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Passion In Crisis
Date Started: May 25th, 2021

Date Finished: , 2021

Setting: Dressrosa

Characters Involved:

Felosr231ZeoSparkMorellaVoltaireStairface OgreSamuelGreenawaltMajin KhiPhoenix RedKamiGuru

Calm Before The Storm

During the midst of the war, Dressrosa was finally back in a calmer state after the Dragon Storm Pirates lead by Tatsuya Ryushiki had dealt with the rampaging pirates at the time; namely the Steampunk Pirates. Ryushiki was able to easily deal with the Steampunk Pirates' captain, Punk, and even claimed his devil fruit, the Yuge Yuge no Mi as more of a "trophy" for herself. She will have future usage of the powerful Logia fruit in her hands, however, she now knows she must focus on building up her kingdom again.

Ryushiki has been sitting on her town in her castle as she had her pirate crew and other associates work on building the kingdom back up. The Devil Fruit sits in a small glass cage beside her with Julian S. Maxwell, one of her top commanders and the head of the main bank of Dressrosa, polishing.

"My Dragon Empress! When do you plan to put that fruit to use may I ask? It is a Logia type after all and it could really benefit our crew!" said Maxwell as he kept polishing it.

"MY crew you mean, and I know that! I'm waiting to see who is even worthy of it because you and other top commanders all have Devil Fruits, and I'm going to give it to some no-one idiot that will probably waste its potential! It's a Logia and I'd find better use to sell it in the Underworld than to go with that idea. In due time." stated Ryushiki who sat in her demon form continuing to stare forward. Then, suddenly, her personal Den Den Mushi goes off. "Seriously? Another call today?! This better is good." she said as she picked up the line.

"Oi! Pinky!" A drunken and loud voice belonging to the admiral, Edo Shishio. "Listen up, I and a bunch of kids are on our way to pick burp you up. The Marines and World Government bitches want a meeting with all the warlords. "Of course them sending me means one thing, if you say no, I'll kill you. This isn't a request. it's an order."

Ryushiki could only scoff after not only hearing about this sudden order but more the fact that they are already on the way. She vents her frustrations by only sighing heavily and tightly squeezing one of the armrests of her throne. "Not only you dare to call me in your almost usual drunken state, but dare think a mere human as you could casually remark that you can kill me! Not even an admiral like you could dare to challenge me and my entire crew head-on." roared Ryushiki through her Den Den Mushi as it was showing signs of fear.

"M-Mrs. Ryushiki! You must comply or they could remove you from the Warlords!" pleaded Maxwell as he was trying to calm her down.

"I don't need you to tell me that Maxwell! I already know and Shishio, I'm sure, knows that I cannot risk losing this kingdom in any way. Besides, if this meeting is to get back at that fool of an ape for trying to drown my kingdom, then I'd go. I know you heard my answer." said Ryushiki as she was referring to Shishio.

"Shi!Hohoho! Here I was hoping you'd say no, I was looking forward to a good kill." Shishio replied, laughing into his Den Den Mushi and taking a large drink from his sake gourd. "Whatever, when I get there we'll pick you up, you resist and your blood will decorate my blade." He then hung up and laid into his seat.

Ryushiki hangs up the line on her end as well and slowly, but quickly, stands back up. "Yeesh. There he goes again about thinking he could kill me. He has a lot of balls for a human, I'll give him that." said Ryushiki as she grabbed her own sword.

"Well, he is an Admiral of the Marines for nothing my Demon Empress. However, what we do once you leave?" Julian asked.

"What do you think? Just defend the kingdom while I'm gone and DON'T let any fool take that Devil Fruit. Ugh, that damn daughter of mine. Going off to play "pirate" thinking she will do anything. She should've stayed behind here and watched over this kingdom. But I digress. That drunken fool of an admiral better get here soon as I do not like to be kept waiting." replied Ryushiki as she started to head out into the courtyard.

Meanwhile, out in the distance, a bunch of ships can be seen in the distance. They all bear the flag with the insignia of a very familiar face. It was of those of the Wukog Pirates! The lead ship can be seen that is the closest to Dressrosa and, on it, rests a very tall Kangaroo Mink named Z. Spark. He was seen in a seated position appearing to be half asleep as he has a cigarette in his mouth. Despite being seated, Spark still toward over his men. Finally, his brief moment of silence is broken by one of his crewmates.

"Z. Spark sir! We are just about to arrive in Dressrosa. Awaiting your commands!" shouted the pirate.

Spark's eyes quickly wake up as he slowly stands up tall looking over at Dressrosa in the distance. After taking a deep breath of his cigarettes which the smoke was a thick green in colour, he smirks slightly at the upcoming assault. "Good. Boss told us to give this place hell, and that's what we're intending to do. Your mates attack from the outside. I'm going in. SHOW THEM WHAT THE WUKONG PIRATES ARE MADE OF!!!" shouted Spark suddenly as the bunch of pirates cheered, and with the command, starts to bombard Dressrosa with a flurry of cannonballs. The cannonballs made their mark starting to tear down the recently rebuilt buildings caused by a pirate attack from before. Spark was actually seen riding on one of them as he jumps off and lands just outside Acacia, the port town of Dressrosa. He is soon met with some of the Dragon Storm Pirates members and local civilians.

"What the hell!? HEY!!! WE"RE UNDER ATTACK AGAIN!!! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!?" shouted the pirates as they tried to attack Spark but was unable to damage him. "WHAT?!"

"Who do you think I am? Just bored and wanted to stir up some chaos," said Spark with a pretty devious smirk.

"S-SHIT!!! RUN!!! I KNOW WHO THAT IS!!! AND WHO IS ATTACKING US!!!" shouted the pirate as he tried to warn the others.

"That's right. Boss sends his best regards: To the death of the World Government and those afflicted with it! Arechi!" shouted Spark as he suddenly sent a large wave of acid toward the crowd of pirates burning and killing them nearly instantly as he blankly stares at the civilians running away. Some of the pirates were able to escape as they were trying to contact Ryushiki. Spark, meanwhile, just stares at the main town of Dressrosa.

"Ryushiki isn't around. That old dragon might be resting in her little palace. Hmph. Looks like it's time for me to take a stroll there. I'd better do some redecorating while I'm at it." said Spark as he started to make his way into the main plaza of Dressrosa.

Meanwhile, Ryushiki, who was still standing on top of the courtyard, can see the destruction happening again before her. She, of course, is enraged at what she is witnessing.

"DAMN THAT APE!!! I THOUGHT HE WOULD BE OCCUPIED WITH THE MAIN FORCE OF THE MARINES!!!" screamed Ryushiki as flames were coming from her mouth.

"H-How can the Wukong Pirates be here?! M-Maybe they split themselves off?" Maxwell asked.

At that moment, Ryushiki then received a call from her Den Den Mushi again and quickly picks it up. "Tell me. Is that fucking ape to blame for this!? SPEAK!!!" shouted Ryushiki as the intense he from her rage can even be felt through the other end.

"N-No Demon Princess! I-It's not Wukong but his #2 Z. Spark!" shouted the pirate.

"That Kangaroo brat?! I THOUGHT it would be the Ape, but it seems he sent his lapdog instead. Pathetic, but that bastard still is a major threat on his own. His bounty doesn't reach over a billion for no damn reason. Hmph. I may take him myself, but the Wukong Pirates as well could actually be threatening. DAMMIT! I ACTUALLY HAVE TO HOPE THAT DRUNK ASS ADMIRAL GETS HERE!!! Me having to rely on human filth like him...disgusting..." replied Ryushiki as she almost literally spat those last words out.

Meanwhile, in the distance, the three Marine ships were on their way to Dressrosa. As the many Marines were preparing for their visit to the island. Notably, the members of Scabbard were seen all over the ship. The young blonde Elaine walked over to her partner, "Hey, you ever met this warlord?" She asked.

Guinevere was in a state of thought then turned her attention to her partner Elaine, "I haven't, no," she replied shaking her head.

"I've heard tales of her by the bulk of the Marines around here. She's supposed to be some demon or a dragon that runs the dragon storm pirates. I hear she's one of the stronger members of the Shichibukai, which says a lot when you consider the likes of Shinzui." She then looked around the rest of the ship, seeing how most of the Marines seemed either kicked back and relaxed or on the opposite end were ready for a possible battle."

"I see, though if what the tales are true then she won't be someone that would be easy to face if any of us encounter her," Guinevere pointed out then looked out towards the sea.

"That's true, but I'm sure that's why the higher-ups sent out the admiral to bring her in. He may be a drunk...and an asshole. But he's capable of fighting with the fleet admiral herself, being one of her sparring partners." Elaine then looked over at the nearby female swordsman. "I remember Shishio said that a few members of the scabbards haven't been introduced to the rest. I think she's one of them."

"Hm, she's new, though her presence seems a in a way, almost blank from the look in her eyes," Guinevere said looking towards the female swordsman.

Captain Washington John was seen in the gym room of the marine ship punching the sandbag that was hanging from the ceiling. He just got done benching 800 pounds over in the bench press, and now he was swinging those fists with the skill of a professional. After finishing up he sits down over to a bench and gets some water as he looked at a picture of his girlfriend Sonya from his pocket. Him knowing being both in S.T.A.R.Z and Scabbard was going to be both a hassle since he knows his mentor Seven-Six Slade and Admiral Edo Shishio would give him both a hard time. But he is willing to put in the work and prove to both his mentor and admiral that he was a great picture of a future marine in the business.

John then wipes off more sweat from his head and then heads to his room to converse with his partner,Michael Perfetto. John walked over to his room which had some food ready for him to eat. He saw nearby his buddy Michael reading a book. John sits down and starts eating the dish of a chicken wing and chicken breast, "How's the reading Michael?"

Michael had been intensely reading a handwritten leather-bound book for several days it had been a gift from his mentor about the new devil fruit he had acquired, after several days he had finally finished it upon reading the final page a smile crossed his face one his partner had only seen when Michael was with Aquila. "Readings good," he said distractedly before looking up "I'm headed to the training area to try something, I'm going to try something He smiled before getting up and going straight to the training area.

Upon arriving he heads towards the punching bags selecting the strongest one he picked it up and hung it on a hook that struggled to support its weight. Michael then launches a few volleys of wind enhanced strikes into it moving it back "alright he said to combine my strikes with the light" Michael said to himself before transforming into his Hybrid form his eyes began to glow with holy light as white wings sprung from his back and a halo of light appeared above his head "Divine Punishment" he said drawing the light towards his hand before striking the bag and releasing the light into a strike when he struck the bag. A large explosion erupted from his fist as he struck the bag completely severing it from the hook and launching it backwards before slamming against the wall with a massive hole in it where the metal shavings now molten were leaking out "Holy Shit" Michael said in surprise at his new power.

After witnessing Michael's new powers on full display, Guinevere's eyes widen as she looked back at him with a surprised expression on her face, "What in the...was that a new Devil Fruit power of yours," Guinevere asked, "And secondly, are you okay?"

Michael looked at Guin only now noticing her with angelic light streaming from his eyes like two suns "I'm more than ok I've ascended" he said barely containing an exciting childlike smile "I'm now a Divine Human with the Archangel Mythical Zoan".

"Interesting, so now might have some extra strength if able to have complete control of your powers by the time we arrive," Guinevere stated.

"My master encountered a devil fruit like mine many years ago and wrote me a guide don't worry I'll have full control before we even see the island". Michael gleamed.

"Looks like you ruined a good punching bag in this ship." John chuckled as he walked in with his famous patriotic outfit, "It's great to see you with a devil fruit of power like that." He says to Michael, then looking to see Guinevere in the gym as well "Hey Guinevere."

"Color me impressed. I can't fathom why you've been able to stay on the ship for this long without wandering...Kintarō-san." The female swordsman Elaine and Guinevere spoke up said as she turned towards her scabbard partner, completely tuning out all the activity around her. "Oh, you must be thinking of cutting pirates up...tell me what your thinking.." She said squatting to annoyingly poke him with the Tsuka of her sword.

The tropical climate, those serene beaches, the immensely endowed females going all jealous over the young Marine, these were some of the things, the Yellow Rat of the Marines dreamt off as he looked at the calm skies. "I wonder if the weather would be the same there too," Kintarō, thought to himself, despite knowing about the mission beforehand. His beautiful dream of Paradise would soon be interrupted by a familiar voice. He got up from his lying down posture, annoyed at the poking, which was what Aiya hoped for and it came true. "And what about my dreams are you suddenly curious about ?" Kintarō asked Aiya, looking at her with his bright shiny eyes and canine teeth, that reflected the bright rays of the sun. Kintarō then looked at the other Marines on board, pandiculating he questioned, "How long until we reach the damn island ?" Is tone was more of a boss asking the workers whether they have finished their work yet, and it came off rude since he was almost the same rank as others onboard and they was superior on the ship, thus making him not someone they should give leaders respect anyways. But for Kintarō it was all fun and games, he wasn't serious when he asked that, nor did he want any answers, he was just bored and wanted to get the mission done already, so he could spend another vacation alone, away from a ship with a bunch of so-called "law enforcers".

Aiya would rise back up to stand up straight after the successful interruption of Kintarō's relaxation. With her face remaining blank, she slightly tilted her head as if she was an animal with peaked interest. "Who are you?" She questioned, before slowly drawing her blade from its saya. "Kintarō has no interest in missions nor does he stay in one place...reveal your true identity or be no, maybe...obliterated......yes, eradicated..." She demanded with an absolute lack of emotion, you would've thought she was joking in which wasn't. Aiya's sword would now be completely drawn as she turned towards, angling the swords horizontally, inches away from his throat.

Guinevere looked towards Aiya with a curious expression on her face but at the same time, she felt a bit of an uneasy feeling looking at her.

"I'm getting a feeling that she's someone who would really be more of a person that would get a thrill of killing her enemies...," Guinevere stated.

Kirigakure Kintarō just turned his eyes back towards Aiya, his teeth shining like always. He did speak much, he just smiled. She was just playing a game of detective, and where would that lead her? his smile just read, "decapacitate me !". Would she dare to do that? Killing a comrade over a baseless game, was a no-no, even the scumbag rule-breaking pirates followed to an extent. Would she do dare do that, and of course the recent revelations, would sign trouble for her goals. In the midst of all these, would she dare change her fate? Kintarō waited, for a while, before falling asleep on the spot and falling in a napping position straight where he stood.

Despite all the ruckus being made by the majority of the scabbards, a single jet black-haired Louise Arthur walked with his hood over his head and a cigarette in his mouth. "How did I end up in a team with people like these?" he thought, rather annoyed looking over the rest of the scabbards around him. " not only do I have to deal with Miss Bitch Elaine but also the overcompensating shirtless perv alongside the boy scout. Then I have that bloodthirsty weird woman, I mean seriously try to hide that bloodlust better, you idiot. Then that, can't say much really." he then placed his hands in his pockets and let a puff of smoke out of his mouth.

Aiya would glance over towards Arthur’s direction, recognizing him instantly from the reports she read on the other scabbards. “So this is the modified human…I wonder how hard he is to cut..” She thought before her head would snap back towards the now awkwardly laying Kintarō. “No fun..” She said as she sheathed her blade, letting it return to its resting place in her left hand. “Hmm, maybe I should follow in his footsteps for once and ignore the regular attire..” She thought with her usual blank expression. She would reach down with her right hand and grab the back of Kintarō's collar, dragging him with her towards the cabin area. Aiya was fully aware of what an unsupervised Kintarō could do, and she quite frankly didn’t feel like tracking him down if he wandered off today.

“Kintarō-san, wake up and help me pick a kimono..” She’d said as she allowed the back of his head to run into the wall leading to the cabins.

Returning from the training area his skin still retaining a glow to it Michael walked in noticing Arthur "Good to see you've healed well you had me worried, though I would have to come to rescue you from those worms".

Arthur took a drag and walked away ignoring Michael before speaking with his back turned, "I had to make sure the mission got done, so I had to pick up your slack." He then continued walking away.

Tsuchi can be seen sitting a bit further away from her peers, with a rather annoyed look on her face. Though it can difficult at times to tell as she usually has a grumpy look on her face, this time, she can be seen gritting her teeth and angrily tapping her foot on the ground. It was loud, but not loud enough to be heard throughout the ship. She then takes a deep sigh as she finally decides to speak.

"Seriously. All of this waiting is one thing, but all of these other people are loud as hell. Meatheads wanting to live heavy-ass weights, fools showing off their damn powers, another that smokes far too much often than he should. It's definitely not the place if someone wants a decent nap, I tell you..." said Tsuchi who had her head resting on one of her fists.

"And then we have the white widow here complaining," Arthur says while walking past her. "Take your naps in your bunk, that's what they're for."

"Heh. The day I listen to you is the day that I quit being a Marine, and become a pirate instead," said Tsuchi with an almost evil smirk on her face.

"You should really listen to your teammates' spiderling" Michael responded.

John comes walking by and seeing the groups together, "Oh that's nice, seems everyone is here." He then sees Arthur and then thinks,"Hmmmmm, what did Slade call him? Commodore Hotshit? I don't remember regardless."

"It would appear so," Guinevere replied letting out a sigh looking around at some of the familiar faces and some new ones, "though some of us aren't too pleased to see one another again."

"You were of no help Kintarō-san," Aiya said, still dragging her slumbered partner's body by the shirt collar as she entered the general area. Her normal appearance had changed to oddly take after her partner and re-apply bandages around the wounds from their previous battle. Now with fresh bandages wrapped around her head and left eye, she wore a white short-sleeved kimono dress with blue flower designs on the left sleeve and bottom hem. Around her waist, she had a maroon coloured corset with a light purple sash around it. Underneath the dress she also dons more bandages wrapped around both arms, barely revealing a blue suit and shorts accompanied by blue arm warmers, stockings and white knee-length boots. "These bandages are making it difficult to move in already and carrying you is just another inconvenience. Lay there." She said leaning him against the wall to her right.

"We're about to enter another battle with pirates and wrapped up like a mummy. Good this will attract more victims to cut..." She thought to herself, almost ignoring that she injured as she would prefer to address it as a way to attract more opponents.

"Unfortunately I somewhat stand corrected," Guinevere thought to herself as she focused her attention back out to sea, "can't help but think about who this dragon warlord is. Is she really this powerful as Elaine mentioned earlier?"

A set of footsteps were heard tapping on the floor as heavy boots stepped forward, down a nearby hallway. A loud groan, exhaustion, and filled with a drunk attitude followed by loud gurgling and drinking. "Bah, these little shits won't shut up." the voice muttered.

As he emerged from the hallway, it was revealed to be the admiral, Edo Shishio. "I swear to God you're all so damn annoying!" He yelled disrupting the conversations amongst the scabbards. "Take a note from that yellow rat and paperboy and keep to yourself. You! no one cares what you wear so stop bugging people while they try to sleep." he then looks at Tsuchi, "spider legs, stop being a bitch." Then before taking a drink from his sake he looked over at Michael, "shirtless perv, stop trying to provoke paperboy, you wanna prove you stronger do it outside of a mission in a fight." He then took a large drink from his sake gourd.

He then pulled out paperwork in a folder and tossed it to Arthur. "Paperboy, I need you to read and fill these out before we go back to Marineford. But you should all be prepared, we should be arriving at Dressrosa in a matter of hours, maybe two or three. From there we'll either be bringing a warlord with us or going to battle before killing said warlord. Be prepared for either outcome."

"Well at least he didn't think of a name for me." John thinks as he sees the admiral enter the scene, "Sounds good Admiral." He salutes after the instructions told.

“Tatsuya Ryushiki…I wonder what colour she’ll bleed…” Aiya whispered after listening to the Admiral. She would turn away from him, beginning to drool from the thought of a dismembered Warlord.

Shishio walked forward and clenched a fist standing behind Aiya, "calm yourself you idiot, your bloodlust is like a child who's had candy and is addicted to it. It's pretty damn annoying."

Aiya would turn back to face her superior officer, wiping the drool from her dull face. “Cut you? Oh no Admiral-san, I’m not worthy!” She said flatly. Raising her left hand she would salute, slightly hitting herself in the face with the tsuka of her sword.

Shishio turned his back and walked away from the young marine rather annoyed from talking to her. "uggghhh I'll never understand why big tits appointed me to lead these idiots." He mumbled and groaned, snapping his fingers, calling for Arthur to follow alongside him.

"So what do you think of the new two?" Arthur asked Shishio rather casually.

"Eh, the freak bitch made me wanna punch her, I feel like if I were to put money on it, she'd be the first to die from you lot. The other guy...well he's just there so whatever I guess." Shishio responded before taking a drink.

The two continued on their walk down the hall as they were both mentally preparing for what was to come next.

As Guin watched Arthur and Shishio leave, she sighed to herself placing her hand to her forehead, "Least I've been spared, for now, I can say," Guin thought to herself.

"I guess we got lucky didn't we?" John speaks lightly towards Guinevere as Shishio and Arthur departed.

"Eh, for now at least, but I guess you can say that," Guin replied as she shrugged.

Runts Vs Beasts

As time passed by, all the Marines prepared themselves all the more, gathering their ammunition together, adjusting their weapons, tying their boots. No one wanted a battle as they didn't wish to lose a warlord or to harm one of the twenty original kingdoms of the world government. The only real exception was the commanding officer of the entire operation, the admiral Edo Shishio himself. Though this is more tied to his natural bloodlust more than anything.

"Hey, Boss, you should probably take a look at this," Arthur called for his boss to look over at the clouds of black and green smoke, the fire that was seen spreading through the island. "Think this is because you threatened the warlord?"

"No...what this fun," Shishio said before sparking a hell of a grin. This destruction while grand and horrifying was what he needed, he could feel it. The powerful auras of a few "beasts" as he liked to call it. "Looks like you runts will get a lesson after all..."

“Pie Crust..” Aiya said as she examined the shape of the island.

"Sometimes I really wonder what colour her world is," Guin thought to herself looking over to Aiya then turned her attention to the island, "so this is Dressrosa? Strange rock formation for an island..."

"I believe this is the first time I've been to the New World." John says looking around, "Dressrosa looks like....a pie crust alright." John was surprised to see it, "And what is that?" He points to the clouds of black and green.

The sound of ammunition being arranged and the reaction of the Admiral, Scabbards and the other background NPC's to the sight of Dressrosa caused the Wandering Marine, Kintarō to stop wandering in his dreams to come back to reality. He casually walked towards Aiya, watching the beautifully laid rock formations of the great kingdom. Like Aiya described, it did look like a Pie Crust. Do you think these were naturally made? They looked more like the works of the Giants or the Gods. Unleashing, a sword from a scroll he kept mount on his waist with the help of a belt of sorts, he got ready for the mission. "Yo mister, hope this lesson is good." the Yellow Rat smiled, as the blade of his sword shined at the fading sun in the distance, as he looked at the authority in the room, er, the ship.

"I'm feeling really passionate right now," Aiya said sprinted towards Kintarō, leaping onto his blade and using it to propel herself towards the ratlines. She would swing on the ratlines to project her body, feet first into the crow's nest. Landing with a grace she would snatch a spyglass from the marine occupying the space. "Looks like the battle has started without dare they.." Aiya said as she looked through the small telescope with her right eye, completely dull. "Admiral-san, how are we starting this operation?"

Shishio simply took a seat against the mass of the ship and grabbed his sake gourd, "it's simple really, seeing as how pinky needs help as does the island your job is to be the Marines you are. Will you save the people of the island? Will you take on the Monkey's forces? Will you go after his commanding officers? What kind of Marines are you?" He then takes a drink and smiles, "You guys have until I feel like getting involved. Help who you can, however you can. Whether that be attacking foes, saving civilians, whatever it is, I don't really care."

Arthur sighed not all that surprised by Shishio's decision, "He may be an Admiral but for the most part he doesn't care all that much about his duties. So it's not surprising that he's choosing to do this, but then again, knowing him there's something else I should be thinking about." Arthur thought to himself as he looked over to the island, finishing his last smoke. "My left side still isn't at a full 100% but it can't be helped. Here's hoping these idiots can actually work together." Elaine walked toward Shishio with a rather upset look on her face, "Hey, is this the way an admiral should act during such a situation? How would the Fleet Admiral react?"

"Hm? Big Tits will probably get upset but eh. So go do your job mini big tits, the longer you argue with me, the more the island and its people suffer. Listen all you little runts, this is your mission, not mine! All the other Marines will rush in as well but you eight will be the commanding officers until I step in. Now go! And quit your bitching!"

"I mean, of course, we will have to help the people. But we have to stop that monkey's forces as well! I'm not sure who is attacking. Could be just some of his random lower lackies or even one of the bigger fish." said Tsuchi as he looks over at Dressrosa being attacked from a distance. "Hmph. That dragon and her crew are probably already engaging the monkey's forces. I don't think she's the type that gives a crap about what happens to her people, so we probably will have to help out the people just in case. Either way, if I see my prey, I WILL go after them!"

Civilian Safety

"Come on Mike! We gotta help these people!" Captain John says as they were running across the land after being dropped off in the east harbour. "We gotta start creating a safe zone for people to evacuate to!" He looks around, seeing the land around them known as Carta of Dressrosa, with most of the land in ruins. "This could be a nice spot of a safe zone."

"Agreed if we use the harbour as safe zones we can have civilian vessels assist in the evacuation of the civilians," He said before turning going to the Bridge and instructing the ship communications officer "Contact any friendly vessels and instruct them to come to Dressrosa and help evacuate civilians". "We'll take Aquila to the areas with the most damage we evacuate those civilians first agreed," He asked John.

"Sounds like a plan to me." He says as he suddenly hears his den den mushi blaring out the message from Louise Arthur.

"Oi! Everyone, every Marine that can hear me, grab and assist who you can. Large tsunamis are headed for the island. Scabbards, do your best to save who you can!" - Arthur

"Well ain't that nice." John says as they run, "Let's get this job done quickly then!"

"Go save civilians find any high ground and utilize it I'll go see if I can minimize the damage of that tsunami," Michael said assuming his hybrid form and flying toward the harbour and calling Aquila to his aid.

Approaching the gap between the rocks that led into the harbour Michael would use his red eye martial arts along with his wings and the power of Aquila's massive wings to create a force to oppose the incoming wave.

As the wave hit the gap in between the rocks that fed into the harbour Michael would use the wind he and Aquila had generated to create enough of an opposing force to the incoming wave barely being able to hold it back. As Michael strained himself the wave began to decrease in force and slow. The power of Michael's defence was able to prevent the wave from causing major damage to the eastern harbour where the ships were but the increased water in the harbour caused the surrounding land to slowly begin to flood.

Grabbing his den den Mushi Michael instructed the marines on the ship "Create elevated platforms above the water to secure civilians and begin to search collapsed building any areas of immense danger inform Captain Washington or me". The energy required to stop the wave caused Michael to tire and stop flying in his unfamiliar new form as he began to fall Aquila caught him and began to fly him toward John's location.

John was seen jumping off of a small stone bridge nearby the town and rolling out to push a family away from a giant acidic drop that would've melted the family. The family was startled for a moment as they saw the marine and his famous shield.

"Get going! There's a secured location that'll be holding you guys for safety." He yells over to marines that were following him, "Follow them and stay safe." He orders the marines to escort the family out of the town. He turns around and then calls into his den den earpiece, "This is Captain Washington, Where are you, Michael?"

"Look up" Michael responded flying over John's position "The damage of the wave is dealt with but I wasn't able to stop the flooding".

Using his Haki Michael was able to sense several people trapped below a large piece of rubble. with the help of Aquila, he was able to move the rubble enough to rescue them. "The damage is getting worse the longer those fights go on, I've sent Marines to comb the less damaged areas for survivors".

"Good idea." John nods as he looked around to help out any civilians. As suddenly, an explosion happened at a nearby tower that was caused by acid melting through a gas-powered furnace. Burning bodies were seen flying out of the window, as people were also screaming inside the building. Civilians screaming for help as they were mercilessly caught by the flames.

"I'm going in!" John slams through the entrance door and runs into the fire of the burning building to save as many as he can.

"I'll help, few civilians alive on the third floor I'll create a path," Michael said as he began to move the flow path of the fire away from his partner's path and where he could sense the civilians.

John was searching around quickly as he saw nothing but wood falling while the fire was wildly spreading. The warmth of the building was excessively high thanks to the fire. This building looks like it won't be repairable after this fire. He searches around and runs toward a nearby scream of a lady that was stuck under a wooden beam.

"Don't worry! We're here to save you!" John says lifting the heavy beam and pushing it away to pick up the woman, "The exit is that way. Be careful!" He then turns back on his den den earpiece," Michael, I think you said you were going to get the third level civilians. Which is good, but I'll get up there once I make sure all of these are clear, just have marines make a giant landing pad with a cloth or something so we drop them from a window."

"I've got this" Michael said as he began to move the air around the trapped civilians clearing any rubble around them and gently moving them down the street before floating down to them "if you walk make your way to the docks, if you cant have someone carry you marines are heading your way and will help with the injured" Michael announced before reaching for his den den mushi "any rescue teams who have cleared their area report, we have injured civilians making their way to the docks from the North".

John was seen running throughout all of the floors, picking up the rubble that trapped civilians and shielding people from fires coming toward them. Soon he had everyone rescued within the second floor, "Michael, I got the second floor cleared. What's your status on the third floor?"

"Third Floor clear about to snuff the fire to stop it spreading" Michael responded removing the oxygen from the fires denying them any fuel as they began to go out. "This structure's not stable, vacate the building, Partner".

"Understood." John replies as behind him the floor starts to crumble on him. John starts running to get to the nearest window and get away from the crumbling floor. Within yards, through the fire and flames, was a window that was straight away from John. John uses his shield to cover him before crashing through the glass and leaping into the air. An explosion from the second floor happens just as he was in the air, it was like slow motion in an action film of how John leapt out of the fire.

John would roll and land on the stone ground below him. Marines still scurrying about to get to their positions and help people all over. John would dust himself off before standing up and placing his shield on his back. He would suddenly hear screams from a mother which he'd run to as he heard the mother shout.

"Help! My children are on top of that building!" She would point over to a building that was leaning majorly and slowly falling. The kids, being on the roof of the building screaming for their life.

"Michael, continue with stopping that fire." John says as he starts running toward the leaning building, "I got another situation to take care of."

As Michael put out the fire he could sense people in danger closer to the danger. Using his haki to sense if any people were left in the building and finding none Michael called Aquila to him and they flew off toghether towards a building on the edge of a cliff that had been partially destroyed. As he flew towards the people he could sense a family was stuck on the top floor of the building. As he flew beneath them he could hear the screams for help. "I'm with the marines i'm here to rescue you" he yelled towards the building a woman's head came out of the window "My husband's stuck under some rubble please help us".

"I've got you please evacuate the building i'll catch you" He ordered the family he said as he began to manipulate the air streams creating a flow towards Aquila from the window "Ok now jump" he ordered. first the children jumped from the building followed by the mother being caught in the airstream and deposited safely onto Aquila "I'll rescue your husband, hold on tight my bird will bring to safety" he said before jumping from the bird and transforming into his hybrid form.

Sensing the father several feet into the building Michael entered through the window careful not to touch anything lest he might cause the building to topple. As he moved towards the father Michael yelled "I've got you, your family's safe and your going to be ok, I'm a marine you can trust me".

Meanwhile, John was seen dashing and using soru as he dodged through falling debris as he got closer to the leaning building. He shields himself against any flying debris as he sweeps and acrobatically avoids large debris. He then makes it to the front of the leaning building, which was only about to fall. And a young girl and a young boy were screaming from the top of the building.

John then leaps and runs on the glass windows of the building as he runs as fast to get the children. The building falling as he ran up to the top at the angle it is. He made it three quarters of the way when a giant scaffolding from the building starts rolling toward him. John then activates soru and then decides to hop and jump onto the scaffolding and leap even higher into the air to look down and see the kids trying to hang onto the building.

The kids were screaming until they looked up and see John flying down at them like a superhero in a comic, and with his shield in his arm as he came down to the kids.

"I got you!" John hugs the kids as they all three drop to the ground. John shielding him and the kids when they made the fall. A shockwave was released as he landed with the shield first. A small crack in the earth was formed when he landed, and dust and smoke disappeared once he landed.

"Woah!" the little boy says looking at John, "THAT WAS COOL!!!"

"Are you a superhero?" The girl asks John as they both kept hugging John.

"Oh? Uhhhh, I guess you can say that." John smiles and holds onto them as he runs to lead them to the evacuation point.

As Michael reached the Father the foundation of the building began to give way as Michael grabbed the man and moved for the Doorway of the building to fall through them as he used his Wings to hover in mid air and drop the father onto Aquila with his Family. "Get them to the evacuation point girl" He instructed Aquila as she flew off towards the Docks.

"Civilian Evacuation is almost complete John What's your status" Michael Questioned into his Den Den Mushi.

John was handing the kids over to their mother who was very happy, and the mother and kids would run to the evacuation point as John smiled to himself to know he helped the community. He then hears Michael in his den den mushi and then responds, "Well I just saved some kids from a building collapse, but I'm thinking almost everyone on my end is out of the town."

Michael could be seen flying incredibly fast around the island rescuing people as he went and making sure those evacuating were safe "Civilains have been evacuated making my way towards the designated evacuation point want me to come give you a lift" He spoke into his Den Den mushi.

"Yeah sure, that can be appreciated." John replies as he looks around, "You should be able to find where I'm at."

Battle Against The Devil

Aiya would jump down from the crows' nest, landing gracefully on the deck below. “Acacia is calling my name, the colosseum will be mine..” Aiya said that as a red aura started to emit from her body, her bloodlust began to leak again. Aiya would point her palm towards the pie crust land formations, unleashing a golden thread of silk webbing. “Let’s go Kintarō!” She said as she jumped onto the front cannon, preparing to swing onto the mainland with her partner.

"Excuse me guys, whatever you do, make sure you kill only the Pirates," Kintarō as he waved at the remaining Scabbards, "Heyyyyy, Spidey Lady, why can't we just enjoy the sunset in Primula instead," he asked Aiya, as he followed behind her, "I know a place, where we can enjoy both the happiness and the bloodthirst of youth," Kintarō winked at his partner, but his jolly nature was a just a ruse because even without being a beast, he could smell the blood of the fallen crying out to heavens, and this never-ending rain was a sign of the demon, Wukong himself. He shrugged as the lighter for his cigar, wasn't burning because of the weather condition. Not waiting for Aiya and her "I don't know when I am gonna get snapped" threads, the Wandering Marin stretched his legs and jumped high off the ship, looking at the island from up above, all he could see was rain and struggle. Using the forward momentum of his jump, he slowly landed on the islands "pie-crust" as his partner called it and waited for Aiya, to join him in their little adventure.

Using her web thread, Aiya would swing onto the mainland and land a few meters in front of Kintarō. "Scary." She said as she looked back at her partner who opted not to swing with her. She would turn back to face the large stone staircase, leading to the actual kingdom of Dressrosa. She'd look up to further examine the abnormal formation of outer Dressrosa, firing another strand of golden silk towards the top of the formation. She tugged it to confirm it was stable, before retracting the thread to pull herself to the top of the landform. "Oh my.." Aiya would say as she covered her mouth.


How the Might have fallen...

Hundreds of meters above the once glorious kingdom descended a being once revered as a God. Thousands worshipped, idolized, and feared him as his power defied the very laws established by the omnipotent. "How could he possess such power if he weren't a god!" His disciples claimed, spreading his words and legislation as gospel. But those who feared him had other beliefs, ones less benevolent. Among the many tales surrounding his existence, one in particular resonated and stuck; the God Slayer, the Devil who slew the benevolent one. For decades, the Saint Kingdoms bowed to him as not a soul could ever dare to challenge him. At least until the skies found a new champion to worship and fear. Just as every nation before it, the Saint Kingdoms fell victim to Wukong the Conqueror and his many forces. However, before the primate could even dethrone his proclaimed rival, two of his subordinates made quick work of him and brought him to the new God of the Skies.

Sometime Ago...

Escorted in chains by those inferior, The Devil walked shamefully through the halls of Tian as he awaited judgment from a literal ape. "How could this have happened?!?!" he wondered, still in disbelief as it all happened so suddenly. To protect his fragile ego, his brain seemingly locked the memories of the easy pickings the Si Xiang made of him. "Look at me mongrel, if you do not free me this instant, you will regret for the rest of your life, and a very short life it'll be."

His warden did not even flinch as, tugging along as the two eventually made it to the massive doors leading into the Pirate Emperor's quarters.

Welcoming the prisoner was a small blonder haired man standing beside the throne of the iconic pirate himself, Wukong. From the moment Lucifer entered the room the ape's eyes did not break from proclaimed devil's.

Upon laying eyes on the titanic beast, Lucifer could not contain himself. "Yoshishishshishishi! You him? The so-called Wukong the Conqueror??! Yoshishishshishishi! You're just an overgrown ape sitting on my throne." Seemingly unaware of his current situation, Lucifer continued. "But because you've given me such a hardy laugh, I'm in a forgiving mood. Free me at once, bend the knee and I'll only kill half your forces." the devil paused for dramatic effect. "The other half can serve under me, with you being my personal bodyguard."

Yin gazed over at Kong and with only the briefest of looks, he knew exactly what his captain wanted. "Free him from his chains," Apollo ordered the prisoner's keeper.

"But sir..." But before he could get another word out, fear ran down his spine. No, not fear of the prisoner who spoke so arrogantly despite not having any leverage. No, fear of his captain, the man who hates to repeat himself. Trembling, he withdrew the key and free Lucifer as requested. "If that's all, sir." he bowed, before speed walking to the exit.

"Didn't I say you'd regret it..." Lucifer chuckled before the warden spontaneously splattered as some excruciating force came down on him. Fidgeting his fingers as he could feel his power returning to him, Lucifer returned his gaze to the primate. "Wise get off my throne and bend the knee you miserable-looking creature," he muttered, approaching the duo.

Surprisingly, Kong's expression remained stoic as he stood up from his throne as requested by his captive. Already elevated as his throne sat along the top of the staircase, Kong stared further down as his gargantuan physique was on full display. However, despite following Lucifer's orders until this point, Kong did not bend the knee.

"Are you deaf or simple ape? I said bow!" Lucifer commanded, losing his temper as Kong's menacing stance was clearly a domination tactic. But Lucifer did not care, applying the same force he used to splatter his guardsmen, he directed it at the illustrious pirate as he approached the staircase. But before he could take a single step upward, he noticed the ape did not flinch in the slightest, still maintain that smug look in his eyes. Enraged, Lucifer exclaimed. "Insubordination is punishable by death! Now die!" Calling upon twenty times the gravity of earth, the force rained down on Kong. But much to Lucifer's surprise, not even the floor beneath him gave in. "W--w-what are you...?" Lucifer began slurred his words, as the memories of his defeat began to return to him.

"If you will no come up..." Kong muttered as he effortlessly descended the stairs. "Insubordination is punishable by death, was it?" With every step, Kong grew even more menacing. There was an aura around him, one that could not be forgotten. Reaching the bottom of the stairs Kong simply gazed downwards, and yet he knew, the conflict was over before it even began.

Overwhelmed and now engulfed in fear, Lucifer fell to his knees. "Sp-sp-spare me." he stuttered, struggling to find the words...

Following that day, Lucifer had been in service of the Wukong Pirates. Grouped alongside four other conquered individuals, Lucifer now serves as one of the Wu Xing. Tasked with destroying the island of Dressrosa, Lucifer reluctantly breached the clouds and gazed upon the massive island. "Ants and their colonies...I suppose I'll let my anger out on you.." Forming ten black balls in his hand, Lucifer dropped them below. Descending around different parts of the island, upon touching anything, whether it was a building, the ground or one of the many ants he viewed, a concussive force would be released, demolishing the area. "Oh this is only the start," he muttered, hearing the screams of terror and carnage from above.

"Scary, that word co...", Kintarō's response to his partner has broken by the sudden destruction of the city in front of them, while the area they were standing on, the pie-crusts, despite being unaffected by the sudden blasts, due to being a few kilometres away from them, the aftermath and the shockwaves, Kintarō could feel. He immediately rushed his way towards Aiya, standing beside her, his arms on her shoulders. "This is getting serious," He said, as he looked at the destruction of the island, the debris the broken islanders, the might coliseum that once stood high, crumbling in the debris, "Aiya, move ahead, use your nimbleness to rescue the injured." Kintarō would order his partner, as he quickly scanned the city for intruders, basically, watching Aiya's back, for the intruders. "Judging from the size of the attack, it could be multiple enemies, but I can't figure out what caused the attack, bullets, too small, cannonballs? could be bigger ones. But the angle of impact doesn't make sense at all unless they just dropped from the sky like rain.", Kintarō tried to read the attack.

"Kopi Kopi Change-Zai Zai no Mi" Kintarō yelled, as he weaved a few hand seals, "Zai Zai Bonsai", as several branches appeared from beneath the broken ground, and cleared the debris under the Marines command, his first approach was to make sure the civilians around the area were safe from the dangerous debris, but he also made sure his partner Aiya could make use of the branches as platforms to nimbly move around the area.

"With pleasure," Aiya said as she attached another thread of her silk to the pie crust shaped landform, using it to swing herself to one of Kintarō's newly sprouted branches. "The air reeks with the blood of the innocent...not the blood I'd prefer to smell." She said to herself, gritting her teeth as she spotted an old man trapped underneath a fallen wall a couple of meters away. Thin strands of her golden silk would propel from every one of her fingertips, fusing to create a much larger strand as they inched closer to the old man. As the silk webbing would reach and attach to the wall, Aiya would grip the strand to pull it. "Shit it's heavy." Aiya would say as she turned and pivoted her feet to lift the rock off of the trapped civilians. "Kya." She'd squeal as she fell onto her bottom, successfully freeing the old man.

"Thank you marine." He would say as was freed from the debris.

Aiya would release the strands from her fingers, creating a new one to swing down to the man. "You're injured, allow me to assist you." She says slowly lifting him and placing his arm over her shoulder. "Careful now, over here." She directed him as she handed him off to a nearby marine soldier. "Get him to safety."

"Yes, captain!" The soldier replied, carrying the old man off.

"Here I thought, I'd be able to just cut pirates up...I didn't think I'd be saving people from a massacre." She said as she turned to face the remains of the destroyed Colosseum in the distance.

Arthur was seen running through the debris of the city, moving at an intense speed his eyes were seen darting around in every direction. He was using his Haki to look for life, look for anyone alive. Sadly all he saw were the countless dead bodies around him, men, women, children, people who had nothing to do with this war. They were all casualties between these superpowers and their own bloody battle.

" Spider A is on the other side, Spider B and Lazy are working together. At least I know where they a-" before he could continue Arthur could feel it, he could feel a tremendous power just above him. "It wasn't a bomb, it was a gun, it wasn't a siege of soldiers that did was...him..." Arthur thought aloud as his eyes locked upward at the young looking blonde Lucifer who had come from the clouds. Arthur hid behind a wall. "Shit... so much for taking it easy..."

Tsuchi, meanwhile, can be seen helping people get to safety and even she was unnerved at the sight of people melting away by the acid and others who appeared to be vaporized on the spot. She knows that this is what it means to be at war, but shook off the nerves to focus on her current mission.

"Jeez. It didn't take long for those bastards to make a mess of this place. Not what I pictured my first trip to Dressrosa. It's one of the Twenty Kingdoms of the World Government, and it's being messed with like this! It's a disaster!" shouted Tsuchi as she then noticed her Den Den Mushi going off. "Captain Smokehead, this better be good as I'm still trying to find people over here!"

"I believe I found the perpetrator," Arthur says through the Den Den Mushi. I recommend you stay on your toes. If they move, if they do anything I'll give you the heads up."

"Right. Don't you get yourself killed out there? I'm still not 100% who is doing this, but if they can do this much damage in a short amount of time, then they're dangerous." said Tsuchi who kept looking around and making sure to keep on her guard just in case of an attack from any of the Wukong Pirates crewmates.

"Right, keep yourself alive as well. I'm not in the mood to carry the bodies of you and the others." Arthur then hung up and began to Aiya. "Pick up you psycho o".

“Purururu, Purururu, Catcha…”

”Moshi Moshi.” Aiya would say as she retrieved her baby Den Den Mushi from her left pocket.

"Oi, psycho, listen up," Arthur said as he looked through the window and kept an eye on Lucifer. "I think I got eyes on one of the leaders, that or at least someone acting as a shot caller. Get as many people away from here as you can. If they move or start to do something expect a call." Arthur then gripped tightly onto his shortswords.

Kintarō made his way swiftly towards his Aiya, picking up Arthurs voice from the Mushi she was carrying, "If that hotshot thinks, he has got one of the leaders, then I guess it might be true, but don't forget, a Marines duty is to catch hold of the culprit, with minimal casualties. You heard him, we need to evacuate the citizens quick." He reminded Aiya, "But, if only one of them could do so much damage, " the Wandering Marine pondered over the possibilities, of such event occurring, "Well, at least we got strength in numbers if you think so, as well as that Hungry Beast chained in the ports, (Shishio)," Kintarō continued thinking while using of his Zai Zai no Mi, Devil Fruit Abilities to rescue the fallen civilians, prompting Aiya to start the rescue, as he himself was trying to sense the presence of this new enemy and Arthur, waiting for their next move.

Although Lucifer was freed from his chains some time ago, the long term effects of his captivity and blatant inferiority still handicapped him, at least until now. Liberated by the ensuing chaos, Lucifer felt alive once again. Watching the pests scurry around, saving each other, bickering amongst themselves, protecting their lands, it was exactly what Lucifer needed. "Yes, I wanna hear you scream even louder...LOUDER!" he mumbled to himself, thrusting his pelvis as the death of ants somehow brought him to such euphoric release. Panting, his face carried a serene expression. "Shall we begin..."

Closing his fist, purple energy began to accumulate around his hands as he prepared to launch his next attack. "Quake in fear, Rampage!" Slamming his fists into the air, a devastating wave of gravity rushed downward onto the colony. Due to the scattered nature of the attack, the force itself was not all that devastating however it was apparent throughout the entire island. Crumbling buildings would meet their demise. Those dashing around would likely slam into the floor. The weak and injured would find themselves in more pain. The entire island trembled. But just as quickly as the wave emerged, its effects were slowly reversed and gravity returned to normal. "Let me show you the power of a God."

Although it may have seemed Lucifer was attacking the island with the spontaneous wave of gravity, it was not intended to be the primary assault. For the perceptive few who remain aware of the overall surroundings, they would have noticed the waves pushing against the crust of the island had grown more turbulent and fearsome with the black orbs crashing against it, not that they could do anything to stop it. However, following Lucifer's most recent endeavour, the fearsome waves crashing against the shoreline felt the impact of Lucifer's attack the most. Somewhat emulating the powers of the particular fruit, the aggressive waves became titanic tsunami's surrounding the entirety of the island. With one coming from each cardinal direction, if the waves were not stopped surely the island and all its inhabitants would meet its end. Taking in a deep breath, Lucifer activated his sixth sense to hear the prayers and pleads of those below him. How he craved to be revered as a deity once more...

"Hm?" Shishio murmurs waking from his nap, noticing the violent current of the waves. "Looks like the mini monster is up to something fun..." he said, standing up fr the floor and seeing the large, tsunami waves charging toward the island. "Heh! Alright, I guess something to help wake me up."

The admiral then leapt from where he stood, "alright, Beast Sword Style: Single Thrust: Anaconda Strike!" then with a single straight thrust, Shishio sent out a pressurized attack! Its sheer force ripped through and cause the wave and the nearby ones to burst like a grand ripple effect.

Shishio then landed on the ship and struck a sharp smirk, "All alright, let's see if these little runts can handle the rest. Can't interfere in their fun just yet, they still have half an hour to go." He then laid back down and looked upward.

Aiya would stumble, playing her feet into the ground as she felt the after-effects of Lucifer’s attack. “A bomb?” She thought to herself, before activating her Den Den Mushi once more. “Did anyone else feel that?” She spoke into it, directing her message to either her partner Kintarō, Arthur or Tsuchi.

"Oi, both of you, this guy just did something weird. I think he has some sort of devil fruit, but whatever he did it released a huge pool of energy." Arthur responded from his Den Den Mushi. "Something like that must have some after-effects. One of you should get to higher ground to get a better look."

”Agreed.” Aiya said as leapt onto a nearby Zai Zai no mi branch, walking upwards then upside down to reach a higher platform. “Oh, a,” Aiya said as if the ginormous wave was a splash in a kiddie pool. “Umm, everyone should get to the high ground..there’s a tsunami coming.” She said dryly, as she projected an orb-shaped web towards a nearby group of civilians. “Use it to bounce up here, I’ll catch you..” She finished, beginning to assist civilians to safety.

"Don't say such things so casually you idiot!" Arthur responded before clicking a button on his Den Den Mushi. "Oi! Everyone, every Marine that can hear me, grab and assist who you can. Large tsunamis are headed for the island. Scabbards, do your best to save who you can!" He ordered through his Den Den Mushi before looking upward. "I figured..." he thought out loud before setting his snail on his shoulder and grabbing both his short swords. "that power, it didn't crack the air, so it wasn't the Gura fruit. No, that purple energy and this effect, that's the Zushi Zushi no Mi." Arthur said as his mind began to flip through the mental pages of the many books on devil fruits he's read. "Damn, something, someone like that, this isn't gonna be easy." Arthur then began to run and jump up buildings looking for higher ground.

“I’ve finished getting the civilians in this area to safety. Now, what to do about this tsunami? I’ll glad-fully cut it.” Aiya asked as she spoke through her Den Den Mushi on channel 2.

Following Aiya's method of traversing the wooden branches to reach high ground, Kintarō followed behind, by having the wooden branch carry him, as he surfed the air on his borrowed Devil fruit power, as soon as he reached a high enough level, he could see Lucifer's face directly, despite being distance apart from each other, "So, this is how you look, amigo, why am I not surprised ?" Kintarō started a casual chat from afar, trying to taunt the Wukong Commander. "Aiya looks like you are itching for a use of your blade," Kintarō laughed, as he used his wood to grab his partner and throw her towards the wave head-on. "Kopi Kopi Change: Yuki Yuki no Mi," Kintarō said, as he brought forth his left palm forward, facing the tsunami. the Wandering Marine shot numerous snowballs from his palms, each a size of a cannonball, towards the incoming wave, each snowball causing the part of the water, into ice due to the freezing properties of snow. "Aiya, Cut, Ice, Use, Sword, Swoosh".

Looking at the previously hiding Arthur, come out of hiding and run around, Kintarō contacted Arthur via his own Transponder Snail, the baby version of it. "Kopipipipipi, Looks like the bear is out of hibernation, looks like you hit a jackpot, what is it? care to share your wisdom with us? He is using those energy attacks for yes, At first, he created destructive energy balls I assume, now he is using energy waves, Did you figure out the exact properties of his energy ?" Kintarō inquires Arthur, sharing his own knowledge for the latter to confirm his hypothesis if any.

"Just how many dumbasses do we have in the scabbards?" Arthur thought to himself after observing Kintarō. "I've read about this fruit before. I deduced that he's a user of the Zushi Zushi no Mi, it grants him the ability to freely manipulate gravity. So don't expect things to be easy, from the looks of it he's probably the one that destroyed this section of the kingdom, not just that but what he just did, shows he's had the fruit for some time." Arthur's eyes began to glow, releasing a pale blue light.

Aiya would begin to soar through the air, in the direction towards the frozen wave. I’ll have to cut straight through it, I guess it’s time to debut my new technique.” She thought to herself as she unsheathed both her katana and smaller tantō hidden within the hilt of the bigger blade. Aiya would begin to wrap the hilts of both weapons with a thick strand of her golden silk. Tugging at both sides she would drop them and begin to spin at a phenomenal speed with the strands in her hand. She would begin to rotate her body as she now facing the wall horizontally. Loosening her grip on the strands to further the reach of the swords. (She’s a Beyblade :p)“ Silk Sword Style: Mongolarachne Jurrassica.” She’d say with a tone as cold as the ice she cut through. Two lines would sparkle brightly on the wall of ice before they would split apart into three individual sections. “Still not enough hmm,” Aiya complained as she landed on the middle section, still spinning the swords.

“That will work.” She claimed as she tossed the swords to pierce into the bottom section. Turning to face the sea she would harshly pull the strands, resulting in the blades diagonally cutting each section of ice into nice triangle blocks. Aiya would use the centre one she stood on to push herself towards the inner Dressrosa. “Now how will I land safely..” She said soaring towards the city.

"No point in waiting...even if I go overboard, these lot can find an opening." Arthur thought to himself before buckling his knees and shot himself upward at a drastic speed! "Shave!" by rising both his Soru and Geppo he loved through the air at an intense speed! Quickly reaching Lucifer's general space, "Dual Hunt!" He then with both shortswords aimed at him with his blades in an "X" shape!

Given his recent experience with these, blue-dwellers, Lucifer wasn't surprised by this mongrel's choice of action, despite having witnessed his powers. "They say fortune favours the bold...I guess you just have sour luck, mutt." Lucifer recited to a mistakingly ambitious hound. With a single gesture of a finger, powerful gravitational forces pushed downward directly at Arthur. Despite maintaining his arrogant outlook, Lucifer no longer played these games with those who dared to challenge him, a learned response.

The magnitude of the attack raining down on the young marine was nothing short of devastating. Obviously, the ignorant fool who approached Lucifer thought highly of his abilities and stature, having rushed boldly towards a god without considering the consequences of his own actions. Even if gifted with supernatural reflexes and senses, the mongrel would find himself incapable of escaping the forces directed at him. The techniques marine used to emulate but a fraction of Lucifer's power would have no barring with literal gravity directing everything forced in the opposing direction. The very leverage he used to propel himself around in the skies would cease as even the air is influenced by his otherworldly power, preventing him from escaping, much less attacking. Even in the extremely unlikely scenario, the marine possessed the physical strength to swing his arm through the purple forces, there'd be nothing that would keep him within Lucifer's vicinity, as momentum would also cease if the marine collided with his attack.

The foolish mutt wouldn't be the only one to suffer from his foolish actions. With the attack's radius covering a fifteen-meter span to prevent any last-minute dodges, it rained downward all the way to the island's surface. Any civilian, building or structure directly within said radius would find themselves meeting a quick yet painful demise. Upon crashing into the kingdom's surface, a sinkhole formed as the very ground stood no chance against the sheer destructive power Lucifer possessed. Compromising the layout of the island, cracks simmered for miles leading to more debris, destruction, mayhem and further endangerment of those they were assigned to protect. Thus, these blue-dwellers assigned to protect this island and its inhabitants are left in a propelling dilemma as they must come up with a less invasive strategy that put the island at less risk but also maintaining a level of urgency as the longer Lucifer remained active, the more destruction the island would meet.

"Rejoice mongrels! You have been blessed with the opportunity to die by the graceful power of the Almighty Lucifer! Your names will likely be forgotten but you'll be remembered in spirit as one of the many who have been judged by the rightful daemon. Find solace in that you insignificant worms!" Lucifer chanted with pride and glee, daring anyone to rise and face him.

All that followed behind such a boastful speech of the mighty "God" as a soft yet growing louder chuckle from the crater. It was Arthur whose body began to crack, the bones from throughout his body were being attacked from the force he was suffering from, he simply laughed.

"Lucifer,... Lucifer...Lucifer..." Arthur repeated himself as he forced himself up to his feet, clenching his sword hilts and locked eyes with Lucifer himself. "The same Lucifer who was dethroned and serves under Kong? I'm sur-" before he continued he was forced to a knee from the sheer force pressing against him. "I'm surprised he allows you to call yourself a God still!" He yelled before being forced to another knee. Arthur knew it, the difference in one another's strength was too vast to close up, but that was not enough to silence him.

"You confirmed my suspicions of your fruit! Say what you will but you doing this only confirms my thoughts. I may not..." Arthur's eyes widened and were being turned red as he felt his blood rush to his head. The pressure he was suffering from was extreme. "I may not defeat you...but...I have this win...I managed to get show your worm..." he was then forced down and played on the ground, the force was too great for him to bear.

Kintarō jumped from his spot, gliding in the air towards Aiya, who was freely falling, catching her with open arms, midair, "That was neat, but next time name your techniques simpler and plan your landing, as he was about to do the smooth landing down, Arthur had already fallen next to him and the effect of Lucifers gravity had fallen in place. The wandering marine felt the pressure too heavy as he let go of Aiya, from his hands as his palms hit the ground. The pressure was too much for him to handle, he wasn't even able to move his neck around to see the state of other people around him. "Hey Arthur, I can give a small opening to attack, think you can do it ?" Kintarō asked the mecha human. "He has such Godly power, he could have destroyed the island in the minute he arrived here, yet he didn't, there has to be a reason why. Aiya, let us use Tactic G," Kintarō gasped for breath as he knelt, on the wet floor, sinking in from the gravity. "Kopi Kopi no Change: Hagu Hagu no Mi|", his mind recollected, as slime from his palms slowly covered the area, as he stripped away the gravity on the area, making the area around the three Marines a zero-gravity region. It was a cheap trick when faced against the monster of gravity, Lucifer himself, who would be able to grasp the situation and revert the gravitation of the area, which is why the Wandering Marine had given Arthur the signal to act in just a few seconds, in the midst of confusion.

"I have his location locked on." Arthur thought to himself as he used his Haki to keep an eye on the focus of Lucifer. "I may only get this one shot, so it'll take using those three again. I'll launch Gamma and Alpha out and attack with my regular two short swords. If the first two fail despite their speed and power, I'll use them as coverage for my next attack." he understood the plan given to him by the wandering Marine, and Arthur knew he can't waste this chance.

The moment he was freed from the gravitational power Arthur sprang up, charging at full speed! In that split second he launched two shortswords out in a blinding speed! One was covered with blue lightning and the other was covered with pure green gamma energy! They both got a monstrous boost in speed and power! Arthur then ran behind them, while he couldn't keep up with them, he was close enough to where he leapt, aiming another attack with two more blades on hand! All the strikes aimed at Lucifer!!

Back towards the ground, Aiya would make her way to her feet. “There he goes again.” She said, before returning her blade to its scabbard. “His gravitational abilities are truly troublesome, and head-on attacks won’t lead to much success. Especially with temporary tricks.” Aiya said as she turned to face Kintarō with pupilless eyes. “He’s in a position where can see all, so cutting his vision would be beneficial.” She continued as she began to conjure webs.

Just like his words, Arthur's attacks would not reach Lucifer. As prophesied by his ally below, direct assaults in this manner with such a wide distance between them would amount to nothing. How Arthur managed to escape Lucifer's cylinder of gravitational force was irrelevant, Lucifer's interest in Arthur faded the moment he left his immediate sight. In reality, Arthur did not leave some lasting impression to change Lucifer's view of him. In the eyes of the spiteful god, all mongrels are the same. Therefore, Lucifer didn't take the time to wonder how Arthur managed to circumvent his attack because he didn't even know that it was the same mongrel attacking him, but just another hopeless fool who didn't learn from the trailblazer before him.

As the myriad of attacks approached Lucifer, the god simply closed his fist allowing for the energy at his disposal to fester. While Kintarō temporarily removed the gravity in the region, Lucifer was not limited to manipulating gravitation forces but also generating. Opening his fist, a more potent version of the black orbs that terrorized the land earlier descended upon Dressrosa. The orb did not target Arthur and his blades, however, the ultra-dense gravity along with the absence of naturally occurring gravity caused by Kintarō would pull everything and anything towards, including Arthur and his attacks. Similar to the last incident, gravity attracts everything therefore Arthur would have no leverage to continue to pursue the high above Lucifer. Additionally, due to the extreme forces produced by the attack, if it managed to connect with the island, protecting the island would no longer be much of a concern for these marines as nothing would remain.

Lucifer began to direct his attention to the noteworthy combatant along the island's coast. "Seems the abyss continues to spit out troublesome pests," he noted, already believing the fate of the island was decided so long as he kept the man in question occupied.

Having being suddenly dragged towards the orb alongside the debris and other Marines, Kintarō noticed the trouble it would cause for the Scabbards as well as the future of the island if it were to land on the island floor. "It is an intense mass of gravity, I do not know what Arthur and the others are thinking, but we need to prioritize this, but we need to prioritize that satan as well.", he thought as he got a stroke of an idea on a way to neutralize the orb. "I will do what I got to do, but I must admit fighting Lucifer head-on, I will not be of much help." he continued his train of thought before launching himself towards the orb of gravity, using his Soru steps alongside Geppo as well as taking help from the extra gravitational pull, Kintarō aimed at reaching the orb before it sucked any of his Scabbard mates.

"Ninpo: Sejō no Jutsu" Kintarō murmured under the intense pull of Gravity, as he opened a red scroll he had with him, facing it towards the orb and using its own gravitational pull to get the scroll closer, the scroll managed to enclose and suck in the orb inside the scroll. "Now, can the others use this moment to unleash a counterattack, or should I make a move ?" Kintarō thought to himself, Using Geppo and Soru combination like before, Kintarō launched himself towards the sky, but unlike Arthur, Kintarō masked his movements by using the movements of Arthur and the other Scabbards as well as the response time of his own attack to hide away and rise higher and away from Lucifer, so as not to alert the self-declared Deity.

"Need to give Ninja dude a chance...which means...this is gonna hurt...a lot." Arthur thought to himself as he picked his swords up that were being pulled to the black orb earlier. "Beast Sword Style!: Dual Snake Coil" Arthur announced as he twisted and tucked his body inward, flames and lightning being released from the blade. "Release!" He yelled as he suddenly twisted his body, releasing a massive tornado made of flames and lightning that ate away at him and his surroundings as the beast of an attack both covered a large area to shield Kintaro, giving him a veil of destruction to use as a distraction. The attack shot straight up at Lucifer.

Lucifer's eyes glimpsed downward as the whirlwind of elements spiralling towards him. With his attention fixed on the blue-dweller on the boat, Lucifer simply nudged his finger to control the forces of gravity surrounding back downwards to send the attack hurdling back at the pest who sent it. "One shot, one kill..." Lucifer mumbled as he focused on building up a large concentration of gravity in his palms. Purple energy began to enshroud Lucifer as his entire vicinity became thick with the aforementioned aura.

"Son of a!" Arthur yelled as the gravitational force and his elemental attacks slammed against him! The force ripped through his clothes a dropped at his skin, his knees buckled down, clenching his teeth. His legs and knees wobbled as the pain ate away at his very being. "I can't continue for much longer. Every cell in my body, this sensation, i...i..." his eyes widened as he gripped his blades. "I won't quit..." he said, forcing himself up, his heartbeat was weak, and the blood he's lost was notably large. "I don't have much left in me, but whatever it is... I need to make sure I use it to complete this mission."

”As much as it pleases me to watch you get pummeled, I guess I need to step in.” Aiya said towards Arthur from afar. “ Hybrid Form.” She mumbled. Her body began to transform, the one by one long hairless, gold and black banded spider legs sprouted from her back. Eight in total, as they stretched out. The outer four legs shared a leg span of 6 feet, while the inner four shared a leg span of 5. Her mouth grew to a substantial size, as twin pedipalps grew from each cheek and 1 set of eyes opened above her eyes and 2 opened below. “Tsuchi, we need to keep his attention focused on us. Guerrilla tactics and projectile slashes should suffice. To make it look like there’s only one of us.” Aiya explained in the direction of her fellow spider, vanishing upon the end of her sentence.

"Fine. Anything to take down this gravity bastard," said Tsuchi as she soon took out her 8 blades, all that sparkled in the light as she grips each and every one of them. She motions her large body with her precious weapons in a matter as she is about to swing each and everyone one of them. They all prepare to glow even brighter, signalling she is preparing to unleash a strong attack. "If you want projectile attacks, then I can provide! Hattoryu: Arancaid Barrage!" shouted Tsuchi as she sent a total of 8 large sword beams that went flying toward Lucifer hoping to either hit, or at least distract him.

"Silk Sword Style: Three-Sixty Golden Band!" Aiya mumbled as she jumped out from behind a crumbled building. With golden threads in her hands, she already had her blades spinning. Loosening her grip on the threads, both blades would release a beam of their own. Soaring towards Tsuchi's 8 beams they would crash into each other as a bright light of energy began to radiate. "Lovely." She said as when the light faded, the 2 slashes had begun to co-exist with the other beams, forming an even larger beam of golden colour. "Soar spider soar." Aiya with a voice of low magnitude.

Beaming light pierced through the air and towards the almighty devil. Its magnitude was undeniable, if it were to connect it would surely damage, maybe even incapacitate the deity. However, just as every other attack directed at him, that is the question: will it reach the almighty. Despite their discussion on how gravity functions, it was clear none of them truly understood power. Similar to how planets orbit the sun, the sheer magnitude of the gravity enshrouding Lucifer complemented by the breadth the two scabbards attacks caused the beam of light to orbit around Lucifer. "Appreciate your help!" Lucifer guffawed at their failed attempt to harm him before taking off at ridiculous speeds toward the ship with that marine menace aboard. "Once he's gone, there's be no one here to stop me..." he thought, descending like a meteor with blasphemous speeds and might.

”Yo Tsuchi-chan.” Aiya said with even less flavour than usual. “Kin-san should be dropping onto Lucifer any moment, so let’s prepare ourselves to support him.” Aiya finished, turning to face the heavily injured Arthur. “Cyborg-san, take this,” Aiya said as she leaned over to place several spheres of her golden silk next to him. “It might come in handy, so use it wisely.”

Kintarō was hiding in the skies, above Lucifer. He had a knack for stealthiness, as a ninja, moreover, thanks to his teams' flashy powers, it served more as a distraction to be used for his stealth device. The Yellow Mouse waited for the Spiders to complete their combo move, and if predictions went well, Lucifer would unleash a force of gravity to disperse them in whatever manner he felt like. It was then, his turn. Having dropped a bit of slime from his borrowed Power of the Hagu Hagu, Kintarō waited for the Gravity Demon to begin his attack, in order to immediately cancel it.

“Now Tsuchi!” Aiya yelled like she had a parched throat. Utilizing her Golden Webs and Soru, Aiya would be propelled into the sky. As she climbed in height, she began to fire her thick and extremely sticky webs towards Lucifer’s direction. If she was successful, she would soon be joined by Tsuchi in finally entangling Lucifer in the webs.

To her shock, the combined attack that she projected towards Lucifer earlier, was now heading towards the webs she fired. Stripping away Lucifer’s gravity had revealed itself to be a double-edged sword. “Shit,” Aiya mumbled as she was in no place to defend herself from her own attack.

Just before the stray attack could connect on Aiya, a speeding shortsword appeared, cutting its way through the attack! From the direction the attack came from, we can see Arthur chasing to keep up with Lucifer and the rest. "How are you gonna let your own attack do you like that idiot?" Arthur asked before picking up pace and charging Forward.

Captivated by his own bravado and brilliance, it took Lucifer a moment to notice his diminished speed and faded assault. "Who dares strip me of my p-" but before he could finish his statement, webs enthralled him suddenly. No longer propelled by his own gravity, his trajectory changed with him heading towards the rubble of his own creation. "Wh-what what is this?" he tugged and struggled, confused by the resilience of the substance that captured him. Memories of his defeat against the Si Xiang and later the Wukong himself returned to Lucifer as a form of PTSD; hindering his thought processes and handicapping him in a manner.

"Right!" shouted Tsuchi as she soon shot out a large amount of spider thread that would glow in a bright purple substance as she prepares to warp it around Lucifer as well. " Venom Thread! Vice Admiral Echo help trained me into infusing my venom with my spider thread increasing its potency by increasing the range and output! This should at least weaken him more so this bastard cannot do a damn thing anymore!

Successful in her efforts, Aiya would then land on the roof of a nearby building. Deeply rooting her reef into the concrete, she would use every muscle in her upper body to pull Lucifer down to the mainland. With the help of Tsuchi, the two began to pull Lucifer down to the streets of Dressrosa at a speed reminiscent of his descent towards Shishio.

Arthur appeared overhead, directly above and in front of Lucifer, "Wild Beasts Style:" he called for the name of his technique incredibly cold. He cocked his arms back, one arm being covered and burned with lighting being emitted and the other suffering in tremendous pain as he felt Hamma energy surround his arm. "There are two things I've gained from these years of training by that drink old man..." Arthur thought to himself.

(Flashback) "Alright kid," Shishio said as he stood across a younger Arthur. "there's only one real way I can pass my Wild Beasts Sword Style, it's to literally beat it into you. So while I will hold back, every day from here on I will beat you down on a daily basis. Until you reach a sufficient level."

"I wonder how someone like you became an admiral. You don't care about what the higher-ups say, your way to go about things is simple and pretty easy to understand."

"Exactly," Shishio said as he cracked his knuckles. "Why live an overly complicated. Live how you like and give the finger to those who judge you." Shishio then walked over. "Because at the end of the day, no matter how annoying people are, you should always be yourself, if someone wants you to change, punch them in the face then find yourself, new people."

Arthur could help but smile before raising his arms in guarding position. "alright, bring it on you old drunk."

(End of Flashback)

"Hm?" Shishio muttered as he saw the position Arthur had positioned himself in. "So, you're not too good to use what this drunk taught ha huh? Alright Arthur, show me your resolve."

"Two Key things I gained from the training that drunk admiral put me through. Incredible swordsmanship...and..." Arthur paused at the constant images of Shishio constantly slamming his massive fist into his face. "A shit ton of endurance!"

Arthur buckled his knees, tensing up his legs, his glowing blue eyes grew brighter as he fixated his sight on Lucifer. "STAMP!!!" he called for the six paths techniques taught to him by Salvatore Vladimir. It's a personal creation of his, by tensions the muscles similarly to how one does use the Tekai technique, then combining Geppo and a basic understanding of Soru. Together it launches him like a missile! In a straight line, he charged, almost like a bullet he appeared in feorm fo Lucifer in the very next moment!

" Twin Rhino Cross!!!" Arthur called for his attack as his two cocked back arms slashed outward creating a massive "X" shape made out of lightning and Gamma energy!

Although Lucifer remained capable of deflecting Arthur just as he had done many times before, this battle was already lost. At times, attacking someone's mental fortitude can be more effective than throwing your strongest attacks. It's undeniable that the scabbards showed promise but their victory can be attributed to the mental trauma compiled by the Wukong Pirates. Once perceiving himself to be a God, his own self-worth had diminished tremendously over the course of the past couple of months. How does one live on after falling from grace? Monkeys, birds, kangaroos and pirates all showing him that the world does not bend to him. Surely, the scabbards will get the finishing blow but their last-second stratagem was not a display of unrivalled strength.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" Lucifer cried out as gushing blood scattered around his body. The gamma and electricity enshrouded him, heightening his deafening screech. Like an animal backed into a corner, he released a large surge of gravity to attempt to defend himself but it was all for not, one of the Wu Xing has lost.

"A Rhino of all animals, Arthur ?" Kintarō remarked in a puzzling manner. The Yellow Mouse was jumping quickly downwards as he threw a scroll on the floor, with enough speed to actually reach the ground before Lucifer could crash land. "You guys got a great moment to shine," Kintarō commented as he laughed off remembering the previous combo from his squadmates. All the kids watching this moment on their television from the comforts of their home, or the eventual roleplayers who were to read this roleplay in a couple of days, or a month later would sing praises of the form the spiders took and the heroic attack and the beatings taken by the Marine's Predator, but Kintarō knew and the people around him knew how important his small contribution was in that flashy stack created earlier. But his show was not over, yet.

Creating hand signs as he moonwalked towards the Falling Angel (yea, Lucifer, Fallen Angel, yea), Kintarō yelled, "Kopi Kopi Change-Zai Zai no Mi Once Again Ninpo: Kaijō no Jutsu", as soon as he yelled the last few words, A Giant Dragon made of the toughest wood, unleashed itself from the scroll thrown earlier, It was rushing towards Lucifer with its sharp teeth ready to pounce on the Wu Xing. Kintarō didn't like to wait it out, in a jiffy transformed his arms into wood and outstretched it to catch hold of Lucifer, his weak ounces of gravity not capable of pushing away the enlarged Wood arms.

As he grabs the Devil in his enlarged Wood palms and threw it at the Dragon ready for its next meal, Kintarō shouted, "You damn henchmen of a monkey, you aren't a Devil, you just Imitate one, and imitators don't last long," (Ah! funny that coming from you, Mr I Copy All Devil Fruits). As Dragon caught Lucifer with its mouth, its Seastone teeth, ensued Lucifer wouldn't try another of his gravity tricks anymore to escape, as Kintarō dramatically landed on the Dragons mouth with a sigh.

Aiya turned to face Kin and his large dragon constructed of wood, amazed by her partners' powers. "It's cute.." She thought to herself, as her cheeks began to radiate a bright pink shade. She would shake her head in an attempt to get her thought process together, and it was successful as she reached into her coat pocket for her Den Den Mushi. Dialling her superior officers' number, Aiya now awaits Shishio's answer.




"Hm?" Shishio answers the call. "Oi! You guys better have finished the job. I'm getting pretty bored sitting here. Ran out of sake too so...hurry the fu-" before he could answer he noticed the weak aura, the dying light from Lucifer's aura. "Shi!!! Hohoho! Finally!" Shishio then threw his Den Den Mushi away and let out a massive pool of pure, monstrous bloodlust! He drew his sword as a giant wave of black aura shot out from it! "Alright! Now the big dogs get to play!"

“7_7” Aiya held the Den Den Mushi away from her body to avoid the destruction of her eardrums. “Yes Admiral-san, we’ve defeated the gravity bastard.” She finally spoke into the Den Den Mushi, only confirming that Shishio’s reaction was necessary.

Arthur walked over toward the wooden dragon, "Welp as much as I would like to get a few more good shots in," Arthur paused looking at Lucifer's eyes, placing his two fingers against the side of Lucifer's neck. "I don't feel a pulse..." he thought to himself.

"Oi, looks like the might "God" as he called himself has died." He said after throwing the body over his shoulder. "everything in me hurts and I only got a shot in on him. Man that's lame." He thought while walking toward the rest of the group.

Kintarō patted the wood dragon in the back, as he jumped down from the Dragons head. The Dragon in response rounded around Aiya wrapping around her, with its head just near her chest, wanting a rub. "Oh my, looks like the Dragon got a liking to you, it really appreciates power," Kintarō commented laughing at his partner. "Now I need to take care of one more thing," the Wandering Marine spoke, "Kopi Kopi Change: Zushi Zushi no Mi" continued as he opened a scroll, he had used earlier. Unsealing the contents of the scroll, a previous menace emerged. The Ball of Gravity that Kintarō earlier sealed, but unlike the destructive quality it had previously shown, this time it was just a floating orb of black matter. Using his newfound gravity powers, Kintarō grabbed the floating orb which disappeared in contact with the Marine Scabbard. "Ah! that will take care of one trouble from sprouting later."

Dragon Vs Kangaroos

The Wukong Pirates continue their rampage throughout Dressrosa. The one who is mainly leading the assault, Z. Spark, is seen destroying one of the main squares of the kingdom. He has already killed off numerous members of the Dragon Storm Pirates, as their bodies can be seen nearly melted away from his potent acid. The intense use of his powers has even caused a slew of acid rain over the area which has already killed off many plants and other products and is slowly eating away at the buildings and other things. Satisfied at the damage he has caused currently, Spark continued his move into the town of Primula. Spark's tall frame looks at the peaceful town as he makes a slight smirk at the people running away from him and even the members of the Dragon Storm Pirates that are starting to fear his presence.

"The town of Primula. A place is known for "Lover's Lane" where couples meet. Hmph. How boring. I never understood these people and their "love." It doesn't matter. Just like the others, this place will fall before my acid." said Spark as he prepared to activate his powers and he noticed some of the Dragon Storm Pirates that were nervously going up to him.

"W-We're not going to let you do what you want you bastard!" said the nervous pirates.

"You guys are like giant roaches. I'm here to destroy Dressrosa. I'm not hired for pest control. Then again, I guess I'll be killing two birds with one stone by wiping you all out anyway." said Spark in a threatening tone.

"Destroy Dressrosa? Hah! That's the most absurd thing I've heard! You really do act like that Ape, you both think you can challenge the big forces and expect to come out on top!" said Ryushiki who flew in with her dragon form but quickly reverted to her humanoid form thanks to her Devil Fruit powers. She lands just a few meters in front of Spark and just in front of her crewmates.

"D-Demon Mistress!" shouted her crewmates.

"Oh? So the infamous dragon warlord herself and "queen" of this kingdom decides to show herself. At least it won't be boring now." said Spark with a small smirk.

"W-Will you need our help!?" asked the pirates.

"HELL NO! You idiots get back! You'll get in the way as I need to punish this giant rat for messing with MY kingdom! Besides, his powers are dangerous and I need to focus on getting by them! You got that?!" shouted Ryushiki as she looked back at her crewmates.

"Y-YES MA'AM!!!" shouted the pirates as they ran off.

"Now then, before I kill you, I wonder why you decide to challenge the World Government itself? You must think you got a death wish. Did that Ape of a captain really think you can take on me alone? He thinks he is too good for me?" said Ryushiki with annoyance in her voice.

"Heh. I don't need to explain Boss' methods to you. He sent me and another here to cause mayhem, and that's what we're going to do. The World Government falls soon, and there is nothing you can do about it. Besides, a dragon demon like you shouldn't worry about falling to a human now huh? Plus, I'll be even more famous for slaying a dragon." said Spark with another smirk.

"YOU INSOLENT BRAT!!! I KILL YOU FOR YOUR ARROGANCE!" shouted Ryushiki as her hand glowed violently with her dark purple, demonic energy. "Demon Impluse!" she shouted as the energy ball went right at Spark but he casually transforms into acid to dodge by it.

"You do know I am a Logia right? Projectile attacks won't work unless you can magically coat them in Haki. Even though, that move wouldn't hurt me anyway." stated Spark as he started to form a lot of acid around his feet. "Let me show you how it's done! Arechi!" shouted Spark as he sent a wave of acid toward Ryushiki.

"I already know that you rat!" shouted Ryushiki as she flew out of the way of the incoming acid which started to burn the area behind them. "I'd better get myself closer to this rat and attack him head-on. My demon powers and fire breath may not work on him as he can just reform his stupid body." she thought to herself as she took how her sword and coated it in her jet pink Haki. "I have many other ways to kill you! I'll show you why I am a Warlord of the Sea!" she started as she charged at him.

"Good. Looks like you're taking this seriously. If you didn't, you'd die a very quick and painful death." replied Spark as he took out a cutlass from his body and started to clash swords with Ryushiki. Ryushiki has more experience with the blade, but Spark's own experience is enough for him to keep up with her. Their sword strikes were intense enough to shatter nearby windows and Spark's sword will spark with his Electro as his blade kept connecting with Ryushiki's. The two would clash for nearly an hour before the two appeared to be at a standstill standing at each other. Ryushiki herself appeared to be panting heavily already.

"Damn you... You seem to... not want to... go down... I can still fight... but why the hell... am I feeling weak... all of a sudden?" said Ryushiki as she appeared to be having trouble breathing.

"Heh. So even demon dragons are vulnerable. My acid exists in two forms: liquid and gas. Since the start of our battle, I've been releasing sulfuric acid into the air and you've been slowly taking it in. You're tough as it's been over an hour, and it just starting to affect you. Normally, a usual person feels the effects within a few minutes. That proves you are strong, but I am stronger. said Spark as he started to violently spark with Electro and quickly flash steps right in front of Ryushiki.

"What?!" Ryushiki shouted as she noticed a spark right in front of her.

"Electro: Roundhouse Spark!'" shouted Spark as he roundhouses kick Ryushiki being powered with Electro which is enough to send her flying through several of the buildings destroying them. "Kangaroos like me have the strongest legs around, and with my stronger-than-usual Electro, that kick is enough to even harm your fabled "durability." Though you are still a warlord, and I expect you to come out any moment. Though, the sulfuric acid should still be eating away at you."

Ryushiki quickly jumps out of the rubble as she flies overhead just enough to look down at Spark. She has a face that is full of anger as she wipes the rubble from her body. She can definitely still fight, but deep down knows that fighting someone who has a bounty that is much higher than hers will be tough to fight against.

"Stupid rat. His Logia powers make it difficult to use my more energy-based attacks against him, and his Electro can get by my durability, but only because it's stronger than usual for some reason. Not to mention this damn sulfuric acid he's been breathing into the air is hindering my moments. I thought my attacks felt off from the beginning!" Ryushiki thought to herself.

"Are you done? Because I haven't even begun to fight seriously, and it seems like you're already about to call it quits. And you are supposed to be the "queen" of this kingdom. How boring." said Spark with a yawn.

"Oh, don't you worry! I haven't BEGUN to fight seriously myself!" shouted Ryushiki back.

"Good. Then let's continue. I want this to at least be entertaining to some degree before I kill you." said Spark with his arms crossed.

"Damn. I'm no fool to notice the destruction that is happening nearby. I cannot risk this giant rat destroying any more of my kingdom with his powers! Besides, he has more of an advantage in this tighter area where I can't even risk using the full potential of my powers without too much damn colleterial damage. I have to lure him away. Far away. Somewhere that I can fight him with an edge." thought Ryushiki as she looked around behind her and then notices the mountains off in the distance. "' There! The mountains! Not only I know them like the back of my claws, but it also gives me a field advantage to stay away from his stupid acid that can make me weaker by breathing it is. His other goal is to kill me so I am sure he will chase after me. Time to kill off that stupid ape's starfighter!" thought Ryushiki with a smirk as she started to fly off fast toward the direction of the mountains. "If you think you can kill me, then come on!" shouted Ryushiki as she was gaining distance.

Spark smirks faintly as he then suddenly took out another cigar, smokes it, and lets out a big sigh with the smoke being green from his acid powers. "So, you want me to follow you to an area that gives you an edge huh? Like I don't know what you're planning. Even still, it makes no deal to me. Spikey can handle the destruction of the town, while I meanwhile make those mountains the site of your burial." said Spark as he suddenly transformed into the vapour form of his acid and followed behind Ryushiki.

Moments later, the two would end up in the mountains with, of course, no other forms of life are found there. There could be the occasional insects and birds that fly around but, other than that, nothing. Spark's massive frame only toward Ryushiki's in her normal state by a few feet but he still found himself looking up at her, as Ryushiki was staying in flight knowing to avoid being too close to his powers. The two would glare at each other for a moment before Ryushiki broke the silence with a question.

"Why do you think you can win? Why do you think you can just do whatever you want? It's bad enough you think you can take down my kingdom, but to kill me. A dragon. A demon. A warlord! I make all of those others look like sheep! It doesn't matter if you have over a billion bounty, that doesn't mean you can win!" shouted Ryushiki as she was powering herself up.

"You ask too many questions lately. I do what I do because I was told what to. Boss makes the other, and I carry it out. Nothing more nothing less." said Spark as he took another smoke before looking serious at Ryushiki. "The death of the World Government is going to happen, and I can think of nothing better than to start with the dogs that dare call themselves pirates."

"I'll show you who is the bigger "dog" than mutt!" shouted Ryushiki as she transferred the demonic energy into her sword and, after coating it with Haki, started to rush at Spark. " Demonic Hell Slash!" she shouted as she swung her sword down at him.

Spark was able to block the attack with his cutlass, but actually is struggling a little against the attack. "Not bad. I see you're not holding back now."

"Don't be cocky! You may be a Logia, but a Mythical Zoan user like me have powers that make yours look like sheep! Now perish!" shouted Ryushiki as a burst of her conqueror's haki starts to manifest as jet black pink lightning marks as she starts to push him back more. "Heh! This is the power of a queen! The likes of you wish you could stand against it!"

"C-Conqueror's huh? Yours is...NOTHING LIKE BOSS'!!!" shouted Spark as he suddenly had a burst of electricity of his own which actually pushes Ryushiki back but she was able to keep her footing.

"The hell? Was that energy from him just now...No. It must be his Electro. There is no way someone like him could have it as well. I'd better stay focused!" thought Ryushiki to herself as she pointed her sword at Spark.

"I'm starting to grow bored again, so I think it's about time for me to step things up," said Spark as he suddenly put his arms toward the ground of the rocky, mountain surface as presses down hard against them.

"What the hell are you up to?" Ryushiki asked keeping her guard up.

"Let me give you a brief science lesson. My power is acid, acid melts. Many compare my fruit to the poison one. But my acid and poison have different effects. Poison, well, poisons and can cause those to be affected by different poisons at once. Acid doesn't do that. However, it does do one thing better than what poison can: melt. My power is corruption itself, especially since I am a Logia. My power is effectively poison and magma combined." said Spark as he suddenly started to let out a bunch of acid at once that starts to pour and seep throughout the ground starting to melt away at the very surface.

"What the..." said Ryushiki as she is looking at how Spark appears to be melting away part of the mountain itself.

"Paramecia awakening usually amounts to turning their surroundings into the substance they produce for a wider range of attacks. Logias don't have that form of awakening; however, my powers allow me to work around that to make my own kind of attack that references that. Now, Arehateta Tochi!" shouted Spark as he commanded the larger amounts of acid that he created out of parts of the mountain itself and sent that with some rocks that weren't dissolved yet flying toward Ryushiki.

"His powers are a pain!" Ryushiki roared as she took flight trying her best to avoid the acid that was flying toward her. Some of it would get on her body starting to show signs of smoke before she was able to fight it off. She then looks down at Spark with anger burning in her eyes before she finally shifted back into her real, full dragon form before preparing to launch a powerful fire breath attack. "I will just evaporate you and all of your damn acid!"

"Heh. She finally bared her fangs. Too bad what she hopes will happen, won't." said Spark who just stood there looking up at her with her arms crossed.

"BURN!" shouted Ryushiki as she let out a massive amount of fire that hit Spark directly. The intense heat from the fire breath was able to burn up all of the acids that were flowing toward her, but it had then turned into a more vapour form. Ryushiki kept her guard up, however, but still, think she was in the clear. "Hmph. I told you that you didn't stand a chance."

"Sorry. That is what I was about to say to you," said Spark through the fumes as he forms himself in his vapour form.

"What?! That should've completely vaporized you!" shouted Ryushiki.

"I really hate repeating myself, but I told you my acid exists in two forms: liquid and vapour. Had I didn't have control over that, you may have won. Of course, if I knew that, I wouldn't just sit there and let you hit me. I told you, what you try isn't good enough. And now you just let more of the dangerous sulfuric acid into the air. If you want to even try and beat me, you'll have to use Haki. Simple as that." said Spark as he casually took a smoke of his cigar even in his vapour form.

"Cheeky. Damn. Brat!" shouted Ryushiki as she then coated her whole body in Haki as her demonic energy bursts with ferocity! She then stares at Spark as he was hoving in the air preparing to go on the attack. "I didn't want to use this, but you're fucking persistent and I need to get back to my kingdom!"

"Heh. There. Was that so difficult?" said Spark with a small, cocky smirk as he still has his arms crossed. The two would stare each other down until they felt the shocks from the others going at it. Ryushiki quickly looks back in the direction of the main square of Dressrosa, despite being far away to see exactly what is going on.

"What the hell is that power?! What the fuck is going on NOW!?" shouted an angry Ryushiki as she looks back to Spark who appeared to be sporting a much more sinister smirk. This can be shown as he was bearing his fangs with it this time.

"I told you that it's not just me that is attempting to destroy this kingdom. There is another and he is quite the demon I'll admit. I'm the most threatening one here of course, but I will say one thing about his powers: They're annoying as hell to deal with. It seems like he is showing off his power, so I think it's about time I kick things forward. Can't have a newbie show me up now." said Spark as he started to raise one of his arms into the air as he started to expel his acid that started to form a large, green cloud in the sky just above them.

"LIKE HELL I'M GIVING YOU THE CHANCE!!!" shouted Ryushiki as she charged forward at Spark with such speed. But, thanks to Spark's reflexes especially being enhanced by Electro, he was able to dodge Ryushiki at the last second.

"This is only the first step. The second step, heh, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Now, Sanseiu!" shouted Spark as the acid clouds soon got thicker and thicker until it finally rained. However, it wasn't ordinary rain but acid rain and it was starting to cause the area around them to slowly wither away. Boulders become loosened by the effects started to roll down. It was a sight with the entire mountain being rained on by this power. "This is my power. Spiky's power is destruction, while mine is corruption. You're looking at the reason why I am known as "Wasteland"".

"Then, let me turn you into waste then!" shouted Ryushiki as she suddenly disappeared in a blink of an eye.

"Hm?" remarked Spark as he looked around for Ryushiki who appeared right in front of him suddenly.

"Take this, you bastard! Demonic Impact!" shouted Ryushiki as she punched Spark right into the mountain itself leaving a large crater from where he was punched into. "Hah! About damn time I landed a decent hit on you! Now you see my power, and I have plenty more to dish out! Now come out because I'm not playing whack-a-mole! Otherwise, I'll destroy this whole mountain!" taunted Ryushiki as the acid rain lands on her. It doesn't affect her as much thanks to her full-body haki that is up.

"Sorry, but I thought of that idea first. I think it's time for the second step," said Spark from inside of the crater as, suddenly, a bunch of acids started to ooze from the crater he was in. The amount of acid started to dramatically increase in quality as it soon started to pour out from different holes and sides of the mountain itself! It resembled a volcano with magma erupting from the sides. However, in this case, it is thick green acid that is starting to pour down the mountain and making its way toward the main parts of Dressrosa itself.

"DAMN YOU!!! COME OUT AND SHOW YOURSELF!!!" shouted Ryushiki as she started to fire energy blasts at parts of the mountain, but the layer of acid would block most of them with Spark finally showing himself at the top of the mountain.

"Heh. Thanks to you, I have developed a new technique: the San Funka. An eruption of acid will make whoever has the magma fruit proud. This is the power to corrupt an entire kingdom. There is no way to stop this acid flow. It will reach Dressrosa itself, slowly melting away all those that dare get in its way. This is my power, and you show know well to fear it." said Spark in a taunting manner back.

"There is a way to stop it...All I have to do is KILL you!" said Ryushiki in a threatening manner as she powers herself up again for another onslaught.

Meanwhile, the two maidens of the Scabbards are seen rushing toward the battle between Ryushiki and Z.Spark. "Guinevere! Take flight and help me up!" Elaine pleader s she drew her sword from its scabbard. "There's not much we can do but that doesn't we can't do anything!"

"I'm on it!" Guinevere nodded leapt into the air then sprouted her luna moth wings as she grabbed ahold of Elaine taking flight.

" Mizudō: Splash Strike!" Elaine announced her attack as she leapt off of Guinevere's grasp just as she was within range of Spark's attack. By reeling her sword all the way to her arched back, in a single calm, swift downward strike, releasing a fierce blue blade strike, slicing clean through it down centre giving the both of them the opening needed to reach the two battling forces. "Guinevere! Shoot me up!"

"Got it!" Guinevere replied as she swiftly flew down towards Elaine unsheathing her two swords. She crossed her swords together in the form of an X as she aimed towards Elaine shooting her up into the air. "Now!"

Elaine buckled her knees the moment her feet touched Guinevere's blades and using the added momentum of the attack and Elain's own leap she shot straight up! Quickly breaching the chaos and arrived between the two forces!

" Mizudō: Chasing Current!" by dragging her sword through the air, by using the force of her being shot up she aimed a powerful strike at Z.Spark!

Spark and Ryushiki both noticed the sudden appearance of the two scabbards as Spark himself notices the one that is charging at him quickly. He takes out his cutlass and prepares to intercept this attack by swinging his cutlass forward.

"Great. Looks like the pests started to infest their way even out here. Lovely." said Spark very sarcastically.

"So the Marines are here. And yet they send you two inexperienced brats over here instead. Damn that lazy admiral!" said Ryushiki as she can be seen gritting her teeth and anger before turning her attention back to Spark. "I've got this bastard handled! I don't need any assistance!"

"Yeah you're kingdom wouldn't agree with you there. So take the help since neither of us will retreat unless ordered by our Superior." Elaine then took the full brunt of the clash between her and spark and was sent crashing to the floor of the mountain getting the wind knocked out of her! Her eyes widened by both the pain and shock of the strength her for possess. "G-god damn..." She struggled before adjusting her stance. "I can't take a direct attack from him in any way...he's too damn strong." she thought to herself

"Elaine!" Guinevere shouted as she looked to Spark and Ryushiki watching them clash then thought to herself, "There has to be something that could weaken him. But what? Come on Guin, think, think of something!"

"Yeah and you two are doing soooo well!" said Ryushiki as she kept focusing on trying to hit Spark but he keeps quickly dodging out the way using his Electro for an added speed boost! "STAY STILL DAMN YOU!!!"

"You're fast in this state, but as you can see, I can make myself even faster like this. Of course, my natural speed is enough to keep up with you, but it's more fun to show you how fast I can get," said Spark as he suddenly started to raise his arm in the air. "These other two are just getting in the way. I'll use this technique to silence all three at once, and then get back to destroying this damn kingdom." thought Spark to himself as he started to form a bunch of acid from his arm. "Arechi - Ūmera!" shouted Spark as he started to send down a bunch of acids after being shaped into spears down at the three. The missed acids would hit the ground, but will slowly start to melt away at the spots as they rained down.

"Paethic!!!" shouted Ryushiki as she took out her sword and, after coating it with haki, started to slash away at them. "Right. I should warn you, two weaklings, that this rat is constantly letting out sulfuric acid. Apparently, it can kill regular flashbacks like you in minutes if you breathe too much of it if you stand too close to him for too long. I can at least warn you of that if you were to provide some form of help to me!" said Ryushiki as she continued to dodge/attack the spears of acid.

"So looks like we would have to focus on trying to use long-range attacks on him to prevent getting in contact with any of his acid," Guinevere replied then looked to Elaine, "I think I may have an idea of how we can assist the dragon warlord. Maybe if we're able to use our attacks in mid-air as we did before, we might have an advantage."

Elaine gripped her blade and took a defensive stance as she kept her gaze on the towering foe ahead of them. She could see it, his aura, his strength, his bloodlust, all of it. What stood in front of them was a monster rather than a simple "enemy", though she kept herself on her toes.

"Whatcha got planned then Guinevere?" She asked, looking for options to be of some use to the current circumstances they found themselves in.

"Heh. "Warn them," you say but you will find out that nothing you do will mean much in the long run. Dressrosa is done, that's is all there is to it. Under a full moon, each of you will be dead in seconds." said Spark with a very serious, stern look as he pointed his unique sword toward Ryushiki. "You know this."

Ryushiki angrily stares at Spark for constantly demeaning her. Ryushiki prides herself with her strength and is considered one of the strongest of the Warlords. However, even that tends not to compare to the second-in-command of a Yonko's crew, especially one with Spark's unique powers. "The rat thinks he's stronger than a dragon! Hah! You're good at making me laugh, I'll give you that! You're lucky I don't resort to using my true power, but I may end up killing these two brats here, and the last thing I need on me is that stupid drunk on my case." stated Ryushiki.

"Heh. A dragon that fears a mere human huh? He's just an admiral, I don't see what's so scary." said Spark in a very dry tone knowing to upset Ryushiki further.

"We should see about landing our attacks from above so at least we're both avoiding the risk of getting in contact with him," Guinevere suggested thinking through how it would pan out in her mind, "If I lifted you then dropped you down to land an attack then quickly grab you and repeat, we might have an upper hand."

"Sounds like a plan Guinevere" Elaine replied as she gripped tightly on her sword's hilt. "Let's do this then. Let's show these two just what the Marines here are capable of!"

"Right!" Guinevere nodded as she sprouted her wings then proceeded to lift Elaine into the air hoisting her up until they were airborne waiting for the right time to strike, "Tell me when to drop you!"

However, before any of that could happen, Spark then looks off in the distance toward where Lucifer was fighting at and, after hearing upon his defeat, his eyes went blank for a few moments. Afterwards, the cigar he was just casually smoking the entire time snaps in half upon his anger as he couldn't help but utter an angry growl that can easily be heard from a fair distance away. "Dammit!" was all Spark could say once he realized the situation.

"Heh. I guess those fools can actually do something for once. What are you going to do now you giant rat now that you lost one of your treasured fighters?" Ryushiki taunted him with a large, toothy smirk across her face.

"How about I stop fucking around and kill the three of you right here, right now?" Spark threatened as he then looks at Ryushiki with his pupils turning bright red which even caught the dragon empress off guard. However, before Spark could do anything else, he can then Shishio's intense bloodlust from even as far into the mountains. Spark himself is one person not to be frightened by anything anymore, and even this intense wave of bloodlust is no exception. In fact, he would often be open to a challenge, if not for the fallen of one of his comrades just now. It is often hinted that Spark takes the losses of his crewmates extra hard for some reason, and this is no different from him. With the appearance of an admiral on the prow, Spark decides to make a decision.

"Hmph. This would've been a good chance to kill off one of the Marines' top fighters, but dammit Lucifer! You had to die!? Why does everyone around me always have to die!?" Spark thought to himself angrily as he shook his head, calming himself down. His eyes then turn back to normal before he takes a deep breath before speaking out in the open. "Even still, an admiral and a Warlord at the same time alongside all of these tykes would actually be bad news for me. Boss is going to chew me out later, but it will be deserving on my part. I have no choice to back down for now." he uttered before he puts back up his sword and turns around.

"So, the damn rat is going to flee now that an admiral is on the way. What happened to the big bad Mink that isn't afraid of anything like your boss? Right. When it comes to the death of someone else, you're a total bitch right?" Ryushiki harshly taunted toward him.

"Go ahead and mock me. Like I give a damn on what the Marines' pet dragon has to say to me. I know when to fold when I have gotten a bad hand. This is war. You have to be prepared for losses. Right now, I better get myself and the other crewmates off this island before we lose anymore. I hate having to flee, but it's the best option. I got a bit too careless, and this will forever haunt me. Not like the deaths of others hasn't before in the past. You three get to live today, but there will be no tomorrow once we take down Marineford. You put a wound in us today, but it will quickly heal and we'll come back at you even stronger than before. Just you fools wait." uttered Spark as his body surged with Electro and, in a blink of an eye, disappeared on the spot.

"Hmph. That bastard is all talk and no show. Then again..." Ryushiki looks around at all of the damage called by Spark alone with his acid powers. "He did all of this without going all out? The bastard was just toying with me the entire time..."


After Shishio allowed him self to cut lose the mad admiral charged into the island of Dressrosa, quickly making his way through. Anything and everything in his way was being cleaved. The giant clouds of acid dispersed from the sheer power of his swipes, the debris blocking his path was turned to rubble. As Kong's forces ran they were cut down, one by one or by the hordes, Shishio showed no one any mercy. Even those who could fly tried to escape or fight back, were met with a bloody monster wave of conquerors haki, knocking them out in an instant only to be beheaded. Those who escaped would surly remember this, remember the image of their brothers in arms dying one by one, the image burned into their heads.

"Shiiiii! Hohoho! Where's everyone going!? What happened to this wanting to bring the war to us!? Fight me! Stab me! Kill me! Stop making this all so boring!" Shishio yelled as he saw those out of his range escaping the island, knowing full well no citizens were nearby, allowing himself to let his more primal side out. He noticed the head commander do the force, Z.Spark leaving the war zone.

"Looks like he's pretty ready to fight." Arthur said feeling the pain circulating his body. Despite the damage he's done to Lucifer, he couldn't hide the fact having both lightning and gamma energy run through his arms to the rest of his body has devastated him. "Someone should throw something for him to drink, or else he'll get cranky." He said before taking a seat and dropping his blades panting in short breaths.

A large blue bird could be seen flying towards the ship and while keeping a long distance from the rampaging admiral before landing at the docks "I'm assuming he ran out of Sake" commented Michael as he and John departes fron Aquila.

"I guess it seems that way." John says looking at the rampaging admiral as they passed.

Just a few minutes later, Guinevere and Elaine arrived at the ship with Guinevere flying in holding Elaine looking down noticing Shishio was on his rampage.

"Guessing the admiral is wrapping things up as usual," Guinevere asked in a curious tone.