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One Piece Fanon

The One Piece Fanon Wiki began 29 July, 2008. Suggested by Yung Wun, the fanon was created with the intention of "sharing fun fan-made characters for others to critique in order to create realistic fanon One Piece characters." The wiki currently is having slow progress due to a lack of advertisement and frequent visitors.

Acceptable Fanons

If what you want is not listed in the following, then it is not acceptable for this wikia. Everything listed below must be appropriate for teens.

  • Fan-made accounts of actual characters
  • Original characters/devil fruits/locations/and mores........!
  • Fan-made stories and other prose

All content are allowed to be submitted in other languages, but the wikia is to be predominantly English. All content made for the purpose of role playing must have English translations.


  • Just have fun!
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