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Pungent Clouds
Date Started: July 31st, 2020

Date Finished: August 10th, 2020

Setting: White-White Sea;

Characters Involved:

Synopsis: Prodigious pirate Z. Spark ventures to the White-Sea in search of one of the Four Emperors, Donk E. Kong. In an unexpected turn of events, Wukong offers Spark a prominent position in his crew after the young pirate secured a victory against one of crew's top combatants. After a brief confrontation, Wukong notes the mink has much too learn before he could challenge him again.


Darwin's Game

A little over a decade ago, one man started an era of piracy that changed the course of the world. In his footsteps another hopes to surpass him. Upon finalizing his alliance with Elbaf, the newly declared Pirate Emperor, Wukong, has begun to conquer the white-seas. With the absence of World Government, Wukong has seized dozens of islands with little resistance, turning the skies into a pirate paradise. Many have sought to the skies to explore to places that even the Pirate King has yet to visit. However, adventure only welcomes the strong. In order to chart the white waters, one must prove themselves, if not they must join the Monkey Tyrant and operate and serve under his banner.

"What can I say, you bet against Wukong, you better get ready to lose son Hoohoohaahaah!" the Pirate Emperor laughed as he grabbed the winnings from pool. 1235 to 4 odds, and yet Wukong put up a million on the young mink. "What can I say, I can see winner from a mile away~saru!" The titanic beast walked over to the young roo who stood above his previous subordinate, White Tiger. "Seems like his age finally caught up to him; care to claim his spot~saru." What Wukong was proposing wasn't something trivial, the Si Xiang are the Wukong Pirates most elite fighters, the strongest below Wukong. Pirates from across the seas have ventured to the sky for the sole reason to compete and reach such a point.

The young Mink simply stares up at the one that is much larger in size without a shread of fear in his eyes. This mink was wearing pretty tough gear that would remind you of a biker. He is wearing a rather sleek leather jacket, jeans, shades, and even his hair is pretty long and spikes down at the back. He was even smoking a small cigarette showing he is in his more "tougher guy" phase.

"Sorry gramps but my chances of winning are pretty damn high I'll have to say. This will be boring but I'm sure I can find some fun out of this. I ain't some rookie so feel free to try your best. Of course it'll not be good enough but I need some fun out of this." said Spark who had a pretty confident smirk on his face.

Wukong's eyes fluttered as Spark's sudden response had nothing to do with the question he asked but also, the young stallion appeared to be fearlessly challenging the Pirate Emperor. "Hoohoohaahaa!" Wukong laughed in return. Despite welcoming any challenge whether it be from ally, foe or unknown, Wukong didn't receive many opponents anymore; his reputation has a habit of intimidating even the most decorated combatants. As such, especially after watching the fight between his former subordinate and this kangaroo fellow, he knew this kid has seen nothing but victory throughout his life, reminiscent to the emperor himself during his youth.

"Oi, did you just challenge me~saru?" his deep voice captivating the attention of all those nearby. Was it an emperor's duty to teach a punk little kid what real power is, probably not. But was Wukong going to give him that lesson anyways, most certainly. Thus he offered the fearless mink a proposition. "How about this, you win and I not only give you this bag of riches." well over Bsymbol.gif100,000,000. "But I'll even forfeit my title and work under you. How's that sound~saru?"

Spark suddenly look a bit serious and adjusted his shades down sightly revealing part of his light green eyes.

"That's quite the air of confidence. Then again, consider your position, I don't blame you. Although..." said Spark as he puts back up his shades and breathes out puff of smoke before smirking.

"I'm always up for a non-boring challenge. I want to see if the Emperors really live up to their title or it's just another boring lie. Either so, shall I claim the win, I'd be considered one now." said Spark very confidently.

A huge grin emerged along Wukong's face as he heard the boy's immediate agreement. The on-lookers guffawed as most knew, some from experience, the kangaroo mink couldn't hold a candle to the proclaimed God of the Skies. Thus the betting began. "10,000,000 to 1 odds" the bookie announced, obviously in favor of the Pirate Emperor. Naturally everyone bet that single dollar in the hopes that the kid does manage to secure that victory; however unlikely that may be.

"Come on kid you got this!" one yelled.

"Papa needs a new ship! Give him hell!" another followed.

And thus, an onslaught of support for Spark erupted as some men cleared out White Tiger's defeated body along with the bag of riches Wukong held. With his kiseru in hand, Wukong took a big hit before offering the kid another gracious proposal. "So what will it be? No devil fruit, no weapons, no haki? Better chose wisely kid~saru." Wukong spoke as white mist exuded from his mouth. Just like before, this proposition wasn't unique for Spark. Kong will often propose handicapping himself to make the battle more interesting.

Spark suddenly looks serious again only thinking about Wukong's proposition. He then, once again, has a smirk on his face before speaking once more.

"If I took you when you purposely weakened yourself, I really can't brag about it to anyone else if I win right? I need for you to fight me at your best. That'll make it less boring and, of course, I won't be holding back myself." said Spark as the smoke from his cigarette turns a faint green in color.

"Besides, I have to see if you're indeed this powerhouse the World Government fears so much...I never knew fear in my life so maybe I would experience it. Maybe not. It's a little fun thinking about it." Spark said.

Wukong sighed as disappointment filled his body. Initially it appeared the young mink showed promise, a natural talent that simply needed to be refined through struggle. But this arrogance, his inability to assess threats and appropriately gauge an opponent's strength on instinct alone would make it impossible for him to reach new heights; logia syndrome at its peak. "Come on then, come at me with everything you got, you cheeky brat." Wukong simply awaited for his opponent to strike him. Despite his disinterest, he didn't want to end the battle too quickly. His eyes rolled as awaited the kid's first move.

"Hmph, brat huh?" said Spark as he snaps his cigarette in half as he bites down hard on it. Spark can tell that Wukong wasn't taking in seriously but was still going to prove he was strong.

"Acid is considered one of the most deadliest elements known to man. Might as well call me the most deadliest Mink huh? Acid Shotgun!" shouted Spark as he send three large balls of acid toward Wukong. They also stain the air with their scent which could leave a normal person in a daze just from smelling it from afar.

"Deadliest minks? Am I this guy's inspiration~saru?" Kong thought to himself, realizing maybe his rise to power, from Onizaru to Emperor, may be what motivated this young mink to do the same. But before his mind could go down the sympathy rabbit hole, he scoffed at the idea. "Oi, should you really be announcing your power to the opponent like that?" Wukong questioned, as the raging spheres of acid pierced the air and rushed directly at his massive physique. However, Wukong did not stray from his position. Instead, he remained completely still and allowed the attacks to simply faze through him, in a manner his opponent should be surely familiar with.

"Deadliest element in the world?" Wukong wondered, turning his back to Spark to visit the attack's point of impact. The spectators had cleared out the way as their captain did nothing to protect from them from the safety hazards. "Don't dodge!" "Can't take a little bit of acid, cap?" "You were gonna let that hit us?!?!?" were some of the few comments he heard before a sudden drowsiness plagued those unfortunate enough to catch a wiff. Squatting downwards, Wukong gazed upon the dissolved floor, seemingly unaffected by the attack's secondary effects. "Oi, where can you find this stuff?"

Spark looked a bit confused wondering how he was even able to stand up to that type of sulfuric acid. Even if the acid itself didn't hurt him, surely the toxic gas from it would but it appear not to.

"He has some kind of immunity towards it or something? It's possible alright... Alright, at least you're not boring after all. I can play a little more seriously!" said Spark as he starts to put both of his arms down on the ground and summons up a large wave of acid that starts to more toward Wukong.

"Back down below, I'm know as "Wasteland Z. Spark." The reason? I bring waste toward any place I go! Heh, it's also why I named this move after it as well! Trust me, I know a lot of your quests. Pirate minks like myself see you as a role model. Of course, those like me always want to see if you live up to that title first hand even if it means dying!" said Spark as he continues to generate the wave of acid going toward Wukong.

As the enormous acidulous wave approached the occupied primate, Wukong rose from his seated position. "At least he might with no honor." Those who approach battle as a legendary joust in which ideals cross are ignorant to the realities of conflict. Victory must be achieved through any means necessary. Although he may have this going for him, the little punk has yet to learn of the trivialness of his attack and adapt. Wukong heard the pleas of the other pirates spectating the fight, but he does not bow to the masses but rather them to him. Completely ignoring their requests, Wukong allowed the wave crash into his gaseous physique before reshaping above the new sea of green. "If that's the best you can do then might as well quit~saru." he poked at the young too hoping to bring about some hidden potential or power.

"Hmph. That won't work either huh? I guess I have no choice to that huh?" said Spark as he suddenly took off his shades and put them in his pocket. He then raised both of his arms into the air as they both turned into a misty form of acid that started to engulf the skies above with his own green clouds. They soon start to look bigger and heavier.

"This technique took me awhile to do I'll admit. Acid can be a deadly thing indeed. It's rather harmless by itself but if it's able to actually pollute the skies or the clouds themselves, then that's when things get a bit scary. A phenomena that can cause the death of many forests and wildlife itself especially after witnessing it first hand. It's called Acid Rain!" said Spark as he allowed the clouds to open up and it showers down acid that starts to drip around everything burning as it comes into contact.

Wukong gazed upwards in response to the young pup's attack. "Acid...rain?" This was the first time he's every heard of something like this. Having traveled and ventured through the white-seas, he has amassed quite the arsenal of clouds at his disposal, but this was something entirely new. He smiled at the prospect. "I wonder.." Wukong flickered his index finger to gauge the amount of control he had over the acidic clouds at this moment. "Unfortunate~saru." he noted, realizing he'd need more practice in order to add this one to his arsenal. "I guess you're not all talk..." Wukong commented, as the drips of acid kept him in his intangible form.

With the kid offering him something new, Wukong decided he'd do the same. With a simple twitch of his eye, his devastating will overwhelmed the the entire island and its immediate vicinity. The air grew thin and the green began overcome by the grey, ceasing the drops of acid. Beyond the literal effects his haki had on the surrounding, his imposing will targeted the young mink. Even if Spark's will was strong enough to overcome the primary effects of Wukong's Haoshoku, Wukong had such a degree over his powers that he could convey emotions through it. Thus, the merging of his conqueror's haki along with a significant lust for blood, raw killing intent, the literal sensation of death would target the mink. Thunder began to roar. "Have we had enough here~saru?" Wukong questioned, curious to see if his fighting spirit remained.

"Damn, he actually just wiped away my acid rain with that burst of Haki. This overwhelming aura actually has me nervous. He's definitely isn't playing around anymore. The true will of an Emperor." as Spark thought of this to himself. He did his best to hide his fear knowing that showing weakness now isn't a possibility. He tried not to act as overconfident as he did before as he knows that winning is neigh impossible at this point but then shows a bit of a different side to him. Spark then looks back up at Wukong with a very stoic face.

"Not at all. That Haki was impressive but I still have a lot to show. I'm not done yet!" shouted out Spark.

"Hoohoohaaahaaah!" Wukong couldn't help but laugh at the young minks bravery. Most logia tend to lose their will once they see the gap in strength. But this one keeps pushing, keep struggling. "Join my crew." Wukong finally pledged. "When I win, you join my crew taking White Tiger's spot." Although it may come off in a patronizing way, Wukong was in actuality offering Spark his respect. Today might not be the day he overcomes the Great Wall of Wukong but in due time, maybe that day will come.

Spark cracks a smile under is newfound stoicism after what he just heard and is also relieved to see he actually has earned Wukong's respect.

"When you win huh? Heh, I guess having a confident captain like that isn't a bad thing. Sure, I'll join your crew. Sounds like it wouldn't be boring especially how I been mainly own my own lately." said Spark.

Wukong rejoiced at the boy's immediate acceptance; in all honestly the emperor thought he'd have to knock him around a little bit before he'd concede, but all is well that ends well. "Good day!" Kong cried out, before assessing the terrain. This sky island was on its last days given Spark's assaults - his corrosive power was nothing to sneeze at. "Oi, so do you still want me to put ya on yer ass or are we done here~saru?"

Spark's simply took back out another cigarette and lights it only has a habit of his. He takes in a smoke before exhaling and then speaking.

"You already got my nerves up with that intense haki of yours and this area is looking...pretty good in my eyes. But you're the boss now so whatever you feel like doing, I'll be for it. Just to now, I am always up for a round or two. Fighting is one of the few things that doesn't bore me. And that acid rain wasn't even the last of my tricks." said Spark.

"Well let's see these so-called tricks then." Wukong responded, descending into the sea of acid. But as he plunged downward, the fluid began to split, clearing his immediate vicinity of any acid and causing it to simply flow around him. "If you move me from this spot, you get the bag~saru."

"At least that'll be something I can earn. Now to force you from underground, or rather, underclouds." said Spark before putting his hands into the clouds. By doing this, he starts to make more of the area corrupted with his acid again and sinks down below with it as his body soon starts to merge with his creation.

"All I have to do is at least force you from there huh? I'll see if I can but this may get intense. I've discovered what more I can do with my powers and I find good use in it for shapeshifitng purposes. Being made of an element that you can produce an endless amount of helps in that regard but I know you know that as well. Now, Acidic Shift!" said Spark before activating his powers.

Soon, Spark started to absorb in the acid that was around him and his body soon starts to shift in appearance as he is turned himself into acid and his body starts to change form. Eventually, it turns into a large, Sea King like creature that is made completely of acid but still shows some of Spark's features mainly his hair. After letting out a roar, Spark then prepares to charge at Wukong.

"Good thing I taught myself Haki because otherwise this will just go through you. Let's see if even you can take something like this!" said Spark has he hardened up his massive head and changes right toward Wukong.

Wukong fluttered his eyes as his opponent augmented his size. At this moment, he couldn't be mistaken, Spark was certainly trying to mimic Kong. Mink heritage, logia devil fruit, pirate, now nearly identical size, if Wukong didn't know better he was fighting a young copy of himself. But as someone who's well-versed in the art of copying, Wukong shook his head in disappointment. "Imitation is the great form of flattery, I guess~saru?" Funneling clouds below his feet to stabilize the ground beneath him, the Pirate emperor withdrew his signature weapon. "Let's see if you can take a hit."

As the gargantuan beast drew ever so near, Kong held his ancient relic along his left hand, pointing at the sea-king-like acid creature. Unbeknownst to his opponent, Kong coated his staff in a layer of busoshoku; intentionally not avoid using koka to surprise his target. "Now, extend." Wukong muttered, as his staff spontaneously expanded and extended. Growing nearly fifteen feet in diameter and continually extending, Wukong expected the staff to drag the easy target away with enough force to debilitate even a metal wall.

"The hell? A large extending pole? I better block it!" said Spark as he used his busuoshoku-hardened head to block the staff but not before getting pushed back and taking some damage. Spark reels backwards before shifting into a more larger acid form of himself and notices blood dripping from his head. He then wipes it off.

"So his haki is stronger than mine. Pretty obvious but that staff of his is interesting. I always find staffs a very boring weapon to use but Wukong there seems to have a pretty unique one." said Spark to himself as he then takes out two pistols that had a different design compared to regular ones. Of course, these pistols are special that they don't fire regular bullets.

"So you're using a weapon now huh? Time for me to use mine. That staff of yours can cover quite the distance so I believe it's fair I can use some distance weapons myself. Of course, these pistols are pretty special that they not only are made of a metal that's resistant to my acid but can also help me fire off acidic bullets that fire off like explosives! It was risking that pirate to have these made but it was worth it." said Spark as he pointed his pistols in Wukong's direction.

Retracting his weapon, Wukong gently nodded in approval. "At least he's not a complete glass-canon~saru." Although Wukong's own physical prowess were not influencing his attack, Spark's near instant recovery from being hit from a coated attack attested to durability; though he probably has his mink heritage to thank for that.

Twirling his staff along his fingers as the kid rambled on, Kong rested the staff along his right shoulder once Spark's spiel concluded. "Back to long range again, huh?" The kid has promise but strategy ain't really his specialty. "Oi, don't waste those bullets if they're so val-" but before he could finish, Spark had already commenced his assault. Wukong watched as the bullets flew in his direction. Generally bullets were among the traditional weapons that simply didn't phase his substantial body, much less his invulnerable cloud physique. Remaining in place, Wukong simply allowed the mink to his worst as trivial attacks like there were not going to harm him.

"Don't worry. These kind of bullets aren't your ordinary ones." said Spark as the bullets soon start to burst and release a thick cloud of acidic smoke that starts to fog up the area making it near impossible to see through ordinary sight. Of course, this fog of smoke is pretty dangerous to anyone that breathes it in making it effective for cover and offense. Though he knows that Wukong is immune to it, he hopes he could get an edge over the field advantage.

"I call this Acid Zone. A place where I can move around freely. I usually don't use this technique against boring opponents but you are definitely far from one." said Spark out loud before he speaks to himself in his thoughts. "No doubt he has Observation Haki and can probably see me out. That's fine because the goal is to simply get behind him using this fog as my advantage." Spark thought to himself before instantly disappearing in the cloud of acid.

In reality, Spark was actually moving around quickly in the mist before appearing behind Wukong and manifests his arm into a much larger shape, coats it in haki and sparks with Electro, then sends it at Wukong.

"I'm not just long range fighter, I'm just as deadly up close as well!" he said with his attack closing in.

Clever but nothing beyond the norm. Acid Zone was indeed an effective tactic, masquerading within an area in which one has complete influence over would be an effective way to close the gap, however it wasn't something Kong was completely oblivious to either. Smokescreen tactics have been around for centuries and will continue to be again and again; hell, Wukong employed similar strategies during his youth. Although tempted to punish the boy for extending body in such a manner, Wukong decided to wait and see how Spark would capitalize on his so-called advantage.

Although physically blind as the mist covered the entire battlefield, Wukong wasn't ignorant to what was going on around him. As noted by his opponent, Wukong was certainly making use of his distinct haki technique. Unlike most logia users who attempt to gain future sight in order to avoid coated attacks, Wukong developed his own sensory technique in conjunction with his electro prowess. By extending personal biological electric field through his tribe's signature art, Wukong can create a barrier around himself known as Diàn Zhàng. With many barrier forms at his disposal, Wukong used its intangible form to determine once something invaded his personal radius; which is noted to be the same overall radius as his height.

Thus, as his opponent suddenly manifested behind him with excellent speed, Wukong was able to pinpoint exactly where his target was and where he'd strike. With such invaluable information at his disposal it was up to him how he'd counter his opponent's attack. "I guess I'll clear this nasty mist too..." he concluded as his body began to distinctly glow. Goro Goro, the sound of thunder rumbled fiercely before suddenly, right as Spark's attack was about to connect, Wukong's body produced a sound wave of epic proportions. With full mastery of his devil fruit, Kong can concentrate large portions lightning internally in order to produce a thunder clap loud enough to literally produce a shockwave. Léi hǒu. The result, a near impenetrable barrier that'd extend for hundreds of meters, clearing Kong's immediate vicinity of acid mist, and protecting him from Spark's assault.

"A little better but not good enough~saru." he muttered, as he awaited to see what the boy would do next.

Spark jumps back a bit after being caught off guard by such a move. Spark heard of his feats before but was indeed caught off guard to have seen him up close. Spark could only grin with anticipation.

"Not a bad trick you got there. It just knocked me back like it was nothing. Although, I still have an even better move. I may be young and arrogant but I'm at least tactful enough to study my Devil Fruit potentials as well. It was pretty boring doing all of that research but I've figured out that acid itself has different levels of potency. Green being the most basic and Red being downright corrosive. Of course, my acid is already corrosive as is but once I trained myself a bit, I have at least obtained the best middle ground, yellow. Now, "Sando ierō!"

Spark started to concentrate hard on his powers with a bunch of fumes coming from his body. Spark, himself, starts to dissolve into a temporary puddle as it slowly starts to shift from green into yellow. Spark then reforms himself as he is now made of a much more deadly, yellow acid that immediately burns the ground he was standing on as he uses his intangibility fumes to float in the air.

"Man. I still need to work on doing that quicker but it'll do for now. This is my level 2 of my acid powers. As you can see, I can't even stand on ground anymore in this form. Not only that, I can also utilize my Electro better in this form to combine it with my acid!" said Spark as he raises his arms up in the air to eventually form 9 different acid-like snake heads from his powers and he controls them physically leaving one without it. They also spark fiercely with Electro. He also takes note to coat 8 of their heads in Haki before attacking with them. "Damn...Overusing my Haki a bit now but I believe this will do it! San-shi orochi! Even if you block this attack, this type of acid will eat through your skin in a heartbeat! All I need to do is make you vulnerable with 8 heads with the Haki and then strike an opening spot with pure one!" said Spark as he then sends the 8 heads that were coated with Haki toward Wukong the one without the Haki closes in behind them hoping to strike in at an opening.

As the young mink ever so carefully elaborated on potency and dangerousness of his ace ability, Kong scratched his head in confusion. "Level 2???" he muttered, wondering what difference there truly was between this acid and the one before, clearly not listening to his opponent's description of the ability. Instead of preparing his counter assault the nine-headed beast the prepared to strike, Kong simply stared blankly. "Well if this is the best you got then I guess I better wrap this up~saru." the Emperor thought to himself as the eight monstrous heads coated in armament haki propelled themselves towards him.

Although reputed to be quite the tactician, with his unusual strategies dating back to decades ago, Kong isn't an highly sophisticated strategist who often stays six steps ahead of people. For those who've been around the emperor for quite some time, they'd note that his plans seem unintentional and sometimes even blasphemously lucky, as if he never intended on performing such an act until he did it. And once again, this odd phenomena occurs in stunning fashion.

Earlier during the fight, Spark's attacks corrupted the battlefield to a degree where the small island itself could no longer sustain anyone on top of it. However, in order to complete the fight, Wukong funneled his own clouds to keep the island afloat, thus granting him influence over the battlefield below them.

Realizing his control over the surroundings just as Spark commenced his attack, Kong countered by simply controlling the clouds beneath them. As the eight heads drew near, lines of dark clouds emerged from the whiteness and wrapped around them, revealing that they were supported by Kong’s will. Just as Spark had planned on utilizing his haki to attack Kong’s substantial body, the strings would grab each of the heads which were connected to his arms; severing them was no longer an option for Spark.

“Oi, I think ya lost!” Wukong cried out, hoping the brat would realize the situation he’s in. It was time to put this logia narcism to rest, especially if he was going to serve as one of Wukong’s top combatants. If he’d attempt to retaliate, Wukong would sever the brat’s arm. And even if that was a price he’d be willing to pay, Kong was already prepared to drown the boy in whiteness as the clouds below Spark had earned a purple tint; ready to pull him in the moment he’d make a move. “So why don’t ya accept defeat now before I really gotta hurt ya.” Wukong chanted.

Spark took the quick time to look at the situation he was in. He knew if his best technique at the time didn't work against Wukong, he stood no chance at all. Of course, Spark already knew this but he felt he had to prove himself to Wukong that he can at least fight. After a brief moment of silence, Spark suddenly laughed pretty hardly. This is pretty rare for him to do but, of course, it's because he was, in the first time in his life, in a situation he couldn't win.

"Swamp clouds huh? Giant cloud-like snakes to block my best attack? Heh, this is pretty fun. Of course, I never had been in a situation like this before. My dad once told me simply "Quit while you're ahead." Well, I certainly want to keep my head and this attack has exhausted my Haki in the meantime so I have no choice but to yield." said Spark as his acid starts to dissipate from his body.

"Outstanding, Yin will find you and eventually get ya settled kid. Welcome to the Si Xiang." Wukong relayed to the young mink as he began to walk off. But before he could reach very far, he paused and spoke loudly. "You better get stronger kid. Maybe next time we fight I can actually enjoy myself a bit more." he told him before leaping upwards before fading beyond sight.

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