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Date Started: October 1st, 2021

Date Finished: , 2021

Setting: New World

Characters Involved:

Majin KhiFelosr231

Chapter 1: Fruit Stand

As waves crash against the shore of the island, a seagull passes by, showing how lively the breeze is today. On an island in it's port people were seen going about their day, trading and selling foreign goods. In the market a young pale faced young man walked over, cracking his neck, looking for something he could eat. His stomach growled before a single fruit, an awkwardly cubed pink peach with triangular designs all over them.

"Hm?" The young Minamoto walked over, a small trail of drool coming down the side of his lips, "that fruit looks good." He said before his stomach let out a loud growl, the sight of the fruit was overpowering him. His eyes then widened as his sense began to blare, shivers running down his back and cold sweat down his neck. "what the hell is causing this?!" he thought to himself.

Standing over the young man, was a behemoth. How the hell did this large, almost god-like being sneak up behind this small human. The world may never know! Anyways, standing taller than even the Furry Red Bastard himself at 32 feet and 4 inches, was the thought to be dead… SHICHILOH DULARI! “Hadadada dadadaaaa!” She laughed, as several of the poorly constructed buildings yell apart at just the movement of her vocal chords. “Excuse me young man, but that fruit there you’re eyeing will be eaten by me.” She spoke, much more softly than the laugh that can exploded from her throat.






At just the sight of Dulari, panic filled the entire island as if a nauseous gas. Every man, woman and child had quite literally lost their shit.

"Eh?! Back off you overgrown gorilla, this is my fruit." Minamoto replied in an annoyed and disrespectful tone with a glare to match it. "So do yourself a favor and take a few steps back."

Minamoto knew full well that the one before him was who made him feel unsafe. Her very pressence was that of a beast among monsters, that aura of an apex predator. Yet still he stood looking her in her eyes, with no hesitation in himself.

"You gonna move or am I gonna have to slice ya down?"

“Ohhhh, I have a brave one here! HA-DA-DA-DA-DAAA!” Dulari laughed, before continuing to move her large hand. Utilizing her sharp nails, she would aim to pick up the squared fruit.

Just before her hand could reach the fruit, Minamoto's sharp sense and steady hands allowed him to quickly draw his sword and guard above the gruit all without breaking eye contact.

"You didn't answer my question, I repeat, are you gonna move, or am I going to have to cut you down?"

“Shush brat.” Dulari snapped, inhaling to fill her lung with air. As she exhaled, she made an circle shape with her mouth to concentrate the air flowing from her mouth. This action would cause a powerful gust of wind to blow in the direction of Minamoto.

Minamoto's knees quickly buckled before launching himself and when he did he had swatted the fruit away from the duo. "well that's all the answer I need." He then poinfs his mighty katana at the Oni. "You die here today."

“Oi Oi, brat where do you think your taking me breakfast?!” Dulari challenged, completely ignoring the boys threat on her life. “Hand it over or I’ll have to get rough :/ .”

Minamoto quickly stepped forward, he charged at her and swung his sword directly at her neck, leaping off the floor at an extraordinary speed. The killing intent behind every move of his can be felt, tasted, smelled. Despite how young he is, the swordman had no issue with killing a stranger that stood in his way or showed him a lack of respect.

“HA-DA-DA-DAAA! That tickles!” The giant chuckled, as the sword of her adversary barely broke into the topmost layer of her Oni Skin. “Come now, shounen! You must swing harder than that!”

"Damn bitch really is a monster!" Minamoto yelled as he quickly kicked himself off of her! "Seriously, so this is gonna be my day huh?" He asked himself while a black coating covered his sword. The power and sharpness of his blade escalated to a degree beyond it was ever capable of. "Fine then, but that fruit is going home with me."

“Haki huh..” Dulari thought to herself, preparing to counter the next move her young adversary would make. “You show no fear, even against one who drawfs you in strength..?”

"I could die anyway, I could day to any foe. So why not always go out swinging? That's one of my mottos in life." Minamoto replied honestly, "Even if your strength dwarves my own..." the richness if the haki in his blade only grew the more he talked, through this demonstration alone it showed his haki was leagues beyond what most could reach.

”This fearlessness..this haki! It reminds me of the one who took my left arm…Esposito Dante!” Dante flinched, as her eyes wondered off yo the sky. She began to reminisce the tragic experience that she endured, 2 long years ago…

Chapter 2: 3 Days and 3 Nights

2 Years Ago in Albion

In the crowded ports of Southampton a pair of young men, one with a pair of unqiue eyes, one with pale skin, purple and the other a brilliant crimson red while the other had golden amber eyes with tan skin. They both stood out, especially as they were both wanted men, "Right Hand Of Death" Elio Kai and "King Of Spilled Blood" Esposito Dante Marines turned pirates, wanted for the "countless crimes" they had committed.

"Can't believe I found so many good quality swords here!" Dante exclaimed with joy looking at the scabbards in his hands. "To think I'd find three graded swords here! Kai! Look!!" He then forced the swords in his first mates face.

"You're such a sword nerd I swear." Kai complained, shaking his head in disappointment. "You only ever use two swords, at this point you buy them out if obsession."

"Aw come on Kai! You can never have too many swords! Plus this place is sos cool! It's like Wano, so many blades weapons, talented blacksmiths and craftsmen! So awesome!!"






Several bloodcurdling cries could be heard from across Albion in mere instances. What had suddenly startled the inhabitants of this legendary island, would be the question to answer.

"Awesome! I get to use my swords!" Dante cheered as he tied his newest additions to his collections to his side and waved to Kai. "Fly out and get a bird's eye view of the area. See what's causing the commotion and order what the crew should do from there. I'm gonna go have some fun." Dante's body then slowly submerged into the ground becoming much more plant like.

"How did I know?" Kai asked himself before taking off flying with his geppo. "That idiot is gonna have his hands full. This's something fierce."

”Heavenly Spear!” Dulari yelled, before cocking back her gigantic club. Her target, Albion’s top knight Musashibō, would be on the receiving end of the spear formed by Dulari thrusting her club towards to create a large spear of pressurized air. As it came into contact with Musashibō, he would be knocked unconscious and sent spiraling from his former location. “HAHAHA!” Dulari laughed, as even this countries strongest knight was no match for her strength. “How dare you feed the weak to me your highness! I need a real challenge!” She roared before grabbing the King of Albion from her right shoulder. “Take 5 my King!” She insisted, before launching the nearly incapacitated Avalon Constans flying in the same direction as his subordinate, Musashibō.

puru puru puru

puru puru puru

puru puru puru

“What is it Lernaetheus?” Dulari asked coldly.

“Esposito Dante, and Elio Kai. Two promising pirate prospects, have been spotted on the Island. Be careful Dulari..” They spoke, hanging up the Den Den Mushi with haste.


“Now what are they doing trying to startle me like that!” Dulari yelled, stuffing her Den Den Mushi back into her Kimono.

Just as she roared vines and wooden tendrils appeared from the ground, all aiming themselves at the massive Kijin standing. As they did, Dante merged from the floor, just beneath her and shot out! He aimed an upper cut at her chin!

With inhuman like reaction time, Dulari used her massive palm to swat the much smaller Dante away. ”Seishuku Enbu!” (静粛円舞 Seishuku Enbu?, literally meaning "Silent Waltz") Dulari thought to herself, immediately after turning away Dante. This technique would create several monstrous afterimages of herself to confuse the several tendrils soaring towards, as she vanish! How was it possible for a being of her stature to simply disappear, it was almost like magic. “Hahahaha! You think a few pieces of wood and grass can stop me! You are gravely mistaken!” Dulari roared, as she sat in a lotus position on top of a nearby building.

With a snap of his fingers Dante causes the tendrils to rip apart and from their stumps three more tendrils grew out if each one. Dante smirked as hen had already detected her motions and had figured out where she was headed to for lotus position.

"Kai! Make sure all civilians are out of here! When the ret arrive secure other perimeter!" Dante ordered, keeping his eyes locked down on the Kinin.

"Heh, so the idiot gots this huh? Alright." Kai said to himself and flew away to go as ordered

”Tenrai Uchiwa!” (天来団扇 Tenrai Uchiwa?, literally meaning "Heavenly Fan") Dulari groaned, as she stood up to her feet and once again cocked back her club. Upon release, a different variation of Heavenly Spear was initiated, as a large fan like stream of pressurized air soared towards the sprouting tendrils. Like a knife cutting through butter, the hoard of tendrils would all be severed. ”Tenrai Assaiki!” (天来圧砕機 Tenrai Assaiki?, literally meaning "Heavenly Grinder") She continued, twirling her large club before smashing it into the ground. Air pressure would fill the soil beneath the small town, as it soon became too much for the top soil to handle. Simultaneously, the ground would break into pieces as if the tectonic plates were moving. The town had been completed leveled, and the ground had been completely destroyed.

"Uh oh..." Kai said to himself as he saw not everyone managed to get to safety in time and saw the light of many aura's go out, their lives had come to an untimely end. "I want everyone to get away from the town. No one try to support Dante, stay away, this is a direct order." He felt it, the change that was to come.

"I see..." Dante murmured to himself as he clenched his fist, causing them to crack. The white in his eyes had been replaced with a crimson red color to it. "You're not someone I can save," he said as he grasped his sword scabbards and released four sword, creating a square of sorts surrounding them once the blades pierced the ground. "From here on, you won't be leaving this town, and you will lose within this square." His aura had changed, where Dante was happy and chipper, the destruction before him, the homes and memories destroyed, and the lives lost in her pointless display of power.

"Come at me you piece if shit beast, because you're not fighting Dante..." Suddenly a powerful wave of thick, almost choking conquerors haki was released from his body and quickly engulfed the entire town, causing the floor and debris to crack.

“Supreme King’s Spirit..” Dulari thought to herself, as the suffocating haki brought her down to a knee. She would began to smack the side of her face with incredible ferocity, as it worked to keep her conscious. “Your Haki is reminiscent of that Red Monkey I fought! Amazing, you snow-haired brat!” She yelled, as her bodily temperature began to rise rapidly, and steam began to rise from her body. Dulari had began to use her Ondochousetsu (温度調節 Ondochousetsu?, literally meaning "Temperature Control") technique! Putting a halt to the damage she inflicted on the left side of her face, she used it to instead help lift her body from the ground. “YOUR HAKI WON’T BE ENOUGH TO SAVE YOU!” She yelled before finally making it to her feet.

"Who says I'm the one that needs saving?" He asked as his snow white hair grew longer, going past his shoulders. "You're the one that pissed me off," he took a step causing the floor to shatter beneath his step and he appeared in front of her in that exact moment. "Let's play you little shit."

With Seishuku Enbu still active, a dozen of afterimages would appear around Dante, each with a club in their right hand. “Eat shit you brat!” Several voices could be heard as each of the afterimages brought their clubs down, ready to squish the smalller boy.

"Really?" He asked as he lifted his sword up, blocking each it the attacks and eventually stopping the real one's swing, bringing her force to a dead stop. "You have a lot of neat tricks, but all the tricks in the world won't win this." Then tendrils grew from his back and released a barrage of what seeming like pinecones. When one missed it drilled into the floor and let out a massive explosion!

Dulari allowed each pinecone to hit her directly, as if she wanted to test her own durability.




As the last explosion came to a finish, a large cloud of smoke enshrouded Dulari and Dante. “Cough, Cough.” The oni could be seen coughing out the remaining smoke in her lungs. As the monstrous cloud of smoke cleared, Dulari was completely coated in soot. “Well that tickled! HAHAHAHA!!!” She yelled, before flexing her muscles and sighing. This series of actions would clear off her entire body, as if she dived into the sea. She looked as if she took little to no damage from her adversaries explosive barrage, only a few scratches and bruises on the left side of her face from which she previously smacked herself.

Dante looked over with razor sharp Amber eyes, "who said that attack was meant to defeat you?" Dante asked as he felt his plan work. "Inside each one of the pinebombs were seemingly infinite spores." he thought as he felt the entire air the two were breathing filled with spores, his walls, the debris, the floor itself had spores. "I apologize to any innocent life that may be caught up in this." He then looked to see a bird that arrived in the battlefield. It's talons began to burn and release steam from the acidic properties from the spores.

Kai who was watching from distance smirked, seeing that the entire battlefield, the debris, the standing buildings, even the floor itself, radiated Dante's aura. "Since he is a plant he modified a lot of his techniques to act as himself. Meaning since they're not being "created" by him through the use of a fruit like a logia or paramecia normally would, instead they are parts of him. In other words, the concept of observation haki is thrown at the window as the spores are naturally harmful to others so they would already make some detect them as a threat but because every inch of the battlefield "is" Dante, then trying to sense his actions is pointless since you'd be stuck also detecting the air and surroundings. Not just that but the spores eat away at any living object other than plant life."

”Hādō Kenpō: Motion Fist Barrier!” Dulari yelled, as she began to channel kinetic energy through her body. This was possible from her mastery of Alkebulan’s, Motion Fist martial art. Combining Motion Fist with her Hādō Kenpō, allowed her to create massive vibrational shockwaves. Harnessing all of the kinetic energy into her fist, Dulari would thrust both of her massive fist into the destroyed island to send vibrations deep into the continent. “AAAAAAHHHHH!!” She yelled, before slapping her hands together. Pulling them apart she would open her arms to form a T with her body, repulsing all of the spores from her body. “Have fun with that!” She yelled to Dante, before using her Thousand Feet technique to climb into the air.

Soon, the remaining parts of the Island would crumble, as water began to drown the surface. “Tell me snow-haired boy! What is your name?” She yelled, before a massive tsunami appeared, hungry and ready to engulf the remains of the island.

"Fuck of," Dante replied as he slammed his hands to the floor, releasing a single basket ball sized green seed, the seed flying down and quickly absorbing the water and the nutrients of the soil. Quickly the water began to close as the seed grew into a large plant, absorbing the water and turning the ruined island into a lush plant paradise. "Strength won't win you this fight. I am Esposito Dante, the only way you can win is fighting and beating me head on."

“So be it, let’s put our parlor tricks away huh?” Dulari said, reaching for her club. She would drop it, crushing a few of the newly grown plants in the process.

"Idiot," the plant life she had destroyed released more of the spores out in the air. "My plants don't like to smashed." Then the many plants began to grow and release Sakura petals, quickly a sea of over millions of petals began to surround the young pirate. "Alright, I'll start to let you out." He said to himself as the giant sea of petals surrounded him. "Sorry, was talking to someone. Anyway," he then raised his hand and gestured for her to approach him, "let's start shall we?"

With no remorse for his plant life, Dulari would approach the cage of pink petals, suprised that they would move as she walked through, only to close as she entered. “Cute.” She complimented, as she entered her fighting stance.

3 Days and 3 Nights Later'

After seventy two continuous hours of non stop combat between the two, after completely changing the very landscape of the island leaving it from what was once a thriving small community into a waste and of utter carnage and debris. The sun had reached its peak on the final day, breaking through the clouds the sun shines down directly on the victor of the two. Blood spilled all over his upper torso and both arms, tightly gripping the sword's hilt and clutching onto his "trophy", Esposito Dante looked up to the sky while standing on debris over the defeated Kijin.

Dante cracked a smile as he finally broke his silence with a chuckle then looks down at the the cuts and stab left over him. "Looking at how deep they are and how much they sting, they'll end up as scars. Heh, I'm glad." He said before bringing his attention over to Dulari's defeated body. "You definitely were a hell of a challenge." He then sheathed his sword, jumping off the debris.

Laying on her backside, Dulari lay with each of her three remaining limbs spread out, coated in her boiling blood. The countless hours of fighting between the two had ended with her permanently scarring Dante across his chest, and the loss of her right arm. Beads of tears, blood sweat and dirt fell far from her face to grace the crumbling ground underneath her heavily damaged corpse. Despite this, the Dulari Of The Kijin was able to struggle onto her feet. “I admit this defeat, but this won’t be the last you see of me Esposito Dante!” She yelled before falling backwards into the roaring ocean.

2 Years Later


“You definitely remind of that snow-haired bastard..The one who took my left arm for his own!” Dulari yelled, gripping her empty left sleeve. Her blood began to boil out of pure frustration, as the very ground beneath her began to melt.

“What is your name boy?” She questioned, lowering her head to face the young man beneath her.

"Hm? I'm first heir of the Raikō family, Raikō Minamoto." The young man answered, trying to process the story given to him.

“I see, Mina-chan.” Dulari answered, bursting into laughter. “I would like you to join me on my journey! But only if you can survive my attack! How about it young Mina?”

Minamoto covered his sword as deeply as he could with haki. Despite his age, the sheer power coming off of his haki covered blade was truly immense, far beyond he age. "Bring it"

“TENRAI!” Dulari yelled, cocking back her ginormous Kanabō club with enough force to create a current of wind that would destroy several buildings to her right side. She began to whirl her club, creating a suctioning vacuum of air, as patches of grass and gravel began to fly through the air. ”YARI!” She roared, thrusting her club forward with a devastating magnitude, with an attempt to send Minamoto flying.

Standing his ground the young swordsman cocked his arm back and slammed his blade against the attack to come! The sheer power from the kanabo was massive! The air pressure sent forward smash and destroyed the building behind him. All except the ones directly behind his back. This is because Minamoto responded with tremendous power as well. While the power he responded with wasn't enough to cancel Darui's, it was enough to match enough power to keep himself an everything directly behind him safe.

“THIS RAW, UNTAPPED POTENTIAL ALSO REMINDS ME OF MY FIGHT WITH THAT DRAGON-BREATHED BASTARD!!! HAHAHAHHA, MY DOES IT TAKE ME BACK!!” She reminisced, before adding a slight amount of force to her attack, just to knock Minamoto onto his backside. “That damned Kokuryū..”

??? Years Earlier

Shishio took a massive swig of his twentieth mug of ale, cracking his neck and letting out a loud belch. "Phew! Man did I need that." The admiral said as he grabbed another mug and began drinking. "Alright, I think I'm set. Unless, you got any meat?"

The bartender who was sweating bullets shook his head, "n-no sir!" He then kept looking at the window, his eyes widening. "S-sir!? Should you g-go outside!?"

The admiral then replied the only way he knew how, "eh? Probably, but I'm not done drinking." He then took one last swig before crushing the mug in his hand and rising to his feet. "Alright, you best hide under something, shit is about to get wild." He then picked up his katana and walked away. "I can feel it already, this monster may have what I've been craving lately." He then kicked the door open! Walking out of the bar.

Outside all you could see was the destruction of a small town, many building in ruin or ablaze. It was the monstrous rampage brought by the Kijin, Dulari. The admiral's eyes lit up as he looked at the beast.

"Hey! Ya damn animal! Come on down and show me a good time!" He said while drawing his blade and releasing a large black aura around his sword. "Make my day!"

“And who might you be, other than an obvious drunken beast?” Dulari insulted like she had poured salt onto the open wounds of a defeated opponent. In a lotus position, Dulari uncrossed her legs and utilized her embedded Kanabō to rise up onto her feet. “No..this is not just a drunken beast!” She corrected herself, after receiving the bloodlust radiating from the man standing meters from her. “YOU ARE A BLOODLUSTY DRUNKEN BEAST!” She yelled, beginning to rotate her club, preparing to unleash an attack. ”TENNNNNNNNNNRAI YAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRIIIIIIII!!!!” Roared Dulari Of The Kijin, cocking back her club and thrusting it forward to unleash a devastating spear comprised of pressurized air.

Shishio raised his sword as a black aura enveloped it and his forearms. He could feel the pules of his own heart slightly race as he stepped forward, thrusting his blade forward, stabbing into the pressurized air straight down the, distrupting it's momentum and force, which in turn caused the attack to disperse!

"That actually had some kick to it, enough that I can recognize it. Ha! This oughta be fun!" He said before rapidly closing the distance between the two, swinging his arm downward with his intention to kill on clear display! "Let's make the most of our limited time together you damn monster!"

"Your strong and quick! The perfect combination!" Dulari roared, as she met his downards strike with a high block of her Kanabou Club. Dulari felt every intention to take her life with that strike, as she the height of their weapons fluctuated. Both Dulari and Shishio were unparalleled in strength, but had they met a match in each other. The ground undereath the two monsters couldn't withstand their incredible strength, as it began to crumble. Haki sparks began to fly from the collision of their respective weapons, neither gaining the upper hand just of yet.

"Tell me Drunken Man, what is your name?" Dulari questioned, as she giggled in excitement.

"Eh!? Does that shit even matter?" Shishio asked in an annoyed tone, "whatever, I guess. I'm Edo Shishio, swordsman and marine, one or the other don't have to do with each other, just saying." He then let a loud belch out.

"Gross! Your breath smells worse than Lernaetheus'!!" Dulari cried, as she jumped back, breaking the colliding weapons. "How does your breath smell worse than a hydra???" She questioned, beginning to plug her nose. Tears collected in eyes, as she turned away from Shishio in an attempt to rid his stench from her nostrils.

Shishio sent himself flying like a powerful rocket with a single leap! Like a ballistic firing off at much speed, Shishio landed in front of the Kijin, cocking his arm back, swinging his powerful sword at the enemy before him!

Dulari once more countered Shishio’s swing with one of her own, causing her club to collide with her adversaries blade. She decided to adjust her stance and use her height to the advantage. Dulari was now leaning further forwards, hopeful that she would finally overpower her opponent.

Shishio grit his teeth, buckling his knees before forcibly taking a step forward and pushed back the monstrous pirate in front of him! "Sorry, but you won't be winning today!" Shishio said as claws grew from his hands and scales began to cover his arms. Being highly skilled and owning his fruit for decades, the admiral can selectively add his devil fruits power to shift form but by bit. With the enhanced strength Shishio's eyes widened and he shoved the Kijin back!

Stumbling back, Dulari quickly adjusted her stance and thrusted her club into the ground. "So you've consumed a devil fruit huh? That won't help you anymore than your regular form!" Dulari yelled, as her body began to rapidly excrete steam. Through her mastery of the Mukijindō art of Ondochousetsu (温度調節 Ondochousetsu?, literally meaning "Temperature Control"), Dualri was capable of controlling her bodily temperature on a scale that can rival Cipher Pol's Life Return. Dulari would proceed to bite her tongue, resulting in a boiling stream of blood to flow from her mouth.

"Temperature Control: Sanguine Boil!"

Dulari thought as the boiling blood fountained towards Shishio, easily at 100 plus degrees fahrenheit.

Shishio then raised his left arm, using his dinosaur scales to defend against the booking blood. "Tch!" Shishio's eyes widened and he swung his right arm out with immense strength! His blade aimed at her neck! "That hurt you bitch!" His sword was leaking a huge wave of black aura making the blade all the more sharper.

Closing her mouth, Dulari ceased her downpour of boiling blood. With Shishio once more aiming for her neck, Dulari reached for the wrist of Shishio that held his blade. This not only halted his offensive maneuver, but set up Dulari’s next offensive play. Turning her back, Dulari prepared to toss shishio over her shoulder so that he fell straight on his front-side.

Shishio while being flung up swung a kick. With her being so close to him he knew this was as good time as any as his Rankyaku shit out and the air blade with little to no distance from the target was poised to slash at her face. He then felt his weight drop on the floor as he was slammed.

Dulari would stumble back, losing the wrist control she maintained during her shoulder toss. With no opportunity to avoid Shishio’s attack, her face had been slightly bruised. “Damn it, you stupid marine!” Dulari belted out. Anger polluted the body of Dulari, as she abruptly swung her Kanabō down with the idea of beating Shishio’s spine to where only fluid remained. “YOU BASTARD!” She screamed.

Shishio had shifted into his full beast form when she raised her kanabō up. When the mighty club met against his razor-sharp and incredibly durable back a mighty wave of force shot out! The floor and buildings nearby began to shake terribly.

"Oi, you bitch." Shishio said as he stood back up and pushed her club back and away from him. "there's only enough room here for one alpha!"

Ignoring the spines that protruded from his back, Dulari allowed them to barely pierce her own skin tough as metal itself. "And it will be me!" Dulari yelled out, as she was pushed back. Charging back towards Shishio, Dulari began to twirl her club in a circular motion. Tightening specific muscles located on her body, Dulari's body began to quiver. A massive amount of kinetic energy was being channeled from her vibrating body, into her club. Any normal being or weapon wouldn't be able to handle such motion-based energy, but Dulari was from ordinary. The constant spinning of her club only heightened the kinetic energy collecting in her club. "Let's see how you like this!"

"Hadō Kempō, Mōshon Kobushi: Akuma Sureiyāāchi! (波動拳法モーション拳悪魔スレイヤーアーチ literally meaning "Wave Motion Style, Motion Fist: Devil Slayer Arch!"?)

Dulari swung her club towards Shishio, aiming for the Admiral's Jurassic-sized sternum. She was prepared to completely decapitate the man and leave his body miles away from his skull. Violet purple aura coated the club, quickly morphing into the form of an Oni with large outward-curving black horns. The Oni had incredibly horns, prepared to rip through flesh, bone and metal.

Shishio'*eyes widened as the image of such a monstrous figure appeared before him. Unable to dodge because of just how close the two were, the admiral had no choice but to take the full brunt of the attack being slammed into him! It had the sent the the raging beast flying and crashing, destroying everything in his way.

"You little bitch." Shishio sad as he brought himself back to his feet, feeling the pain roar and vibrate so through his body, a large puddle of blood was spat out, his vision became crossed for a few seconds as he regained his composure.

"Alright," Shishio then dropped his full beast form, turning himself into his hybrid form, wielding his blade and tighter his grip over it as he placed it in his scabbard. He then buckled his legs before firing himself out like a canon, closing the distance between them.

Wild Beast Style: Dragon Fang!

He roared outloud, drawing his blade from it's scabbard with intense speed and power, cracking the very wind with his immense power. His blade drowning in the midnight black coating of Busoshoku Haki and the black aura the blade emits, increasing it's cutting power, sharpening it, the aura turned the blade into a true master piece of destruction.

His attack aimed directly at the massive Kijin before him, looking to bring the beast down here and now.

Dulari’s eyes popped out of her head like everyone when luffy(ah shit my bad, breaking the fourth and spoilers LMAOOOO.) Anyways, Dulari’s eyes pulsated from their sockets as the blade met Dulari’s iron like skin. The blade unlike any normal swordsmen, broke into the nearly impenetrable skin of Dulari. She winched in pain as the blade caused molten-like blood to spray onto the sword and Shishio’s face as if it were some type of acid or magma. Dulari would use her left hand to obtain a grip on the man’s leg, pulling him upwards and tossing him from his her skull which left a small inch indent in her tough skin. Just how powerful was the Kijin’s skin, as no bone was visible after suffering such a powerful strike.

“Only a select few have ever made me bleed this this much! I like you swordsmen, you’re truly a worthy adversary!” Dulari howled out, before utilizing her Hadō Kempō (波動拳法 Hadō Kempō?, literally meaning "Wave Motion Style") technique in order to vibrate the platelets in her blood to promote her head injury to clot. Minor sizzling occurred as the wound sealed, but Dulari knew that it was inevitable to patch all of her wounds when fighting a monster like man who was rotating in midair was.