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Date Started: June 12th, 2020

Date Finished: November 5th, 2020

Setting: New World; Zou

Characters Involved:

Synopsis: Returning to his hometown, the Mokomo Dukedom, the Pirate Emperor Donk E. Kong declares the nation a territory under his rule as a ploy to draw out the newest emperor, Esposito Dante. After engaging in some criminal luxuries, the two partook in a friendly wager that later fell into a heated battle among pirate royals. Although both left the same way they entered the confrontation, both knew next time will be very different.


Onizaru's Attack

44 years ago

A pleasant calmness serenaded those within the Mokomo Dukedom. "Why can't we-gara see the full moon?" a young Kong questioned, as his parents, Tarzan and Mimi, barricaded the doors and windows.

"Like I told you-teia before, it's dangerous outside during a full-moon." Mimi answered, noticing the sun beginning to set as she covered the window.

"But what's dangerous? It's us isn't? Mika told me we become monsters if we look at a full-moon." Kong barraged his parents with sea of questions.

"Monsters huh?" Tarzan intervened. Being one one of the Guardians of the Mokomo Dukedom, he was more than familiar with the so-called monsters his son was referring to. "Only to our enemies son..."

"Tarzan!" Mimi cried out, both agreeing to keep the Sulong form a secret from Kong as his rebellious and eager nature may lead him to try and transform without any proper regulation. "You-teia promised!

"Zenko-gara told us Kong has the potential to be extremely strong, king even. The earlier he starts training and realizing the true power of the minks then the sooner he can live up to his potential." Tarzan responded.

With much of the conversation going over his head, Kong's thoughts remained fixated on the fact that his friend's story was actually true. "Awesome..." he mumbled under his breath.

"Now listen Kong, the fact I just told you-gara this means I'm treating you-gara like an adult. Which means you-gara needs to start acting like one." Tarzan stood next to his giant son. "The Sulong form is very dangerous and can put me and your mom in trouble if you-gara transform without caution. But also, if you transform and can't manage to deactivate it, you'll die."

Unfazed by his father's statement warnings, Kong simply shrugged before heading back into his room. "I got it!" he vocalized, putting his parents at ease. However, later that night, whilst his parents slept, Kong slipped out of bed, and used his finger to create a whole through the barricaded window. "Moon....moon...moon..." he peaked through the hole, swirling his eye around to try and get a glimpse. "The you-gara..." he paused mid-sentence. Suddenly an unfamiliar feeling rushed throughout his body.

"Oh no..." Tarzan instantly awakened as the threat of his son clawed at him. "Mimi, get out of here!" he yelled dashing into the other room. Upon entering his son's quarters, he was welcomed by an unsightly beast. His already massive son was nearly already over 25 feet and still growing. "Great mink..." he mumbled, recalling that just like his friend, Wukong was of a different breed of minks. His eyes became cold as he realized what he needed to do. "This is gonna hurt Kong." Dashing towards him, Tarzan channeled a powerful volt of electricity into his palms. "Phantom shock!"

The electricity radiated throughout the rabid child. However, to his father's surprise, it only stunned him for a moment. Fueling his anger, Kong's tail smacked his father with indescribable force, launching through the house's wall into a tree. With his size only increasing, Kong let out a ferocious roar which had enough strength to completely destroy his house. Coupled with his loud screech, Kong unknowingly activated his conqueror's will, knocking out his mother along with anyone else without enough will power to combat it.

With his ribcage completely shattered, Tarzan coughed up blood as he witnessed his son transform into this beast. "Mimi..." he tried to get up but his body was completely overcome by pain. "I should've listened to you-gara."

Warriors across the kingdom came to the scene as they watched their fellow tribesmen passed out. "Are we under attack?" one questioned.

"I felt Haoshoku Haki...should I wake up Zenko?" another questioned.

"No it's one of our own, Tarzan's boy!" a zebra-mink revealed, surprising everyone at the scene.

"What power..."

As they sat in awe of Kong's transformation, the child mink himself batted his chest as he sensed more challengers approach. Loud grunts, albeit much quieter than the initial screetch, echoed throughout the silent night.

"We need to knock him out before he hurts anyone else! You-teia find Mimi and take her and Tarzan outta here. We'll stay back and knock the kid out." one of the higher ranking mink warriors commanded.

But just as the platoon of mink warriors began to surround the giant Sulong beast, Kong sensed the immediate threat and with outlandish speed given his size, he blitzed through their barrier and rushed towards the main city. While the deranged Kong aimed for building and massive structures, the valiant efforts of the minks warriors allowed them to minimize any real damage and got all the unconscious and conscious civilians out of harm's way.

"This area's clean ma'am!" one relayed.

"Alright let's wrap this up.." the higher ranking officer nodded before noticing Zenko's arrival. "Inari-gara.."

Yawning, the massive fox mink slowly approached Kong. "My head is throbbing..." Zenko spoke, waking up with a mean hangover. "You're making it worst!" A powerful stream of electricity pierced the massive ape, electrocuting him and then rendering him unconscious, allowing him to regress back into his normal form. "I'm going back to sleep..."

The others minks slowly apprehended him. "He's a monster, a beast, a demon. That boy, Onizaru..." This unfortunate night was dubbed as the Onizaru Attack.

Marked Territory

Plummeting from the skies like a meteor, a massive satellite descended towards the colossal elephant. Despite the speed in which it headed towards the anthropomorphic kingdom, upon crash landing, white vapors simply scattered in its place, not even leaving a dent. As the island's inhabitants began to make their way to the place of impact, the gaseous thing began to take shape. "Onizaru..." one mumbled falling to his butt as Yonko revealed himself. "Tell that boy Esposito this my territory now..." he relayed to the citizens of Zou marking his territory.

As more minks observe what landed on their island the more they were terrified and some even ran back to their homes. The ones from the older generation continued to yell "Onizaru". Soon two figures approached, each with a drop of sweet running down the side of their heads.

"D-damn! Wh-what is he doing here?" A short female human-cat mink hybrind whispered. "We need to get a hold of Dante."

"I'll talk to him, while you go and get a hold of Lord Dante." A tall lion mink (roughly 365cm or 12 feet) with his sword tied to his back spoke. "There's nothing else we can do."

"Don't get yourself killed, Dante would hate that. So stay alive Löwe." The human mink hybrid said before taking off in an extreme speed.

Löwe slowly approached where the mighty Yonko landed at. "The mighty Onizaru. I welcome you to your homeland of Zou. I am Löwe, the current Duke and leader of Zou." Löwe showed his respect and welcomed the towering Mink to the island.

Wukong couldn't help but laugh at the ruler's submission. "Gorororororo! I suppose if you pledge loyalty fake emperor it's easy to bend the knee when you finally see the real thing." the primate mink walked past the Mokomo Dukedom ruler. He gazed around the general vicinity to see anything of interest. "Are you just scared or is it always this dead here?"

"When the lord said he had enemies in this world,I believed him. But the Onizaru?" Löwe thought to himself. "You must understand it's not everyday that someone who was used as a monster in stories told to all children of Zou. It's as if their childhood nightmares had just been realized." Löwe explained.

Off in the distance a few blocks away, the human-cat mink hybrid was seen on talking to a Den Den Mushi. "Captain! It's just like you guessed it. Wukong has arrived to Zou! He's claiming it under his rule!"

"Oh?" The voice on the other line belonged to the newest and youngest member within the ranks of Yonko Esposito Dante. "I knew sooner or later one of the other Yonko would make a move. Seeing as how I claimed Zou and him being a Mink, I knew it would be him more than likely."


"Now, now Lucy. Just do as I say." Dante began, "Whatever he wishes for food, money, ale, whatever it is bring it to him. Making sure no one is hurt is key. I'll be there as soon as possible." Dante's voice remained unchanged and completely calm, which in turn allowed Lucy to calm down. "I promise we'll be there soon."

"Judging by our some islands I saw a ways away, we shouldn't be too far from Eterna."

"You see? Lady luck has given us a chance. Now, go and protect my island and it's people Lucy."

"Yes sir," Lucy said letting out a relieving sigh of relief, then hung up the den den mushi and turned around walking out the door. "I'll do my best to keep everyone safe, Captain." She then ran headed back to Löwe.

Several hours go by and Wukong had already made himself at home. Sitting along his own makeshift chair, he sipped on some sake with the occasional hit of the pipe, watching as his tribesmen tried to keep him occupied as they awaited for Esposito eventual advent. "Anyone cares to test their luck?" he cried out, hoping a challenger would heed his call.

Everyone remained silent, with no one taking up the open challenge. They all knew no one on the island currently stood a chance. Only Lucy stepped forward, "I'd like to give it a shot." She said raising her hand. "Keep him busy, make sure everyone else is safe." She replayed her orders in her head countless times.

Wukong smirked as the cat mink volunteered as tribute. "Gororororo! Little pussy cat got some spunk in her." he commented before taking another hit. As he exhaled, his returned back to the feline. "And what do you have to gamble?" he proposed. Naturally, Wukong had an entire empire to gamble away, however seeing how most couldn't match him in the regard, he allowed others to offer their own stakes and he'll match them. "What are you willing to risk that'll interest me?"

"I don't have much, or anything really. My life already belongs to my Captain." Lucy declared, "So all I can do is fight in hopes of entertaining you." She then got down on all fours in a pouncing position. "If that's not enough then I am sorry."

A boisterous laugh came from the primate mink. "Gororororo!" he found it laughable that she even considered that possibility that she could entertain him with a fight. "While your courage and loyalty is admirable, a fight with you wouldn't even solve the itch on my back. No, we need even stakes." he paused for a moment. "What is that you do for your captain?"

"I serve as one of the 'Peccati'." Lucy tried her best to stay calm on the outside. "I guard and look after things in Zou as his proxy while he's off the island. Back on the ship I served as the sous chef."

"Marvelous!" Wukong voice echoed throughout the lushes forest. "Prepare your best dish! If its exquisite then I shall spread tales of your gourmet skills throughout my empire." he proposed, however his joyous tone, turned to a heavier resonance. "But if you fail to satisfy me then I'll provide you with the same amount of distaste I suffered from."

Lucy took a gulp before accepting the challenge, "I agree to your terms. I will return with a dish for you. Until i return please enjoy your pipe." She then took off, without looking back. When she arrived to a restaurant and used it's kitchen to begin her dish. "I'll have to count this dish." She thought to herself as she threw a massive pot to boil and some pasta in it. "It'll buy us some time. Not much but every second counts." She then began to cut up garlic and parsley leaves and poured olive oil into a separate huge pan.

By the end of it Lucy bought herself thirty minutes. She then picked up the massive pan and brought it as quickly she possibly could. When arriving she presented the pan to Kong. "I hope you enjoy the dish." She then handed off a large fork and removed the lid to the pan revealing a beautifully crafted pasta aglio e olio.

Potentially due to his intoxicated mind right but mostly because he thinking anything not burned tastes delicious, Kong adored the meal prepped for him. "Join my crew!" he chanted, scarfing down the meal prepped for him like a famished slave. Spending nearly a decade eating the drunken Zenko's meals, he was accustomed to absolute trash when it came to dining options. Although in recent years, his selection has improved, he isn't very biased when it comes to meals. Finishing his plate, Kong starred into the feline mink's eyes. Letting out a large belch he relayed his proposal again. "As promised, your dining skills will be immortalize throughout the Sky Empire..."

I appreciate the offer, but I have my place within the Libertà Pirates, so I must decline it. I am happy you enjoyed the meal though." She then looks at the massive mink and still feel her heart racing. "What brought you to Zou anyways, if you don't mind me asking."

The feeling of rejection was familiar to the massive mink however it was usually followed by him inevitably getting what he wanted. "I can't say I like repeating myself too often." he laid back in his seat and his sipped on some sake to flush down the meal. "So I won't..." suddenly his rather lax demeanor became a little more tense. The tension that was present upon his arrival had suddenly returned. This child was keeping him waiting too long, his patience was growing thin. "I wonder what the sequel to the Onizaru Story would be..."

Suddenly the ground beneath them began to shake furiously. The trees began to shake from top to bottom. "Captain..." Lucy thought to herself as her heart slowly calmed down. "He made it..."

A sound of calm and relaxed footsteps were heard approaching the area where Kong sat. A figure emerged from the distance. A figure emerged, of a tan young looking man, he wore a black suit with a red robe which bore two golden crosses, one on each side. His hair was a pure shade of white, which complimented his golden eyes. It was the man everyone, especially Kong had been waiting for, Esposito Dante. "Hello," Dante's voice was calm and in control. "I apologize for taking so long, I didn't expect to have a visitor so suddenly."

Wukong couldn't help but notice the tension that he had amassed upon his arrival suddenly dissipate as the advent of the proclaimed Kind King. Be that as it may, the primate mink wasn't impressed, not in the slightest. "Visitor?" he questioned, wondering if the simpleton had chosen his words carefully or just spoke freely. After a moment of stern silence, he broke into a laughter "Gorororororo! I guess my subjects haven't relayed to you the message yet. This old-ass elephant and everything and everyone on it belongs to me!" Wukong his his pen before continuing. "Your services, whatever they are, are no longer needed here."

"Hm?" Dante looked at the laughing mink and couldn't help but chuckle. "Zunisha may be old, but just like a fine wine has aged beautifully. As for my 'services' I am not sure they're not so needed. After all there's someone on the island that no one feels safe around. Also they are no subjects of yours, just my friends who called me and told me what you said. But you are more than welcome to stay and chat if you like." Dante's voice and demeanor stayed the same, unfazed by the massive red mink's claims.

As noted shortly before the child emperor's arrival, Wukong detested repeating himself. His face sat along his closed fist as watched the tiny man claimed that once again that he had some control over Wukong being here. And then there was that word, "Friends" such a ludicrous thing to say. "Beyond that chef who pledged her loyalty to you and you alone. I don't believe a single creature challenged my claim. But maybe, I should've given them a chance!" Wukong turned his focus to those surrounding the two emperors. "Speak now or forever hold your tongue." he announced. However his words were coupled with a malicious intent.

Uneasy didn't accurately describe the scene. It felt like the air itself had seemingly disappeared. Terror and horror. The threat of certain death lingered for anyone who dared to speak. Kong was no longer an intangible creature spoken into existence through folklore and stories. No, this was the real. The world's strongest creature asked anyone, everyone to speak up. However, most would be at a lost of words.

The surrounding minks all stood there, each clenching their hands and teeth as tightly as they could. Fear and frustration can be seen all over their faces. The massive monster of their nightmares was there, a beast who's become one of the most powerful being around was there.

"You're right," Dante adds to what Kong had said, "Speak now, if you'd like me to leave you with him." Dante looked around at the crowd, "or if you wish for me to stay, please do say so as well, okay?" Dante's voice, his smile, all of it, was different from Kong's presence. Where Kong inspired fear, Dante gave hope and a light to things.

Quickly Löwe fell to his knees and placed his head on the ground, "My lord!!" He yells out, "Lead us and watch over us! Lord Dante!" Many of the minks soon followed, everyone called out for Dante, ignoring their fear of the other Yonko.

"I guess we have an answer, right? My guest." Dante asks Kong, still smiling innocently.

Rising from his seat, Wukong's chair seemingly faded from existence. "I see. Seems you lot have placed your bets in the underdog...A risky wager." As if it weren't apparent from him sitting down, the sheer difference in size between the two Yonko was highlighted the moment Wukong rose to his feet, twenty four feet of size between the two of them. Naturally, Wukong looked down at his fellow emperor. The clear blue sky became hazy as seas of white began to hover over the wandering chordata. "You sure you ready for this level...boy!" Wukong withdrew his signature weapon, letting it ride along his shoulder. Even though he's surrounded by nothing but adversaries, he too smiled at the challenge.

Dante looked at everyone, "you can all leave, you've placed your faith in me. So allow me to make good on that." He ordered as the majority of the minks there left only Lucy and Löwe stayed behind.

Dante then threw off the red cloak revealing a sword in its scabbard. He locked eyes with Wukong and spoke, "You call it a risky wager, I call it a sure thing." Dante then drew his sword with his smile growing even bigger. The sword looked pure, a piece of unique and perfected craftsmanship. "And to answer your question, I know I'm ready for this level, old man."

Dante then tightened his grip of his sword and coated with emission haki, his eyes widened as he released a huge wave of haoshoku haki! "Shall we Strongest Creature?" He then swung his sword!

Worthy competition was tough to come across, not only being a Yonko but also the World's Mightiest Combatant. Blood boiling bouts were such an anomaly that Kong forced himself to duel his former crew-mate and rival Yonko Bloodbeard on numerous occasions simply to keep his body challenged. Although somewhat skeptical that the newest member of the pirate emperor's could hold his own, Wukong knew better than to judge any combatant on appearance alone- hell even the Hero of the Marines lacked the fearsome appearance that usually came with his worldwide reputation. Thus, Wukong did not attempt to tank the attack. Lifting his Ruyi Bang from his shoulder, Wukong swung down with incredible force to meet Dante's assault.

Once the two weapons were in a foots range of each other, they drew no closer as the colliding forces of both emperor's haki prevented the weapons from meeting. The sheer magnitude of the attacks brought about a plethora of different effects that brought mayhems to the dukedom.

Their clashing king's wills split the literal skies, the division appearing between the two of them that seemed to stretch out infinitely. In spite of the fact that Dante recommended all the minks leave the immediate vicinity, there was no place to hide from their combating wills. Stretching throughout the entire island, one by one minks began to drop like flies. Even if they managed to remain alert through the emperors' indomitable resolve, consciousness felt like suffering. Gravity itself seemed to bending to their power, challenging the very fabric of existence. Trees that had been growing for centuries began to crack and break, the ground no different.

Complimented by their conqueror's resolve was their invisible defenses that covered their weapons. Albeit, both swung at the other with immeasurable force, physical strength had little to do with their clash. The thick layer of armament haki conjured powerful shockwave that pushed Lucy and Löwe along with all trees within mile radius away. Static charges of black lightning surrounded the two of them, bird-chirping and thunderous roars echoed. The compromised ground gave in further but neither seemed to lose their footing.

Beyond the island, the waves grew more fierce. Unbeknownst to those on Zou, literal tsunamis were knocking against the massive elephant. Zunesha unfortunately was another victim of their clash. Unlike the ground or even the tree, the historic mammoth could feel both their wills' and the shockwave summoned by their attacks. No way Zunesha would've lasted this long if she buckled under their resolve, even if they were emperors. However, the beast could feel the imminent threat that the two of them posed against it and released a large cry, swirling its trunk around in response to their attacks.

"Some friend you are! If you keep this up the elephant along with those who live on it with be nothing but food for the sea kings soon enough! GORORORORORO" Wukong mocked to his opponent. Although dueling Dante had its own merits, Kong's true intentions were to see what the new emperor would do if his territory would face certain destruction. "Bend the knee and you can save em all!!!!"

"Sorry to disappoint you old man, but I bend my knees to no one." Dante responded smiling and his will remained strong. He then took a breath before, "ZUUUUNIIISSHA! TRUUUST MEE!" Dante yelled, calling for the massive elephant. He knew full well what he was doing and hated having to hurt Zunisha in the process. This battle was boiling Dante's blood, while he hates pointless violence, dueling a fellow Yonko was thrilling in it's own way.


Kong's lust for battle was pulling at him like an alcoholic craving sake. However, today's objective wasn't to terrorize his home nation nor bout against the New Emperor. With his battle-ready expression fading Kong withdrew his staff. If Dante knew what'd be good for him and his followers, he'd do the same. "Gorororo! I guess you fit the bill kid." he stood there, resting his staff along his shoulder once again.

Dante pulled his sword back once Kong withdrew his staff and sheathed it back in it's scabbard. He smiled and looked at the mink, "Thank you for the compliment." Dante said with a chuckle to his voice. He then pulls out a green blunt and lighter from his pocket, "Glad to meet your standards." He then sparks up the blunt and takes a big hit off it.

The pleasing smell of sativa kush flowed into his nostrils causing Kong to smirk. "So the rumors are true then? You're a plant boy ain't cha?" Wukong questioned, referring to both his devil fruit and his fellow yonko's interest in cannabis. With his seat construct returning, the massive primate mink regressed back to his former position, stretching out his arm with the pipe in it, requesting Dante fill him up.

A tree branch emerged from Dante's arm and it grew Cannabis nugs, already dried enough and ready to smoke, as they dropped into the pipe one by one till it was filled. "Yes I am," Dante states as he grew one more large lug for himself before he reabsorbed the tree branch to his arm and took another puff of the blunt. "Smoke up, Wukong, I call this strain 'Sea King Sedation'." Dante declares before picking at the nug.

Naturally, Kong obliged the man, simply inhaling without having the need for a lighter. As he did, the warm sensation of the sativa strain radiated through his massive physique, running chills down his fur and loosening his noggin. Instantly mellowed, Wukong complimented the man on his pristine kush. "Excellent!" he exclaimed, unaware he literally scram it. Giggling he continued. "I've never smoked such a excellent green. You ain't half bad kid."

"Same can be said about you old man." Dante responds with a chuckle and take another huge puff off his blunt. "So tell me, is there any other reason you came to Zou?"

Wukong was quiet for a second. He knew what he wanted to say but couldn't find the words to say it. Damn this shit hits. Regaining some coherence he finally responded. "I came to wipe out a pirate emperor..." he stated blankly, not one for courtesies nor shallowness.

"Oh?" Dante asks as he finished his blunt. "Sounds like fun." Dante then grabs another blunt and lights up and takes a fat drag off it.

Wukong noticed Dante's calm reaction to his proposed intent, his calmness was surprising but rather disrespectful. "But I lost interest the moment I got here." he continued, hitting his pipe yet again. "This place would've been a wasteland long before your slow ass would've gotten here."

"Most likely," Dante smiles with smoke escaping his mouth and through his teeth. "But when I got here and saw the island in one piece, Zunisha walking fine, I figured you lost interest." Dante pulled out a seed and tossed over to Kong, "Here, this is a seed that'll grow the strain we're smoking." He then took a puff from his blunt, "Case you want to enjoy it later on. Call it a gift, from one emperor to another."

Kong was used to those tryna pay tribute to him, it was common occurrence especially when the sky nations pledge fealty to him. "I guess, I'll return the favor and I'll leave this place and your crew alone, for today." Kong took a hit of his pipe, enjoying the soothing feeling and pleasant aroma.

"So tell me, how's the yonko life been treating you Kong?" Dante asked as he turned his head around and saw Lucy approaching, "Ahh Lucy."

"Captain..?" Lucy hesitantly spoke, "Is everything okay?"

"Of course it is." Dante 's voice had no doubt or any trace of fear in it. "Could you make a meal for me and our visitor here? Also have the rest of the crew help out with helping the city get settled."

He then looked over at Kong, "Anything specific you'd like her to make?"

Such hospitality was sight, especially given the fact Wukong had moments ago threatened to destroy the entire land. Yet, anger did not overcome his body. No, he was far too mellow to allow such a thing to bother him. "Sea King..." Kong responded, enjoying the delicacy for years now.

"Dante couldn't help but chuckle at Kong's response, "You like Sea King meat too?" Dante asked surprised as it seems he's not the only one who enjoys hunting and Sea Kings. "If there is any Sea King meat on he island, could ya make us something Lucy?"

"Of course captain. Would you like anything to drink?" Lucy replied.

"Bring us some ale or sake." Dante requested as Lucy took off and left to prepare the meal. "To be honest, I didn't expect to have another Yonko to invade one of me territories so soon. But I had my suspicions it would be you coming here. So you if you don't mind let's talk while we wait for the food to arrive. We could talk about conquering or goals or something."

Wukong hit his pipe with a discerning look on his face. Despite his hospitality, Kong couldn't ignore the fact that he was in he presence of another emperor, a mischievous one at that. As Yin would constantly remind the primate Emperor, knowledge is power. "Watch yourself boy, you're asking questions you shouldn't be asking." Kong didn't want Dante to take his kindness for blindness. But his natural competitive nature would not allow this conversation to die. "You gamble boy?"

"Occasionally." Dante replied as the many plant life that surrounds the island that was wrecked by the clash of the two emperors began to heal or regrow all together. "Why do you ask?"

From the wrap around his waste, Wukong withdrew an unusual coin. "Let's see who's luckier." the primate mink proposed. "Who ever wins get to ask the other a question." Being the degenerate that he is, Wukong couldn't simply just have a conversation with no stakes involved. "So what'll it be, heads or tails."

"Heads." Dante replied.

The massive primate mink flipped the coin high-up into the skies. For a moment, to the untrained eye, it'd become completely out of sight. "You got a dream boy?" Wukong proceeded to ask as the coin started to descend. Although he did not the know the answer, luck tends to favor the bold. And, to no surprise, the coin landed along the ground along its rear end.

Dante smiled, "I have a few, with the two big ones being a little ambitious." Dante took a pause to light up another blunt. "I want to create a type of peace among the islands I control, a home where everyone can go to and not worry about being discriminated against." Dante took another huge puff of it, "I know childish dream at it's core but hey, can't help but dream it."

He then took a moment to ash the blunt, "My other dream though, I to live to see the fall of the World Government."

Wukong boisterously laughed at Dante's proclaimed goals. "Gororororooro!" It wasn't the dream itself that made him chuckle but rather the lack of personal attachment to the dream. "Seems like your in the wrong profession little man..." he commented leaving opinion of the matter at that. And thus he posed the question again. "Head or Tails?"

Dante chuckled along with Kong, "Ha! Trust me old man, I know I am! Hahaha! How about we go with tails this time."

And thus deja vu struck as Kong flipped the coin into the skies once more. "Hmmm...." he thought, hitting his pipe as the coin returned to the dukedom. Once again the coin landed on it back end, however this time favoring the younger of the two emperors.

"Nice!" Dante blurted out, "I'll ask you the same thing old man, ya got a dream old man?"

Kong hit his pipe in nonchalant fashion as he smirked at the question. "No, dreams are for children..." he responded, as white fumes slipped from his mouth. "Fight, Gamble and Conquer. If I anything I live the dream everyday." In his eyes, that answer was more than enough. Thus, he withdrew the coin yet again. "Another round or another game?"

"One more round, for the hell of it!" Dante cheered, "Tails, one more time!" It was obvious by the grin on his face, he was having fun gambling.

Upon flipping the coin into the skies, Kong sucked his teeth. "What's your question then..?" The bud within his pipe began to regrow as Kong continued to inhale the green. As the coin clashed against the ground, it revealed itself to be Dante's answer, tails. "Lucky bastard, ain'tcha."

Dante just smiled gleefully and replied, "Ha! I guess so! Lady luck is smiling with me so far." Dante then took another puff from his blunt, "Well, tell me. What is your view on the Marines and World Government as a whole?"

"Wouldn't know, they have no jurisdiction where I rule..." Wukong responded, confidently stating he rarely has any issues with the Marins due to their lack of bases in the white seas. Preventing the World Government from expanding into the skies has allowed Wukong to be the notions sky empire. Hitting his pipe, Wukong grew bored of this low stakes game. "Since Lady Luck has casted her light upon you, how about we sweeten the pot a bit?"

"Lay it on me old man." Dante replied as he was already being drawn in...mostly because the food was taking sometime to arrive. "Whatcha got in mind?"

Kong smirked as the possibility of real wager made him excited. "I'll let you decide the game, however, winner gets to..." he paused as a rather cynical look emerged on his face. "Winner get to leave a scar on the other's body." No fun without risk. Wukong's reputation as the strongest creature is partly due to the absence of a scar on his body. His title may come into question if he loses.

Dante smiled at the wager, "Well this escalated quickly huh?" He then sat down and started thinking over what the challenge could be. "Heh I got it! Let's play capture the flag!" Dante exclaimed as he kicked himself up to his feet. "We both wear flags somewhere on us, like our forehead or arms and need to pull it off another. As you said, loser gets to leave a scar on the other."

Wukong couldn't contain his laughter at he proposal. He could've sworn the boy would attempt to pick a challenge that'd vastly favor him but he actually managed to propose a event that Kong believed favored him. "You sure?" he continued to chuckle as he rose from his seat. Towering above his fellow emperor he extended his arm outwards. "Any handicaps or rules you want to place before we begin?"

"We cannot damage my island anymore than we have already. Zunisha doesn't need to be dealing with us." Dante then took off his shirt, revealing he already did have some scars on his body and pulled out a handkerchief, tying it around his right bicep. He then looked up at the towering mink, "A real emperor doesn't need a handicap, right old man?" He then put his hand in Wukong's, "Unless you need one?" He then smiled with an innocent look to it.

Already bare-shirted, Kong smirked at the man's remark. "I was asking for your benefit, young blood." Ripping a large strand of the red wrap around his waist, he tied it along his forehead. "But if the well being of this island really concerns you, the I suggest you recommend a change in venue." Despite his refined control over this powers, Kong's devil fruit has a tendency to terrorize islands without much effort. As his chair began to fade with he wind, Wukong began to hover above the ground.

"I appreciate that Kong." Dante stretched out his arms as he looks to the left side of Zunisha. "There's an island just over there. We should reach it rather easily and quickly. It's not one of mine so I guess no real reason to worry." He states while stretching his right leg. "Despite whoever win or loses, we should both come back and have some of the food."

"Sure sure.." The sheer excitement of participating in a combat oriented gambling competition deafened him to Dante's words. His blood boiled as the thrill excited him.

Friendly Wager

The pair of emperors ventured to a small island nearby. Though not often discussed, there are many islands like these throughout the New World. Small remote isles not controlled by any of the Yonko used as a battleground between crews or rival emperors. Kong was more than familiar with such landscapes as a result of his duels with Zelgius. This land's elevation was quite high with small mountains and large hills. Vegetation was strong however there was minimal life, no humans but some small creatures.

Wukong descended on the island gracefully despite his size, still maintaining his confident smirk. Withdrawing Ruji Bang from its satchel, he twirled it around his fingers. Visibly in a trans, Kong didn't say a word; it was becoming quite apparent the welcoming kind mink that enjoyed the rolls of bud with his fellow Yonko was no longer present.

Dante walked forward and cracked his neck as his eyes were widened with anticipation, a smile of excitement for the coming battle a trait he normally doesn't display. This happens when he let's himself cut loose and no longer in need of keeping 'this side' of him. He then draws his sword, Sōzō no hidariude from its crimson scabbard and placed his free hand into the ground in a moment of pause.

The calm before the storm. Despite either of them moving an inch, an intense feeling encompassed the battlefield. The critters that wandered the area scattered as their primal instincts flare with danger. The crystalline water close by grew more turbulent as the clouds from their previous exchange still remained. The silence was indication enough. This wasn't an exchange between noble warriors in front of an audience. But two pirate emperors renowned for the ferocity. Trivial conditions like a countdown to a start are not necessary.

As such, Wukong commenced his assault. As his signature weapon rotated like hands like a clock, once the staff pointed at Dante hour, Wukong revealed its highly revered abilities. At an alarming speed, suddenly Ruji Bang expanded in the direction of Kong's target. Although its diameter had yet to change the length of the staff continued to expand, its intention to jab into Dante's gut while protruding him into one of the mountains.

If his opponents attempted catch the staff, he'd discover the its unimaginable weight. Filled within with clouds currently made of iron, its current weight easily exceeded a ton. Along with its spontaneous expulsion, the sheer force would feel a canon ball attack an ordinary person. All the while, Wukong stood confident yet attentive as he watched his opponent's movements, having his pipe in his free hand, no longer with any bud with in it, maintaining that arrogant smirk as white fumes came out of his mouth.

Dante saw the coming staff charging at him at an incredible speed. He gripped his sword tighter as he side stepped the attack and without missing a beat he begun a charge at Kong. The look on his face couldn't change as he started to feel even more excited. He then pulled his sword back as he had closed the distance between himself and the massive mink, he then swipes to the right! A sword forged to an extreme degree of proficiency and made with Kairōseki.

Naturally, Kong anticipated his opponent would effortlessly circumvent his attack; he's supposedly of the same caliber of combatant after all. But even though this attack would've easily punctured a lesser opponent, Kong's thought process wasn't as linear as simply extending his staff. The moment Dante dodged the the staff, Wukong began to rotate his weapon utilizing himself as the pivot. As it revolved around Wukong, it began to emit none other than Wukong's trademark nature, clouds. These bodies of vapors held a darkish-tint to it white fluffy appearance. As the gap between the two shortened, a barrier of clouds began to expand and surround the pair.

Although it seemed Wukong wasn't giving his opponent the consideration he deserved, this was far from the case. As an adept fighter, Kong has the uncanny ability to juggle offense and defense simultaneously. So as he prepared his own counteract, he took the necessary steps to avoid Dante's slash. Due the vast difference in height and the distance between them shortening, Dante's attack targeted the great ape's legs. Dante was undoubtedly speedy in his endeavor, it wasn't unconventional for Wukong. Thus, by combining his logia powers with his high combat experience he simply leaped upward to avoid the attack. However, surprisingly subtle, Kong adjusted his proportions, a benefit of his malleable body, decreasing his size to nearly half its natural amount.

Avoiding the unlawfully precise strike, Kong carried on with his response. Retracting the pole once it completed an entire revolution, Kong planted the staff into the ground and switched roles with his weapon. Now, using it as pivot the primate Yonko rotated along it, with one hand as the guide. With Dante now within inches, Wukong's leg reached out to land a hook kick. Despite appearing to lose if strength due to its diminished size, this was far from the case. The magnitude of attack was powerful enough to carry the winds surrounding the pair. Even if Dante dodged, the sharp gusts encompassing the the kick would spin violently around creating a small cyclone, protecting Kong from any counter.

The moment Dante's attack missed and felt the surrounding clouds, his smile grew. When Kong stabbed his staff to the ground Dante composed himself and saw the unquestionable experience Kong had that Dante lacked. Even so he moment he saw Kong's leg coming at him, his entire body turned brown, almost like tree bark and tossed his sword overhead and out of the ring of clouds. When Kong's attack landed it completely shredded and destroyed Dante's body...or at least that's what it would seem.

Dante would then appear outside the layer of the clouds from the floor and caught his sword the moment before it hit the floor. Suddenly the earth below began to shake and crack as massive tree roots appeared from the surrounding clouds and like tendrils were pointed and charged directly at Kong. Each one almost twice Wukong's own size.

It was rare for one to dodge the mighty blows of the world's strongest creature so effortlessly; only a handful combatants throughout the blue and white-seas could claim such a feat. However, despite Dante avoiding not one but two attacks, Wukong seemed unfazed. In spite of the fact that he may appear to be a brutish beast that simply overwhelms targets with his gargantuan strength, the once infamous "God of War, Hachiman" never wastes an attack.

As previously mentioned, Wukong's kick carried the winds along with it, producing a cyclone of epic proportions as he followed through. The vicious gusts spiraled, brining in the ring of clouds that surrounded Wukong, producing massive tornado. Given his cloud's influence over the disaster, Wukong assimilated into the windstorm protecting him his adversaries plant construct. The attack, appropriately dubbed, Bàofēngyǔ shredded the roots and tendrils that attempted to apprehend him and pulling anything into it; if lucky enough potentially a handkerchief tied to Dante's arm.

Whilst still merged with he spiraling disaster, Wukong noted in the back of his mind. "Man really likes his veggies." Validating his adversaries fruit revolved around plant manipulation, Wukong acted accordingly. Although far from a botanist, Kong has been constantly reminded about the effect his devil fruit powers have on environments and ecosystems. Connecting the dots that plants do not thrive in extraneous environments, with unparalleled control over his devil fruit, Wukong transformed the clouds from cumulus to stratus, causing the temperature to exponentially drop as tempest turned into a snow whirlwind. If left unchecked, the tornado will continue to gather the winds surrounding the location, vastly lowering the temperature and increasing its size, making it even more powerful.

Dante didn't remove him smile as he felt the drop in temperature. "Hmm looks like someone likes it chilly here." He states aloud. He then sheaths his sword as he faces the tornado ahead of him and got into a couching position. Dante could feel the thrill he's body is in, this being a side to him that is rarely ever seen and only people Dante thought of as 'truly strong' could make him reach it.

With his right hand on the hilt and the left on the scabbard, he took a cold breath. He then took off running and leaped up draw his sword, but thanks to his plant body nature he could carry the force of this draw to make a 360 degree draw. The sheer force and wind pressure from this draw created a tornado matching the size of the one Kong had created! This technique named, Il respiro di Gaia was matching the tornado created by his fellow Yonko. The two began to pull the air in opposite direction, soon enough if continued will rip the clouds apart, eventually choking one another out.

The Liberta Pirates' captain, Esposito Dante, was most certainly an emperor. His inability to backdown and determination challenge Wukong in every instance was evidence to that fact. However, conviction, even from a fellow emperor, would not be enough to slow down the world's strongest creature. Dante's actions were clearly those of someone who's met little push-back throughout; being a Yonko had a tendency to do that. In most fight, simply exerting a fraction of his power would be enough to subdue the most treacherous threats. Unfortunately for Kind King, Wukong may be the most treacherous threat he'd encounter. Unlike Dante, who experience with the other emperors is limited, Kong has clashed with a fellow conqueror of the sea for decades. His battle experience and expertise would not be subdued by trivial attack, even by that of an high-skilled swordsmen Yonko.

Dante's thought process, to provide an opposing yet equal force to negate Wukong's tempest, was in theory a fair tactic. However, in reality, Dante was simply adding oil to the flames. Wukong possesses unmatched control over the weather and vast understanding of meteorology. Directing a tornado at Wukong is like throwing water at a Fishman Jujutsu practitioner; Dante's essentially empowering Wukong. In order for the swordsmen to produce a tornado powerful enough to counteract Cloudy Tempest, Dante would need to produce heated winds to rotate against the cold ones within the area. In order to turn Dante's attack against, Wukong simply needed to decrease the temperature of his own tempest, allowing the two to fuse and produce an even larger threat. Wukong achieved the necessary effect by simply producing more snow clouds, causing his tempest to weakened and then merge with Dante's; since tornado winds are rarely singularly directed, the merge simply produced a more turbulent storm.

Wukong's cloud tempest reached catastrophic levels. The winds grew so fast and strong, the literal earth of the island gave in. If left to its own devices, the tempest would surely wipe out the entire island within minutes. Wukong reformed above his mighty creation, within the clouds of the sky. "Might as well accept your punishment now..." he yawned, having somewhat lost interest in the battle. With the tornado pulling on the clouds of the sky, Kong slowly gained influence over the region as his clouds merged with the pre-existing. "Xuě qiú..." he mumbled as he rested his staff along his shoulder. The clouds grew black as white-precipitation dropped below. Sporadic light began to emerge as Kong awaited to see how his rival would adjust given his current dire circumstances.

"Hmmm I guess I didn't think this far huh?" Dante said aloud ignoring the winds and now falling snow as he has more than enough experience of dealing with these two weather phenomenons. He then tightened his grips of his blade and pointed his finger to the floor before a seed was shot out and stabbed into the ground. "Now then," He then placed his sword back in it's scabbard and crouched down, with his right hand on his hilt. "Stile Spada Della Misericordia:" He whispered to himself before suddenly dis and re appearing directly before Kong, directly in front of where he was wearing his flag cloth, "Riposare In Pace" He completed his sword techniques name as he used all the momentum his run gave him and drew his sword at incredible speeds! Suddenly beneath and all around the two numerous, tens of thousands of cherry blossom trees emerged, the ends of their branches looking like hands as they reach towards the flag, though very little had haki on them.

As the earth began to ripped apart, massive building sized trees and roots of many different types began to emerge as did a huge, mountain sized sunflower easily twice the size of the tornado sprouted in the middle of it and even broke through the clouds.

"Hoohoo, at least the brat has some grit..." Wukong's interest in the battle had returned as Dante pivoted his approach. The two were both capable of changing the terrain of a battlefield in a matter of moments and yet only the primate had done so. Was the Kind King dipping his toe in the water before diving in, Wukong hoped so. Dante's increase in speed and effectiveness in his movements had definitely improved and clearly he had some semblance of terrain control by spawning trees that have even stood tall against his Xuě qiú. Wukong didn't understand how the tree survived in such drastic temperatures but it didn't weigh heavy on his mind. If cold was no longer effective than it was time to turn-up the heat.

With both airborne, Dante's blade swung towards Wukong's head with undeniable precision; a testament to his skill as a swordsmen. Simply ducking would not be effective as the branches below would be quick to apprehend him but Wukong wasn't one to run from a challenge anyways. Having maintained his logia form in the skies, Wukong had been rumbling as his gargantuan attack carried onwards. But as Xuě qiú proved to be compromised, Wukong acted on his rumble. Embodying the essence of a thundercloud, massive bolts of lightning shot from his physique. The drastically cold temperatures suddenly converted into raw heat comparable to the literal sun would overcome the region. The branches hoping to apprehend the beast would not make it with meters of the radioactive Wukong.

But such an attack inaccurate, even at such catastrophic levels, would not guarantee Wukong protection from Dante's sword strike, if the Yonko managed to prepare for such a counter-assault. However, just as his opponent, Wukong was capable of multi-layer tactics. Although usually designed to be a passive barrier used to compliment his haki, when super-charged by dozens of currents of raw lightning, Wukong's Diàn Zhàng becomes as barrier capable of obstructing even the most powerful of attacks. Further complimented by Wukong's own haki, the barrier intercepted Dante's attack. "Oi oi, if we didn't smoke I'd think you're trying to go for my head~saru."

As Dante's blade clashed with Wukong's barrier, the battlefield was taking new shape again. The lightning shot from Wukong's body would super-heat the region causing the trees to burn to ash in mere seconds. The land below would become nothing but gravel and dust as the two clashed above. Although Wukong may appear to be not retaliating, quite the contrary was occurring. As Wukong waited to see what his opponent would do, he was becoming a small electric star. With each passing second, the heat of the region would grow hotter and hotter, evaporating the clouds, super heating the air and all else that remained near him.

"Haha! Not aiming for your 'head' head, just your flag! We're having a game right?" Dante asked as his attack collided with Kong's impressive barrier! Dante then stepped back for a second as he took a breath and an aura appeared around him. In that moment what looked like eight pairs of arms appeared to surround him, each holding his sword.

"Kyutoryu!" Dante yelled as he immediately attacked Kong! His sword began to turn into a deep midnight black as a massive purple aura surrounded each one! "Nove Squilli!!"

"Nobunaga was famous for fashioning swords of legend. Seven of these were his treasures, each possessing a special ability. Despite already being forged of Seastone, this sword has another ability, one that can only be used by who this sword sees as it's master..." Dante thought to himself when each of his attacks landed against Kong's barrier!

Naturally he attacks the head (flag) with the downward strike, next aimed at right shoulder diagonally, right arm's center from the side, then aimed at right arm's bottom/right wrist diagonally, then aimed at groin area from below via upward stroke, or straight from front, then aimed at left arm's bottom/left wrist diagonally, then aimed at left arm's center from the side, then aimed at left shoulder diagonally, then aimed at center of the chest, at breastbone.

Each sword began to release a huge burst of power behind them! The haki in each attack magnified to levels much higher than before! "My beloved sword's hidden ability is simple yet incredibly's a catalyst! A sword that magnifies my haki!!!" Dante's use of nine sword style was the sign that he truly respects the strength that Kong himself has displayed. Yet he smiled believing this 'game' of theirs is all in good fun. Dante had previously used this technique to slice down groups of mountains and even an island sized dragon in an instant.

While their attacks collided giant plant roots appeared from the ocean! They grew from the underwater side of the islands and were thriving off the ocean water! Hundreds of these soon aimed and swarmed at Kong! Each time they began to get dehydrated from the heat, they simply continued to drain water from the ocean and each time a lightning bolt struck it, they regrew with two more growing from the stump! All aiming for Kong's flag!

Although Wukong anticipated that Dante would descend after a failed first attempt, it didn't startle him much when the young emperor remained airborne. Things are getting interesting. Finally Wukong's smile returned as Dante prepared to unleash his next assault. "Hooohooohaahaaa! Let the game continue then~saru!!" Removing the tangible element of his barrier, Wukong offered little resistance against Dante's nine-sword-style. Each attack successfully slashed and cut through their intended region leaving Wukong's body in dismembered shambles. The sheer magnitude of each strike carried the heated winds in nine different directions. For the briefest of moments it appeared Dante had annihilated Wukong.

"My turn!" Wukong chanted, suddenly emerging right behind Dante. Unlike his opponent who seemed so captivated on winning their game, Wukong didn't seem to share such an interest. The thrill of the fight was the only thing on his mind and thus, instead of aiming for the rag along Dante's bicep, Wukong planned on punishing him with a turning-descending hook kick that'd target Dante's entire body.

But how Wukong managed to evade the young emperor's attack should not be trivialized; it required experience, mastery over his devil fruit and precision to complete. Upon releasing the physical form of the barrier, Wukong used Diàn Zhàng's primary utility which is to detect attacks by having the barrier work in conjunction with his haki. Similar to how some logia users use future sight haki to manipulate their body in order to dodge haki-coated attacks, Diàn Zhàng and Kenbenshoku can be used in unison to alert Wukong of any attack that enters a radius of thirty feet. With complete awareness of the trajectory of each of the attacks, Wukong knew simply adjusting his shape would not save him for being pierced.

Therefore Wukong countered in another matter. With subtle flick of a finger, Kong called upon two distinct techniques, Yúnduǒ and Yǐnshēn. Leaving a doppelgänger in his place, Wukong went invisible to allow his illusion to take the brunt of the assault. However, the illusion alone didn't allow him to dodge the attack. Well-executed by Dante, the magnitude of the attack along with precision of the strikes prevented someone of Wukong's size from simply evading, probably purposefully intended by Dante. Fortunately, Wukong isn't limited to the size restraints like most creature. With a fluid body due to his logia abilities and with complete control over the former, Wukong can simply reform into whatever dimension he so pleases. Thus, reshaping into a mere several inches, Wukong successfully circumvented Dante's assault.

Once clear of immediate danger, Wukong navigated to Dante's back before revealing himself. His invisibility was complimented by his species' innate affinity for stealth - an affinity that has show to circumvent even the most skilled haki users - which is further enhanced by his control over his intent and emotions; with the icing being the doppelgänger taking the attack. Coated in darkness and moving at his max speed, the speed of lightning, Wukong would unleash the unholy strength of the World's Strongest Creature on the hopefully puzzled Dante. With such speed and the sheer difference in size the two possess, the likelihood of the primate missing was incredibly unlikely.

The monstrous attack landed directly on Dante's back and sent the Young Yonko flying down! It was a devastating sight as he crashed down into the chunk of land left from what was once an island. The sheer force alone would be enough to take most others out and the speed behind it was truly impressive but Dante just as quickly as he fell was back on his feet, cracking his neck. "Ora, Ora." Dante let a sound of delight and excitement out as he been hit. Holding the flag proudly in his hands before tucking it away in his pocket. "Ora, Ora. You got me pretty excited Old man. " Dante gripped his sword tighter, as his blood began to rush in his body.

Dante who appeared almost completely unaffected by the attack he has modified his plant body to heal at an extraordinary rate. "Ora, Ora. I really hope you didn't think would overwhelm me did you?" A sword hilt suddenly emerged from his chest as Dante pulled it out revealing another Katana at hand. "Geppo:Silfide che cammina!" Dante buckled his knees and using an extremely enhanced form of Geppo he appeared back in front of Kong! "Stile Di Misericordia" Dante began to chamt his next attack as he used his own version of Devastante: Mondo Perduto (Lost World)" As he instantly created a team of doppelgangers around Kong. "Nitoryu: Sormire!"

The first Dante launched a horizontal swing from left to right with both swords immediately followed by an uppercut slash with a Dante from below. The one facing Kong jumps up again using geppo and aims at Kong with both swords from left to right while spinning. The original Dante facing Kong tries to slash an X from top to bottom. Another then leaps at Kong from behind and tries to make two diagonal slashes on his back, while the final two aim to slash both his arms! To prevent the same to happen where Kong could dodge Dante used a mixture of sensory enhancing plants which have been heavily modified along with his sword's ability to enhance his haki to sense any attempt Kong would make to dodge, with himself and his clones more then ready to twist their bodies to adjust their blades!

Hey boy, are you even trying!?"

Dante had taken all the precautions to prevent Wukong from circumventing his series of attacks. However, Wukong had no intention of dodging like before. Throughout this battle, Wukong has shown his competence and tenacity as combatant. From changing the terrain, to sending Dante hurdling back to earth, to repetitively avoiding the Kind King's attacks, he's truly validated his epithet. Although not decisively planning and manipulating like some would think, Wukong has watched this battle unfold exactly as he's liked it to thus far. But he has faith the newest Yonko would meet his expectations. In an effort to bring out Dante's best, Wukong needed to display a feat that would detriment the weak willed but challenge the very essence of those who claim to be a conqueror.

Instead of dodging or countering Dante's attacks, Wukong didn't give an inch and watched as the team of Dantes assaulted him. No logia intangibility, no black armor coating his fur, Wukong simply awaited the chain of synchronized slashes. And the result would continue the trend of the battle so far. Holding a sinister expression on his face, Wukong tanked the onslaught of attacks with not a single one able to cut through his rust-red mane. "Hey boy, are you even trying!?" he muttered, with Dante with in a meters' reach of him.

Although the primate stands among some of the most durable creatures on the planet, Wukong's physiological defenses can't take credit for the feat shown. Embodying the spirit of a conqueror, Wukong called upon an advanced haoshoku technique. Whether it be a slash from chef or the most skilled swordsman in the world, no attack could pierce through his reality augmenting defense, in most cases. In specific instances however, such as when Wukong fights his emperor rival, a degree of respect and acknowledgement allows his bearded counter-part to bypass the illogical defenses without tampering with Wukong's mental fortitude.

Unfortunately for Dante, he hasn't earned such respect in the eyes of the Monkey King. He wasn't sure if it was simply the proclaimed Kind King's benevolent nature or if he was restraining himself for some reason but at his current state, even his most powerful attacks would be trivialized. Wukong continued with his dialogue with the following, "Maybe it's because you think you've already won~saru." Along his bicep emerged the red cloth Dante believe he'd stolen before. Not as shown due to his lack of necessity, Wukong can be quite clever in his tactics. From the moment he tied the flag to his arm, he allowed a string cloud copy maintain the illusion while the real cloth remained stored within his swamp cloud storage capabilities; a skill he's utilized throughout most of the battle in which he's stored his weapons on movements.

"Ora ora, I hope you didn't think you won~saru." The cloth in Dante's pocket revealed itself to be an acid cloud, a technique he copied from one of his subordinates, with a red tint, matching the corrosiveness of Spark's second level which sears through even the most durable of materials. Like a disease, it began to fester, grow and spread rapidly from Dante's pocket. With the real Dante easily distinguishable, Ruji Bang suddenly shot out from Wukong's now swamp-cloud-transformed-gut like a bullet, it's radius covering Dante's entire torso. With Dante hopefully occupied with the corrosive spreading, Wukong hoped his sudden spawn of his staff would catch Dante off guard and once again sending his hurdling.

"Time to make the jump boy. I've challenged your worthiness as a conqueror. Will you back down or meet the challenge head on~saru." Wukong thought, hoping young Yonko would realize the latter. The fact of the matter is this fight hadn't shown who was the superior combatant yet. As of now, the reason why the battle seemed so one-sided wasn't due to such a vast gap in skill and experience but rather a difference in resolve. Although Dante was intrigued and mentally present for the fight, there was no way his mindset of simply gauging skills could ever match Wukong's desire to conqueror every opponent. If Dante hoped to validate his claim to the throne, he needed to re-evaluate his resolve.

"Haaaah and here I thought you were a true emperor. Nothing more but a monster wearing a crown huh?" Dante asked as he uses a combination of Geppo and Soru, where Dante uses Soru in a zigzag motion in midair, allowing extremely fast movements in three dimensions. with his right hand he cut his pocket off of himself without touching his skin. Now again in front of Kong Dante stood his hair grown slightly passed his shoulders, a few inches taller, his muscles grown and his face resembling of someone in their mid to late twenties. He then removed his own flag and swiped it in half, the sheer speed and friction from the slash ignited both halves of the flag into ask.

"From the moment I held that fake flag I could already tell it was a fake." Dante began as the air round him grew thick. His grip over his own swords grew tighter yet they remained still. From his years of swordsmanship and calligraphy gave his hand not just the precision and dexterity of a swords master but also sensitivity to his hand he could easily tell the weight difference as the acidic cloud's weight was difference from the original flag. "A true king fights with honor, true you didn't break any rules, but I figured a proud Emperor would stick it out honorably."

"Shall we begin anew Old Man?" Dante asked no longer treating this as a contest but a battle among conquerors! "Challenge my worthiness? Who are you to do that!?" Dante yelled "Come at me, come face me World's Strongest Creature!" His eyes turned blood red giving him a much more demonic appearance.

With a new light in his eyes, Wukong could sense a revitalized spirit emerging from Dante's body. "Oooouuuooouuuuahhaahhh!" The strongest creature chanted in excitement, his tail swirling in anticipation. Retracting his weapon back into his gut, Wukong's own physique began to alter, his dimension resembling that of the opponent before him. In his vacant hand, a weapon began to take shape; a sword resembling the Kind King's very own metastasized from thin air. Having seen Dante swing blade not only once but twice now, feeling the force and magnitude of swing in the second instance, Wukong's innate nature to intuitively mimic his opponent began to show. His fighting style, Sarudō, properly nicknamed Monkey See Monkey Do, allowed him to near-flawlessly copy his opponent's fighting styles and habit without much understanding. A skill fitting of the world's strongest combatant.

Almost as if to get one more trash-talking jab in before the fighting ensued, Wukong finished with the following. "Oi, let's see if you're any better than that Blue Lion Bitch." obviously referring to the Fleet Admiral, The World Strongest Swordsman. And thus the fighting commenced once again.

In the instant following his banter, Wukong went on the offensive. Swiping his blade horizontally in the direction of his opponent, Wukong conjured a slash of epic proportions. As if the primate had trained in the art of swordsmanship for several decades, his form and technique were truly masterful, displaying no obvious weak-points or detriments. The product, an attack that'd be felt for miles. Although Wukong did not wield the perfectly crafted weapon his opponent held, his cloud-based sword would granted him outstanding control over the sword's output. In this singular attack, Wukong summoned a hurricane that far exceeded the lethality of a category five storms. Lightning scattering throughout the sky, winds sharp enough to cut metal, thunder roaring like cannon fire during a buster call, it was true mayhem directly in front of him. Jiǎnzāi, Wukong dubbed the technique.

Dante saw the coming attack the moment he began to move his wrist, it's a result of a mixture of his countless battle with other swordsmen taught him how to read the movements of those holding a sword, and a genetic trait of his called Super Advanced Growth, which allowed him to grow exponentially fast. His body already grown accustomed to his speed and his experience gave him enough instinct dodge using the same technique as earlier and mixed Soru and Geppo to dodge in a swift zigzag going below Kong's attack, and seal his blade and charged upward.

"Of course I'm better, I'm the next World's Greatest Swordsman confused old man!" Dante declared. as he prepared for his next attack.

Dante then used Geppo but this time his physical abilities like his wanting to fight rose well beyond what they were earlier and appeared only a few feet away from Kong. He placed his hand on the sword's hilt placed in a crouching position and charged in to attack, suddenly fifty golden aura arms appeared layered upon layers over the hilt. "Misericordia Stile Spada: cinquanta anelli!" Just like the technique from earlier multiple swords were drawn with these other arms as he slashed fifty full times! It gave the appearance of fifty attacking blades, a wall of swords all aimed at Kong! Each of the swipes had an huge differences of power than earlier!

As Dante danced around his horizontal swipe, Wukong was already preparing for his next assault. "Well let's see if you have what it takes~saru." Kong responded to his opponent's proclamations. Esposito was undoubtedly skilled but on the mountains where those who stand at the top live, it takes more than dedication and perseverance to stand among them. It had become apparent to the Monkey King that Dante was not among these rare pheromones.

Or at least, so he thought.

Having felt he adequately gauged Dante's current and potential strength, Wukong didn't prioritize defending. Instead, he went to his usual tactic; deciding clever ways to belittle or dominate his opponent. The white abyss that formed as a result of the mink's slash began to take shape. "Ten, twenty one hundred, you think you can handle that many lightning bolts, Blind King." Kong mocked his opponent internally. However, as prepared to put his attack into action, his instinct kicked in. Similar to beast in the jungle, Wukong had developed a sixth sense for danger having decades of experience in war torn battlefields, and finally it was ringing. Returning his attention to his opponent, Kong intuitive assessed, but his assessment gave him no answers. Dante's physical capabilities while increased were nothing Wukong hadn't foreseen. So what was it that was causing the Strongest Creature's instincts to act up. Kong couldn't dissect the threat of attack.

And, in that moment, for just a moment, Wukong realized he needed to evade. Throughout the battle, Kong's actions were never influenced by Dante's but rather his own ideas on how to carry on with the battle, until now. The threat of ignorance. And in that moment, the conqueror's exo-skeleton that coated his body dropped; Dante was now worthy in the Strongest Creature's eyes.

But as reality set in, true thrill fueled Wukong's body. "Another worthy opponent!" With his preconceptions of Dante shattered, Wukong was ready to approach the battle with respect towards his opponent. As the wall of swords came crashing down, Wukong considered counter-attacking but instead, a change of perspective would open other opportunities. Being an advanced logia user, Wukong can manipulate clouds he isn't physically tethered too; a feat that can be achieved by extending his consciousness to those untethered spawned clouds. Through this over-arching concept, Kong can manifest anywhere his consciousness is present; providing a form of teleportation or substitution. Using the clouds he spawned through his sword swing, Wukong immediately manifested behind Dante; allowing his old body to become overcast.

"Brat made me use Tìdài but now I have the advantage." Wukong thought to himself, as he stood on all four while dark orb formed in front of his mouth. "Bàozhà" In a flash, a blast of epic dimensions beamed through the sky for hundreds of meters. However despite what it may seem, it wasn't some simple linear energy blast. Bàozhà allows Wukong to condense massive lightning clouds into a small orb until an array of highly conductive lightning bolts are sent out in radiating in nearly every path in one cardinal direction. The energy output is so large, the electromagnetic forces create a barrier around the beam to make it appear as if it's one massive blast. When in reality, it's really dozens of thunder bolts enclosed in an outer shell the pierces though the skies at the speed of lightning; a truly devastating attack. Manifesting suddenly only meters behind him, Wukong was confident Dante couldn't use the same sky running ability to evade this technique.

Dante felt the disappearance of Kong's body as his attacks missed! The fifty slashes slammed down into the sea, each slash sliced cleanly into the war starting the sea in fifty different partings. "So...he dodged huh?" Dante thought. His sword, --- began to vibrate using its ability to enhance his Kenbunshoku Haki and alerted him of Kong's position.

"Don't dodge Dante!" He thought to himself as he grabbed his second sword and swiftly drew it, the black blade was quickly covered with vines which grew black cherry sized balls all over. These balls were enhanced versions of Midori Boshi: Impact Wolf each one as strong as 100 of the regular red ones.  His Sōzō No Hidariude was quickly covered with a blade coating of his mighty Busoshoku Haki which was then given a demonic aura leaking from it. He . twists his body around and swings his Sōzō No Hidariude!

"Stile Spada Della Misericordia!:" Dante yelled while he swung his sword to the right sending out a massive slash of air mixed with emission haki! The attack slammed against the giant blast sent out by Kong in a horizontal slash. Capable of pushing the attack back. "Liberazione!" He then followed it up by crossing both his swords, his black blade Attendolos began to vibrate violently. As the black balls began to emit their deadly shock waves, Dante swung his crossed swords down he released and 'x' shape blades, one blade made of air and emission haki while the other was composed of highly compressed air and violent city crushing shock-waves! The X shaped attack overlapped top of the first attack and greatly push Kong's attack back.

He then raised his Attendolos as the black balls quickly bloomed into pink lotus flowers and started to shine and emit golden yellow light. "Some of my stored up sunlight should help make this interesting!" He yelled before dynamically bringing his sword down releasing a massive blade of condensed light. "Stile Spada Della Misericordia!:Libertà D'oro!" The golden slashed slammed and overlapped with the other previous attack! Each slash containing breathtaking amount of force and unique power behind them!

Despite the magnitude of Bàozhà, the technique has a history of being diverted and redirected. Redbeard, Bloodbeard and other pirate royalty have stopped the technique in its tracks using their own combination techniques; it's only fitting Dante, the newest member of the emperors, does the same.

Feeling the force of his blast slowly be pushed back towards him, Wukong would snicker if he could. "Oi, you're really a lot of fun kid." With all doubts put to rest, even the Monkey King knew this battle couldn't continue. This was the tipping point, if the battle continued it would go beyond simple a friendly wager. Thus, it was time to settle this; spawning more thunderclouds to counteract the force designed to repel his initial assault, the two attack would meet at a standstill. However, nature simply does not allow for such immensely powerful forces to collide extended period. The forces of the respective attacks would summon a shockwave that would extend for dozens of miles. Islands from across the New World would surely feel the effect; the barren island below certain did. Already pretty devastated from their early exchanges, this shockwave would completely obliterate the land mass below, removing one island from the devilish.

Although the two combatants would surely be devastated by the aftershock if they were normal people, normal wouldn't be used to describe either the Monkey or the Kind King. Within the moments following the epic collision, the intangible primate returned to his usual form, awaiting for his fellow emperor to do the same. "Oi, you still alive Kind Prince~saru." he chanted aloud, not willing to give up his playful antics for anyone.

Dante smirked and cracked his neck hearing Kong's question "It's 'King' old man, don't you go forgetting that, or is someone already falling into dementia?" He asked while a layer of vines that wrapped around him last second fell off. He then sent from his evil smirk to his much more calm smile. "Would be a shame if such a monster were to go mentally ill because of his age."

Just as Wukong was going to retort with his own witty remark on Dante's age, Yin's voice plagued his mind. "You done with your game yet?" he asked the titanic mink, advising the entire operation in the first place. "We need to continue prepping if we are declare war against the World Government." Letting out a deep sigh, Wukong briefly responded internally. "Aye, aye. I'll be back soon." he mentioned before his focus returned to Dante.

"Oi oi, what were we talking about?" Wukong questioned, chuckling a bit as he had completely forgotten. "Oh well, hoohoohaahaaa. You're much more lively to be around than Famine but he's a real depressing; takes the fun outta fighting." Wukong commented, offering some of his thoughts. Scratching his head he continued to ramble. "I'd probably rank you...the eighth~saru." he nodded, certain of his answer after compiling his thoughts.

"Famine?" Dante asked before letting a loud chuckle out. "With a name like that I wouldn't expect them to be the life of any party," Dante says still laughing, not caring about speaking his thoughts out loud. "Also Eighth what?" Asking, a little curious about Kong's loud claims.

"Eighth best debut." Kong responded, sure of his answer. "Took a bit to get it outta ya but the wait was worth it~saru." Wukong then began to wonder about other odd metrics Dante would make. "You're probably the strong brat I've ever fought though."

Dante smiled, "well you're probably the strong oldest guy I've ever fought so far. Was pretty fun." Dante began as he placed his swords away. "Especially because I've always wanted to see how I stacked up against someone from the legendary Redbeard Pirates.  Gotta say, was a hell of a time! Hahaha! I'm not a fan of your methods but being able to fight pirate royalty, felt like an honor! Hahahaha!" Dante then shot a small seed at Kong. "Enjoy this, some of the strongest cannabis I've ever made."

Wukong snickered, "Pirate Royalty~saru." memories of his time aboard Daikame began to flood his mind. Life ain't too different now. But now he's the captain, the boss. Catching the seed, Wukong decided to offer the newest emperor some advice. "Every emperor is your enemy. Don't forget that~saru. That includes me." He turned and prepared to return to his domain. "Next time we meet, it'll probably won't be in the best of terms. But I guess that's when we'll find out where you rank all-time."

Dante let out another laugh as he looked over at the towering Mink. "Thanks for the advice. But, don't you go and end up dying before we meet again then Old Man. Cause next time i will find out where i 'rank all-time'." Dante then smiled and cracked his neck, "but for now, leaving things as they are I guess are nice."

The young emperor allowed himself to descend from the sky where the two were battling at. His eyes still fixed on the massive mink as to not let his guard down. "Old man, you're not my friend, not in the slightest, but this battle was something I will remember. Both as a great memory but also as a reason to grow. So next time, next time things will be decided." He thought to himself as a massive island sized turtle with a stoned lion face appeared from the sea. It's entire back had a large and lush forest. "Alright, I guess back to Eterna."

Watching as the young emperor descended he scoffed at his comment. "Indeed they will~saru."