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Musashi ( own, possess, storehouse?) is the captain of the Rōshigumi Pirates and the son of the Yonko, Esposito Dante. While unaware of his father's position as an emperor of the sea, Musashi aims to become the king of the pirates, a greater pirate than his father.



Musashi is a young man with auburn hair and golden-brown coloured eyes (eyes which match his father's) of slightly taller than average height. He wears a gauntlet which is worn on his left arm, traveling from his hand to shoulder, a family heirloom left behind by his mother. A white cloak which has a beautiful water color flower aesthetic to it on the inside. He also wears a large leather holster which holds knives he uses as either projectile or hand held weapons. Finally he wears jet black sandals and heavily weighted metal leg guards as well.


Musashi's free spirit on full display

Musashi is an ambitious, strong willed young man. He lives and breaths an aura of living happily and freely always sticking close to his ideals. An example of this was when he was having a fight with (his now first mate) Sōji who slipped and Musashi extended his hand out to help his then enemy off the floor, fully letting himself get stabbed in the abdomen, believing it would be cowardly to strike an opponent down in such a way. Usually seen smiling and very cheerful most of the time.

Musash is very fond of fighting and has a tendency to pick fights for petty reasons. This love for combat stems from his mother saying how much he looked and vividly resembled his father whenever he fought or trained. Despite being terminally ill, this brought her peace as he not just reminded her of Dante but because of how happy he seemed. He's been seen fighting others for spilling his sake or for something more serious such as fighting bandits who were harming innocent people. He's extremely competitive, and will take on any and all challengers.This could be anything from fighting to a drinking contest. As competitive as he is, Musashi accepts his losses without debating it.

Musashi showing up to stop a fight

He is a very firm believer of actions speaking much louder than works or titles. For him another person's willpower, individuality and strength are what speak to him and has very little patience for those who rely solely on words. He would rather die fighting than be on his knees pleading for mercy. Musashi especially hold respect for those who he sees as a skilled opponent, those who live by their ideals, and most importantly those who say true themselves. Because of this though he truly cannot stand those who go against their word or betray a comrade of any kind.

Musashi appearing in the middle of a heated battle

Despite all these traits both good and bad, Musashi lives his life as open and free he wants very much cheerful and openhearted. He deeply cares for others, seen when he admits the only reason he never attempted to leave Wano sooner was because he was worried about leaving his ill mother alone. For him his friends and family are his world and deeply cares for the entirety of his crew. While he's not the brightest by most means, Musashi is more than capable of telling when something deserves his full attention and is happy to get rough with people.

He has a big weakness for alcohol, almost always carrying around a sake gourd with him. He's been known as a sucker for money and weak against free food (especially meat buns). Musashi also really likes to be depended on by others (especially girls) and loves to be praised for his hard work.

Abilities & Powers

Physical Prowess

Musashi's incredible strength

Musashi since his early years has constantly displayed incredible feats of strength such as drawing and swinging a sword while still under a year old or catching and wrestling down well trained hunting dogs at the age of two. He's displayed strength capable of matching and overwhelming skilled samurai and pirates much older than himself. Perform workouts such as doing vertical push ups while carrying a large boulder and Sōji on his feet. The psychical strength needed to not just punch a highly trained ninja but also devastate his face, knocking blood and teeth out, sending the ninja flying many feet away.

While not usually displayed, Musashi has great speed and agility to mach this strength as he's been seen ducking, dodging and weaving around enemies attacks. His training used to be consisting of him running up and down a mountain at least once a day. This used to take around twelve hours, but this quickly shortened down to three hours, before he began to wear weighted clothing to enhance his training.


Busoshoku Haki Musashi since a fairly early age unlocked the use of Busoshoku Haki. This was caused by his indomitable will of always striving and always prevailing. While un able to use any other type of haki (for now) his level of use of this type is grand. He can already coat his arms and blades with haki. This was also enhanced with the time he spent training with the Sword Saints he once lived with.



Mayonaka no taiyō (真夜中の太陽 Midnight Sun?): Musashi's swordsmanship is an odd and rare case as it is one he developed himself by taking what was taught to him since early childhood and his natural athletic ability to form what he calls his Mayonaka no taiyō (真夜中の太陽 Midnight Sun?). Musashi has developed this style mostly around adaptation, agility and constant attack as he took the man basic teachings swords saints and his mother had to teach and added his own natural agility and power. Instead of focusing on purely slicing an enemy down, Musashi is more than capable of adding his natural brawling like fighting syle with kicks and punches appearing as well. Balancing both martial art and swordsmanship. He (much like his father) has a knack of learning things very quickly, once he sees his opponent doing a move he will try to incorporate it to his fighting style.


  • Inseguendo Drago.jpg
    Ittoryu: Inseguendo Drago: A technique originally developed by his father, Esposito Dante, which has been greatly modified for Musashi's use. During a battle Musashi begins to constantly swipe and attack an enemy and while most enemies believe he's simply applying pressure in a fight, in reality he's building a wind current which slowly begins to take shape. He then spinswith his sword point out, The current becomes a light blue color of swirling energy as the lead of the current took the shape of a raging dragon and the current around Musashi coils around his body. The dragon then lunges and attacks Musashi's targets this technique is capable of shredding, stone, iron, even forcefully expand an already existing cave,


Early Life

Musashi was born a single child to (still haven't made the mother's name yet) and Esposito Dante. When (mother's name) was pregnant with Musashi, Dante had begun his three years of dedicated training, unable to interact with others and separated away from everyone. Musashi was born later that year and later down the road at only nine months old was already able to draw a sword from its scabbard (both hands need on the hilt) and swing. On the day of his birthday, Musashi was able to chase down a well trained hunting dog and jump on it's back.

At Four years old he was already swinging hit mother's katana and chopping down trees. When he was seven Musashi was already picking fights in the street which lead to him picking fights with samurai who served the daimyo of Kuri at the age of nine. By the age of ten he began his training as a sword saint apprentice and was kicked out by the age of twelve for how he expressed only wanting to grow and become a pirate, not displaying care for living as a saint.

All of these events would have Musashi gain the title Kinoko (木の子 mountain-dwelling demon resembling a child?).

Terminal Queen

Sadly at the age of thirteen, Musashi's mother (still working on the name) had given into her sickness as it overwhelmed her body. She was forced to retire from her job and her sword. Because of this Musashi would stop expressing how much he wanted to leave Wano as he didn't want to add any stress to her life. She would pass down to Musashi her a set of family heirlooms; A white cloak with a flower pattern on the inside, A red gauntlet, and the family sword; 'Hi no oni (火の鬼 Fire Demon?) as she could no longer hold on to them.

Musashi, refusing to accept his mother's fate decided to look for a doctor's help. Unable to afford the doctor's services, Musashi went to the yakuza which ruled the Kuri region. He asked them for a loan to pay for his mother's doctors but was told that he would have to work for them. Despite how much he hated the idea, Musashi accepted the offer if it meant he could help his mother. He was an enforcer, made to pick up payments and enforce the Yakuza's tight grip on the people.

This went on for years, slowly making the boy much colder as he sacrificed a lot of his 'innocence' to complete the jobs given to him. It wasn't until he was sixteen did this all change as an opportunity presented itself, as he broke into and killed prominent members of the family he worked for to steal a small fortune from them. This would lead to the Yakuza wanting revenge, so while Musashi was on his way to hand the fortune over to the doctor for more treatment, the Yakuza set the small house a blaze. This would end up killing his mother in the process as she died sick, alone and in a house of burning flames.

Ronin of Kuri

After returning home to see his house now a blaze, offered one last prayer for his mother as he watched the house cave in on itself. He then saw somewhat fresh foot prints all over the burnt down house, figuring out that it wasn't some accident he or his mother caused, instead someone came and killed her. So from then on he swore to set out to sea, the one thing he always dreamed of and the something his mother always wanted for him. But first he decided to go out and find the men responsible.

Spending the next year traveling all over Kuri, gaining info and talking to people to try and find the specific men that were responsible for the fire. This would lead to him picking countless fights against people, just about anyone who was willing to fight if they had any type of information that could've been of use to him. Because of this though it forced the men responsible behind the fire fled the Kuri region. So Musashi decided that Kuri no longer was the home it once was.

Take My Hand!

Concept & Creation


  • pretty much wanted to make this guy the FC version of Oden


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