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Luc E. Maya(nee Morningstar) is a member of the Luc Clan. The widow of Luc E. Alarico being the first female head of the Luc Clan. She is now one of the Elders of the clan.


Maya is a woman who despite her age she takes on a remarkably young appearance with long red hair reaching just past her shoulders, purple eyes and fair skin. She wears a crown with an array of roses of pink, red and purple, a black and gray short lolita dress with red frilly straps, red gloves with black frilled lace, black fishnet stockings and black boots. Like all demons of her race, she has black demon horns, red wings and tail. Since becoming an Elder, she dons a long black veil around her face and body concealing herself except when she wishes to unveil herself.

Personality and Relationships

During her reign when she ruled alongside her late husband Alarico, Maya was a very mellow, calm, warmhearted, and compassionate queen who treated those below and above her with respect, regardless of her upbringing and her race, she never treated anyone who would discriminate her any lower than her. Much like her late husband yet unlike most of her family members in the Morningstar Clan, Maya has a sense of mercy and forgiveness; two traits that were taught to her by Alarico.

Additionally, Maya, unlike many of the demons of her race and family, has a strong belief in protecting those who are unable to protect themselves only after taking an interest to them. As someone who is seen as merciful, Maya refuses to attack or kill someone without giving an individual a chance to speak whether it be their reason for invading their kingdom or explaining their crimes one has committed, demonstrating she has a high level of patience.

Several of centuries after the passing of her beloved husband, Maya's personality has drastically changed. She fell into a state of depression feeling that everything that she had once lived for was now gone; her life with Alarico, their 33 children and their peaceful years of marriage. She is unable to let go of the past, becoming fixated on preserving Alarico's legacy and preserving the Luc Clan's history and reputation. Her efforts to maintain the clan's reputation, protect members from being slaughtered by invaders and sworn enemies, and her refusal to discriminate other races that never showed hostility towards Alarico nor the clan shows this behavior.

After becoming an Elder of the clan, Maya has isolated herself from the outside world residing only inside of a temple that only members of the clan go to for advice, wisdom or help. She does seems to understand what occurs in the outside world but keeps it to herself as most of the current events are reported to her by a few of her selected confidants. Despite her merciful, compassionate, and forgiving nature, growing up due to her father's rule when she grew up in Sheol, Maya was known to be extremely unforgiving and derogatory towards humans, something that she once shared in common with all of the demons in Sheol.

However, after her beliefs were challenged by not only her late husband but seeing the world more alongside him, she breaks down and realized how humans, demons and other races are capable of sharing emotional connections and remorsefully admits to leaving her home to see what the New World was like, but quickly changes her attitude implying that she doesn't regret her decision.

Abilities and Powers

Despite being dubbed an Elder of the clan, Maya is regarded is one of the strongest members of the clan with her monstrous strength, blinding speed and unfathomable durability.

Enhanced Endurance and Strength

As a demon, Maya possesses great physical endurance, being able to survive crashing onto a wagon without even a single scratch. With her strength, Maya is able to smash through a cliff with but a nonchalant stomp of her foot. When her fighting aura is unlocked, Maya's physical strength is increased dramatically. She is able to stop a punch from a giant with the palm of her hand without even twitching, and is easily able to subdue her opponents by merely using her arms or legs but mainly her tail. Maya was able to kick her enemies several times her size great distances.