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    The user of the fruit, Nehemoth.

    The Nehemoth Nehemoth no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit which makes the user an "excuse" human. The main strength of this fruit is that the user can say any retarded, illogical response to act as an excuse in order for them to prolong their lives. For example, the user could say "I could survive getting shot in the heart" because this is One Piece, and people will stick up for him and other things. Another example is that saying "this is one piece bacteria and viruses don't exist" people will easily fall for this sham and believe the ignorant user. Another strength of the fruit is that the user has the ability to say whatever he wants and it'll become true, because people believe in the words of the user. The main weakness, however, is that if someone is competent enough to call the user out, their excuses fail and others are no longer under his control.
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