Paramecia is the name given to a type of Devil Fruit. These fruits give the eaters a "super-human" power, usually it affects the eater's body in some way.


Grants the user an ability that can be classified only as 'Superhuman'. The Paramecia fruits also contain the greatest variation of powers evident as they seem to offer the widest range of possibilities when it comes to how to exploit the ability granted to the User. Some people may encounter inspiration for a new attack after using a particular moveset for years while others will never learn how to completely use their skill.


The Paramecia type is the only group containing the powers or special traits that are considered 'useless' to the user, granting little or no real advantage whatsoever. Paramecia types are also the easiest to fight against because while the strengths of their powers give them an advantage, they also make them easy to predict and often their abilities are displayed to their fullest within a very short period of time (as noted by Enel). Although other Devil Fruit types may also leave the user as a "freak", none are more noted for this habit then the Paramecia group, whose powers are often far too freakish for normal people to accept.

The Different Version

Special Paramecia (Japanese: Tokubetsuna Parameshia) is a different version of the regular Paramecia. These types of Fruits come in two versions, the first being fruits that allow Logia abilities, but can't transform into an element or force of nature, such as the Mochi Mochi no Mi. The second version are types of Fruits that allow the user to do something superhuman that grant the user something special that gives them abilities different from all other Paramecias. An example is the Kami Kami no Mi.

Other information

Paramecia are the most common of the Devil Fruits types. Paramecia fruits can be divided into several subcategories, as it is impossible to generalize the powers. For instance, Gomu Gomu no Mi and Yomi Yomi no Mi have powers that are active at all times. Others like Noro Noro no Mi and Hana Hana no Mi have powers that need self activation in order for them to use their abilities. They however all seem to come in two basic types. Whatever powers a paramecia fruit gives, it is based on the concept of either a characteristic like slipperiness or slowness, or an object like a bomb or a door.

List of Known Paramecia Fruits

List of Fanon Paramecia Fruits

  1. Aida Aida no Mi Space
  2. Aikan Aikan no Mi Beauty
  3. Ami Ami no Mi Web
  4. Atsu Atsu no Mi Teleport
  5. Baiomasu Baiomasu no Mi Biomass
  6. Basa Basa no Mi Flight
  7. Basho Basho no Mi Switch
  8. Daishou Daishou no Mi Size
  9. Daku Daku no Mi Shatter
  10. Denden Denden no Mi Communication
  11. Eizu Eizu no Mi Immune
  12. Enke Enke no Mi Orbs
  13. Elemental Jutsu Elemental Jutsu Fruit Element
  14. Foji Foji no Mi Forge
  15. Fukyuu Fukyuu no Mi Spread
  16. Fune Fune no Mi Ship
  17. Gara Gara no Mi Hilt
  18. Gattai Gattai no Mi Combine
  19. Genzai Genzai no Mi Propelling
  20. Hatsu Hatsu no Mi Detonation
  21. Hayai Hayai no Mi Speed
  22. Hibi Hibi no Mi Echo
  23. Hige Hige no Mi Hair
  24. Hinote Hinote no Mi Blaze
  25. Hitto Hitto no Mi Punching
  26. Honō Honō no Mi Blaze
  27. Hou Hou no Mi Guns
  28. Inga Inga no Mi Causality
  29. Inku Inku no Mi Ink
  30. Jigen Jigen no Mi Space
  31. Junkanki Junkanki no Mi Circulatory System
  32. Jump Jump Fruit Jump
  33. Juryoku Juryoku no mi Gravity
  34. Jutsu Jutsu no Mi Technique
  35. Kai Kai no Mi Destruction
  36. Kaimen Kaimen no Mi Sponge
  37. Kairai Kairai no Mi Puppet
  38. Kaku Kaku no Mi Magnify
  39. Kasoku kasoku no Mi Acceleration
  40. Katai Katai no Mi Hard
  41. Katsu Katsu no Mi Winning
  42. Ketsujo Ketsujo no Mi Charm
  43. Kidou Kidou no Mi Breath
  44. Kin Kin no Mi Gold
  45. Kinzo Kinzo no Mi Metal
  46. Koka Koka no Mi Figurine
  47. Koushoku Koushoku no Mi Lust
  48. Kukkyou Kukkyou no Mi Muscles
  49. Kusaru Kusaru no Mi Rot
  50. Neh Neh no Mi Excuses
  51. Niku Niku no Mi Skin
  52. Maho Maho no Mi Spells
  53. Mahou Mahou No Mi Magic
  54. Migaku Migaku no Mi Shine
  55. Mōsō Mōsō no Mi Illusion
  56. Nawa Nawa no Mi Rope
  57. Nebai Nebai no Mi Sticky
  58. Ningyo Ningyo no Mi Puppets
  59. Ome Ome No Mi Sight
  60. Omou Omou no Mi Mind
  61. Omomi Omomi no Mi Weight
  62. Ori Ori No Mi Folding
  63. Osore no Mi Fear
  64. Purasu Purasu no Mi Adding
  65. Read Read fruit Word reading
  66. Ringo Ringo no Mi Apples
  67. Rozu Rozu no Mi Rose
  68. San San no Mi Acid
  69. Sanpo Sanpo no Mi Legs
  70. Sen Sen no Mi Wire
  71. Seishin Seishin no Mi Spirit
  72. Sha Sha no Mi Reflexes
  73. Sharibetsu Sharibetsu no Mi Syrup
  74. Shiruku Shiruku no Mi Silk
  75. Shokku Shokku no Mi Impact
  76. Shou Shou no Mi Control
  77. Shoukazai Shoukazai no Mi Digesting
  78. Suru Suru no Mi Construct
  79. Suta Suta no Mi Stars
  80. Tabū Tabū no Mi Taboo
  81. Taizai Taizai no Mi Freezing
  82. Tangu Tangu no Mi Tungsten
  83. Tas Tas no Mi Multiplying
  84. Tate Tate no Mi Shield
  85. Tora Tora no Mi Drunk
  86. Uchiagehanabi Uchiagehanabi no Mi Fireworks
  87. Unsei Unsei no Mi Luck
  88. Warp Warp No Mi Distance manipulation
  89. Yakuso Yakuso no Mi Herb
  90. Yume Yume no Mi Dream


  1. One Piece Manga and Anime — Vol. 1 Chapter 1 and Episode 1, the concept of Paramecia Devil Fruits and Devil Fruits in general is introduced when Luffy eats the Gomu Gomu no Mi.