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Welcome to Nam Motherfucker
— Kai

Nam is an isolated summer island found in the second half of the Grand Line, The New World. It is home and birthplace to a variety of unique races such as Skinks, Nymphs, Talking trees called Elms and even standard races like humans live there.


Layout and Locations

The layout of the island is like a dinosaur on an angle. The hair of the "dinosaur" is full of trees and is the swampiest place in the island. It's where most of the Skink Tribe and Nymphs live at as well as talking trees. The rest of the place like the islands "Body and tail" are basically your regular beaches, forests, and some swamps that are scattered there. It does get swampy on the "tail" of the island.

The main city of Nam is a city called Baytona. Baytona is in at the "Tail" of the island, and is swampy like-said. Baytona is where most tourists would park at and/or explore most of the time. Rare people go to the very swampy area that is far from the "tail".

There are ruins scattered throughout the island. The ruins are usually left alone as a reminder of the past of the skinks of where they come from or who their ancestors were and how they lived. But there are few that go into ruins to find treasure that is said to be in some of the ruins. But there are fewer that come back alive from their adventure, some have even have never been seen again.

Inhabitants Culture

The culture varies among where you are at. If you are with turtles or tortoises, you would be welcomed by them with great love from them. They would teach you some things about being peaceful within oneself. They would even give classes to learning their famous martial arts,Sherushokku, a peaceful, yet dangerous martial art form that most people have never seen before. The turtles and tortoises are probably the most welcoming people.

On the other hand, you might meet gators or crocs that might try to kill you. Same thing for snakes or lizards. Crocodiles though are the most aggressive skink in the island. It is mostly because they are known for their spartan-like warrior style when they fight. Though there are gators,crocs,lizards, and snakes that are often peaceful.

Then there are dryads, Nymphs that came from their ancestors, which are trees. They are a prime example of the beauty of nature. Though you won't see a lot around, for they are very shy, and most tend to hate humans, especially men, for the damage they have caused on this island.

There like-said are talking trees called Elms that are around the island. They are ancient beings that have been in the island for more than 10,000 years. They are known for sharing their wisdom to the residents of Nam. They tell of the history of the island and what they learned from existing in the island with the ancestors of the Skink Tribe.

Everyone on this island gets along with each other. They cooperate with each other at public places and there is no inequality. Probably except for very humans that live there that think they should be in charge of the place.


The island was formed by a volcano about 10,000 years ago like all other islands are created. It started giving life to trees that could talk called Elms. The trees would then welcome the ancestor of the Skink Tribes which are dinosaurs. Soon about 2,000 years later, there would be humanoid dinosaurs, which would then they would learn things like a human can do, talk,walk, and pick up a weapon.

There has been history of war for a long time in the island of Nam. Civil Wars would break out a lot amongst the ancestors of the skinks. It wasn't about when the island was 6,000 years old that there would be peace. The peace treaty was created by the Elms which one tree would have the words on its own bark. Every reptilian race there would sign the treaty, and peace was in existence, till the humans arrived.

Nymphs would be welcomed into the island when the island was about 8,000 years old.

Gold D. Roger would accidentally run into this island when he was running away from the marines. He would get to know the Skink Tribe and the Nymphs there. He would learn the culture there on the island and the history of the island. The Skinks thought of Roger as a God that came from the ocean. So some started worshipping him like he was one.

It was about 5 years later when marines would find out where he was. Gold D. Roger would convince the Skink, Elms, and the Nymphs to fight by his side against the marines, though he never told why they were fighting except to the island's elders.

The war against the marines lasted about nine years. After nine years, marines were getting tired of going into the island and losing more men. So once the marines left, so did Gold D. Roger. He told the people there that he will be back one day. And he also said that they should welcome any human that comes, marines or pirates, but if any person,pirate,marine, or anyone in general get out of line, they should uphold the law and stop them. And then he left the island, and no skink nor nymph nor elm has ever saw him again.

Now, the island is a paradise to pirates that want to get away from the marines or people that want to get away from the life of human civilization. It is also home to some rich humans that are nice to the skinks. There are also explorers and scholars that live there that want to learn about the island itself and its history.

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