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[[File:KKKKKK.jpeg|thumb|220x220px|A demonstration of the fruits' power, as seen from Kisei.]]
{{Devil Fruit box|name = Niku Niku no Mi|jname = にく にく の み|ename = Flesh Flesh Fruit|meaning = Flesh|first = Chapter 1199; Episode 1121|class = Paramecia|user = Aijunmei D. Kisei}}
== Background ==
The Niku Niku no Mi is a Paramecia Type Devil Fruit that is wielded by Crime Boss [[Aijunmei D. Kisei]], who has awakened the power. The fruit has the ability to create and manipulate skin. The user is limited from the amount of skin they create because if the keep using the skin creation method, the user will suffer from 5 seconds of being dizzy. While it may sound not too bad, several opponents have used this weakness to their advantage. Kisei has developed a method of countering this by having cybernetic enhancements from several of his soldiers, allowing him to never get dizzy, be immune to all diseases, toxins, and effects of bloodletting. He also gained superhuman strength, speed, and durability on a minor level. This power gives him the ability to throw cars like balls and run super fast. The user can also manipulate his own skin or other people's skin, which allows him to stop them in place by stopping them with their skin. He can use his body for skin manipulation to launch skin bullets at people that are as strong as regular bullets. He can even change his skin to make his hand a hammer and other body parts different weapons. He can even change the density of both the skin he creates and normal skin, making people easier to pierce while making him super tough. The last ability of his skin powers is to merge with flesh, allowing him to become a virus and infect an opponent. Any user of Busoshoku Haki can coat themselves and be immune, but they have to be able to have their full body covered.
[[Category:Devil Fruits]]
[[Category:Devil Fruits]]

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