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The Niju Niju no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to become a "Nidus" for pathogens, the breeding place where agents of disease lodge, develop and multiply. As a result, the Niju Niju no Mi grants the user the ability to generate, manipulate, and manifest these infectious agents and their structures at will.

This fruit is fearsomely reputed as having the potential to eradicate all life in the world.


Strengths and Weaknesses


The most obvious strength of this Devil Fruit is that the user can generate, develop, control and at will choose to proliferate throughout the environment at a dizzying and alarming rate a wide plethora of pathogens that the user develops from their body, becoming an Infection Point, or a nidus. By doing so, the user has demonstrated the ability to afflict on their opponents a wide variety of ailments, ranging from as mildly bothersome as the common cold to extremely severe or debilitating sicknesses such as the Plague, incredibly powerful hemorrhagic illnesses, and necrotizing diseases demonstrating the ability to rot away and eat away the flesh of her targets with a wide array of methods of infection. Perhaps most terrifyingly is the ability to produce bacteria that attach to, and eat away at physical substances and targets alike.

In addition, the pathogens generated by this Devil Fruit, being those that belong to the families of micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, and even fungal organisms can be engineered to generate a variety of unique substances that add several dimensions of depth and variety to her arsenal of techniques and abilities, for example demonstrating the ability to utilize and weaponize ice producing bacteria to seemingly generate ice-based attacks ala the immensely powerful Logia of the Hie Hie no Mi, or even demonstrate the ability to produce and generate clouds through this ice, dramatically increasing the potential to spread infection by using the weather itself as a vector. She can even generate acidic substances that rapidly erode and destroy whatever comes into contact with it, or create and influence magnetic fields to manipulate and bend metals to her will to an extent.

With sufficient prowess, the user can demonstrate the ability to produce a parasitic, symbiotic infection that hijacks and completely overrides the mental and bodily faculties of it's host, whether alive or dead; allowing her to seemingly gain a level of mental dominance over her target that only grows over time, turning the target into a member of her army of Infected, a unique variety of plague-generated superbeings that react and obey her every whim; and a level of mental communication and commanding with these individuals that allows her to seemingly co-ordinate them on a level simply unheard of among most forces. The user can also through retroviruses mutate their targets, the Infected in a variety of ways, producing monstrosities and creatures of immense physical strength and versatility, as well as maintain the personality and free will ofher targets to grant them the ability to still utlize the power of Haki. The user has demonstrated the ability to modify their own form as well, allowing them to classify as their own unique form of Modified Human.

This fruit also grants it's user immunity to pathogens, giving them an immunity to most forms of infectious diseases.


  • Heat: 
  • Haki:

Regular Devil Fruit Weaknesses.




  • The Niju Niju no Mi is similar to the Ope Ope no Mi and the Gasha Gasha no Mi in that much in the same way that these fruits require specific fields of knowledge and expertise to make full use of this Devil Fruit (medical knowledge and mechanics) respectively, only truly manifesting it's full capacity in the hand's of a biological engineer.


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