Mandego D. Fand

Mandego D. Fand is the main protagonist of the fanon One Piece DX.


Fand is usually seen wearing a green vest, and red trousers. He has short, blonde hair, sky blue eyes, and a scar on his left wrist which he recieved from a strangley oversized bear when he was young.


Like many others who have the middle initial D, Fand is usually laidback and cheerful, even during very sad moments, and always stands up for his freinds.



Fand grew up in Yellow Town, an island located in the West Blue, with his father Gafolgrie and his sister Tsulu. One day, a group of bandits attacked the town, stealing thing and killing innocent people. When the bandits reached the Mandego residence, they attampted to kill Fand and Tsulu, but Gafolgrie was able to fend them off, not knowing that the bandits had planted explosives around the house. When they went off, the entire vicinity exploded violently, presumably killing the entire family. Fand then crash lands on Vammoo Island, where he is treated by Dr. Flagay, who then raises the boy as her own. Two years later, Fand is playing in a field when he accidentally falls off a cliff and into a forest. When he wakes up, he finds a strange looking fruit and eats it ,since he is litterally starving,and then tries to find a way out. While doing so,Fand encounters a bear which is abnormally large and is attacked by it, which gives Fand a scar on his wrist. When he throws a punch, attempting to fight back, his fist suddenly transforms into a crab-like pincer, and is able to knock the bear uncouncious. Afterwards Fand is able to find his way out of the forest and returnes home. When he gets home, he explains what happened in the forest.he doctor then explains that he has eaten the Claw Claw Fruit one of the devil fruits special fruits which give the comsumers strange powers, but renders them useless when submerged in water. Flaygaythen tells Fand about One Piece, the legendary treasure of the Pirate King from centuries ago, which inspires Fand to train himself for an adventure he will set out on when he is ready.

Current Events

Four years later, Fand begins his journey in search for the legendary treasure, but dosen't know where to start his search.