Perga D. Luke is a young boy looking to be the next king of the pirates. With nothing but the clothes on his back, his Blackglove given by his parents, and his dream to become the pirate king nothing will stop him. currently he is the pirate captain of the Blackglove Pirates. he has eaten the Tetsu Tesu No Mi thus he has become a man of iron. Currently his pirate crew only consist of 3 members.

Devil Fruit

Luke ate the Tetsu Tetsu No Mi (Iron Iron Fruit)which makes him a man of iron. he has the ability to transform any part of his body into iron which makes him resistant to heat,blunt attacks, and stabbing.

Crew members

currently he only has a crew of three including himself and has no ship as of yet.

Captain: Perga D. Luke

Navigator: Sara

Doctor: Keith