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"Naraku Kyoudou " Is a W.I.P

"Yeah so what If I have a high bounty? So what if I'm a Logia User? Power isn't everything, power is nothing without the knowledge to utilize it.


Naraku Kyoudou (ならくきょどう Narakū Keeodo?) is the current Captian/Scientist/Mechanic of the Tiger Pirates. He gets his epithet from his tiger hood he wore before the Timeskip.


"Your smart, but not smart enough."

- Naraku Kyoudou

Pre Timeskip

Naraku wears a white hoodie and a purple/black longsleeve undershirt with white skinny jeans and high tops.

Post Timeskip

After two years, Naraku wears a high collar purple outer jacket with a longsleeve black shirt and black pants, along with steel shoes and armor on his shoulder.


Naraku is a smart individual. He thinks things through before doing them and in the marines, he was known for his quick tactical thinking under pressure. He is also very calm even in dire situations. He usually has a stern look on his face however inside, he always is happy no matter what. He just learned if you keep calm others will to. That's his own way of doing things. Hiro cherishes his companions, even willing to jump in the way of a fake sword during marine training (no one knew it was fake) to protect his companion. When not seen calm he is either seen one of two things, laughing and smiling, or angry and scowling. The only time he was shown to get mad what's when, many pointless deaths were about to be made and Naraku did not agree with that, the latter of which Hiro leaving the marines. It has been stated by others that Hiro is very comforting to be around, even in a crisis it's nice to be around him because you feel safe. Hiro gets exited easily over strong opponents as shown multiple times. He states himself, that he hates to fight without a good cause, such as protecting the people or his comrades. He has figured out in multiple situations how to get out of them, such as when he was forced to fight multiple marines to become truly free of the Marines rule, he figured out how to escape without having to kill all of them, however he did kill some and incapacitate many.


Summit War Saga

Naraku first appeared at the summit war saga along with Sentomaru showing up with the Pacifista, he however highly regretted coming due to him and Ace becoming his friends before he had joined the Marines. Naraku having learned the Marine's dirty secrets, felt in the middle of the war and helped the Whitebeard Pirates, along its helping Boa Hancock with the Pacifista.

New World

Naraku then made a name for himself, after making the first Battery in the world, and became a pirate, he gathered his crew and went along helping those in need or fighting when the time came. He is considered a dangerous foe because of not only his strength and Devil Fruit, but his Mind.


  • Naraku's hood.


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