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This is the official One Piece Fanon: Manual of Style. It is heavenly based on the My Hero Academia and the Fire Force Fanon wikia's Manual of Style since that is the site we imitate style-wise. We established these rules in order to keep our articles both organized and similar in fashion. Please take the time to read and follow these rules and guidelines as closely as possible!

General Writing Style

  • The content of this wiki is expressed in English. This is an English language wiki and all edits are expected to be carried out in English (with exception to the Japanese content required via technique, powers or skill names determined by the content of the series).
  • Avoid the use of obscenities, slang terms and euphemisms in articles. They can be used only in the context of quotes from characters.
  • Keep the tenses of articles/sections consistent.
    • History sections of character articles should be written in past tense. All other sections of an article should be written in present tense.
    • If a character is deceased, the previous rule does not apply and the entire article should be in past tense.
  • Articles should be written in an in-universe style, this includes calling characters by what they were called at this point in the story, and not refer to the reader or viewer when talking about events.
  • Articles should be written in the third person.
  • When listing information, and someone has been replaced by someone else in the plot, the person who was chronologically first should be listed first.
  • Japanese translations should be done properly. Do not just slap two words together, and some random katakana/kanji and expect it to pass.
  • Article names should be properly capitalized. Any article names without proper capitalization will be deleted.
    • Word of Caution: Overcome the temptation to use Google translate, or Bing, for any Japanese translations as they are rarely, if ever, accurate. (See the "Outside Links" section below for proper English-Japanese translators).
    • In the same light, do not mix English and Japanese names (ie., "Jonny Midoriya"). Not only do they not translate properly into katakana or kanji, it also makes your character look lazy and not well thought out.

Images and other media

Main article: Image Policy

For specific, detailed guidelines regarding the upload and use of images for this wiki, please see the image policy.

Layout Guide


Character pages should not be created before the character's name or alias has been revealed.

If applicable, character pages should begin with a meaningful quote by the character. Then it should have a 1-2 sentence general description and the following headings should be used in order if applicable to the character:

The Infobox should be this.
  • Appearance Physical description of the character.
  • Personality Information on the character's personality. A singular quote may be added to the personality section.
  • History (if applicable) - Historical and background information on the character.
  • Synopsis (if applicable)
  • Abilities (if applicable) - Information on the character's special abilities and techniques.
    • Ignition Abilities (If applicable)
  • Equipment and Weapons (if applicable)
  • Battles (if applicable)
  • Relationships (if applicable)
  • Trivia (if applicable)
  • Quotes (if applicable)
  • References
  • Site Navigation


The group pages should have a summary of the history of the group, a list of battles that happened with the group, a list of the members in the group

The Infobox should be this.
  • History
  • Battles
  • Members
  • Trivia (if applicable)
  • References


Organization pages should have a summary of the history of the organization, a list of the members in the group according to ranking or position, and, if applicable, locations which are used by the organization

The Infobox should be this.
  • History
  • Members (Name of this section may vary depending on the type of organization, also may be divided into separate sections or subsections)
  • Location
  • Gallery (if applicable)
  • Trivia (if applicable)
  • References

Outside Links

For proper English-Japanese translations, use one of the following;


Other helpful links may include;

  • Romanization of Japanese at Wikipedia.

Adding Categories

Categories are one of Wikia most useful tools because they keep the site both organized and helps users navigate through the site easily and efficiently.

That being said, please understand that for the sake of efficiency and consistency, these simple rules have been imposed:

  • All categories must be listed in the plural tense (e.g. "Pirates crews" instead of "Pirates crew"; "Marines" instead of "Marine"; "Captains" instead of "Captain").
  • When making a category make sure it is something other characters could possibly fall under, if not then the category probably shouldn't be one.