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The New World refers to the second half of the Grand Line, and is the biggest setting of the second half of One Piece World. It is located between West and North Blue, and Fish-Man Island and the other side of Reverse Mountain. The only known person to have fully explored it is the late Pirate King, Gol D. Roger.


The New World is the second half of the Grand Line. It stretches from Mary Geoise to the other side of Reverse Mountain. The second half of the Grand Line is a whole “new world” of adventures beyond anything that one might face in the first half, it is such an abhorrent challenge that the first half of the Grand Line is referred to as "Paradise" when comparing it to the second half. It is spoken by pirates that have survived the New World and returned, that one will lose everything one cherishes in the New World, and claims that one shall face what he calls "The Ultimate Nightmare" there, indicating it is a very dangerous place for even the most powerful and talented pirates

The four strongest pirates in the world, the Yonko, reside in the New World and rules as the greatest form of authority there is.

While the first half of the Grand Line possesses highly volatile and unpredictable weather conditions, the New World is even more chaotic. While certain islands are relatively simple in terms of weather and climate, other portions of the ocean defy the very laws of physics and nature themselves.

Islands in the New World experience changes in their magnetic waves, which makes a special New World Log Pose necessary so as not to get lost. Instability of an islands magnetic field can often be caused by abnormalities on the island. As a result of the unstable magnetic waves, the Log Pose needle pointing toward that island will jiggle, the more erratic the needles movement, the greater the instability of the magnetism. There are no guarantees, but the rule of thumb is that the erratic movement of a needle means that there is likely something dangerous on the island it’s pointing to.

Islands within the New World

Islands of interest within the New World include Wano Country, where many expert craftsman and legendary swordsman originate from, and Elbaf, the homeland of the giants.

Somewhere in the New World is an island with a special shop where Vivre Cards are manufactured.

Finally, the New World contains the island of Laugh Tale, the final island in the Grand Line. It is rumored that the legendary treasure of the Pirate King Gol D. Roger, One Piece, and the true history, found on the Rio Poneglyph, are located on this island.


This is a concept unique to the New World. Due to the presence of four powerful pirate crews under the reign of the Four Emperors who reside in the New World, all of them possess many territories widespread across its sea. These territories are used as the respective Emperor sees fit. While this may seem like a dictatorship of a foreign power, the Emperor's claim over an island can actually protect the citizens from other pirates, though the situation varies greatly between the Emperor guardian.

However, not all the islands in the New World belong to the Four Emperors. Some are under the protection of the Marines; others may have their own powerful military force like the Wano Country possesses; a few might be isolated or require special methods to reach it, like Zou; and certain islands may be under the jurisdiction of powerful or influential individuals like the Shichibukai.

Canon Locations

  • Laugh Tale
  • Lodestar Island
  • Yukiryu Island
  • Wano Country
  • Foodvalten
  • Totto Land
  • Raijin Island
  • Risky Red Island
  • Mystoria Island
  • Punk Hazard
  • Dressrosa
    • Green Bit
  • Zou
  • Prodence Kingdom
  • Mogaro Kingdom
  • Doerena Kingdom
  • Majiatsuka Kingdom
  • Applenine Island
  • Karai Bari Island
  • Broc Coli Island
  • Elbaf
  • Hachinosu
  • Sphinx

Fanon Canon Locations


The New World is also the primary geographical setting for the network known as the Underworld, an underground network of black market connections and illicit dealings which are beyond the World Government's control. Underworld activities, including weapons trading and the manufacture of illegal goods, occur in various islands throughout the New World.