"...No. These are Bessie and Alessia, my two daughters." Lycodia stated.

"Daughters!? Damn! I didn't know you had kids! Let alone two of them! I lie, of course I know! FUKA-HAHAHA!" Seiryuu laughed as he looked at them two. "Let me here it from you two tykes."

"I am 18, I'm not a tyke." Alessia said without fear on her face.

"FUKA-HAHAHAHA! I like this one already! How about you?" Seiryuu looks over at Bessie.

"I am 35 and I'll decide if I'm a tyke or not!" Bessie responds, "What's a tyke?" She says confused, her spirit resembling someone Seiryuu has met recently

Seiryuu looks at the two of them intensely for a moment and he has a big smirk on his face. "So that's how it is huh? This one is 35 and this one is 18! I didn't think you'd ever thought you did it with that flea bitten mutt Fang and that annoying Esposito sprout!" Seiryuu said with a laugh.

"So you do know of our fathers." Alessia said.

"Of course! One even escaped from Impel Down from what I hear! He wasn't bad definitely a challenge I had in a long time since Gamma Fox." Seiryuu said with a slasher smile.

"Besides that, what is your business here? What do you wish to talk to me about?" Lycodia spoke up.

"Right! I'm just letting you know it's finally time for me to rise to the ranks of these strong brats! That foolish ape is going to perish in this war! I have forseen it! And I have been meaning to set my alliances up, but it does seem like you have yours handled huh?" Seiryuu said as he looked at Alessia and Bessie.

"Indeed. Especially as this island was provided with a dragonoid who has the powers over earth itself. We are quite capable now." Lycodia said.

"Heh. Fair play! Although these two, I don't think they have much to fight other than themselves and your fellow Kuja. I want to see the daughters of two beasts do in battle!" Seiryuu said with a sudden slasher smile on his face.

"Surely you cannot-" Lycodia said as Seiryuu suddenly raised his voice cutting her words off.


"He definitely doesn't waste anytime. Of course, I do not know fear. Challenge accepted." Alessia said stoticly.

Bessie wags her tails in excitement hearing the challenge, "A challenge ehh? I'll accept! Sounds like a fun time! If my dad was able to kick your ass well so will I be able to!"

"FUKA-HAHAHAHA! Kicked my ass?! I didn't even go full power and I felt like I has thrashing him around! But that's fine I want to see how you two can even survive!" Seiryuu said.

"You have told me your news, I think it is best you leave now after I've given you my answer." Lycodia said sternly to him.

"Not without taking your two pups for a spin. You're probably going to let them go free soon anyway. I want to see if they can handle me. Meet me in the open field in one hour! I don't want to be kept waiting!" Seiryuu said as he left outside laughing off in the distance.

"Sigh...I hate whenever he does this...always so battle hungry...Just like men..." Lycodia said with another deep sigh.

"He has challenged me and sister after all. We aren't going to turn down this challenge." Alessia said.

"Who says men are only battle hungry!?" Bessie says, "We can take him on! Though I never been challenged to a fight before. Most people run away from us in the adventures we go on mother."

"Indeed. But I feel like he wants to test us to some extent." Alessia added.

"Nonetheless, he will not leave until he has fought against you two so it's best you two get ready." Lycodia said as she started to walk off.

"Sister we best need to formulate a plan. Although I have a feeling you'll just do your own thing." Alessia said kinda gearing herself up for Bessie's response.

"Ehhh I'll prefer to get up close and personal to him." Bessie responds, "My devil fruit will not do much against him besides chilling his bones in snow. I can use my archery skills but I think I could fight closer while you could fight from afar. Plus your devil fruit will be more useful!" Bessie states to Alessia, "Besides I can fight with my werewolf form and haki."

"That is true. I am unsure of his abilities so we need to do our best." Alessia said.

Facing off Against the Reaper

Lycodia can be seen leading her two daughters to the spot where Seiryuu was sitting at. He appeared to be meditating as he then opened his eyes to see the three of them before his eyes. He springs up with excitement eager to get the fight going.

"Ah yes! Glad you all are here! I was getting worried that I was going to have to start toppling trees! FUKA-HAHAHAHA!" Seiryuu laughed.

"You are quite the ruffian...No wonder you haven't had anyone in your life for an extended period of time." Lycodia snaps back.

"HAH! Shots fired but I don't see any of your daddies returning anytime soon! They both can't keep their dicks under control!!" Seiryuu said with a laugh.

"This quite the jerk." Alessia said with anger in her voice.

"Hey! Don't you disrespect the father that I don't know yet but I still have respect!" Bessie says barking back.

"Good! GOOD! Use that rage and come at me if you think you can kill me! And to be fair..." Seiryuu said as he took off his cape and reveals two large metal shackles around his wrists.

"I had a feeling. You were always this arrogant." Lycodia said with her eyes closed.

"Those are...they are emitting a strange energy...I can feel it from here." Alessia said as she looked at the cuffs.

"Right! You pups never seen seastone before! It is special type of stone/metal that can completely nullify and hurt Devil Fruit users. I've stolen these off and they are my go to restrait! Can't risk easily killing you with my powers am I right? FUKA-HAHAHAHA!" Seiryuu laughed.

"Ugh...his arrogance is quite annoying..." Alessia said.

"Just be safe you two. I will step in if he gets too carried away." Lycodia said as she took a seat on a giant mushroom nearby.

"Now, who is up first!? Come on I'm eager to fight!" Seiryuu said as he got into a fighting position.

"A martial arts pose...So it seems like he's going to be a close-combat fighter. Sister, I think the best stragety is for you to rush and I'll try to keep him off-balance with my projects and powers." Alessia said to her.

"Uhhhhh, Werewolf now or later?" Bessie scratches her head and asks Alessia.

"E-Either!" Alessia said with a facepalm.

"TOO LATE!!! BORED NOW!!!" Seiryuu said as he instantly appears behind the two and prepares to use a roundhouse kick at them.

"Damn! Hira - Lock!" Alessia said as her cape suddenly becomes hardened as steel as it blocks the kick but the force of it still sends her flying backwards. "Ugh...he's fast...I couldn't even sense him coming."

"You're hesitation is gonna cost you dearly puppy!" Seiryuu said as he grins over to Bessie. "You're as thick-headed as your father alright! FUKA-HAHAHAHA!"

"Errrr don't annoy me like that! Alright! Werewolf form happens now!" She says as she leaps into the air, simultaneously turning into a giant werewolf, and swiping her claws at Seiryuu, "I'll eat you alive!"

Seiryuu smirks as he grabs onto her claws as he reels back a punch. "Ooh someone needs to train their mutt! Don't you know it's bad manners to try and kill your mother's guests?!" Seiryuu said as he coated his arm in Haki preparing to send it at Bessie!

"Damn. Better prepare my arrows right now!" Alessia said as she was arming her bow trying to aim it at Seiryuu.

"It ain't impolite if they're trying to kill you!" Bessie says as she coats her arm in haki to combat Seiryuu's punch, "I got haki too!"

"So you do! Doesn't mean shit again emission!" Seiryuu said as he smiled fiercely as he prepares to punch Bessie with Haki Emission. Suddenly, he started to lose his balance as the ground started to flutter and move around. "Oh?"

"Army Bandera! Don't forget I am fighting as well." Alessia said as she fired a haki-infused arrow at Seiryuu who blocks it easily with one hand.

"Can't keep my balance ya brat! What good is that for though?" Seiryuu asked.

"Distraction! Now sister!" Alessia shouted.

"Will do! Roundhouse Haki Kick!" Bessie flips herself and does an acrobatic flying roundhouse kick at Seiryuu's face!

Seiryuu takes the hit to his faces but all he does is smirk after getting it, with the attack not doing a think to him. Seiryuu then grabs Bessie's leg. "That's it? With your big size in all places, I thought that would've done something! But you're not your father at all!" he stated as he tossed Bessie upwards but then notices Alessia quickly behind him. "Oh? Stopped shaking the ground?"

"Opportunity." Alessia said as she reshaped her bow into her blades and she prepares to swing them at Seiryuu. "Serpent's Cross!" she shouted as she let out an X-shaped sword beam at Seiryuu as he simply tanks the hit. "What are you made of, metal?"

"Bone. Pure bone my lass! Ganguro: Air Punch!" Seiryuu shouted as he punched the air itself toward Alessia but was able to avoid it by turning into cloth, in a manner resembling Kame-e. "Oooh! Papery!"

"This man is strong. None of our attacks seem to be doing a thing." Alessia thought to herself.

"Errr! Haki Wolven Punch!" Bessie says as she swings her arm and attempts to hit Seiryuu in the abdomen.

"Seiryuu catches it as well as he hardened his arm in his jet-blue Haki as he casually tosses himself aside and had his arms crossed to them. "Come on! Is this really the extent of you two?! You're the daughters of the World Greatest Sharpshooter and even the sons of two men I'm willing to consider around my level! I thought you'd put up more of a fight than this! I guess I was wrong..." Seiryuu said with a deep sigh.

"We are not getting anywhere. Sister, we need to collaborate our attacks more. We did something similar earlier and it caught him off-guard." Alessia explained.

"Collaborate? Alright!" Bessie says as she leaps back and reverts herself to her humink form, "heh, feel more like myself now." She jiggles herself as she is unclothed, "But perhaps you need is a little shocking experience!" She then leaps into the air and attacks suddenly with electro and haki in her hand!

"T-That's not collaboration! We need a plan!" Alessia said with a shout.

"Ooh! Aren't you pretty like your mother! But don't you know that it's bad to rush in without a plan! Gonna lose that pretty body of yours! FUKA-HAHAHAHA!" Seiryuu said as he quickly coated his fist in Haki but punches the air itself. "Taste the power of my emission!" Seiryuu shouted as he let out a wave of Haki toward Bessie.

"This is why I said to wait sister!" Alessia said with a facepalm.

"You have my condolences daughter...I'm sorry about that..." Lycodia said with also a facepalm.

"AHHHH!" Bessie would fall far from the battlefield as she was pushed by the wave of haki, "Alright! I'll wait!" She then sits down on a rock and ponders, "I'm listening sister!"

"Good. I hope he doesn't try...anything..." said Alessia as she looks over at Seiryuu who was already laying down on the ground.

"Don't mind me! Just taking at break from aaaaaaalll that hard work I had to do! FUKA-HAHAHAHA!" Seiryuu said with a laugh afterwards.

"Ugh. Anyway, I think it's best we try to keep pressure on him. My flaw was trying to keep too much of a distance. I'd rather fight with my swords anyway. I think we need to be aggressive with someone who has to be aggressive back." Alessia stated.

"Oh ok! So attack him more right?" Bessie asks.

"Yes. We need to be more aggressive. While at the same time throwing him off. That is the plan and we should do it." Alessia confirms.

"I think you two got something huh? Well! Do it!" Seiryuu ordered.

"Ok! It's nice and simple too!" Bessie then transforms back into her werewolf form as she then coats her arms and legs with haki, "Haki Claw Smash!!!" She says as she pounces toward Seiryuu and attacks with greater force and haki on her.

"That again? Pup you know you aren't going to hurt me with that right?" Seiryuu said as he then notices Alessia who was right beside him with her blades coated in Haki as well. "Oh? She's quite speedy!"

"Fighting up close is my preference. You should know by now. Black Flurry Slash!" Alessia said as she attacked in tandom with Seiryuu where the martial artist was matching their blows easily with one arm each.

"Heh, these two tykes aren't bad! One clearly is superiors in strength to the other, but the other has that lineage going for her." Seiryuu thought as he suddenly used Haki emission to repel the both of them again. "Hah! Well done! You managed to impressed me a tiny bit! However, I think it's about time I get more serious huh? I'm going to see how Lycodia's daughters can really do in terms of survival!" Seiryuu stated as he had a vicious look on his face.

"Sister, be careful. I can sense his bloodlust even more now..." Alessia said as she had a beam of sweat down her face.

"Seiryuu...don't you dare use your powers here..." Lycodia said in a threathening tone.

Bessie's eyes grow a dark red that almost resembles her father's bloodlust as Seiryuu spoke, "Two can play that game Allie!" She then unsheathes her claws and does a long swipe at Seiryuu with haki!

In an instant, Seiryuu rose his arm as suddenly, a bunch of bones rose from out of the ground as it blocks Bessie's attacks. "Two can play it like that huh? How about now?" Seiryuu said as his own eyes turned a fierce red for a second.

"What in that bones?" Alessia asked as she stared at the two.

"I already broke apart my seastone cuffs so now I am fighting with my powers! Good luck breaking through my bones you pup!" Seiryuu said to Bessie as he fired off a bunch of shots at her.

"Damn!" Bessie states, "Looks like Imma need to increase my willpower." She then closes her eyes as she recoats her arm with haki. She then leaps and attempts to break into the bone shield from the ground, "Haki Pound!" She says as she punches the bone hard with haki.

"Heh? Is that all?" Seiryuu asked as he then noticed Alessia trying to attack him from the same position as she was suddenly infused with rage.

"Your arrogance...annoys me." Alessia said as she already refined her swords before coating them with Haki as she started to push forward alongside Bessie's attack.

"Esposito rage huh? Don't think you two could even...Oh?" Seiryuu stated as he noticed that his bone is starting to break. "I see! Didn't think you two pups could even dent it!"

"Again, your arrogance will one day lead to your own death." Alessia said as she kept trying to push through.

"And I hope my father or mother would be the one to do that!" Bessie responds as she just kept hitting the bone, "Lifa Lifa Lifa Lifa Lifa!!!" She shouted as she kept punching.

"FUKA-HAHAHAHA! Will they now?! I'm actually looking forward to my own death honestly! That is, if anyone can even accomplish that! Marrow Wave!" Seiryuu shouted as, as the bone wall was broken, another wave sprouted as it started to head toward them!

"Idea." Alessia said as she touched the first part of the Marrow Wave. "Unfold!" She shouted as the marrow wave suddenly started to become wavy like fabric!

"Oh ho ho?!" Seiryuu said with a surprised look.

"Your bones are a solid. As long as I can touch them, I can make them flow as harmlessly as fabric. Although your attack retains it's slicing power." Alessia said as she had her hand coated in Haki as well. 'Bessie, try another attack!"

"Alright! Haki Kick!" Bessie says as she then winds her kick up and then swings it around with force and attacks the bone right on!

"Whoa nelly!" Seiryuu said as he jumped backwards but was clear he was still not taking it seriously. "You two brats aren't bad! THen again, you only have your fathers and mother to blame! FUKA-HAHAHAHA!"

"I don't even think we can do lasting damage on this man. There has to be another method." Alessia said as she was thinking.

"Hmmmmm, man it's like that chess game Lucy had me play with her!" Bessie says trying to think, "It's like not going head on, but playing ahead of the game...."

"...I think you're getting your expressions mixed up I think?" Alessia said with a rare look of confusion on her face.

"Soooo..." Seiryuu said casually as he was already in their faces and had them both by the ears. "Did you two are going to fight me seriously or you want me to rip your ears off? You stragist too much! What happened to that "attack aggressively" plan?! That was fun! FUKA-HAHAHAH!"

"Rah...He's trying to actually pull our ears off..." Alessia said as she was struggling against him.

"You're going too far Seiryuu!" Lycodia said as she got up.

"Now now, you don't want me to do anything that's far worse than ear pulling...I can do that in a snap you know..." Seiryuu said onimously.

"You might literally snap our ears off." Bessie then says, "But yeah the "aggressively attacking" him was working, we just need to make more consistent damage...."

"....Idea." Alessia said as she touched Seiryuu.

"Eh? What are you doing brat?" Seiryuu asked casually.

"Army Bandera!" Alessia shouted as, all of a sudden, Seiryuu's body started to flutter like a flag!

"Oh hoo hoo?! What is this now! I am fluttering like a flag! FUKA-HAHAHAHA!" Seiryuu laughed despite his body moving around erractialy.

"Knew it. Your whole body is made of bone. That classifies you as an object in which I can make flutter." Alessia said as she suddenly jumped onto Bessie. "I think we can hit him hard now with a, how it is called, a "tag team maneuver?"

"Oh hell yeah!" Bessie says with her tail wagging as she then leaps into the air and spins like a tornado with haki, "Werewolf Haki Tornado!" Bessie shouts as she attacks Seiryuu.

"Crux Blade Inferno!" Alessia shouted as she added friction to her attack alongside the tornado as it powers it up and attacks Seiryuu with a powerful fire tornage attack.

"Whooooah nelly!" Seiryuu shouted as the force of the attack alongside his sudden cloth form was enough to actually push him back a bit!"

"T-They actually knocked him over?" Lycodia said with surprise.

"That was one of my strongest manuverus right now...It did some to do no damage, but something else." Alessia said.

"I'll do it again!" Bessie then attacks with her arms and coats them with haki still, "Haki Uppercut!" Bessie would swing her fist upward at Seiryuu.

"Whoa there kiddo!" Seiryuu said as he catches the fist easily. "Don't be too hasty. Against an opponent who is holding back sooooooo much, you're gonna to end up losing that arm easily!"

"Not if I turn you into fabric again." Alessia said as she was already behind Seiryuu intending to touch him.

"Heh. Simple enough." Seiryuu said as he coated his entire body in Haki to avoid getting turned into fabric again. "Haki armor. You may can affect me in this state if your Haki was stronger than mine...of course that'll never happen! FUKA-HAHAHAHAHA!!!"

"Full Haki armor? And he did it in an instant. He clearly has experience with his powers..." Alessia said as she landed on the ground.

"Oh, it's not like I had over 600 years of experience! FUKA-HAHAHAHA!" Seiryuu laughed as he then looks serious for a moment. "You two are quite strong, one is over the other but that other has an effective Devil Fruit and more versatility when it comes to attacks. If you two got out more, you'd can be a force!"

"hmmmmmmm, think my devil fruit can help at this time?" Bessie asks Alessia, "Maybe throw him off?"

"But it just produces snow clouds right? Not sure how it can be applied to damage him unless you have a surprise." Alessia wispered to Bessie.

"Oooh! I like surprises! Surpise me!" Seiryuu said with a laugh.

"...I was whispering..." Alessia said with deadpan.

"Ehhh good point." Bessie responds as she then thinks, "Mannnnnn If only I could do more besides attacking with haki and my werewolf buff. Guess I can't complain right now!" Bessie then tries to leap and scoop attack Seiryuu, "Haki Scoop Slash!!"

"Heh." Seiryuu uttered as he quickly evades her attack with his sheer speed. "You can do more trust me! You just haven't thought about it yet!"

Alessia quickly gets behind Seiryuu as she then arms her bow. She has a bunch of what it appears to be confetti rolled up. "Over here."

"Oh? You're trying to give me birthday surprise or something? FUKA-HAHAHAHA!" Seiryuu laughed.

"It's a "surprise" alright." Alessia said as she fires all of the confetti at Seiryuu. "Sister, watch out! Unlock!" Alessia shouted as, all of a sudden, the confetti unfolded into a bunch of arrows that soon started to pelt Seiryuu.

"Wow! That was a surprise alright!" Seiryuu said as he coated his entire body in Haki once more. "You pups aren't half bad! Your almost nearly sorta there to making me break a microscopic bit of sweat! FUKA-HAHAHAHA!"

"Hmmmm, what would happen if you rippled me?" Bessie then asks as she leaps behind Alessia, "Think we can work something with that?"

"Are you sure? That may sound risky as I only really do it to others to disorientate them." Alessia asked as she turned to her sister.

"Try anything! Just make it fun!" Seiryuu shouted out.

"Awwww let's try it!" Bessie says, "I can ripple and then I can "float" toward him and attack him like a knife!"

"Alright, if you believe that is the best plan." Alessia says as she puts her hand on Bessie. "Chirachira!" she shouts as she started to make Bessie's body start to flutter using her powers!

"Whoo boy! Look at that! The puppy learned how to use Kame-e! Isn't that a delight?! FUKA-HAHHAHAHA!" Seiryuu laughed.

"Whoa!" Bessie's body fluttered around with the wind, "This might be needing to take use to, but here goes! Fluttering Haki Fly" Bessie leaps and flutters and attacks Seiryuu with her legs in hurricanrana fashion!

"Heh heh. That move looks stupid as hell but I admire the innovate ness!" Seiryuu said as he used his arms to block the attacks easily but notices his footing starting to waver again as he looked over at Alessia who was making the ground flutter again. "You again eh?"

"Two on one of course." Alessia states.

"Heh. If you think you can even hurt me!" Seiryuu says as despite getting hit by Bessie's attacks, he wasn't feeling anything.

"Well...I least that might've done something." Bessie says trying to get back up on her feet with the rippling still in effect on her, "Maybe more high-flying moves!"

"This is still an experiment. I rarely use my powers to ripple other people." Alessia says as she arms herself with her bow and looks over at Seiryuu. "Byoshugan!" she shouted as he tried to focus on Seiryuu's presence trying to find a weak spot but seems unable to. "This man's entire composition is bone at this state. It is difficult to locate a weakness. Bessie, keep attacking him from above while I got him covered on the ground!"

"You got it! Haki Flying Crossover!" Bessie would leap into the air and would attempt to land on Seiryuu with another high-flying maneuver.

"Ripa Assult!" Alessia shouted as she launched out a bunch of Haki-covered arrows that went flying toward Seiryuu at the same time Bessie's attack connected.

"Heh." Seiryuu uttered as he allowed himself to get hit by the attacks as he casually looks over to Lycodia. "Hey! These two aren't bad! Their attacks aren't doing shit to me but I think it's time I show them something they need to experience: Death!"

"Don't you even dare..." Lycodia said as she stood up.

"Heh." Seiryuu said as he took one step forward and was already in front of Alessia.

"W-What the? Even with my Byoshogan he still moves faster than I can track?" Alessia said with surprise.

"Of course! I am Me!" Seiryuu said as he violently punches Alessia in the gut which causes small shockwaves to emit from the back.

"Gah...T-That was powerful..." Alessia said as she was on her knees.

"Listen...You better NOT kill her!" Lycodia said as she was already starting to arm herself with her massive bow.

"I was always the strongest of us and you know it Lycodia. Not even you and Ryushiki together could've took me on." Seiryuu said as he was deadly calm and serious as he turns to Bessie. "You want to save your sister? If you don't she'll die by my hands."

"Oh I will! And I'll show an new trick up my sleeve!" Bessie says as she turns back into her humink form and then infuses her tail with haki, making it hard like a club. Bessie will then leap into the air and then swing her tail right for Seiryuu's face, "Leave my sister alone! Haki Tail Club!"

Seiryuu grabs Bessie's tail with ease as he prepares to slam her to the ground. "Like a pup like you can tell me what to do! I want to see your blood!"

"Bessie! Watch out!" Alessia said as she was trying to get up.

"Uh oh!" Bessie says as Seiryuu grabbed her tail, but she then brings her leg up and turns into her werewolf form as the leg flies, coated with haki, right at the neck of the pirate!

"Heh. That is only but a TICKLE!" Seiryuu says as he quickly turns his neck into bone to block the attack as turns one of his arms into a drill made of bone. "Any last words? Oh yeah! Oh shi!"

"No you don't!" Alessia says as she is preparing to dash in attempting to slash at his back.

"No..." Lycodia says as she prepares to enfuse her haoshoku into her arrows but then notices Seiryuu simply stare at Bessie then at Alessia.

"Can I ask you two a question? What are your dreams?" Seiryuu asked in a calm tone.

"Dreams? That is an odd question for someone trying to kill us to ask..." Alessia said as she looked down for a bit. "I haven't thought about it yet I will admit. I guess to help my father be king of the pirates?"

"D-Dreams!?" Bessie asks confused, "Well, I dream to see the world more. Explore what is out there and......exceed my parents!"

"FUKA-HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" Seiryuu laughed as he stopped his attack. "That's the dreams of a lot of brats I tell you! But you two have a lot of drive, and you don't fear Death himself! That's got my respect!"

"Hm. I didn't expect you to be so formal." Lycodia said sarcastically as she puts down her bow.

"Like I kill any brats you had. These two and Ryushiki's brat are the only ones spared from Death's scythe!" Seiryuu said.

"Sooooo, you'd usually spare those related to your former crewmates?" Bessie would ask in a thinking position that'd mimic her dad's comical style of thinking.

"FUKA-HAHAHAHA! Yeah you got your father's idiotic way of thinking! And to answer your question, definitely not! I still want to kill that bonehead of a captain Rooke for being a weak coward! I respect power above all else and out of all members of that crew at the time, only Ryushiki and your mother Lycodia are the two I can consider stronger than Rooke!" Seiryuu stated.

"I see...So you're only interested in because they are strong?" Alessia asks.

"Precisley! Look at them! One became a Warlord and the other is the Greatest Sharpshooter in the World! I called it as I see it and now this world will soon fear me more as a Yonko! I can only taste it!" Seiryuu declared.

"You were always this power hungry...I shouldn't be surprised. My only complement to you is your ambitiouness." Lycodia said with a sigh.

"What if this Rooke is hiding power?" Bessie asks, "Like have you seen his strength at all?"

"Have I seen it?! Of course! I been part of his crew for nearly a decade! And I haven't once seen him go all out! Whenever we encounter Marines even if the odds are with us, he will turn around and flee! That man is a coward!" Seiryuu shouted as veins appeared over his head.

"His haki is a deeper blue now...He is quite upset...Mother is this true?" Alessia asks Lycodia.

"Seiryuu only cares about power, but Rooke was quite the coward. I remember one of his cremmates being surrounded by Marines, but instead of helping him, Rooke retreated us without saving that pirate. He is scum." Lycodia bluntly states.

"Well, that definitely sounds scum worthy." Bessie says, "My father would like to have his hands on him if he hears of this!"

"Hah! That'd be a treat especially since I'm not wasting my time on him! He can act cute and conquer his little islands with his little crew!" Seiryuu taunted.

"I actually heard rumors of another Mink that was a part of that crew. Is this true?" Alessia asked suddenly.

"Oh? There was two notable ones: That acid brat that works for the ape, and the tiger that went down like a true man!" Seiryui stated.

"Acid....brat...." Lycodia said with anger but quickly shakes it off.

"Ohhhhh, that Sparky guy!" Bessie says with a chuckle realizing who it was from her mother's response, "He was an interesting guy I'll admit. Li Fa Fa Fa!"

"He was a foul individual who is definitely banned from visiting Amazon Lily. Annoying me with his petty games..." Lycodia said with annoyance in her voice.

"FUKA-HAHAHAHA! Come on you know that was over 2 decades ago! I heard the rat is a lot more level-headed now! Plus his bounty is in the millions! Quite a feat!" Seiryuu said with another laugh.

"Hmph. I do not care about any of the outside pirates." Lycodia responds back.

"Meh. You'll find out yourself one day. Hell, you got a title that most would want! I can see you training some fools one day! I can feel it! Me." Seiryuu said as he stood up." One that even dares to ask to be trained by me, I'll put them through hell. This world is bound for a big change. That is a fact. You kiddos shouldn't isolate yourselves to this island because, some day, you will want to see the world." Seiryuu explains.

"See the world? I see..." Alessia says as she was looking at the ground.

"Not like I already want to." Bessie mutters.

"Hah! There is all to seeing the world you damn mutt! If you don't have the power to see the world, you'll end up at the bottom of the sea! Might makes right is what I always say! FUKA-HAHAHAHA!" Seiryuu laughed.

"Might makes right...Interesting..." Alessia says while pondering.

"At least you're not trying to kill my daughters anymore. I wouldn't mind if they went out, but they must remain here for the time being." Lycodia says sternly.

"They're both adults you know! I know some brats that went out before they even hit double digits!" Seiryuu stated.

Bessie walks over to her sister and whispers, "Wouldn't it be funny if the two tried for a baby eventually? I'd think that'd be funny with the result between the two! Li Fa Fa Fa!"

"Ooo...Quite so." Alessia said with a smile.

"Y-You two will perish the thought!" Lycodia shouted with an angry blush.

"FUKA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!" Seiryuu let out a massive laugh as he got himself back together. "I do appreicate the thought! Heh, I would but now I got a watch dog, or rather, watchfox that may try to kill ya if she heard you messing with this guy. Can't have that to a former crewmate I care about eh?"

"Right. That rather massive fox girl. Of course you always had a thing for bigger women." Lycodia says with deadpan.

"What does that mean for me???" Bessie says knowing she is of the taller size, being taller than her mother.

"Eh?! You're a pup to me! Yozora has you beat in age and height! FUKA-HAHAHAHAHA!" Seiryuu laughed again.

"Your preferences are quite odd." Alessia said with deadpan.

"Oh yeah, what YOU two pups have in mind for that eh?" Seiryuu asks.

"...No comment." Alessia said quickly.

"Hmmmmmm, good question." Bessie says quickly, "Maybe I'll figure it out when I'm exposed to more men." She shrugs.

"FUKA-HAHAHAHAHAA! Whatever you two pups say!" Seiryuu said as he got up and turned around. "There is a change coming. I can sense it."

"A change?" Alessia asks.

"This world is going to undergo a big shift you know. Things are about to get crazy. I'm just warning you Lycodia since you like to keep to yourself these days." Seiryuu stated.

"Hmph. You know better than anyone then I can handle myself. I've been defending this island for over 50 years you know." Lycodia stated back.

"Soooooo, you've fought us and got your satisfaction." Bessie says, "You're going to leave now or something?"

"Oi don't be snappy with me pup! I can leave when I want! FUKA-HAHAHAHAHA!" Seiryuu laughs as he calms down. "I just want to see the kids of monsters are worth it. I let one go in the past and the bastard is already making a big name for himself. I want to see those that actually been around their parents see if they made any process. And you two don't disappoint I'll admit. It's sad pup you should've showed me your powers!" Seiryuu said as he was looking at Bessie.

"Bessie can only produce snow clouds to make it snow. That would've meant nothing in this battle." Alessia stated.

"Oh? You didn't think of rippling the snow fall into sharp icicles? That would've been neat! FUKA-HAHAHAHA!" Seiryuu laughed.

"...I didn't think about that I'll admit. I have much to learn." Alessia said looking at her blades.

"Don't worry you got plenty of time to train. The both of you." Lycodia said as she hugged the two of her daughters.

"Thanks Mom!" Bessie says hugging her mom back, "I love hugs!" She says as she was tightly hugging back her mother.

"M-My you got the grip alright." Lycodia said trying to strain a smile.

"Quite so." Alessia says with a smile.

"Heh. The world is changing, that's for sure. I think I'll leave the happy family to their troubles. However, if any of you two dare mess with my plans in the future, I won't hold back! Farewell!" Seiryuu stated as he suddenly left moving at blinding speed.

"He is pretty much saying that if we ever get into the outside world, we are fair game." Alessia states.

"Bye! See you in the outside world!" Bessie waves goodbye to Seiryuu, "He's an interesting feller. Kind of a jerk, but pretty cool."

"...He was quite scary admitally." Alessia said with a nod.

"Well, you two probably don't have to worry about him much. He's a massive jerk, but I do not take him for being "pure evil" in the sense. If he was, you two would've been dead by now." Lycodia said with a relived sigh.

"You never know...I felt his aura, and it was neutral. Like I couldn't sense anything from him. Like a docile beast ready to strike." Alessia states.

Bessie nods, but then has her attention to a butterfly nearby, "Is there anything else to do before I chase that butterfly and give myself a mud bath?"

"Heh I guess not. I believe you earned the break." Lycodia states.

"...I will ripple all of the mud hard before you can!" Alessia runs off eagerly.

"Oh no you won't!!" Bessie says chasing Alessia quickly, "I'll throw you into the mud with me!!"