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Perun D. Krakow is the founder and captain of the Na Zdrowie Pirates.


Krakow is a person with semi-dark blonde hair, tall in stature and has a bit of a muscular built. His clothing consists of a typical pirate captains attire, including a waistcoat, breeches, a tri-cornered hat with feathers, and a pirate coat with a cape attached with it.


Because of his upbringing, Krakow has depression issues. Krakow would also be the type of person to hold onto grudges for years against people who mistreated him. He has distain against his former homeland, former teachers, former classmates, and parents who he cut ties with years ago. He still cares deeply for his crew and never takes his problems out on them, although he does shun the out when he wants to be left alone. He also likes asking people who are outcasts to join his crew because he has more trust in people like that than others.

He is however naïve and oblivious at times when approaching people about joining his crew, like how Nikola T. Slava thought Krakow was asking him out on a date when Krakow said he wanted to "be with him". Krakow is also a huge animal lover since he views animals like cats and dogs as kind creatures who never mistreated him in his life. Despite his issues, he still treats others with respect and wouldn't treat somebody badly for no reason. Krakow hates boredom and has a lack of seriousness most of the time because of the result of never having a happy life, and not caring in many situations.

He usually becomes serious when he just needs to get or do something so he can get back to the ship as quickly as possible, although he would get serious in times of unfavorable situations like being chased by the marines. Because of his depression issues, there would be times that he would need to lie in bed for an unspecified amount of time before being able to do anything else. He would go without eating or bathing while in these bedridden states he gets into. He is however a kind person despite his depressed personality, and would help others if asked.

People usually see him as a guy who has everything going for him because of his kind attitude, however there would be times his sadness comes out, usually in the form of rage when someone is mistreating him. He would snap at others during these moments of rage but will turn it back and apologize for snapping at them. There would be times people can see his misery if he doesn't have the energy to hide it, but he would still try his best not to take his anger and sadness out on others (especially his crew).

Abilities and Powers

Devil Fruit

Krakow ate the Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Latawiec, also known as the Bird Bird fruit, Model: Latawiec. This is a mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit which grants him the power to turn into a Latawiec, a crow-like demon from Slavic Mythology. His Latawiec form consists of a ten foot tall crow-like creature, he mainly transforms into his hybrid form which allows him to posses his arms and gives him sharp talons on his hands and feet, he also possesses wings which act as their own appendages. The main ability of this fruit is that it gives him the power to manipulate air, allowing him to create powerful winds and twisters.


Busoshoku Haki

Krakow is proficient in Busoshoku Haki. He uses this against logia devil fruit users, in which he hardens his hands, feet, claws, and katana in battle against them. He also is known to use this technique against stronger opponents for an advantage against them.

Kenbunshoku Haki

Krakow has a great grasp in Kenbunshoku Haki. Especially when sensing powerful enemies and allies, and when to sense emotions to see how that person is truly feeling (especially since he has trouble reading facial expressions due to his autism). He also uses this ability for precognitive purposes when he's fighting enemies in order to dodge their next attacks, but can only use this ability when he's super focused.


Krakow has a great grasp in six of the Rokushiki techniques. This includes; Geppo, Tekkai, Shigan, Rankyaku, Soru, and Kami-e.

Tools and Weapons

Krakow's weapon of choice was a Katana that was given to him by his old boss and mentor Adamantine D. Heracles. However, he would pass this weapon onto Lily V. Nazeli as a sign of friendship, since she rejected his devil fruit offer but still wanted to give her something to show her that she could trust him. So he decided to offer his old mentor's katana to her, she was told that it was his deceased mentor's weapon and asked if his mentor would've approved of her taking it or not. Krakow said that his old mentor would've most likely been fine with it and would've doubted he would've been upset about this. Nazeli accepted the katana and thanked Krakow for it, saying she will treat it with respect to honor his deceased mentor.

Krakow received another katana after Abeer Rashieka joined the crew and crafted his own personal katana with a blue colored blade, he then used this weapon in battles whenever he's on foot or uses it while in the air while using his devil fruit ability.


Krakow was born on the island of Imperium, the island was home to three tribes; the Polakóws, the Niemcóws, and the Ukraińcys, the Niemcóws controlled most of the island under the Niemców Nationalist Kingdom. Krakow belonged to the Polaków tribe, and his family lived in a town with a huge Polaków population, although it was still part of the Niemców Nationalist Kingdom. One day his parents were in a panic and told Krakow to get dressed, and they were ready to head out the door.

His mother told him that they had to leave their house forever, he was upset but did was he was told after seeing his mother stressed from the situation. Krakow asked if they should pack but she told him that they couldn't take their things with them, when his family left, Krakow noticed other people were leaving their homes as well and Niemców Nationalist soldiers holding guns ordering people to leave. His aunt, uncle, and cousin lived next door and his uncle refused to leave, A Niemców Nationalist soldier shot both him and his aunt in the head, and was about to shoot his cousin but another solider wanted to see if "he could make it".

Krakow's family took Krakow's cousin and they all walked for hours with his cousin crying hysterically along the way. Krakow didn't understand what was going on, he just kept walking for what felt like eternity, he eventually got tired of walking until his mother picked him up and started carrying him. While on her back he noticed more dead bodies of people on the roads, he then closed his eyes to prevent seeing any more until they got to their new home (which took another day to get there).

His family finally arrived into an area the Niemców Nationalist soldiers wanted them to go, it was on a different part of the island near where the Ukraińcys were living, Krakow, his family, and his cousin lived all lived together in that area for the next two years. While growing up he also saw neighbors and some family members being taken away by Niemców soldiers and never saw them again since. His parents always told him to never talk bad about the Niemców soldiers and was never allowed to go outside after dark for reasons he obviously knew.

The Ukraińcys also would treat them badly and remembered seeing a group of Ukraińcys gathering axes, hatchets, pitchforks, knives, sickles, scythes, and various other farm equipment for some reason. One night his parents were talking to their neighbors who were Ukraińcys, he didn't hear what they were talking about but he could tell they were incredibly stressed because of it. That night Krakow, his cousin, and his parents had to live in their Ukraińcy neighbors attic for several weeks and didn't knew why.

During that time Krakow heard people screaming and was curious to what was going on outside, he took a peak out the window to see what was going on and got a glimpse of a couple Ukraińcys chasing a Polaków family with the weapons he remembered them gathering. Krakow's mother tore him away from the window and scolded him for it, saying to never go near the window. One night, Krakow's cousin was angry because he was tired of staying in the attic all the time, Krakow's parents apologized for it but told him that they had no other choice.

Krakow's cousin decided to sneak out of the attic that night while everyone was asleep and went outside, being oblivious to what's going on outside. Krakow's family noticed he was gone the next morning and was looking around the attic for him, despite being told not to, Krakow looked out the window to see his cousin's mutilated corpse out on the streets. Krakow's mother ripped him away from the window and scolded him for doing something she told him not to do.

Krakow was in shock, he then told his mother to look out on the streets, Krakow's mother rejected it but Krakow insisted, she then looked outside to see the horror that was on the streets. Krakow's mother cried hysterically, Krakow's father covered her face with a blanket to drown out the noise, Krakow's father looked out the window to see what she was crying about. His father's face turned pale as a look of despair was in his eyes, the next few weeks were unbearable, as the stress and grief was getting to them.

Krakow didn't even talk to his parents majority of the time while in the attic, this is where is depression began to originate, not knowing that he'd be feeling like this for a long time. Several more weeks passed until their Ukraińcy neighbors talked to Krakow's parents once again and finally left the attic and were taken away in a cart while Krakow and his family was under a blanket in the back. They got to the docks and boarded a ship and said goodbye to their neighbors and thanked them for their help.

Krakow's family boarded the ship and landed in the kingdom of Alabasta, Krakow's father lived in Alabasta for a few years as an exchange student when he was a kid, and knew a guy who could possibly help them. His family met the guy and his family, and he had a son by the name of Mag R. Falcon, Krakow's father asked if there were any places they could stay until they got back on their feet. Krakow's father's friend said that they could live in with them, until the time came, which Krakow's family graciously accepted.

Krakow then lived with Mag R. Falcon's family for the next year until they finally had enough to get their own place. A year after that Falcon's parents both died from a fatal disease, this made Krakow's family adopt him and making him apart of the family, Falcon became Krakow's best and only friend while growing up. Krakow's life when he was on the island was miserable, and although Alabasta wasn't terrible to live in, Krakow's life was still not that great.

His parents loved him but his father would drink and would be hostile and would have to deal with his drinking on multiple occasions, and his mother being the type of person to not handle stress well, which caused her to yell at her son for the pettiest of things. Krakow would develop mental anguish from the result of his parents becoming incredibly overbearing, this made him view his family as a burden more than anything else. His school years were not the best either, as he is on the Autism spectrum and would be bullied by the other kids, this would cause Krakow to lash out at other students because of this, causing him to get in trouble with both the teachers and his parents.

Although Krakow did inform the teachers and his parents about him being bullied in school, the teachers would do basically nothing to stop it, his parents wouldn't do anything other than giving him a lecture about being tough or life. Because of the result of nothing being accomplished, and from getting irritating and useless speeches from his parents, Krakow decided not to inform teachers or parents about his problems at school, as it would only make the situation worse. This would be a psychological damaging this to Krakow as the years of the same old song and dance would continue throughout the years.

Mag R. Falcon was the only person in his life at that time who didn't make him stressed or miserable. One day tragedy struck when Krakow and Falcon were taking a walk and were talking to each other about their futures, Krakow talked about how he wanted to be a pirate captain and he offered Falcon to join his pirate crew when he eventually makes one. Falcon declined because he wanted to be an actor and didn't feel like being a fugitive, Krakow was disappointed but accepted Falcon's decision.

During their walk a coconut fell from a tree and hit Falcon on the head, this caused Falcon to fall into a coma, which devastated Krakow and his family. Krakow hoped Falcon would wake up from his coma soon, but it would be many years until he would finally regain consciousness. Krakow developed depression because of both the bullying and his step-brother being in a coma, this caused his grades to drop, causing his parents to yell at him.

Krakow eventually developed a hatred for his parents for caring more about his poor grades then being bullied or his poor mental health. His mother yelling at him for the most trivial of problems only exacerbated Krakow's hatred. Krakow tried finding a romantic partner to be happy with, however the people he asked just wanted to just be friends or would cheat on him, this resulted in himself being seen as a flawed person from then on.

As soon as Krakow graduated from school, he left a note informing his parents of his resentment towards them and told them that he decided to cut ties with them, Krakow then left and eventually ended up on Drum island. During his stay on Drum Island, Krakow found work at a weapons merchant, the job paid great and it was also a home that gave him a place to stay. The owner was Adamantine D. Heracles, a former vice admiral who retired many years ago, and is now running his own store.

Although despite having graduated high school, his mental state was still in poor condition, he also lacked motivation and didn't have any plans for the future. He also understood that he lived in a small area and didn't have many options when it comes to relationships, and he didn't have the money to move anywhere bigger. Krakow got depressed and thought about the length it would take to finally get out into the world, he hasn't been happy in years and he assumed that life was gonna be a whole lot better after he graduated but it seems to only get slightly better.

Krakow spent most of his nights crying because he didn't know if things would ever get better, one day he went downstairs and got a glass of water while still in tears. Heracles walked downstairs to discover Krakow sobbing, Krakow noticed Heracles and tried his best to cover his tears, but there was no way he could hide it at this point. Heracles then sat Krakow down and asked him what was troubling him, Krakow then talked about his life and told him about the struggles, persecution he went through because of his ethnic background, and lack of friends in his life, Heracles completely understood Krakow's point of view.

Heracles told Krakow that someone like him has a lot of potential and that he has so much to give to the world. Krakow doubted this, Heracles then told Krakow that he would like to both train him in hand to hand combat (including how to use both Rokushiki and Haki) and how to fight with a katana. Krakow wasn't sure about this but Heracles assured him that learning how to fight would do wonders for him both physically and mentally.

Krakow accepted and started his training with Heracles, they began training three times a week after work. During this time, Krakow would also visit the library several times a week to learn about ships, devil fruits, and keep up to date with what was going on in the world. Krakow even had intellectual conversations with Heracles, including talks about the world government, pirates, the Yonkos, the seven Shichibukai, and many other things.

Krakow had the belief that pirates were bad and that they should be taken down, however Heracles told Krakow that the Navy doesn't always do good. He also declared that the Navy, along with the rest of the world government was just a puppet of the celestial dragons, people who would kill children for just standing in front of them. Krakow then asked who were the true good guys, Heracles told him that it's an incredibly gray area and that the only way to answer that is to find them yourself.

Krakow then took some time to think his life over, he wanted more people to call his friends and to have great memories with since he barely has any of his own. He thought to himself about becoming a pirate captain himself and seeing the world with people he could call actual friends. He also likes the idea of gaining huge amounts of treasure and wouldn't have to work a normal boring job, so he made up his mind and decided to become a pirate captain when the time came.

Krakow spent a total of seven years on the island, during that time he noticed Heracles getting sicker and sicker as time went on, Krakow asked Heracles if he was alright but Heracles kept telling him that it was nothing. Eventually Heracles sat Krakow down and told him the truth, Heracles informed Krakow that he's been diagnosed with cancer and doesn't have much time left. He told Krakow that he had a mythical devil fruit ability that allowed him to turn into a Latawiec, which gave him the power to control the air.

Heracles told Krakow that he's going to keep fruit around the house so that his ability would transfer somewhere close, he requested that when he dies, he would like Krakow to be the next person to gain his devil fruit ability. Krakow was unsure by this but after some convincing from Heracles, Krakow decided to take him up on that offer when the time comes. Heracles also asked Krakow if he had any plans after he died, Krakow told Heracles that he was thinking about being a pirate captain.

Heracles then told Krakow that when that happens, that he'll inherit the business/house so that Krakow could sell the business/house and collect the money he'd get from it, along with his life insurance money so that he could afford a ship. He also told Krakow that he would like for him to have his katana that he used during his days as a vice admiral, and that he was also going to get a list of locations of multiple devil fruits he collected throughout the years. He told Krakow to give those devil fruits to people he felt are trustworthy for his crew, Krakow was gracious for all of this but was upset knowing Heracles wasn't going to be around for very long.

Heracles told Krakow that he will be fine and will meet so many incredible people when his journey begins, Heracles then talked to Krakow about his own troubled past, he told Krakow that he was one of the best vice admirals and that he gave so much during his time in the Navy. Although one day that changed when he asked his pregnant wife and child to come to a festival with him, thinking it would be fun for the three of them. However at one point while Heracles went to the bathroom, his wife and child were oblivious to the people bowing around them as a celestial dragon walked by, by the time they noticed it was too late, the celestial dragon shot both of them walking in front of them.

When Heracles found out, he was enraged and was about to murder the celestial dragon but was held back by several other vice admirals who happened to be there as well. Heracles pleaded for the Navy to seek justice for his family being murdered, but was told that the world nobles have a right to kill anyone they get into contact with for any reason. Heracles felt betrayed by the system he gave so much for, he then retired and wanted to kill himself, however he knew his wife would've never wanted him to do that, so he kept living despite how he felt.

So he then decided to open up a weapons shop near the docks on drum island, thinking this would bring something meaningful to him. When Krakow came into his life, things got better and had someone great to spend the rest of his time with, Heracles informed Krakow that he was grateful for his company and that he made these last years incredible to him. He gave Krakow a note with a number on it and told Krakow that it was his lawyer and that he should call him when the time comes so he can give him all of the things Heracles will pass down to Krakow.

Several months passed and everything was going fine until one day Krakow didn't hear Heracles getting ready, Krakow went to check on Heracles and saw he was laying motionless in bed. Krakow asked if he was okay, but then noticed a bowl of fruit with a certain fruit that looked odd and looked different from the rest of the fruit. Krakow then realized it was a devil fruit and panicked, Krakow tried CPR on Heracles for what felt like hours to no avail, Krakow then gave up and called paramedics.

Krakow was in an enormous amount of grief, he then called Heracles lawyer then met with him to give Krakow his mentor's inheritance, including his money, katana, and the list of devil fruit locations. A week later he attended Heracles funeral and thanked him for everything he's done for him. Krakow then took a bite off the the devil fruit and gained the abilities of his deceased mentor's Devil Fruit power, the Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Latawiec.

He then decided to throw the now powerless devil fruit in the grave with his deceased mentor as a way of honoring him. Krakow then put up the place he was living and working at for sale, found a buyer, and collected them money he got from it. Krakow then decided to buy a boat that was not very big but wasn't too small neither, but decided to buy a bigger one when the time came.

Krakow then set off to become a pirate captain while tears rolled down his eyes as he sailed away from the island he spent so much time on, and memories he had with his mentor. While on the search for his first crew member, Krakow decided that because of the result of him being a lonely child for a long period of time, he decided to create a crew where everyone was an outcast in some way, shape, or form, and that them coming together would be a wonderful celebration. So he set off to form his own crew called the "Na Zdrowie Pirates", and with them he aimed to explore the world and maybe even become king of the pirates.

He began to multiple devil fruits, the first one being the Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Bukavac, which he would eventually give to his first mate Nikola T. Slava.


  • If set in the real world, he would be from Poland.
  • His favorite color is green.
  • His favorite food is pizza.
  • His best friend is Nikola T. Slava.
  • His step-brother is Mag R. Falcon.
  • Krakow (being from Poland if set in the real world) and Falcon (being from Hungary if set in the real world) being stepbrothers is a reference to the Pole and Hungarian brothers be which is a saying about traditional kinship, brotherhood, and camaraderie between the Poles and Hungarians. Poles and Hungarians have been known to be very close to one another for centuries and view each other as both friends and brothers.
  • Despite working many years at a weapons merchant, Krakow isn't a weapons expert, which is why he has Marley A. Queen, Abeer Rashieka, Asmir, and Torres Cocoa in his crew.
  • He is considered an outcast due to him never having any friend.