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Morgan Master
Age 45
Name Morgan Justino Master
Nicknames Great Blood Master
Birth Date
Origin ??????????
Gender Male
Occupation(s) Captain, Pirate
Affiliation Great Blood Pirates
Bounty Bsymbol10 140,000
Devil Fruit Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Penguin

Captain of the Great Blood Pirates and the one responsible for the loss of nearly all of the Pretender Pirates.


Initially a respected marine, after seeing the loss of his mates at the hand of pirates he was driven to insaneness and after that, killed the pirate crew responsible for the act. Taking some people with him on his crew to make a better world he unconsciously became a pirate growing to like it more by each day. Some years after he started his crew he encountered the Pretender Pirates and killed them all since they are "The scum of the sea". He then got a bounty after taking down a whole island.

Present Story

He is currently on the New World but at news that the Marine are reinforcing everything there after some riots from Trafalgar Law he has decided to go back. He is said to be currently at Water 7 and has gotten a shipwright to make him a better ship.


He seems to be in good terms with his crew since they seem to be fine with him. He also treats the marksman of his crew: Cuba Humanidad, like if he was his own son. This is due to him once saving his live from a giant whale that attacked the ship once they entered the Grand Line. He seems to hate all pirates but his own crew, considering himself a Salvation Crew. For this reason he engages a pirate every time he sees one.


He ate the Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Penguin and became a Penguin man. Since this happened after the massacre of the Pretender Pirates, nothing is known about his attacks. Only that he was reported at Sabaody archipelago using an unknown power and killing over 100 pirates. What he did is yet unknown.