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Emil Megapunk, better known as, Dr.Megapunk is the leading scientist, employed by the Marines. He is considered one of the brightest minds to have ever existed and is a very important asset for the Marines and the World Government. He is also the father of Clara Megapunk.


Dr. Megapunk appears to be very young, although, contrary to his looks, he is already in his late thirties. He has brown hair that goes into a spiky bowl cut. He likes to dress formally usually, wearing a shirt and tie with a formal vest over it.


Dr.Megapunk is a little crazy, which is sometimes shown in his humor sometimes. But he is a caring father to his daughter, and perhaps he has spoiled her a bit too much. Which makes sense because he is rich because he works with the marines as the top scientist. He was a bit of a playboy before his daughter was born, but that quickly changed. And since her daughter is in the underground fight club he use to be in, he worries for her safety, but is glad that Robo-Marine 2 is with her.

Abilities and Powers

Dr.Megapunk is capable of Observation Haki. He also is a user of martial arts he created called the Art of 8 limbs. He created this fighting style after being involved in a fight club. He fights with a seastone exoskeleton that has four extra limbs connected to him and that he controls with his mind. He invented that seastone armor when he was 17. With the fighting style and seastone armor,so he can be even fight against the devil fruit users.


He is known for high water pressure gun. The water pressure gun has two options, it can form water into bullets. Or it can give a full blast to someone. With the full blast option, he has been known to make holes about 6 inches in size on someone's chest.


Not much is known about Dr.Megapunk. Except that as a child he was a slave for a scientist that worked for the marines. The scientist would always teach Megapunk something about how to be a scientist and inventor. The scientist gave the name, Emil to Megapunk. So the scientist would call him Emil. Emil realized back then, that he would be one of the smartest people in the planet eventually.

The scientist even though he would teach Emil, he had a problem with alcohol and a bad temper. Emil would get beaten a lot by the scientist when he was drunk or when very angry. Emil was starting to get tired of this around age 10-12.

When Emil was 13, he decided to take action. Emil started making his own projects to give to the marines. He would then take the usual stuff his master makes to sell them at the local market when he's supposed to do the other way around, give what the master makes to the marines, and sell his own projects. The marines after a while would compliment the master of how good the projects were, even though it was actually Emil who made them.

One day, Emil would tell the marines it was actually himself that made the projects lately. The marines told him how impressed they were by the creations. Then Emil made a deal to the marines. Emil would make the projects for them, in return the marines kill the scientist and pay Emil for the projects. The marines would accept this offer.

Once the marines took care of the scientist, they gave Emil the position that the scientist had. And he gave them stuff for a while.

When Emil was 14, he would ask the marines permission to leave and explore the world a little. The marines would accept this offer and let him leave. He would then leave the current residence he lived and leave for what he was told was his hometown island.

At his hometown island, he began attending an underground fight club that was called, the Armageddome. The fight club was the island's most prized possession, even though it's illegal. And like the rest of the island, he loved the fighting.

After a while he would then watch to study and analyze the fighters, how they fight and their counterattacks during the fight. He would then go home and work on an armor that would help him in the fight club. He would make the armor out of seastone to fight off the devil fruit users. Eventually, he would make the armor have four extra limbs after doing some experiments on trying to control extra limbs by brainpower. The armor was complete by when he was 17.

He also, while making the armor, would create a fighting style that is a mixture of all the styles he attained while watching the fights. After then creating the extra limbs part, he created his own twist to it. After making the armor and completing the fighting style, he was complete. He called the martial arts style the art of 8 limbs. All of this, both the armor and fight style, was perfected at age 18.

At that same age, he would join the fight club with his armor and fighting style. With both the armor and fighting style, he was undefeatable, knocking out people or seriously injuring them. He did came close to killing someone multiple times. Many thought of the extra limbs unfair, but officials who ran the Armageddome said as long it was controlled naturally like devil fruits, he can use it. Emil said that people were just jealous of his genuinity. And so, Emil would be rewarded lots of money and there would be girls around him a lot.

In the fight club, he needed a name besides Emil. So he entered the competition as Emil Megapunk, or Dr.Megapunk to them. So the name Dr.Megapunk was born and stucked to him.

When he was 20, he entered in a 32 man/woman tournament in the Armageddome that rewarded the winner with Bsymbol 5,000,000. He would fight in the tournament and win the tournament. He won the 5 million berries and gotten a big new house.

He celebrated the win by going to a nightclub. There he would accidently one of the girls there pregnant. After realizing this, he stopped being a playboy that he was since he joined the fight club.

While the girl was pregnant, he would inject a fluid into the womb to make the baby a metahuman. When the baby was born, Megapunk and the girl would part ways, Megapunk insisted in leaving the care of the baby to him, for it was his fault he said. He named the baby Clara Megapunk.

At age 25, Megapunk would return to the marines and work for them as head scientist and inventor. From there, he would take care of his daughter better than what he was doing to make money earlier, and so he can leave the fight club business. And this has been what it has been since.

He is now a commodore thanks to his actions at Winter Wonderland




Winter Wonderland

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