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Main article: Donk E. Kong

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Donk E. Kong, more commonly known as "Wukong", is the captain or Shangdi of the Wukong Pirates and one of the four Yonko ruling over the New World. Given his emperor status along with his unrivaled feats in battle, Wukong is recognized as the undisputed "Strongest Creature in the World".

From his base on Tian, Wukong has conquered the majority of the White and White-White Sea above the New World, where he rules as "God" over the sky islands that inhabit the region. Wukong has formed an alliance with the Queen of Elbaf, Frederick Barbara, which has lead to his crew being dubbed as the most fearsome in the world. He currently seeks to expand his empire throughout the remainder of the sky islands above the Grand Line.

Decades ago before the formation of his own crew, Wukong was also part of the notorious Redbeard Pirates as one S-ranks reputed as the Four Horsemen. During this time, Wukong operated under the moniker "Hachiman" in correlation to his apocalyptic symbol of war.

Wukong is the main antagonist of the Sky Wars Saga as a whole, being the impetus for the entirety of the narrative's events.

Feature Role-Play
Battle of Ohara Newspaperpng.png
Main article: Battle of Ohara

Attempting to uncover treasured secrets of the Void Century, a team of Oharan scholars discover a Poneglyph that reveals the secrets of the Ancient Weapons. Unfortunately, during their expedition, Vice-Admiral Kiwashi stumbled upon their research and slaughtered the entire group; indicting their native island to the same fate by calling a Buster Call shortly after. As five Vice-Admirals and a Marine Fleet dispatched to Paradise island, rookie pirates attempted to save the citizens from an untimely demise. Their efforts were all for naught however as the fulfillment Absolute Justice executed scholars and civilians alike. In an unexpected turn of events, the Wukong Pirates emerge causing a battle between the two parties to ensue. During the battle's climax another party emerges, the Libertà Pirates. With three of the world's global powers in one place, the battle ended in a stalemate causing the respective parties to go their own way. Sky Wars continues..

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