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Peace Main Pirates
Peace Main Flag
Japanese Name: 平和メインの海賊
Romanized Name: Heiwa no Mein Kaizoku
English Name: Peace Main Pirates
Main Ship: The Golden Freedom
First Appearance: One Piece: Pirate Legends
Captain: {{{captain}}}
Total Bounty: 1300000 Beli

The Peace Main Pirates are a prominent Pirate Crew on the West Blue ocean. Their main function is the hunting down and destruction of pirate crews that hurt others for their own personal gain.

Jolly Roger

Their jolly roger consisits of a signature skull, with the symbol Shiro found on the Doragon Doragon tree on the side of the skull. 

Crew Members and Bounties

The Peace Main Pirates are one of the strangest crews known to man, as half of the crew are former pirates that the original crew hunted down, and made them repent. 

  • Shiro Akatsuki- Captain, and leader.
  • Morrigan Blacque- First Mate, former leader of the Zero Emperor Pirates, before being defeated by Shiro.
  • Tamaki Shino- Shipwright, Tamaki joined the crew early on after her diplomat father was killed by the Zero Emperors.
  • Ryuuga Strange- Navigator, former First Mate of the Zero Emporer Pirates.
  • Akira Blaize- Cook, former Marine Lieutenant.
  • Bruce- Musician and Pet, a talking, flying cat.
  • Asuma Claire- Archeologist and Helmswoman, former Navigator of the Blood Band Pirates.


  • Their name comes from one of the two types of pirates mentioned in the original One Piece debut in Shonen Sunday Magazine.
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