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These rules have been discussed and agreed upon by the current active admins in Imnotfallen and KamiGuru and have been in effect since May 28th 2020. Old articles and new ones are required to follow and may be subject to deletion if not adjusted!

General Rules


Civility and Courteousness

  • No extensive use of profanity.
  • Do not allow arguments to go out of control.
  • No overtly sexual themes in characters or storylines.
  • No personal attacks on any other user.
  • Be kind and courteous to other users.
  • Be civil in all interactions with other users.


  • Do not edit others' work without their permission.
  • Do not use others' work without their permission.
  • Please create an account before editing.
  • Make sure you abide to the Manual of Style for all articles.
  • Quality over Quantity.


  • Plagiarism is considered bad user conduct and will be met with the full wrath of the present admins. Any form of plagiarism is not allowed and will not be tolerated. First instance will result in a warning and immediate deletion of the article. Every instance afterwards will lead to temporary bans where the duration will increase exponentially; eventually leading to a permanent ban.

Co-Ownership of Articles

  • Two, or more, users may create an article, a story, or anything else together. However, once this choice has been made, there is no way to revoke this, with the exclusion of certain instances. Therefore, we ask that you choose your partner for articles carefully before going through with it. Sometimes working with people can become messy, and as such, it may end up with both parties getting in trouble due to the words they say, or the actions they do.
    • Co-ownerships of articles can be removed from users if the user in question wishes to leave the project of their own free will. Forcibly taking someone out of a project is prohibited, unless an Admin intervenes and tries to remedy the situation at hand. This is done by a discussion between all the project owners, and at least one Admin. At the end of the discussion, the ruling will be made by the Admin that is mediating the discussion.

Purge and Deletion

The fandom has been around for over a decade and while we respect those who have come before, some pages do not adequately meet the current rules and policies that we currently have implemented. This is a notice that pages that do not meet the current rules and manual style guidelines may be prone to deletion!

Storyline Rules

This site hosts a fanon canon storyline of the One Piece universe. In order to maintain order and consistency throughout the story, certain things will be limited, banned or require application. Please follow the rules below as it pertains to the fanon canon and all applications will be posted on the Discussions page under the correct channel.


Main article: Bounties

Bounties are government-issued rewards placed on an individual and awarded to whoever can apprehend or kill that person. Due to the notoriety and influence someone can have by simply having an extremely large bounty, we are incorporating several rules relating to them:

  • The highest bounty one can add to their character without roleplaying is Bsymbol.gif60,000,000. However you can increase your characters' bounties primarily through role-playing.
  • After any role-play you can submit your character(s), the role-play(s) participated in along with a brief synopsis so that story moderators can review and assign the character with a new bounty and Wanted Poster!
  • We'll assign these bounties based on the criteria established in canon - the wiki page holds details relating to said criteria.
  • 10% Rule: To reward users for being active, you can add 10% of your highest assigned bounty to the initial maximum for all future creations. Meaning if you have a character who was assigned a bounty of Bsymbol.gif100,000,000, you can take 10% or 10,000,000 belly and add it to your initial amount; thus allowing you to start characters at 70,000,000 belly.
  • Another less advised way to earn a bounty assignment is through application. Through the discussion page, you post an application that should contain a brief yet detailed description of their history and abilities and along with the reason why you are interested in applying through this method.
    • Bounties assigned through applications do not apply to the 10% rule and therefore do not affect your initial maximum.

Devil Fruit

Main article: Devil Fruit

Obviously we want you to have creative liberty but there are some concepts that we just simply wan't allow. There's no creating fruits which allow you to tap into another anime energy source (chakra, ki, nen, etc.), any water producing/manipulating/transforming fruits or fruits that are fanon variations of banned canon fruit.

If there's a canon fruit that you wanted but that is taken do not worry, you're free to create similar fruits with different mechanics. Let's say you wanted the Ishi Ishi no Mi but someone took it, you can create a fruit with different mechanics to produce stone such as by simply producing it like Doffy does with string or make a stone special paramecia fruit.

When creating Devil Fruits don't immediately claim superiority to another. If you want to try and add to the hierarchy please post it here first and let the moderators validate.

Artificial Devil Fruits must be posted here and discussed before creation.

Canon Devil Fruits are available in our FC. And just like in canon there can only be one. In order to claim the singular fruit just post which fruit you're interested in and wait for a story moderator to validate. You'll be added to the wiki catalog and then it'll be official.

Note: You have a month to debut said Devil Fruit in a role-play and then it'll be freed to the public once again. (Where you'll have to wait a month before you can claim it again.)

The list of banned canon fruit includes:

Canon Devil Fruit Reset

In an effort to prevent Devil Fruit hoarding, we have established two rules to clear out claimed devil fruit.

  • You have a month to debut the claimed canon fruit in a roleplay before it is released back to the public.
  • If you applied for a fruit with an unknown user, you have two weeks to create the character before it is released back to the public.

Once these fruits are released, the user who originally had claim over them will have to wait the same allotted time to attempt to claim the fruit again (while other users can claim it once its free) We have devised this system to prevent devil fruit hoarding.

Epithets and Titles

Main article: Epithets and Titles

Certain titles or epithets carry a great amount of influence over the world at large. For this reason, we are requiring users to apply for titles that offer them global recognition over a certain field, fighting styles, ability etc. They application process is similar to those listed throughout the Storyline rules. Some titles include but are not limited to:

  • Strongest Man in the World
  • Greatest Swordsmen in the World
  • Most Wanted Man
  • Most Beautiful Women
  • Pirate Empress
  • Strongest Creature in the World

Fanon Titles that are remotely similar in concept (like Greatest Navigator in the World) will also require application.

Haoshoku Haki

Unlike the Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku which users are free to add to their character, Haoshoku Haki must be applied for to receive access to it. The application is very informal however, keep in mind not everyone can have this ability.

Thus our criteria will reflect what's been established in canon. "It is proof of one who has the qualities of a king!" Haoshoku Haki is proof of an individual who possesses the qualities of a king, a candidate chosen by heaven. Thus we'll determine if characters are "worthy" of such an ability based on that standard.

When you apply, you can simply drop your character link and we can assess based on the page of you can link role-plays which show their redeeming characteristics. If you're interested in receiving it before a role-play, you supply evidence via the page or an explanation on the discussion page!

Note: Outside of Sengoku, there hasn't been a single Marine who's shown such an ability. Applying as a marine may be especially difficult.

Meito and Other Items

So One Piece has some real cool artifacts/items and you're free to claim canon ones or create your own variations of different shapes, sizes and purposes. However, just as positions, things are finite so you're going to have to apply/ask permission before you claim any canon or fanon variation of the following:

  • 12 Supreme Grade Swords
  • 21 Great Grade Swords
  • 50 Skillful Grade Swords

Additionally certain things won't be available for public creation. Noah and the Ancient Weapons are not allowed to be claimed and the "Roger's Straw Hat" isn't even gonna be a thing in our FC so don't even ask.

Positions Ranks and Status

Certain positions are simply too influential to allow just anyone to claim them as great power comes with great responsibility. Thus, for the positions listed below, you must submit a formal application and be accepted before claiming:

  • Yonko
  • Shichibukai
  • Admiral
  • Vice-Admiral
  • Rear Admiral
  • Cipher Pol-0 Agent
  • Revolutionary Army Leader
  • Revolutionary Army Chief of Staff

These are the most formal applications and thus we expect the highest quality of work. We'll be running through the applications with a fine-tooth comb so when you apply please bring us your best. Like always, the best way to achieve these positions is to role-play for them. This'll also be the slowest way to attain the said positions but will held in higher regard when people apply.

Ok so there's two methods of application I'd recommend if applying without role-plays:

  • Full-Page Application: This goes against everything the wiki stands for but for these positions it might be warranted. Instead of waiting to fill up your page with information debuted in role-plays, you fill each of your sections with incredible detail and then apply. Before your page is accepted it'll be necessary for your characters to have the non-canon tag. A word of advice if you choose this route, abilities is far from the only important component.
  • Formal Application: As bleak as it sounds, the second alternative is to post a detailed application explaining anything that might testify as to why your potential character should be accepted for the position. I could give details but every position has different requirements and I also don't want you thinking there's some formula to this. You basically have to convince the council that your character is worthy for the position but will also do good by it; we need to make sure your influence won't be abused or wasted.

The Gorosei, Pirate King, Commander-in-Chief of the World Government or he/she who sits on the Empty Throne won't be available.

Note: We are not eager to fill the positions/titles. Just because they are available doesn't mean they need to be filled. We are willing to wait until for applicants that meet the adequate standards we expect from characters who hold these positions.


Similar to the Canon Devil Fruit Claiming process, the process to claim a canon island is fairly simple. Simply post an application explaining which island you're interested in claiming and why then wait for a response from a moderator. Once confirmed you're free to adjust the island's lore as you see fit; however we recommend keeping the general customs and appearance of the island and simply changing the history to fit your character(s) background.

Relating to fanon islands, you're free to create any island in any sea. There's only two rules relating to Fanon islands. You must apply to create one of the Twenty Kingdoms and you can't declare nations to be rulers of seas like Germa Kingdom for the North Blue without application.

Non-Canon Rules

If you're not interested in participating in the site-wide storyline no need to worry. Feel free to add the non-canon template to your page or simply add the category "Non-Canon" and you're free to create whatever you like (while still following the general rules of the site).