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Patches is a scarecrow and lookout for the Windfall Pirates. The first mate of the crew, Kraden, brought Patches with him when he started his journey. The scarecrow gained sentience when Kraden found a mysterious blue pumpkin growing in his garden and carved it into a jack-o-lantern for the scarecrows new head. Patches then inherited the powers of the zoan devil fruit allowing him to partially or fully become a giant crow.


Patches is stick thin, wears hand-me-down clothes including a plaid jacket stuffed with hay. As Kaleigh Bolt starts upgrading Patches he is stuffed with weapons rather than hay. His head is a jack-o-lantern carved from the blue pumpkin shaped devil fruit which he gains his power from. The pumpkin has a bite taken out of it from where Cujo Durante bit in to try and gain its power, but Patches had already inherited its power. His arms are usually fixed in an out stretched position. While in his crow forms he is more active, has wings, and when his head becomes that of a crows the jack-o-lantern becomes a sort of helmet.


Not a lot can be said about his personality, he’s quiet and expressionless. He just stands in one spot for hours on end fulfilling his purpose. When he does move he is very quick and very sneaky. He is very loyal to the crew and hops around following them when on adventures. When the rest of the crew become violently ill he flew to another island to find the help of doctor, who later joined the crew, Joel Zhivago.

Powers & Abilities

He is the most perceptive members of the crew and can see things miles away on a clear day. He has an unsettling presence that makes strangers uncomfortable when near.

With his zoan abilities he has the ability to fly, and in his full zoan form he is a 6 foot tall crow strong enough to carry a couple of his crew members. Kaleigh has upgraded Patches with several weapons that are best utilized when he is transformed, such as missiles, metal talons, and a canon. This gives him power like that of a fighter jet.