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The Neji Neji no Mi is a Paramecia type Devil Fruit that gives the user the ability to distort, bend or warp anything in reality, be it matter, energy or something else. Turning the user into a Distorted Human. It was eaten by Cross.


This fruit has a round shape, and waves going from top to bottom making it look like the fruit is being warped. It has a Dark Red color and a Gold stem that ends in a four leaf clover, indicating that whoever eats this fruit will be blessed by luck

Strengths and Weaknesses

This Devil Fruit has a natural advantage over any others since it can bend the world to the user's will, for that reason this fruit is considered to be nearly invincible.

However the user can only Distort one area with each hand, so it can only be used in two locations at the same time.

Considering this, the power of this Devil Fruit is very dependent on the user's experience with the fruit and in combat.

This fruit has standard Devil Fruit weaknesses, althought he can bend his sorroundings avoid getting hit, somewhat nullifying its own weaknesses.


User can twist and distort almost anything, matter, organic matter, energy, and forces for both offensive and defensive purposes.

The user can distort their own body and change its shape, form or size.

The user has a distortion field that makes him virtually immune to attacks, whether close quarter combat or long range attacks with every incoming attack or assault having its trajectory moved to avoid striking the user, or send them back at the user's enemies.  

He can freely change the shape, form, volume or size of anything by distorting it, turning a drop of water into a lake or a candle into a giant fire. Some of the unique uses of this power are the distortion light to create illusions, distortion of forces to make strong invisible attacks or avoid incoming ones, distortion of gravity to create points of attraction or repulsion and distortion of speed and strength to hinder his opponents physical abilities. The user can also levitate and he gains telekinesis.

It should be noted that the user can't directly damage or destroy something they distort, since a distortion is a change in shape or form but the object remains in the same state.



  • This Devil Fruit is based on Reflector from Fairy Tail and Distortion Manipulation from the Superpowers Wiki.