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Mifume Eri is a member of the 4th division of The Black Heart Pirates. Mifume was recruited into the crew when he was just 5 after his dad had died by the hands of his current captain, Barry D. Brick.


Mifume Eri is often called the Moon Child by many of his friends and fellow crewmembers. This is due to his pale white skin and white hair. He mainly wears white with a black tie and his uniform is especially pleasing to the humane senses, being so elegant in its context. The entire set is finalized and topped off with a white gown, like a rich layer of cream gloating over the vanilla. The white color is meant to portray the highest class of intelligence, akin to that of the clouds that float over the horizon, their texture being restricted to the sea dwellers.


Mifume Eri is a young man who was born into a pirate family. However, he was not baptized in crime like all of his other siblings. Instead, he was raised up like a normal child. He was trained, yes, but beyond that, he had a normal upbringing. As a result of this Mifume feal in love with pirates, Adventure tales, and eventually card games. When he reached the age of twelve however he discovered what his loving mother did for a living and that broke his wold. He had to rethink everything he knew, and as a result, you get the Mifume of today. Mifume has a strong sense of morals when it comes to his actions, but he can care less about the actions of others. He only intervenes when something is going to hurt him or his fortune. He prefers to play the role of Chaotic Neutral.

Despite being a Pirate, Mifume doesn't partake very often in pirate activity. He doesn't intentionally try to hurt civilians and has rarely ever killed. He will take individuals hostage if it's beneficial to him, but he never has the intention of harming them. He will do anything that's monetarily beneficial to him, such as teaming up with a pirate crew and then selling them out to their competitors. As such, that's where he received his pirate epithet from. Despite feeling a great amount of love for his family, he can never see them, as being a Pirate will have him immediately be targeted for arrest, especially considering that his father is a famous Pirate. While not exactly as "book-smart" as his younger siblings, Mifume more than makes up for it with his own "street-smarts", as well as being naturally more socially adept.

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