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"'You've made a grave mistake.. Challenging us.."

- Nadai Capone

Nadai Capone (ノーバ・ブレード Nādaī Caponè?) is a former Cipher Pol and current Sniper of the Raging Dragon Pirates, he served as a CP9 agent from the age of 12 but then advanced to CP10 at the age of 28, under constant rokushiki training, in the past he had assassinated many people. Thus giving him a large reputation. Having the 3rd highest bounty in the crew. He is the king of Assasinators.

He now sail's the Grand Line , New World and the Four Blues with his crew.


"You've gotten my suit dirty..."

- Nadai Capone

Nadai is a tall, lean man. He wears a black fedora with a thick orange stripe running across the sides of the cone. He has black eyes and wears a black vest with a white dress shirt.

After the Timeskip

After the timeskip his attire hasnt changed much. wears an all-black suit with black boots and a red long sleeved polo with a blue necktie underneath.


Black Fedora Capone

As the Sniper of the crew, and a former Cipher Pol 10 Commander, Nadasi has been recognized by the World Government as the one of the most dangerous members of the Raging Dragons. Due to several assassinations by him in the past and the betrayal they have deemed him a dangerous foe.

  • First bounty: Bsymbol149,000,000 for leaving CP10 and becoming one of the Pink Hair.
  • Second bounty: Bsymbol400,000,000 Challenging several large figures.
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