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Mochi Pirates
Japanese Name: Mochi Pirates
Romanized Name: Mochi Pirates
English Name: Mochi Pirates
Main Ship: Unknown
First Appearance: N/A
Captain: Charlotte Katakuri
Total Bounty: 6,903,000,234 Berries

Mochi Pirates are a Pirate crew headed by Charlotte Katakuri.  They are part of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.  Their ultimate goal is to take down Big Mom and her pirate crew and drive them out of the area of Totto Land.  

Jolly Roger

The Mochi Pirates' Jolly Roger depicts three Mochi arranged in a triangular shape.  It was originally drawn by Charlotte Lola.  

Crew Members

Known Members

Number Name Gender Race Role Abliities Epithet Bounty
1 Charlotte Katakuri Male Human Captain Mochi Mochi no Mi Unknown 1,500,000,000
2 Charlotte Pudding Female Third-Eye Human Hybrid First Mate Memo Memo no Mi Three-Eyed Diva 1,003,000,000
3 Charlotte Lola Female Human Unknown Unknown Unknown 1,000,000,000
4 Charlotte Chiffon Female Human Unknown Unknown Unknown 1,000,000,000
5 Charlotte Kitsune Female Mink Human Hybrid Cook Chi Chi no Mi Princess of Carnage 1,000,000,234 Berries
5 Oden Kozuki Male Human Navigator Swordsmanship Thunder Dragon 1,400,000,000


Crew Strength





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