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Okuri Okuri no Mi
Dust Release

Klause creating a mystical gift box

Japanese Name: Okuri Okuri no Mi
English Name: Gift-Gift Fruit
First Appearance:  ????
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by:

The Okuri Okuri no Mi is a Paramecia type Devil fruit with strange properties. Okuri is short for okurimono which means 'gift', It was eaten by Kaiser Klause, the former business partner of Adrian Faust.


This fruit gives the user the power to take any object and put it into a small mystical gift box resembling. This box appears magically when created and disappears in the same fashion when opened or damaged. These gifts can vary in appearance but all have the same properties. Despite the size or weight of the object inside, the gift's size will always be one foot cubed and weigh no more than a few pounds. This makes any object easy to carry and when the gift is opened the object it contains bursts back to its original size. The interior of these mystical gifts are not affected by time, for example: if a bomb were about to explode and the Gift-Gift power were used on it, the bomb would not explode until the box were opened again; excellent for making traps. The powers of the Gift-Gift Fruit can also be used on people, to either trap them indefinitely or to wait for a sneak attack.


If the user were to use the power on themself, the same effects would apply and they would be trapped without escape until someone else opens the gift. Standard devil fruit weaknesses apply.


One hundred years prior, this fruit's power was used to trap some notorious villains who had made deals with Adrian Faust, then the user was tricked into trapping himself. Only just recently have some these villains been released to repay their debts: Atlas, Beverly, Canterbury, and Drusus.

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