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Age 576
Birth name Praygar Barriot Martir
Also known as The cuddliest monster in the world
Birth Date 980 AOS
Height  ???
Weight  ???
Origin Lifeless Blue
Gender  ???
Occupation(s) Monster
Affiliation Straw Hat Pirates (Honorary Member)
Love None
Devil Fruit

A monster on the Lifeless Blue who has mastered human language after reading many books


Initially, Praygar Barriot Martir. He aided the Straw Hats to escape the Lifeless Blue by offering himself as transport. Since his name was too hard to say, Luffy called him Poronga. It was then that he had a huge battle with another monster of the area whom he killed. After the escape, Poronga went back to reading books and is currently waiting for the Straw Hats to return to have another great adventure with them.


He seems to be very friendly but has little tolerance to lies. This is due to the fact that among the books he has read is the one of Norland Cricket. He became good friends with the Straw Hats, especially Chopper whom he believed is actually a fairy because of his naiveness. He seems to like Luffy's straw hat making them have a bond instantly.

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