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Playful Match of Fire and Metal
Date Started: April3rd, 2022

Date Finished: th, 2022

Setting: New World Eterna

Notable Characters Involved:

Synopsis: Another peaceful day passes in the kingdom of Eterna; but when two siblings of Esposito Dante and Luc E. Feuer decide to spar against one another to see whose gotten stronger, things begin to heat up, quite literally.


Friendly Fire

On the island of Eterna, all was peaceful and serene. The sky was a clear blue decorated with various clouds and radiant sunshine with most of the children either playing with each other or training. Celeste, Hatsumi, Lia and Amidala were in the flower garden giggling and smiling as they were making flower crowns for one another while Gioia and Florentia were sparring with one another.

Meanwhile not too far from where the girls were making flower crowns, one of the daughters of Dante and Feuer, Esposito Oriana was busy training as she was surrounded by an assortment of various metals from swords, guns, and various scrap metal as she used her powers to attract them towards her shaping them in the shape of a giant arm much to her satisfaction before shooting it towards the target that was a couple of feet away from her. Seeing it hit the target, Oriana smirked to herself seeing how well she was getting at her training.

“Seems you’re getting better with your powers,” a voice remarked.

Oriana looked up then turned around noticing her dual-colored older brother Esposito Fiero watching her.

"I'm glad to see my little sis has been getting so good at controlling her devil fruit, it appears baby brother Gio really is good at teaching others."

“So you’ve been watching brother,” Oriana asked with a smirk.

“Let’s just say I’ve been observing your progress,” Fiero answered in a blunt tone. "But then again, anyone can do something as simple as that little sis." He then walked over to the other girls and picked up Hatsumi, "hey there baby sister."

"Hiiiii," Hatsumi giggled as she hugged her older brother smiling brightly.

Fiero couldn't help but let out a happy grin as he felt his small sister's embrace. "Worry big brother has been too busy to visit as much as he'd like. I am glad to see you fit in so well with the family my little Hatsu." Fiero happily said, referencing his baby sister's Kijin heritage. He was worried that not just being a Kijin but also not a sibling by blood may have affected Hatsumi negatively but in truth he could see how quickly she warmed up to the rest and vice versa.

"Not just that, but big brother getting hurt and I don't ever see you again," Hatsumi replied with a pout on her face.

"Haaa" Fiero let out a small and soft sigh before looking at his little sisters pout, "I promise I'll be okay, I'll always comeback to the family sister." He then smiled and patted her head, "that adorable little pout makes you look just like mama and papa."

"Pinky promise big brother," Hatsumi asked as she presented her tiny pinky finger to Fiero looking up at him with large blue eyes.

"Pinky promise." Fiero replied as he hooked his pinky on to hers, giggling.

"Yaaaaaaay," Hatsumi cheered as she giggling before snuggling Fiero.

"Hey little sis," Oriana warmly smiled as she approached her then ruffled her hair a bit causing the tiny Kijin to giggle.

"Hi big sister!" Hatsumi brightly smiled then hugged her as the two sister embraced one another.

Fiero smiles as he ruffles Hatsumi's head, "Hey baby sis, mind leaving me and Ori alone? We need to talk about pirate stuff, so go play with the other girls, okay?"

"Kay!" Hatsumi happily nodded as she scurried away giggling while Oriana watched Hatsumi leave with a small giggle.

"So cute," Oriana giggled then turned her attention to Fiero, "so what's up?"

Fiero looked over and smiled, "you and I need to spar. You've got a devil fruit straight from papa's safer need to make sure you've been training it carefully." A blue flame ignited on his hand, "you ready?"

Oriana smirked as she drew in a few metal objects her way forming into a large arm. "You don't need to ask me twice," Oriana brightly smiled getting into her stance, "bring it!"

"Ho?" Fiero opened his palm and released a wave of intense blue flames! Instantly the room the two were in was heating up! The air grew thicker and harder to breathe. "Show me whatcha got then."

"Heh, think that'll stop me?!" Oriana cried out as she charged at him lunging her fist back ready to land a punch towards his face!

Fiero adjusted his stance, bracing himself for the coming attack, crossing his arms in front of himself as he felt the full force of the attack! Slammed against his arms and pushing himself a step back.

"That it is?" The knightly Esposito asked as he pushed his little sister back! "Rex wasn't kidding when he said ya can throw a mean one. I see Gio's training hasn't been wasted on ya."

"Heh, you catch on quick," Oriana smirked as she switched gears with both her arms coated in metal items in the shape of an arm, "but it won't help you in the long run!" Oriana charged in ready to slam a double punch towards Fiero!