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Wealth, fame, power.

Gol D. Roger the King of the Pirates obtained this and everything else the world had to offer. And his dying words drove countless souls to the seas. “You want my treasure? You can have it! I left everything I gathered together in one place. Now you just have to find it! These words lured men to the grand line, pursuing dreams greater than they ever dared to imagine. This is the time known as the Great Pirate Era. Create your own original character to take part in our alternate universe.

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Rumlar Zelgius most commonly referred to by his epithet "Bloodbeard", and renowned as the "Strongest Man in the World", is the Captain of the Bloodbeard Pirates and one of the Yonko ruling over the New World.

Hailing from the Kalinago Tribe, a tribe renowned for its act of cannibalism, Zelgius quickly garnered the epithet as the "Corpse Eater" for his continued practice of the savage act years after leaving his tribe behind. He rules over Totto Land as its King.

Decades ago before the formation of his own crew, Bloodbeard served as an Apprentice for the Redbeard Pirates a notorious crew that challenged the Roger Pirates as one of its core members.

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