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Not All Heroes Wear Capes
Date Started: July 1st, 2021

Date Finished: July 28th 2021

Setting: ; Grand Line: Paradise: Shaling

Characters Involved:

  • Other
    • Catherine Bates
    • A lot of looney characters

Synopsis: The Kouyen Pirates stop at an island called Shaling for a quick resupply. But then they realized that the island is filled with "superheroes" with strange powers that are used for publicity. And then they find out about a hunting for a werewolf, but soon find that they aren't the only ones interested in the hunt. Thing is, will they find where the werewolf is and catch them?


An Island of Superheroes?

It is a normal day in the Grand Line, for once the seas were calm. The giant fish of the grand line were swimming alongside ships while the sun beamed throughout the day. Now, it would be more normal if strange pirates weren't about in the area....

Of course, not to far off, the Kouyen Pirates can be seen sailing across the sea and are on route of the island of Shaling. Most of the crew members are on the deck as they observe the island from a distance.

"So that must be this "Shalong" island that is on the map." stated Houshoku as she looks out in the distance.

"It's "Shaling" and yes. That is our destination." said Koro as she was looking forward.

"Why are we heading there again? I thought we were good on supplies and such?" said Houshoku as she casually ate an entire box of cookies, with the box included.

"Maybe because you ate them all! Even the soap needed for showers!" shouted Toridasu.

"Ah calm down! Not like you use soap that much anyway..." Houshoku said as she burped out bubbles.

"A-Anyway Shaling would be a good place to restock I believe! Maybe we could eat somewhere instead of, ahem, Tempura's fried food." said Helios.

"Now that I think about it, Tempura cooking fish is kinda bad isn't it? Like he's a fishman cooking fish..." said Houshoku.

"Says the person that can eat literally anything..." said Toridasu with a deadpan expression.

"I'm part dragon dammit! That's my fucking excuse!" said Houshoku as she bared her fangs at Toridasu freaking him out. "Alright! Let's just head toward this "Shalong" island and get our grub on!"

"...I think you're mispronouncing it on purpose..." said a defeated Toridasu.

They land at the docks and get off of the ship, there they see what would be a normal island. Red brick buildings that layout the island of Shalong; A forest and mountainside in the background; And ships sailing around after their shipping and trading.

"Damn! Look at this place! It's not that bad a looker!" said Houshoku as she looks around the island.

"It just seems like an ordinary island to me..." said Toridasu with a deadpan expression.

"Potato patato! I say it looks pretty good to me!" said Houshoku with a chuckle.

"Nonetheless, we do best find some supplies correct?" Helios asked.

"Question is, where we start looking?" Koro said as she was looking around as well.

"Pretty sure the town square whereever the hell it is." said Houshoku with a facepalm.

And as they walk throughout town, the streets were moderate but manageable. You can hear people from the windows talking about most likely the latest gossip. There were kids out playing ball on the streets and hot dog vendors out. Soon the town square would show itself as it had all of the fruit vendors and all kinds of food vendors. There were even weapons being sold in a store nearby. There was a local newspaper shop that was just left of the town hall that monitored the town square. On the right of the town hall was the local church where most people of the place gathered to worship. Nevertheless there were crowds out and about in this square that were wanting to buy or sell something.

"Yeeep. This place seems like an ordinary town alright." said Houshoku as she was looking around.

"Food stands, a newspaper shop, and even a weapons shop. Yep, not any different then places like Loguetown actually." stated Koro.

"Except that we probably don't have to worry about hostile pirates or Marines." replied Toridasu.

"Maybe. You never knoooow!" said Komi as she suddenly popped up behind Toridasu.

"It is a rather beautiful town. I'm still trying to get used to these different settlements." said Clarabelle as she looked around as well.

"Bah! Too much talking not enough eating, or buying! Let's just grab and go!" shouted Houshoku as she started to impatiently stomp toward the square.

"How about the dinings here?" Helios asked.

"That too!" Houshoku shouted.

As they were going throughout the square and looked for a diner while buying supplies. They found a small diner that hosts people in the square. While it was busy, it looked like it was a handled day for the restaurant. The name of the restaurant was on a large sign called Red Robin.

"The Red Robin? Interesting name for a restaurant. Makes me wonder they specalize in cooked birds heh." said Houshoku with a chuckle.

"...Nonetheless it does look like a fairy decent establishment." said Toridasu looking at it.

"Quite so! I am quite famished after a long day of sailing!" said Helios with a smile.

"And a long day of eating nothing but seafood..." said Koro who was holding her stomach.

"I thought there was one back in my previous home, but I may be mistaken." said Clarabelle who was thinking out loud.

"Nonetheless! We should go there at get something! DAMMIT DASU! Stop saying things that I end up repeating from you!" shouted Houshoku angrily.

As they enter the restaurant, they are welcomed by a strange sight. The employees were wearing superhero costumes, the waiters were walking around in their custom superhero costume. The bartenders were wearing masks and capes, and the chefs in the kitchen were wearing superhero capes as well.

"Welcome to the Red Robin! How may we take your order?" A woman bartender asks as she looked over to Houshoku's crew.

The crew, meanwhile, was caught off guard by what everyone is wearing in the restaurant. They all have comically expressions even Koro and Helios.

"Uh..." was all Houshoku could say at the moment.

"...I think we're interrupting something here." said Toridasu with hesitation in his voice.

"Is this some kind of...Party?" Koro asked.

"It appears to be more of a tradition of this island. I-I assume." said Helios who was unsure as well.

"It does look like they are enjoying themselves." said Clarabelle with a smile.

Houshoku finally snaps out of it remembering the bartender asking the question. "Heh these people just know how to party! And yeah I want everything on the menu!" Houshoku proudly says.

"Take note she used the word "I"..." said Toridasu in his usual expression.

"Alrighty! We'll make sure we'll make extras from the notion." The lady notes and chuckles before running to the kitchen, her cape flying high as she ran.

"What a nice lady!" said Houshoku as she sat down at a random table.

"Why the capes though...?" said Toridasu as he looked with a shocked expression as the waitress ran off.

"Like Helios said, it's probably just a custom on this island. I don't know why this weirds you out." said Koro as she sat down.

"It reminds me of that term that people use to describe those that wear capes, costumes, and masks!" said Helios in an excited tone.

"You mean superheroes?" Clarabelle answered.

"Yes! It seems that these people really admire them here!" said Helios.

"Superheroes huh? I wonder if they go after evil pirates, or even evil Marines. The Marines are always considered "superheroes" by sooooo many damn people I know..." said Houshoku as she was munching on napkins.

And as she was speaking, a swift motion of smoke comes out of nowhere and immediately the smoke disappears. It was then noticeable people's belongings were missing from each other. Some women lost their prized jewelry, some lost precious letters or weapons to them. Even the pirates had stuff missing from themselves within the smoke.

"What the hell was that?! H-HEY!! MY PRIZED BROACH MY FATHER GAVE ME IS GONE!!!" shouted Houshoku as she was looking around her neck.

"T-This is terrible! All of my jewelry appears to be gone as well!" shouted Helios as well.

"Someone got my golden cuffs...They got some nerve..." said Koro who was seething with rage.


"Calm down...You're not the only victims here..." said Toridasu as he looked around at the other people who were worried about their belongings being stolen.

"Oh my...T-This exclated quickly..." said Clarabelle in a worried tone.

And they notice quickly, a man wearing a typical robber outfit was running away from the diner. The man had a curled mustache that made him look like one of those cartoonish robbers. He laughed as he ran away from the scene.

"Ouiouioui looks like y'all got robbed by ze Striped Tiger! Ouiouioui!" The robber runs away with the big bag of robbed items over his shoulders

"HEY!!! GET BACK HERE YOU DAMN ITALIAN JERK!!!" shouted Houshoku as she made off after him.

"French. Pretty sure he is French..." said Toridasu with a deadpan expression as he decided to follow after them.

"Italian? French?" asked Clarabelle in a confused tone.

"Just go along with it. It'll be easier trust me." said Koro with a wink.

"I'll take care of him!" A sudden shout from a costumed man in a blue suit and red cape punches the robber with busoshoku haki right across the face. The robber was seen flying all the way across the street that he landed and ended up with a very large bump on his head.

Reporters and den den video cameras start appearing out of nowhere and start surrounding this strange man in a superhero costume that seemed to have made popularity. The man smiled widely and flexed his muscles for the den dens to picturize him.

"All in the good day's work for High-Key Man!" The superhero shouts before lifting the large bundle of robbed items and throws them back to the Red Robin restaurant. "And here you go citizens!" As the bundle would hit directly right at Houshoku as she ran.

"Wha!? Oh? Is this food? Thanks Imma eat it!" said Houshoku as she prepared to eat the bag but is quickly snatched by Toridasu.

"Noooo! That is the stolen goods! Pay attention!" shouted Toridasu only to be smacked on the head by Houshoku.

"Shaddup! I don't need for you to go into "Dad-su" mode...Anywho, who the heck is that cape-wearing weirdo?"

"He calls himself "High-Key Man" apparently. ...Where the hell have we stumbled across...?" said Toridasu who almost sounds out of breath.

"Dunno but that guy seems famous. That'll explain why everyone on this island seemed to be dressed up like him." said Houshoku as she looked around.

"Hey Labios Grande!" High Key Man shouts, "Take care of ze Striped Tiger for me while I take these photos from these jealous photographers!"

"No problem!" A young woman with VERY big lips says as she sucked the robber out of the streets and spitted him into the town prison.

"...The hell I just saw?" Houshoku asked with a deadpan expression.

"...I think I finally found someone that can out-eat you." said Toridasu with the same expression.

"Hah! Yeah right! I just filled up on cannons just last night!" said Houshoku as she proudly pats her stomach.

"I thought the ship seemed lighter all of a sudden..." said Toridasu who was still deadpan.

And it wasn't just them two super heroes they saw, soon they find out to see all kinds of super heroes. There were giant ones, dwarven ones, ones that could jump very high with springs in their legs, ones that can land a very hard punch with special arms. Soon they came to realize that the island of Shaling is an island of superheroes.

"I think we stumbled upon probably the weirdest island ever..." said Toridasu as he looked around in awe.

"Dude! All these guys are heroes! Damn pops used to let me watch shows of them while mother was busy! One of my favorites was this show about cyborg super heroes! I aspire to be like that myself once I get that certain material!" said Houshoku with stars in her eyes.

"Of course you would end upliking this..." said Toridasu who was back to being deadpan.

"Here is your food!" The bartender lady shouts over across the restaurant to make Houshoku hear her. The food was literally in a mountain. There were hamburgers, hot dogs, french fries, pizza galore. She even equipped all of the beverages they had with the food, all of the soda beverages to milkshakes to adult beverages. "I made sure to make extra!"

"Hell yeah! Thanks a ton!" said Houshoku as she rushes back inside to start and eat.

"S-Save some for me! At least a hot dog!" said Toridasu as he rushed inside behind her.

Moments later, Houshoku was still eating while the rest appear to be discussing about the superheroes. Everyone's belongings were already handed back including to those of the other people

"Do you really think those are real superheroes? I mean, we exist in a world where it SEEMS the WG is that." said Koro as she was eating a slice of pizza.

"Seems like it. They didn't have any Marine outfits so it wasn't the Marines in disguise or anything... I hope not." said Toridasu as he was eating a hot dog.

"Nonetheless, it is really nice that there are heroes on here! I do feel much safer!" said Helios with a smile.

"Same here. Although I already feel safe around you guys." said Clarabelle with a slight blush.

"Hell yeah! I can kick more ass than a hero! Hell! I am hailed as the Hero of Dressrosa you know!" said Houshoku as she was eating.

"...Only you call yourself that..." said Toridasu with his usual deadpan expression.

"And here is your bill!" The woman then comes running to Houshoku's table with a comically long bill receipt, "The total comes out to Bsymbol.gif 106,683.54! That'll be including tax!"

"That is a long receipt" said Toridasu wide-eyes.

"Heh. Chump change to me! Here's Bsymbol.gif106,700.00 because I hate leftovers! Numbers that is! Keep the change." said Houshoku as she tossed a bag of the money she has said toward the woman.

"Where was you even keeping that?" Toridasu asked.

"Dude I'm basically part cyborg thanks to my powers. I basically have compartments in my body you know!" said Houshoku as she kept eating.

A Werewolf Hunting?

"Extra Extra! Read all about it!" A newspaper boy suddenly was heard yelling across the street, "The Crimson Werewolf Witch strikes again! 2 belly for the paper!"

"Crimson Werewolf?" Toridasu asked.

"Yo! Paperboy! Go get the paper!" said Houshoku as she tossed the 2 belly toward Toridasu.

"And I thought you were trying to call HIM over..." said Toridasu as he went out to go buy the paper.

The boy gives Toridasu the newspaper as he continue to shout all over the street to sell the newspapers. On the front row was a picture of a werewolf with glowing red eyes with tattered clothes that resembled a former crimson dress. "Crimson Werewolf Leaves Bloody Mess! Reports from different sources say that The Crimson Werewolf Witch was sighted in the old alleyway in Shallow Street. The Crimson Werewolf Witch was seen leaving 3 bodies in blood as it leaped away from cameramen. The Crimson Werewolf Witch is described to be about 15 feet tall and was last seen running across the rooftops before police were able to catch her. If anyone has critical information about the scoundrel, please let the local police station be notified so they can make proper action. For bounty hunters, there are bounty posters for her in the local newspaper building."

"Great...There seems to be a rouge werewolf on the loose now." said Toridasu with a sigh.

"Bah! I don't see the big deal about werewolves! They ain't got nothing on a weredragon like me!" said Houshoku as she kept eating food.

"Werewolves I've heard are humans or other beings that can transform into powerful wolves that are effective for fighting." explained Helios.

"So basically wolf zoans? Lame." said Houshoku casually.

"More or less." said Koro who appears not to be as impressed.

"And they have a handicap of being weak to silver." said Toridasu.

"Oh wow...You guys don't like werewolves?" Clarabelle asked.

"Don't get me wrong! Mother told me one of her old crewmates is a strong werewolf, but I never met her in person nor I take what my mother says for granted so meh." said Houshoku as she kept eating.

"Nonetheless, we better be careful of this werewolf. She seems quite...bloodthirsty as the paper says." stated Toridasu.

And as they spoke together, the presence of seven cowboys appear into the Red Robin. The cowboys all entered into the Red Robin as sudden harmonica music played when they entered. And comically a tumbleweed was seen rolling in the street when they entered. The main man in the center of the seven was seen with a lighter to his mouth as he lighted up a cigar for a fresh smoke. People were in silence as they realized one of the most infamous bounty hunting groups were in their presence, the Magnificent Seven.

"Woah.....Is that the Gunsmoke Clyde of the Magnificent Seven?" A fan asks.

"He looks so hotter when he's closer." A woman says as she was about to faint.

"Sorry girls..." He puts his arm next to a cowgirl with white hair on his right, "I'm taken." The Magnificent Seven was seen walking to the bar table as they passed by Houshoku's crew. The one member, Red Jesse, was seen looking at the Kouyen Pirates with his scarred ugly face before walking up to the bartable.

"Uh oh. A bunch of people with hats just walked in and they look rather scary." said Helios with a nervous look.

"And I am pretty sure one of them is giving us the stink-eye..." replied Toridasu who looked nervous as well.

"Hmph. Pretty ironic to have a bunch of cowboys on an island of superheroes." Houshoku said to herself as she started to take a drink of her water.

"D-Do you know of them Houshoku?" Clarabelle asks her.

"Yeah. They're the Magnificent Seven. They're pretty much a group of bounty hunters, and skilled ones at that. They pretty much do their own thing as I don't believe they work for either pirates nor Marines." Houshoku said.

"That's pretty much the modus operandi of a bounty hunter alright." said Koro.

"Do you have any idea why they might be here?" Toridasu asked before he is slammed the recent newspaper in the face by Houshoku about the rouge werewolf. "...Right but could've done without the face-paper..."

"What can I get you fellow superheroes!" The bartender asks.

"Get us some burgers and fries, me and the boys, and the girl, are hungry." Clyde answers as the leader, "Oh and gives us apple pie with that."

"Yes sir! Anything for a drink?" He asks as Clyde instantly shot a margarita glass behind the bartender.

"Anything as long it ain't those fancy martinis or margaritas you guys like to sell." Clyde stylistically moves his pistol back into his belt, "Just get us some beer and we'll be fine. Oh, and don't call us superheroes." Clyde and the group walk to a table in the corner which coincidentally allowed the Magnificent Seven to watch the Kouyen Pirates.

"Man talk about jumping the gun and no. I wasn't making an intentional joke." said Toridasu as he tried to look away from the group.

"They do seem...scary...I also see they have another cow humink with them." said Clarabelle who tried to duck to hide herself.

"I wonder if they know we're a pirate crew. They could be after us." stated Koro as she was trying to watch them without being spotted herself.

"Probably. If they want to fight, I'll give them one!" said Houshoku as she kept eating.

"I think it will be best to see what will happen." Helios suggested.

"Indeed. They haven't done anything to us...Yet that is." said Toridasu as he tried to focus on eating.

"Meh." Houshoku uttered.

"Will you deactivate your horns Bonnie?" Cassidy Butch asks Hickok Bonnie, "We don't always need to know you're a holstein friesien cow zoan user."

"But Clyde likes it doesn't he?" Bonnie asks as she looks over to Clyde, who was only looking out the window.

"Hm? Oh uh...Deactivate those powers for the group will you Bonnie?" Clyde asks.

"Peh! I hate pirates...." Jesse was still staring at the Kouyen pirates and would spit a cactus needle onto the ground, "You see them too boss?"

"I can't say I ain't aware of them." Clyde says looking over to Houshoku, "Though her bounty might be valuable."

"I say let's get them!" Jesse states, "We'll get money from that warlord if we return her daughter to her."

Clyde only breaks the front tip of his cigar before replying, "I personally don't care if she gets away from us. She has no interest in me in this island but that werewolf people are complaining about. But if the girl does interfere in anyway..." He looks over to Jesse, "You may take her on."

Jesse only smiles and then replies, "Yessir!"

"So...What happens if they do attack us?" Toridasu asked.

"Then we kick ass of course! I'm not letting some money grubbers with their 10 gallon hats trying to take me down! Besides, I want to see if this werewolf is a big deal or not." said Houshoku with a smirk.

"It only really seems like a big deal if they're any different than just zoan users with added weaknesses." said Koro with a deadpan look.

"Um, may we please divert away from the subject? Maybe this werewolf isn't so bad after all?" Helios asked.

"Is there such thing as a good werewolf? I haven't heard that one before." Koro asked as well.

"Is Lycodia one? I heard she actually hates the World Government." Toridasu replied.

"She's neutral. She doesn't give a shit about anybody especially men. Like I said, don't care enough about her to keep talking about her. All I'm saying is that I'll find this werewolf and kick it's furry ass!" said Houshoku.

"Why does the term "furry' always causes my hair to twitch...?" said a confused Toridasu.

"You think this werewolf will be an easy catch?" Butch asks Clyde.

"If it's like any other werewolf with a bounty except for that Talbot Larry; I think then we got this one in the bag." Clyde simply states, "Plus it'll be more money for us and less complaining from people that their World Government doesn't do shit."

"But wasn't one of our last big scores from that other warlord from Alabasta?" Bonnie asks.

"I mean yeah, but that warlord Gahn hates the World Government as bad as most pirates do. I just don't understand why he'd submit to their ruling for that position of "warlord"." Clyde states.

"Seems like we can be doing another warlord a favor." Jesse says again still staring at the pirates.

"Man will you quite starin' at them?" Clyde asks, "I know you have a trigger finger. I mean we all do, but damn man."

Houshoku finishes her drink and begins to stand up. "All of those eyes from the Badass 7 over there is bothering me. Better get a move on." Houshoku thought to herself as she heads for the door. "Alright! Let's go!"

"W-Where are you off to all of a sudden?" Toridasu asked following her.

"Going to the newspaper office to see more on that werewolf! Probably a good bounty poster to get!" said Houshoku with a smile.

"Wait, we are going after that thing?" Koro asked as she followed behind as well.

"I would like to see this werewolf myself if that is fine?" Helios asked as she followed.

"W-Wait guys!" Clarabelle said as she quickly ran after her crewmates.

The newspaper office wasn't too far, as it was only to the left of the town hall. It was a large, brick building with multiple levels as the Kouyen pirates would get closer to it. There was a sign that pointed to the large brick building, "The Shaling Coverage", stating that this is the newspaper office of the island.

"So this is the place huh? Looks pretty plain huh?" Houshoku asked as she looked at the building.

"Shaling Coverage. Sounds like an average name for a newspaper office." said Toridasu who was looking at the sign.

"However, this building does look pretty tall!" said Helios who was looking up at it.

"That doesn't really amount to anything. Especially since your castle is much taller." said Koro as she stretches.

"This is my first time seeing a newspaper office. It certainly does look unique." said Clarabelle.

"Enough of this talk! I think it's about time we go inside! Heh, that's what she said..." snickered Houshoku as she entered the building.

They head inside and it looks like a busy office. Reporters were seen sitting on desks and writing out reports for tomorrow's newspaper. There was a meeting going on in the back of the office room that was noticeable. There was a welcome desk in front of them that had a woman wearing glasses with a red shirt and a black skirt with leggings. She looks up and sees the group come in and was uneased by the sight.

"Uhhhh, may I help you?" The woman asks.

"Yeah! You got the poster on that werewolf that's plaguing all of you? We want to fight it and teach it a lesson!" shouted Houshoku.

"She already seem scared of us...Try not to make her even more nervous..." said Toridasu with a facepalm.

"Uhhh, Give me a moment." The woman walks over to a printer and gets out copies of the bounty poster. She then walks back to the group and gives a poster to the crew, "Here is a copy, seems that a lot of not-so normal tourists have came here to see this werewolf as this ain't the first copies I made of her."

"Great. Chumps trying to get in on the catch too huh?" Houshoku asked as she looked at the paper.

"That is a werewolf huh? Yeah it is...just a wolf..." said Toridasu who still didn't look impressed.

"With a LOT of fur." said Koro deadpanly.

"Now now! I am sure there is an explaination for that!" said Helios trying to defend her.

"You're defending a piece of paper. Besides, she may try to bite our throats off!" shouted Toridasu.

"Heh. Not if I can first. And trust me my bite is better than anyone in this damn world!" stated Houshoku proudly.

"What is so bad about the werewolf?" The lady asks the crew, "It always seems the news always catch her when she's running."

"Apparently she is being a general nuisance and is even pegged for killing some people." stated Houshoku.

"Sounds feral. I hope she doesn't have rabies." said Toridasu sarcastally.

"Can werewolves even have rabies?" Clarabelle asked.

"Definitely. Even oridinary humans can contract them you know." answered Koro.

"I-I feel like we shouldn't just treat her as an animal." said Helios.

"I think that bite would be more than just rabies if it's from a werewolf." The woman answers to Clarabelle, "Well I hope you folks have a good time for hunting her." She fixes her glasses and looks back down to her papers until her boss shows up in front of her.


"Well I uhhhhh didn't feel well." The woman replies shyly, "Plus I was promised I didn't need to work at nights at the beginning of my job."


"Yes sir..." The woman replies looking down to her desk again.

"HEY!!!" shouted Houshoku as she angrily pointed her spear at the man. "Didn't your mother teach you to treat ladies properly?!"

"Whoa Houshoku! Calm down! We're not trying to start trouble!" shouted Toridasu trying to get her to put the spear down.

"Indeed! I-I am sure he is just stressed from the work!" Helios said trying to plead with her.

"And didn't your mother tell you pointing is impolite!" The man says looking at Houshoku with the spear pointed at him, "Anyway! Catherine! I need you to write a report about a recent news of that Commodore Blackstone Arthur will be here to find that Wicked Crimson Werewolf Witch!"

"Yes sir." Catherine the woman replies.

"Great. The Marines showing up to ruin the fun as usual..." said Houshoku with a deadpan expression.

"But isn't your mother a Warlord? Won't the Marines back down to what you say?" Clarabelle asked.

"No. My mother is a warlord. I don't have anything to do with the Marines except them wanting my head. Well, that and my mother wants me back to be her slave." said Houshoku with an angry look on her face.

"Either way, we better try not to get into too much trouble. The Marines, this werewolf, and those 7 cowboys is what we're dealing with..." Said Toridasu.

"You guys pirates?" The boss gives a look at them, "You know we don't take kindly to pirates.."

"What's it to ya?!" said Houshoku angrily as her mouth was quickly covered by both Toridasu and Koro and she starts to thrash.

"U-Um don't listen to her! We're just...uh...really strong travelers that want to help you all out from the werewolf!" said Toridasu nervously.

"What? Er, yeah! We were inspired by the heroes on this island to help out! Well, and we could use the money..." said Koro nervously as well.

"Oh ok!" The man replies as fortunately he's gullible enough, "Anyway! I need those reports done by lunch Catherine!"

"Yes sir." She nods as the boss man leaves the scene, "Sorry you people have to see that."

"We sorry you have to see this..." said Toridasu as he and Koro let Houshoku go.

"Bah! You're lucky you're my crewmates or I'd bite you so hard you'll feel it for a long ass time!" said Houshoku in anger.

"Easy. I'm just glad it didn't exculate too much. I'd wouldn't want those bounty hunters to go after us." said Koro as she was talking about the Magnificent Seven.

"Indeed. I could tell they weren't too fond of us. I kept sensing negative looks from them." stated Helios.

"They definitely know who I am but that's no trouble. We just get this werewolf and get the hell outta there before they decide to tag with the Marines!" said Houshoku with a smirk as if she wants that to happen.

"Well I guess y'all better get going." Catherine says, "Y'all have a good day, and don't worry. I never heard any of your conversations." She pulls down her glasses and winks.

"Hey thanks! You're pretty cool after all!" said Houshoku with a thumbs up as she leads the crew outside. "Man! Probably should've asked where to start looking?"

"Well, trouble follows us where ever it goes. I am sure this werewolf girl would find us..." said Toridasu with a grim look.

"Hah! Way to jinx us! Makes my life a lot easier I tell ya!" said Houshoku with a laugh.

"There is also that gang of bounty hunters and that Commodore with the Marines we need to worry about as well." said Koro.

Conveniently, there were hunters nearby talking to each other. There was an elderly looking guy with a brown hunting suit and a brown hunting hat, he also carried a double barrelled shotgun with him. He was talking to two other hunters that were looking at the old man.

"Are you sure you want to do this grandpa?" The one hunter asks, "You might be too old for this."

"Don't wowwy, I have been hunting creatures for yeaws!" The old man says, replacing his r's with w's when he spoke.

"These aren't any normal creatures we're hunting Mr. Fudd." The other hunter states, "This ain't a duck or a rabbit we're hunting."

"Just tell me whewe to shoot and I'll shoot that big bad wolf!" The old man says pointing his shotgun at the two.

"It's not us!" Both hunters shout and takes the old man's shotgun away.

"I think we should go into the forest or into the mountains." The one hunter states, "I heard she's been seen in both places."

"Well let's go to the mountains since I think everyone else might be at the forests hunting." The other hunter says, "We'll go through the forest as we get to the mountains. Now Mr. Fudd, you better not point that shotgun at us again!"

"Just be vewy vewy quiet, let's hunt some werewolves! huh uh uh uh uh!" Fudd states as the hunters walk away and to the forest.

"What the hell did I just witness...?" said Houshoku with a very dumbfoudned look.

"A couple of idiots that seem to want to hunt the werewolf as well. And one seems very, very stupid and trigger happy..." said Toridasu with a deadpan expression.

"Quite the dangerous combination..." said Koro with a sigh.

"But it appears that they are after the werewolf as well." said Helios as she watches them go into the forest.

"Oh dear...even more people after this creature?" Clarabelle asks.

"This just got a lot more annoying...Oh well shit happens. Looks like they know where to look for her though! We better get into that forest and find this thing before they do! Let's go!" shouted Houshoku as she leads her crew into the forest.

First Sight of the Crimson Werewolf Witch

A Few hours later'

It is late afternoon and the Kouyen Pirates are out and about in the forest looking for this werewolf. No luck so far as to catch this thing, but does the crew realize they might've need to wait for the night to rise?

"Rah! This forest is too damn big! Where is this stupid werewolf girl anyway?!" shouted Houshoku angrily.

"It is dreadfully hot around here...Can we take a break?" Toridasu asked as he was leaning against a tree.

"I knew I should've brought my binoculars..." said Koro as she was sitting on a rock.

"I-It is pretty hot now huh?" said Clarabelle as she found a tree to get some shade under.

"I have a suggestion. I heard werewolves are more active at night. Shall we wait out until it is night?" Helios asked.

"At least if it's nighttime, it'll be cooler..." said Toridasu sweating.

"Fine fine. I'll build us a short of makeshift house out of these trees and we'll just scout it out later. I'm getting too damn hungry for this." said Houshoku as she prepared to start building.

It was then nighttime and their building was lighted up nice and quietly. The moon had just begin to rise as the Kouyen Pirates were nice and cozy inside the house Houshoku made.

"Hey! Looks like it's finally nighttime! WAKE UP YA GUYS!!!" shouted Houshoku as she throws her large pillow onto Toridasu.

"HEY!!! I WASN'T EVEN SLEEPING!!!" shouted Toridasu as he got up angrily.

"I was...Quiet down..." said Koro as she got up rubbing her eyes.

"I believe it is time to finally find the werewolf yes?" Helios asked with excitement in her voice.

"Um...Werewolves don't...hunt cow huminks like me right?" said Clarabelle nervously.

"Don't worry! If she goes after you, I'll behead her on by behalf! Especially with this!" said Houshoku as she took out her lance that is tipped with silver that glows in the moonlight.

"So that's what I heard you crafting earlier." replied Koro.

"Hell yeah! Silver things are effective against werewolves so I made sure to modify my lance to be tipped with silver. She won't stand a chance!" said Houshoku with a smirk.

"I forgot if if we were supposed to bring dead or alive..." said Toridasu with a grim look.

And as Toridasu spoke, a loud howl was heard outside of the cabin. The howl of a large wolf was long and loud as the whole island would hear the howl. People in the town instantly ran for their homes as they heard the howl. Windows closed, doors locked, and the people kept themselves in their safe haven. Except the Kouyen Pirates were right in the thick of a forest.

"Whoa boy! Werewolf on the horizon!" said Houshoku with a smirk.

"...So I'm just going to warp back into town." said Toridasu but was quickly grounded by Houshoku. "OW!!!"

"Not so fast! You're going to be bait!" said Houshoku with a smirk.

"BAIT?!" shouted Toridasu.

"Man that howl was piss loud. I bet the people in town could hear that." said Koro as she was looking off into the distance again.

"I-I'll just stay in the cabin..." said a frightened Clarabelle.

"Oh wow! I heard the werewolf howls outclasses those of regular wolves. I can see that I am not mistaken!" said Helios who was still in awe.

The forest was now suddenly still as the forest quieted down from the loud and long howl. The birds though still were not chirping after the howl. And the only thing making noise was the very slight breeze from the night. This is what the Kouyen Pirates get for a Night's Welcome.

"...And now it's suddenly quiet...lovely..." said the nervous Toridasu.

"Come on! We've been in scarier situations than this!" said Houshoku who wasn't afraid at all.

"It's even more scary whenever you make good points..." snarked Toridasu which is only met with a smack on the head by Houshoku.

"Anything can come out to get us now. Houshoku has the best senses around here of us so we best stay on our toes and wait for what she says." said Koro.

"Yeah. I'm not sensing anything yet though." Houshoku said as she looked around.

Well based on what Koro says here, Houshoku should be able to smell a lot of things around the forest. There's the smell from their fire they made earlier, the smell of multiple different foods in town, and the smell of the minty tea leaves nearby. But there was a sound of pawed footsteps that were trotting quickly toward them.

"Heh heh...I'm starting to hear something come this way! It sounds big and fast! That's what I said!" said Houshoku as she armed herself with the spear smirking.

"I think I'll be safe up here..." said Toridasu who was with Clarabelle on top of a tree.

"H-How did you two get up there so fucking quick?!" Houshoku angrily spoke.

"S-Sorry. I'm just really afraid of being killed by a werewolf...There were old stories of wolves killing cows..." said Clarabelle.

"I am not about to become werewolf food thank you very much..." said Toridasu.

"Pah. One of you I understand while the other is being a little bitch as usual..." said Houshoku as she deadpanly looks at Toridasu when she said the last statement.

"So me, Houshoku, and Helios against a werewolf huh? Well, I guess it's time to see how tough it is." said Koro as she prepares for the werewolf to get there.

"Ooh it sounds so fast! This is the agility of a werewolf huh?" said Helios who seems almost too excited.

Well, unfortunately as it turns out, it wasn't the werewolf coming near them. It was a roadrunner running from a wild coyote out of the bushes. And strangely enough the coyote had a stick of dynamite in his mouth. The coyote and roadrunner would run inside the house and start causing a ruckus throughout the small cabin.

"What the? It was just a couple of animals?" asked a confused Koro.

"AND THEY'RE FUCKING UP MY CABIN!!! GET OUT OF THERE YOU DAMN ANIMALS!!" shouted Houshoku as she started to bang on her cabin door.

"Was that...Creature carrying a stick of explosives?" Helios asked with confusion as well.

"I-I believe so." said Clarabelle as she was still in the tree.

"Sigh...I made myself look stupid for nothing." said Toridasu as he uses his powers to warp himself and Clarabelle safely to the ground.

"Why is there even a roadrunner and coyote out here anyway? I thought those animals are mainly found in desert areas?" Koro asked.

And as the roadrunner and coyote run out of the cabin, the sound of a gunshot was heard along the forest. And a couple yells were exchanged that were heard by the Kouyen Pirates. And then a long howl was heard in the forest after that.

"Hey! I heard a gunshot!" shouted Houshoku as she looked in the direction from it.

"And I heard a long howl." said Koro looking in the same direction.

"Oh no! Do you think it got shot?" Helios asked frantically.

"She and probably...better her than us..." said Toridasu under his breath.

"HEY!!! DON'T BE CLAMING THAT BOUNTY YOU DAMN HICKS!!!" shouted Houshoku as she dashed off toward the direction of the gunshot and howls.

Well fortunately, or unfortunately for some, for them folks in the Kouyen Pirates, that gunshot wasn't for a werewolf at all. It turns out our trigger happy Fudd and the 2 younger hunters just shot themselves a giant rabbit.

"Look at that!" The old man fudd says as in front of them was a giant dead rabbit, "I caught ouwselves a wabbit!"

"YOU WEREN'T SUPPOSE TO SHOOT THAT!!!!" The two younger hunters shouted at old Fudd, "NOW THAT WEREWOLF MIGHT'VE GOTTEN AWAY!!"

"We'll be having wabbit stew soon kiddos! Huh uh uh uh!" The old man Fudd laughs as the two youngers were red as a beet on a hot stove.

"Rah! False alarm! Just a trio of idiots..." said Houshoku with a dejected look.

"Hey it's that hunter from earlier." said Koro as she recongizes Fudd.

"Oh yeah...That trigger happy one...Lovely I forgot he was here..." said Toridasu with an unnerved look.

"He was the reason why we thought to search the forest correct?" Helios asks.

"I-I hope he doesn't try to hunt me..." said Clarabelle as she hid herself behind Houshoku.

As suddenly, the long and loud howl was heard from the town as Houshoku would look over and see a large silhouette on top of buildings that showed a giant wolf figure howling toward the moon. The silhouette then leapt down from the building and onto the streets of the town.

"Heh...You cannot escape from me you beast!" said Houshoku as she suddenly shifted into her dragonoid form and took off toward the direction she saw the large wolf. "Dragon vs. Wolf! Who will win!? I'm itching to find out!"

"Houshoku! Wait! Where are you going?!" shouted Koro as she then looks over to Toridasu. "Follow her. And I don't have time to hear your "I'm afraid" crap!" she shouted at him.

"Why must everyone be this mean to me? Sigh..." said Toridasu as he relunctly followed behind Houshoku using his warping powers to keep up.

"Did that girl transform into a dragon?" The one hunter says looking up at the flying Houshoku.

"Dwagon and Wabbit stew..." Fudd lifts his shotgun at Houshoku before the other hunters quickly lowered his shotgun.

"No! We don't need to piss off a dragon! That's the last thing on my list." The other hunter states.

"Heh that shot gun wouldn't have worked on her anyway. She's a lot more "cyborg" than dragon these days." said Koro as she looked over at them.

"D-Did he say dragon and rabbit stew...?" said Clarabelle who was hiding behind Koro this time.

"I'm sure they are, well, interested in the wolf still." said Helios trying to reassure her.

The Kouyen Pirates make it to the town and try to follow the tracks of the werewolf. The werewolf left few tracks that were barely noticeable, but Houshoku should be able to smell fur from the werewolf as she flew.

"She's close...Vwerrry close. Gah! That damn huntsman's is starting to rub off of me." said Houshoku as she was looking around.

"She is...stealthy for a werewolf." said Toridasu with a nervous look.

And then a squeal was heard and a growl was heard as well in an alleyway not so far from where Houshoku was looking. There were 2 police officers that were running to the sound as they were panting from their just recent donut break.

"Hey! Got a couple of Cocks going toward the werebitch at 9 o clock!" said Houshoku as she was snickering to herself as she went after the source of the sound.

"Cops and werewolf. You're not funny." said Toridasu as he followed behind her.

The Kouyen Pirates and the police end up in the back of this alleyway where they see a woman in the corner cowering before what is in front of them a 15 foot tall werewolf with brown fur and brown hair. Now it seemed right below this werewolf was three men that were laid down on the ground and were look beaten up. The police immediately pulled out their pistols and start shooting as the werewolf looked right behind her and then jumped up into the air and back onto the rooftops.

"Damn! Didn't think she was that tall!" The one officer states as he was scared.

"Well I think we saved these folks from being killed by her at least." The other officer replies.

"Oh no ya don't!" shouted Houshoku as she flew up after her while making sure to arm herself with her silver-tipped spear.

"You don't know fear like I do...sigh..." said Toridasu as he followed behind Houshoku but is trying to make sure to keep his distance.

The werewolf was seen running on the rooftops as fast as it can. The werewolf speed is known to be very fast and competitive to vampiric speeds. The question is is how does a weredragon compete to a werewolf in speed?

"Damn she is fast! I'll give her that!" said Houshoku with a smirk.

"How are we going to catch up?" Toridasu asked as he was following behind Houshouku.

"Easy! I've eaten a bunch of jet cannons I made earlier! I can just form these on my wings and I am going forward! Try to catch up Dasu!" said Houshoku as she sprouted a bunch of engines under her wings and, without warning, fires them off jetting off forward.

"...Seriously? Leave me behind?" Toridasu said with a facepalm.

The werewolf looks behind herself to see Houshoku flying right for her. The werewolf immediately uses her sense to leap out of the way and down into a thick head of bushes. The werewolf lands in the bushes and starts ruffling away from Houshoku and into the forest.

"Trying to evade me huh? I got observation you know! But, that's not fun." said Houshoku as she smirks before she opens out her mouth with a form of fire start to build up.

"A-Are you sure to do that here and now?!" Toridasu shouted as he kept his distance.

"She want to play hide and seek, then I will play blast and burn! Flamethrower Breath!" shouted Houshoku as she breathe out a wave of fire that was heading toward the forest the werewolf went in.

"ARE YOU INSANE! Wait, yes you are, BUT STILL THE OTHERS!" shouted Toridasu.

"Relax! I can easily put out that fire. This is to just deter Miss Loves to Hide." said Houshoku.

The forest goes in flames as the werewolf was heard screaming and howling as it was caught on fire. Soon, a figure of the werewolf on fire leaps out of the flames and starts running on a path to get away from the fire and Houshoku.

"Stop you evil alibi of the Witch!" The famous Hi-Key man appeared behind Houshoku, "Burning the city's forest is a big crime you're gonna have to pay for in prison!"

"Ah great. We got company. Yeah yeah prison heard that all the time! Hey Dasu, get after the werewolf will ya?!" Houshoku ordered.

"WHAT?! But she is ON FIRE and will rip me to shreads before it has the chance!" said Toridasu who was frightened.

"Shaddup! You can just warp out of harms way! Besides, she's going AWAY from the fire! Just make sure she doesn't get away and I'll take care of this guy that is calling me a Witch. Wait, a WITCH?!" Houshoku angrily shouted.

"Sigh...........fine. But if I die, I'm haunting your dreams..." Toridasu threatened as he started to run off after the werewolf.

"Well looks like I got your attention." Hi Key Man says with a smile, "Now, have you ever wondered why I am called Hi Key Man?" He then coats his arms black with haki, "Call it, Ha Ki?"

"...Uh yeah pretty funny. You know why they call me a hot head?" said Houshoku as she breathed out fire from her mouth again toward Hi Key Man. "Because I'm hot headed!"

"Very funny." Hi Key Man says as he charged at the pirate with incredible speed and delivers a punch, "Taste this Hot Headed Witch!"

"HEY!!!" shouted Houshoku as she quickly met his Haki punch with one of her own. "I am not a witch dammit! If anything, my mother is the witch!" she said as she sent a Haki-powered roundhouse kick toward him. "Also who names himself after a power that literally EVERYONE has? That's like me calling myself "Devil Fruit Girl!""

"Well as long as there's a name and an outfit for me, the people will get behind anything!" The superhero replies as he ducks and avoids the kick with observation haki. He then jumps and tries to deliver a punted kick right onto Houshoku's head.

Houshoku tanks the hit but tries to answer with a Haki powered swing from her tail. "I bet this island full of chumps eh? But I don't mind being the villain heh!" said Houshoku with a smirk.

The tail whips Hi-Key Man and throws him across the roof, "You are a scoundrel, thieving, selfish pirate that only cares for no one but themselves!" He says as he prepares to give another punch until reporters and photographers came up to the rooftops for a scoop, "Oh my adoring fans! You're about to witness Hi-Key Man to take the....uhhh... Wicked Dragon Temptress from out of her....uhhh....evil ways!" He makes a superhero pose to make the reporters happy, almost ignoring Houshoku blantantly.

"This guy is such an ego maniac... I'd would attack him with another fire breath, but I ain't about harming just regular people for no reason." said Houshoku with a sigh as she looks over in the direction Toridasu went. "Wonder if Dasu is doing any better."

"Yes Yes! Get the good side!" Hi Key Man says as he poses and looks over to Houshoku, "Oh! The Dragon Temptress is trying to make her leave!" Then strangely the superhero gets to Houshoku very quickly and tries to deliver a haki punch, "Haki: One Punch!"

"What the?!" said Houshoku as she is hit by the attack and is able to stain her ground. "Damn you heroic bastard! I got a werewolf to find so you better just back off!" shouted Houshoku as she sent a Haki-powered punch toward him as well.

The Haki punch hit Hi Key Man right in the jaw, and foam immediately came out of the superhero's mouth. The superhero would fly into the air and would fall down into the streets below. The reporters were shocked and now looked at Houshoku and started flashing their den den cameras at Houshoku to show off the now named villain "Dragon Temptress".

"Heh...Not sure if that was a good idea or bad idea. Again, I don't mind being the villain but I'd rather not all of these annoying superheroes get on me. That dude's Haki is actually pretty tough." said Houshoku as she was wiping her face looking at the cameras.

"Hey! Shouldn't we be calling the police on this?" A reporter starts asking as then the reporters yelled for the police as they started climbing up the ladder to get to the top. The police then point their guns at Houshoku.

"Freeze!" The one police officer would shout.

Houshoku rolls her eyes at the sight of the guns being pointed at her and keeps her attention toward the forest. "Don't have time to mess with these small fry! I have to get after that werewolf before she gets too far away." Houshoku said to herself.

"Hey! Pay attention to us! Errr villain?" The police shout to Houshoku.

"Sorry coppers! I got bigger fish, er, wolves to fry! Later much!" said Houshoku as she jetted off toward the direction of the forest going at insane speed.


Meanwhile, finding a werewolf on fire and running from the gates of hell would be easier than one would think. But apparently this werewolf went missing towards a lake in the forest.

Toridasu was panting as he was trying to catch his breath near a tree. "Seriously...Using my powers...too much...wears me out...W-Where is this...werewolf anyway...?" said Toridasu as he looks around.

The werewolf was seen leaping into the lake that was nearby and gave away a loud splash toward Toridasu.

"Huh? H-Hey! That was a loud splash. Whoo boy...Here i am...Going after a werewolf...Stealth Mode...don't fail me now..." said Toridasu as he nervously tipped-toed toward the water that he heard the splash from.

The werewolf was seen crawling out of the lake, fortunately all of her furs were still there and it seemed that she was unharmed from the fire. The werewolf would shake herself off and show off elegance in her fur as she shook it. There werewolf then sniffed the air and was suddenly smelling Toridasu's scent. She looks over in the direction of Toridasu and notices Toridasu tip toe-ing.

"This forest sucks...Everything about this place sucks...I'm not even sure why i am looking in the first place! I'm an escapist, not a fighter. Bait huh...phah..." Toridasu said as he was ranting to himself as he notices the lake just ahead.

As suddenly as he was ranting, the werewolf was seen pouncing right on Toridasu! The werewolf growling right in front of Toridasu's face as she forced the guy into the ground.

"G-GAH!!! FOUND WEREWOLF!! GET THE HELL OFF OF ME DAMMIT!!!" said Toridasu as he was struggling. "Damn cannot use powers without being able to concentrate. Yep! Gonna die! Seriously gonna die!"

The werewolf then stops growling and looks at Toridasu in the eye. The eyes of the werewolf were blood red, but they actually didn't look like the villainous, bloodthirsty eyes that the public was portraying. The eyes looked more like innocent eyes that showed the galaxies in them.

"H-Huh? I thought my throat would be ripped to thousands of pieces right now..." said Toridasu as he looked at the werewolf that was just staring at him. "N-Not sure if you understand but I am pretty much harmless despite being a pirate. My captain wants to hurt you, but not me. Why am I trying to make small talk with this beast? She would rather kill me!"

The werewolf then gives a light smile it seems before it started sniffing Toridasu all over the place. It seemed the werewolf might've been checking Toridasu for something that could be useful for her.

"I guess you're friendly then...That's a relief...And you're trying to look for something? I mean I don't have much but my warping powers. And some of these flash bangs or grenades that Houshoku made in case I need to "Bitch out quicker.." Hey wait a minute!" said Toridasu as he realized what he was told.

The werewolf suddenly shifts her head over to something else as she sensed something else. She then looked back at Toridasu and started to run off back into the deep forest, leaving Toridasu on the ground.

"Okay...That was odd..." said Toridasu as he slowly got up dusting himself off.

"I'd recommend you start moving away from here." A sudden revolver is pointed right at Toridasu's head. The pistol was being held by one of the Magnificent Seven, Kid Sundance. "We claimed this area for us to hunt. And we don't want trespassers."

"...Seriously? Why must all of this happen to me now?" said Toridasu with a deadpan expression as he had his hands up in the air. "Look I was going to when that werewolf let me go. I don't need to have my life threatened to do so...This is like, what, the 100th time that has happened to me today?"

"Just start running for the city without a word." Sundance replies, "And I won't say a word to my boss."

"How...Kind of you..." said Toridasu with a sigh but is suddenly picked up by Houshoku and dumped toward a tree. "OW!!! HEY!!!"

"Dammit Dasu you are a damn coward aren't you? You seriously was going to run like a bitch aren't ya?" Houshoku said with her massive arms crossed.

"Oh yeah it wasn't like I was not going to run from a man who had a gun pointed at my head!" Toridasu shouted at her.

Sundance looks at Houshoku now and rolls his eyes and sighs. He then puts his gun down and starts walking back, "This ain't gonna be helping us hunt. Just leave us alone from now on, and maybe we won't put some lead in those skulls of yours." The sound of spurs from his boots start clanging as he walked away.

"Was that another one of those cowboy bounty hunters?" Houshoku asked.

"Yeah...He said this area was his "territory" or something like that.." said Toridasu dusting himself off. "Right, I saw the werewolf. She seems harmless...She could've easily torn me apart, but she didn't."

"Probably saw you where harmless and didn't bother. No matter, I think it's best we get back to finding her before those damn bounty hunters do." said Houshoku as she started to fly off in the direction the werewolf went.

"But...she really did seem harmless..." said Toridasu with a sigh as he followed behind Houshoku.

Well unfortunately the werewolf wasn't able to be seen or spotted through the rest of the night. And the sun soon shined through the trees to disembark the night and begin the new day. The birds chirping and the forest became alive again with animals. And the Kouyen Pirates seemed to have not had sleep or any food over the night.

"DAMMIT!!! We searched all night and that damn werewolf is gone! How can something so big get lost in somewhere so deep?!" shouted Houshoku.

"That was a lewd joke you just had to make..." said Toridasu with a deadpan look.

"Sigh...I am tired as well...I stayed up all night thinking I was going to be attacked by it..." said Clarabelle who was resting against Koro.

"Y-You're "bigger" than me you know...Try to rest the other way..." said Koro who noticed Clarabelle resting "far" too firmly on her.

"Nonetheless, I am glad to hear it doesn't seem that harmful." said Helios who was stretching.

"May not be harmful, but she is definitely a coward! Damn she should just come out already and take her licks!" shouted Houshoku who was already back in her human form.

"Again, no more lewd jokes..." said Toridasu with a facepalm this time.

Marine Appearance in Shaling

Now if anyone knew anything about the Kouyen Pirates, they're most likely hungry. Especially Houshoku, who probably ate a tree in the middle of the night while searching. There was a sound of activity going on in the city, and the smell of a breakfast diner went straight to Houshoku's nose as they were still in the forest. The smell of morning eggs and ham with bacon and pancakes along in the plates too.

"Oh!? Nevermind the damn werewolf! I smell food in the air! Let's go!" shouted Houshoku as she quickly ran off.

"I cannot believe I have been up all night. I am passing on breakfast and going straight to bed..." said Toridasu with a yawn as he followed behind Houshoku slowly.

"Same...Let's go...Dammit Clara! I can't carry you myself..." said Koro as she was struggling to walk with the then sleeping Clarabelle sleeping on her.

"I've heard some werewolfs aren't as active in the morning. I do hope she is doing well..." said Helios as she followed the group.

And so the Kouyen Pirates made it to a breakfast diner nearby in the city. And of course the breakfast diner gives the kouyen pirates everything they have to serve. From breakfast parfaits to pancakes to bacon and eggs to even green eggs and ham?

"Hell yeah! Gonna keep this food coming!" said Houshoku as she was eating a lot of the food, including the plates and silverware!

"Jeez you are an unruly eater...and what is with the green eggs and ham?" said Toridasu as he looked at the green food with disgust in his face.

"Maybe they're extra good for you? Like how greens are?" Helios asked.

"I thought you were going to sleep though?" Koro asked.

"I was...Still am...But my stomach says other wise..." said Toridasu as he slowly tries to eat the food.

"I know Clarabelle is but we really gotta figure out what to do about this werewolf! She's annoying! If I see her, I'll punch her damn face in!" said Houshoku who was still angry.

"I still don't think she is that threatening. I looked into your eyes and I looked into hers. One has a clear murderous intent and the other doesn't." said Toridasu with snark in his voice.

"Careful Dasu. I can make your ass GTS if you don't tone down the snark!" said Houshoku in a threathening manner.

"I rest my case..." Toridasu said.

"Hey! Look! There's the marine Commodore Blackstone Arthur coming to port on his ship!" A waiter shouts as they look out toward the port. There was a marine justice ship sailing right onto the port. And citizens started flocking right for the docks to meet this interesting marine.

"Oh boy. We got Marines!" said Houshoku in a sarcastic tone as she kept eating.

"Bounty hunters, super heroes, and Marines, oh my. This is definitely the most annoying island we've been to yet..." said Toridasu with his face on the table.

"S-Should we get out of here if the Marines are here?" said Helios nervously.

"Nah. It's just Arthur. Plus, I'm sure he will be more interested in the werewolf than us. Though he BETTER not capture her before I do!" said Houshoku angrily.

On the marine justice ship, the Commodore himself was looking at the large crowd that gathered in front of him in the docks. People cheering for him as they knew he could save them from the Wicked Werewolf Witch. It seems the Marines are as popular, if not more popular, as superheroes here in the island of Shaling.

"Look at all of them cheering for us!" Captain Jettson Pandora says looking at the crowd ahead of them.

"Pfft, and this is for only for a mere annoyance known as a werewolf." Arthur says as he looked around, "Well at least ol Banzai here might be able to sniff them out won't ya buddy?" He pets the little puppy that is on his head.

"Bark!" The puppy replies. Dogs are in fact a good way to stake out werewolves since they are the only other species that can identify a werewolf in human form by the smell of a werewolf in human form.

"Man they're loud...I'll never get to sleep now..." said Toridasu with a deeper sigh.

"Looks like he has his tracking hound on him as usual. You'd think he trade it in for something "tougher."" Houshoku said rolling her eyes.

"So what is the plan now that the Marines are here?" Helios asked.

"Get our asses rolling and back to finding that werewolf before the Marines! Now we got them and the bounty hunters...yeesh I might need to break out IT!" said Houshoku with a grin.

"Please don't...we cannot risk destroying this island in the process..." said Toridasu with dread in his voice.

"That will be overkill I have to agree. We can just look normally. Helios you can stay behind with Clarabelle who is sleeping while the three of us will look." explained Koro.

"You got it! Please let me know how the werewolf is!" said Helios.

"Why do I have to go...?" whined Toridasu.

"That werewolf apparently likes you right? If we want to lure her out, you're best as bait." said Koro.

"And yet again, Toridasu is on Bait Duty. Teeeeeeerrific...." he said with a glum look.

And suddenly, a familiar face arrives as the same woman from the newspaper office tripped and fell on the sidewalk nearby the diner. The woman was wearing her usual crimson jacket and blue skirt, but it seemed she was in a rush in the morning and forgot to put on her heels. She was holding a bag of clothes and food it seemed that she dropped after she fell.

"My my....." The woman says as she brushed her hair, "I need to clean this all up, and my shift starts in a half hour and I need to get this back home."

"Hey look. It's that reporter lady from yesterday. You alright there? You look like you took a nasty spill there." said Houshoku offering a hand to help her up.

"Tell me about it. You acted like you were being chased by mob or something." said Toridasu as he started to pick up the clothes and food.

"Oh it's nothing really." The woman replies, "It's just there were a bunch of dogs nearby that started barking at me loudly that caused a ruckus. It scared me for a moment." She grabs Houshoku's hand and stands up, the woman was about 6' 3" so a taller size for a woman but not as tall as Houshoku. "Uhh my name is Catherine Bates. I don't know if I quite got your names yesterday."

Houshoku tilts her head a bit at her earlier comment but shakes it off to address her. "Angrboda Houshoku! Don't forget!" said Houshoku with a friendly smirk.

"Toridasu is my name....And you are pretty tall..." said Toridasu as he was carrying her supplies.

"And I'm Donguri Korokoro but just call me Koro." Koro said with a wave.

"It is a pleasure to meet you all." Bates says bowing to the crew, she then looks over to Toridasu. Toridasu has a feeling that those eyes of Bates's is pretty similar to what he saw last night. The galactic black pupils, but there was only a bright blue iris instead of the bloody red iris that he saw. She then starts hopping around on her bare feet. "It is a pleasure meeting you all! But I must run back to my house so I don't burn my feet off!" She lightly chuckles before running off from the pirates. But this time forgetting her glasses that she did drop while falling. So how is she running and knowing where to go?

"Hm..." said Toridasu as he was thinking to yourself.

"You got an idea Toridasu?" Houshoku asked in a sudden serious tone.

"It's nothing...I just thought I seen her somewhere recently...just a hunch..." said Toridasu who shrugged.

"It seems like you have an idea as well." Koro said as she noticed Houshoku's sudden tone shift.

"It's not to good to accuse, and I'm not jumping to any conclusions. But werewolves aren't the only beings with good senses. Dragons can as well especially one as modified as I am. Her scent was nearly everywhere recently...Heh. I think this is going to be a fun day after all despite all of the asshats around here!" Houshoku said with a big smirk.

Another Night Rising

Hours Later'

And once again the sun was about to set and the moon was ready to rise. The Kouyen Pirates were once again in the forest, getting ready to find the werewolf in the night again. With now very much more competition to find this Crimson Werewolf Witch.

"Alright guys! Time for round 2 and this time we got Koro!" declared Koro.

"Indeed. Her added one to our group will beat the, oh I don't know, MUCH more numbers of the bounty hunters and Marines!" shouted Toridasu.

"Ah shaddup already! It's better than just us two again!" snarked Houshoku back.

"Nonetheless, we better start searching. We cannot afford to waste any time here." Koro said as she started to look around.

"No shit. I can't even sense her yet. Just keep your eyes peeled." stated Houshoku as she did the same.

Well who knows where Clarabelle and Helios went, but now the sun has officially descended and the moon has started to rise. Now once that moon sets in, is when they will be expecting the beginning of night 2.

"Alright. I'm making it clear now that I won't be fucking around. I got distracted by some superhero goof yesterday but not anymore! I'm going to make a niiiiice fur coat of out this werewolf!" said Houshoku with a smirk as she took back out her sliver-tipped spear.

"You're not going to kill her are you? That seems a bit much..." said Toridasu nervously.

"Like I said, don't care! Yeah I rather not kill but I'm too pissed off to care right now!" said Houshoki as she gritted her teeth in anger.

"Remember we have bounty hunters and Marines after us and neither sides like pirates. We better keep our guards up." said Koro as she took out a metal pipe.

And once again the moon officially has risen, and within 5 minutes there was another loud howl released onto the island. The howl making people flee back to their homes while hunters were now out and about searching for this werewolf.

"Heh. Showtime baby! Groupies, it is time to kick some werewolf ass! And those other bastards that want to get in our way!" said Houshoku as she stomped forward into the forest.

"Is it too late to turn back? No? Fine..." said Toridasu as he treaded slowly behind her.

"Keep those feet out of the mud Warp Boy." said Koro in a snarky tone as she follows behind as well.

And as they go deeper into the forest, they do again notice that the forest is very quiet now that it is the night and the werewolf is loose. It seems even the animals cower in the night from this monster, even the nocturnal animals were seen hiding in their tree holes or bushes from the werewolf. But it seems one group of animals weren't ready yet for the night as a nursery of raccoons were watching Houshoku, Toridasu, and Koro. And many people know how much of cleptomaniacs those raccoons can be.

"I forgot how dark this place can be..." said Toridasu looking around.

"Nothing out here except a few racoons. Careful they may want to take that spear." said Koro as she was walking along.

"And I'll eat them before they try! But we shouldn't worry about the small fry! We need to be on watch of the werewolf and all of those asshats that are after he as well." said Houshoku as she was looking around.

As she was looking around, there was a big rabbit hole that was nearby. And out came a very tired looking rabbit that looked around. The rabbit was in lean shape, but seemed to have been feeding himself well with carrots as he was munching on one. The rabbit looks up and sees Houshoku and then says, "Ehhhhhh munch munch munch What's up doc?"

"...Did that rabbit just talk to us...?" said Toridasu with a deapdan look on his face.

"Rabbit minks are a thing you know." Koro said to him back.

"Doc? I ain't no doc, doc! Well, I'm a doc of ships being a shipwright...But that's besides the point! The "up" is that you seen a giant werewolf around here? I got a bone to pick with it!" said Houshoku with a smirk with a joke she made.

"Ehhhh munch munch munch I thought it was duck season, not wolf season." The rabbit replies, "But I think I've seen a werewolf go about -"

"Now wait just a darn minute!" A duck comes randomly walking toward the rabbit, "It is not duck season! It is rabbit season!"

"No no, you're mistaken." The rabbit replies, "It's duck season."

"Rabbit season!" Duck shouts back.

"duck season." rabbit retorts

"Rabbit season!"

"Duck season."

"Rabbit season!"

"Rabbit season." The rabbit then says.

"It's duck season! And I say! FIRE!" The duck yells as suddenly a gunshot was fired right at the duck that made a straight line through the duck's back. The bullet cutted the feathers in the center of the duck's back. "I think I fooled myself again...."

".........What the HELL did I just witness?" Toridasu said with a faceplant.

"Hah! It's like one of those dumbass cartoons I used to watch!" said Houshoku with a laugh.

"My question is where that gunshot came from?" Koro said as she was looking around.

"Come back hewe you duck!" The old hunter Fudd comes showing up again with his shotgun in hand, "I'll make suwe I have duck on the table tonight!" The duck runs out of the scene as Fudd chased the duck. And then the two hunters that accompanied him chased Fudd.

"Grandpa! We don't need the duck! Come back!" The one hunter shouts as they chase old man fudd through the bushes.

"Ehhhhh munch munch munch While they're playing duck duck goose, I'll tell you where the werewolf might be." The bunny replies, "I believe she might've went......that way." His ears make a crooked shape that go towards the rocky mountains.

"How in the world did you do that? What am I asking these questions about logic that doesn't exist?" said Toridasu as he was already back to his feet.

"Well there goes that weird hunter with the weird speech." said Koro who was looking in their direction as they went away.

"Hey thanks Doc! I'll be sure to let ya know when we bag this werewolf! Come on girls! And yes Dasu, that means you too." said Houshoku as she walked off in the direction the rabbit pointed.

"Of course.." remarked Toridasu with a shrug as he follows Houshoku with Koro following behind as well.

They make it to what would be the bottom of the steep mountain that is above them. The mountains were made of pure stone with some trees and flora that grow within the cracks of the rocks. The mountain seemed to go up for a bit over 200 feet up above the island's crust. There was a flat top on the top of the mountain, but there is a pointed part that is the "top" of the mountain.

"That is a rather steep mountain...Why would a werewolf come here?" Koro as she looked up at it.

"Hmm..." Houshoku remarked as she grabbed a piece of rock and started to eat it. "Pure stone. Probably thinks it's a good hiding spot. It's a big ass mountain after all." she said as she looked up at the mountain.

"At least it's a change from the forest..." remarked Toridasu as he turns to Houshoku. "We're still not going to kill it right?"

"If it's causing these people so much trouble, have to put it down! It's a shame, if it's what I think it is, like I said, a shame." said Houshoku with a sigh.

Well seeing that the Kouyen Pirates were told that the werewolf was in the area of this mountain. The Kouyen Pirates start climbing the steep mountains up to the top, all but except for Houshoku who could fly.

"" said Toridasu as he was truding along.

"H-Houshoku you could've at least...give us a ride..." said Koro as she was trying to keep up as well.

"Yeah but I need to be sure to get that damn werewolf in case she is trying for a sneak attack! Of course she will go for the small fry first!" said Houshoku who was in her dragonoid form flying as she looks around. "Now, where is that damn beast. For something that big, she's good at hiding."

Hidden on the side of the mountain, was a cave opening that was hidden by a thick brush of thorned rose bushes. Though the Kouyen Pirates are on the top of the mountain now looking at the view of the island itself. The different cities and the lush forests and the mountain behind them. As they were looking around, the roadrunner and dynamite-carrying coyote were running passed the mountain below them.

"Man we're so high up. I wonder why the werewolf decided to retreat up here?" Houshoku asked.

"Don't know...Don't care...need...a break..." said Toridasu gasping and panting.

"It's odd we haven't run into any of those other bastards yet. For skilled Marines and bounty hunters, they're slacking." Koro said with a snark.

"Heh. I bet they'll pop up. Knowing our luck, we will fine the werewolf first but then they pop out wanting it for themselves or something and we get into this big ass brawl where we come out on top!" said Houshoku with a laugh.

"Glad...someone's...optimistic" said Toridasu who was still trying to catch his breath.

Behind them suddenly were two cowboys from the magnificent seven. It was Gunsmoke Clyde and Red Jesse, and they see the trio of Toridasu, Houshoku and Koro.

"Hey!" The ugly looking Jesse says as he pulls out his pistol, "What are you kids doing here?"

"Easy now Jesse." A sudden look to the leader, Gunsmoke Clyde was there next to a rock smoking a cigar, "It seems these folks made it up here first."

"Naturally we're first! Better stay in line cowpokes! Also called it!" said Houshoku in a taunting manner.

"Please don't rile them up...I am not at 100%..." said Toridasu as he was barely standing on his feet.

"Man you need to work out more. But it does seem we're in quite the pickle..." said Koro as she was looking at them.

"A pickle? It's just two of them." said Houshoku with a shrug.

Clyde puffs out smoke as he then speaks, "Listen, you guys earned it fair and square. But, we'll tell you kids something we discovered if you do something for us." He then huffs the smoke out, "There'll be money in it too if you do it."

"Oh? Now you're speaking my language Smoky! What kind of info you got an we'll see if we can heed to your demands." said Houshoku who was suddenly in "business mode" with her arms crossed.

"This isn't a craftsmen deal you know..." said Toridasu with a deadpan look.

"Call me Clyde, Houshoku." Clyde replies as he looks up to Houshoku, "I am aware that your mother is looking for you, so it's better you accept this deal. Down there on this side of the mountain is a cave that we have reason to believe the werewolf uses as a den." He points over down to the side of the mountain, showing large wolf tracks that go down to the thick rose bush that covered the hidden cave, "Now if the werewolf is in fact in there, you can get the bounty. But, 25% of the reward must come to us."

"What do you think? Is that a deal?" Koro asked.

"It seems like it's either accept or get turned into your mother." Toridasu replied.

"Bah, just had to bring my mother into this huh? Fine, as long it's 25%" said Houshoku with a sigh knowing she must accept this deal. "It's more of a pain in the ass to have you oppose us especially since this werewolf is really pissing me off...Glad it seems you know where she is at. A den huh?"

"Well we're not 100% sure." Clyde states kneeling down to the side of the mountain, "Those tracks can be old and misleading, but it's only one thing we know of right now."

"Well, I can sense her around here so it has to belong to her. Definitely." said Houshoku as she looked down as well.

"Well you are the one to go check it out." Clyde says, "That's if you're still in for the deal."

"Makin' the girl do all of the hard work eh? Alright fine but I'm only doing it for money's sake. Nothing more nothing less." said Houshoku as she started to walk.

"I thought it was to free the people from this "terrible werewolf" that makes them quiver in the night." said Toridasu sarcastally.

"Meh yeah them as well I guess." said Houshoku with a shrug as she kept walking.

They go down the other side of the mountain to where the hidden cave was at. It was covered by the thorny rose bushes that covered the whole main entrance, it'd seem difficult for anyone to get in that mess. Which was probably why a werewolf could pick this spot.

"Jeez...that's a lot of thorns...I can see why she chosen that spot to hide." said Toridasu as he looked at it.

"My guess is her tough hide is too strong to feel the effects of the thorns." said Koro as she was inspecting it.

"One side! This looks like a job for a cyborg breathing dragon!" shouted Houshoku as she suddenly breathe out a bunch of fire that started to burn away at the thorny rose bushes.

"...But you're not a cyborg...I guess...?" Toridasu said with confusion.

"Yet my friend. Yet. Also, entrance cleared!" Houshoku said with a smirk.

At first, nothing is noticeably seen to the trio. It just seemed as they head inside that is was only a shallow den. There was a small crack that went along the rocks, but there it just seemed to be a basic den. The Magnificent Seven were also not noticed anywhere.

"What the? It's empty! I was expecting the damn werewolf to be here! What the hell!?" shouted an angry Houshoku.

"Those other cowboys aren't around here either as we thought." said Koro as she was looking around for others.

"Don't tell me this is a trap..." said Toridasu with a facepalm and is facing dread of the possible chance of an ambush.

But the fact was it wasn't an ambush unlike what they were thinking. In fact, Clyde and the others were seen having a smoke.

"You think those kids are gonna live against a werewolf?" Jesse asks Clyde.

"No doubt, I don't think the daughter of a warlord would die to a werewolf like this witch." Clyde replies, "I just hope they don't think we're gonna ambush them."

"But....maybe if we were, it'll be a better reward." Jesse answers.

"Well...there you ain't wrong." Clyde says with a smile.

"Rah! This is getting annoying! I am tired of all of these dead-ends! Stand back!" said Houshoku as she hardened her fist with Haki and proceeded toward the wall.

"W-Wait! What if you cause a cave in!?" Toridasu pleaded with Houshoku not to punch it.

"Then I'll just eat us out dammit! Ganguro: Dragon Punch!" shouted Houshoku as she punched the wall with great force that causes the area to shake a bit and leaves a giant hole where it was.

"Now that's one way to vent." said Koro with a slight smirk.

As suddenly the wall came down and then they saw a bigger cave! The walls showed a waterfall that was inside the cave that covered a steel bridge that went to unclear areas of the cave. The sound of bats screeching and a pack wolves howling were heard once all the rocks collapsed.

"What the hell is this? Some kind of underground cavern?" Houshoku asked as she looked around.

"It's rather gorgeous here. I can even hear the bats and wolves in the distance." Koro said as she was examining the walls.

"Alright. This does seem like an ideal place to hide out yet. But what has my attention is that bridge over there." said Toridasu looking at the bridge.

"I've seen my fair share of underground sites like this. I highly doubt Ms. Werewolf did it herself. Looks like someone has been doing extensive work around here." Houshoku stated as she looked at the bridge as well.

The bridge was made of steel, but it was thin. But despite that it looked like it could hold the weight of Houshoku and the others. There were claw marks that laid along the bridge that signified the werewolf was here.

"Looky here! Werewolf claws! I think we're getting close girls! Follow me!" Houshoku said as she started to walk across the bridge.

"Hah hah...But that is solid steel...That werewolf must be strong if it can just claw through steel like that." Toridasu said with a hint of nervousness in his voice.

"True. But Houshoku's metal is stronger than steel so I think we'll be safe." Koro said following the two.

And so the trio walk right through the waterfall that covers the steel bridge, and so they see of what seems to be a hideout that was hidden in the cave. Different den den technologies, different glass capsules that held stuff. There was even a giant den den that acted as a camera of sorts in the center of the cave. It seems that this was not just a batcave, but a hideout for the werewolf.

"Now what the hell is all of this?! Some kind of super spy hideout?" Houshoku asked as she was examing the hideout.

"Alright. This day has officially gotten weirder..." Toridasu said as he was staring at the Den Den Mushi. "...Feels like I'm being watched..."

"This is too weird even I'll admit. I can't believe something like this is in a mountain." Koro said as she was looking at the glass capsules.

"Dude this place kicks ass! Why didn't I think of a secret underground base?" Houshoku asked herself with a laugh.

"Because you're not a superhero." said Toridasu in a snarky tone.

"Rhetorical Question Captain Smartass." Houshoku snarked back.

"Identification Please" An echoed voice that came from a robot walking around the cave spoke to the trio. The robot was a basic looking boxed robot with different hands for different purposes. He seemed to look at the trio with cracked eyes, as this was an aged robot that needed a new setup. "Identification Please"

"The hell is that?!" Toridasu shouted as he pointed to the robot.

"Looks like a robot. A pretty beaten up one though..." said Koro as she looked at it.

"Heh the little guy is pretty damn adorable! And identification? Guess it's like a guard though. Whoever is keeping track of you is doing a shit job. Anywho, my name is Angrboda Houshoku if you needed that indendification, and I can easily fix you up to look brand new!" stated Houshoku as she was observing the robot preparing to fix it up.

"Please don't. It may shoot out missiles or something..." said Toridasu nervously.

"Voice Key incorrect." The old robot would reply, "Voice Key incorrect: You don't have access with the Crimson Crusader's files."

"Crimson Crusader? What in the would does that mean?" Toridasu as he stepped back a bit.

"That definitely sounds like a superhero name. Remember we're on an island full of them." said Koro as she looked over at Houshoku fixing the robot up. "Er..."

"Don't worry it won't shoot missiles! Maybe. But it's outdated design was driving me nuts, so it needed an upgrade dammit. Though I have to say despite doing a shit job taking care of it, this Crimson Crusader person knows their way around tech like this robot. Though I wonder where is this person at?" Houshoku stated as she got up and looked around.

"Well looks like you found more than you can take in." Clyde suddenly appears with him and his group of seven right behind the trio.

"So, the idea of a trap still on the table?" Toridasu asked nervously.

"Dammit stop saying everything is a trap!" Houshoku yelled at Toridasu before turning her attention back to the 7. "You cowpokes are late! We struck a major find here! Looks like someone's secret lair!"

"I'm afraid your buddy is right." Clyde says as he and the Magnificent Seven suddenly draw up all their guns and rifles right at the trio, "You think we'd resist a bounty that is higher than a stupid wolf?"

"Score one for me...As always..." said Toridasu as he defeatedly raises his arms in the air.

"Damn...I thought I had a bad feeling about this. This isn't good..." Koro states as she tried not to make a move.

Houshoku simply stares blankly before taking out her lance. "Hmph. I don't see how I didn't see this coming, but I always told myself: Never trust bounty hunters. Well, I'm still pissed from not finding this werewolf so you bitches better be ready for this!" shouted Houshoku as she, now full of anger, is prepared for a fight.

As suddenly, a loud bark and growl was heard right behind the Magnificent Seven. It was the fifteen foot tall werewolf monster herself, the crimson werewolf witch they call her. It seems both groups have disturbed her home.

"The hell?" Clyde looks back to see the werewolf, "Well looks like we have 2 bounties to collect folks."

"She's back!" shouted Toridasu as he took more steps backwards.

"Damn she's freaking tall..." said Koro as she looked in awe at the size.

"A bitchy werewolf and a gang of cowpokes calling themselves bounty hunters? Heh, this is going to be fun..." said Houshoku with a fanged smiled as she pointed her lance made of silver toward the werewolf. "You're the crimson werewolf huh? Well, you're about to meet the magenta dragon and I'm going to take gooooooooooood pleasure in harvesting your hide!"

"That sounded incredibly disturbing..." said Toridasu with a look of grim on his face.

The werewolf ignored what both of them said and leaped over the Magnificent Seven and faced them as well. Having her back toward the Kouyen Pirates. She was growling at the Magnificent Seven as if she wanted to protect the Kouyen Pirates.

"This like your fucking guard dog or something?" Clyde asks Houshoku.

"What the hell are you asking me for? I literally just met this beast! Although..." said Houshoku as she looks at Toridasu who nods back. "Heh. I guess Dasu was right for once."

"What do you mean "for once"? I am correct all of the time!" Toridasu shouted back.

"It all makes sense from what we saw earlier." said Koro with her arms crossed.

"Peh, doesn't matter." Clyde says taking off the safety of his revolver, "Fire boys!" He says as each of the cowboys shot at the trio and the werewolf. 1 or 2 bullets contacting the werewolf but didn't hurt her. She leaps and with her powerful strength, swiped down and destroyed the steel bridge below the Magnificent Seven's feet!

"WHAT?!" Clyde would shout as he and the cowboys would fall, but would grab on to the cliff as they fell. A deep fall to a little lake below them is a bit risky for the cowboys to afford.

"Goodness...that strength..." said Toridasu as he looked in awe and even took some steps back.

"Yeah remind me not to piss her off." said Koro with a rare look of fear as well.

"HAHAHAHAHA! Damn girl you got power! Of course I can do that easily myself, a shame you appear to be an ally. Would've been fun to fight ya!" said Houshoku as she looked over down at the Seven hanging over. "Hey cowpokes! Better hope there isn't a bed of cacti down there!"

"There isn't." Clyde says as he looked down while hanging, "Billy! Get us out of here!" He says as Kid Billy jumps back from the cliff and turns his arms and legs into rope. The rope would stretch out from the cliff to the other side of the cave. The Magnificent Seven would be seen grabbing Billy's ropes and start climbing away, "This ain't our day to capture any of them yet." He says as all Seven make it out of the cave and start running away.

"Well...That is definitely an interesting power to have. Rope Devil Fruit huh?" Houshoku said as she looked at them leaving.

"They know how to make a getaway. That's for sure." said Koro as she watched as well.

"Man...That could've went bad easily..." said Toridasu as he sat down on the ground sighing of relief.

The werewolf would turn around and look at the trio, and notice that her little makeshift robot was now majorly upgraded. She would look at Houshoku and smile before then saying in a low growl, "Thanks, meet me again at the town hall tomorrow." She'd then leap very high into the air and would make it out of the exit of the cave, only to flee away from the scene.

"Heh. Don't sweat it." said Houshoku with a smirk as she started to walk toward the exit as well. "Come on guys, time to roll."

"She said to meet at the town hall right?" Toridasu asked.

"Yep. Looks like we made an interesting ally indeed." Koro said with a nod.

"Damn straight! I thought this island would've been a bit silly, but things have picked up big time! I may can even try out my armor to fit with this damn theme!" said Houshoku with a laugh.

The Truth Unfolds in Shaling

Into the Morning

The sun rises again upon the island, the third day has now arrived for this big hunt against the Crimson Werewolf Witch, or what the robot called, "Crimson Crusader". The Kouyen Pirates were seen exiting the forest and heading back to the town.

"Uuuuuuuugh....I just realized I haven't slept in two days......" said Toridasu as he was dragging his feet on the ground.

"Uuuuuuuugh....Don't say that...You're making me tired as well...." said Koro as she was doing the same.

"Damn you two! You need to work out more! I once stayed up an entire week doing nothing but work!" said Houshoku as she was proudly marching forward.

"Oh! You all have returned! We just had a good night's sleep!" said Helios with a smile.

"Those beds were sooo comfy!" said Clarabelle who was happy as well.

"UUuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh......" remarked both Toridasu and Koro.

"Ignore them. We are supposed to go to the town hall today you two! So shape up!" order Houshoku.

"Huh? Is there a reason? Did you find the werewolf last night?" Helios asked.

"Long ass story, will explain more when we get there!" Houshoku said as she started to walk off.

They make it to the town hall, where the city was bustling as usual. People were seen buying and talking about the latest gossip. Some were talking about the marine that came yesterday, saying he was close to cracking the case of where the werewolf was. Some were talking that the Magnificent Seven were very close to catching the werewolf as well. It was indeed a very busy and chatty place at the town hall in Shaling.

"Extra extra read all about it! The Asshole 7 Got Destroyed by Monster Wolf! You heard it here!" shouted Houshoku as loud as she can.

"Do you have to scream our ears off?" said Toridasu as he and the others were covering their ears.

"Just look at this place! It's booming! I thought they wouldn't hear me!" said Houshoku with another laugh.

"Hey! Don't make fun of da Magnificent Seven!" A little kid with a cowboy hat, riding on a hobby horse toward the pirates, "The Magnificent Seven are da coolest bunch of cowboys in da world!"

"Huh? Well, news flash bucko: They suck! End of story!" Houshoku said bluntly.

"Pretty sure they're the only bunch of cowboys in the world..." Koro snarked to herself.

"T-Take it easy on the kid Houshoku! He can be a fan of them if he wants. "Even if they aren't that skilled in my eyes..."" Toridasu said but thinking the last statement to himself.

The kid's eyes go tear up and he cries while also angry as he lifts his hobby horse at Houshoku, "Take that back!" He says as he starts swinging his hobby horse at Houshoku.

Houshoku just shrugs as she was no-selling the hits.

"It's not good karma to upset a kid you know." Toridasu said with a deadpan look toward Houshoku.

"Ugh....Shut it dammit. Alright, listen kid. I was wrong. They're cool. To an extent. If anything, they scared off the werewolf. Sorta. And they're heroes here. Sorta. So they're definitely awesome. Sorta." said Houshoku with a slight sigh.

"That's what I thought!" The little kid says as he rides off with his hobby horse.

"Ugh...Kids are annoying. Remind me to never have them." Houshoku said to herself as she watched the kid leave.

"With someone with your disposition, I'm sure that won't be an issue." Toridasu said with a smirk.

"What is THAT supposed to mean Dasu...?" Houshoku stares at him with an angry growl.

"Nonetheless, we are supposed to meet up with her here. This place is so busy, I can't really tell what we are supposed to look for." Koro asked as she looked around.

"A giant crimson werewolf?" Helios asked.

"I-I don't think she will be in a place like this. It's, well, crowded." said Clarabelle as she looked around as well.

"True. I'm sure we're about to be hit with a hint or something soon." said Houshoku as she also looks around.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Excuse me! I dropped my glasses somewhere!" It was that same woman, Catherine Bates, running in the middle of the town hall, making through the crowds. Except she was wearing nothing but a bathrobe she was struggling to keep on. There were several onlookers as she passed by, mostly just some of the town perverts really. She then sees the Kouyen Pirates right in front of the town hall, and decides to run up to them.

"You wouldn't happen to have my glasses would you?" Catherine would ask as she also gave a wink.

"Heh that them over there?" Houshoku casually points to the glasses that just happened to be to the side.

"...Why is she in her bathrobe?" Toridasu said with a deadpan expression.

"Oh thank you!" Catherine says as she bends down and grabs them and puts them on, "Alright, follow me." Catherine then walks back into the crowd and out of it as she starts walking toward her apartment.

"Sure thing! Let's go girls!" said Houshoku as she was leading her crew to follow behind Catherine.

"That joke is going to get old you know..." said Toridasu as he treaded behind.

"At least we're out of that large crowd." Koro remarked.

"Ooh I wonder if that is her home?" said Helios as she looked forward at it.

They make it inside into the apartment building of Catherine's. They soon make it to Catherine's apartment in one of the levels. She opens the door to her apartment and reveals a big mess of clutter from scratched furniture to broken dishes and broken wood pieces. Seems the place hasn't been renovated in a long while.

"Sorry if it looks....thrashed." Catherine says to the pirates, "I haven't had anyone fix it up in a minute."

"Damn girl! You live like you have a wild animal here or something! Heh it's cool a place like this can be fixed up by me in like...less than 10 minutes!" Houshoku boasted as she was taking out some tools to start fixing.

"Why must you fix everything you see? I'm surprised you're not charging her or anything." said Toridasu as he looked at her fixing up.

"Well, let's just say kinda owe her one! It's cool it's not like I'm making an entire ship for her or anything." Houshoku laughed as she kept fixing moving around rather quickly.

"Oh? You owe her? You mean from helping out at the square?" Helios asked.

"They kinda....solved a mystery." Catherine replies as she goes to the fridge and opens it, "You guys can have something to eat if you can find something. There ain't much I have. But your captain can explain what I meant."

"So yeah that chick there is the crimson werewolf we've been looking for." said Houshoku as she casually kept fixing.

"Wait, excuse me?! She is the werewolf that is terroizing everyone?!" Helios said with surprise.

"Ahh! D-Don't eat me!" Clarabelle said as she hid behind Koro.

"R-Relax! She isn't a threat!" said Koro as she was struggling against Clarabelle.

"But wait, how did you know she is it? She said you solved it already." Helios asked.

"We three can explain the three solutions we came with. One, I encountered her in the forest two nights ago and she didn't attack me. Though it may not seem much, I had that sense coming from her eyes and after looking at Catherine there now, I can see they're an exact match." Toridasu explained as he sat down. "I'll just take any food you have in there. I don't want to clean you out."

"Number two, the clothes thing. I've heard that werewolves shred their clothing whenever they transform, and Catherine here always seem to appear without some article or clothing or even all of them. That's a hinderance to being a werewolf, and it can have you be a big target from both hunters and perverts alike." Koro explained as well.

"Finally, girl, you need to shower more! You smell like wet dog and that's how I was easily able to pick up on ya! Well, not from any sweat or water you may gone into, but everyone in this world has their own defined scent. This nose of mine can pick up on that easily and as soon I saw you the first time, I was able to two and two together." Houshoku said as she ate the broken dishes but spat them back out good as new.

"Wait, you knew she was a werewolf the whole time? Why didn't you inform us?" Helios asked.

"Because I wasn't 100% sure if she would've been an ally or enemy. Everyone we met here so far HAS tried to kill us after all. I may be good at sensing people, but reading them can be tricky. However, after hearing how she didn't attack Dasu, and how she helped us from the Dumbass 7, I knew she wasn't a threat to us." Houshoku said as she stood up.

"I see...Wow to think the werewolf was an ordinary secretary, Impressive! To meet a werewolf face-to-face!" Helios said with sparkles in her eyes.

Catherine chuckles a bit as she pulled out some food for the crew, "Well to answer back some of those things. Werewolves have a distinct smell that only other werewolves should be able to smell. Though you did seem to catch my smell, which I'm still trying to figure that out. But yeah, I'd be seen without some article of clothing early in the morning, cause every time I turn back into a human, I pass out in the middle of this apartment here and I'll wake up nearly late for work. So me rushing without clothing isn't anything new, I'm viewed as the town weirdo anyway." She then goes over to a changing screen and puts on clothes while explaining further, "I'm just glad that someone was not trying to kill me for once."

"I was but then I see you're not that bad." said Houshoku casually as she started to eat.

"Interesting! So werewolves lose their clothes when they transform. That is quite the inconvenience isn't it?" Helios asked.

"I guess. I don't see the big deal about it." Houshoku said as she scoffed at the thought.

"Yeah. YOU don't. I just want to ask why do you keep transforming and going about scaring people? I know you don't seem any harm, but you're not doing yourself or others any favors but doing that." Toridasu asked as he started to eat as well.

"I transform into a werewolf at night cause I can't stop it." Catherine answers while dressing, "I'm only 22, so I can't stop my transformation like those that are 30 or older. And I don't try scaring people, I'm actually trying to be a hero like those they idolize." She says walking out of the changing screen with her secretary outfit, "I'm even trying to create a superhero costume in my spare time. Though.....there were past events that make me the "witch" that they call me."

"That's right. I heard that werewolves younger than 30 cannot turn into them at will. Hell weredragons operate on the same level and I'm right at 30 myself." Houshoku stated.

"It must be something that involves the genes. To an extent. I'm not too familar with werewolf biology." Toridasu stated.

"A superhero? Interesting. But it seems like the random cause of destruction at times has earned you a bad rep." said Koro as she was eating as well. "Clarabelle, she's harmless. You can come out of hiding now."

"R-Right." said Clarabelle as she cautiously exits from behind Koro.

"But wait! A werewolf can be a superhero! Why do you think that others hate you? And believe you're a witch?" Helios asked.

"Because people like to spread rumors of course. Even the "nicer" pirates get shit over by others just because they're pirates. I get double the treatment being a weredragon. But I don't care! I just kick the asses of those that dare want to make fun of me! Though, don't do it Cate if you want to make a good image of yourself." Houshoku said.

"Well.....I already killed a good family 4 years ago." Catherine says, "I wasn't born this way, but I was bitten one day by a rabid wolf when I got in that cave we were in yesterday. There were a pack of wolves that lived there, and I guess there was an actual werewolf among that pack when he bit me in the arm." She shows a bite mark that was in her arm, "A werewolf's bite doesn't leave you once you have it. So I have the scar with me forever."

"My...An everlasting reminder of your sins...That is quite terrible!" said Helios with a shocked expression.

"Vampires function the same I believe. A bite mark that lasts forever in the sense." said Koro as she was pondering.

"Heh, Dasu could make use of a power boost if you catch my drift." said Houshoku with a wink toward Catherine.

"Become a rabid beast who's clothes always tear off and have an everlasting weakness to silver and always smelling like wet dog after showers? No thank you. No offense to you especially since you didn't become one by will." Toridasu said with an apologitic bow toward Catherine.

"Heh. Suit yourself. Werewolves are cool and I know weredragons are much different in regards. Of course I know some weredragons can become one via bites or you're born as one. Those that are born as one, like yours turely, tend to grow quicker in strength but some of those that got it by outside influence are the same. But don't beat yourself up Cate. We all had our accidental kills in our lives. Shit happens after all." stated Houshoku as she leaned backwards.

"Only YOU have a confirmed kill record. Well, you and Komi." Toridasu said with a grim look on his face.

"That wasn't the first incident I'd have, for up until last year I'd terrorize this island with killing people and eating their farm animals." She looks down and tears flow, "I still can't forgive myself for what I can't control....."

Houshoku walks over to give her a pat on the back. "Don't worry. You at least feel bad for your actions. I would hug ya but part of this clothing of mine is made from silver as well and didn't want to like weaken ya or anything."

" were prepared aren't you?" Toridasu said as he looked at Houshoku's ordinary clothing and noticed the silver parts on it.

"Like I said, we were being attacked from all corners! Gotta make sure to stay safe and I didn't had time to modify this back to normal after hearing she's good." Houshoku said defensively.

"You have a right to be prepared indeed." Catherine says as she wipes a tear, "I didn't think those cowboys would be here, and I'm even more afraid that a marine is here to hunt me." She sighs for a moment, "What would Talbot Larry do?"

"Talbot Larry? Who is that?" Helios asked.

"Tablot Larry...He is pretty much one of the most famous and strongest werewolves in the world. He was a known feud for that vampire as well. Then he kinda just disappeared suddenly one day. People say he is alive, others say he is dead. Not sure as I never met the guy. But having connections into the underworld gives you all sorts of details on people." Houshoku explained.

"It makes sense you would want to look up to him. Being a famous werewolf and all." Toridasu said.

"He was my teacher up to a year ago." Catherine says, "He was the one who would teach me how to control myself, and how to use my "condition" to help out. So I became inspired by him and tried to become a superhero like the others on the island. I really wanted to thank him, but it seems like always he has a habit of disappearing."

"I didn't know you actually met him. Interesting I guess the old flea bag is still alive after all." Houshoku stated.

"I guess he's odd that way if he likes to disappear. It's not like he's an infamous pirate or anything." Toridasu said.

"Even still, it will be tough to earn a rep as a superhero if you have a confirmed kill out. Not to rub salt on the wound or anything, but just saying you can. But there will be resistance from others." Koro said looking over at Catherine.

"Well I have been doing my best." Catherine says, "Like that other night, I was saving that woman from being thieved by some backstreet robbers. That was when the police and you guys showed up to capture me. And last night before seeing you guys in the cave, I was coming back from saving some old hunter that fell in some quicksand when he was chasing a duck." She says the last part with some confusion.

"Yeah...I know who that last one may be..." Koro said with a facepalm.

"See! You're doing good! You just have the bad luck with the dumbass 7 and the Marines being here after you as well!" said Houshoku with a smile.

"They're after us too you know..." Toridasu said with a deadpan expression.

"Meh. This is a normal day for us. I don't see why you're upset." Houshoku said with a shrug.

"Is it possible you guys can help me tonight?" Catherine asks, "Maybe discourage that marine from hunting me? I ain't gonna be the one trying to hurt a marine and then be labelled as a pirate."

"Hah! You're asking us to kick a Marine's ass? Consider it done!" said an enthnustic Houshoku with a thumbs up.

"We just got the bounty hunters on our case...I don't think it will be benefictual if we got the Marines after us as well..." said Toridasu nervously.

"They're going to find us eventually. It's best that we can help her out. Not to mention she did gave us a good hand against the Maginficant 7." Koro stated.

"Ooh this shall be fun! I wish the others were here!" Helios said with excitedment as well.

"I'm not really much of a fighter, but I can provide help in other ways!" said Clarabelle eager to help out.

"Heh. You heard that Dasu? Other wa-" said Houshoku before her mouth was quickly covered by Toridasu.

"Yes. I can hear." Toridasu said bluntly with a slight blush.

"Well that is good." She then looks at a clock nearby, "Oh My! I'm gonna be late for work again! Uhhh make yourself comfortable while I'm gone! Eat whatever you like, rest, and I guess you were gonna fix up the place." She chuckles a little, "I'll be back!" She then opens the door and exits the apartment.

"She seems nice!" said Houshoku as she kept trying to fix up other parts of her apartment.

"Indeed. Easily the only sane person we met here so far. Well...minus the whole "superhero werewolf" thing." Toridasu stated and couldn't help himself but make a snarky comment.

"You're just jealous because you can't be one! Speaking of, when we confront those Marines, I am totally going to go as one as well!" Houshoku said eagarly.

"Wait, really?" Koro said with surprise.

"Of course! I even have an idea of how to modify my suit to make it more "Super heroy!" Heh can't help but get into this!" Houshoku said with a snicker.

"Oh snap! Are you going to wear a cape and all of that?" Helios said with excitement.

"NO CAPES! Sorry for shouting Heli but capes are bad news! You can be flying near a plane and next thing you know it, cape gets caught in one of the turbines and you're shredded to pieces!" Houshoku said.

"...That sounds very unlikely..." Toridasu said deadpanly.

The Night Rises

Hours Later

The Kouyen Pirates were still in Catherine's apartment, well rested and prepared for tonight's adventure. The place looked brand new and sparkly thanks to Houshoku and her powers. The pirates were also well fed once in a while. The clock was striking 5 o'clock as they were prepping.

"Heh. I think we are all ready! And I got my special project all ready to go!" Houshoku stated as she presented herself with a cube toward the others.

"So that is what you been working on. Wait, where were you even at when you made it?" Toridasu asked.

"Oh, I was in one of her spare rooms. It was pretty junky in there so I cleaned it and revamped it into a small gadget room. Makes sense since she has that hidden lair and all!" Houshoku said with a proud smile.

" least she got another upgrade to her room. Wouldn't anyone else that visits notice it? That will kinda give her away." Koro asked.

"Oh. I'll just let her know to press a button and it will just shift her room back to normal. And before you ask, I do this with my room as well. Komi likes to stumble in there sometimes to mess with my things..." Houshoku said muttering the last part of it.

"Interesting! Are you going to fly into battle with that cube?" Helios asked.

"Oh no! The plan is that you guys enter first and when it seems like you're getting your asses kicked, I will swoop in and reveal myself as my superhero persona! More on that later!" Houshoku said with a laugh.

"The "getting our asses" kicked part seems more likely if you're not around..." Toridasu said with a sigh.

"I...may just hang back from rough part of the battle." Clarabelle said nervously.

"Heh. Maybe we should've brought Tampura or Komi with us but we will be fine! Meh! Don't fucking fret! I won't be too far back! Let's go!" Houshoku said as she burst through the door, but quickly fixes back up on their way out.

Catherine was walking back to her apartment when she sees the Kouyen Pirates leaving, "Oh you leaving already!? I thought we were going in together!? The moon doesn't rise for another few hours."

"Sorry! Just eager to kick some ass! I got my special suit ready! These bastards are about to see what Iron Dragon is about baby!" Houshoku said with excitement.

"I really rather not be caught in all of that crossfire..." said Toridasu backing up.

"Iron Dragon? That is quite the name." Koro stated.

"Damn straight! Of course once I get myself modified as a cyborg later, I won't need this damn cube to transform anymore! Still trying to work out the kinks but damn it will be fun!" Houshoku said with glee.

"Oh giggle well. I guess I should kick up a dinner for you all." Catherine says entering her apartment, "Oh wow! You really upgraded the place, I hope I don't thrash it any more....though I doubt it."

"Meh. I made it a bit resistant toward your thrashes. Some stuff has been enhanced with my metal and that shit is WAY tougher than that steel bridge you scratched up." Houshoku said casually.

"Wow even like the furniture?" Helios asked.

"Of course not! Steel sofas are not fun to sleep on! Though I can sure as hell go for food! I had to restrain myself from eating the other pieces of this place..." Houshoku said as she follows her back inside.

"A living composter you are." Toridasu snarked.

A Couple Hours later

"Man, it's almost nighttime." Catherine says looking at the sky from the shiny window, "Every time before this I wonder if I would like to deal with the transformation, it is a rather painful experience for newer werewolves."

"Yeah I heard it's painful as shit the first time around. I never met a werewolf personally before you came along, but hey at least you get a nice power boost! Well, the clothes ripping apart is an inconvenience but hey that is what stretch suits are for! But, being serious, you'll get use to it. You're pretty tough from what I saw! Not tough as me but you're definitely tough!" said Houshoku with a competitive wink.

"Heh, thanks." Catherine says with a smile, "I guess you folks will be welcomed to witness my transformation." She then looks as the moon was suddenly starting to rise, "It's not too often I get to see the moon with my human - hrrgh.." She grunted as she gripped her stomach in pain.

"Oh shit someone's about to go beastly!" said Houshoku as she noticed most of her crew except Helios hiding behind her. "Uh, guys?"

"You know who she trashes her room upon transforming? Yeah, I don't want to be part of that..." Toridasu said bluntly.

"Hiding behind the almost-cybornetic dragon seems like the best plan." Koro says as well.

"I-I still think she may lash out and attack me being, well, part cow..." Clarabelle said shivering.

"However! I get to witness a werewolf's transformation first hand! So exciting!" said Helios with sparkles in her eyes.

"Glad someone here isn't a wuss! She's harmless remember? Well, for the most part heh..." Houshoku said as she crosses her arms looking at Catherine about to transform. "Definitely different from how weredragons transform, that's for sure" she thought to herself.

The pain was unbearable that it forced Catherine to kneel. Soon, bones were heard cracking and breaking! Wolven hair was started to be seen within Catherine's hands. Catherine's heels fall of as her feet turn into claws along with her hands. A tail pops out of her skirt as the tights ripped. Her ears become pointed as her face stretched into a wolven face, the human flesh ripping out of place with fur appearing. Clothes tatter as it was obvious she grew in size with fur coming out of everywhere to cover her. Soon, right in front of the Kouyen Pirates, was the 15 foot tall werewolf that was once Catherine, but now is that Crimson Werewolf Witch.

"That is the single most disturbing thing I have ever seen in my life..." Toridasu said with a very monotone expression.

"i second that..." Koro said with the same tone of voice.

"T-T-T-T-THIIIIIIIIIIRD!!!!" yelled Clarabelle as she was squeezing both Toridasu and Koro but they were too petrified to feel the pain.

"This is amazing! Such the ferocity of a werewolf!" Helios said in amazement.

"Heh. That look like it hurt! Most weredragons can only go partial. But me, heh, thanks to my powers I can go further than those others! Not yet though. Not yet. You'll see my form when we get to the main event!" Houshoku said with a smirk.

The moon was high as then the famous wolf howl was heard out of Catherine, the sound so loud that it would knock down Toridasu, Koro, and Clarabelle but kept Helios and Houshoku up. After a loud few seconds, Catherine would shake her brownish fur and look over to the Kouyen Pirates. The blood red eyes looking right at the crew.

"And now I think I have gone deaf..." Toridasu said as he was rubbing his ears.

"Damn it was so loud from a distance...Up close is freaking eardrum shattering..." said Koro as she was shaking her head.

"....I'm dead...I think I'm dead..." said Clarabelle as she almost literally looked soulless.

"Oh my! So loud! And fieresome! No doubt the people are hiding in their homes now!" said Helios with sparkles in her eyes.

"Heh. Yeah it is impressive upclose. Doesn't compare to one of my firearms but that is beside the point! I think we are about ready to kick some ass! I can't wait to debut this persona of mine they're gonna be shitting their britches!" Houshoku uttered with a laugh.

Catherine then smiles and then says in a noticeable deeper voice, but was still girlish, "hehe thanks." It seems the personality hasn't changed despite her appearance has.

"Heh I knew you can talk. Not sure why you didn't much earlier but I can see why. Come on ya cowards! She isn't gonna bite! I will and mine's is definitely worse considering things just get absorbed into me." Houshoku said ordering her frigthened crewmembers up.

"Easy for you to say. You're too...brash to consider fear as an option." Toridasu said as he slowly stood back up.

"Dude I can transform into a giant cybornetic dragon! I don't see how that is any less scary than a werewolf!" Houshoku shouted with a pout.

"She's got a point...Though I never seen YOU use it before. Your mother though...yeah she's terrifying." said Koro as she got up as well.

"S-She's a warlord right? I heard she is quite strong.." Clarabelle said as she was the final one to stand up.

"Indeed. It is because she is an actual, living breathing dragon that ate a mythical zoan Devil Fruit! She is like double the mythical beast!" Helios stated.

"Alright! We're not talking about my damn mother dammit! We have a task at hand now!" Houshoku shouted getting her crew's attention.

"Well, I guess we shall go do some super duper work!" Catherine says to the crew, "Let's go!"

"Alright girls! Let's get moving!" Houshoku shouted.

"That will get old someday...Trust me.." Toridasu said with a deadpan expression.

"Aye! There's the old bitchy Dasu!" Houshoku said with a thumbs up.

Later, they are seen on top of the town hall, staring down below the streets of Shaling. The streets were empty mostly, with a few rats scurrying about. There were some marines and cops walking about the streets and guarding, but it seems no one minds to look up and see them.

"Quite the night for a fight! Look at the damn law enforcement down there! We're the true heroes here!" Housouku said as she was dramatically standing on the edge of the building.

"I'm pretty sure we're not. Two of us here are convicted murderers after all..." Toridasu snarked but was met but a violent punch by Houshoku.

"Dammit shut up about that! It wasn't her fault!" Houshoku angrily yelled at him.

"Ow...p-point taken..." said Toridasu as he groaned in pain.

"Just some ordinary Marines and cops. Hm. Cops. That's something you don't see everyday." Koro stated as she looked at the cops.

"Some places do have them over Marines. Most notably smaller islands. Of course, the Marines are only here to go after Catherine here." Helios said.

"S-So are you going to break out this form of yours Houshoku?" Clarabelle asked and was still nervous around Catherine.

"Heh, soon my friend. You guys can go into action first while I make my grand entrance! It's going to be awesome!" Houshoku said with such eagerness.

"Don't worry cow girl." Catherine says to Clarabelle, "I'll make to take care of you." She smiles and gives out a v from her fingers.

"O-Oh! Got it!" Clarabelle said with a little more relief in her voice.

"Alright! When we gonna do this?!" Houshoku asked as she was munching on a random brick.

"Well, we just have to wait for the call for help." Catherine replies as she kept her ears perked, "Being a superhero requires patience too you'll quickly learn."

"I'm more of an anti-hero! I do what I want!" said Houshoku with a smirk as she looked downwards. "But yeah I can see what that is recommened right now."

"But who are they going to call for help for? You were the one that they were afraid of most right?" Toridasu asked Catherine.

"That may be so..." Catherine says listening into something, "But I'm probably the one with the most potent natural senses, which I can hear trouble even within the forests.." She then looks back to the forest, where here she hears a chainsaw like sound coming from the forest, "I think we got something." She then leaps up into the air and starts running on the rooftops.

"Whoop! Looks like we're on the move! Let's go ladies!" said Houshoku as she sprouted her wings and took off after them.

"I hope you can keep up Clarabelle. I think this is your first time doing something like this." Koro said as she followed behind.

"Don't worry! I can hold my own!" Clarabelle said as she ran fast after them.

"Why must they go so fast...most of us cannot even keep up with their sheer speed..." Toridasu whined as he used his warping powers to move forward.

"Ooh this is so exciting! Let us go!" said Helios as she flew after them using her powers to fly forward.

They make it into the forest and the look around to see what was the issue, they do hear this chainsaw like sound that keeps repeating and repeating for a long while, until they finally see that duck running right toward them.

"sniff sniff oh it's that duck again." Catherine says, "What does he want with running toward us?"

"Not sure but isn't it that goofy duck from before?" Houshoku asked as she flies overhead.

"Oh great...Not this thing again..." Koro said with a facepalm.

"You really don't like slapstick do you?" Toridasu asked.

"Nope." Koro bluntly replied.

"Help me! Help me!!" The duck says as he ran toward the group, "I'm a cowardly duck! Especially when the devil is after me!"

"What do you mean by the devil?" Catherine asks.

"eeee, scary deep voice for a wolf like you." The duck says leaning on Catherine, "Anyway, I'm meaning by THAT DEVIL!!!" He says as he immediately jumps right behind Catherine as the issue was spotted.

And suddenly they see rocks being broken through, trees falling down seeing the sound of a very wildly spinning Tasmanian Devil, the tasmanian devil was eating everything it went through. And suddenly it stops to look around for the duck that was hiding behind Catherine.

Toridasu, Clarabelle, Helios, and Koro all make it to the site where they spot the devil. They all take care to keep their distance.

"And what in the world is that thing?" Toridasu asked.

"The duck said it was The Devil, but looks like some overgrown animal to me." Koro stated.

"T-This creature looks scary..." Clarabelle said keeping her distance even more.

"Maybe Houshoku knows? Houshoku? Huh? Where did she go?" Helios asked as she looked around.

"She seriously is gone now? I knew she took off too fast without us..." Toridasu said with a facepalm.

The Tasmanian Devil looks over and sees Clarabelle and licked his lips as hunger was a big factor about this creature. The Tasmanian Devil starts spinning around and around until it was coming right at the group!

"EEEPP!!! I-I CAN SENSE IT'S BLOODLUST!!!" shouted Clarabelle as she quickly hid behind Toridasu.

"D-DON'T USE ME AS A SHIELD!!!" Toridasu pleaded.

"W-Why is it spinning like that?" Koro said with surprisement in her voice.

"We better get ready!" Helios said preparing to fight.

However, suddenly, a large figure crashes down in between the two! It was a being of a large, cybornetic dragon that equaled Catherine in terms of size. It was Houshoku who appeared to be in her transformed dragon state that lets out a large roar.

"AWWWW YEAH!!! You guys needed a hero?! Well here she is and her name is the Iron Dragon!" Houshoku shouted as she then looks down at the devil. "Really? THAT thing is what is giving all of this trouble?"

"Where in the world you have been. Never mind that. HOW ARE YOU THAT DAMN HUGE?!?!" Toridasu shouted.

"Dammit! It's a waste! I thought there was a crowd of Marines! But it turned out to be some damn animal! And to answer your question, this is my newest form and I had to prep for it of course! Duh!" shouted Houshoku.

The tasmanian devil spins around and around until he stopped right in front of Houshoku. The devil looked up and down at Houshoku until it decided to try to eat Houshoku's armored leg. The teeth clanging on Houshoku's leg, but doing no effect except hurting the tasmanian devil's teeth.

"Heh. You're not biting through that buddy! It's made of my special material and NOTHING is going to get through that! Also, this thing is kinda not a threat. What should we do with it?" Houshoku casually asked.

"Um, KNOCK IT AWAY?! That thing has no effect on you because you're a giant, robotic dragon now! Your skin is pretty much metal and ours is still fleshy and weak!" Toridasu shouted.

"A-And it tried to eat me!" said Clarabelle.

"You and Catherine there are literally both giant monsters now. Of course you don't see it as a threat." Koro said.

"What you think Catherine? The others seem freaked out but I have a pet lizard at home that is more violent than this thing." Houshoku asked her with a shrug.

"May I point out she modified that lizard to shoot lasers from it's mouth." Toridasu stated.

"Hehe maybe you should keep it as a pet." Catherine giggles, "It fits you along with that dynamite running coyote that runs around here at times." She says as the tasmanian devil was now trying to gnaw on Houshoku's arm.

"Hah! You think? This thing does like to bite on everything like I do!" said Houshoku laughing at it trying to bite on her arm.

"NO! That is a bad idea! I'd rather take the laser shooting turtle over that beast!" Toridasu shouted.

"Maybe Houshoku could make it some kind of enclosure?" Helios suggested.

"Don't encourage her!" Toridasu said pointed to Helios.

"Well do whatever you want with it, cause this duck is now happy." The duck says as he falls off of Catherine's back and starts walking away, "Thank you weirdos!" He says as suddenly a shotgun was pointed right at his mallard face.

"I got you! You scwewy duck!" Ol Man Fudd says with the shotgun at the duck, "I'll blow you to the smitheweens!"

"HEY! Grandpa! We don't have time for the duck again!" The man's grandson and his friend come running to Fudd, "We're here to hunt the GASP THE WEREWOLF WITCH!!!" Their eyes extend seeing Catherine looking down at them. The two hunter guys then ran back the other way away from their grandfather.

"You know what!? You can go for the duck! Just when you're dead it ain't my fault!" The grandson shouts as he and the other hunter runs away.

Catherine was seen rolling her eyes and shaking her head as she saw the duck in another situation.

"Oh's the hunter again." said Houshoku who also rolled her eyes.

"What in the world has this day come to...?" Toridasu exclaimed.

"Don't ask...please don't..."Koro said with a facepalm.

"Oh right! That hunter and his grandsons from earlier! I remember them!" Helios said as she looked at them.

"Well at least he ain't focused on me." Catherine says as she was suddenly shot in the shoulder by a gunshot. And nearby was Gunsmoke Clyde, who was the one that fired a gunshot at Catherine. The feel of dramatic western music enters as Clyde's head was lowered, and his red poncho thrown to his back as he reveals his other pistol in his holster.

"Looks like I got the jump on you all." Clyde says as smoke came out of his mouth from his cigar.

"Whoa! Catherine you alright there? Damn these annoying as hell cowboys!" Houshoku said angrily gritting her large metallic teeth.

"Greeeeeat...Just when things couldn't get worse..." said Toridasu with a deadpan and scared expression.

"Why am I getting this sudden sense of a showdown a la cowboy style?" Koro asked while looking around.

"I'm fine." Catherine says as she looks over to the hunter who was now chasing the duck away from the scene, "Just making sure the old man is ok."

"So the thing can talk." Clyde says as he walks into the open green fields, the rest of his gang right behind him, "Looks like you guys got nowhere to go and nowhere to hide this time."

"Heh. Got your possy here again huh? You're not going to take another dramatic exit like you did last time when we kick your ass huh?" said Houshoku as her massive frame turns directly toward them.

"I feel like we should move away...this may get ugly when you have these two with their sizes and power around..." Toridasu stated.

"I second that." Koro said quickly.

"I would get away from here you annoying cowboys." A voice states as a man with spiky red hair comes walking out, wearing a marine jacket by his side as well. With a group of marines behind him and the puppy in front of him, "This werewolf is mine." It was Blackstone Arthur from the other day.

"And how did you find this creature?" Clyde asks

"Banzai here was able to sniff her out." Arthur replies, "Dogs can smell werewolves out."

"Crap..." Catherine says seeing a marine trying to catch her.

"You think you can handle that man? He's a shrimp! We got these cowpokes!" Houshoku said as she turned her attention toward Clyde with a smirk.

"What is your definition of "we" Ms. Big Scary Robotic Dragon?" Toridasu asked in a very snarky tone.

"Ugh. There is no go around this now." Koro said as she took out her metal bat.

"Ooh! A fight! Let us engauge!" Helios said as her holy fire started to burn.

"Uhhhhh..." Catherine says hearing in on some other incident within the island, "I gotta help some hunters that were trapped under a giant tree. Please hold them off from me!" She then leaps into the air and runs away.

"Hey She's getting away!" One of the marines shout.

"Go get those smaller pesks." Arthur says to the marines as he looked at Houshoku, "I see we have a little more of a threat here anyway." He then starts walking toward Houshoku.

"You guys go after that wolf." Clyde says to his posse, "I'll make sure this dragon girl comes with us." He then too walks toward Houshoku. The sound of his spurs clanging on the grass. The three making a triangle now as all three could see each other. A random tumbleweed comes through the open field to signify the three sides of this battle.

"Well there she goes. But time to focus on this small fish!" said Houshoku as she suddenly had a twig in her mouth as she stared down Clyde and Arthur who was walking toward her.

"Where did you even get that twig? I didn't even see you pick it up." Toridasu asked with a deadpan expression.

"Hush! Don't you see we about to get into a big fight here?" Houshoku stated with sternness.

"I do wonder where Catherine is going. She mentioned someone in danger?" Helios asked.

"Left us here to deal with a crowd of Marines and bounty hunters. Some hero." Toridasu bluntly stated while rolling his eyes.

Bounty Hunters, Marines, and a Pirate Battle!

"I'll warn you Clyde, you better get out of justice's way before you make an unforgivable mistake." Arthur warns Clyde.

"I'm here for the money, simple." Clyde answers, "And we both want to take on this dragon here, so she's mine."

"Hmph, say let's team up then." Arthur says with an annoyed look, "So then you at least ain't a thorn on my side."

"Sounds fair to me, as long as I get a bonus with catching her." Clyde replies.

And still, that Tasmanian Devil was on Houshoku's arm trying to bite into it.

"Heh. A team up huh? I like these odds! Hey Devil! After those bastards will ya?!" shouted Houshoku as she threw the Tasmanian Devil toward Cylde and Arthur.

"The hell did you just fastball it?" Toridasu asked with a shocked expression.

"Yes, yes I did!" answered Houshoku with a smirk.

"What the?" Clyde says as he was NAILED by the Tasmanian Devil thrown at him with such high speed. Arthur just glanced with no care as he saw Clyde fly into the bushes.

"Well looks like animal cruelty will go into the list of crimes you've done." Arthur states as he looked back at Houshoku, "Seems like you have a strange list of crimes for a pirate, may I mention that moonshining incident being one of them?"

"Oh yeah! I remember that adventure! Good times..." Houshoku said completely missing the point.

"...Does that beast even qualify as an animal?" Toridasu asked.

"Dunno but I think she made them even more madder." Koro stated.

"I guess I'll need to come to you then." Arthur says as he removes his marine jacket and starts running right for Houshoku. He then activates his devil fruit power, which harden his body like rock as he charged at Houshoku, "I know I have a hardening devil fruit, but it'll take more than my fruit to put a dent in her armor" He then applies busoshoku haki onto his hardened arm and then swings right at Houshoku's abdomen, "How does that feel!?"

Houshoku smirks as she hasn't felt much from the attack. "Like a swarny man trying to attack an almost 20 foot robotic dragon with a punch! Nothing aside from Haki Emission is gonna get through this!" Houshoku said as she turned her right arm into a large cannon. "Baku Baku Shot: Arm Cannon!" shouted Houshoku as she launched a cannonball from her arm toward Arthur thanks to her devil fruit powers.

Arthur grabs the cannonball with his arm with his haki and hardening powers as he was also thrown back by the cannonball as he grabbed it. He then throws it right back at Houshoku in a very fast curveball, "I can play with balls too!" He shouts as the cannonball was thrown at Houshoku.

"Hah!!! I bet you do!" said Houshoku as she catches the cannonball in her mouth and eats it. "Heh I like to chew on balls myself personally."

"Please stop...I beg of you please stop..." said Toridasu who had Clarabelle's ears covered.

"Is it something I shouldn't listen to?" Clarabelle asked and was met by nods from both Koro and Helios.

"If you can't take the heat, get out of my way!" shouted Houshoku as she suddenly breathed fire toward Arthur.

Arthur kneels down and crosses his arms like an X as the fire hits all over him, him tanking it with his hardening and haki. "Thanks to my powers, I can basically be too hard to be beaten!" He then leaps up into the air and tries to roundhouse kick Houshoku in the head.

"Ain't nothing too impossible chief!" shouted Houshoku as she hardens the part of her head in Haki to increase her durability even more.

"Hmph, I see you're much like how I expected." Arthur replies as he landed, "No wonder your mother wants you back in her grasp."

"Have you folks forgotten about me?" Clyde says coming out of the bushes again and starting to shoot at Houshoku, "Seems you can't handle this girl yourself Arthur."

"Well I don't think you're doing much either you cowboy." Arthur bluntly replies as Clyde shot 12 rounds of pistol fire at Houshoku's armor.

The bullets bounce off of Houshoku's armor as she looks back at Clyde in annoyance. "Yeesh you could've at least bought some seastone bullets or something. Those peashooters ain't getting through this armor. HEY DASU!! Make yourself useful and attack the cowboy! On the double!" Houshoku ordered.

"Why me...? Sigh...Maybe I can surprise him with a kick by warping behind him. Here goes..." said Toridasu to himself who used his warp powers to get behind Clyde and prepares to deliver a spin kick to him. "Warp Warp: Torando Kick!"

Clyde detects Toridasu with kenbushoku and ducks and fires bullets back at Toridasu, "Out of my way you annoying tumbleweed!"

"GAH!!!" shouted Toridasu as he warped backwards and out of the way. "Seriously though. "Tumbleweed?" I think you guys watch too much old western shows..."

"Dammit Dudsu! You're useless as shit! How can you even make it in life if you call it quits after mere gunshots?" Houshoku angrily shouted at him.

"Well excuuuuuuuuse me princess. Not all of us has a big metallic body made of a superalloy that can shrug off bullets like you can!" said Toridasu in the most snarky tone ever.

"Bah! I said I could make you into a cyborg but you said nooooo!" she snarked back at him.

"And I said no thanks! I don't want to be a heartless machine!" shouted Toridasu back as the two got to comically arguing.

"This isn't really the time you too..." Koro said with a facepalm.

"Do they argue like this a lot?" Clarabelle asked Helios.

"Well, to put it bluntly, yes they do." said Helios with a nervous smile.

"Pay attention to me you big gecko!" Arthur says leaping onto Houshoku's shoulders and punching her in the face with armament and the hardening power to see if he can punch Houshoku down.

"Heh. Those punches mean nothing! But you are quite set for a POWERBOMB!!!" shouted Houshoku as she grabbed Arthur and proceeds to slam him down powerbomb style.

Arthur protects himself as he falls down from the powerbomb. he uses his hardening all on his back, but with all of the force Houshoku brought with that powerbomb, there is a sound of a crack as the hardening split like wood. Arthur's body is prone for another attack from Houshoku.

"Hey don't forget that I'm in this battle as well." Clyde says as he then pulls out these discs that he throws at Houshoku. The discs stick onto Houshoku's armor and start beeping red.

"Huh? What the hell are these? Mines are something?" Houshoku said as she was trying to get them off of her.

"Indeed." Clyde says as he presses the button and the mines explode on Houshoku's armor! "This cowboy has more than just a snake in his boot." he says as a rattlesnake comes out of his boot, "Hey! Get out of my boot!" He shakes the rattlesnake off of him.

"That was convenient..." Toridasu said with a deadpan expression.

"Crap! Houshoku!" Koro shouted as the smoke clears showing that Houshoku is fine but has some scars on her armor.

"Damn how did those mines even scratched this thing? I need to get it refined when I get back to the ship..." Houshoku said as she presses a button to make herself revert back to normal height, but is still in her suit and retains more of a dragonoid form. "Sometimes being a big-ass target doesn't help in certain cases..."

"You don't underestimate the Magnificent Seven." Clyde replies, "We aren't just a gang of desperate cowboy bounty hunters, we are bounty hunters who have done this for multiple years. Ain't that right marine?"

"Peh, I guess so." Arthur says standing up and looking at Houshoku, "But looks like we've beaten your big self. You gonna retreat now you pirate? Don't pirates always try to run away from a losing fight?" He had a smug look while speaking.

"Retreat?! PAH! I don't retreat! I'm just getting warmed up!" shouted Houshoku as she took back out her lance and swung it around. "It's still silver tipped but hey! I don't have to worry about Werewolf Girl getting caught in the crossfire!"

"I guess so." Arthur states, "And I'm one with no ranged weapon." He says as he activates his hardening powers again, but this time the hardening has become weakened since the extended use of it.

"Heh. I can sense your Haki is weakening. That's overusage of it right there!" said Houshoku as she charges at him swinging he spear. "Let's see how much you can take of this ya mutt!"

"That's my devil fruit power you lizard!" Arthur responds as he tries to grab Houshoku's spear as she charged him. The spear pushing him back as he tried to hold on.

Then Clyde was seen leaping on the spear and jumping off of it, making himself high in the air. He then points his 2 pistols and aims at the Kouyen Pirates, "It's midnight....." He says as he fires his pistols.

"I know! That's why I said it!" said Houshoku as she kept trying to push back.

"INCOMING!" shouted Toridasu as he, Helios, Koro, and Clarabelle got out of the way from the gunshots.

"Helios! Distract him with fire! I'm going to get in close!" said Koro as she leaped into a tree.

"Right! Holy Fire Burst!" shouted Helios as she sent a wave of holy fire toward Clyde.

"T-That was scary...gunshots...are scary..." Clarabelle said while shivering.

"Ugh You annoy me!" Arthur says as he lifts the lance for himself and tries to literally suplex both the lance and Houshoku!

"Damn that marine has some strength in him." Clyde admits as he ducks under the holy fire from Helios.

"Whoa nelly! This guy got some power! Don't think I don't have any other tricks though!" Houshoku said as she transforms her tail into a riple and points it at him. "Snacked on one before I came here buddy! Take this!" said Houshoku as she started to shoot at him.

"Gotcha now cowbody!" Koro said as she came jumping down from the tree attempting to hit Clyde with her bat.

Clyde was seen literally chopping the bat in two with his left arm, revealing a cybernetic arm to Koro and the other pirates, "You thought attacking me with a bat was going to do something?" He then finished reloading his pistols and points one at Koro.

Arthur was struck in the back by the bullet of the rifle, the back being hardened was again snapped. Arthur goes down to his knees, "Dammit...and I was only here for a pesky wolf problem. Now I have a lizard girl breathing down my neck."

"Heh. Literally! You give up yet? I know I'm destructive as fuck, but even I don't like to risk to killing my opponents. Well...Most of the time heh..." Houshoku as with a chuckle as she was pointing her arm cannon at Arthur.

"This man is a cyborg or something!?" Toridasu said in shock.

"K-Koro! Watch out!" Helios shouted trying to warn her.

"D-Damn!" Koro stated as she land on the ground in front of him caught off guard that her main weapon broke so easily.

"I ain't a cyborg....well sorta." Clyde replies, "I lost my arm in an incident back then, but a certain scientist that works with the marines gave me a new arm." He then pulls the hammer from his revolver, "It basically helps out my accuracy and mobility in my left arm." He then starts firing his revolver at koro.

"Dammit..." Arthur replies knowing Houshoku had her arm cannon pointed at him, "I don't know what to do at this point."

"Shit!" uttered Koro but before the bullets could hit her, Houshoku quickly blocks them for her. "Houshoku?"

"Man you guys need to train yourselves better! I always said the New World will eat us alive if you don't be careful!" Houshoku said with a friendly wink toward her.

"But that other guy?" Toridasu asked pointing to Arthur.

"He's burned out now. Not really worth it. Plus, having one of my own die in place of making a Marine wet his pants is something I'd rather avoid heh..." Houshoku said.

"Hmph." Clyde grunts and then looks at Houshoku, and soon putting his revolver back at his holster. He then pulls out a cigar and lights it before breathing the smoke in, "I'm gonna bet my ass that I rather leave than deal with a cybernetic dragon." Clyde then looks at Houshoku's armor, "You a friend of Megapunk? Tell him Clyde and the Magnificent Seven said hi." He says revealing his cybernetic left arm before covering it with his poncho and walking back into the forest ominously. The wind blowing his poncho and a tumbleweed rolling behind him as he left.

"Welp looks like he left. So I get that he is in touch with Punk-sama as well huh? Interesting I thought I smelled that kind of metal before." said Houshoku as she transformed her arm back to normal.

"That was a bit too close honestly..." Koro said as she caught her breath.

"I wonder he has powers to make tumbleweed appear..." Toridasu said with confusion.

"Commodore!" The marines shout as they ran over to their leader, who was standing up with blood dripping from various wounds.

"I am fine my men." Arthur replies as he walked toward them, "But we cannot waste any more time trying to deal with the situation here. This issue on this island was a small pest anyway, so the marines shouldn't really need to deal with this." He says as he walks away as well, "Until we meet again dragon, hopefully in more important terms, as this was truly a waste of time." He walks away muttering himself.

"Hah. He was just a sore loser. Though I'll admit this does seem like a side trip huh?" Houshoku asked as she reverted herself back to normal.

"Yeah. Though we left out of here pretty damn easily." Koro said as she was dusting herself off.

"I honestly could've stayed back at the inn...This was rather pointless..." Toridasu said as he was also muttering to himself.

"But at least we are all safe!" Clarabelle said as she came from hiding.

"Though I must ask, there is Catherine? I haven't seen her in quite a while." Helios said.

"Something about saving someone? Her loss she missed out on all the action! I had fun at least!" Houshoku said with a laugh.

The End of a Looney Night

Catherine comes back and sees the Kouyen Pirates standing there themselves, "Oh they left? Good, I didn't want to deal with marines and become a "pirate" to their books." She states.

"Oh right! You couldn't fight them because you'll get labeled. That's why heh." said Houshoku with a smirk.

"Yeah a lot of help you wer-OW!!!" shouted Toridasu who was smacked in the head by Houshoku before he could finish his sentence.

"Your fear to snark at her went away that quick..." Koro said with an eyebrow raised.

"Oh! You're back! Did you save that man that was in trouble?" Helios asked.

"Yeah, there were a couple hunters that got stuck by a couple fallen trees that I rescued them from." Catherine replies, "How did the fight go?"

"Heh it was pretty one-sided in my favor. Dasu got his ass-kicked as usual but other than that, no problems here!" Houshoku said with a thumbs up.

"Of course you are bold to leave Koro having her bat shattered out in favor of making me look like a fool..." Toridasu said with his arms crossed.

"I still can't believe he shattered my bat so easily. It was enhanced by Houshoku after all." said Koro as she looked at the bat's pieces.

"That's why you gotta use Haki at these times. I know I'm pretty much the only one that can use it well, but that's what our future training is for that I will help ya on!" Houshoku proudly exclaimed.

"I'm glad you all took care of them." Catherine states, "I'm assuming they're leaving."

"Looks that way. A shame one wasn't a vice admiral. They're a lot more persistent!" Houshoku said with a smile.

"I don't believe that is necessary a good thing..." Toridasu said with his trademake deadpan expression.

"I wonder what happens now? Aren't all the threats out of the way?" Helios asked.

"Well....." Catherine says thinking, "Honestly, I think I can handle myself now. These other hunters aren't all that keen on being hunters anyway. There's a lot of looney things out here in this forest that drive people mad enough." She then giggles, "Like that tasmanian devil!" She points as the tasmanian devil was seen returning again and biting Houshoku's leg.

"Damn this thing is persistant huh?" Houshoku said with a laugh.

"S-Seriously why is that thing back? I thought it was after the duck?" Toridasu said as he was backing up slowly.

"Ah great it may just keep following her around..." Koro said with sigh.

"Maybe, but that ain't the strangest thing besides that roadrunner and coyote." Catherine says as she sees the roadrunner running very fast past them, with the coyote chasing the roadrunner with a stick of dynamite still. The roadrunner stops right at the edge of a very large well nearby, but the coyote had too much momentum to stop and ended up right in the hole. The coyote gets out a piece of paper and writes, "Oh crap..." Before he falls into the deep hole in a comical fashion.

"...The hell I just watch?" Toridasu said with tilted head.

"Comical crap...We should be used to it by now." Koro said with another facepalm.

"HAH! You two got no sense of humor! That shit is funny!" said Houshoku as she was laughing.

"Either way, we came off fine. Though I almost had a bullet through me..." said Clarabelle nervously.

"Koro came close to dying as well. You alright about your bat Koro?" Helios asked.

"Yeah it's fine. It can be replaced." Koro said as she was looking at the hilt of the bat where the pieces of it remain on the ground.

"I'm sorry if you guys lost anything." Catherine says as she saw Koro, "So, what are you folks gonna be doing now?"

"Well, the Marines and the Dumbass 7 left but there is still the whole superheroes to deal with right? I fought one of them that decided to name himself after Haki..." Houshoku said with a deadpan expression.

"Right. I forgot they were after Catherine as well apparently. Although engauging them after fighting off two groups this island considers heroes may not be recommended." Toridasu stated.

"Depends. Either way, we better get out of this forest. This place is too grim for my liking." Koro said as she tossed the end of the bat into the bushes.

"If you folks want to leave Shaling that is fine." Catherine states, "I can take care of the superheroes myself and convince them someday. I thank you guys for taking care of the law and the bounty hunters at least. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know."

"Well.....if ya say so!" Houshoku said with a cheeky smile.

"Just like that...?" Toridasu and Koro said with their heads tilted.

"Awwww...I haven't really got to meet a super hero up close." Helios said with a sad pout.

"I'm sure we will meet them one day! I do think it is the best plan to leave for now if the Marines will come back." said Clarabelle.

"Oh yeah! We will call you if we need the help! Maybe dunno you need to still work on your powers more. I fixed your apartment so it wouldn't get so damaged easily, but that's just most of the surface area! Not the couches and beds!" Houshoku said to Catherine.

"Hehe thank you." Catherine says, "I'll hope to get more powerful as time goes. Maybe potentially haki man can teach me his haki, or maybe he's too arrogant to do that. Though maybe Master Talbot may return one day and see me what I am now." She says thinking, "If you guys see him, please say I said hi to him. Oh and take that tasmanian devil with you as a gift I guess." She giggled still as it was not on Houshoku's shoulders gnawing on her back.

"Sure this thing would just cause trouble for the others away and I deserve SOMETHING for this!" said Houshoku as she laughs even not fazed from it biting on her shoulders.

"Right. A good idea to bring something that has DEVIL in it's name..." Toridasu said with a shiver.

"Hopefully she just builds something it can't break through..." Koro said with a grim look.

"Ah yes! I do hope you find him as I heard he tends to go into hiding at times." Helios said with a wave to Catherine.

"Hehe thanks guys!" Catherine says, "Take good care! And I wonder what you're going to name the thing."

"Anytime Cathy! Now then... I--" Said Houshoku before she was cut off by Toridasu.

"Don't say it...I know what you're going to say..." Toridasu said with a facepalm but was quickly swiped away by Houshoku.

"Chomps-a-Lot! Because he likes to do it like me!" said Houshoku with a laugh.

"...Can you name it something else?" Koro asked with a facepalm.

"Ugh. Fine. Baku. Naming it after my fruit's name. I think that makes more sense." Houshoku said with a sudden serious face.

"I...May need to stay away from it." Clarabelle said backing up a bit.

"Don't worry! Houshoku has tamed mightier beasts than that!" Helios said trying to cheer her up.

"Alright folks! I think this wraps up another adventure huh? I am so gonna modify my suit after this!" Houshoku said with a cheeky smile.

"Please don't...again..." Toridasu replies with his hand still over his face.