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The Nashi Nashi no Mi (なし なし の み, Nashi Nashi no Mi) is a Paramecia type Devil Fruit consumed by James D. Every. The fruit remains currently vacant for consumption after the user died.


The Nashi Nashi no Mi is a white fruit with swirls connecting to the center. The stem is really just the letter Y.


The Nashi Nashi no Mi allows the user to eradicate anything they come in contact with when they channel "Zero Energy". Zero Energy is just energy that has the ability to erase objects. There are two forms of annihilation Every can utilize; concentrated annihilation and wild annihilation. Concentrated annihilation is where he erases a select part of something, while wild annihilation just erases the whole thing he's touching. The level of destruction this fruit possesses is massive, as Every can create huge holes 1/8 the size of Marineford. Every can also create spheres and beams of Zero Energy, and coat weapons in Zero Energy.


The Nashi Nashi no Mi drains stamina quickly, especially with wild annihilation. Also, this fruit is hard to control because the user cannot revive the things they erase and if the user is not careful, they can even erase the environment around them.

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