Michael D. Lightning


He is a 16 year old boy that has light brown hair color, lightish blue eyes, red ninja outfit under a black cape, he has bow and arrows on his back, a pet dog on his shoulder, a pair of black glasses and a golden necklace with a drill on it.


He is a kind, sweet, nice, little lazy, he is shy against girls and he is a selfless person. He is the chef of the Marine Pirates(Their captain is a former Marine Vice-Admiral) and he is also the strongest of the entire crew in second place comes Nick who is the crews shipwright. he was born in South blue on the Fire Island(it got its name because when it didn't have a name one of the people living there went all over the island and burned people to death and once that person burned an entire village) and had a peaceful life the entire time with his father(which is a blacksmith), Sister(a maid of a very nice noble man) and brother(which is a Marine Private). he is friends with Carl the Quiet Striker(which is a assassin), his best friend is Nick the shipwright of the Marine Pirates.

Devil Fruit

His Devil fruit is the Wave Wave Fruit


He is very skilled in using a bow which he can mix with his devil fruit to make devastating attacks.

He can use all 3 kinds of Haki and he is very adept at using it in and out of combat.

Since he is the eater of the Wave Wave fruit he can use all of it's abilities and uses.

He is a very skilled chef that provides his crew with the greatest food he can provide

He has fully mastered Rokushiki(a martial art which name means six powers)


His Bounty is 1200000000 or 1.2 billion beris

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