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Operation: Skyfall
Date Started: August 5th, 2021

Date Finished:
Characters Involved:
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Cover Story — Sacrificing Our Humanity

It was the type of darkness that made you question reality. Such blissful terror. The first couple days were rough but after he lost count, it became more prettifying with every passing moment. He tried yelling, everyday just a little bit with the hope that somebody, anybody would hear him. But after too long it became too tiring, exhaustion had already set in. The only thing he could do was dig at these wretched cuffs. They took his fingernails, so he used his bearskin, tearing at his flesh as bone pierced through.

How long has it been?

Was the war over?

Why haven't they killed me yet?

Is someone coming to save me?


Suddenly the roof gave in! Beams of light kissed the young marine's unkempt face. He tried to witness it but his eyes had acclimated to the abyss. But pain wasn't going to stop him; not when it's been so long. Forcing his one good eye open, he saw a figure..."Wh-" he coughed, struggling to speak due to dehydration.

"What did I tell you about going to be a hero, huh?" she chanted, her voice echoing down the endless tunnels. Descending, her cybernetic physique began to revert back to normal. "It isn't as fun as its made out to be is it?"

Rosa emerged from the silhouette touching Kami's face. His body was so weak, it hurt when she did. "R-r-r" he kept trying but no words came out.

"Stop trying to speak loser, you're in pretty bad shape." Her hand began to morph into a key after assessing the whole dimensions.

As his partner freed him from his chains, Kami's mind began to wonder, where would he go for here. So concerned with his previous state, he never took the time to consider what he'd do if he were saved. The idea of retiring seemed appealing. No more responsibilities or expectations. A simple life...

But the memories of his lover came flooding in, specifically his vow. Purpose! A spark rekindled in his frail pupil. He must fight! So long as he lived he'd fight for order and security for all. "I promise..." he finally got the words off as he faded into unconsciousness.

White Summit

Squawk Squawk

Squawk Squawk

The News Coo circled around the world's mecca for justice as those holding the rank of Admiral from throughout the Grand Line assembled as Fleet Admiral Diane called a mandatory forum in preparation for the final battle against the Wukong Pirates. As the high-ranking officers engaged discussions and bickered amongst themselves, there was a feeling of uncertainty in the air. Many wondered what would be their next move. Everyone has read the newspaper. It wasn’t a surprise that word broke out about this summit. While it was likely there was a mole in the ranks, it was equally likely that one of the cocky bastards simply just had a big mouth and the wrong person overheard. s The auditorium was filled as officers of different races and sizes; despite the stereotype, the Marines were quite the diverse crowd. From Giants to fishmen, the room was almost too small. But as conversations swung across the room, there was an unprecedented silence as the greatest military force the World Government had to offer, the Admirals, made their way to their respective seats at the front of the podium. Such presence each of them brought, such attention each of them garnered. Some looked upon these three as idols, the pinnacle of what Justice had to offer. Others viewed them as rivals, placeholders for them to succeed in order to enforce a new age of justice.

But all the gazes and whispers the Admirals amassed were usurped as the forum’s chairman and leading figure of the entire Marine organization followed only moments after. Her heeled boots clacked against the plated floor, echoing throughout the whole room. As she walked towards the podium even the most nonchalant of officers abandoned their habits and focused in order to bear witness.

Arriving at the rostrum, Diane surveyed the room before commencing. The expression on her face was stern yet covered with conviction. Poised with glorious purpose, she addressed the room. “We are at a pivotal point in our organization’s history.” she began, her eyes hovering throughout. “They say don’t judge a man at highest but at his lowest.” she paused to let her words sit. “I guess we’ll find out what we are truly made of…” The Marines have undergone much scrutiny over the past year. Beyond getting ridiculed in the newspaper, the fact that they have yet to defeat a single pirate crew hadn’t gone unnoticed by commoners and nobles alike. Seeds of doubts were planted when Roger started the Great Pirate Era. And these seeds have begun to blossom and if not cut from their very roots, the Monkey King’s wrath would be the least of their worries.

“We have it on good basis that the Wukong Pirates plan on attacking the Holy Land within the next 72 hours.” Pulling out a Projector Den Den Mushi from her pocket, she placed it on stand behind her, activating it as the lights dim. A projection of the White Sea and the island of interest appeared. “Thanks to the efforts of Sky Force and our new allies, we have successfully established a stronghold on an archipelago several klicks away from Mary Geoise.”

Youdu Archipelago is a series of small plateaus surrounding one major island that was ravaged and destroyed due to the results of war. WIth no plant life and all its previous inhabitants displaced, it serves as the perfect location to intercept and combat the infamous crew.

“With battleship vessels surrounding the island, we’ll populate the archipelago with troops and arms.” The lights returned and focus returned to Fleet Admiral. “Ideally, we would like to surprise and ambush, however, the likelihood of that successfully occurring in light of the recent media leak means we’ll have to adapt.”

Grunts, groans, whispers immediately followed as every individual in the room had thoughts on the matter but the voices simmered as Diane continued.

“Instead, we’ll go about a more direct approach.” With a solemn tone, she delivered the strategy that would surely shock many. “Our entire strategy will hinge on the killing of Pirate Emperor Donk E. Kong!” Such a statement seemed obvious at first glance. Of course the Marines needed to defeat the Monkey King, he was the one who declared war against them. But upon further inspection, as it relates to strategy, this approach was unorthodox and seemingly unideal. Kong was arguably the most fearsome individual alive. Even those who could go toe-to-toe with him would likely need days before anything considerable would amount. Thus, wouldn’t it make more sense to dismantle his surrounding troops then with far superior numbers, overwhelm the emperor.

The unprecedented silence slowly faded as uneasiness and doubt-filled many in the audience. With a single glance, one could tell some were feeling ambitious enough to interrupt the Fleet Admiral amidst a briefing.

With only moments before this room erupted into chaos, Diane proclaimed. “If Kong is not prioritized, the battle will be lost.” She spoke bluntly. “No one here is capable of swiftly handling Kong or mitigating his chaos whilst maintaining his attention as we address his subordinates.” If these words came from a Vice-Admiral, such a statement would have no basis. But coming from the Fleet Admiral, the World’s Greatest Swordsman at that, there had to be some truth to it. “If we are going to win, we need to exploit Kong’s greatest weakness…”

They awaited to hear the greatest weakness in a seemingly unbeatable foe.

Almost snickering as nearly every individual in this appeared like salivating dogs moments before receiving a juicy cut of beef, Diane took a moment. “Kong's greatest flaw is his impulsivity.” It wasn’t the flashy, clear cut weakness that many had hoped but it was something. “The fact remains that when Kong follows an objective, he’s seemingly unstoppable.” For those who think such a statement was hyperbole, consider his nearly five decades as piracy being remotely unchecked.“Our enemies know this and I am certain they will do everything in their power to keep Kong objective-oriented.”

“For those wondering what that objective will be…” Diane wondered if this statement would truly bother some of those in this room, but she hoped it did. “The complete eradication of all lower personnel within the Marines.”

Having spoken for some time now, Diane finally opened the floor to some brief questions before continuing. She knew if their doubts and thoughts were left unanswered, it would only lead to further interruption later on.

Capitalizing on the silence, one Vice Admiral took the initiative to ask, “And how will we go about diverting him from his objective?” Many nodded in agreement as such a thought we present on many minds.

“History shows that Wukong cannot restrain himself once the prospect of an engaging battle is imminent. We’ll need to make engaging battles readily available at all points in order to progressively tear him down and deter him from his objective.” While this idea was strong and had great potential, there’s two sides to every story. “Unfortunately, the duality of conflict means that the highest-ranking subordinates of the Wukong Pirates will deter our strongest combatants long enough to allow Kong to work.” The inevitable battle between the Si Xiang and the Admirals. “Thus, it’ll be up to the Vice-Admirals to break away from any minor conflict and attempt to engage Kong by any means.”

Such pressure is put on the old and young of the rank. For many, this would be their first real encounter with a Yonko; talk about being thrown into the snakepit.

With nervousness filling their bodies, one asked what many were thinking. “How should we go about doing th-that? Approaching and engaging Kong, I mean.”

How does one tell man to prepare for death? Diane took a moment to carefully phrase her words. “You go in expecting to lose.” Probably not the best choice of words but she couldn’t take it back now. “It is unlikely any of you will likely be able to successfully defeat Kong or maintain his attention for extended periods. Hell, I don’t even know if I could do it.” Diane smirked, “But fortunately, no one’s asking you to. Narrow your scope. Don’t think about how you can defeat Kong but instead think about how you can help. Cut him, punch him, blind him, stun him, I don’t care. But before you go down, you better do something that helps the next guy.”

The uneasiness and nervousness began to settle as the Fleet Admiral really offered some perspective.

“Yea, yeah. I could do that!.”

“One good punch, that's all I need.”

“I’ll take his tail!”

“Leave an eye for me!”

Many began to rally behind Diane’s words. Sometimes to appeal to the weak, you have to appear weak yourself. Surely damaging Kong was a feat impossible for some she was encouraging but war is never bloodless. If her words could inspire those who had the potential to help win at the cost who couldn’t, then so be it.

“What are the expected casualties? I haven’t been here long but in my few campaigns, I’ve made it a point to prioritize the continuity of life, much rather than taking it.” A woman’s voice projected, cutting through the sound of her restless subordinates. “I’m just curious, because to me it appears as if you are guiding our soldiers to an imminent death.” She drew the fingers of her right hand through her long golden hair, to rest it onto her lap. Milan was the exact parallel of a battle-hungry brute, and much more comparable to the likes of a pacifist so any form of battle, large scale or not is something she would never be supportive of.

“Concern over your subordinates in the midst of conflict, maybe this organization isn’t completely dead.” Admiral Kinro pondered as it was refreshing to see a value placed on life rather than using personell like pawns in some game. “But…”

"Geez, most of you little girls are here to ask stupid questions and complain." A loud and inebriated voice was heard from across the room. Standing near the Fleet Admiral was the drunk Admiral Edo Shishio who was speaking his mind out. "You can tell none of you have faced a Yonko before. What are you scared of? If you are, you have no place in this battle. During the bulk of this year many battles went down, countless people have died. "What are the expected casualties of the battle?" Shut up!" Shishio kicked his chair away from him, "how would we ensure a victory of finally defeating him?" Get that bull crap out of here. You're expected to give more than your damn hundred percent to begin with. If you can stand on your feet you will fight, you will fight with your very being. You're supposed to be Vice Admirals! Rear Admirals! Yet you're here asking questions that show just how young you all really are. My fucking Kids have more balls then all of you." Shishio then ended his scolding of the rest by taking a drink and sitting on a chair that was placed behind him to replace the one he shattered earlier. He took a long drink from his sake gourd. "Bunch of bitches."

"I'll beg to differ...Admiral." Slade stood up and gave a proper salute to the drunken admiral, "Some of us Vice Admirals have fought yonkos before sir, most of it may just not be directly sir. Me and Vice Admiral Sen have fought Bloodbeard head on years ago on Water 7 sir. A group of us has fought Dante's forces sir. So I say, despite your drunken opinion, that you give respect where it is due sir."

Fermi smirks upon hearing Slade's comment toward Shishio. "Heh. That was a good response I'll admit. Surely you may last longer than that drunken lizard over there." said Fermi in a rare snarky tone.

"Ho? Remind me, was it me or was it some moss fox fuck that destroyed a few groves of Sabaody and bloody and beaten quite a bit when facing a Light Bastard not to long ago." Shishio then looked over at Slade, "given you have the balls to speak up to me let me give you a response. You took on Bloodbeard alongside send years ago, was that to impress me or prove me wrong? Strategically speaking  it would make much more sense for him to leave than invest too much time or power in paradise where he's cut away from the bull of his forces. So don't go thinking you guys did something like actually defeat a Yonko. Secondly you fought Dante's forces? Is that all? Did you clash with him? Did you clash with commanders? It's nowhere near what you think it is. Each time you've fought those two, you were fighting them when they had their own minor agendas. This is a damn war, this is their final stand. This isn't a group of pirates, this isn't just some battle, this is Kong and every soldier he has going at their full power. None of you have ever faced anything like this, with only a few exceptions." Shishio then got up from his chair and looked over at Heiwa, "hey. I'm headed out, my proxy will be sitting in for the rest of this."

As Shishio walked down the hall, the sound of his boots against the floor, he could feel the eyes locked on him. As he took a long drink while walking he let a loud belch out. "Either way, you know this whole "taking orders and forming plans" always go over my head. The kids are way more adept at it, he'll fill me in on whatever's decided." He knew perfectly well that most don't like him, most didn't approve of his methods or his personality. "If any of you have a problem, do something about it. I dare you " he then walked out of the room

Just after Shishio left, a young and jet black haired Louise Arthur took a seat next to his older sister, Vice Admiral Louise Elizabeth and Tempest Prospero. He didn't state a word but his eyes spoke a thousand words. "I swear I don't know why I go along with what he says."

"I apologize on behalf of the Admiral." The rather large Prospero states before bows. "Though we all know how he is already. Speaking as someone who's all too familiar with the skies and what's been going on there, I can say that this will be hell. Not all of us will make it back, not all of us will find peace even after this battle." His shirtless body shows the massive scar left on him from his confrontation with the Yonko himself. "But that doesn't scare me, and it shouldn't scare any of you. This is what you got the top spots for right? To be the strongest force of justice? This is what we came to do, to protect our world." Prospero then took his seat again.

"Apologies Accepted Vice Admiral," Slade responds as he sits down on his own chair and keeps his stone-cold glare despite a mouthful against him from the drunken admiral.

Diane tried to hide it but she couldn’t help but let out a sigh as the personalities of the Marines began to show. While she was disgusted by the sporadic behavior shown by her long-time friend, attempting to discipline someone who thrives off being undisciplined at this current juncture would only detract them further. “Let’s try to keep our opinions to ourselves, shall we?” An order disguised as a suggestion. “To answer Milan’s question, it all depends on execution. As Kokoryu highlighted, we are at war against a foe like no other. We must prepare for the worst.” she paused to reaffirm the gravity of the situation. “This is our last stand. If we lose here, the world as we know will forever change. We must be prepared for anything and prepared to risk everything, including our lives.”.

Watching from the back of the auditorium, Daisuke couldn’t help but snicker quietly. “Fancy way of not answering the question, Aoshi,” he noted, watching as this private debriefing had somehow become an open forum.

“I will be opening the floor to questions, and unless specifically addressed, I would like to advise you to keep your opinions to yourself,” Diane commented, surveying the room for the next question.

"Who will be leading these men, and women, to this battle?" The famous patriotic marine known as Seven-Six Slade looks at Diane through his visor, "There will need to be someone leading the infantry."

"Along with the infantry, how much artillery will be needed?" A half giant that was near 30 feet tall asks.

Diane was somewhat baffled by the question as the answer seemed obvious. “I will be the highest-ranking officer on the battlefield. And as with all roles and duties during this conflict, you will receive your orders when they get to you.” If she specifically answered this question, she would be opening herself for every individual to ask what their role will be. Simply waiting and seeing was the best course of action.

"What are the responsibilities of the Rear Admirals in this battle?" A girl with long blue hair asks as fellow rear admirals scattered around the room nodded.

“Each officer may have a unique task or objective in mind based on their skillset and history.” she began, not a fan of these rather narrow-focused questions. “Generalizing, Rear Admirals will be the primary force against commanders. The Wu Xing, Bagua and everything below will likely be present and we cannot simply ignore them as we are the last defense before they reach the holy land.”

Nods of agreement followed the Fleet Admiral responses. Slowly but surely her subordinates were getting a holistic view of the events soon to occur.

"There are still his higher commanders to worry about. Even one could give a Warlord trouble from what I heard," stated Echo as she heard about Ryushiki and Spark fighting as Echo takes a rare smoke from her cigarettes. "Kong is the bigger threat of course, but we cannot overlook his tykes. We may need to exert as much power on them as we will be on Kong if we want to insure all of their deaths. The less threatening pirates in this world, the better."

"While zat maybe true regarding ze commanders, doesn't change ze fact who our main target is," Maëlys replied as she entered the room, "in any case if we were to use much power on the commanders before reaching Kong, how would we ensure a victory of finally defeating him?"

"The best strategy to end this battle quickly is simple we must first remove Kong from his forces isolate him and then eliminate him it's well known his men are more loyal to his power then anything and separating the main force will allow us to more efficiently eliminate them both" Senkaku advised a look of a trained killer observing his prey upon his face.

“A divide and conquer approach would be ideal.” she concurred, impressed by the Vice-Admiral’s quick analysis. “However, we have to consider what actions our opponents will likely take before settling on a strategy. The fact remains, only three people have ever been able to keep Kong on task and two of them serve as his advisors.” Yin and Yang understand the titanic beast like no one else alive. If their objective is to win the battle, they will do whatever it takes to keep Kong on task. “Which is why the Vice-Admirals will engage Kong in the midst of the surrounding conflict, with Kiwashi mitigating damage prompted by said engagements.”

"How do we intend to mitigate the amount of control these advisors will have on keeping Kong on target as removing them from the situation will disturb the chain of command and provide us with a strategic advantage" Senkaku responded.

"We don't," Diane responded bluntly. "The individuals known as Yin and Yang have never appeared on a single battlefield. What makes them truly troublesome is the fact they can manage Kong as well as the entire Wukong Pirates forces from across the world." While her subordinates clearly had the right questions in mind, they seem to fail to realize that there was a significant deal of planning that went into this tactic. Targeting Kong wasn't decided on a whim. But rather it was the only option, among the many considered that worked considering many variables present. "If Yin and Yang are present on the battlefield, we'll dispatch a unit to attempt to capture them. However, the entire basis of the plan will not hinge on their capture. They have proven to be adequate strategists and we'll operate under premise that they'll avoid capture no matter the cost."

"Something I believed we overlook is the fact that these pirates will have the homegirls advantage." Arthur says before standing up, "While some of us have experience in the skies, the bulk of us, the bulk of the Marines really don't have much experience in the sky. Not just the difference of fighting on clouds alone but also the change of pressure and oxygen will mess with us to some degree." Despite how young he was compared to most of the Marines, he didn't want to simply sit on his hands while everyone spoke.

“Homegirls advantage. That’s so cute of you to acknowledge the imaginary cheerleaders.” Alasdair said in a tone that could only be replicated by rubbing lemon juice into a fresh wound. He turned his head to face Arthur and his golden locks flowed behind. “For one to be an Admiral’s pet, you speak like a child.”

Milan’s head snapped towards the disrespectful set of gums that belonged to her understudy, Alasdair. “Why are you starting unnecessary dram-“

Although irritated by unnecessary comments and backtalk, Diane maintained her stern expression. She didn't particularly mind lower-ranking marines sitting in and listening, but simply talking to appear engaged and intellectual was something she could not continue to tolerate. "Your subordinates' inability to follow directions is a poor reflection on you," she muttered, not calling anyone out in particular. "The floor is open to questions, not obvious thoughts about the nature of the terrain. Failure to follow this now will lead to the immediate removal from the meeting." Shishio disobedience was clearly contagious and annoying.

With an unprecedented silence following, it took a bold Rear Admiral to break it with a question of her own. "Widening the scope of Slade's question, could you offer a more detailed general overview of the layout and approach."

Music to her ears, Diane almost let out a smile as the order had returned to the summit. "Indeed." The lights dimmed once again as Diane called upon the same projection as before. "Twenty newly designed battleships, with limited levitation capabilities, will line-up on the south side of the island serving as the wall between the battlefield and Mary Geoise."

"More like four buster calls prepared to lay waste to the archipelago at any moment." Chiyoko deduced, but kept her thoughts to herself as dislike her fellow Admiral, knew how to sit and listen. As honorable and chivalrous as the Fleet Admiral claimed to be, Kinro was fully aware that Diane would raise hellfire onto the battlefield if it meant victory. "Not that ten buster calls would do anything to Kong."

"We'll draw Kong to the center island, where no officers beyond those who will combat the ape will be present." This way, the officers who are challenging the emperor have an easy combat ability and then rotate out. Or if Kong is compelled to return to his objective, someone from all angles can intercept. "Rear Admirals and officers below said rank will be stationed on the remaining islands where they'll battle subordinates of Kong." Diane didn't highlight how these same small islands will likely be the battleground between the Admirals and the Si Xiang, where the officers below will likely be collateral.

"Once the battle begins, we are able to draw the enemy into the battlefield. Vice-Admiral Kiwashi will swiftly dispose of their mobility by removing their armada." The lights returned and the projection ceased. "From there it'll be about handling Kong. Execution is everything."

Rising from his seat, a zebra mink vice-admiral addressed the Fleet Admiral. "I couldn't help but notice that the Shichibukai are neither here nor highlighted in these plans. Will they not be engaging the enemies with us?" He was sure he wasn't the only one aware of the Fleet Admiral's disliking for the privateers but if another one of the three great powers was being left off the assault because of her own personal bias, with many of the men and women risking their lives, he needed to know why.

Diane could sense the emotions that coupled the mink's question, he was clearly dubious of her. "The Warlords will not be engaging the enemies with us." Diane once again answered the question without delicacy. But before there was another uproar she elaborated as to why this was the case. "Never has there been an attack of this proportion this close to the holy land." Revolutionaries, pirates, slave revolts and other small militias have attacked the holy land but never a global power like an Emperor. "The Nobles have made it clear they do not wish to leave the Holy Land and as such have requested the protection of their mutts in case we fail." The fact remained that Diane would've put aside her bias to win the war. But the decision went over her head. The Shichibukai are allies of the World Government not affiliates of the Marines, thus they don't directly work under her.

Anxiety and nerves fluttered once more as the idea of them losing seemed to be a real possibility. "The Nobles are actually prepared for us to lose." someone muttered under their breath.

Birthed from the anxiety, the same vice-admiral followed up with another question. "Ok. Given you are one of the few to actually fought Kong, any suggestions or weaknesses we should know about before we approach him." With Zou being his hometown, the Vice-Admiral's fear of primate wasn't only tied to his pirate history. The tale of Onizaru laying waste to the island of Zou is one that all kids in Zou are told and to finally meet this monster brought chills to his spine.

"Only approach him with a strategy in mind." Diane responded, once again sensing his fear. "Your wits will likely be your only advantage over Kong. So use them." she continued. Unsure if she wanted to reveal this fact to her subordinates as it may detract interest from the strategy, she realized if she didn't highlight this it would likely bite them in the ass. "Our strategy is somewhat of a double-edged blade as Kong's adaptability and mimicry will allow him to become even more fearsome throughout the battle."

Diane wasn't going to let this meeting end with words of discouragement. Her tone grew more vibrant and uplifting as she addressed the entire room. "Though he won't live long enough to make use of these abilities!"

"Yeah!" a couple of her subordinates chanted, revved up by her show of emotion.

"Because with every new trick he takes from us...We'll be taking a limb from him!" Diane continued.

"Fuck yeah!"

"Let's kill the ape!"

"Send him to hell where he belongs!"

"The world has lost faith in Justice, so let's show them exactly what it means to be a Marine! Let's take the monkey's fucking head!" A bold proclamation but she meant every word of it. It is rare for the world's largest organized military to be considered and underdog but media and perception has made them one. That's fine. Everyone loves a good underdog story. From the brink of defeat, the Marines come together in one last stand to defeat the wicked Monkey King. The headlines will be glorious. Days away from the conflict's commencement, the battle between order and anarchy was soon to begin.

Gathering of Grey Hounds

With the war looming in its footsteps, the cries of men could be felt echoing the Holy Land of Mary Geoise. The Capital of the World, the closest land to the skies tremored as the fear of an imminent attack loomed at the Representatives of the world as they coiled themselves in the confines of their castles while the worlds’ mightiest law enforcements shed blood, sweat and tears in their mighty conquest of the skies.

Flashback to the time of the strategic meet in the large, expansive, and opulent room where the men in Uniform met with the Five Elders and other representatives of the Worlds’ noblest families.

The hands of a certain chore boy shivered as he brought in drinks for the important members of the meeting. “In order for the Holy Land to remain as safe as it can get, we assure you, we will be taking the fight to their turf.” A Marine summarized a piece of the report to the attendees.

“Ae you sure that will work? ,” A man in a white robe sitting cross-legged on the special seat, questioned the Marine whilst petting his Toy Spaniel which sat on his lap. The Dog kept on wagging its docked little tail while staring at every other Marine in the room, for it was its first time seeing people wear anything other than white robes. “What I mean is, you are saying, you will take the army away from hee, but what about us? Ae we going to be open bait ?” He retorted to the decisions taken.

“Yes, Saint Spaniel has raised a good point,” Another Marine, one with an important look on his face responded. “It is a common tactic to take hostage the enemy’s close ones to gain leverage in the war, my little daughter, I miss her so much!.” he said, as tears dropped down from his face, cheeks and to a portrait of a five-year-old he held in his hands. “Now Now there, calm down, Sensei,” A girl not even in her late teens, consoled him, wiping the tears from his saddened face with a towel, specially embroidered in a golden rose.

“Do you, of all people, think that stupid monkey has even heard of the word “tactics” ?” Another Marine who looked like a veteran of war based on the scars in his body, laughed, as he scorned even the thought of Wukong employing a tactic not involving headlong direct assault.

“You of all people should know, we are fighting not only Wukong but an entire crew and their allies, all with different personalities and ideologies, especially from what reports we got from our spies.”, an angered Napoleon, arrived at the meet, having heard the entire state of the room from behind the door.

“So no one is gonna answer my point ?”, the World Noble from before, Saint Spaniel, bolted his voice, making it heard, the Toy Spaniel in his lap let out a bark with the same tone as that of his master. “Are you leaving us exposed to be taken as hostages to the likes of these men ?”. He continued making his point, as he whooped out the latest special edition of the WENP. Turning the pages to the Inglorious Bastard section, he pointed out the name of a certain Yonko, “Look what this Exposing Dent guy did to an entire Military Country, whom our forces have feared for centuries. What if he attacks the World ?”. “Oh, that is Esposito Dan….” the Noble next to him, tried correcting him but was stopped before he could finish his sentence, “Do you expect me to lean the name of measly men ?”

The Nobles began murmuring with each other about the possibilities as the Marines spoke between themselves in order to find ways to assure the Nobles their safety. Once they finished, the Marine Reporter faced the Nobles, “We have decided to leave the six warlords, for your safety and the defence of the Holy Land. We will be sending the call for assistance at once. “

“Those six ruffians defiling the Mecca again?”

Many Nobles protested within themselves,

“Weren’t they seven before? what happened to one of them ?”

“They can’t even save their own souls, how do you expect them to save the Holy Land ?”

“After all this ordeal is done, can I take that Dragoness as my slave ?”

“That black jacket young boy is more of my taste, I wish he could notice me <3”

“You are out of luck, he looks like a guy who would have a harem of girls surrounding him, probably even his cousin sister swooning over him,”

“Luck ?, I am a Noble,”

“I still do not like this arrangement, I don’t trust those third world single-celled lobsters,”

Silencing the Nobles, the youngest of the Five Elders, the one who sported blonde hair got up, “We have no choice in this matter but to trust your decision, Diane the Knight. Plus, I don’t think we have to worry if he will be present here,”

“Yes, although he is a bit busy, dealing with another Yonko right now, he should be present here for the war, I hope so,” Diane said in response, already shrugging the idea of depending on the Pirates for security reasons. But that was one way of assuring that they wouldn’t get in the way of the attack and take glory to themselves. It would be tough to command an army that had independent brains midst them.

Back in the present, the heavy rains from Kong’s continuous assaults had turned the Holy Land into a wetland, despite the advanced water draining facilities facilitate in all nooks and corners of the Grand City. Evacuation centres were being readied for the Noble civilians in case of an imminent attack. Lucky for the World Government and the Marines, surprisingly all six of the Warlords had rendezvoused at the World Fortress. However the life of the nobles went on like usual, most of them spent their day indoors as usual playing games and producing music.

“I will name my new piece, “The Face-less Monkey””.....

There was also a mighty Slave Parade Event taking place in the indoor hall, where slaves were stripped of their clothes and painted in monkey paint and paraded around the stage in heavy Seastone chains. The leader of the slaves was of course given a Monkey Zoan.

“Hahaha, Monkeybrain slave, who do you think is mighty ? that Monkey who calls himself Wukong, or me, your Lord and Saviour Saint Khan ?”

“You, my Lord…”

Meanwhile, outside in the streets, a few Marines of the lesser ranks patrolled while also keeping an eye on the strangers of the place. It was no strange, that the Shichibukai had set foot on Mary Geoise since they are weirdly affiliated to the World Government directly, but it was weird for many involved to see all of them present idly at the place at the time. Also, the absence of any high-ranking Marines being absent from the place caused the environment to be more gloomy.

One of the Shichibukai, Shinzui had ignored all proceedings, as he sat on the pavement in front of the gates of the Gracious Castle. With the usual look of boredom on his face and a bottle of Sake beside him, he was playing a game of chess with an unknown figure cloaked in all black.

The game of chess they played was an interesting one, the black pieces controlled by Shinzui had monkey-like features while the white pieces were controlled by the mysterious figure and were angelic-like. It was very common for Shinobi from the Land of Wano to pass on important secrets with each other using Shogi pieces however did the lands outside of Wano using chess pieces instead?

“How are things in Wano ?” the cloaked figure asked Shinzui, a grin appearing from within the cloaked face.

“The happenings in Wano are of no bearing here mind you, We are here to face Kong, that is what it is,”

“Referring to the crook by his name. Looks like you still have lingering emotions for your old crewmate.”

“Make of it what you will, you are just writing fanfics in Wattpad,” Shinzui responded as he attacked the white king with his queen piece, “Checkmate,”

After what it appeared to be some silence, Ryushiki, another one of the Shichibukai, can be standing firmly outside of the gates as well. She was recently brought in thanks to Admiral Shishio from Dressrosa. However, Ryushiki was still clearly upset due to the events that happened there recently and, despite being ordered to guard Mary Geoise, she could only care about getting revenge. Ryushiki herself didn't much cared for the Nobles of course considering she is a dragon in demon form as of now and could've cared less what happened to him. However, she didn't want to risk losing her reign over Dressrosa and made sure to put on a good face for them.

"This is annoying. I should be out there killing all of that stupid ape's army, the one that dared attacked MY kingdom. No, it's the ape that is the root of all of the cause. Sending his stupid laprat after my kingdom, all of the damage he and that other bastard caused but at least he is dead. I will get my revenge on both of those Minks, that is assured. No one that risks trying to destroy my kingdom will even dare think they can get away with it." Ryushiki thought to herself as she kept her position as is, making it think to any others that she isn't even willing to converse.

Sitting the furthest from the heavenly city was one of the newest members of the shichibukai, Elio Francesco. Not once since he's sat down as he looked over, simply sitting and appearing to be zoned out, looking in the direction of the battle. "How annoying..." He said out loud before creating a small fully bloomed rose sculpture made of ice. "It's been years since I've been here." He whispered under he breath.

At that moment the feeling of shackles on his wrist and ankles came flooding back to the young man. The scars covering his body began to feel warmer. The final fight he saw of his mother, a slave, forced to watch him be beaten and tossed off the red line, the seemingly never ending fall which was coupled with the sensation of when he finally crashed onto the sea, the painful breaking of his bones.

"I do hope that ape makes it here. I either n Bake d something to take this frustration out on... or maybe help him bring these bastards down." he thought to himself before laying down, letting out a sigh. "I wonder if I should eat my lunch yet."

Leaning on a column that was holding the gate, the Shichibukai Gahn was seen having a smoke as he leaned on the column. He was all alone, away from his wives and from everyone but the shichibukai around him. He was escorted here after his kingdom of Alabasta was invaded by Kong's forces as well. Now he was told to protect the World Nobles here at the holy land and defend them with his life.

"Defend the Nobles they said, with your life they said," Gahn was thinking as he smoked, "Why the hell am I protecting the ones that made my homeland a dry, sandy hell that I have thankfully fixed. Kinda want those Kong's toe-suckers to come over here and take this gate, then again they're the ones that ruined my homeland, and they hurt many of my innocent citizens, so revenge is also on my list." He thinks as he looks at the shichibukai around him that are protecting the gate with him, pondering if he should strike a conversation.

Neal did not want to be here. He may hate pirates, but he hated this stuck-up nobles. He wanted to break this gate himself and free all those slaves, but now was not the time. Perhaps if Wukong showed up, he could free them in the chaos. Neal had been ignoring the war for the most part after fighting the monster Moby Dick. That was too much of a close call for his liking. He had to get stronger if he was ever going to challenge his mortal enemy, but for now he was stuck here, a guard for these monsters. How low he had fallen. He glanced towards the gate and made eye contact with Gahn.

Meanwhile, the chess game between the cloaked person and Shinzui did not stop, despite the white king being out of the game from the earlier checkmate, however, you looked at it, the game did not make sense. The pieces were moving around with a set pattern and this went on for a while. “Well, I need to take a piss, sheesh,” Shinzui said in a troubled voice, as he got up, causing a grin to fall on the face of the black-cloaked man.

Walking towards the gates of the Castle, Shinzui passed through the other Shichibukai sharing their looks of distaste of being sidelined for the war. The Shichibukai made his way in search of a place for him to relieve himself. While Shinzui, masked his presence from the other Celestial Dragons present in the vicinity, he was not able to fool the guards present in hiding all around the Palace. However, they didn’t make any move against his movements and let him freely do his thing.

As Shinzui moved inside and into the maze that was the Victorian styled Palace, he finally reached the destination he wanted to be in. It was the Room of Authority, the room of the five Elders. As the door opened, Shinzui saw in front of him, all the Five Elders in attendance. Shinzui took a few steps inside as the big door closed behind him.

“What brings you here now? What happened in Wano ?” Shinzui’s steps were halted by the questions raised by Gorosei, “Despite being a Warlord, you should be careful when you casually approach us,”

“I have come here to speak about the future,....and not Wano,” Shinzui said, as he bowed before the Five, “Please excuse me,”

Battle for Mary Geoise

Shockwaves scattered throughout the forest as two titanic beasts clashed. On one end, an orange vulpes with his best years behind him but with his wits still with him. On the other, a primate like no other with springtime of youth empowering him. Surrounded by vegetation larger than them, the two engaged in fierce battle over something they have since forgotten.

Dueling for nearly three days now, the fox mink could feel his body begin to ache against the powerful blows of his student. “Damn, waiting for an opening seems to be getting harder and harder.” Zenko panted, catching his breath and he raised his black fists. The battle had been on-going for some time now and he couldn’t remember the last time he was on the offensive.

Swinging from the gargantuan branch, Kong descended upon Zenko with his guns blazing. “Ora!” he chanted, his arms cocked back behind his head to try and break through the fox’s defenses.

Waiting till the very last moment, Zenko enshrouded himself in static electricity to grant him the speed boost required to suddenly pivot, lowering his torso downward to evade the strike. Whilst dodging, his tail immediately became covered in the same darkness that coated his hands. Using his student’s downward momentum against him, Zenko seized the opportunity to strike at Kong using his dexterous tail to slither through the ape’s defenses and hopefully punish him as a result. Hoping to finish this long standing battle in this one blow, he projected his will outward, hoping to crack his jaw from within and rendering him unconscious. “One tail style: Hammer-Time!”

Careless in his motions and unable to dodge as a result, Kong took the full force of the attack head on, being sent hurtling across the forest, crashing and destroying everything between him the cataclysmic mountain until he was abruptly stopped; not without leaving a crack nearly causing the entire landscape to collapse. Despite the undisputed force of the assault, Kong managed to arise once again. “Very impressive master, you’ve improved!” Kong snickered, holding a confident smirk on his face as blood dripped from his mouth.

“Shut it, you little shit!” Zenko retorted, enraged that his attack didn’t put the beast down as he hoped. “I’ve been good from the start! Your sorry ass is the one who needs to improve! Leaving yourself open like that.” While lecturing the young primate, the fox mink could hear a ship in the distance. Having forgotten that the two docked on an island affiliated to the Red Giant, Zenko realized how much the two have screwed up. “Kong we got-”

In the moment Zenko’s focus shifted elsewhere, Kong capitalized on the opportunity. Emulating the fox’s aura of electricity, Kong zoomed across the field nearly six miles away in six steps, appearing before the distracted fox. Also reminiscent of the fox, Kong channeled his will outward, swinging his tail at Zenko’s jaw with a magnitude potentially superior to his teacher’s attack. “One tail style: Hammer-Time!”

Unable to finish his statement due to the tail whip, Zenko was sent hurdling the opposing direction. Skipping like a rock in a pond, the fox slowly lost momentum as he eventually crashed into the valley below. Unlike his younger counterpart, Zenko struggled to maintain his consciousness. “No- Kong, we go…” he mumbled, hearing Kong beating his chest in the distance before passing out.

A few hours later, the titanic fox finally regained consciousness, fluttering his eyes before stumbling to get up. Noticing his body wasn’t where he passed out, he surveyed around until he found Kong a few meters away, feasting on the island’s massive creatures. Letting out a deep sigh of relief, Zenko approached him. “I see, you are enjoying your victory.”

“Two victories!” Kong snickered, before chomping down at the large leg of indiscernible meat.

“Two?” Zenko questioned, before recalling the arrival of the pirate ship. With a frantic look on his face, Zenko quickly followed up. “Kong, do you remember the jolly roger on the ship?”

“The what?” Kong responded, uninterested in why Zenko was so sporadic.

“The picture on the flag, Kong? Did it have a beard?” Visibly concerned, Zenko struggled closer to the primate.

“Eh….I think it did.” Kong retorted with a mouthful of such delicacy. “Yeah, it was orange,” he smiled. “Don’t worry though, I beat them all. And I had that last dude run back to their boss.” Filled with excitement, Kong took another large bite. “He told me his boss was the strongest in the whole world, so I told him to bring him here.”

Falling on his ass, Zenko was in complete disbelief. But after a few seconds of astonishment, reality finally set in. Zenko knew this day would eventually come. Hiding Kong from the world was growing harder and harder with each passing day. And Kong seemed to have little interest in being the great leader of Zou. Really, he had no ambitions at all for that matter. “For the past ten years you’ve been my problem. It's about time I let you be the world’s.”

45 Years Laters

“Hoohoohaahaa! What did I tell y’all! Those blue and whites will have no choice but to meet us here if we go for their sacred land!” Kong chanted, bearing witness to the captivating scene of the Marines scattered throughout Youdu. His eyes bounced from one unit to the next. “Ten, thirteen, seventeen… Eh? Only twenty battleships? I thought there’d be more.” But his grandiose fantasies did not stop him from relishing the scene. His nostrils widened as the glorious smell of sweat, blood, fear and excitement filled the area. “They’re all here, I can sense them.” Kong’s tail slammed into the crest of his iconic flagship Zhinü.  Taking in a large breath, his voice boomed like thunder in the clouds.

OI!!!! Marines!!!!! I’m so glad you guys made it! I can’t wait to fight each of you before I go kill those weaklings at Mary Geoise!!!

Behind the colossal flagship was an armada like no other. With thirty years of dominance, dozens of varying sized ships and some aboard absurdly large sky creatures hovered above the white seas in affiliation to the Monkey King. Nearly forty thousand pirates under one flag. Hearing the captain already proclaiming victory against the enemy before them, with zero reason to doubt the world’s greatest conqueror, they all chanted and shouted in response.

“I’ve been waiting to get in on a battle like this!”

“I wonder what sake tastes like in the holy land?”

“I got about a thousand bullets, so that's about two thousand dead marines.”

“Me think the clouds should be red.”

“Can we get this over with already, I’m dying to get back to sleep.”

Kong’s blood boiled as he was eager to get things started. Falling into a squat as he bounced up and down in preparation for the events soon to transpire. Glossing over the battlefield, Kong couldn’t help but notice that the marines had left the center island open, almost welcoming him as the others were filled with varying personnel. “Trying to box me in, huh.” Kong's expression was filled with confidence and conquest. If this is where they wanted him to go then that’s where he’s headed. “If you aren’t fighting, I’ll kill you myself, you got that!” Kong declared, directed at his thousands of troops. “Now, let’s make em corpses and cripples!”

Leaping from his ship, Kong wasted no time getting to the center island. Although attentive of his surroundings, he did not wait for his opponents to approach him. But before he could make any moves against the Marines, the voice of one of his esteemed advisors plagued his mind. “You need to destroy their fleet first, Kong. Let the others focus on the officers for now and eliminate their route to escape.” Yin reminded his captain from an undisclosed location.

“Then I can start fighting?” Kong questioned, having lost a wager against Yin, he had agreed to follow the plan and be on his best behavior for now at the very least.

“I’m sure the fighting will find you.” Yin sighed, rolling his eyes as he knew if they were to win a lot of fifty-fifty encounters would have to go their way.

Smiling, a wave of the conqueror's spirit emerged from the Monkey’s King’s massive physique as he chanted, “Bring me those ships!” And within the white, several sky creatures tamed by the sky’s ruler, dashed towards the Marine battleships.

Behind Kong the remainder of the pirates began their siege upon Yondu. Some rained canonfire upon the islands surrounding the centermost. Others had their ships slowly approach the islands before engaging the marines. War cries and battle chants echoed throughout. The battle had begun and there was enough action for everyone.

Although many marines were capable of handling the threats below the white seas, each of them were tasked with specific objectives and were told to ignore all hurdles beyond them. Standing at the centermost battleship was none other than the leader of the Marines and greatest swordsmen, Diane. Withdrawing her sword, she closed her eyes as she recited a prayer. “The blood of the fallen will not be forgotten. With every man and woman lost today, we strive towards a new era of peace. Let that drive us to victory and have the recently departed bless us as we struggle ahead. Amen!” her eyes illuminated with glorious purpose as her own king’s spirit flooded the battlefield, knocking out the creatures before they were close enough to pose a threat. “Victory will be ours!!”

Cheers and exclamations coming from the marine’s side echoed as the battle began. Given the all clear from the Fleet Admiral, the marines commenced their strategy and directives. Who would come out on top would be anyone’s guess but we will soon find out.

Thrilled by the fact arguably the most suited opponent for him on his battlefield was aboard the ships he was tasked with destroying, Kong began to sprint towards the ships upon seeing the beasts fail. “Mrs. Swordsman! You think you give me a new scar to remember you by!” he chanted, unphased by the surrounding turmoil and chaos as his intentions were clear. “Mrs. Swordsman! Oi,Mrs. Swordsman!” he continued to repeat, with each step leaving a small crater as he made his way to her.

Suddenly, in a bright green flash of light emerges the Admiral Fermi as he positions himself in a fair distance away from Kong. A bunch of veins can be seen across the admiral's face as he bared his fangs due to his humink lineage. Fermi, one who prides himself of being loyal to the World Nobles, is of course furious on the ape's intention to destroy Mary Geoise. As his cape waves proudly in the wind, he stares at the approaching Kong without any nerves in his body.

"Mary Geoise is the most sacred place on this planet. I won't tolerate anyone that thinks they could bring it down. Not even if they are a Yonko. I will make sure to bring this ape to his knees. You won't even have to confront the Fleet Admiral herself!" Fermi said as he pointed out his arm with an open palm toward Kong's direction as he is preparing to fire from it. "Ganma Tengoku!" shouted Fermi as he sent out an intense gamma blast that went toward Kong.

As the cataclysmic blast of gamma meteored towards Kong, the primate prepared to intercept it. "I must've been pretty popular at Zou for you to copy my whole swag..." he muttered, stopping his progress as he waited for the blast head on. "Bet this can be pretty useful.." Kong continued preparing to face the assault head-on.

But before the blast had a chance to impact the primate, the floor suddenly cracked as a titanic boa emerged with its mouth opened, devouring the attack whole. While unbeknownst to the two standing outside of it, a layer of haki protected the snake's stomach in order to sustain the attack or at least she had hoped it would. While the haki protected from any radiation from spewing out the massive, the serpent began to wither away as the the potency of the attack was too much for it to bear. "Troubling ability..." Violet noted, emerging from the same hole as her serpent creation. Turning to Kong she quickly exclaimed. "What are you still doing here. You know what you have to do." She sighed, returning her attention to the mink above.

"You better leave some for me once I finish with this bitch!" Kong retorted before resuming his quest towards the end of the island. Galvanized by the sudden appearance of another worthy foe, Kong couldn't help but imagine the possibilities of the great duels that lied ahead.

"Hmph. One of the higher ups huh? The more of you pirates we kill, the better." uttered Fermi as he prepared to begin his attack on his new target, Violet, now.

"Shiiiii! Hohoho! Shiiiii! Hohoho! Hell yes! Yes!" The mighty admiral, Kokuryū, Edo Shishio let out a might laugh with widened eyes. The huffing of his breath with each passing pant grew louder. His gaze fixated at the Pirate Emperor standing before him. This sensation, this boiling of his blood, he hadn't felt it in some time. He gripped on to his sword and drew it before taking off on a dash. "If I kill him, i call dibs on disposing the body! i want to see how long it take for it to reach the Blue Sea from up here!" Shishio proclaimed as each of his might footsteps had violent eabes of strength behind them! A black aura enveloped itself around his katana, an eerie sensation followed it, almost demonic.

As someone who had been raised by Humandrills, by animals, someone who has always been compared to nothing more but a beast, as someone who lives by only his own desires and pleasures, Shishio was possibly just as excited as the pirate emperor for such a battle to commence. "Oi!!! Ape! You and me! One on One! Kill me if you can!" Shishio yelled at the top of his lungs, challenge the emperor ahead of him! Then cocking his arm back, his sword pointed outward, he swung it out! a black sword slash flew through the air! at rapid speeds it chased and aimed at the emperor! "Block it! Dodge it! Or counter! I don't care! Just fight!"

"Hmph. Yeah, how about no." said a sudden voice as a jet black sword beam quickly intercepts the black sword beam as both attacks cancel each other out. From that moment, a cloud of acid smoke and some electricity sparks from it as it soon takes form between Kong and Shishio revealing himself as Z. Spark. Spark stares at the bloodthirsty admiral without a hint of fear on his face and can't help but casually smoke a cigar. He then takes his unique blade and points it toward Shishio. "You don't even deserve to lay a hand on him. Boss, just leave this one to me. I got a personal grudge against this man." Spark exclaimed as he kept his blade pointing toward Shishio.

Kong kept moving forward. Appearing to reject his very nature, he focused on getting to the fleet only a couple of miles away. "Oi that guy looked like he knows a good time!" he smiled with glee. Possessed with excitement, Kong prepared for a big leap in order to commence his own fun as seeing his subordinates get all the action was certainly a tease. But planted his foot in preparation to jump, suddenly the floor below crumbled, losing his footing.

"And I thought I was dramatic one..." Chiyoko sighed, standing at the front of one of the battleships near the Fleet Admiral. "Grandiose statements and irrelevant proclamations. You just give away your location, idiots." Crumbling into the wind, Chiyoko preferred efficiency over finesse. Waiting for Kong to put all his weight down on the ground below, she called upon her fruit's awakening to split the ground into pieces, with the hopes of catching him stumbling in order to punish him. As the titanic ape swayed, suddenly ten fingers emerged christened in darkness.

Her two indexes targeted his eyes.

Her middles fingers targeting the great saphenous vein and carotid artery respectively.

Her ring fingers hoping to slice his Achilles.

The pinkies selecting his knee caps.

And her thumbs aimed at his chest, without directed at the aorta.

Such precision and accuracy were unmatched. While it seemed her fellow admirals were simply daring Kong to engage them, sending attacks the obviously the ape could survive and press onward, Chiyoko was striking to win the war. If anyone of her bullets even grazed the ape, the deterioration process would commence from within, as her awakening and advanced usage of internal destruction would destroy the Pirate Emperor from the inside, accounting for his logia abilities. Furthermore, the piercing power of the attack was strengthened by the martial art, Shigan, a technique she's globally renowned for employing. Such a gruesome attack was known as, Ten Finger Art: Meteor Shower. As her fingers struck, Chiyoko's location remained unclear as she had broken down to an indiscernible size.

In a war in which several headstrong men and women of all races stood out facing each other, with one goal in mind. It is easy for a soldier to lose track of everything else when their goal is in sight, it is then when a soldier become narrowminded. Kong was the greatest enemy of humankind, as well as the Wukong Pirates greatest assets. Though their Captain was clumsy, his presence on the battlefield provided many soldiers with a goal in sight. such that they become narrowminded. Such was the state of pity faced by Marines right now, even the fabled Admirals of the Superpower Organization, wanted the war to end so badly they skipped level 1-99 and faced the level 100 boss directly. What kind of a Pokemon game would it be if one would be able to challenge the champion without facing the gym leaders and the elite four?

As Chiyoko's focus gazed on the large-bodied Ape, what many failed to recognize was the feathered being resting in between the fur of the Primate. A small individual whose eyes saw things many did not. "One, two, three, four..., nine, ten," Phoenix D. Red, counted the number of fingers coming to poke Wukong. Among many others. Swiping his feathered arms in the air, he created two portals using his Devil Fruit powers to gobble the middle fingers and the pinkies heading Kong's way. These gobbled up fingers would return back from two more portals known as exit ways, with the same velocity and furiously, Red aimed these exit portals in the directions of few unlucky Marines present in the enemy ships, so that they would taste the soup produced by their own Leader.

As for the rest of them, Red had no choice, he would only create two portals at once and if he were to use the same portals everywhere, it would be difficult for them to catch up, especially since how nimble the Admiral was. Not that the birdman was stiff or out of options, to demonstrate that, Red flapped his wings to shed a few of his blackened feathers, which raced towards the fingers like the shape kunai they were. These feather blades would make sure to slice through the fingers aimed at other parts of Kongs body. However for the one aimed at Kongs heart, Red did not want to take risks. Like the bird-of-prey he was, Red Flew towards the front of Kongs chest and stopped Chiyoko's thumbs with a fancied large feather blade about the size of a Japanese katana.

Regaining his footing by internally altering his buoyancy, Kong couldn't help but laugh as Red intercepted the intricate attack. "Hooohoohaaahaa! Doesn't she know basic battle behavior, crazy bitch! Going all out from the start is no fun!" With the floor no longer being a viable moving point, Kong suddenly sprouted black wings in order to take further into the skies. "Don't worry, I'll be back to whoop that ass later!" Kong chanted, before flying high above the battlefield. Getting what Red would call a bird's eye view of the battlefield, Kong shifted his attention to the battleships of the Marines once more. "You gonna fight me next or you gonna send another one of your underlings?!?" Kong chanted, his voice once again booming as the God of Thunder himself.

While abandoning the mission and defeating Kong herself was something Diane honestly would love to do, especially given her lack of usefulness in the last sky conflict she was engaged in, Diane restrained herself and remained diligent. "Let's see what the next generation of Marines is truly capable of."

Dawn or Dusk

Deities Clash: Red Monkey and Grey Owl

30 Minutes Earlier

Observing the and floating islands, Milan was completely fascinated with her surrounding environment. This was her first time seeing any type of Sky Island, and she honestly hoped it wouldn't be her last. Inhaling deeply, Milan would shut her eyes in an attempt to regain her calm composure as she needed to be a role model for her junior officers, Shitennō especially. She turned one-hundred and eighty degrees to face the four marine soldiers she exclusively picked to be apart of her group, as she saw the potential in them and wanted to give them a platform to not only grow alongside her but prove their capabilities.

"I hope you know that the four of you may very well die today, and I'll do everything in my power to protect and assist you." She explained to Shitennō, clearing her throat before continuing what she had to say. "What I won't is sit here and assure you that you'll survive this war and continue fighting alongside me! You're not fighting for only yourselves but each other and the entire world. We can not allow Mary Geoise to fall today, so fight until you are both physically and mentally unable to!" Milan quickly turned her body so that her back faced the four marines, as she felt embarrassed by her words. "D-Do not fault, and show the Wukong Pirates who you truly are and what you fight to represent!! Now you all will head to Island 12, as I've heard that a mighty foe has made home of it. Handle him and bring this war closer to an end." She projected, spreading her arms to form a T with her body.

Transparent energy formed around her fist as she looked towards the center Island. "Tengoku Heno Kaidan!" She yelled as small platforms, round in size formed from the transparent energy in a linear formation. The platforms formed an invisible staircase that would only be visible to Milan due to her powers. Using the newly formed staircase, Milan began her climb to the center Island.

Present Time

Upon arrival to the center island, Milan bent down to get a closer look on the matter that made up the island. "This should work perfectly." She mumbled to herself, before preparing to form her first attack. "Six-Headed Cataclysmic Ruin!" She yelled, as half spheres of her transparent began to dig into the gravel underneath her. She'd groan as she slowly pushed her fist upwards as if she was trying to lift something ten times her size. Finally large boulders encased in a full sphere of Milan's transparent energy had formed from the compression of gravel rose from the ground, causing several fissures to run through the center island. "AAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHAAA!!!" Milan continued to scream as the six massive boulders rose in height and speed. Soon they would be racing upwards at a speed of at least 25 miles per hour, and the raw pressure against the top of the boulders caused them to ignite aflame as they soared towards the Red Monkey's current location.

Hovering above the battlefield, Kong was briefly lost in his own thoughts as he pondered as how he'd approach attacking the battleships. "I could do something with Spark's clouds or maybe I should try t-" But before he could finish his thought, the perfect idea came hurdling at him in the form of six meteors. "Hoohoohaahaa! Couldn't have done it better myself!" the primate cheered before rushing straight towards the intended attack. Expanding in size, Kong physique grew comparable to that of a titan form Elbaf as thunder began to echo from with the kaiju-like emperor. Dubbed Pīlì, Kong slammed his roaring hands together producing a shockwave of astronomical proportions. Botls lightning spewed from his physique, scattering throughout the skies enveloping the region above the battlefield in dark mist as the clouds came into collision with Kong's retaliation.

After a few moments of sitting in limbo, a large chant emerged. "I'm going for PERFECT GAME!" With his size reverting back to normal except for his hand, from it, he swung his arm across his body where debris from the explosion emerged from his appendage. Although his attack was directed at the fleet of ships, Kong didn't store all of the rubble and thus, varying sizes of gravel descended upon the battlefield. Dislike the vice-admiral who used her devil fruit to reverse the force of gravity, Kong had gravity on his side, progressively increasing the speed of the debris as it descended. If not dealt with, subordinates of both side on many of the islands of the archipelago would suffer injuries and casualties at the careless hand of the Vice-Admiral.

As his attack hurdled downward, Kong's hand reverted back to normal as he continued to watch from the above. He wondered who directed the attack at him as the ability seemed similar to that blonde boy who died in the Dressrosa. "Did they already find and take his fruit?" he wondered.

"Stupid Monkey took the bait, terrific." Milan mumbled to herself, as a smile itched onto her face. "Cataclysmic Ruin: Stargazing Meteors!" She yelled, as a large amount of the debris were surrounded in their own individual transparent energy spheres and in moments the kinetic energy seemed to be stripped from the majority of the falling debris. "Your playing right into my game..Red Monkey." Milan yelled upwards at Kong, a smug grin practically inked onto the face of the Vice-Admiral. "You did exactly as I foresaw, and destroyed the attack I constructed in the exact fashion an ignorant brute like yourself would. Please don't tell me your like the drunken beast, all might with no brawn?" She said, with words intent to cut as deep as bone.

Focusing back on her next attack, Milan turned both hands so that her palms faced towards the vast sky. "Disillusionment Void." The blonde woman thought to herself, as the wavelengths surrounding the wave of debris were bent rendering them invisible to the naked eye. A large current of kinetic energy could be detected from anyone with a strong affinity for Kenbunshoku Haki, but if Kong's wasn't sufficient enough he would find himself under fire from a barrage of debris as the spheres carried it back towards the Monkey with an even greater speed than before. These spheres lacked the weight of the six before them, allowing for faster movement.

"Oi, so it is like blondie's ability..." Kong noted, watching as the trajectory of the rubble shifted back towards him. Although tempted to go hunt down the culprit, the anticipation of fighting someone more commendable like the Fleet Admiral rather than a ranged fighter hurdling pebbles at him poised the primate to return to the mission at hand. With no need to broadcast his use of sensory haki, Kong simply became a creature of unparalleled heat. Making use of the an ability utilized by his previous captain, lightning roared from within the physique of the the pirate emperor as he internally makeshifts his physique into thunderclouds. With heat superior to the literal sun, the pebbles couldn't even make it with within twenty meters of the ape as they disintegrated due to the air growing hotter and hotter with each passing moment.

"Sending little girls to fight for you Mrs. Swordsmen?!?! I thought you were better than this!" Kong egged on the Fleet Admiral hoping to draw her into action as his voice continued to boom throughout the battlefield.

Instead of drawing Kong towards her, Diane simply paid the beast no mind at all, shifting her attention towards more pressing components of the battle. She placed her faith in the Vice-Admirals she tasked with occupying and damaging the beast, though she did indeed wonder how the famous strategist planned on maintaining the interest of the seeming disinterested pirate emperor from all the way down there.

Noticing the Fleet Admiral's shift in attention, Kong's expression changed to one of anger. "Stupid bitch..." he frowned, preparing to engage the fleet below.

”How dare that stupid ape ignore me! I shall team him a few lessons about science then!” Milan thought to herself, as her face flushed red from embarrassment. “Infrared Divergence!” The violet eyed Vice-Admiral roared as she focused all of her energy on the single wavelength that generated heat, infrared. Kong is an extremely powerful foe, so controlling him would be no easy task but this did halt Milan’s attempt.

Putting her hands together, Milan would lift them above her head in the direction of the infrared radiating beast called Kong. Like she was preparing to dive into the sea, her hands would swing downwards in an attempt to cause a fissure directly through Kong by bending the infrared wavelengths. This action is successful would cause a divide right through the cloud, splitting him in half.

As his body began to morph in order to better engage the fleet below, an odd sensation overcame the emperor. Unsure as to why he was losing sensation and control over his physique, Kong dawned a puzzling look on his face. "Oi, oi, you better stop!" Kong warned the unknown target as he could feel his body being torn apart. Could this be it? The fall of the the world most notorious conqueror. From the skies, Kong let out a loud roar! "Aghhhhhh!" The Monkey was split into two.

Or at least that's what it looked like for the briefest of moments...

The two halves of the primate began to regenerate through clouds bringing about two Kong's onto the battlefield. "Hoohoohaahaa! Tricked ya didn't I! Hoohoohaahaa!" they chanted in unison, trolling the Vice-Admiral as the basked in laughter and glee. Although Milan has an unprecedented control over the infrared waves Kong produced, controlling them in itself does not bypass Kong's own intangibility. Similar to a swordsmen attempting to cut him or a bullet attempting to pierce, without the use of haki all attempts would be for not in the face of logia intangibility. While what she did exactly went completely over the monkey's head, he didn't need to have a masters degree in physics to attempt combat her. "I'll just be a second..." he rationalized, before he and his clone dashed downwards to confront the little girl.

"Don't do it Kong! Stay on task!" Yin pleaded, but he knew Kong was already engaged and simply needed to dispose of the threat in order to return to the task at hand. Sighing, he regrouped and continued. "Make it quick!"

Snickering Kong descended towards the battlefield with blitzing speed. As he descended, two became four and four became eight as Kong drew closer to the target. Each clone began to radiate an unprecedented amount of heat as it's never been Kong's approach to deceive or trick the target but overwhelm them as conquest is the ability to triumph over any impediment. Due to Kong embodying his element, any one of them could be the primate, and thus, using haki to detect or discern which to strike would be near impossible. "Let's see you do this again!" he chanted, within meters of Milan, with each generating enough heat to literally disintegrate a human within an moments.

Keeping her calm composure, Milan crossed both of her arms onto each other to form an X shaped formation. ”Giant Cross Psy Slash!” She mumbled to herself, as her signature transparent energy collected onto her arms and began to radiate a sharp humming sound. A black tint coated slowly covered her arms as the humming sound grew louder to reveal two large half crescent shaped constructs. Beads of sweat continued to fall from her brow, as she increases her concentration.

Milan’s head turned to face Kong as she jerked her hands apart, projecting the massive slash shaped constructs towards the eight clones made of thermal energy. “You should’ve just surrendered from the beginning Monkey!” Milan yelled, as she pointed her hands towards the sky. Two large black hands, palm to palm appeared on each side of the group of clones as if they were interned to push them together. Clapping her hands together, the structures began to race towards the the outermost clones with the intention to hoard them together so Milan’s prior attack would hit all of them directly.

The outcome of this exchange could've been a lot of different if the Vice-Admiral stuck to her guns. Instead of maintaining her advantage by continuing to manipulate the heat that surrounded the primate to make movement and striking more difficult, she abandoned the tactic as Kong challenged her straight-on with a brute-force approach. While the attack designed to trap and ensnare the primate was a formidable one, it was far from inescapable and Kong now held the advantage.

While eight incarnations of the sky conqueror seem to be descending upon proclaimed Goddess of War, in reality, Kong had manipulated his size and shape to form what looked like eight versions of himself and through a bit of optical illusions with mirages, eight clones appeared before the Milan instead of an odd-looking blob of raging thunder clouds, hence why it was impossible to discern which was the real Kong as they were all part of the primate. And in the same way he has internally shifted the type of clouds throughout the battle thus, Kong would do the same here. Shifting the clouds from thunder to iron, ultra-dense barricade would meet the fist.

As the palms came into contact with the outermost clones, it would become apparent that Kong had partitioned himself from the others as the task did not reach his substantial body, leaving what could only be described as a husk. As the clones delayed the imminent titan applause, being squished in the process, Kong refortified himself in a new light. While many have augmented their size due to their logia composition, expansion isn't the only mode of adjustment. Breaking away from the oddly shaped cloud was a shrunken version of the primate only about six inches in height. While much smaller, Kong was still able to produce the same output of his element as in his usual size. And by using his legs as propellers, emulating what the Marines dubbed as Kamisori, Kong easily circumvented the large slash and bounced around the attack and towards Milan. Such spontaneous adaptability and blasphemous speed, would surely catch even the decorated officer off-guard as the same tactic was employed against another pirate emperor in their duel and broke through his arguably more formidable senses and defenses.

With Milan not moving as she attempted to challenge the emperor, the Vice-Admiral was now too close to evade the Kong's imminent punch. The sheer magnitude of Kong's strength could not understated. Regressing to his normal size as he drew closer, the power behind Kong's closed fist was something that could easily take down even the most commendable giants and split seas. Coating his fist in darkness would only amplify his strength several times over. Targeting her sternum, Kong hoped to end this battle in this single punch and if the punch would connect, it would likely do so. "Ora!" he chanted, as his punch prepared to shattered the Vice-Admiral's entire torso.

”Shit!” Milan yelled in her head, as Kong’s fist grew closer to her body. ”Psy Shield!” She yelled out of desperation as she folded her arms across her chest. Moving them apart to form a circular motion as one top arm was now the bottom arm, a shield of her transparent energy formed in front of her in preparation to take as much of Kong’s attack as possible. The Red Monkey’s fist finally met the shield, causing Milan’s feet to dig into the ground and she groaned as she feel a possible broken bone or fracture in her left femur.

“Damn it!” She yelled as she was just no match for his absolute strength, as she was now lifted up into the air. Although her shield managed to hold strong, Milan had been propelled into the sky and her battle with Kong had came to an end.

The Thunder Echoes

Kong couldn't help but snicker as the girl hurdled away. "That's one!" Kong chanted loudly, having a wager with many subordinates that he'd send at least five high-ranking marines soaring before the battle concluded. "Hoohoo!" he beat his chest with pride and glee. Taking a whiff of his surroundings, he was thrilled by the current circumstance. The sound of canon fire and gunshots, swords clashing and screams echoing, it brought him unprecedented pleasure. "Mrs. Swordsmen, I'm coming!!!"

Echo can be seen staring Kong at from a distance as she was fighting through a horde of the more lesser named members of the Wukong Pirates. She easily takes them out thanks to her proficient usage of the Rokushiki. She wasn't too far off from Kong's location as she stares him down fiercely through her shades; naturally, a part of her is nervous at facing such a high threat, especially never facing a member of the Yonko before. As she prepares to engage Kong in combat, she wonders to herself why must she fight and what do in case of facing a seemingly impossible opponent. At that moment, she remembers a question she asked Fermi a little awhile ago.

Brief flashback "Inari, I must ask you never seem to show any fear toward any pirate, even if it will mean facing a Yonko. But they are supposed to be strong pirates, and facing one seems to be next to impossible to beat. But even still, why do we try to fight against them. And if I ever fight against one, should I just be fighting one just to throw my life away? It only seems like the Fleet Admiral herself stands a chance against Kong in this war!" Echo asked with a serious tone in her voice.

Fermi gets up as he looks down with a serious expression toward Echo before speaking his mind on this. "Why do we fight? It's simple: To protect the world. These lazy, no good pirates think they can just take over the world by just causing all sorts of mayhem, taking over territories like it's their birthright. War doesn't discrimiate. People will die. Lives will be ruined. I've been in a few others, small ones, in the past myself and it always end in bloodshed. There will always be those that will be stronger than you. It's facts. However, there is one thing that stands above anything: Justice. My Justice is to ensure my work gets done every hour, on the hour, 24/7. No exceptions. When you're faced against someone who is stronger than you, do no lose the will to fight. Instead, stand your ground. Fight for your beliefs, especially when our opponent is a Yonko. They're strong. If you ever get into combat with one, will you die? Probably, but at least do something to slow them down in any way. It won't be pretty, but if you died, then you died trying to protect the world. That is my answer, and I hope when you're faced with the situation, you will make the right choice." Fermi explained as he then walks off.

"...Right Inari." said Echo with a confident tone.

End brief flashback

Echo continues to stare down Kong, with her confidence boosted remembering Fermi's words. She is here to fight for the world, for Justice by aiding in taking down one of it's biggest threats. Echo throws her shades to the ground which cracks upon impact before she then decides to call out the approaching Kong. "HEY! YOU PIRATE SCUM!!! Don't think you can ever reach Mary Geoise just because of your power alone. You may not think much of me, but I am still a Vice Admiral dammit! My name is Zero D. Echo and I will be your downfall!" Echo declared as she placed herself closer to Kong as he was stomping forward as she started to shift into her hybrid basilisk form increasing her size. With usage of Geppo, she springs forward toward him preparing to attack him. "An annoying Logia type he is. I better make this attack physical!" she thoughted as she hardened her claws with Haki preparing to launch the attack forward. "Shigan: Basilisk Strike!" shouted Echo as she launched her powerful attack forward.

As Kong prepared to leap towards the fleet once again, he heard the buzzing of another fly as she dashed towards him. "Oh I get it.." Kong chanted out loud, realizing what the marines were trying to accomplish. "How'd that expression go again?" he thought, turning to meet his newest adversary. Instead of dodging, countering or incepting the attack, Kong simply allowed the Vice-Admiral to puncture his chest, but the result was probably not what the humink was expecting. Instead of blood splattering upon impact, violet mist emerged instead as Echo's entire hand pierced through Kong's torso. "Throw stuff at the wall and hope it sticks?" Kong muttered in a menacing tone, staring down at the odd-looking woman who had walked into something she wasn't adequately prepared to face.

It seemed whatever speech encouraged these marines to engage the pirate emperor worked too well as charging at Kong with nothing but a frontal attack was damn near suicide from someone of this caliber. Such confidence in her abilities was misplaced. Clearly she hadn't been in enough battles to realize there were tiers of haki and the two were not in the same stratosphere. Thus, even with her haki coated finger tips, the potency of her strike was not enough to reach Kong's substantial body. Rather, what she penetrated was an abyss. Having changed his contents to swamps clouds, Kong watched as Echo stabbed into the boundless swamp. With each passing moment, the swamp would draw more of her in, growing thicker and steeper making the effects more gruesome. If she attempted to breakout using force, the swamp would only consume more faster.

"Now, fall!" Kong demanded, manipulating the the clouds within to crush her hand and anything else drawn in.

"Shit! This crap is dragging me in! Swamp clouds, from what I heard, drag you in closer and closer until you run out of air! It's like being dragged to the bottom to the damn sea! I need to calm down! Struggling and trying to force my way out is only going to get me dragged in even more. I have to try to break out in some way! Think! I just need to grow myself out of this damn thing! Maybe that will work as my full basilisk form is way better than this. Hopefully it can prevent me from sinking too much and break free from it! Better try, or die!" Echo thought to herself as she then shifted into her bigger basilisk form as she was hoping to break free of the swamp cloud.

Kong watched the Vice-Admiral began to morph into something undeniably unusual. Having fought a lot of different creatures in his time, the one forming before him definitely ranked among the funniest. Unable to maintain his menacing outlook, Kong bursted into laughter. "Hoohoohaahaa! What the fuck is that!" he mocked. Having lost his composure at bit, Kong clenched his chest even harder as he became hysterical. "Are you a bird cosplaying as a dragon Hoohooohooo!" Although the process of enveloping the remainder of the Vice-Admiral seemingly halted, unintentionally, his grip on Echo's now wing, only strengthen, crushing it with unfathomable force. "Holy shit! Holy shit! They really fucked you over with this fruit!" he couldn't help it.

"S-Shut your damn mouth!" Echo roared as she still noticed that her arms are getting crushed by this attack. "Damn almost free but still not enough! I-I better just apply Haki emission to break free!" Echo thought to herself as she was able to free her arm, but not without most of her arm being crushed back the attack. Echo then turns toward Kong as she was staring him right in the eyes. "My arm being fucked up like this will make it tough for me to use most of my Rokushiki techniques, then I better see if I can turn this bastard into stone before he has a chance to notice!" thought Echo as she kept her sights on Kong as she prepares to activate her powers. "Basilisk Glare" she shouted as her eyes glowed a piercing purple as she kept her focus onto Kong.

Still squealing as the he could not get enough of the Vice-Admiral's transformation, he didn't even notice that she had freed her hand amidst his laughter. Finally catching his breath, Kong eventually settled, opening his eyes to the odd creature staring at him. "Why are you looking at me like that?" Kong muttered, seemingly revolted by its glare. In an awkward standstill between the two parties, Kong awaited to see if something would come from this unsettling scowl but alas, due to his logia intangibility, he'd never see the results. "Oi, so this is getting weird? You just gonna stand there or...?" Kong questioned, very confused as to what was going on with the chimera-like creature in front of him. Placing his closed fist into his opposing hand, Kong had an epiphany. "You're giving birth aren't ya! Guys, guys! It's gonna lay an egg for us! We're gonna be rich!" he chanted, legitimately believing his realization was correct.

"The hell?! He isn't getting affected by my glare?! Even with his size, he's not that taller than me in my full basilisk form so how he isn't getting turned into stone? This can even work on the most hardened of pirates! Don't tell me Logias like him are immune to my petrifying effects of my glade due to his intangibility...Damn I remember Inari mentioning a weakness to my powers, but I thought he meant blind people like Lycodia would be unaffected. And I haven't even got the chance to test it out on Logias either. Damn, I can't be making oversights like that or it will cost me my life. This damn ape is just laughing at me, thinking I'm not worth his time. I'll show him! thought Echo as she finally started to speak out loud after hardening her entire body in Haki. "I am a proud Vice Admiral of the Marines! I will do whatever it takes to take you down, even if it costs me my life! I still can't use most my arm-based techniques, but I can sure as hell use by body as a weapon. I'll throw my entire body at him while applying Soru and Tekkai to act as the biggest damn battering ram in the world!" Echo exclaimed as she prepared to charge her massive size toward Kong. "Soru - Tekkai: Full-Armored Baslisk Charge!" she shouted as she used the momentum from using Soru to boost and propel her Tekkai + armored Haki body right toward Kong.

With minimal difference in size and short distance between the two, dodging would be extremely difficult, not that the primate emperor intended on doing so. Whether it was the Vice-Admiral's most formidable attack or his least, it was all the same to Kong. The fact remained, even when challenged by a mythical zoan, overpowering Kong would be no simple task. With a rolodex of different abilities and overwhelmingly powerful himself, as highlighted by the Fleet Admiral, a front approach would likely never work against Kong. This would serve as the perfect example why. As Echoed lunged at Kong, the primate needed to simply alter his body's composition once again to different form of cloud. Internally shifting from swamp to rubber, he called upon his old captain's signature move to maintain his malleability with a strong skin. Thus, similar to the Gomu Gomu no Mi, Kong would be nigh-resistant to blunt force attacks. And with Echo attacking him with his entire physique, there'd be nothing stopping him from being trampolined off Kong's body and into the skies. "Fly bird fly! Be free ugly one!" he snickered.

Echo couldn't help herself but be flown back as her entire body went numb. She had a trail of blood running from her mouth as she was sent flying across the island. She couldn't move nor even blink as the momentum itself was carrying her across the skies. Is she going to land hard on solid ground? Or even into the dreaded sea? Nonetheless, Echo knew she lost and there was no mistaking of that. "D-Damn...Not even my best technique d-did shit to it. I-Is this it for me? Even with all of my hard work that Inari put me through, it wasn't enough. Not even 1%. Inari wasn't lying when he said I was still far from ready...but I gave him my best shot dammit. Even if I die right here and now, I went out fighting like a Marine! It's up to fate now to see if I live or die. By sea or by crashing hard into a mountain, I don't think I'll live with my beaten state. Well...we'll see...Kick that damn pirate's ass Inari..." thought Echo as she finally passed out from her injuries as she kept on flying.

Rainbow Animal Kingdom

"That's two!!!!" Kong roared in glee. Yet another combatant sent soaring through the skies. It brought him back to the days of old, in the Underworld Combat League, where under-qualified warriors challenged him recklessly. Oh how he relished those days as one in awhile, the perfect banana would appear, ripe and ready for the peeling. But looking back in the past was done by those who hand't lived fully. New exciting moments were ahead and he was ready to face them head on. "Who's next!!!" Kong declared, eager to face his next challenger.

But inside his head, his war conscious, Yin, kept him on track. "How about those twenty warships over there, There's gotta be a fearsome brawler protecting them!"

"You're right!" Kong held a sinister grin on his face. "Mrs. Swordswoman!" he chanted, beginning to walk but becoming up his pace with every menacing step. "These hands are rated E for everyone!"

As Alarie Maëlys appeared onto the island, she looked around with a sharp and intense look in her eyes as her Haki activated sensing Kong heading her way. She got into her stance as she activated her powers making her right arm scalding hot whilst using Soru to launch herself towards him ready to aim a punch towards Kong's left hand. "Not on my guard marauding ape!" Maëlys growled.

Since birth, Kong has had a sixth sense for dangers, threats and negative outcomes. With thousands of battles of experience, Kong has refined this ability to a degree that has been further amplified by his own supernatural senses without his knowing. This technique has now become an unknown habit, that alerts him to incoming danger that can bypass his intangibility and as well his durable physique. The attack directed at him by the Vice-Admiral triggered no response in Kong's mind and as such, warranted no acknowledgement. Simply calling upon his intangibility allowed him to continue on his path to the fleet as she phased right through him. "Mrs. Swordsman!" he chanted again, ignoring yet another little girl.

Noticing she had passed through Kong thank to his intangibility, Maëlys managed to used Geppo flipping herself back around in the air. "Damn it, focus," Maëlys thought to herself then looked to Kong with disgust, "Pathethic, he as dumb as he is incompétent." Aiming towards the monkey emperor, she used Soru once more then activating her powers her left leg became frigid cold whilst coated in haki as she launching back towards his spine.

"These flies are really starting to get annoying!" Kong muttered with displeasure. While he never minds a challenge, the bouts have to be challenging for him to engage, especially if another real competitor is standing before him. Never understanding why people think the back is a vulnerable location, Kong simply counteracted by flinging his tail across the moment Maelys was within range, swatting her like the bug she was. Emulating the Hero's son's popular fighting style, upon impact, the sound of thunder would roar using the sound waves to deal internal damage upon the target, coupled by Kong's own blasphemous strength.

Getting swatted by Kong's tail, Maëlys was sent flying towards a boulder causing her to wince a bit from the impact. She managed to get herself back up as she looked towards him with a disgruntled look on her face. She shook her head a bit from the collision though she knew that she would need to think of something to inflict some type of damage onto the monkey emperor. "Zis ape is giving me a challenge," Maëlys scoffed to herself, "giving me a reason to take him more seriously."

Slade was seen walking right out of the smoke from the boulder impact that Maelys caused. Slade was seen coldly staring around the battlefield as he looked up to Kong. Slade was just finished with his business on island 9, dealing with Omega Cipher and finishing out the robot easily with a high-powered grenade. Slade was staring at Kong, looking at the massive proportions of the ape before looking down at Maelys. Maelys was a friend of his for a long while now since they met, both of them going on various missions together. Slade would consider Maelys as close as his comrade Senkaku. Slade nods at Maelys before immediately disappearing with his spectacular use of soru.

Slade loads a magazine into his laser rifle within less than a second and aims at Kong. Knowing he can't affect Kong too much with lasers or bullets, he's just trying to distract Kong for a minute so Maelys can get up and have the jump on the monkey.

"I got you in my sights..." Slade says as he aimed his rifle at Kong. Slade, with as skilled of a marksman as he is, aimed for the three most vital organs an animal has according to both gunners and hunters that is not the head: The Heart, Liver, and Lungs. Sure Slade could shoot the big monkey in the head as he is a rather bigger target than your typical deer or elk for that matter, but Slade was more attempting to annoy the monkey so his attention was at himself.

Slade turns his rifle onto full auto and pulls the trigger as lasers flew out of the chamber, through the barrel, and out of the rifle as it flew in the direction of the big red dog monkey. The lasers flying right directly towards the organs of the emperor.

As a sea of bullets and artillery blasted towards Kong, the ape suddenly stopped as the idea of facing two Vice-Admirals might be more enticing than one, especially given how these battles have gone thus far. "Is that the best you got?" Kong egged on, allowing the bullets and lasers to be swallowed into the abyss that is his physique. Then from his body, the same sea of bullets were propelled back at Slade. "Have these back!"

Slade notices the massive wall of lasers and bullets flying at him with observation haki. Slade then quickly calculates where there was a gap within the wall, and while keeping a steady stream of return fire, he dodges the bullets with soru and ran for the gap matrix-style! Slade then runs out of his original location and finds a different spot to attack which was right behind Kong's back.

Once again, despite all of Slade's precision and effective shooting, they were all for naught in the face of Kong's impregnable intangibility. Whether it is his front or back, heart or head, it mattered little if the method of combat wasn't coated in the challenger's respective will. Thus, once again, the bullets would be swallowed and spit out back at Slade who was dancing around like the little fly Kong perceived him to be. Although he awaited for the challenge to grow even more fearsome, he began to lose his patience as maybe he was wrong about the quantity, it might just be a quality issue with these current combatants.

"Hmmmm, alright let's try coating the bullets with haki now and annoy him literally!" Slade thinks as he switches a magazine of lasers for a magazine of bullets. He then coats the bullets with haki as he loads the magazine and starts firing while running back with soru toward Maelys who was still on the ground. Slade would then grab Maelys by the arm and pick her up onto her feet before asking:

"Are you ready to get back in the fight Vice Admiral?!" Slade asks, "I'll provide cover with haki bullets while you take him head on."

As Maëlys got up thanks to Slade's help, she quickly got back into her stance as she nodded, "Oui, sounds like a plan, whenever you're ready, I am." After replying her body began to turn into two different colors. The top half of her body was scorching hot while the lower half of her body was a frigid cold. Steam began to float off of her as she was getting ready to attack. "On your signal," Maëlys said in a low but stoic tone.

"That would be now!" Slade responds as he charges with soru and runs around Kong before Maelys was able to get in front of Kong. Slade then aims his gun as he was at the back of Kong, looking at the spinal section and areas of the lung.

"Gives me time to distract him," Maëlys thought to herself. Immediately, she used Soru dashing towards Kong appearing before him with a confident smirk on her face. "Oi! Ape bastard!" Maëlys shouted towards the monkey emperor in hopes of getting his attention, "You're a strong one, I'll give you zat. Bet you can't take me on without using your Devil Fruit unless you're not a true king!"

Kong's tail slammed into the ground, leaving a small crater, as excitement filled his body. Like a dog hearing its favorite word, Kong turned towards Maëlys. "Hoohoo? You wanna bet?" Kong turned and began to slowly approach his challenger, ignoring the empowering cyborg. As he approached her, Kong physique began to morph, compressing his size like in his battle against the first. "I'll do you one better..." Kong began, always eager to display his superiority. "I fight ya on your terms, stuuuuupid!" Kong muttered, with his size now being comparable to that of the Vice-Admiral. He began to charge with each step crushing the ground as he did.

As Kong was being distracted, Slade was still aiming for the ape until Slade had an idea. Slade would then fall back a little to leave Maelys and Kong unnoticed with soru and started doing something. He hid behind a large boulder and started charging a high-caliber laser, a laser size that he has not done many times. But now, he had another idea, he then started to apply haki within his eyes to amplify the laser!

"I don't know how this haki-infused laser beam will work..." Slade thinks as he was charging it, his visor and eyes glowing bright red, "But I have to give everything I got!" His eyes also started to look black with the haki mixing in.

Seeing that Kong had accepted her wager, Maëlys' lips curved into a smirk as she scoffed to herself over Kong's excitable pride. "We'll see about zat, singe," Maëlys sneered as she got into her stance ready to unleash her attack. "Need to find an opening," Maëlys thought to herself. She then used Soru to charge towards him panning out the right opportunity for her to land a hit on him. "Now, Shigan: Netsu!" Maëlys shouted as she aimed her attack towards Kong's right leg.

Whether it was due to his impregnable intangibility, his age or maybe sheer ignorance, it seemed this generation had forgotten how durable the primate truly stands. Even without his devil fruit abilities, Kong stands as one of the most physically gifted individuals. While the pirate emperor has tons of testaments and feats attributed to his outlandish physique, the greatest testimony to Kong's body is that the Strongest Man and the primate have similar inherent physical potential but Kong is nearly three times his size and is genetically predisposed to be nine times stronger than the other emperor.

As such, resisting damage like this, even when supported by the refinement of martial arts was trivial, no laughable. Watching as her finger struggled to penetrate his harder-than-metal-like-skin, Kong couldn't help but snicker at the sentiment. "Please don't tell me that's the best you can do." Kong challenged, eager to see if the Vice-Admiral was all bark or if she had some bite.

"Non, I'm just getting warmed up," Maëlys replied as she started to exert herself with her powers. She knew that she needed to take things to the next level to inflict any type of damage onto Kong. She flipped herself back giving herself some distance as she was preparing for her next attack. It had been some time since she had last exerted her powers to this point however she wasn't going to back down. "Rankyaku: Neppa!" Maëlys shouted using her right leg, she delivering a powerful kick sending a wave of heat towards Kong this time aiming at his torso.

"Oh I get it! It's a burning attack, warming up..." Kong nodded, impressed that he managed to piece the two together, whether she meant it that way or not. Confident in his durability, Kong awaited for the slash. Debris and smoke shrouded the primate but as it cleared, it became apparent that he remained, once again, unfazed. Having withstood the heat of numerous lightning strikes with no repercussions, and having faced high caliber swordsmen like Diane, Dante, Shinzui and others, an attack like would have the same effect as throwing a hot knife at him. Instated of baiting him with words, Kong simply gazed at the vice-admiral with a face of disappointment.

As Maëlys planted herself back onto the ground from her last attack. She noticed her last attack barely left a mark on him just as her other attack had. Just then, Maëlys closed her eyes as she focused her energy using her powers, her left arm became scorching hot while her right arm became frigid cold. She coated them in haki as she charged at Kong ready to unleash her attack. "I'll wipe zat look off your fucking face," Maëlys thought as she continued charging towards him emitting her haki in his direction.

For the first time since meeting this blonde bitch, Kong had finally sensed something from her. "Much better!" he smiled. Despite finally noticing a punch from her, he still didn't make any effort to dodge or evade it. Instead, Kong allowed the respectable punch to bless his body. Snarling as it connected, Kong held his ground then returned to a snicker. "Good, but now let's see if you can take it!" Kong returned the favor by resorting to the same force of attack that sent her hurdling as before. The sound of roaring thunder echoed as his punch targeted her kidney.

Maëlys grunted a bit from the pain as she was sent back a bit from the monkey king's punch. She dealt a good amount of damage from his punch but thanks to her muscle composition, she was able to endure it. A feat since childhood, Maëlys was able to endure blows that some wouldn't be able to withstand. As she got herself back up, stumbling a bit, Maëlys got back into her stance as she coated her arms in haki once more than charged towards him aiming at his torso. "I've taken worse zan zat," Maëlys growled as she continued to charge towards Kong.

"Oh, baby. You don't want worse!" Kong announced, prancing at Maëlys with determination and glee. He welcomed the opportunity to actually sweat and bleed. Yet, will that be the outcome of this exchange, no point in wondering as he'll soon find out. Shrugging his shoulders as he was within reach of the Vice-Admiral, he knew it would be a test of endurance and durability. Smiling, he threw his first punch, another shot to the kidney.

She could feel it...the pain. It would be easy to just let it happened, allow his destructive fist to send her flying and be done with it. But in her mind, giving up was harder than trying. Distributing her will across her body to better endure his blows, Maëlys remained afoot as she tanked through another one of Kong's attack. "I've had worst!" she declared confidently, though she wasn't exactly sure if that was true. Be that at it may, she maintained enough strength to exchange blows with the renowned conqueror. Using her frosty fist, she went straight his gut.

Impressed that she's now taken on two of the same punches that send her flying before, Kong began to pick it up a bit. Upon taking on her winter welt, he aimed for her left rib-cage, following through with an intense left hook.

Grunting as the punch connected, Maëlys didn't let it stop her from trading blows. Next with her inferno side, she targeted Kong sternum. "Shit, it's like punching thick metal." But just as with all thing, if you punch at it enough, it'll surely deteriorate.

With each succeeding punch, their speed and momentum began to pick up. It was truly a contest of physique. Who could output the most strength whilst also enduring the most damage. Shockwaves began to detonate as Kong's thunder roared and the rapid change from heat to cool brought out even more thunderclaps. The speed of their punches grew faster and faster to the point where it became a blur. However amidst all of the chaos you could the two chanting their battlecries!


The floor began to cave in as the sheer destructive might began to overwhelm the area. Within seconds, the two had exchanged hundreds of blows. But in those fews seconds, the dynamic began to favor the primate. With each succeeding attack, the Vice-Admiral would find herself needing to expend more energy on defense. Even with her supernatural physique, the fact remained she was only human compared to a titanic beast. He was a creature befitting his title of the strongest.

"Shit!" she proclaimed, as her foundation wavered. The speed and strength of her punches began to decrease as it seemed Kong's continued onwards. "One...more...punch!" she thought to her self, infusing his strong arm with cataclysmic amount of heat and frost along with the remainder of her haki. "Take this!" she chanted, hoping to land this last punch at his jaw.

In true conquest fashion, Kong welcomed the fist. Being sent back a couple inches, Kong blood began to boil as he finally met someone today with some actual warrior spirit. "You're worthy!" he chanted before regressing back to the barrage of punches.

With nothing left in the tank, Maëlys could do nothing but accept her fate. Enduring the punches, she was finally sent flying to the stratosphere after a very commendable effort. "Hopefully, zat was enough time, Slade..."

Beating his chest in delight, fighters were finally shaping up. "HOOHOOHOO! Another! Another!" he proclaimed, regressing back into his standard size.

And out of the boulder he was hiding from, Slade leaps out of and was behind Kong. Slade's visor visibly glowing dark red as Slade was directly looking at Kong. Seeing Maelys disappeared, Slade then made a stance and then shouted out,

"FINAL JUSTICE!" Slade shouts as a large red and black laser beam comes out of his eyes hidden under the visor, the laser goes through the visor and was aimed right at Kong's back! The laser as thick as a brick and had the potency of thousands of cannons combined! If there was a howitzer that can compare, it'd be a 240 mm howitzer from the World Wars. This laser this size was known for taking down a whole rebel army and a grand pirate ship of spectacular size, yet there was few times Slade has used the laser to this caliber. But with Slade taking on a yonko such as the Great Ape, he'd need to display this once again. The laser flies through the air with great speed as it crackled through the air, if one's eye was quick enough, spurs of red and black lightning could be seen mixing as the laser was mixed with haki.

The blast enshrouded the emperor's entire upper body. The sheer force of the assault was enough to push to the emperor back for the first time in the entire conflict. However, the blast would not pierce the ape. Having agreed to the hurdling vice-admiral's wager whilst battling this ambitious cyborg, Kong felt entitled to maintaining his promise of no intangibility. As such, as the blast pushed him back, Kong planted his feet into the ground which allowed him to slowly stop after being pushed nearly twenty meters. "Only losers strike from behind!" Kong murmured to himself, as his arms crisped in darkness, turning to confront the attack head on. "Little bit more haki and this could've been something really exciting!" Wukong noted, as he began push back against the laser towards its gunsman.

Slade panted as the laser was being pushed back toward him, "Dammit! He's pushing it back?! Not surprising since he's even more powerful than when I used it against that island conqueror." He then coats his entire body with haki as he continued the laser push against Kong, "My mistake was doing a blast of this large caliber, I should've done a shortened, compressed laser that would've hit his vitals. Dammit Slade! You're a vice admiral making a captain's mistake. Oh well, gonna need to prepare for what's coming!" He says as he continues coating his body in haki and making the push with his laser, preparing himself for what Kong may do to him.

As Slade empowered his blast further, Kong became more thrilled and eager to confront the Vice-Admiral. Going from a struggled walk to an increasing fast run, the gap was shortened rather quickly. Within a but a few moments, Kong was within grasp of the courageous soldier. But what while he hoped the cyborg warrior was still eager to display some more advanced tech, Kong was welcomed to an unfortunate sight of a depleted solider. "I suppose some would consider what you did to be commendable..." the pirate emperor spoke with a solemn tone. But after briefly showing some semblance of empathy, Kong suddenly changed to a patronizing smirk. "I'm not some people!" Kicking defeated cyborg, he watched as the bot lifelessly flew off the island. "That's four, ladies! Get ready to pay up!"

Diverging Mesosphere

10 Minutes Prior

Senkaku witnessed his fellow Vice Admiral Zero D. Echo be sent flying almost lifeless from Kong sensing her to still be narrowly holding onto Life Sen without a word pulled himself into his pocket "Kamisori: Void Step". he disappeared from this Dimension and into his own using it as a gateway to reach the falling Humink before jumping out for an instant to catch her before flying towards the Marine Fleet. "Get to a medic make sure she lives to see another day" he ordered to the nearest Marines.

Flying back to face the Yonko a twinge of anger went through Senkaku as he flew seeing the world in Inverse. "We need to damage to that damm Ape two Vice-Admirals he's defeated and it's barely slowed him down" as soon as his anger came to him it was snuffed "Emotion will not win us this day only stratergy will keep your head". Upon seeing the Mink Senkaku situated himself on the island across from where the Mink was and began preparing his attack.

Grabbing a series of Cannon Balls he had taken from the Marine Ship Senkaku pulled out of his pocket dimension into the real world and began creating portals into and out of his pocket dimension each increasing the velocity of the object that was pushed through it.


By focusing on creating as many portals as hs could Senkaku had been able to create two sets of ten portals creating a cannon that would fire his cannonballs so fast that they could outrun lightning. Upon seeing his comrades fall Sen started firing his cannoballs coated in Haki one after the other creating a steady stream of lightning fast cannonballs at the mink the second he started gloating.

Boom! Bang! Pow!

Within an instant, the pirate emperor's vicinity was enshrouded in smoke, flames and debris. The explosion caused the sky island to rumble. It was an attack of cataclysmic proportions yet there was no one present to claim it. "Fucking snipers..." a voice chanted from the disarray. As the smoke began to clear it would reveal Kong, mildly bothered by the assault. "Oi Red? You tryna pick a fight cause yer gonna lose the bet?" Kong exclaimed, scratching the back of his head as he surveyed the battlefield for the origin of the attack.

Although the proportions of the assault were truly epic, the attack was flawed in one way that kept it from being as effective as it should. There's an expression: a sword doesn't make the swordsmen. While this is certainly true in some regards, the fact remains, even the most skilled swordsmen hold weapons of highest caliber. And in the same way one doesn't see Diane or Dante engaging comparable fighters with sticks or branches, the same applies here. The strategy and execution were near flawless, but the implementation was sorely lacking. Engaging Kong with regular cannonballs was like putting banana on steak, a mistake of epic proportions. Regular cannonballs would have surely detonated in the process of being propelled through the fabric of space, thus it must be interpreted that haki infused into each cannonball was fortifying and maintaining the balls. Be that as it may, as each ball hurdled through each succeeding portal, the quality of the bombs would surely deteriorate. Furthermore, dislike a fist or a tethered weapon, a cannonball would likely have a finite amount of haki imbued into it, which would likely retard throughout the process as well. By the time each of the cannonballs would have reached Kong, their destructive capabilities would be mere fragments of what it could've been if the Vice-Admiral chose a higher caliber weapon. Whether this was due to a lack of experience against formidable opponents or an arrogance towards his own abilities, the Vice-Admiral had wasted his opportunity to catch the primate lacking.

Being inherently impervious to traditional assaults like cannonfire and bullets due to his outrageous physique, even those hurdled at extraordinary speeds and fortified by haki, Kong simply whipped the smoke a rubble off his shoulder as his interest was captivated. "Nah, that couldn't have been Red. He wouldn't have made such a rookie mistake like sending cannonballs at me! Hoohoohaahaa!" he snickered, as realized his wager with the blonde woman was over and he could use his transformation powers once more.

As the Cannon Balls barely managed to scratch the Primate Senkaku realised that cannonballs lacked against a foe such as this "Damm i'm rusty need to improve in order to face a foe such as this" Senkaku pondered his options he knew fighting the strongest creature in the world face to face would be disadvantageos. the joy he felt from having to use his wits again excited him greatly "sorry girl but I'm gonna need that" he said quietly taking something from the bird on his shoulder and focusing his portals so that they were no larger then the barrel of a large rifle "Suprised a stupid ape like you could take one of my attacks but I wager you can't take another" Senkaku yelled taunting the ape as he focused his shot and began to get ready to fire as soon as Kong got closer.

As Kong's eyes surveyed the island, he couldn’t spot the sniper. Calling upon his supernatural senses, the emperor immediately found a ‘’signature’’ similar to the one exhibited by the cannonballs. “Eh, why he all the way over there...pussy…” he commented, uninterested in someone who clearly just want to get his attention, not fight him straight on.

“Oh who’s a good boy. Oh look at you! Wanna treat!?!?” Yin patronized Kong, somewhat impressed that the primate showed some restraint.

“Yin, remind me to kill you after this ends.” Kong commented, before walking towards the fleet.

As the Ape turned away from Sen's attempt to draw him back from fleet by distracting him "looks like I've got to try and hold him there" He thought as his Skin turned cold blue and his eyes turned Red as he coated his bones in Haki "Haki Takeover, Semei Kikan Overdrive" he said rolling into a form he had not used since facing Demons in the ruins of his home. As Sen prepared himself he shot through the portals who size he had not changed and launched himself to right in front of the Primate "You're smarter than you look or is there someone else controlling that monkey brain of yours" He taunted landing in front of the Primate.

"Smarter than your dumbass clearly..." Kong snickered, almost baffled by the Vice-Admiral's statement. Clearly arrogance was what drove him to make such a careless mistake before and arrogance brought him before the emperor, not even attacking whilst emerging. Despite being a monkey brain like Senkaku proclaimed, he had more than enough tricks up his sleeve to mess with the brilliant Vice-Admiral. Without a single gesture, dozens of primates surrounded Senkaku, each doing some random gesture or action. Some beat their chest, others laughed, others dance. Some even continued onto their task of heading towards the fleet. Very similar to before, even the most skilled kenbunshoku masters would be unable to discern which is the real Kong. "Time to use that human brain of your's. What you gonna do?" Kong toyed with Vice-Admiral who seemed so confident in his intellect and his abilities.

Creating a black hole from his Devil Fruit Sen began to pull all of the clouds towards the point distorting them and allowing him to spot the real Kong whom he attacked with a Haki infused "Kamisori Shigan" powerful enough to create shockwaves as he moved to strike Kong in the Chest.

Kong's expression changed as the Vice-Admiral displayed quite quick and decisive action to break through his little game. Revealing himself to be in the exact same spot moments before the illusion was casted, the ape was seemingly impressed. "That was pretty cool!" he thought, nodding in agreement. But the Vice-Admiral's discovery of the real Kong was far more impressive than his attack. As he lanced forward, the emperor couldn't help but comment. "Dummies, why they love with that finger attack." As Senkaku's finger headed towards Kong's chest, a new appendage formed and emerged from the ape's sculpted sternum. An arm and hand coated in darkness intercepted Senkaku's bullet finger. As the two attacks collided, the sound of roaring shockwaves returned to the island but in this instance, were complimented by white static as result of their clashing haki. As the two attacks diverged, it seems the Vice-Admiral had the advantage, pushing Kong's newest appendage back closer to his chest.

But as the Fleet Admiral prophesied, challenging Kong in a test of might would not wage well. Within instants, Kong's appendage grew exponentially larger. With the volumes of iron clouds being propelled, fueling his haki shrouded mutated limb, Kong's attack grew limitlessly more powerful with each succeeding moment. Even if Senkaku had awesome power infused in his finger, his might would inevitably be eclipsed, absolutely demolishing his finger, arm and everything supporting the attack as a result. "You could be fun..." Kong noted as his power increased.

"Shigan: Expansion" Senkaku pushing Haki infused space out of portal he had created at the end of his finger creating what was the equivalent to a White Hole "Need more!" Senkaku thought "Galaxy Barrage" he said as he created many portals around himself all shooting Haki infused focused on the point between Senkaku and Kong creating a mass of space focused on the point Senkaku was trying to pieces as he began to try to push through the mass of Iron Clouds in-front of him.

And more power it was. The two attacks began reaching cataclysmic levels. The energy amassed between the two of them was edging towards kingdom-levels of destruction; potentially putting the tangent parties - the fleet only a couple miles aways - at risk. But Kong feared no such outcome, if the attacks were strong too obliterate the entire archipelago the primate would be satisfied with the result, all for the thrill. As Senkaku further empowered his attacks, Kong did the same. Whilst the magnitude of his power was still augmenting stably, filling his arm with assorted amounts of cloud, Kong refortified the attack by altering the quality of his haki. A red-flamed pattern emerged along Kong's newest appendage, allowing Kong to live up to his nigh-indestructible mantle. A testament the Vice-Admiral's power-output, for the first time on this battlefield Kong needed to exert this degree of effort. His tail smacked the ground in excitement. he had a habit of drawing the entertainment he craves out of people.

Entertained by the kid, Kong took it to the next level by allowing thrusters to emerge throughout his titanic arm, further augmenting the force of his attack. The power struggle continued onward as neither party gave in with the risk for all surrounding parties grew greater. "Yes! Yes! Let's do it! What's war if there's no risk!"

"They call you The Strongest Creature in the World and to be honest i'm glad to have finally faced you I haven't had a challenge like this in so long i thought i'd become rusty" A smile crept it's way across Senkaku's face a sense of excitement he had not felt in far too long flowed through his body. He knew that the power he and Kong were building would do immense damage but he also knew that if he didn't hold Kong then more damage would be done so his only option was to try and stop him here. "There is Risk in everything but it's how worthy is that risk and I can't think of anything more worthy of risk then this" Senkaku responded drawing the Ape's attention as he created quickly created several small portals the size of his finger at the heel of the Giant monkey which he then used to fire a Pure Seastone Talon with enough force to hopefully pierce the giant Ape. "But it's always better to have less risk than your opponent".

Witty, powerful and clever, the Vice-Admiral was almost one of the most incredible individuals on the planet. Unfortunately, almost only counts for grenades and bombs, neither of which affect Kong. Senkaku was a shrewd operator but clearly over-prioritized his own plan and failed to consider Kong's actions. Although not much of a strategist himself, Kong was undeniably masterful in battle, and once again he'd have the opportunity to display that, especially when playing his game.

Although it seemed Kong was simply using his thrusters to compound the magnitude of his assault, it wasn't the only purpose. What would the thrusters exhaust other than cloud that surrounded the duo as they waged on in their power struggle. Due to the amount of gust being propelled within each passing moment, the immediate region surrounding the two was filled with the primate's malleable element. If Senkaku were to have inhaled the gas that surrounded them, which is incredibly likely due to his sly comments attempting to gauge the beast's attention, his body would be purged with acid and pyroclastic which would immediately lead to major deterioration externally and internally. But even if Senkaku for some reason chose to not inhale despite being on a collision course against the most powerful being, the fact remained he chose to remain on the battlefield as the Kong's clouds populated the vicinity, a costly mistake. Senkaku would find himself trapped in black string as to prevent him from fleeing into his dimension.

Just as the Senkaku's attack began to push against Kong's skin, to which was quite impressive as the emperor did not notice it, Kong suddenly erupted like a volcano. With the cloud his newest appendage as the catalyst, having been filled with an assortment of different types of clouds in Kong's arsenal, a devastating explosion powerful enough to end entire civilizations went off right next to the Vice-Admiral. The island trembled and its crust was nearly destroyed as a result. In a what appeared to be a fortunate coincidence, Kong evaded both the attacks by reverting his entire body to intangibility. Shén Fēng, the attack is named and was one of unimaginable power as it reached right towards the coast of the island and was nearly thirty meters in height.

Reforming by the coast, Kong awaited to see what was left of the Vice-Admiral. "Hopefully that furless made it out alive. He could be fun with a bit more experience."

Using his Future Sight Senkaku saw the massive attack coming as he pulled himself out of the String cloud that trapped him he struggled before using all his strength to snap the String in mere miliseconds before pulling himself into his pocket dimension to avoid the blast but he was too late to fully save himself from it. The string clouds had cost him mere mili-seconds but that was enough as the blast hit him greviously burning his left side before he could finish entering the safety of the void.

An Alternative Route

“Oi, why have they stopped coming? C’mon! This can’t be your best!” Kong's voice roared from the centermost island. After combating the crane, a couple other ambitious vice-admirals gave it their best against the pirate emperor. The phoenix, the apotheosis and the bamboo cutter were among the few but just as their predecessors, they achieved little. Kong was invigorated as the marines next generation of fighters could do nothing but blemish, scratch and lightly burn him. “We’re just getting started, right?!??! This can’t be what the best Roger’s capturers have to offer!”

The ensuing battle had gone on for over an hour. Although it cannot be accurately stated as many met their demise by descending into the white abyss, hundreds on both sides are no longer present. Although the marines have secured unquestionable victories, their seemingly most important task, to defeat Wukong, had barely progressed. Furthermore, Kong’s strongest combatants in the Si Xiang and Wu Xing still occupied the battlefield. If something drastic does not change, the Marines could end up losing even if they win!

But in the darkest hour, the world's greatest hero shines the brightest. Emerging before the primate was none other than the Hero of the Marines and the proclaimed capturer of the Pirate King.

Aboard the fleets of ships the Vice-Admirals were engaging Kong to protect, the cadets watching couldn’t help but chant in glee. “Oh yeah! The Hero finally arrives!”

“Kick his ass, Kiwashi!”

“Just like in the comics! The Hero saves the day!”

Diane couldn’t help but roll her eyes as the chants of glee and joy welcomed the popular Vice-Admiral. “Always one for the dramatics, aren’t we Daisuke?” she thought, curious to see how the meticulous fighter would approach this seemingly unbeatable foe.

His golden hair glistened as the gentle breeze pushed against it. Although there’s nearly a twenty feet size difference between the Hero and the emperor, their presence on the battlefield was almost evenly matched. “Look at all the trouble you’ve caused…” Daisuke began, shaking his head with a smart smirk on his face. “Tell me Wukong, have you heard the story of a Hero named Ordo?”

Kong’s excitement seemingly simmered as the Hero seemed more interested in talking than fighting. “Eh, older? I think you are? But I’m definitely stronger!” Kong responded, clearly not understanding what the Vice-Admiral was trying to convey.

Sighing because engaging in some banter was impossible with someone of the ape’s intelligence, Daisuke moved on. “Anyways, lend me your ears for a second primate, I have a proposition for you?” Slowly approaching the ape, the distance between them closed as he continued to ramble. “While there may be an individual who can overtake the global regime that is the World Government, you are not that individual.” He spoke bluntly and honestly. “Even if you don’t see it yet, you will lose this battle.” Suddenly disappearing, Daisuke suddenly emerged less than a foot away from the emperor, directly in front of him. “So why don’t you let me send you to a place where you get to fight the strong for the rest of your life.”

Irritated as the hero would not stop talking, Kong took matters into his own hands, literally. Without a moment's hesitation, displaying that incomprehensible speed for his size, Kong directed his mighty fist at the Vice-Admiral gathering the circulating winds. “Shut up and fight!” Kong exclaimed, his fight raining down. With a single thrust of his fist, the gathered winds would cause the clouds above the sky island to become dark and ominous.

“You swing your fist in anger as if the idea of someone controlling your life is absurd.” Daisuke whispered, appearing behind the primate, evading his assault. “But in reality you’ve been controlled your whole life.”

From his back, a lightning blast of epic proportions shot out the moment the words spewed from the blonde bastard’s mouth. Enshrouded with a black tint, the blast was beyond devastating, capable of obliterating everything in its wake.

But before it could even make it several feet, Daisuke opened his palm. With that single gesture, the blast was repelled back towards the primate. However, despite what any on-lookers would think, Daisuke paw did not intercept the blast. Instead, the Vice-Admiral simply repelled the vectors coinciding with the attack, directing the blast in the other direction without the need for haki. With such a close proximity between the two, as well as being accelerated by his devil fruit’s propulsion’s abilities, the blast would surely connect.

Unable to phase through the attack, Kong took on his assault straight on. A beam of black lightning bursted upwards, fueling the ominous clouds above, leading to a loud roar of thunder that could be heard throughout the entire battlefield. But as the beam began to fade, the primate would be revealed to be okay as smoke fumigated from different spots of his body. “Everything I do, I do because I wanna do it. Not because someone makes me..”

Daisuke couldn’t help but snicker at the statement. While he wasn't wrong, the primate did indeed act in accordance with his desires and impulses, what if someone were to capitalize on his simplicity to achieve their own objectives. “It is truly unfortunate I didn’t find you first. We could’ve done some great things together…” Daisuke turned his back towards the primate as another was about to arrive. “Don’t be reckless with that power of yours against him.”

The Battle on Island 5

After being able to transfer the fight onto a different island, Spark is seen with his blade out still and is smoking a cigarettes. There is still the war itself that was engaging in the distance between the lesser known members of the Wukong Pirates and the Marines, but Spark didn't take the time to notice them. His sights were set on the Admiral before his eyes, Shishio and Spark can be seen still visually angry. Spark himself doesn't show emotions much often liking to keep a level head especially giving his position on the crew. However, it is war and he knew that he must be serious, but is of course still upset at losing a comrade. With parts of his body already dripping with acid, Spark finally speaks.

"War, that is something I never thought I would ever get involved in. However, it's finally time the Marines learned that the pirates are the true dominating force of the seas. Of course, Boss already rules the skies, the seas are practically his and every other of those Emperors would dream to even be a match for him. However, that is the goals of the Wukong Pirates as a goal. My goal? To kill you as payback for what you did back in Dressrosa. Sure, I lead the attack first, but killing one of our own is asking for trouble. You admirals may be one of the top dogs in the Marines, but I never once feared you bastards. Not then, not now." Spark stated as he spit his cigarettes on the ground.

Shishio took a large drink of his sake gourd, some sake spilled and trailed down his lips to his neck, to his chest before finally stopping and locking eyes with Spark. "Glad to see my guess was right." Shishio begins as he puts his gourd away, "I knew I couldn't reach Kong right away, can't reach the king without removing all his little pawns. Just as I guessed though, his strongest pawn would be the one to face me." Shishio then cleanches the hilt of his sword and examined Spark's own blade.

"Is that a sword or a play toy?" He asked before letting out a deep gut laughter! "Shiiiii! Hohoho! Looks like something some kid made by super glowing random shit together." Shishio mockingly calls before raising his own blade, "This is a man's sword, an instrument used for killing, for discipline, for ones self, put that piece of shit away and face me at full power. Because where you've been swinging that blade for a few years maybe I've honed my craft since I was toddler. So again, come at me! Full power! You green fuzz fuck!"

"Hmph. Just as I heard: You are quite arrogant. I'll admit, this blade is more for dealing with swordsmen like you. They're a pain in the ass to fight against. Even more so with a black, cursed blade like that one. Are you the better swordsmen? Of course, that is something I don't mind admitting. However, when it comes to natural power and abilities..." Spark said as he put his sword to the side before starting to fully activate the acid on his body. "...I win. Simple as that. My powers nearly toppled your precious kingdom of Dressrosa and your warlord didn't fare as much against me. Then again, when you're a pirate that sell your souls to the World Government, you deserve a slow and painful death!" uttered Spark as he soon started to gather a bunch of acid as he placed his large paw on the ground.

"No. Not just Warlords or one of the Twenty Kingdoms. We need to aim higher. Killing you, an admiral, would surely put a dent in the Marines' forces. You want me at full power? Well, you're about to get a taste of it. Time to melt you and your damned beliefs underneath my acid! Arechi!" shouted Spark as the acid he has been building up was finally dispersed by him as a massive wave of acid that went toward Shishio. Others that are in distance would get hurt by the acid as it would easily eat through the rubble and deberes.

"Wild Beast Style:" Shishio paused before letting out a breath and his eyes turned demon white! "Wild Hound Chase!" Shishio then with a tight grip releases a single large high pressure black sword Slash layered with haki emission. Shishio then chases forward toward the wave behind his attack. "Wild Sword Style!: Python Strike!" He the thrusts forward with blacked sword cover d with his thick haki.

"Hmph. That's annoying." said Spark as he surged his body with Electro as he disappeared in a flash as he emerges behind Shishio. Spark appears to be shaping his arm into a mess of acid that appears as a bunch of spear-like objects. "Better stay away from attacks like that. I felt that Haki emission and a direct hit from a force like that is something I don't need. Fortunately, I can enhance my reflexes with my unique Electro and can outpace him if necessary. Back attacks seem to work the best for now." Spark thought to himself as he floats in the air as he prepares to aim his would-be attack down at the admiral. "You're not know for raw speed as I know of. That Gamma bastard has you put to shame in that department and even I avoided capture from him in the past. Now, do me a favor and just die for me so I can get back to this war! Ūmera!" shouted Spark as he sent out a bunch of spears made of acid that would rain down at the admiral's back.

Shishio's feet then planted themselves on the air behind him, launching himself away from the attacks. "I may not be as fast as that green fox fuck, but I sure am harder to kill." Shishio said before smirking and adjusted his stance. "You wanna beat me? Keep your distance. That's gotta be similar to what you're thinking. You'd be right if I were just some berserker, but I'm way more resourceful than you'd think. Now show me, you gonna keep running the attacking? Or are you gonna fight me head on? Show me, are you a warrior or just some bitch that needs to keep away from me. Is that what you are? Just an itty bitty coward of a second in command."

Spark grows annoyed as he was upset how Shishio blew off his attacks. Even though he was insulted by the admiral, Spark could only smirk at his bold taunts. Spark then relaxes a bit turning his acid arm back to normal before speaking more. "If you're that eager to die that quickly, then I guess I better start taking this seriously." declared Spark as he started to have his electro spark widly. It is a very dark green in color showing how more unique to him. "Acid can enhance electricity naturally. It is why this fruit I felt chose me to use in combat. A fruit useful for a Mink indeed, and now I think it's time to show you really why I am that threatening." uttered Spark as he gathered a bunch of electro in his paw before he is about to fire it. "Electro: Toxic Shock!" shouted Spark as he unleashed an intense burst of green Electro that went directly toward Shishio.

"Give your balls a tug," Shishio said before leaping upward, "Shave!" He then fused Geppo inside Soru to evade the attack and emerge a few feet closer to Spark. "Fight, three things will happen, I hit you, you hit the floor, I hit the bottle before killing your boss."

"Well, one thing will happen is that you die by my hands." said Spark as he breathe in a large amount of air. "Ensan Kumo!" shouted Spark as he released a dark green cloud of acid that went toward Shishio and started to cover most of the area. "A trick I picked up thanks to Boss. You can avoid this move all you want, you will be weakened by this acid that can burn your lungs upon breathing. When you weaken, I will strike." Spark said as he coated his arm in haki represented by a dark, green hue as it surges with Electro preparing his next attack.

"All of you are alike. I may have sold my beliefs to gain more power by eating a fruit also. But I did so to e hance my own skills. You did it because you're to weak and needed something to make you strong." Shishio then pulled his sword back before letting out a monstrous slash! The blade slash had such tremendous force and power it kicked up a large stream of air! "Fight me like a man, fight me head on you fucking dandy." Shishio then thought to himself " I'll need to switch into my hybrid form soon. I need to save my stamina for when I face the ape shit bastard. I hate bastards with fruits like this, it's not just his power but the status effects he'll cause."

"Weak huh?" Spark said as he suddenly went into a temporary trance about hearing the word "Weak". Afterwards, voices started to go through his head upon even hearing about his strength being questioned.

"Weak...? Is the reason why my mother died? Is it the reason why my friends I knew from Zou died? Is it the reason why Yueliang died? Is all of this because of me? N-No! It can't be! That's why I got stronger! On my own! Not just my Devil Fruit. That's why Boss noticed me! That's why no one else died since then..." was thought by what it seem to be a younger Spark.

"...Then what about Lucifer? And attack lead by you in the attack of Dressrosa. Had you never done that, he would still be alive! As usual, everyone you come to know and love will die before your eyes. Even Kong! You're a curse plain and simple!" said one of the voices that sounded more of a demonic version of Spark.

"W-What?! Boss won't die! He's strong! He's a Yonko! He's the strongest Mink in this world! I looked up to him since I was young! He's going to be the next king of the pirates!" uttered the younger Spark's voice.

"Hah! As long a curse like you are around! He's going to die just like all of the rest! I'll be surprised if your friends make it through this war itself! You'll always be weak and you know it! Destined to allow everyone around you to die with you having to live with it! Hahahaha!" uttered the demonic voice.

"N-No...I... was all that was said after Spark finally snaps himself out of it. With an intense burst of Electro, the then starts to slowly shift his acid over to a different color, the color of yellow. "You really do like to talk out your ass a lot you drunken bastard. Then again, Admirals like you are a bigger pain the ass to take out but then it'll be the sweeter when I can report to Boss that I have kill you. Then you won't be saying I am weak on your deathbed huh?" Spark said as his body started to glow intense with Electro as he then looked as his right paw. "This bastard may have overlooked the time I've spent in Skypeia. I got a surprise in store for him if I can get up close to him." Spark thought to himself before he took off toward Shishio, turning his left hand into a blade of acid. "If you want a close up fight so damn much, then you got it! Be honored to fight against my next level of acid. San Oogama!" he shouted as he sent his attack toward Shishio while making sure to position his free arm backward.

Shishio gripped his blade, coating it with an extremely thick coating of haki and with a shrouding black aura Shishio directly met with Spark face to face! Clashing attacks with one another! the haki and black aura protected the actual blade from melting away! "Bring it you furry duck!"

Spark smirks slightly as he put his free hand toward the direction of Shishio as he is preparing to act. "My acid isn't the only thing you should be worried about. I've been in the Sky Islands for a few decades now, so of course I have picked up a few things along the way. I am sure you have heard of dials, unique devices that have a multitude of different effects. Even my blade is powered by one. However, this one in particular is something I'd rather not use due to the backlash..." Spark stated as he uncovered a dial from his acid body in his arm that was starting to glow in power. "The Impact Dial: One of the strongest of them all. It can take the force of someone's power and deliver it back even stronger. The downside is the backlash can be annoying, but I got used to it. This is the power you wished you have you damn Marine. Now, Impact!" shouted Spark as he activated the Impact Dial very close to Shishio releasing out an immense shockwave.

Shishio takes the full brunt if the attack! Sending him flying and even crashing inside and threw a marine ship! The whole time Shishio didn't let go of his sword. "So, that's how it is huh?" Shishio said before picking himself up, cracking his neck. "Alright then," Shishio then began to grow larger, scales began to form all over his body, a large spine growing out if his back, razor sharp talons and tail, he had gone into his full beast form and let out a bloody roar! Then buckling his knees he used an enhanced form of Soru to launch himself outward! In a moment he appeared in front of Spark and with black coated haki tail he swatted at Spark!

Spark was trying to use his enhanced reflexes to block, but was only fast enough to get one arm up to block it. Of course, this wasn't enough to stop the massive attack and goes flying into the cliffside. Spark was of course damaged from this attack as even he started to have streams of blood from his face that he quickly wiped away. After taking a cigarettes out and lighting it, Spark smirks knowing he finally got the admiral to fight seriously. "Finally decided to bear your fangs huh? Heh. Glad I made you do it first before you did it to me. Now then, I think it's time I end this." Spark uttered as he, from inside the crater, placed his paw on the surface and started to spread his acid everywhere on it. "Level 1 - Arehateta Tochi!"" shouted Spark as the acid started to quickly melt through the gravel around the crater transforming the substance itself into it is acid as well. The large amount of amount of acid soon starts to form and it appears to be forming into the shape of a giant snake, made of pure acid. The creature roars out as Spark, covered in his acid and haki, walks slowly out of the wasteland caused by him as he started down Shishio. "Alright then. I think it's about time I made you go back to being extinct. Even someone as strong as you, has to know when there are those that are just as capable. Let's see what you can do against my Acid Beast - Taipan!" Spark uttered as the snake roared toward Shishio once more.

Without a second or drop of hesitation Shishio fully charged toward the massive acid snake! He coated his entire body with haki, just as he reached the snake he leapt up, spinning forward like a wheel, focusing his haki to his spine then released a razor sharp blade of emission haki. Using his momentum his razor sharp spine then coated itself with a power back layer of haki, using the first to make a path for him straight to Spark!

Spark notices how his creature was damaged by the massive attack but then, as he was noticing Shishio getting closer to him. Spark then takes out his blade at last and, after coating it in Haki, hopes to intercept Shishio's attempted attack with Electro fiercely sparking. Despite this, Spark could only smirk as he acid that was around them started to reshape myself. "Your attacks are annoying, something I'd rather not get hit by. However, you can say mines are even more so. This acid is a part of me admiral, no matter how many times you strike it down, as long as I breathe, it breathes!" stated Spark as the acid that Shishio struck through suddenly started to reform itself back into the snake form from earlier and proceeds to ram into them.

Shishio couldn't help but strike a smile once he felt the acid quickly approach the two. Where the two strikes met Shishio looked up smiling as a massive wave of pure willpower and bloodlust emitted off of Shishio. A power so few in the world posses, a power Spark had experienced from his own captain, it was haoshoku haki, the conquerors will! Shishio's will power was dominant, one of an unbreakable will, trained for over thirty years, it had made itself one with his indomitable bloodlust. Where spark once saw Shishio now saw the aura if a truly deadly predator, a beast born and raised a time before his own. The wave released a heavy pressure all around the two and increased Shishio's own haki from his spine, giving him more power to push back and possibly even slash Spark!

Even Spark was caught off-guard by what he said and found himself getting suddenly slashed by the attack. However, despite having a massive wound, Spark could only chuckle as he suddenly threw off his jacket to the ground and looks at Shishio with a very menacing grin of his own. Despite this aura fueling with bloodlust, Spark himself remains unaffected and even appears to welcome it. Naturally, being around someone he views as much more fierce and intimidating to him for so long has caused his own will to be strong as well. "Heh. Haoshoku huh? Not bad, you're an admiral so it makes sense that you have it. However, compared to Boss', yours is NOTHING! San Metamorphosis! - Dragon!" shouted Spark as he soon started to reshape his acid body to change himself into a different form. His kangaroo appearance would appear to be changed as he grew large wings, a longer tail both made of acid as he made himself into a more anthroporthmized version of the dragon possessing arms and legs. Spark lets out a large roar before he turns to Shishio all while his entire body is surging with Electro. "Logias like me, we can just reshape our bodies to however we please. Sure, we don't get a physical boost compared to you Zoans, but it makes the certain applications of moves much easier to pull off. Such as this! Iō Buresu!" shouted Spark as he breathe out an intense breath of sulfuric acid that went straight toward Shishio. Even if the attack misses, the area would still soon start to be filled with sulfuric acid. This is shown with even the other fighters around the area passing out and the plants starting to wither down from the substance. All while Spark is slowly starting to pour his acid on the battlefield.

By the time the breath attack had left his lips Shishio was already charging toward Spark using his Shave technique to cut the distance between them."What makes us different outside of our abilities or race, is our experience you shit." Shishio thought to himself now in front of Spark out if the range if his acid breath attack."Dont go on rants if you're this close to for, don't transform unless you can swiftly, you were already only a few feet from me" Shishio's years of experience over his fruit, his decades of mastering of it allowed him to shape into his massive hybrid form in an instant. The amount of time it took Spark to shape and carefully detail his body into it's newest firm was enough for Shishio to begin a charge Kong before his breath attack and shift into his own form. "Wild Beast Style: Black Rhino Slice!" Shishio yelled as his black aura, haki cover d sword swung! In his hybrid form he had strength that dwarfed both his human and full beast form, speed that made his base form appear like a baby crawling, and the sheer magnitude of the haki he's releasing was truly monstrous. His strike aimed at the same spot as before. At the range he was in, at how large the target was, at how preoccupied said target was, even future sight couldn't reach Spark in time.

"Tch?!" was all Spark could utter in his mind as he was struck by the sudden attack. Spark allowed himself to crash into the ground as he melted through the bottom with his more potent acid form. Spark was still awake but knew taking an attack like that is something he didn't want again. Naturally, an attack like that would easily kill someone far below an admiral's strength, but Spark was able to hang on due to his own strength and willpower. Being around a Yonko especially as his right hand for nearly a few decades is enough to show he isn't an ordinary person, especially having over a billion bounty. Spark could only grit his teeth in anger, knowing he shouldn't stop to explain his plans, something that caused him great grief in the past. "Damn. That's what I get for explaining myself to my foe. Next time, I'm keeping it straight to the point..." Spark said as he slowly was allowing his acid to creep around the area.

"As I said! You ARE weak! You're going to die, and so is that giant ape you respect so much! I thought you knew better not to taunt your opponents?! Especially if they're an admiral with more experience than you!" stated a demonic voice in Spark's head.

"So the damn lizard is older than me. Big deal." Spark said stoically.

"Big deal you say but you know good and well you're being cocky as a Logia you are which is the cause of his demise! And now it's going to lead you to your own death! How poetic! At least you get to join him in the skies! At least it'll feel right at home! Hahahahah!" laughed the demonic voice.

"Fuck you. You don't know me. And don't mention his name around me!" Spark yelled.

"Heheheheh I know you better than you think you giant rat. That admiral is going to kill you and all you can do is lie their in your own acid! Are you just going to sit there and let him take free hits on you, or are you going to prove me wrong and win? Huh! To avenge all your fallen comrades so far?! WELL!?" taunted the voice.

"OF COURSE!!! I AM NOT A DAMN WEAKLING" shouted Spark as he seemed to release an intense burst of energy and started to put both hands on the ground. "No more talking, only action. I need to prove to myself that I deserve my place! That I deserve to win! To help Boss become king of the pirates! Arehateta Tochi - Flow!" shouted Spark as he suddenly started to pour out an immense amount of acid from the ground that started to erupt from the ground as if it was magma! It soon started to flood the island is it slowly made it's way toward Shishio. "I'll force him to stay airbone then hit him with one of my stronger moves!"

"How annoying, I may need to get fully serious if I want to end this quickly enough." Shishio said before scratching his ass, "Damn, well whatever. I'll finish this qui-" before he could finish his sentence he felt the pressence of three approaching figures. "So, should I consider this an insult? You three really doubt me so much that you show up? Bunch of idiots, better calm down before I cut you three down."

"Shut up would ya?" A massive being, over twice Shishio's size appeared walking toward the admiral. His long, incredibly long crimson red hair, wearing a truly massive white marine coat with justice across the back of it, carrying a giant fan on his shoulders. "You're so loud and annoying, I'm sure the fish down at the blue sea can hear ya." It was the Marine Vice Admiral, Tempest Prospero.

"Honestly you're so damn loud you drunk, just do what we know you're gonna be used for." A jet black haired Louise Arthur said while approaching with his hands in his pockets. "Go to the King, we'll handle any of the small fries that'll try to stop you. It is our duty anyway, so you get no say in it this time."

"Honestly shouldn't we deal with this acid? It's quite annoying." Louise Elizabeth said while looking at the approaching acid. "While I do wish to fight Kong myself, even Spark here as well, I feel like both those battles and victories belong to another two. So like my baby brother I'll make sure no one interferes with the coming bouts."

"Yeah, yeah I got this." Prospero said before snapping his fingers, causing the clouds they stood on to open up and allow the acid to be drained out before reaching them, even making a trail for Shishio and the rest to travel through. "Either of you two would be a bad match up for this bastard. So, any final words before we split up?"

"Yeah..." Shishio said, pausing before looking over to the second in command of the enemy crew. "Hey! Tit fucker! Your boring so in gonna head out and handle your boss. Do me a favor tell your mom I'll be home a little later than usual but that dinner better be set in the table or else. Also, give your balls a tug you piece of shit." He then grabbed his junk a d flipped off Spark. "Alright Red, I'll see you after all this is over. Youre buying the first round alright?"

"Yeah, yeah. Just go do your job you damn drunken beast. No point on dragging this out any longer than need be." Prospero said as he began to walk toward Spark. "Alright, mind if I tag in?"

Spark would then reform himself as he watches as the large man, Prospero, started to walk toward them. Spark overheard Shishio's taunt earlier, but choose to ingore it as he is now more focused on his new opponent that just appeared before his eyes. Spark notices how most of his acid is drained up, and casually lights another cigar before blowing out a deep, green smoke. "So the admiral is tagging out for a vice admiral. Talk about a downgrade, Boss would probably kill or thank me for not being able to kill that admiral this time. Hmph. No matter, he wants to take on Boss, and he'll literally die trying. As for you, you're just a tall man with an annoying ability. I don't mind if you tag in, it doesn't matter to me in the slightest." Spark commented as his green Electro surged violently from his body.

"Yeah, yeah. You're strong, boss is strong, blah blah blah. I've heard it once, I've heard it a million times." Prospero said as he approached. His pointer finger twitched, causing a massive lightning bolt to strike from the clouds above! "This won't take you down, seeing as you're a logia and all, but, if you turn to your element the sheer force of my attack constantly bombarding will keep you in place while I get closer.* Prospero said, not pausing from his walk. His natural mastery over all things weather related was matched for his fruit. "it'll be interesting to see his choice. This shouldn't be anything for him though."

"Electro: Soru!" shouted Spark as he used his enhanced Electro to avoid the lightning bolts that came crashing down. Something that he seemed to have practice doing as he made sure to pace himself while keeping his eyes on Prospero. Spark then takes back out his blade and points it toward Prospero. "I've been living in the clouds nearly all my life, and been around the Boss. Dodging mere lightning bolts is nothing to me. Now, die! Jǫrmungandr - Strike!" shouted Spark as he activated his blade, powered by an Esain Dial, that went quickly toward Prospero. "Whatever he decides to spring on me after this, I'll try to absorb it with a dial, then send it back him. I can't waste too much time fighting this guy. That damn admiral made me wore me out a bit..."

"Tch!" Prospero clicked his tongue before the same high-powered Lightning bolt emerged from the floor directly beneath Spark's legs. "the entire battlefield is a cloud, meaning this entire battlefield is already under my control." he thought to himself as he snapped his fingers causing the approaching cloud to vanish. "Even clouds are at my control, so those won't hold up too well against me."

"Hmph!" uttered Spark as he took the lightning attack head on, but as able to brush it off due to his own experience around it for years. Spark uses his Logia intangibility to float in the air to avoid direct contact on the ground. Spark just stares at Prospero as he retracts his sword, holding it over his shoulder. "I see. He can control the weather, using those clouds to absorb my liquid acid and use it for himself. That's something that Boss can do. That's annoying, but he can only control it, not become it. Even still, when my acid melted this land and turned it into it's own, he in turn turned it into his own thing. Hmph. Annoying power, but he should know that acid exists in two different states of matter. Spark thought to himself as his Electro surged through his body and his then liquid acid body soon turned into a more gaseous state and then points his hand toward Prospero. "You have an annoying power, so I better end this here and now. Esan Kumo! shouted Spark as he released an air of thick, dangerous acid that went toward Prospero.

As Spark shifted into his gaseous form, Prospero quickly drew the massive fan on his back. With a tight grip he reeled the fan back, oddly a bubble formed itself on the front face of the fan. "You think I'm afraid if some fart?" He then swung his arms, causing the bubble to pop right when it would release a gust, the bubble released a massive whirlwind, as if it could alone send men, cows even debris and buildings flying. The massive whirlwind charged forward, equaling the size of Sparks gas!

Spark was caught off-guard by the wind but was able to hold himself thanks to his own resilience. Spark continues to stare at Prospero noticing his acid cloud is starting to get pushed back. "So that's your game. You seem to be using your distance attacks to keep my powers at bay. The fan blows away my gases, while the clouds absorb my acid. Annoying combo; better break out the big guns and strike him hard. If I can get one bit of my acid into his body, it'll be over." said Spark as he flew upwards higher away from the whirlwind and soon started to charge at Prospero while holding one of his arms forward. "Let's see if this work. If it doesn't I got a backup plan. Flash Dial!" shouted Spark as he, using a dial he had hidden in his body, let out a large flash of light hoping to blind Prospero while preparing another attack.

After spending his time in the skies Prospero knew how effective dials can be in battle, though his foe had chose the wrong dial. Thanks to his sunglasses he tends to wear Prospero saw the opening needed. Just as Spark summoned his dial forward a massive gust of wind circled around Prospero and using Shave he practically flew to Spark at blinding speed. Once the flash was shot out Prospero had already closed the distance, his massive arm covered with a pitch black layer of haki was aimed at Spark's throat and chest, aiming a powerful lariat at the unexpecting Commander! "Flying Lariat!" he yelled only centimeters away from Spark!

"Well shit." Spark thought to himself as he was quickly able to harden that area of his body with his haki, thanks to his own intense training to get it up in time. Though the attack still landed hard and Spark felt the blunt of the attack. He was able to hold his ground, though did had some difficulty due to his earlier injuries from Shishio. After shaking off the near instant pain from the attack, Spark used the closer distance to coat his left arm in Haki and surge it with electro and his acid. "I knew about the shades. Just giving you the chance to allow me to in close. Let me show you the true power of the dials as I have a jet dial implanted in my arm. "Recripo Punch!" shouted Spark as he launched a near instant punch powered by his abilities and a jet dial at Prospero, the punch appeared to disappear due to the sheer speed it was going.

Prospero smiled as he felt the attack coming, his future sight haki clicking, showing him what was to come. While he couldn't evade the attack, Prospero had a counter for this already set up. Using the blinding speed against his opponent as they had reached the point of no return. He created dozens of localized atmospheric layers to increase the air resistance between the fist and himself. This heavily reduced the speed and power of his strike before landing. Not just that but by punching through the layers, the friction would if it's his arm on fire again and again, getting hotter and worse through each layer as the pure atmosphere would only burn Spark more.

Despite his arm starting to burn from the intense friction from the attack, Spark continues to push through despite the pain and stops his arm just a few inches in front of Prospero. He opened up his palm as an intense ray of light shines as he gave a smirk before releasing it. "You gave me trouble in the past, but I got things to do in this war besides all of this pointless fighting. Even if this puts me on the brink of death in my current state, you will fall! Reject!" shouted Spark as he released a powerful Reject Dial close to Prospero, even despite his injuries already, he risks using the most powerful of the dials.

The attack connected a point blank! The sheer force and power behind the attack sent him flying! His entire chest and abdomen covered with a large bruise as the Vice Admiral crashed far away. "Damn... that hurt..." He said, forcing himself back to his feet. The throbbing pain was notable but he clenched his fist and began to walk forward. "I really hope that's not all you got. Now that I got, I want to keep things cooking." He raised his hands to the sky as the clouds both beneath Spark and above began to charge up, "turn to acid, dodge this, no matter what you do, the next big attack will be in my favor." He clenched his fist as count less lightning bolts surrounded Spark, constantly bombarding his general area. "Even if he turns to a gas a liquid acid, anything, I'll counter it damn it." He then coated his body with a whirlwind and took off flying.

Spark was causally using his Logia intangibility to dodge the lightning bolts but can be seen holding his left arm while carefully watching Prospero using his next attack. Even he was surprised that Prospero was still going, but knew the Marine gave him trouble in the past already. He notices the big attack Prospero was preparing and started to surge his body with Electro just in case. "Damn... I know the dangers of using a Reject Dial especially with a bit of my own power stored into it. Even at full strength, it has a lot of recoil compared to a regular Impact Dial that can easily kill a normal person. Nonetheless, that did damage but it seems he's not giving up yet. I know good and well he's trying to catch me off guard by using these lightning bolts as a distraction. How annoying. I better try to end this now." Spark thought to himself as he took back out his blade and shifted it around until it formed a large spiral. "Jǫrmungandr: Acid Coil!" he shouted as he sent his black/green blade coated with his acid spiraling toward Prospero, a type of attack that mirrors the abilities of a of a Devil Fruit. This attack even cuts through the lightning bolts that were still striking around it.

"Not bad, but not good enough...." Prospero said as an abundant layer of wind wrapped themselves around his leg before he suddenly vanished! "Soru!:Sylph Footwork!" Using the increased speed of his soru and the powerful shots of wind being released in each footstep sent the large man flying at ridiculous speed! Running past the coming drill attack and quickly closing the distance between the two!

Spark was quickly using Electro to enhance his senses as he was able to sense the attack coming and was already prepping to use a large, Haki-coated acid punch using his free hand. "You may have future sight, but my reaction speed can keep up with that just as much." Spark said as he quickly fired the punch over at Prospero right before he could connect.

Prospero took the brunt of the attack! Unlike most devil fruit users, Prospero was one who had spent most of his life fighting without a fruit to assist him. Much like one would expect he's developed a highly trained brick house of a body. Being one if the few Marines who can keep up in physicality with the admiral Spark previously fought, he took the brunt if the attaxk. He did so to corner Spark as when he confidently attacked, he left himself critically open! With a giant fist covered with haki he aimed to slam it against Spark's open wound from earlier that Shishio landed, just as Spark's own attack was connecting. With a lightning bolt fro? above aimed directly at Propsero's fist where it would connect with the mink! "Even if I gotta get hurt, you're going down!" with the sound and the recoil of the reject dial Prospero figured this attack could do some heavy damage.

Spark gritting his teeth after taking the intense attack to his open wound. He would slide backwards but stands his ground even though his energy is quite burnt up. His right arm still aches from using the Reject Dial from earlier and is nearly reduced to a knee before keeping himself standing through his sheer willpower. "Someone in my position... isn't allowed to fall... not to anyone!'" was a voice that said through Spark's mind as he kept his stance despite the sheer amount of injuries that is over his body. Spark then flashes a smirk. "Is your Justice...that afraid of pirates? That's a shame... I guess it isn't as "high and mighty" as you think it is. Don't ever underestimate us pirates dammit. You'd be surprise what he can accomplish what we put our mind through!" declared Spark as he took back out his blade as it surged widly with his green Electro.

Prospero the grabbed his massive fan as wind began to surround his body, a gust whirling at an intense speed and sorce, keeping his eyes locked on spark. "Bring it fur ball." He then used his geppo and soru along with the bursts of wind to close the gap between the two! "But you will fall today!"

"Heh. Not before you weather boy." Spark said as he used his Electro to propel himself forward with him already swinging his blade. He is clearly fighting through all of the pain with sheer adreline as he is eager to cut Prospero in to as he swung a massive sword beam at that very moment. "Boss is going to be the King of the Pirates, nothing you or any of those other Emperors can do anything about it!"

"Heh, sorry." Prospero then coated his fan with a layer of haki before swinging it to block and send the sword beam away from himself. Behind that swung a monstrous whirlwind soon followed! Any regular person will be having the wind cut up their skin steadily. Prospero used this moment to reveal a card up his sleeve as five jet dials emerged from his boot's to aim a haki coated knee at Spark's abdomen! Thanks to the time spent in Skyforce, he has aquired quite a few dials, some used for tricks like these.

"Geh...." Spark uttered as the took the direct blunt of the attack, but from his pained face flashed a smirk as he grabbed onto Prospero's leg to with his left arm prevent himself from flying backwards and soon coated his right fist in a layer of haki even making sure to add emission to it this time. "You're not the only one that specalizes in dials. Especially jet ones." Spark stated as he used the jet dial he has hidden inside of his elbow to propel his punch forward quickly hoping to hit Prospero with a powerful attack.

Prospero created dozens of atmospheric layers to slow down the coming attack, igniting the coming arm, and making the attack lose a large amount of it's momentum. "Tekkai! Hollow Tree!" Prospero yelled out as his Tekkai forced his chest to seemingly expand and redirect the attack and it's force back at Spark!

"Tch..." Spark uttered as he was sent backwards from the attack, but continues to stand on his feet though appearing to show signs of fatigue. He grips his arm as he was still feeling the effects from an earlier attack. "The hell was that? That move seemed to have the same capabilities of an Impact Dial. Those, Rokushitty, whatever the hell it's call moves are annoying as hell to deal with. Not to mention the use of that Reject Dial on top of that slash from that damn admiral earlier are really starting to show their effects. No, I can't think like that. Boss will be over my ass if I start to think of my own weakness. We're at war dammit and I need to show I'm not giving up, even if my body does so. Spark thought to himself as he started to surge his whole body in his unique electro once more; however, this time, his body started to expand and his muscles were growing bigger. He was using his own Electro to power his own body up and assumes a form to another. Electro: Supplement Boost - Expansion "If I had Sulong, you'd be dead. This is going to have to do for now but even with your tricks, you won't beat me in this state. The combination of my Electro and acid allows me to achieve such a state. Now, Electro: Grand Toxic Shock!" Spark shouted as he released a burst amount of Electro toward Prospero with the intense attack enough to cause some scarring around the area.

Call of Duty

The sound of metal clanking echoed throughout the recently docked ship as the infamous bagua made his entrance on battlefield. “Must obliterate all enemies!” Omega Cipher declared, his voice amplified by a speaker alerting all the marines and pirates on the ninth island of his appearance. It wasn’t necessary however, as from his shoulder blades, an artillery of missiles fires towards the island aimlessly, hurting both parties. “Must annihilate all enemies! Must annihilate all enemies!” He repeated, leaping down from the ships dock onto the island.

As artillery fell and exploded in the cloudy surface, marines were seen in foxholes keeping themselves from the missiles. Some marines were unlucky as missiles hit close enough to kill a few.

Vice Admiral Slade was seen running through gunfire as he leapt to a foxhole nearby as a missile just barely missed him. A marine was seen wounded and crawling to his foxhole. Slade jumps up and drags the marine to the foxhole as another missile went off near. Slade then loads up a magazine of laser into his rifle and starts firing at the enemies, thinking as he fought out.

"Sir!" A Marine hops in as he occupied and filled the foxhole.

"What is it?" Slade states as he was shooting awhile.

"We're having trouble advancing with that robot firing all those missiles!" The marine responds, "Any orders sir?!"

"Command Commodore Vermont to fire a napalm strike!" Slade states as the marine instantly runs out of the foxhole and runs toward the STARZ Commodore.

It wasn't long before there was a yell that shouted:

"Napalm Clap!" As a wave of napalm was seen flying through the clouds and heading straight for the robot.

As the explosive descended upon the titanic automata, Cipher began to internally dissect the composition of the strike. "Analyzing...processing...Heat 1200°C...sustainable!" It muttered, walking into the pyro mist. Once part of the sky rebels who fought against the Wukong, Omega was designed to combat the Monkey King, or at least that was the intent. Unfortunately, dreams tend to stay as just that, dreams. In their battle, Kong overwhelmed the battle-bot and turned it to scrap. However, the idea of having a training dummy intrigued the cruel ape and Kong made Cipher's creator a slave; only way to earn his freedom, to create something that can injure the primate. The juggernaut has since had numerous updates and reworks in dedication to that goal but has yet to achieve it. In this time, he has climbed the ranks of the Wukong Pirates, earning a spot as one of the Bagua.

Emerging from the inferno, Cipher assessed the terrain. "Enemies in cover...smoke them out!" he declared, opening his mouth as he released a toxic corrosive that began to spread through the battlefield. One whiff would have targets wheezy. Two would cause them to hallucinate and begin to lose motor function. Three would leave them in a critical state. Being an automata, such trivial efforts would have no effect on him. "All enemies must be annihilated!"

"GAS MASKS!" Slade shouts as he turns on his visor mask to air filtration as the gas came towards them. There were marines that were in time to put their gas masks on, but some weren't so lucky and fell to the gas eating them from the inside due to the corrosiveness.

"Where's the artillery?!" Slade says as he looked from his foxhole seeing the big robot come at them. Slade then decides to experiment with something, Slade stands up and then fires a laser beam from his eyes through his visor! It was more of a laser that had a medium caliber, but it was enough most times besides taking out the biggest caliber laser he has.

Traversing through the purple mist, Cipher's heat censors detected the vice-admiral's attack. "Danger! Danger!" it repeated once more, before its eyes began to glow red. Similar to the Vice-Admiral, a beam of energy blasted from the automata's eyes, intercepting the attack and causing a beautiful explosion as a result. "Threat detected!" Cipher proclaimed, locking onto the Slade. Once again, from its back, missiles were released but instead of floating aimlessly throughout the battlefield, they targeted the dune where Slade and his troops sought cover.

"Soru!" Slade dashes past the missiles with superhuman speed and charged right for the robot. Before the robot could decipher, Slade leaps up and coats his arm with haki and slams his arm right through the head of the robot! Slade then grabs a special grenade that'll blow the robot up from the inside out. He pulls the pin as he took it off from his belt and places it in the hole that he placed in the robot, the grenade clanking as it fell to the bottom of the robot. Slade then leaps over the robot with a few rifle shots fired and lets the explosion take place behind his back.

Mundane Madness

Amidst all the ensuing chaos between Admirals and Si Xiang, Vice-Admirals and Kong, and all the rest, one who has seen the rise and falls of many eras watched from above. “What do you say then?” The Hero of the Marines petitioned, speaking to the watch guard of the sky pirates. It was only natural they left him guarding the fleets, his ability was ideal for such a test. But in the same way he was chosen to protect, Daisuke was chosen to rid.

“I tend to let the kids fight nowadays. Old-age sneak up on ya like that.” He continued, seemingly rambling at the this point. “Speaking of kids? How’s the one in paradise? Akira, was it?” Daisuke, a man so well connected, no one does anything without him knowing. “I always wondered why one of the world’s most notorious was protecting that shrimp. But then I heard about what he did at Transylvannia and then I realized…” he intentionally paused, almos as if he hd rehearsed the scene. “So how about this, I send you there right now and you can continue to protect the ape’s child. Or he’ll have to carry on without ya.”

Whom he was talking to was Mercury, the newest of the Si Xiang, standing on one of the boats. His eyes had gazed at Daisuke as he approached, they locked on when he spoke. The confident and smug tone of Daisuke's voice was irritating, those words were something that Mercury had wished to hear, but certainly not from him. The monkey's great adversary, his worst foe, and the one that understood him the most was now standing below Mercury's feet. Mixed feelings started to flow through his head, should he stay and die for his captain, or live for that very same person's legacy to continue. While the pirate has had many troubling times like this, not one could raise his temper as it was now. For the first time in a while, that man known as Mercury was annoyed. Annoyed that he had to choose, choose between life and death. Both for himself, and certainly also that of his captain.

"Wrote this while taking a dump, just wanted you to know! Also, don't you dare remove this Kami, it's funny" - Imnotfallen

"Oh I must've forgotten..." Daisuke paused, as he shook his head in sarcastic disbelief. "You're a mute aren't ya?" Then within an instant, with the description of his speed being no hyperbole, Daisuke appeared in front of the pirate with a casual smirk on his face. "I'll just take your silence for agreement." He muttered, his palm, only centimeters away from his target. Such efficiency, many had seem to have forgotten why Daisuke had earned such a global moniker or what he was prophesied as prior to his heroic title.

Iron Maketh Man

Resting upon the warm sand that populated the twelfth island of the large sky archipelago, was the Iron Monkey himself, Ginzaru. Standing at an impressive 10 feet and 3 inches, and weighing in at 507 was a beast that held strength reminiscent to God himself. Each step that he had taken, left a considerable print in the sand as if it his weight forced it to solidify.

“YYYAAAAAWWWWWNNNNN!!” Ginzaru roared, as the palm trees and long grass were pressured to flow in the opposite direction.

“I’ve fought enough in that stupid League, so I’m glad none of those idiot marines have made their way to this small paradise..” He mumbled to himself, before using his giant sized thumb to wipe the yawn sleep from his heavy eyelids. “It would only bring more death so all my praise to those who approach…” He slurred as he fell back into his nap.

As he tested, the crimson red hooded Titania appeared and from a distance she cocked her rifle and let a bullet fire off! Next to her was the golden blonde Elaine stood next to her.

With the slight flex of his right pec, the bullet would appear to slam into an impenetrable wall as it came to a complete stop. It fell to the ground completely compressed into a sheet of metal, as the tall grass consumed it. Ginzaru would open his right eye to the sight of two human females dressed in a marine attire, scoffing as he sat up. "And who are you two, other than fools to interrupt my nap? Not just only interrupt my nap, but try to shoot me with a pathetic bullet?!?!" He spoke with an amused tone.

"Please humor me."

"Well when in doubt," both Elaine and Titania said outloud before taking off running! "Start swinging!" They recited. Despite the fact the two at first didn't like him, the two have adopted a sense of confidence thanks to their commanding officer.

Titania cocked her large crimson red scythe before leaping upward, swinging her legs to make her spin, aiming her blade at the massive Ginzaru! Right behind her Elaine swung to the right, aiming her sword at his sides. Their attacks were in complete tandem, like well oiled machines they moved in complete sync with one another.

Both blades would barely pierce Ginzaru’s epidermis, grazing his incredibly tough skin as if they cut him with paper. Heavily disappointed by his challengers first attack, the iron monkey once again flexed his body to cast out both of the girls weapons from his skin. A chuckle of minimal volume would creep from the lips of the giant, he moved his right hand to cover his facial expressions.

Next Generation


As the many battles all over the sky islands progressed, a single jet black haired young man stood. His now glowing purple eyes examined the surrounding chaos. Clenching his fist he knew int he grand scheme of things, he stood no real chance at effecting the final outcome. Though despite that, he continued to assist who he can as fast as he can. A proud member of the shining stars of the Marines, Louise Arthur.

He jumped from one spot to another, even using the flying canon balls as footholds. Using his Modeifed Human ability, he was quickly processing the battle around him. He strategically placed himself at the right place at the right time, saving countless Marines and bringing down pirate after pirate.

"Seriously, so many of these annoying pirates. I just want to finish this already." Arthur said outloud before slashing down another pirate. "Now then, how many m-" he paused, seeing birdmen diving down and slaughtering marines. "Son of aaaaaa!" He charged directly toward the birdmen.

And so Arthur dashed forward, grabbing two of his short swords from his side holsters. Slamming a kick into the chest of a pirate, sending him crashing against one of the birdmen! "This is going to be annoying." He then cut his sentence short as he caught one if the birdmen's spear and sending it through one of the pirates. "God damn this is gonna take a while. I can't go through my strength to quickly, I need to pace myself." He then adjusted his stance, his eyes locked on all the pirates before him. He observed them, their speed, the pattern of their movements, then he charged forward and in a single swift move he swatted each of them on their throats or chests, incapacitating them all swiftly.

"Seriously though, just how many of these damn pirates are there. It seems like for each one I take down five more take their place. I need to identify a higher ranked officer. To deal with these numbers I have to take out their head." Arthur then looked all over his surroundings. "Vladimir is probably doing decently, though not being able to use his fruit does pose a problem for him. Then that blonde bitch Elaine is also doing fine, she may be annoying but she handle herself."

After turning his head Arthur then saw an eclipsing large birdman, one encased in a large jet black armor. Arthur's eyes widened, "Jet Black armor that even cover his wings, extremely large body, talons that look like they could crush skulls in a moment." He thought to himself, his mind going through his memories, flashing back all the files he's read about Wukong Pirates. "Noche Nube. The massive birdman scout that works for the ape, hell of an enemy from what i've read." Arthur then cracked a smile, approaching Noche.

"Hm? Another marine? How annoying." Noche complained before diving down! He opened up his talon like claws and slashed at Arthur!

Despite his attack Arthur grabbed his short swords clashing with the talons! Sparks were sent as the two began to attack one another repeatedly! Neither could edge out the other, each of their strikes were planned so well and packed a hell of a punch. Then as arthur swung forward Noche flapped his wings back to evade the on coming attack, in that moment he saw the opening, swatted his arm forward stabbing his talons into Arthur's chest!

"Got a little to cocky didn't ya kid?" Noche asked, feeling his blood rush through him. It had been quite some time since a Marine was able to get him this riled up. the last to do so was Gozen Tomoe, a Marine he wished to find here. "Where the hell is she? I swear someone like her would show up to this damn war. Don't tell me she died! Ah god da-" Before he could continue with his sentence heavy right fist slammed against his gut and sent him flying a few feet!

"First mistake, your focus was on someone who's not nearby. Your second mistake, the one that has just condemned your fate, you looked away from me you full metal shit." Arthur said as he cracked his neck, removing his body armor that took the stabbing earlier. "Now that I've got a batter idea of your hand to hand skills i won't under estimate you...sorta." He then drew two short swords from his back, one released cracks and release of lightning along with one that releases waves of flames. "Thanks to some modifications Tech made onto my blades they can't harm me anymore. Though for control it sacrifices power, sooooo..." Then Arthur disappeared, using his soru to quickly approach Noche!

"That lit-" Noche was interrupted as he suddenly felt a shock running through his body! "Son of!"

Arthur slammed his sword against Noche's side, Shocking him intensely! When noche tried to move to dodge Arthur stabbed his flaming blade into the armor! Burning Noche even more! Arthur continued to attack again and again, repeating each attack, shocking him and burning him from the inside out! Before Arthur can land his tenth attack, Noche's wings sprung out and slammed against Arthur's chest!

"Taking it easy on me?! You little shit! How cocky can you be?" Noche asked, flapping his wings and calling upon large gales. "Let's see how you deal with this!" He then flapped his wings releasing hundred of wind blades at Arthur!

Buckling his knees Arthur stood his ground, swiping away at the on coming attacks! Slowly though few of them broke through the rain of attacks, cutting his arms, shoulders, and legs. "Damn it! Big ass hole has some good distance attacks. I need to break the distance, i need to get to you. Because..." Arthur then smiles and released the tension of his buckled knees. He appeared in front of Noche then slammed a fist into the armor's face! "Because you're afraid of me! Why else would someone who's obviously a hand to hand fighter start attacking from away?"

Noche's helmet was cracked and as his arms swung up in an attempt to catch Arthur, the young marine grabbed the birdman's shoulders, lifted himself up to dodge the hands. Thing he swung his hips forward, slamming his knees again and shattered his helmet in pieces! Revealing a scared face of a jet black crow birdman!

Arthur then leaps away from Noche, then using his Stamp tehcnique he shot himself forward back at Noche! Like a missle his body cut theiugh the air eith great ease, cocking his arms back Arthur Swing forward! Aiming a drastic attack at the massive birdman.

"Wild Beasts Style': Stamp: Twin Rhino Cross!: Arthur then swings both of his arms forward at Noche in a large "X" motion with one blade releasing a stream of flames and another releasing lightning! In one moment he sliced his way through the chest plate on Noche! burning his chest and electrocuting him at the same time! The sheer power of the attack brough the mighty birdman down to his knees.

"Thaylt fight with that Stupid fur ball and Stupid Redhead really did take more out of me then I thought it did." Noche thought to himself as he still felt the effects from his battle against the warlord Gahn and the rising star of the Marines Vladimir. As he looked up all he saw felt was the stabbing of over ten sharp playing cards! "what...the...h..." he tried to soeak before having a heavy right kick slammed onto the side of his face sending him flying away!

Arthur then walks over towards a beaten Noche, looking down on the defeated pirate, while he didnt speak, hisbeyes alone spoke volumes over his disappointment. "I'm actually wuite glad you were my foe, you were the one that Vladimir was talking to me about. Here i thought more of you... Disappointing." Arthur said as he snapped his figmers, causing the playing cards which looked much more ethereal-like to disappear.

Arthur's eyes then widened before leaping away from where he stood as a goliath flew by, a massive giant landed on his back! As a large cloud of dust appeared from the point of impact of the giant! Arthur cover d his eyes and when opening them he sees the Vice Admiral, Louise Elizabeth in her hybrid kirin form, panting and adjusting her stance.

"Sister?" Arthur asked as he felt a vibration coming from bith his arms. Now that the adrenaline has been subsided he can feel the toll of seinging through such metal earlier took on him. Not just that but the heat and sparks from his swords did take irritate his enhanced human skin. "Sister? Are y-"

"Arthur stay back!" Elizabeth yelled before a deafening loud drum beat was heard as a giant lightning bolt shot down and electrocuted her intensely! Thanks to the greatly enhanced defense his scales give her kept Elizabeth from falling to her knees but there was no denying a lot has been taken out of her much before that attack. Elizabeth's breathing is irregular, panting, trying to catch her bearings. "Stay back Arthur..." she pauses to pants and attempt to catch her breath, showing how serious the situation is by calling Arthur by his name rather than "baby brother" like she normally does.

His hand twitches as as the feint image of arm appeared above his own before vanishing. "Should i use "him" yet?" Arthur thought out loud before cracking his neck, analyzing how much damage he's taken and how much strength he's used. "I need to help sister, whoever th-" he stopped as he saw a giant even amongst giants.

"What the hell...that size...the green skin....he's...The Lightning Bringer, Magnus Gunnar." Arthur said as he quickly ran to Elizabeth, "Sister! This guy is on the same rank as Lucifer." He clenched tightly down on his shortsword's grip. He could feel bus heart beat and race as the battle with Lucifer was still fresh in his memory, he could still feel the effects it had on him.

"Wow, never took you for one to be so shook at a memory." a ratty voice emerged within Arthur's head, suddenly his mind went completely blank. "I will admit this guy seems pretty big, and based on the intel you gained, he's pretty strong. But hey, you've come this far." The voice spoke against Arthur's ears, a pair of large yellow eyes light up in excitement behind him as well before Arthur took a breath and his senses returned to normal.

"Arthur! Cover me! I'm going back in!" Elizabeth ordered his younger brother and subordinate as she took off running at an extreme speed. She had her eyes locked on the large bruises she's left behind found all over his body in shaoe of her hooves. "Flower Sword Style!: Phantom Rose!" She called for her technique as she swing her sword at his chest! but before she could a masskve blue drum appeared intercepting the sword and shocked Elizabeth's body!

"Those are his lightning drums, if i read his file right these large drums are his power made manifest. They're made of pure lightning, holding her sword only made it worse because of it being made of metal." Arthur thought to himsefl as he puts his swords away. "Meaning mine won't be of muxh help either huh..." He looked up at the might giant.

"All you marine scum will die here! You came to bring the fight to us!? These are our skies! these seas belong to our captain! You all have no place here!" Gunnar yelled as he slammed his fists against each of his drums! each blast striking down hoards of Marines back to back! "You're sll trespassing on our land you bunch of pieces of shit!" "My weapons will only backfire against me! I got insulators in my swords to stop that..." Arthur then paused as a long hand appeared and grabbed his shoulders.

Behind Arthur a very colorful clown-like appearance and has crosses for eyes appeared behind him Green gloves held onto his shoulders, a loud ominous chuckle can be heard eith pure gitty excitement. "Then why not use a weapon not metal?"

"Seriously, why do you just appear whenever you want?" Arthur asked.

"You've had your fruit for about two weeks only, and while you have bypassed one of its weaknesses however you did, you still lack control over it. Just like with all otjer fruit users I've met, without full control you fruit can ne affected by your personality or instincts."

"I'll keeo that in mind...but for now..." Arthur's hands reached down, as the clown like figure appeared in s clear image floating behind Arthur, handing him a massive crimson bladed scythe.

"Avatar Summoning: Dagonet" Arthur said, taking the scythe and twirling it around his body, almost as though he had always used such a weapon. "I swear, using this always feels weird." Arthur said as he began to smile rather largely. "God i hate when you do this, you make me look ridiculous with this damn smile. But hey, I guess it all comes with the contract huh?" Arthur said as he charged forward toward the Giant! "Let's get to work!"

Rising Angel

As the Battle raged on a holy glowing man could be seen flying through the air faster then any cannonball. A Blonde young man Michael Perfetto flew around using his incredible speed granted to him by his devil fruit and his martial arts to intercept all the cannonballs he could and send them at the Wukong pirates he could see making sure to not hit his fellow marines. While he wasn't yet strong enough to turn the tables he would not let that stop him from trying to prevent

Flying down to a raging battle between marines and pirates below his feet. He created a large spear of light which he threw allowing his martial art to propel it even faster into the pirate forces. Smiling with the look of a man who's been denied the very thing he joined the marines for finally being given to him.

Using his powers Michael could sense a powerful Birdman in the Skies it didn't seem to be the Si Xiang but it stood out none the less. "Finally someone worth being smited with light of divinity" he said before flying off to meet his new foe.

Removing a long blade of feathers from the chest cavity of a marine soldier, Jehovah rolled his eyes out of pure frustration. Another victim would fall onto stomach as his blood fastened it’s way into the grass beneath his corpse. With his dissatisfaction growing larger each second, Jehovah spread his large angel like wings which were black in color. Preparing to take flight, his head would suddenly jolt to the direction of an upcoming challenger, that Jehovah could feel as a source of relative entertainment.

“I suppose this runt will make do.” He mumbled to himself, before allowing his wings to fold.

Seeing the Black wings Michael could make a guess who his opponent was, A Wu Xing member of the crew but other then his rank little was known about him "This should be exciting" Michael thought to himself creating a blade of Holy Light and diving right towards his opponent using his second pair of wings to slice the air creating two slashes he sent straight for his opponents wings.

Turning his body one-hundred and twenty degrees, Jehovah’s left arm now faced his light wielding foe. This would cause the slashes to slither right past his frame, proving Jehovah’s lack of respect for his opponents attacks as he would rather move slightly to dodge, rather then block or move drastically to avoid being hit. Fixating his body to return to original position, Jehovah adjusted his wings so they folded over one another.

Quickly pulling them apart, a rotating current of air formed, pulling blades of grass, pebbles and sand into it. A small circular twister was had been formed by the Half-Birdmen, and would continue to grow bigger as it was propelled towards the boy who challenged him.

Seeing the twister Michael created a spear of light which he through into the center of his opponent's attack using his four wings to overpower his opponent and force his spear directly in between his opponent's wings. "Dodge this".

“As you wish.” Jehovah answered as he vanished before Michaels very eyes, avoiding his spear of light. Several afterimages surrounded Michael like sharks that smelt blood, as they began to grow closer and closer. A current of wind formed around him, slowly transforming itself into a veil of wind that encased the young marine. This would make it harder to breathe as the constant rotation of air didn’t allow for you to fill your lungs with the necessary oxygen to survive. ”Breath Veil!” Jehovah yelled, revealing the title of his attack.

"Finally a challenge i seem to always let Gizo have all the fun now it's my turn" Michael thought before using his martial arts increase the power of his wind cone to move in the opposite direction of the vortex that his enemy was trying to suffocate him with before creating a scythe made of holy light which he used to strike all of his opponent's images until he found the right one.

Justice Reigns Forever

Nuclear Nimbus

After what it seemed to been a great battle, Fermi can be seen walking to his next destination. His clothing appeared to be tattered as he had notable scratches around his body. He was adjusting his cape as he also had green liquid coming from his body, not from his own powers, but from what it seemed to be venom. However, despite this, Fermi doesn't appeared to be bothered by this as he continues walking forward looking dead ahead.

"Hmph. I wanted to end that battle in a decent amount of time, but she was rather annoying to deal with. Her powers akin to a Logia despite not being one herself, however, when it comes to that kind of power, no one is more destructive than my own. Especially from a filthy pirate that wishes she could compare to a hard-working Marine such as myself. Nonetheless, she is nothing more than trash to me now, and I left the clean-up crew to handle the rest." Fermi stated in his usual gruff voice as he adjusted his glasses in a stereotypical "evil-person" manner.

A couple islands away, the Snake Empress could be seen surrounded by various and an increasing amount of individuals sporting white blue and gold. "Damn that mongrel, I couldn't get a good enough understanding of his power!" she complained, hold the wound the remained in place of her right arm before lashing out. Spewing a toxic mist, she slithered between the officers, leaving a trail of countless serpents behind her. "I musssssst take down as many as I can sssssso that my love can acknowledge me again!" referring to the primate emperor himself. But just as her mind briefly moved away from the battle, her body faltered as she emesised blood due to the radiation.

"Attack now while she's weak!" the commanding officer demanded!

"Kill the snake!" another chanted!

"Give it everything you got!" One followed up, as a barrage of different attacks were directed at the Si Xiang.

Meanwhile, back on the main battlefield, Fermi would be already walking past Daisuke after hearing his words. After a brief moment of a pause, Fermi speaks.

"I am not as foolish as an untrained pirate for me to use my powers recklessly. I will use them for what I tend to use them for: Justice. Nothing more, nothing less. Even if this pirate is one of the strongest in the world, I will not yield to him." Fermi replied as he kept himself walking forward to the massive frame that is Kong. Despite his very tall height himself, Fermi's doesn't come close to Kong's as he stares up at him with an intense look in his eyes unfazed by the Yonko's sheer presence. After a moment of silence, Fermi then decides to speak. "You'd think the half Mink part of myself would respect your accomplishments, but of course as a proud Marine, I only want to see you dead. You did well to defeat Echo and the rest of the Vice Admirals as you did. However, I'm way out of their league." Fermi stated as his body started to glow bright green.

"I guess I have no one but myself to blame for theatrics of this new generation but myself." Daisuke sighed, unsure if the admiral understood the advice was attempting to relay. While it may not effect him, Fermi's delivery of justice may end up being the detriment of another down the line. But worrying about his superior was not something he's tasked with doing. Standing down as the higher ranking officer confronted the primate, Daisuke vanished, allowing the minks to battle.

"Oi, do all of you marines take a class in boring your opponents to death or something? Git over here and hit me den!" Kong proclaimed slapping his pectoral muscles with his open palm, welcoming an attack from the Admiral. At this point, Kong just wanted to feel something. Not emotionally, but the feeling of blood dripping from his extremities or bones struggling to stay together. While there was a lot of potential on the battlefield, not one has lived up to the expectation he's had. Staring down the Admiral, Kong noticed the green energy that peaked his body's interest from the Admiral's attack earlier. "There it is! Come at then!" Kong chanted, opening his arms outwards as if to belittle the admiral's might.

"Hmph. He is overconfident. That will surely lead to his downfall." Fermi said as he was gathering up a ton of gamma energy in his right hand. The intense light from his powers can be felt from miles away as even the intense heat from this form was starting to slowly melt the ground that he was standing on. "95%, never I have started so close to 100% during a battle before. Even if this attack doesn't fall him, it will certainly leave an impact. "95% - Ganma Saasuto" shouted Fermi as he fired a very powerful gamma blast that was heading right for Kong's massive frame. The intensity from this attack made it seem like the air itself was being distorted.

Kong's instincts flared up as the missile fist headed towards him. However, despite being fully aware that the attack might damage him, Kong did not move or dodge. Instead, he welcomed the attack, allowing it to reach his substantial body. The fist dragged the emperor across the the battlefield's war-torn floor, pushing him back at they collided. Holding a smile on his face, Kong couldn't help but laugh! "This is it! This is all you got!" he mocked, swinging his enshrouded arm across his chest, Kong flung the attack to the skies above, allowing it to explode in the distance. With regards to heat and force, neither were as tremendous as what he has faced in his past. However, literal moments after Kong could feel his body growing weary.

His vision blurred and his balanced skewed, Kong began to stumble in confusion. "Oi wh-" but before he could even get out a couple of words, blood began to drip from his nose. The symptoms continued to emerge as he found himself coughing and his body growing more flimsy. Leaning backwards, it looked as it the pirate emperor was about to pass out.

"Admiral Midorinari finally injured Wukong!" one announced from the Fleet behind.

"Take him down sir!" another followed up, empowered by the efficacy of his superior.

"Hell yah! No one can handle the powers of the Admirals!"

But just as the titanic beats looked like he was going to pass out, the chants of against him triggered a feeling he'd almost forgotten. Taking him back to his days in the Underworld Combat League, Kong recalled how nearly every individual watching prayed that their champion would be the one to slay him. The feeling of animosity, hatred,  being the under-dog, it was...thrilling!

Just as he was about to reach the point of no return, Kong slammed his right foot into the ground to regain his balance whilst exerting his conqeueror's spirit! The magnitude of this wave triumphed the one displayed as the start of the battle. No, this one was of an entirely different caliber. A black-red tint encapsulated the battlefield as it seemed the laws of the world and reality itself bowed to Wukong. The air grew thin and hot, making it incredibly difficult to breathe. Gravity was several times more forceful than before, causing the white seas to grow more turbulent. The entire island, along with those that surrounded it, began to rumble. Part of the island began to fall into the White Sea. Those who were thrilled by the emperor's potential defeat had nothing else to say as foam and vomit spewed out their unconscious mouths. Epic didn't adequately describe the display.

You say I'm arrogant, I say damn right! That's pride. Pride in the Emperor I am!"

Like glass, the distortions of the reality caused by Kong's overwhelming presence shattered in that instance. Staring at the Admiral, Kong whipped the blood from his upper lip. "Welcome to the end of your life! I's going to hurt!" Kong exclaimed, before a raging red-tinted black aura of enshrouded his body as he closed his fist. Black lightning flickered around the aura as he fell into a fighting stance. For the first time today, Kong was taking things seriously. "Ready...set.." Before he muttered the word "go", he already commenced. From the ground below, sprung up a fist shaped cloud, enshrouded in the same tint. Blasting upwards at blasphemous speeds, the fist was directed the admiral's chin, hoping to land a devastating upper cut. Being an logia himself, Kong knew how to attack one. While the lawyer of emission haki was likely to meet Fermi first, if the attack did manage to connect, Fermi would be met by the combination of Kong's conqueror's will weaponized in the form of internal destruction, preventing him from using his intangibility in a way Kong has done throughout the duration of the war thus far. Bàofā Quán, the attack was dubbed as the two were about to engage in a battle like no other.

"Not time to counterattack!" Fermi thought to himself as he, in an instant, hardened his chin with haki as his intense training helped him achieve a form of instant haki hardening. However, the very powerful attack still connected with Fermi and was enough to launch him in the air. Fermi is often regarded as one of the fastest people in the Marines as even his speed outpaces those with great usage of Soru. Fermi's glasses fall off of his face and blood drips from his mouth as even he felt the blunt of a haoshoku-enfused attack. Even still, Fermi is an Admiral and will not go down that easily. Fermi catches himself in midair as he looks at Kong with his piercing green eyes. "That power...This is something I have experienced before. "He" comes close, but it's clear this ape has more experience. Hand-to-hand, Kong beats me in every way possible. And I hate to admit it but even the damn lizard and chop girl have me beat when it comes to pure physical power. However..." Fermi said as his body glows green which much more intensity achiving 100% form. " Devil Fruit powers are superior. Even you felt my gamma radition ape. That's proof that no one is safe from my destructive power. Not even a Yonko." he uttered as he pointed out his arm toward Kong. "Inari's Kyousha!'" shouted Fermi as he launched out a very powerful beam of gamma that formed itself in a shape of a large lance that was aiming right at Kong's chest.

The admiral's deductive reasoning was spot on. When it comes to close quarters combat, there may be no one in the world who matches Kong's versatility and power. And the beast pirate was tremendously aware of this fact. The dark green blast directed at the primate connected, enveloping the region in radioactive disarray. However, Kong wasn't there to endure the powerful assault. Staying put and awaiting to see if his upper-cut connected would be like if Kong had no faith in his own abilities. Thus, what Fermi directed his power at was none other than a mirage, left to intentionally to deceive the Admiral. While not comparable to the speed of the Hero, Kong was deceptively fast as he was not infringed on by his massive physique due to gaseous composition. Thus, under the veil of his invisibility, Kong blasted upwards above where Fermi commenced his counter attack and took control over the ominous clouds that have been building up since his encounters with the Vice-Admirals.

The sound of thunder roared as suddenly, from behind the airborne Admiral, a cataclysmic attack emerged. From the clouds above, a barrage of titanic fists rained down upon the whole island. "Yǔ quán" Enshrouded in darkness, filled with the various kinds of clouds, the fist shaped clouds were blasphemously dangerous, dodging would be near impossible as the range of the attack was the entire center island. Those who still on their feet would ravel in disbelief as to spawn an attack that could obliterate an entire island in moments was, at least until now, an impossible feat.

The primate watched from above his legendary attack. "C'mon then admiral! Show that unyielding power!" he voice roared thunderously as his fist drew closer.

Fermi was quickly preparing a small, but precise attack by storing a large amount of gamma radiation in his middle and ring finger as the two our touching each other. Fermi was pointing both at the massive attack that was coming his way. "You better be careful what you may ask for you fool! From one island destroying attack to another, I will pierce through your own with my power! This is. 100% - Ketatamashii no Ganma" shouted Fermi as he fired an intense beam of ganma radiation that formed in the shape of a spiral that went flying toward Kong's massive attack. The attack wasn't as big as Kong's but with enough force, speed, a precision, it may be enough to pierce through the very attack itself!

The difference between Admiral and Vice-Admiral can clearly be seen in this exchange. Not long ago, Aokuma was given an opportunity to damage the primate but wasted it as he attempted to outclass the primate in total output. A reckless mistake, one that Fermi did not emulate. By focusing his power in a more compact assault, Fermi's beam was able to penetrate through the gargantuan cloud, directly at the primate. "Let's try this again, then!" Kong proclaimed, eager to face the admiral's blast straight-on once more. Dislike last time, where Kong recklessly confronted the beam bare-body, he would not be as rash. His torso christened to black-red tint, indicating the usage of both Haoshoku and busoshoku. Clashing with the blast, the beam began to ricochet off his body but not without a cost. Internally, Kong could feel the effect it was having. Although his defenses were much superior to last, so was the attack engaging him. Noticing his body beginning to deteriorate from within, albeit at a much slower rate Kong acknowledge the recklessness in his endeavor. "Fine..." he muttered in disappointment, as he morphed his body to create a fissure to allow the phase through, causing the blast to hurdling into space.

Although annoyed that he hasn't endured the assault, it wasn't a complete loss. While Fermi's beam did manage to pierce through his attack, it didn't evaporate it. Similar to the primate himself, the massive assault simply reformed as the blast went off, continuing its downward assault. With now being literal feet away from the Admiral, Kong watched as his assault would likely connect, whilst taking a moment to assess the damage done.

"Not enough huh? I better try to force myself to repel this attack as much as I can using Haki!" said Fermi as he puts his arms out forward preparing to emit a large aura of his own haki. "Inari's Divine Protection!" shouted Fermi as he formed an intense layer of haki emission that he is able to do thanks to his years of training. Kong's intense attack would collide against Fermi's invisible wall, but even still this attack would continue to push Fermi down struggling to push it back. Even still, he remind unharmed at the moment by this colossal attack Fermi still found himself being pushed toward the ground.

But the ground was exactly where Kong wanted him. Recovering from the powerful beam directed at him, Kong continued on with his surprisingly detailed assault. Allowing the same fist that sent him to the skies to fester below. From the ground, two appendages emerged, latching onto the feet of the Admiral who seemingly welcomed the attack. Coated in the primates will, they attached to his substantial body where they would make moving or evading substantially more difficult. "You were a lot more fun than I thought...hopefully you survive this, but probably not!" the pirate emperor snickered, regressing back to his playful self. Like black hole, the surrounding clouds that formed his colossal strike gravitated towards Kong, spawning an attack of undeniable destruction. Reminiscent to the compact blast that Fermi directed at him moments ago, Kong swallowed everything within. "Yǔ Yún Pào!" he exclaimed, releasing a powerful blast consisting of various kind of ferocious clouds, lightning and other chaotic elements swirling in a beam about the size of the admiral. Piercing downward through the skies at astronomical speeds, a barrier like before would not stop this attack!

Fermi was already focused as Kong was preparing his next attack. Despite being held down, the admiral did not lose his concentration. He knew the attack would be too much to counterattack with his own gamma powers, so then he decide to finally break out his blade. A scythe-like blade that is fairly large in length that has a chain that extended downward, in a manner that doesn't touch Fermi for some reason. The weapon was a Kusarigama - a fabled weapon that is said to originate from Wano Country itself. The blade itself had been modified by Fermi himself thanks to his time in the Marine Science Division, where the entire chain itself was made of seastone. The very tip of the blade itself has been crafted with seastone as well for an extra touch and Fermi himself will only bring out this weapon when he is indeed dealing with a turly devastating foe. With no time at all, Fermi prepares to launch his assault at Kong. "You think I won't survive this? Do not take me likely primate. I have trained myself for decades honing my skills in order to take down lazy, no-good pirates like yourself. That is why I am done talking, and show you what it is to go beyond my limits. 110% - Inari Ōkami" shouted Fermi as he was able to power himself up beyond his limits as is able to propel himself forward right toward Kong' attack. Gripping his weapon, Fermi grips it in a manner that he is prepared to spin it. "Ganma - Senpuu!" shouted Fermi as he generated a large tornado out of his gamma powers and the air itself that would propel toward Kong's energy blast hoping to knock it back and continue it's path of destruction toward Kong, all the while Fermi is inching his way closer to him.

Rather than ceasing his blast and preparing for the Admiral's arrival, Kong pressed onward, believing he could overwhelm the Admiral with enough force. With limitless amounts of power at his disposal, Kong simply needed to adjust how he dispersing the attack; one mouth was clearly not enough. Mimic the display of the crane from earlier, ultra-dense orbs of clouds known as Yún Qiú spawned from his chiseled back. Metastasizing, the balls grew larger, rumbling and spiraling with different colors within. “YES! Be courageous! Show me the will of Absolute Justice!” Kong exclaimed from within growing more invested with each passing moment. The four respective orbs then ignited, beaming a similar attack at the Kangaroo. With each blast converging at the mid-point, the power of that assault grew by nearly five times. Even with an incredibly durable weapon, the magnitude of the attack could ever penetrate an item as hard as diamond. Kong was improving with each battle, earning something from each confrontation. If the Admiral didn’t change course, he’d likely be sent straight through the wait and into the blue!

Fermi grits his teeth knocking a direct attack without a good plan is impossible now due to how much Kong is putting into his next attack. Fermi knows he know must finally make use of his weapon that has been completely made of seastone. The chain itself that dangles out many yards that can easily and completely bind any regular-sided pirate. But against the massive frame of Kong? Even he knew it was a gamble, but all he needed was to wrap it around him once and he will have even the Yonko at his mercy. With the plan in his head, Fermi then turned to his primary goal: Avoiding Kong's incoming attack. "He's starting to adapt to my techniques. I better end this as quickly as possible!" Fermi thought as he continue pressing forward. "Justice WILL prevail over you ape. This is certain! Soru!" shouted Fermi as, in a blink of an eye, uses Soru to quickly avoid the attack out of the way. Even without Soru, Fermi was known to be the fastest of the admirals, and Soru on top of that makes him near light speed of fast which was proven as he even kept up with the user of the Pika Pika no Mi. Fermi, at that moment he reappeared after evading the attack, had already his seastone chained unwounded hoping to wrap it around Kong to nullify and weaken his powers, then quickly comes at him with a gamma-powered slice toward his chest!

Blood from the emperor's opened wound gushed as Kong's descent commenced...

The Admiral's speed was truly remarkable but incomprehensible pace was not the difference maker; having battle to instantaneous speed of the Hero on numerous bases. No, rather it was his approach. Whether the Admiral intended on doing so or not, he had gained Kong's fully attention. And when his attention is geared towards a particular thing, his greatest traits are shine the brightest. His drive to conquer was in full effect here. Dead-set on overwhelming his target with this attack, he seemingly ignored his unprecedentedly accurate instinct and carried onward.

The mistake would be a costly one. As the blast carried downward, piercing through the floating island and white abyss for miles, for a moment, Kong believed he had come out victorious. But his beliefs were immediately changed as he felt his might deplete as the chain enveloped his body. While not inept, Kong's disinterest in his instincts allowed Fermi to capitalize on the opportunity. The black tinted aura filled blade ran across the primate's chest, inflicting the first true injury upon the emperor in this entire conflict. Undeniably baleful, the wound would likely remain there even if Kong managed to emerge victorious, which seemed extremely unlikely now.

With Kong descending it seemed like once again, the pirates were on the ropes. What drives a beast to keep fighting after being wounded, many would wonder. What makes him want to endure, struggle and fight too survive. Well, what's more empowering than the sheer excitement and joy it brings him. With a smirk expressed on his arrogant face, Kong chuckled. "You should've gone for the head..."

What's a battle without a little hardship! In one fell swoop, Kong displayed a rare conjunction of cataclysmic abilities. While certainly weaker, as displayed by the wound on his chest, he wasn't entirely helpless. The chains were not enough to negate all his powers. Calling upon his conqueror's spirit, Kong enshrouded himself in an exoskeleton or aura of Haoshoku, liberating him from the effect of the sea-stone. However, the exoskeleton was not the only use of his king's spirt. Upon releasing it, as with all masterful users of Haoshoku, Kong gained the godly abilities to inflict his will upon the weather. Like the raging storm growing within the beast, clouds spontaneously emerged above the duo and with his powers back returned, he followed suit.

The clouds from above took shape into a massive open palm. Resembling the Hana Hana no Mi's ability, the hand was congested with varying clouds growing like cancers within, increasing the attack density and overall striking power. Externally an aura of easily identifiable essence solidified the attack. With unprecedented heat and mass, the attack descended like a titanic meteor from the sky. This was the eight of the emperor, Wukong! Shàngdì Zhī Shǒu!

But even the attack only being about a meter away, one does not become the personification of conquest by leaving things up to chance. Instead of allowing Fermi a moment to process and counter, Kong used their close proximity to his advantage. Not having to even move a muscle to spawn the attack, he focused attacking the kangaroo. Twirling the seastone around his arm, still possessing his aura to protect him from its effects, Kong used the opportunity to swing his arm towards the titanic palm. With the Admiral surely strongly gripped to his weapon, momentum would carry Fermi into the attack.

"Shit..." was all Fermi could utter briefly as even the highly powerful admiral couldn't help be overwhelmed by the sight of such as magnificent attack. The attack was so intense that it can be seen reflecting off of Fermi's glasses. He knew he didn't have any time to think or even counter attack at all due to Kong restraining him with his own weapon that was originally intended to bind Kong's own powers. Fermi was caught off guard by the Yonko's advanced usage of Haoshoku to get by the seastone and planned a counter attack. After processing all of this, Fermi finds himself knocked right into the massive palm as he was then quickly propelled downward. Fermi's glasses at that point shattered and the admiral was bleeding profusely from the mouth. Despite this, Fermi was still consequence but barely. However, his entire body at that point went numb as he felt like all of the bones in his body were broken. Fermi could only grit his fangs angrily as he and his blood fell quickly through the clouds and toward the blue sea.

"Even through it all, my gamma radiation, my speed, and even the seastone, this ape fought through it all. His usage of Haoshoku... damn how can a pirate like him be this powerful? Did he work hard after all. No, he will never be as hard working as a Marine. Even still... my second loss... since that reaper... These two... and the others cannot continue living. Even if I am defeated here, I have still weakened him with my radiation. Over time, his body will break apart. Even if he doesn't show it. He is capable of being wounded. He is not invincible. No one is... except for Justice. You will die, and the Marines will scare the others to submission." Fermi thought the entire thing to himself as he as finally able to muster up the strength to yell out. "WUKONG!!! YOU WILL DIE!!! MARK MY WORDS!! JUSTICE...WILL...PREVAIL!!!" shouted Fermi as his voice was loud enough to be heard despite the constant drop he is falling into the sea. Even through the clouds that would've most likely muffled his words, they would still go through to show how confident that Kong will lose at the end.

Splitting Heaven and Earth

The clouds above along with those keeping the islands afloat became detrimentally more turbulent as Kong raged above in celebration of his triumph over the Admiral. With rumbles of thunder and lightning echoing from both above and below, pirates and marines alike could feel Kong’s presence imposed onto the region. The islands of Yondu Archipelago began to quake as it seemed at any given moment, the clouds that supported the sky islands could give in. Bit and pieces of many of the small islands began to descend into the white abyss, joining the Admiral in the blue.

Aboard the marine flagship, an officer approached Aoshi. “Fleet Admiral, what is your order!?” she asked with reluctancy and nervousness but tried to hide it beneath a stern face, as it seemed the entire fleet was a risk by simply coasting these white waters.

Gazing above, the Fleet Admiral’s constitution did not waver despite having seen one of her greatest subordinates fall victim to the primate. “We weather the storm…” she so eloquently put. It wasn’t time for her to jump-in, yet…

Although a massive wound stung across his chest, it did not stop the primate from beating against it in a display of dominance. “FINALLY! That’s what a battle is supposed to feel like!” he chanted with glee. But one isn't enough. Like an addict looking for his next fix, Kong scanned the battlefields utilizing his supernatural senses to locate his next victim. “I see one..two..” But as he located the strong opponents, the emperor could suddenly feel a strong force pushing against his chest. It wasn’t residual pain from Fermi attack but rather a colossal weight pushing against where his heart would be. Gazing downward Kong could see a severed index phalange pushing against him. “Don’t worry I can give you some attention now.” he snickered as he fought the compelling force to push him downward.

With another part of her finger stacked onto the attack, it exponentially increased its force. Like pieces in a puzzle, Admiral Chiyoko began to piece together, with each respective body part adding to the amount of impact. “Your guard is down.” she muttered, before an unprecedented proportion of might fell onto the primate. While Kong had certainly come across his fair share of finger bullets throughout this battle, none were as terrifying as Admiral Kinro’s. With each segment of her body possessing its own gravity, capable of counter forcing an entire island, Kong was experiencing an attack powerful enough to destroy an island, several times over, all pressurized at one point.

Allowing the two to descend to the collapsing island below, Kong slammed into the ground as he was dragged through the rubble. However, whilst things did not look promising, he had managed to avoid being punctured. “So Red couldn’t handle you? You must be strong then!” Kong muttered as the same raging aura that conjured the storms enshrouded his chest.

Unlike his previous opponents, who exchanged banter and beliefs with the pirate emperor, Chiyoko had no intention of conversing with Kong. Instead, she capitalized on the advantage she held over the beast. Chiyoko expected the force of the attack to be more than adequate but clearly the primate’s skin had been refined over the years, making it impossible for an attack to blemish him without haki, “So be it!” Like a drill, her entire arm began to spiral as darkness encoated her appendage. Emphasizing the concentration of haki onto the tip of her finger, she could feel his skin starting to give way. “Bōshi Shigan!” she chanted, as her attack became more fearsome with each passing moment.

A creature of habit, Kong emulated the last powerful attack he encountered, Fermi’s slash! Forming a sword internally structured by various kinds of clouds, whilst given shape and fortified by iron cloud and haki, Kong swung his blade across in an effort to bisect the Admiral's head. Despite having no leverage or any formal sword training, Kong’s swing was one filled with precision and force. Targeting her neck, Kong challenged the Admiral. “You’ll be remembered for your stupidity!”

Foolish monkey. As the sword pressed against her neck, she didn’t even have to think about evading, as throughout the years, just as a logia users train to reflexively become intangible upon impact, Chiyoko avoids damage by simply splitting. As such, the haki encoated blade was welcomed straight through her neck as she split her head off her shoulders.

Having to pay no mind to defending against the attack and with Kong’s focus geared towards attacking her, Chiyoko realized now was the moment.  With her entire arm spinning like a drill, the darkness in her finger began to ooze as it became ultra dense. “Rokushiki Ryugi Ogi: Bōshi Shirokugan” In a combination of four different techniques, spawned a shockwave of disturbing magnitude straight into Kong’s chest!

Blood gushed from Kong’s mouth as the blast shot clean through his chest then through the ground below, heading downwards for about a mile. As the blast dissipated, a hole could be seen right through his left pectoral, not even leaving his heart to remain. For a moment, the primate was lifeless…

But only for just a moment…

The light immediately returned to his eyes along with a heavy grin. “You admirals are fun!” he snickered, before the ground fell victim to his will as he activated his awakening. Transmuting the floor from granite to haze, beams of lightning spewed from the floor in an attempt to draw the Admiral away. ‘

Startled by his sudden reawakening, Chiyoko gave up her advantage due to a slight panic. Calling upon her knock-off transportation to evade the attack, she reformed high up in the skies with an annoyed puzzled expression. “How are you still alive?” She finally addressed the primate.

Arising with style, Kong pointed to his empty chest. “Hoohoohaahaa! You didn’t think I’d let you destroy my heart, stupid!” Describing nothing about how he evaded the strike while saying everything. Simply put, Kong moved his heart. Keeping his organ tangible, he temporarily relocated it into the abyss of his swamp cloud. “This shit kinda hurts but it won’t slow me down in the slightest!” he chanted boldly, before stumbling a bit. Internally, Kong could feel the strain on his body. It wasn’t the wound hurting him, hell it shouldn’t have left that big of a wound in the first place. No, this was the effects of that other admiral’s fruit.

“Sike!” Kong chanted with glee, uninterested in pandering the effects but rather accepting the challenge head on. Kong then leaped into the air with tremendous speed, charging with his fist with astronomical force. “Ora!”

Chiyoko regained her composure as she managed to piece together how Kong did it. “I see but it seems Fermi’s radiation has really taken its toll...outstanding!” Her face grew stern as she welcomed Kong’s approach. She was fortunate the primate was rushing her, she was better at hand-to-hand combat. As his massive fist rained down towards her face, she called upon her ability to partition. While fundamentally able to avoid all sword-based attacks, Chiyoko studied the Beri Beri no Mi in order to understand how to evade blunt damage as well. As Kong pressed against her face, her face split into hundreds of small scattering pieces, dispersing the force and avoiding the damage.

Behind the primate,  one of Chiyoko’s finger targeted the back of the pirate emperor’s neck. This time however, her intent was not to pierce through his skin, but apply pressure to a specific region to hinder his mobility. If the attack was to connect, it would handicap Kong’s overall control over his appendages in his substantial form.

Watching as Chiyoko evaded his attack, Kong grew even more excited by the display. “Oooooo I can do that too!” Feeling the finger beginning to put pressure on him, Kong opened up his neck to allow the finger to run through. With damage avoided, Kong carried onward with his assault. If a regular punch wouldn’t work, then how about a thunder filled one. Tightening his fist, a burst of thunder detonated suddenly, right next to the physique of the admiral. Kong didn’t know if this would work but he looked forward to seeing the result.

Calling upon her enhanced observation, Chiyoko’s entire physique scattered into the wind. Reforming above him, Kinro’s black leg rained downward with a certain sharpness to it. Hoping to slice through Kong’s shoulder, her will darkened the gathered wind, amplifying the sharpness of the attack.

“Try again!” Kong exclaimed, before his entire body rumbled just as his fist did. Thus, continued their game of swatting the fly. Chiyoko would attempt to attack in some intricate, complex way and Kong would summon a shockwave powerful enough to disperse her, then attempt to counter. In a rather underwhelming stalemate, Chiyoko withdrew to the crumbling islands as she felt herself growing a bit weary.

“Damn, those shockwaves shouldn’t be doing this much damage and yet my body is starting to ache.” she grunted, determined to discern why her body was suffering.

“Effective isn’t it? Trust me I know!” Kong snickered as he descended to chat with the Admiral. “I was shocked myself but if you can’t beat em, join em!” The tint of energy that lingered around Kong’s physique grew much more fearsome as Kong muttered his statement. It had become obvious that through combatting Fermi, Kong had obtained a new type of cloud: a nuke cloud. With his element being as adaptable as he, Kong turned his greatest inconvenience into a weapon of his own. While unable to manipulate the radiation, Kong can produce clouds with comparable radiation comparable to the Admiral’s near max.

“Damn, this grooming tactic isn’t gonna work if I can’t stay on my feet. Need to act now!” Chiyoko internally exclaimed, before utilizing her knock-off transportation to suddenly appear before Kong, airborne as her finger targeted his left eye. “Bōshi Shigan!” she called upon her signature move once more!

“And they call me the monkey...You’ve already done that!” Kong chanted in sheer boredom, once more utilizing his internal shockwave. But just as he was about to predict where she’d re-emerge, he was startled by the sudden change in tactics.

Over the past dozen exchanges, Kong was being trained into countering Chiyoko’s attacks by using the shockwaves, being led on to believe that it was an effective countermeasure. In reality, Chiyoko was choosing to disperse so he’d develop the habit, fully aware Kong was a product of instinct, not circumstance. In this instance, instead of dispersing completely, Chiyoko mitigated the impact by dispersing slightly but then immediately piecing herself back together to follow-through with her attack. Having seen what Kong is able to do when a threatening attack even grazes his body, she emitted her haki directly at Kong’s eye!

Dumbfounded by Chiyoko’s ability to maintain her physique despite the shockwave, all the primate could do was harden his eyes in an effort to brace for impact. “AGHHHHHHH!” Kong yelled, vocalizing his discomfort for the first time in the battle. Despite being an absolute unit, Kong eyes were just like any other creature, soft and squishy. Even while hardening it, Kong eye would not tank a targeted assault. Upon impact, blood gushed from his eye socket as he rushed to cover it. “You dumb bitch!” his voice echoed as the island began to rumble.

Noticing the spike in energy, Chiyoko retreated to the skies as she watched the primate carefully. “Even if he can use haki, with his vision impaired, he’ll surely be easy to strike.” But just as she prepared for her next strategy, she felt a compulsive attraction to the primate. Attempting to fight it, she commented disgruntledly. “Damn, how many more tricks does this monkey have up his sleeve.”

Nine Years Ago

With the entire White Sea under his control, Kong couldn't help but gaze higher up. "Oi, Yin. What do ya think is up there." he pointed upwards, clearly referring to space.

Wondering where Kong was going with this, Yin entertained the idea while still seeming uninterested as to not spark his motor. "The satellites that revolve around this world and then space. I hear it empty and cold like deep into the ocean."

Always wanting to swim in the trenches, Kong leapt to his feet as he declared. "What did you say it was called again?"

"I believe they referred to it as space but Kong..."

Before Yin could even offer Kong a warning, the primate blasted upwards...

Throughout the battle, Kong has been alternating between the various kinds of clouds at his disposal. Iron, string, thunder, acid, and now nuke, Kong has displayed a plethora of powerful abilities. But none are as remarkable as one he's currently displaying. Referring to it as a cloud from space, beautiful color surrounded the primate. "Dà Bàozhà!" Kong muttered, regaining his composure as a literal mini star formed within the primate. With enough gravity to pull every island toward him in moments, even Chiyoko's personal gravitation field would succumb to the magnitude of this assault. "Begone!" Kong exclaimed before shooting the star directly at the Admiral, hurdling to the skies above.

"Shit shit shit!" Chiyoko shouted as she could not break away from its incredible attraction. "Kiwashi!" she chanted before she and the ball of inferno headed into space, removing her from the battlefield.

King of Beasts

Shishio took the final drink his sake gourd had in it, taking the final bite off the large piece of meat he had brought with him, taking a moment to pause and watch his fellow admiral's defeat at the hands of the max monkey emperor. He stood up and let a loud b loch out with his saliva and bites of meat escaping his lips. Cracking his neck and stretching his arms, the admiral looked over at Yonko.

"How embarrassing." Shishio said to himself in a disappointed tone. "One cries, trying to curse the one who defeated him, while the other cries out the name of its owner." He then began to walk toward the beast who had defeated his fellow admirals, "Accept your defeat, and grow from it. Don't cry the name of others when you're beaten, don't go crying about losing but that he'll still fall. Just fight, win or lose, just fight." He then paused to think of the two images lording over his head. "Then there are you two, there could be more than simply standing there." Shishio declared as the image of both his old friends Heiwa and Daisuke appeared in his head, "Sure, watching is useful but when you have the power you both have at least one of you would be more useful working than just observing."

Shishio then proceeded to scratch his ass and took a large breath then let it out. "whatever I guess, time to get to work." He then adjusted his footing before leaving in one massive leap and landed only feet away from the mad emperor.

With a proud and truly excited smile Shishio looked over at Kong, his locked with the emperor's. "Oi, Furball!" Shishio yelled, "I see you've been having plenty of fun huh? Damn! I missed out on chopping you up a bit. You still got another round or two in ya?" Shishio says while winding up his right arm. "Let's have some fun and fuck shit up! Alright!" The admiral's eyes widened while drawing his sword, a massive rush of black aura emerged from his sword, the white look in his eyes, the determination, the sheer lust for battle and dominance had come together to release a horrific level of conquerors haki! So strong the cloud island itself began to crack and slightly part. Unlike the other two admirals, Shishio had unlocked this haki decades ago.

With staggered breaths, Kong stood idly, almost lifelessly, as his opponent hurdled into the stratosphere. The wounds and damage were starting to pile up. His chest ached and although the two were sent to the seas and stars respectively, they surely left their mark. Furthermore, his retched eye blemished by the chick and this poison that the kangaroo has inflicted him, was truly a nuisance.

But that's it, the range of emotions Kong has felt throughout the duration of this battle is the reason why he loves the setting so much. Nothing gets him this invested. Nothing gets him this motivated. Nothing gets him this rilled up. Is it really a battle if his body isn't disfigured or discombobulated in someway. Regaining his composure as his breaths became more consistent, Kong's proud smile welcomed the newest challenger.

Upon hearing his challenger’s words, Kong couldn’t help but wag his tail in anticipation. “How peculiar…” he commented, as a marine with his personality was hard to come by. With the kangaroo preaching the gospel of Justice and the woman being the personification of disassociation, the appearance of an admiral solely focused on batting for the sake of battling was thrilling. As the island seemed to be on its last legs with massive craters scattered throughout it, this conflict may bring it to an end. With the admiral’s broadcast of haoshoku clearly serving as a declaration, Kong needed to respond. “It’s like they never learn…” he snickered before a look of intensity emerged as his own wave pressured against Shishio’s.  The oceans of clouds once again grew more turbulent as a response to their clashing wills.

Eager to rumble, Kong wasted no time to engage. Terribly intuitive and never afraid to outclass one in their greatest skill, Kong crafted a sword awfully similar to the toothpick the admiral hoped to cut him with, albeit scaled to his size and probably not of the same caliber as his was crafted from cloud and will. Be that as it may, the striking power was tremendous. Swinging the blade upwards as he lanced forward, the ground beneath Kong split as he directed his attack at the admiral. Due to the difference his stature, the attack would slash across the admirals entire body if connected.

Shishio stood his ground and smirked confidently and his eyes showed his excitement. "Oh? Monkey knows how to use tools?" Shishio asks before tucking his right arm back, gripping onto his hilt tightly, anticipating the oncoming attack. His eyes began to analyze the coming attack, the movement of Kong's arm, his stance, the movement of the sword cutting through the air.

His arm grew slightly in size, a few black reptile-like scales appeared over his arm as well as growing out his razor sharp talons. "'Wild Beast Style: Tiger claw!" he yelled as his sword sliced it's way through the air, clashing with the coming attack.

"See here the thing about using other people's techniques," Shishio began as he adjusted his stance and pushed down on his hilt more, slicing through Kong's attack! Using the momentum of his swing Shishio's knees buckled and shot himself out and appeared before the massive beast! "You don't know the limits of the technique and you damn sure dont have the follow up!" He then followed it up with a drastic sword slash aimed at Kong's left side, aiming it at his head!

As his makeshift sword scattered into pieces, Kong couldn't help but snicker at the admiral attempting to school him. "Hoohoohaahaa! Why do you marines think you're so much better than me?" Kong wondered, as another arm formed from his neck with a new sword attached do it. Any craftsmen could tell the the caliber of this blade was a significant improvement from the last. More refined and carefully constructed. It seemed a bit of trial and error allows for Kong to improve rather quickly.

With his old left arm dissipating, the newly appeared one took its place as the blades clashed. "When I'm clearly much better than you." As the two blades pressed against each other, one could feel the weight of Kong's steadily increasing. With Shishio airborne, Kong hoped to take advantage of the Admiral's situation by keeping him occupied with his blade and stationary in the air.

Forming in his other hand, another blade of the same caliber graced his right palm. "I never run out of moves." Kong spoke confidnetly, as his blade swung toward the admiral's neck, hoping to decapitate him in the same manner Shishio had hoped to do to him.

Shishio adjusted his stance so his kneels buckled, his sword now being cocked behind him, pointed directly at Kong. "Sloppy," Shishio said as his body only slightly grew and gained a few scales, his teeth getting jagged. "Wild Beast Style! Rhino Stab!" He yelled as his powerful arm stabbed forward! A black aura condensed itself around the tip of the sword as the coating if armament covered his entire blade!

As the attack met against Kong's attacks the difference I their swords and their swordsmanship was clear, Shishio's blade living up to it's fame, piercing and shattering Kong's! His blade not stopping in it's tracks was now aimed at Kong's left eye!

While Shishio's ability with a blade was truly remarkable, his speed was lacking in comparison to the instantaneous, light and gravity defying speeds of his precursors that Kong had grown accustomed to. As the Admiral shattered through Kong's weapons, the beast called upon his malleable physique to evade. Consisting of mostly gas, Kong would unknowingly capitalize on the precise yet fearsome attack by riding along the wind currents Shishio would surely pierce through as his blade made his way to the emperor's. Completely fading into mist, he propelled himself along that current, where he swiftly emerged in front of Shishio, turning the table rather splendidly.

"Sloppy..." Kong retorted in response to the admiral's comment. With his fist being literal centimeters from the Admiral's face and coated in his emperor's will, it would take speed that the admiral had yet to display to evade this fearsome punch!

Shishio's immediate reaction when he felt the pressence of the fist was an excited and joyous smile, accompanied alomgside a drawn out "yeeess". Though instinctively his body shifted itself into his hybrid form, increasing his defense and endurance just before the attack slammed against him sending him a few feet back from his initial stance! His eyes widened as he felt the brunt of the attack, the claws replacing his hands tensed up.

"Been a while since someone could to makee feel some pain with strength alone." Shishio roared before buckling his knees then stamping them onto the ground to and smiled from ear to ear. Suddenly the moment he caught himself using the combination of Geppo and Soru along with his enhanced speed, he closed their distance practically instantaneously appeared in front of the wild Emperor.

He stabbed forward, directly at the centermost part of his chest, with a powerful sword thrust with so much power the back draft sent gusts flying around with intense strength! His jet black haki covered his blade along with a pitch black aura enveloping it.

Pleasantly surprised to finally face someone who can contest him physically, Kong welcomed the swordsmen with open arms. "You're not so bed yourself!" Kong sneered, witnessing the prehistoric man charge at him. Whilst astonished by the fact his fist didn't send him flying like every other attack that's connect against the marines, even in the admiral's enhanced state, very fast and law defying abilities are two different sides of the spectrum. Prepared to dodge it like the previous assault, Kong couldn't help but count his eggs before they had hatched. "But clearly your time at a desk has gotten you rus-!"

In that moment as he attempted to assert himself, his body went limp. That wretched kangaroo really managed to hinder him significantly. Unfortunately his confidence in his physique is apart of his motif and he couldn't just stop even if his body was twenty years past his physical prime. Paying for his arrogance, the fearsome attack drove into the center of his chest, where power and precision were combined to maximize on the damage. Scarlet vomited spewed from his lips as even he couldn't endure such an assault without repercussion. Carried by the force of the strike, Shishio had Kong falling backwards, feet away from meeting the ground.

But Kong was a conqueror, his back touching the ground amidst combat was a sign of weakness and defeat. Even with all these injuries and affliction throughout his body, he was far away from throwing in the towel. Just as his back grazed the floor, the pirate emperor struggled through and called upon the same technique he used to get rid of that crane fellow from earlier. "Shén Fēng!", a raging storm of chaos detonated from Kong's body enveloping the battlefield once more.

As the ensuing madness began to settle Kong reformed meters away with staggered breaths. "Gonna have some wicked scars after this!" he chuckled, with his mind filled with excitement as his body attempt to regain his composure.

Shishio slammed his tail to ground to prevent himself from being launched away and slammed his foot down as he leered at Kong. Like an animal Shishio himself instinctively found Kong and charged at him the moment he found him! Despite moving on instinct alone his movements were that of a seasoned warrior, that of a swordman that's seen plenty of battles.

Once his charge has met its end Shishio reached Kong and quickly began to hack and slash, bleach attack aimed at his chest, more of them aimed at the left side, trying to capitalize on Kong's injuries.

With his breathing still not resolved, Kong's composure was still off as the admiral approached him. Unable to control his body in the manner to compete, Kong hoped to detonate once more hoping a bit more time would solve this issue. However, the admiral's sequence of attack prevented that action from happening. There were very few who had the ability to endure the magnitude of his assaults, but the combination of Shishio's gifted physique coupled by his ancient zoan transformation would put him a breath comparable to primate and the cannibal.

Enduring the first two assaults, Kong found himself struggling to keep up as the third met his left side. Snarling as a bruise emerged where the Dino struck, Kong found himself being pushed further back to the edge of the island. Still a ways to go till then, Kong remained upright as his body continued to fail him.

"Look at Admiral Kokuryū go!" one of the captains aboard the fleet applauded and cheered.

"Midorinari and Kinro's attacks are clearly taking a toll. The beast has certainly lost a lot of his prowess." a more analytical fellow deduced.

Aboard the tip of the flagship, Diane watched with a dubious look on her face yet decided to leave her thoughts to herself.

"Yeah, I wouldn't praise me either you big boobed general." Shishio said before suddenly having to take a step back from Shishio and letting a cough of blood spill from his mouth. He had done his best to hide it but the pain from both bouts were keeping up. The massive eruption Kong produced earlier beast the straw that broke the camel's back. Despite his constant attacks, he could no longer hide the pain as for the first time in years, the admiral had been forced to a knee.

"Man, I can't believe I've been forced into this shit state." Shishio said as he kept his eyes on Kong. Despite feeling the toll pile on him, he refused to give up, already adjust his blade to defend himself from his current position.

"Oi, samurai." Kong chanted in response, inaccurately thinking every swordsmen is a samurai. "Why are you in the Marines?" Kong questioned, having noticed that Shishio was a bit different from the rest of his opponents thus far. His newly found interest in conversing did not stem from a need to settle, though it did help him do just that. "You don't yell about that Justice like the rest of them keep talking about and you definitely enjoy fighting. So why not live to fight another day instead of dying here. Your death would be a waste." Despite being on the defensive throughout the duration of this fight, Kong still had the balls to declare his victory.

"Well to sum up a long story short it all started as an infatuation and their title." Shishio began as he grit his teeth and forced himself to his feet, the image of the fearless leader of the Marines herself appeared in his head as he spoke of this "someone and their title". "It was a quick and easy away to have all the sake, grub and fights I could want. So..." he tightly gripped onto his sword taking an offensive stance. "Do this drunk bastard a favor, don't hold back, hold pull any power, hit me with your best shot! Let's end this as warriors!" Shishio declared as the life returned to his massive hybrid body. His body then released a terribly large wave of haki that caused the floor to shake and crack.

Always one to rise to the occasion, Kong's posture finally aligned as his body finally settled from the inner turmoil. With his nostrils flaring, Kong couldn't help but snicker at the marine's proclamation. "Warriors? No, I'm a pirate!" he exclaimed as his left arm disfigured as it spewed out the Kong's legendary weapon. "I didn't wanna have to take this out...It's a lot less fun when I use it..." he muttered, as the refined weapon radiated power.

Upon his weapon fully making its debut, Kong's bludgeoned right eye opened as he flared his own conqueror's haki. Some conqueror's are defined by their ambition. Others their drive. Some their loyalty and conviction. While not the best leader, Kong's most gifted ability over others is to draw out their best. The black and red hues clashed as bursting aura encapsulated the battlefield. Those who just regained consciousness from Kong's last outburst would fall again as those attributed with qualities of the a king were about to clash. The enraging winds unapologetically tormented the battlefield, carrying soldiers on both parties to their unfortunate demise into the white abyss. The ground began to cave in as their power brought definition to the word destruction.

"Come on then warrior! Show me what you got!!!" Kong voice echoed throughout as his tail slammed into the ground in anticipation.

Shishio covers his blade once again with his haki and condensed it tightly, along with a black aura emitted from his sword. The sheer bloodlust and hunger for violence could be felt, smelled, tasted, it was possessive. It was like he was no longer himself, no longer a marine, instead it's someone here fighting for victory against their foe, nothing and no one else mattered, a feeling Shishio had not felt in some time.

"Alright then, let's do this," Shishio muttered as his body suddenly grew larger. His already monstrous body tightened down before suddenly growing larger. Those beastly eyes were sharpened even further!

"Wild Beast Style! Secret Technique: Jellyfish Stab!" Shishio roared and charged forward! "Jellyfish Stab, one if the least threatening techniques name alone. One I'm not proud pretty much made me have to store away strength for years. When I accepted I couldn't be the best yet I had to bide my time and stockpile years of strength for later use. How annoying I have to use some now on him and not her or that idiot child!" Shishio thought to himself as his keen eyes remained locked down on Kong.

At his top speed Shishio launched himself and stabbed forward! The sheer power in this attacked dwarfed the power of the rest from earlier. He aimed just below of Kong's chest, the ferocity he displayed made Shishio more monstrous than ever.

Like a hot knife slicing through butter, Shishio's blade pierced through the primate's durable body with ease but the results of the attack were far from a trivial dinner time activity. The cataclysmic assault challenged the fabric of existence. Dense and mighty, darkness radiated from his blade, but upon meetings its target, the energy stored was released resulting in a truly devastating blast that went on for dozens of meters past the pirate emperor. The ground behind the primate ceased to exist and the clouds supporting it disappeared revealing the blue sea thousands of meters below. The Admiral was fortunate his power didn't threaten the well-being of his allies near-by as the fleet was only pushed back as result.

"Holy shit, he could've taken us out with him!"

"What the hell Admiral Kokuryū?!?"

"Did he at least take him down?"

With the light in his eyes out, Kong began to lean forward as it seemed he finally met his end. As his feet were about to leave the ground and with Shishio starting to withdraw his blade from the the guts of the emperor, an ominous feeling plagued the battlefield. With the two at eye level as result of Kong's hunched over position, Kong's eyes rekindled with a fury. Populated with wounds throughout, his veins pulsing and throbbing all over his body and blood dripping from his nose and mouth, one would think the primate would be on his last legs. But in the wise of words of his now-deceased captain, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Latching onto the striking arm of the Admiral, Kong squeezed as to not allow him to move away. Making certain the strike would be no more than the wound inflicted, Kong internally morphed into clouds in order to grip the blade further. "I'll give it to you, that fucking hurt like a bitch...hoohoo..." he coughed as it was a struggle to laugh. But now was no time for weakness. Fortifying his grip of his weapon, Kong fixed his pose as he prepared to strike. "But let me show what I can do!"

Dislike the vast majority of the haki pracitioners on the planet who have to actively infuse haki into their weapons, following the death of the notorious giant, Kong managed to secure the abundantly rare, Kuronium weapon. With his will stored into the weapon overtime, Kong did not need to expel energy on infusing his staff. Instead, years of willpower have been accumulating, making the weapon the embodiment of the primate's will. Swinging it violently, the conqueror's energy that was able to threaten reality itself expelled intensely. The attack was neither named nor something Kong had refined over the year but the product of sheer dominance and power; the overwhelming sensation of being the mightiest thing on the planet.

The moment Kong's attack connected with the prehistoric humanoid, Kong would release both the admiral's arm and blade. The collision broke reality, creating crack in space. Despite the dimensions of the weapon, Ruji Bang was comparable to the Elbaf's greatest crafted weapon, Mjölnir. Comprised of literal tons of kuronium, even the herculean defense of the admiral would be eclipsed as it sent him flying past the ships towards the direction of the holy land!

The World's Strongest


What does one do when posed with insurmountable chaos? When no matter how strong, how smart, or how enduring you are, the disorder continues to spread. When your beliefs are questioned and your resolve challenged. What do you do?

We Unite!

Standing alone on the battlefield of the strongest, the deranged primate breathed heavily as he triumphed over the world's most legendary duo. But unlike every other instance when deemed victor, Kong did not beat his chest in celebration. Still driven by instinct and that alone, Kong's senses drove him to the next challenge. Pivoting his attention to one of the tangent islands he flung his arm, directing a cataclysmic attack fueled with the destructive clouds in his arsenal. Subordinates and enemies alike who were currently based there would have their entire existence threatened.


As the bomb touched down, a pillar of madness took the place of the island, evaporating it in its entirety. Was this what the world had come to? To bow to a creature who cared for nothing but his own impulses. No!

"You can hit us, beat us, burn us and impale us. It does not matter how many times you kick our asses, Justice does not yield!" Admiral Kinro proclaimed from above. Coming in the brink of time, Kinro utilized her fruit's awakening to partition her subordinates aboard the recently destroyed island to another. With dozens reforming back together, they chanted in complete disbelief.

"Holy shit, I thought I was dead?"

"What happened?"

"The Admirals are back!" one confidently cheered as he could sense the arrival of the Marines strongest force.

Fermi, who was covered in many bruises and is clearly near fatigue though doesn't show the obvious signs of it, can be seen marching toward the battered Kong with a rather reserved but stoic look on his face. Fermi's jacket was tattered as it can be seen dragging on the ground. Fermi's gaze is fixed directly on Kong as he felt like a predator going straight for his kill. After fixing his glasses, Fermi finally speaks up.

"That is something you will never understand about ape. Justice won't yield to unruly pirates such as yourself. You think you have won by beating those two, but are you forgetting you are on our turf. Fighting against the strongest force in this entire world? You stand no chance. Even now, you fought your way into the middle of a lion's den. Now, you'll soon be surrounded by a bunch of hungry predators with no chance of you escaping. I think it is about time we end this once and for all." Fermi proclaimed as he started to glow a bright green once more.

"Yeah, yeah. All you two do is talk and talk." Shishio spoked rather annoyed by the other two admirals, picking at his ear with his pinky finger. "We can all hide it as best as we can, but even I have to admit that ape punches plenty hard. That damn staff, it has Big tits's metal which makes it harder to deal with ' " he thought, cracking his neck, assessing his injuries and that of the other admirals before drawing his blade yet again. "in my jellyfish mode I produced enough muscle to protect me but I feel everything in me in sheer pain!

"Alright! You two! You know the mission before us, stand your ground, grit your teeth and bring the fucking battle for them!" Shishio then shit straight into his hybrid Zoan form, tripling in size, letting out a bloody roar from his very core.

""Beating those two" Seems like a bit of a stretch, don't cha think?" the World's most familiar voice commented, after having heard the admiral discount them so quickly. Cracking his neck, his size suddenly began to increase as his paw pressed against his chest repelling the abstract concept of pain, only to continue. "I could've sworn you guys have been gone for some time?"

"Get a couple years older and they think you can't hang anymore." the Fleet Admiral followed up, putting her shoulder back into its socket. Her armor began to fragment and crack, scattering into dozens of pieces an aura enshrouded her body. With the pieces of her armor merging with her sword, Diane abandoned all defense as her conqueror's will merged with her spiritual aura, as the illusion of a valkyrie formed behind her. "Like I said, this ape dies here!"

With the Fleet Admiral's proclamation, the war's final conflict began!

Blessed with unparalleled speed, the two fastest admirals appeared in front and behind of the dwarfed primate. "Not bad..." Daisuke thought to himself as Fermi arrived nanoseconds after. With a simple gesture of his hand, the Hero propelled the water in the air to debilitate Kong's logia invulnerability, strength in a battle isn't exclusively might but intellect. Hoping to open up an opportunity for slower bunch, the Hero vanished to evade Fermi's attack!

"Good. Now he has no choice but to finally take the full blunt of my powers." Fermi stated with a very rare smirk as he was already powering up a lot of of his gamma energy into one hand. After doing so, he held the small, compressed ball of gamma energy in his head as he lines himself in front of Kong. The green ball may look small, but it was most of the admiral's power compressed into a sphere fully capable of destroying a small island. It wasn't to his usual island busting power, but of course he cannot risk doing so on their current battlefield. "I do hope you remember after you pass on into Hell, that Justice will never yield to any pirates! 90% Power - Genbaku!" Fermi shouted as he threw the ball of gamma radiation over at toward Kong. If it connects, it will result in a massive explosion, but with Fermi's experience with his fruit, will allow the explosion to only cover the area that Kong is standing on.

While Daisuke can utilize Kong's weaknesses against him, he can't control how Kong reacts. As the hero's attack bypassed Kong's fruit's defenses, Kong instinctually fell to his second best defense. Although his outer layer was tangible to his opponents, internally Kong still was composed of his boundless abyss of white. With the ultra-dense attack directed at him, Kong did not counter nor challenge the blast. Instead Kong did the unthinkable. Chomp!, he devoured the entire thing whole! While clearly struggling to keep the whole thing down, Kong was able to create limitless swamp clouds at an alarming rate, countering the destructive attack. In the end, Kong simply let out a loud belch and a patronizing smirk...

But there was no break between attacks as the pair of swordsmen admirals followed up the Kangaroo's compressed assault with their own combination assault. Targeting Kong's left traps, the Fleet Admiral's blade switched to its chokutō form as she called upon her thunderous sword style, "Raido: Raging Sheath Blitz" she proclaimed as she combined Geppo and Soru alongside her electric aura to scatter through the air, straight through the targeted region, beginning to sheath her blade reminiscent to Iaidō swrdstyle.

Shishio charged forward, his focus on the right traps as he dashed at them. Drawing his blade Shishio went into his hybrid form, taking a breath, a black aura surrounded his blade as he then pounced at a blitzing speed, "Wild Beast Style: Cheetah Chase" Shishio announced his attack, tilting his sword t the side and cleanly slicing through his targets.

As the swordsmen dashed through Kong's shoulder, blood, clouds and darkness gushed from the region. Although he minimized the damage by calling upon the wolf's splitting ability before the wound was too deep, the damage was starting to accumulate. The fact that Kong was currently on the defensive was amiss to him. Instinctually Kong sought dominance and right now he was being dominated. Preparing to turn the table, he suddenly sensed another enter his vicinity.

With her appendages swirling around the primate, Chiyoko emerged a couple feet away pondering over her superior's attack from earlier. "What did she call it...Autumn's Whirlwind?" she muttered as the speed of the many appendages increased, gathering the surrounding winds and forming a tornado. Her fingers began to exude a dark aura, allowing the attack to serve as a barrier that should prevent Kong from simply morphing his body. "I prefer something less poetic, Rankyaku: Cyclone!" Suddenly  her appendage began spewing sharp projectiles directly in the swirling vacuum.

However as a tornado encapsulated the dwarfed primate, suddenly, the battlefield was covered in white light!!

Back at Mary Geoise

“My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined!”

“I cannot believe that Admiral really left instead of staying back to protect us!”

“That wretched screeching finally stopped though!”

But just as the World Nobles were starting to regress back to their comfort bubble. A shadow loomed over the entire holy land. In that moment a harsh reality dawned upon them, they were not gods but cattle protected that could be slaughtered in an instant as Kong’s enormous head loomed over them. Standing at thousands of feet, at that moment, Kong was the largest creature on the planet.

“We’re all gonna die…”

If it were not for the decisive action of fleet admiral, admirals and the hero genocide would’ve have an apporpiate term for the events. Holding their hands in front of them, they built a perimeter of advanced busoshoku to contain the generated energies!

“That stupid monkey! He’s only made himself a bigger target! Easier to kill!” Fermi chanted as he prepared to engage the massive entity!

“Tch, I must’ve done something substantial for him to pull this out…” Chiyoko commented, a bit disgruntlly as her fighting style wouldn’t be as effective against an opponent this large.

“This is your best then ape?! Good, I want to cut you down at your best!” Shishio declared, eager to move in front of the barrier to strike the monster.

“Don’t rush in!” Diane declared, worried that this transformation was the same as the one from back then…

“...He’s not just larger. The technique he’s using operates like a series of layers that break upon taking damage, Everytime we strike him, he’ll just abandon the layer, and internally adjust. Given his size, most of our strikes will be like cuts to him, even if we attack his tangible body!” she gritted her teeth as a form like this was very hard to contain and given her subordinates surrounded them. “Think of him like a balloon with multiple layers, minimizing the damage of attack with each subsequent barrier but each time we take one down another forms.”

Also familiar with the technique, Daisuke exclaimed to his superior and lifelong friend. “You three go in and attack, Kinro and I will focus on containing him!” Daisuke knew his former student wouldn’t be effective facing a goliath like Kong at the moment and could use her mastery of busoshoku. “Go ahead! Let’s finish this now!”

Diane nodded as she gave her subordinates greenlight!

But dashing toward the primate was not as easy as saying it. Kong was chaos incarnate. His massive physique radiated unimaginable heat. Rays of lightning shot out from every appendage and ungodly gusts protected him projectiles. Furthermore, radiation came from all angles, punishing those who dared charge in. If the admirals were to approach Kong in his oni form, every step and attack would have undeniable repercussions.

But this wasn’t going to stop the justice devoted! Fermi with his superior speed dashed first. Rushing towards his chest, Fermi began to spawn as much energy as he could as he allowed his logia transformation to take the brunt of the attack. “Let’s see how many of these you can take!” he frowned, “‘’Tsar Bomba!’’” His arm swelled before releasing an undeniably powerful attack.

As it collided with the titanic primate, the chaos somehow became more tumultuous as Kong actively let out a cataclysmic screech. The sound produced could easily obliterate the islands, much less human bodies. Hurricanes spawned as Kong’s overwhelming control over the weather was unprecedented at this moment. As Fermi’s attack went off, Kong began to do as the Fleet Admiral predicted, allowing for minimized surface damage to only a particular region of his body!

But through the disarray the pair of swordsmen emerged from above raining their swords downward as they prepared to slice through the mountainous ape. In unison they chanted:

“Wild Beast Style:”


’’Twin Holy Beast Strike!’’

Although his weapon was no longer present to intercept their swings, Kong was not completely out of options given what he had adopted throughout this battle. With the linear trajectory of their awesome synchronous attack, Kong was able to call upon the mimicked partition ability of Kinro, evading the majority of the damage!

“Big mistake taking your attention away from me!” Fermi shouted, focusing on his ability to generate as much radiation as possible, it almost seemed to carry its own gravitational field! “Why don’t you eat this!” he continued, launching the much more potent Tsar Bomba at Kong’s mouth!

Kong prepared to counter Fermi’s attack but ignoring two admirals would be detrimental to him, especially with his unprecedented size.

“Now Shishi!” Diane chanted as her grip along her blade adjusted.

“You’re not my supervisor!” Shishio yelled in pettiness as he aligned his actions with the World’s Greatest.

’’Wild Beast Hido: Raging Phoenix Storm!”’’

The combination of unruly attacks produced a level of mayhem only several admirals could do. Leveling the entire primate standing at thousand of meters in radioactive black flaming aura, it seemed damn near impossible Kong could have survived the assault.

As the time was seemingly coming to an end Kong’s consciousness returned to him to suffer the costs of his mistakes. He felt neither regret nor hatred for what had occurred today. In actuality, today may have been the best day of Kong's life. Never has he had this many fights one after another with powerful opponents. It truly was exasperating. Unfortunately, even in death, Kong did not look to the past to recall moments of enjoyment but kept his mind on the task. "Better leave with a boom...hoohoo.." Kong thought as he attempted to swallow and then condense all the damage within him. "I'll see you in the next life!" Kong accepted his death, but in true survival of the fittest fashion, he released all the amassed clouds the other energies he had stored in a single attack!

With no communication between them, Kinro and Daisuke acted swiftly. Utilizing her awakening, Chiyoko split those with the barrier into particles to phase them out before the damage could connect. Meanwhile Daisuke went in to contain the assault. Literally propelling space, Daisuke created another barrier as he pushed into the one protecting those who were simply dumbfounded by the sheer dominance these parties were displaying. Sealing himself inside with the suicidal beast, the blast detonated causing the bubble barrier to expand!

No Such Thing as Justice

Restless winds terrorized the battlefield as Daisuke's barrier seemed it was gonna give in at any second. Pirates and marines alike watched form heir respective islands as the hero valiantly charged in to save everyone. All battle had ceased in anticipation of seeing this war's conclusion.

"Come on Sora! You always win!" one young cadet chanted, literally watching his inspiration in action.

"Heroes keep fighting no matter what, right! So keep fighting!" another followed.

"Please end this this Kiwashi!"

Suddenly the barrier began to shrink as it the relentless expansion of Kong's immeasurable power finally subsided. Reforming aboard her ship, Diane rose upwards ass she watched the from the distance. "That man really can't contain himself, can h?." she shuck her head in disappointment as once again, he had stolen the show. Exhaling as she could sense Kong's power fading, she began to sheath her blade. But half way through, she could sense the something similar to the primate's will. "No way?!?!? Daisuke!" she cried out, losing her composure for the first time in decades as her life long friend and lover was seemingly defeat. Or at least, that's what she thought.

As the barrier finally popped, white mist surrounded two silhouettes with one seeming lifeless as the other held them by their jugular. The first thought of many was..."how could the hero have lost?"

But from the mist emerged Kiwashi standing heroically as he let go of the primate. Literally the fall of a titan, Kong descended into the fissure leading to the blue as Daisuke stood there victorious.

Loud bursts of victory cries and cheers filled the skies as marines young and old praised the hero for his victory!

But the keen few, those with a little bit more perspective than the rest, could sense something was different about the hero...

As the husk of the legendary conqueror fell out of sight, the mist had finally faded revealing many mew physical characteristics sported by Daisuke; in particular, his size had nearly doubled and his face was populated with a new beard. Floating above the fissure in which Kong descended into, Daisuke remained alone, surrounded by the other archipelago filled with his allies and enemies. As the chant continued, he raised his fist hand in acceptance as he pulled out something from his pocket. He was undeniably the center of attention.

Ignoring her instincts as Daisuke prepared to speak, Diane refused to charge at her friend who was clearly hiding his intentions from her and those attempting to perceive.

From his pocket, a small Den Den Mushi with an unlit light on top and microphone in front sat on his fingertips. As the chants began to silence he waited for the light to finally shine blue. "So they managed to get him, splendid." Taking a deep breath, Daisuke's voice echoed throughout the world. "Kong is dead..."

With a special Den Den Mushi crafted by a Rosa, empowered by the limitless energy of his son's power and through some sneaky dealing with a particular underworld emperor, Daisuke connected to every active and responding transponder snail open to any channels. With his voice being so recognizable to many as it had been broadcasted numerous times throughout the decades, he didn't not introduce himself. "The captain of the Wukong Pirate, Donk E. Kong has been defeated!" Celebration from across the world upstarted as his words blessed their ears. Dancing, hugging and other festivities ensued. But he was far from finished. "But we have not won anything..."

The positive range of emotions from the masses subsided as the Hero's solemn voice continued. "Thousands of souls were lost during this war, civilians and soldiers alike, but was the price too great for the reward?" Many began to wonder what he was referring to. Did he think they should've conceded? But just as he was about to continue, the terminal Violet used all her remaining strength to strike at Daisuke.

"How dare you stand where he stood!" she exclaimed with her blade directed at his chest despite blood dripping all throughout her body.

"I stand for something greater than he ever will..." Daisuke responded, before, with a single swing of his palm, sending the snake women into oblivion. Within the blink of an eye, Violet had disappeared without a trace "I suppose I should get rid of the rest of them..." he muttered, calling upon his technique Geppo: Uchuuhazumi, Daisuke propelled himself across space with instantaneous speeds, emerging before the hundreds of remaining Wukong members and sending them away before most could even notice. Before a second had even passed, the entire battlefield was rid of any and all pirates as Daisuke returned to his centermost position.

"I stand for peace in our time!" Daisuke stated, before continuing his speech. "Defeating the monster who plagued the sky was to defeat a necessary evil. But will life change after this? Will pirates stop ravaging islands, killing the innocent? Too many mothers have buried their sons! Too many fathers have lived past their daughters! I saw enough! Winning should be about ending the betterment of society, not just winning a war to go fight for others."

Daisuke's tone changed as his intentions were finally clear. Dramatically pausing as he knew this statement would change the course of life as currently known, Daisuke began, "The World Government does not want to end piracy or protect civilians; in reality, the unfortunate truth is, they actually endorse it!" With only a limited window to get his point across, Daisuke picked up his pace. "We are institutionally taught to prioritize the well being of the institution over those it protects but a nation  should be nothing without its people."

Opening up his palms as he primarily addressed his fellow marines around him but also anyone else in the world listening. "Which is why henceforth, I'm resigning from the Marines." this statement brought chills down the spines of thousands, no millions. Being the most recognizable face of the Marines and a symbol of justice, it was almost impossible to imagine the Hero defecting but reality is often bitter. "And although my tenure with the marines has come to an end, my dedication to the betterment of society and pursuit of peace has not. As such, from this point forward, I will dedicate my life and resources to building a government dedicated to its people rather than following the misguided orders. This government will be known as the United Nations."

Whispers of confusion and discontent echoed around the archipelago and around the world as many were still processing the primate's defeat. But given the circumstance, Daisuke needed to wrap this up sooner rather than later. "Rather than obeying the ignorant whims of those who are too egoistic to even breathe the same air as us, we will build a nation dedicated to unite people instead of dividing."

Clearing his throat, Daisuke concluded. "I have made my decision, what will you choose? Will you stay supporting a government that has time and time again shown they could care less for your well being simply because it's all you've known. Or will you work towards the betterment of a new society, one where children aren't destined to roam the seas searching for treasure and slaughtering each other. This is your chance, you simply have to take it!"

Silence filled the skies as many were at a complete loss. As highlighted, they've been groomed to uplift the regime they fight for and not challenge it. Although their inspiration was asking them to join him, they couldn't just turn their backs on life as they know it, knowing how those types of people are treated.

Usually filled with certainty and courage, Diane was completely dumbfounded by the situation. Almost zoned out, all her memories of her life with Daisuke came flooding into her mind. "Fleet Admiral? Ma'am? Ma'am, please we need your orders. Shall we engage Daisuke?" Her devotion to justice has remained unwavering since the moment she joined. But today marked a new life experience for her as the answer was unclear.

"Traitor!" Fermi declared, not sharing the same doubt as his superior. “You are no better than a filthy revolutionary who thinks they know better!” Infuriated by Daisuke’s little speech, radiation began to enshroud him as he walked to the edge of the island. “No one here will join you!”

But as the diligent admiral spoke up for his regime, not many rushed to his support. The fact remained, they were tired. The last two year had taken a toll on those who endorsed justice. But this was only the tipping point, many have had plenty of experiences where they doubt the constitution of the World Government. Honestly it was a lot to consider, especially following the most intense battles of their life.

Disappointed in no one immediately rushing to his support, Fermi prepared to engage. “Your services are no longer needed, Hero of the Marines. And even if I have to do it myself, you will not be allowed to leave here freely” An intense gaze connected between the two.

“I’ll join you, Hero!”

A voice declared,  with many swaying left and right to see who it was. Emerging from the masses was none other than another Admiral, Chiyoko. “The age of supporting those vulgar elites ends now!” Chiyoko angrily chanted, as she geppo’d beside the Hero.

“Traitors! Anyone else who opposes the World Government is an enemy and they need to be exterminated swiftly!”

But just as he was about to engage the duo, Diane finally spoke up. “I will not allow another drop of blood to be spilt today!” Regaining her composure, she addressed the masses. “They were our brothers and sisters in arms no longer than 5 minutes ago. I cannot raise my sword against them!” In dramatic fashion, Diane dropped her blade in front of her. “Those who wish to join the Daisuke should join now as my empathy may likely not extend past today. But today, we mourn and bury those who fought to preserve Justice and defeat evil!”

With her words along with Chiyoko’s defection, some began to step up and join their idols and inspirations. Varying in ranks and size, a small chunk raised their hands and were brought to the Hero using the Admiral’s ability.

Conversely, the vast majority stayed put, watching as their friends, students and teacher put their years of service into the trash. Harsh words and questions were proposed but rarely provided anything insightful. But in the end, there were many still on the fence. Those with greater stakes, greater dedication were not as quick to join but hadn’t entirely determined it as an impossibility.

But in the end, Daisuke garnered a surprising amount of support as he prepared to leave with his new subordinates. “My intention is not war or to make an enemy of the government. But clearly a healthy level of competition should at least spawn some improvement.” Daisuke concluded before ending the transmission and propelling his allies away from the battlefield.

Epilogue: Fabled Battle