The Omou Omou no Mi (Think Think Fruit or おもう おもう の み) is a Paramecia Type Devil Fruit that allows the user, Nouhito Hangeki, to create and manipulate huge brain cells in the mind, making the user a Brain Cell Human (Viz: Mindman) This ability allows the user to become much smarter than the normal human, even smarter than Dr. Vegapunk and Caesar Clown by many hundred times over. The user is said to have an IQ of 1780. With the brain, the user has telekinesis on a minor scale having the ability to move objects a short distance without touching them. The user can also detect any enemies or allies from any distance. The requirement to do this is just to touch the enemy.


Iwa no Kumo (English: Rock Cloud)

The user uses telekinesis to create a rock cloud that the user can ride on. The user can also throw their rocks like rain.

Chisei no Hiyaku (English: Leap of the Intellect or Funimation: Hi-Jump)

Nouhito levitates themselves into the air.

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