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No Man's Island
Location Grand Line, New World
Climate Hot, Arid
Peoples None
Affiliation Tenryuubito/Pirates
Leader Lady Davy
Pirate Crew(s) Davy Pirates

This island is known for being a host island for a permanent version of the Davey Back Fight.


200 years ago a pirate known only as "Lady Davy" seized control of an entire desert island kingdom. In order to do this she created a game called the Davy Back Fight where pirate crews would compete for each other's crew members. She won pirates from all over the world and became one of the famous pirates the Grand Line had ever seen.

Conquering the island was nothing compared the battles she had to fight afterwards. She had become so famous that pirates and pirate crews would arrive at his island just to challenge her for a chance to obtain one of her subordinates. Eventually she turned the entire island into a place where pirates would gather just to compete in the Davy Back Fight.

Over the years, No Man's Island, became more than just the island where pirates came to participate in the Davy Back Fight. "Davey" was nominated by a Tenryuubito to become a Shichibukai. She accepted the position as it was a personal convenience for her not to be chased by every power of the known world.

However, the Tenryuubito who nominated her demanded payment for giving her her new position. Forced to oblige or become a target of the World Government, she created new games where the losers would be sold off as slaves to the Tenryuubito.

No Man's Island got its name for having never been ruled or conquered by a man in all its history.

While no longer being under direct control of a Shichibukai or the World Government the island is still controlled by the Davey Pirates. They are allowed to exist peacefully without interference from the World Government so long as they keep their unwritten contract of selling the losing pirates to the Tenryuubito.

the island has been put onto a special modified version of a buster call ship 50x the size of an enies lobby ship with 100,000x the firepower.

(More to come.)


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