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The Na Zdrowie Pirates are a pirate crew led by Perun D. Krakow.

Jolly Roger

The crew's jolly roger is a Kotwica with the top half of the symbol having a white texture and the bottom half having a red texture.

Crew Members

Na Zdrowie Pirates
Poland Pirate 3.jpg
Perun D. Krakow
Ooshima Kanata (3).png Koutarou araki (3).jpg
Nikola T. Slava Lily V. Nazeli
Argana Kalif.jpg Bache Kalif from Danmachi.png Poseidon Sleeping Princess (3).jpeg Elena Street fight (2).jpg
Lafond C. Kiki Marley A. Queen Serpent O. Gorgon Tewahedo Amira
Vierra FF 1 (3).jpg Daruku hoshino (3).jpg Senna-League (2).png Dolphin Man Man (2).png
Jacqueline Lenca N. Maya Abeer Rashieka Okeanos O. Neptune
Kimihito Kurusu.jpg Felix Argyle (2).png Aoba normal (2).png Michiko Malandro 1 (2).jpg
Gyatso Dawa Perz N. Leopard Mag R. Falcon Jovanka
Envy FMA (3).jpg Mutio Blue sub (2).jpg Sal Marron 1 (3).png PIglette P (2).jpg
Asmir Kalina Torres Cocoa Kisoa Keliko
Koshio.Karako.full.817123 (2).jpg Aprile Darker than Black (3).jpg Elza 3 (2).jpg
Keisha Scarlet Blades Emerald Adora

Member's Positions

Perun D. Krakow - Ship's captain.

Nikola T. Slava - Ship's first mate.

Lily V. Nazeli - Ship's second mate.

Lafond C. Kiki - Ship's doctor.

Marley A. Queen - Ship's swordswoman.

Serpent O. Gorgon - Ship's shipwright.

Tewahedo Amira - Ship's chef.

Jacqueline - Ship's chronicler.

Lenca N. Maya - Ship's navigator.

Abeer Rashieka - Ship's blacksmith.

Okeanos O. Neptune - Ship's strongman.

Gyatso Dawa - Ship's martial artist.

Perz N. Leopard - Ship's archeologist.

Mag R. Falcon - Ship's spy.

Jovanka - Ship's quartermaster.

Asmir - Ship's gunner.

Kalina - Ship's helmswoman.

Torres Cocoa - Ship's sniper.

Kisoa Keliko - Ship's barber.

Keisha Scarlet - Ship's lookout.

Blades Emerald - Ship's tailor.

Adora - Ship's musician.


The Na Zdrowie pirates is a pirate crew where the members are either outcasts or had a troubled life, thus the name of the pirate crew is a celebration to them being together and finally feeling like they belong somewhere. The crew was started by its captain Perun D. Krakow after being given a bad hand in life and wanted to have a better life for himself by starting a crew and meeting people he cares for deeply.


  • The word "Na Zdrowie" is a Polish word meaning "Cheers" and "To health". This is usually said after a toast to offer health and happiness before drinking.
  • Fifteen members of this pirate crew have devil fruit powers (eight Paramecia-types, five Zoan-types, and two Logia-types).
  • Four members of this pirate crew are Okamas (two transwomen, one transman, and one who doesn't mind being called by any gender or pronouns).
  • Three members of this pirate crew are Fish-man.
  • Three members of this pirate crew are Huminks.
  • One member of this crew is a full-blooded Mink.
  • All members of this pirate crew are Pansexual.