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"Osu Osu no Mi " Is a W.I.P

Osu Osu no Mi
Japanese Name: Osu Osu no Mi
English Name: Osmium Osmium Fruit
Meaning: おすのみ
First Appearance: One Piece: Undying Dreams
Type: Logia
Eaten by: Naraku Kyoudou

The Osu Osu no Mi is a Logia-class Devil Fruit. Osu Osu no Mi was consumed by Naraku Kyoudou.



The Osu Osu no Mi.

The Osu Osu no Mi looks like a yellow onion shaped fruit, due to this fruit growing in the ground it has no stem, however this fruit is a pun, giving off the abilities of the fruit in hints, stinky fruit, stinky powers.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The Osu Osu no Mi is considered one of the strongest devil fruits on existence. The main and foremost strength of this fruit like most Logia is it allows the user to produce, become, and control Osmium.

The user can control and produce Osmium a highly durable, hard, dense metal.

The user of this fruit becomes a electrical conductor and electrical contact, and if used correctly, is able to redirect electricity in directions for harsh attacks.

Due to this fruit being a solid Logia, it can't just phase out of the way, however it can break out of harms way.

This fruit can release poisonous fumes when exposed to oxygen, this meaning in logia form, this being good form combat. These fumes are able to penetrate the skin and eyes on contact and kill the opponent. If the opponent is far away, the consumer can shoot osmium at the opponent, thus causing the fumes to go all over the place. This causing the consume to be almost unattackable.

This fruit also allows the user to control Osmium Tetroxide, meaning he can control said fumes at will and become those fumes. Giving this fruit a triple purpose.

Though brittle, this fruit is very hard. Due to being a logia the user can hit the opponent with an attack, if it breaks, become intangible again.

This fruit has a very high melting point, of 5,480°F (3,027°C), able to stand up to fire and attack.

These said fumes give off a horrible stench.

This fruits main weakness is the fruits consumer becomes heavier in water than the normal devil fruit user, meaning almost impossible to save. The user of this fruits body changes highly, becoming very dense. Causing the user to become heavy and slow, however through training and adapting, the user can get used to the weight and become much faster through a "weighted training process" however, if not, the user is highly vulnerable to attacks. This fruit is very brittle so ot breaks easily under attack, however being a logia, this is not much of a problem if up agianst a non haki user. If the opponent is immune to poison, the poisonous fumes will not effect them, resulting in pure combat, however these fumes give off a horrible stench, which would burn the opponents nose. But this can be easily covered by covering and punching your nose. Besides this the user is supceptibe to he common devil fruit weaknesses.



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