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"White-Haired" Pinocchio, commonly known as "White Hair" but often referred to as "Chio", is the founder and captain of the White Hair Pirates. Following the Sins of the Father roleplay, he dreams of being the freest man at sea after uncovering the truth of his birth.

Created over a decade ago by Marine Scientist Rosa, Pinocchio was successfully developed by infusing the Hito Hito no Mi into an automata. Regarding him as her magnum opus, he has undergone many updates and evolved considerably throughout the years, enabling him to seem entirely human. Labeled as a Living Weapon, Napoleon looked to exploit him, forcing him to serve in the Marine Secret Special Unit SWORD.

Operating undercover as a member of the Undead Pirates, he served the Shichibukai Himawari diligently for years. But as part of her untimely demise, he faced Musashi where he developed free will. Ignoring his orders, he pursued his desires and set out to the seas. A product of proprietary experimentation, he was considered one super rookies known as the Inglorious Bastards and was assigned a bounty of Bsymbol.gif220,500,000.

Pinocchio serves as the author's primary protagonist in the storyline.




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