Pala Polonga is a World Government assassin, who tried to kill Monkey D. Luffy in the past. He was born in the Millenium Blue.

Appearance and Personality

He appears as a normal-sized man with a black smoking, black, round shades and a black top hat. His silky hair ís slightly grey, indicating that he is around the fourtys. He uses to be very consequent and hates it not to know what others think. This sometimes results in him getting mad just because someone stared at him.

Powers and Abilities

In his youth he ate the Sen Sen no Mi, granting him the ability to turn into metal wires that can spread and attack. He also uses a gun disguised as an umbrella.


Some four years ago, he encountered Monkey D. Luffy. Seeing the boys´ devil fruit powers, he chose to kill him before he could become a treat to the Government. But before he could finish Luffy, he was thrown into the ocean by a sudden gust. Because he was unable to swim, he would have drowned if not the Marine Admiral Kizaru had arrived and rescued him. Since then, he served as Kizarus bodyguard in addition to his other tasks. Later, when Luffy enters the Millenium Blue and tries to enter Arbalessia, he encounters him again but is beaten after a long, hard fight.