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Pups Evolving
Date Started: May 2nd, 2021

Date Finished: July 1st 2021

Setting: ; Grand Line: New World: Vulpixia and Yukon mainly. Overseas in paradise;

Characters Involved:

Synopsis:The Yin Pirates have been split after the actions in A Hell of a Meeting Between Demons and Monsters. The Yin Pirates now are being trained in these months long journey of a training arc. And after their training, they go test themselves at a marine base against the famous Vice Admiral Iceberg.


Wolves are Built for the Cold

Dane training in the frozen lake

Yukon,one of the many frosted cold islands in the new world. An island that has many mountains in the center of the island. White snow covers the land along with trees that rest beside the mountains and skins out to the rest of the island. The wind howling and blowing like you're in the coldest hurricane to exist.

There is a large lake though that has always been frozen due to the below freezing cold. There,we see a wolf mink sitting in the center of the frozen lake,laying in a lotus position and meditating. He's also doing this while bare and away from his clothes,which is making it hard for him to meditate because it is so cold.

"Rrrgh,Why did dad have to take my clothes away?" The wolf mink known as London Dane says chattering,"Can't believe I am calling him that now even though I have only met him only a week ago." He was chittering and chattering as the wind came to him again,"HEY DAD WHERE ARE YOU!!!"

"I'M COMING!!" Fang runs to the scene with several crew members into the lake. He too,was bare from the cloth,but looked as happy as a cherubic pup from his younger days.

"My God...Even got to see him in full display." Dane turns his head around in disgust.

"Ready for your first day of training?" Fang asks,nudging Dane,"Cause this'll be fun!"

"Don't forget you have business in less than a few hours captain." A Crow birdman says with his arms crossed. He wore a blue kimono and had a sword under his sash.

"BLAH BLAH BLAH Always business with you Rambert! But I won't forget it!" Fang says,"Cause it's the time I become my prime self again!"

"Right. Prime Self. From the power of that woman right?" Katsudon asked.

"I don't know her personally, but I have heared after giving her the right amount of money, she will cover you into a pink light that will de-age you by 12 years each time. That is something that could benefit someone looking to be young again." answered Kama as she furiously pats his head. "You got bed hair again! Learn to brush when you wake up!"

Katsudon could only mutter angrily to himself after this.

"Why did we come here again?" Dane asks,"I thought we were going to do like some cool sword fighting stuff."

"We're here because I'm gonna teach you about endurance." Fang says,"Leaving out here in the cold naked for even a wolf mink is hard for us. Which is why I have challenged myself years ago to meditate on this eternally frozen lake. Besides,I have been meditating for most of my 30 years in that wasted 6th level of Impel Down." He then leaves out a breath as he sits himself down into a lotus position,"If you want to learn Rage Style. Then you gotta learn to have endurance."

"I see..." Dane says looking down at the thick ice below him,"What is after this?"

"Oh just climbing up to the highest mountain in this island while learning Rage Style." Fang answers,"Now! What are you folks gonna do on the while?" He asks over to Rambert,Katsudon,and Kama.

"Oh? I'm just going to find Sariel and tell her to grab ya when you're finished training him for the hours." Rambert replies as he flies off from the scene.

"I'll...probably just go take a nap or somethin-OW!!!" shouted Katsudon as he is suddenly hit over the head by Kama again.

"You JUST woke up? You better go ahead and toughen yourself in your own right!" shouted Kama.

"If I knew you'd snunk on, I'd stay behind and trained..." said Katsudon to himself.

"As for me? Well, I probably just try to get used to this huh? I did came along quite suddenly huh?" stated Kama with a laugh.

"Alright! Let's start meditating...." Fang says as he suddenly drops his eyes and was a very calm state while in a lotus position. It seemed the cold wind and ice didn't affect Fang as he was now focused on his breathing.

"Alright.." Dane says as he then too closes his eyes,only to try to focus on his breathing. With it being pretty cold and the wind up against him,it was hard to concentrate,but Dane wasn't going to let it stop him from trying. Though Dane wasn't gonna expect this...

"CATCH!" Fang shouts to Dane as he had a very large tree in his hands suddenly and just wacks Dane out of the way like a baseball!

"AHHHHHH" Dane shouts as he was seen flying into a set of trees,"The heck was that for!?!?"

"To be prepared while meditating." Fang only answers with a smile,"I will be trying to do this to you all day buddy. FAR HAR HAR!!!"

"Great...." Dane says as he comes back to the frozen lake and sits down again,"Now I need to meditate and watch my back! Great!"

"You're welcome!" Fang says as he sits down again,"Let's get that observation haki going!"

The Goddess of Youth Arrives

A few hours later

Fang and Dane were still practicing their concentration and breathing while Dane keeps getting distracted by Fang. Meanwhile,a tall, young looking angel with long red hair and red wings comes flying down to see Fang and Dane. She sees Katsudon and Kama and smiles,she then looks over to Fang and speaks.

"The Goddess of Youth is here." The red haired angel says to meditating Fang.

Fang only smiles from his lotus position and says,"Sariel,your voice is still beautiful as an angels."

"Alright you old wolf." Sariel retorts,"Just make sure you put on some proper clothes when seeing her."

"Bah,still sassy as always." Fang rolls his eyes before standing up and then saying to Dane,"Alright get up,we're done for the day."

Dane,who was still freezing from the cold wind,"Sweet! I can get to have actual clothes now!"

"You'll be fed too." Fang says,"Follow me to the castle everyone." He then starts walking into the forest to get through it and get to the Kingdom.

"Well,I guess whoever this important person Fang has to meet might've saved my life from this freezing cold." Dane says getting up and following Fang.

A woman wearing a suit of full-body armor can be seen as she is accomplied by a bunch of men and a taller one that stood right beside her. She can be seen eyeing the area and sighs not being used to going outside her own kingdom. This woman was Angrboda Hebe who is known very well in the Underworld for being able to grant youth toward others that require them. Naturally, she doesn't do this for free as she will charge a lot of belly for it. Nonetheless, she is always eager to make more money as she considers that and youth to be the two most valuable things on Earth. The man that stood beside her was named Zensuke Hercules who is her personal bodyguard and is one of the strongest members of the Zensuke Family in the world.

"Aye yo! This place is super cold ja?!" said Hercules who, despite saying he is cold, he isn't seem to be affected by it especially as he doesn't have his shirt on currently. He is also drinking a tall bottle of whiskey.

"This place is like a winter wonderland isn't it? Hmph, can I had to came all the way out here." said Hebe with a huff.

"But aye, business is business right? Plus you can always go into your rabbit form right?" said Hercules with another drink.

"I would, but being in this armor only makes it super hot. This will settle I suppose...Now, where is the one that requests my services? I am a busy woman." said Hebe as her voice sounds a lot deeper due to the armor she is wearing.

As they were walking around the island,a giant megalodon shark fishman and a wolf mink approach Hebe and Hercules.

"Uh hello. Captain sent for us to greet you two and lead you to the castle-ish." The wolf mink says.

"The castle is still under repair,though everything is under repair in this island." The giant shark fishman booms.

Hebe and Hercules then look around the island and do noticed a lot of things that are still in repair. They then turn their attention back to the two individuals in front of them.

"Aye. The giantic shark and the wolf man are both right! This place... is in shambles ja?" stated Hercules as he looked around.

"This place is just reeking of the word "rustic." Though my powers could easily restore this back to it's previous state, but I know I'm not here for mere castle repair." said Hebe as she then looks at the two. "So, you must be the client's apprenences if he sent you two here to escort me to the castle. I'd say, this place is in rather poor shape. Though, this is me being used to a much more well and put-together castle."

"Captain Fang has plans to fix it up." Nomad says,"It's been like this after a big marine battle that happened here when he was a little pup." Nomad says,"I grew up here and always seen it like this,and can't wait for what Captain has planned for it."

"Fang may or may not have you guys involved in it,whatever your business beside making people ageless." Thresher says turning around and heading to where is located,"Follow us."

"Yeah. No offense to you and this island, but it's past history has no bearings on me. Let us get this over with." said Hebe as she started to follow them.

"Aye, her services do make you ageless in the sense. Of course, if you say want to age back 50 years, then you will. But'll you'll have to come back 50 years later to go back to the age you want. The powers doesn't reset either so you could be originally 100, turned back to 50, and even if something happens 200 years later, you will still go back to being 100." informed Hercules as he followed behind them leading the smaller troops of Hebe's group.

Meanwhile,Fang is in a large buffalo hide canvas tent getting ready for the meet. He puts on his ripped up shorts,his worn leather vest,and his toothy necklace as he looks at himself in a cracked mirror and smiles. He knows that he has been waiting for,after doing a bunch of raids and taking out marine ships after he escaped from Impel Down,and finding about Angrboda Hebe in the Underworld,he knew it was time to make himself younger. He clenches his fist knowing that he had unused potential while in prison,but he couldn't since he was stuck there for 30 years and couldn't use it the first time he had it. But now he looks at the mirror with confidence knowing he will definitely use it the second time.

"So much untapped potential...." Fang says with a toothy grin,"We'll see what I can do when I unlock it!"

"Hey father!" Dane comes toward Fang,"You ready? I believe they'll be here soon."

"Oh yeah I'm ready!" Fang says with confidence,"I have been waiting for this!"

"That's great I guess.." Dane responds.

"My crewmates will be jealous after today!" Fang says,"You might be too!"

"Yeah whatever." Dane rolls his eyes,"All I know is after this,it's time for more training."

"Oh it'll be training for both of us!" Fang says,"Just wait and see...."


Hebe, Hercules, and their followers could be seen walking down as they continue to view their surroundings.

"Aye. I heard this place is famous for wolves. You'll think the zoo will be opened as soon the moon lights up?" said Hercules drunkly as he kept taking shots of his whiskey.

"Those are "Werewolves" you're thinking of. And doesn't matter to me. People say I should be careful because wolves hunt rabbits, but this rabbit as plenty of bite to her." said Hebe as she stomps forward while in her armor.

"Heh,I promise Fang ain't gonna make a feast out of business people that'll be helping him." Nomad says before showing them the large tent that had Fang in it,"He's in there. May business be well." He bows down in respect.

"Hopefully Captain has found a decent cloth to wear." Thresher replies,"Then again what am I to say?"

"Aye I'll turn that wolf into a skin rug shall he land a figure on Hebe!" said Hercules cracking his knuckles.

"Easy Hercules. We got business to tend to." said Hebe as she then heads inside of the tent with Hercules following beside her and her followers standing just outside of it.

Inside the tent was surprisingly large,like there were people bustling about making stuff. There were ladies seen making clothes and jewelry while other ladies were cooking. There were children running around having fun with what looks to be brand new wooden toys. Male wolf minks were seen sharpening weapons and seemingly making it ready for a hunting trip,as there are plenty of bison and other wildlife that live here.

Hebe and Hercules were welcomed by the crow birdman samurai known as Rambert and the red angel Frater G. Sariel.

"You must be Angrboda Hebe." Sariel would say directly to Hebe,"We're Fang's Betas,his closest associates besides the other alpha which is his wife."

"You can cut out the explanation of the wolfpack." Rambert says bluntly and waves it off,"Just follow us."

"Alright." said Hebe as she and Hercules prepred to follow them.

"They're crew has quite the diversity of mates huh?" stated Hercules as he took another drink.

"I've seen my fair share of crews that were just as diverse. Even more. Not that it matters to me." replied Hebe who kept marching forward.

Sariel and Rambert eventually led Hebe and Hercules to where Fang was with his wife Collie and the triplets of theirs. Dane in his chivalrous uniform as usual,Kakashi in his casual sweatshirt and jeans,and Charmy in her near nude bikini despite it being in a winter settlement.

Fang smiles as he looks down to see Hebe present,"So you have finally arrived! Sorry if it's difficult to get around here."

"That is fine. I am used to wandering around...unstructured areas." said Hebe who's attention is right toward Fang.

"More wolves aye? It does seem like this place is popular with them." said Hercules as he took a drink. "Must be his pups. I can sense they have the same "aura" as them."

"Hey man,I'm the most wolf mink kid in this set of triplets." Dane says,"I don't know about these two and how their genes got this way."

"I'm a longleg wolf humink werewolf." Kakashi says,"Say it five times I dare you. And then there's Charmy here."

"I'm just a tall human." Charmy shrugs in her bikini.

"How you're not freezing to death is a mystery..." Dane and Kakashi say deadpanly.

"But you three are each of our beautiful angels." Collie says with a motherly smile and hugs all three of the triplets.

"Quiet Dane,Roscoe,and Charmy!" Fang says,"It is a pleasure to meet you. You want a coffee to discuss while paying before we go out and do it?"

"Quite the interesting trio. I think you better take off the helmet right? Can't drink coffee with that big headpiece over your face." said Hercules who already sat down and finished his last bottle. "I knew I should've brought more. Booze keeps me strong!"

"That is true. We are about to get into business." said Hebe as she then slowly takes off her helmet as she reveals her face. Her long pink hair unfolds downward as her pink eyes can be seen gazing upon everyone. She then takes a seat before speaking again. "Coffee, sure. Though I am here for business purposes, I will have to say you had been making a ruckus lately. Word travels quickly around the Underworld you know, and it's not difficult for me to know what is going on. Escaping from Impel Down and all. Not to mention..." said Hebe as she gazes over at Dane. "That one you said was named "Dane" right? I heard you took the arm from a Angrboda Nitroni mine recently. I'm not mad or anything, I'm just saying that brat had it coming for how he behaved overall."

"I rather not be reminded of it." Dane waves it off,"He endangered my wife and captain,not to mention my unborn children. I did what I had to do to defend her and the kids."

"Though you should exclaim it!" Fang assures.

"No,my ideals tell me not to." Dane turns his head away from Fang.

"I have respect for that." Kakashi says as Charmy nodded her head.

"Aye. I didn't know pirates had things called "ideals". Could've fooled me." stated Hercules as he leaned backwards with his legs up.

"Not all pirates are bastards after all. Rare, but I've met my fair share that are pretty damn noble. Some even more than some Marines that I know." stated Hebe as she placed her helmet beside her. "My clients are all of the above. Marines, pirates, bounty hunters, you name it. It doesn't really matter who I help make younger, as long the price is right and I keep myself protected."

"And the price is right in this deal." Fang says as a local wolf mink serves Fang and Hebe coffee,"You've seen my kingdom? I have plans to expand it!"

"Dad,the place looks like a dump." Charmy replies.

"Don't call it that!!" Fang says with comically teary eyes,"This was my home before marines showed up and tried to capture Brickbeard by destroying our land to find him. I was able to dish revenge against him fortunately as I was escaping from Impel Down. It was nice to see his brick red blood oozing out of his head as I bashed it into the wall of Impel Down!"

"So what are you going to do anyway?" Dane asks.

"I'm going to help the people first." Fang answers,"The people of Yukon shall be responsible to rebuild this island,it'll give them jobs to do. All I'll do is pay the workers and provide the supplies. But soon,this place will be good as new! And Farkun will help out when he's available!"

"Look like we got another noble one huh? Kinda surprising after hearing you were on Level 6." said Herclues as he started to look at his bottle.

"This place is rather run down, but I do see what you're coming from. I founded a nearly forgotten kingdom, and I spent years and years restoring it to it's former glory and now I rule over it. I'll admit, it may be nothing special to the outsiders, the things my powers can grant made it quite legendary now in the Underworld. And thanks to the millions of clients I've had throughout the years, I could easily say I am one of the most richest people in this world." said Hebe with a noble laugh before she soon drinks her coffee.

"The power to stay young and continue to be that way and grant it to others as well. That is a power that anyone would pay to have. Not to mention restoring even objects like old buildings back to their former selves. After hearing she could restore this old bod back to it's former glory, I was in no rush to plead my loyalty to Hebe!" stated Hercules who started to flex his muscles. "I was pushing 100 before this ya know!"

"FAR HAR HAR Understandably so." Fang says as he drinks his giant cup of coffee,"And I guess speaking of money." He claps his hands as the giant cook named Krekos comes walking into the room and hands out a giant sized bag of gold and belly comes walking in.

"The money we have obtained through robbing banks and raiding marine ships majorly." Krekos states.

"And some funded resources too!" Fang says with a smile,"But going the old trusty route of robbing banks and raiding ships are always some of the best!"

"That is a lot of money...." Dane says with amazement.

"FAR HAR HAR,should be enough to take me back 36 years!" Fang says with a wide toothy smile.

"Oh ho! Looks like they weren't lying when they said they had a lot of money!" said an excited Hercules as he stares as it.

"Quite so. I am impressed by the number, although since the price for youth is an extreme rarity, even in this world. Normally, I charge a billion for my services, but I am in a good mood so I will charge half that: 500 million." said Hebe is a very business-woman like tone.

"By the by, that is always her normal asking price." said Hercules as he suddenly took another drink.

"Hush you." said Hebe as she then clears her through. "Is that all enough for it to cover it?"

"FAR HAR HAR! I think that is plenty to cover it!" Fang laughs,"Is it Krek?"

"Actually,it is." Krekos nods,"The bag contains 650 million belly that is covered in gold and cash."

"YES!!!" Fang says as he hops onto the table and doing a childish dance. The table comically holding the over 20 foot wolf mink as he was dancing with a smile.

"You're too old for this...." Kakashi,Dane,Charmy,and Collie would deapanly say to Fang.

"Not for long!" Fang says with a smile as he was dancing.

"Aye...He has a lot of energy for someone that tall huh?" said Hercules as his eyes widend at the sight of Fang dancing.

Hebe, meanwhile, can be seen looking at the money and, after bringing one of her associates in who is a counter/banker, has deduced at all of the 650 was there. "Looks like all of it is here. And the interest is a good touch. Makes this more the worth coming all the way out here. And by the way, any scares or missing limbs you suffered after those 36 years will be gone. That will include that scar over your eye." said Hebe as she started to sit up.

"Wait! Does that mean the eyepatch won't be needed anymore?" Fang asks,"Oh boy! I'll probably wear it anyway FAR HAR HAR!"

"Wait,how old would he be if he turns back 36 years?" Kakashi asks.

"Oh yeah....what would that be." Fang ponders for a minute.

"It would be a ripe age of 20!" Collie says with a smile.

"What! He'll look 5 years younger than us." Dane says with shock.

"FAR HAR HAR! This will be a fun time!" Fang says with a laugh.

"I had clients that were great grandparents, and wanted to be the same age as their great-great grandchildren. Such crazy times we live in, but they paid well and that is all what matters now. I will instruct Fang here to stand still or in front of me. Doesn't matter as my powers can be applied either directly or from a distance." stated Hebe as she started to take off the armored gloves on her hands.

"Heh. Looks like the de-aging is going to begin! You're about to experience why she is called The Goddess of Youth! Yoose better be greatful!" said Hercules as he grins always happy to see Hebe use her powers.

"Wait! Shouldn't we do it like outside or something?" Dane asks,"Like what if some weird things happen that should be contained into the woods or mountains?"

"I think it doesn't matter." Collie states,"Plus I think it's warmer in here than out there."

"But it could go for better theatrics." Kakashi states.

"What does that mean brother?" Charmy asks.

"Better cool looking I guess." Kakashi shrugs.

"I just want this to happen!" Fang says with the widest smile,"Let's do it!"

"Alright then. I'm not up for suspense so let's get this over with." said Hebe as her hands started to glow pink which was enough to nearly light up the area they were in. "As a bit of a quick reminder, my powers allows me to age anything back by 12 years. And you wanted 36 years taken off your life. That will mean I will have to build up my powers 3 times. Easy enough. I had someone that wanted to shave off 124 years off their life. A giant of course but that is besides the point. Modo Modo - Tris! said Hebe as created three large pink orbs of energy that soon grew together as one.

"Heh, and now how we say the finale!" said Hercules who suddenly had shades on.

"Now then - Modo Modo- 36 Years!" shouted Hebe as she then toss the giant pink orb of light toward Fang which will then start to age him back 36 years.

Fang's light grey fur starts becoming a more whiter fur color as Fang's right eye returns along with the scar across it disappearing. There was some more light now in his red eyes now,as he starts to have a more menacing,youthful grin from tooth to tooth. It almost looked like he was in sulong form now that he was younger.

"Wow..." Dane says impressed,"That's our father?"

"Yup. And he's 5 years younger than us." Kakashi states.

"Welp,he does look more furrier than what he was." Charmy states.

Fang looks down at his hand and smiles as he sees power in his hands as he activated a crazy surgence of electro in his hands. He laughs maniacally as he sees the electro surge through him,"I GOT UNTAPPED POWER!!!!"

"Yikes..." Dane says,"He has enough to make a crazy lightshow."

"I'm gonna bet my ass we're gonna get our asses kicked in training now if we haven't had our asses handed already." Kakashi states.

"I don't want to give him my butt." Charmy replies.

"Not that way...." Dane and Kakashi deadpanly to Charmy.

"Aye! Careful with that power! The last thing you'll need is to accidently knock her out! If that happens, her power deactivates." warned Hercules as he got up preparing to defend against any accidental Electro bursts.

"It's fine. Remember, thanks to contacting that relative craftswoman, this armor is completely resistant to electricity. I make sure to keep myself well to ensure I never get accidently knocked out again. Of course, I can keep myself at my nice ripe age of 30 so I will never have to worry about the sicknesses gained from growing old or anything like that. Ugh. Old. That word always disgusts me." stated Hebe as she then puts back on her armored gloves. "But it does seem you are happy with the results. Then again, everyone is naturally."

"I don't think there would be one person I can think of that would be unhappy if they got younger." Kakashi states.

"So...what do you think honey?" Collie asks as she touched Fang in the back,"You look younger than me heh heh."

"M'lady,you always will look in your 20s." Fang says kissing her hand,"You never have changed in my eyes. Hey Krekos! How do I look?"

"Not bad,you definitely look more youthful." Krekos nods,"My about ripe age of 142 works fine so I don't have no worry about being old at the moment."

"Neither do elves or vampires. Those guys live for centuries without any magic!" Dane says.

"Do you happen to have elves or vampires in your group?" Charmy asks Hebe with curiosity.

"I have a few elves and knew a vampire, but it has been awhile. Vampires are techiqually undead they take a lot of effort to revert themselves back to normal. Although, I feel like some can do that anyway but just feasting on humans or something like that. Same with Elves as they live a lot longer than usual people, but often just want around 50 years taken off of them. Giants are probably my, and I'm not making a joke about this, biggest clients to do with because it's not just their age I deal with, but their size as well as it will require me to exert more of my power to use it on them. Naturally, I charge more for creatures like those." explained Hebe as she continued to put back on her armor.

"Aye. How about that guy that wanted to use your powers to make him younger, but it didn't work because he doesn't age?" asked Hercules with a drink.

"Hmph. He wasted my time with that...Those people who have powers to not age, my powers won't work on them. At least that experience have allowed me to know that for the future." stated Hebe.

"Heh,now my crewmates will be jealous!" Fang says as he smiles and flexes his muscles. Despite his younger looks,his fine whisky voice is still there,"Be ready kids tomorrow!"

"Oh boy...we might be getting our asses kicked." Kakashi says.

"I'll be testing each and single one of you." Fang states,"Especially you Dane! I have great expectations for you!" He points at him.

"Well that's neat." Dane rolls his eyes.

"I thank you again." Fang says to Hebe,"If anything pops up in the underworld,let me know cause I will be interested."

"Anytime. I always make sure to satisfy my customers. And sure, I know some others personally in the Underworld. But I do take it that my business here is done. I'd better get back to my own kingdom." said Hebe as she prepares to head out.

"Aye! There will be someone to take us back there right?" asked Hercules as get got up as well.

"There should be a ride back to your homeland." Fang says standing up,"Hey! Your last name is the same as that Grim Reaper right? Well tell him I may want a burger with him soon if you know him FAR HAR HAR."

Hebe just suddenly takes a deep breath and then exhales. "Yes. We both are Angrbodas." said Hebe who already had her helmet by back on to hide her angered expression when mentioning that name.

"As an FYE, that person that she was tricked into using her powers on for nothing, that was him." said Hercules who had his arms behind his head stretching.

"It's fine. That was then, this is now." said Hebe as she then looks over to the money.

"FAR HAR HAR I wouldn't have been surprised by that old man!" Fang says with a chuckle.

"I remember hearing he's like hundreds of years old." Dane says,"And he does look WAY younger than that."

"Anyway,tell him the White Fang wants a burger with him!" Fang says to Hebe,"Nomad and Thresher may escort you back to your ships."

"If I ever come across him again, sure. And okay. Time for us to go Hercules." said Hebe as she prepared to follow them.

"I'd heard you gave that guy some trouble. I'd love to fight with ya one day. Just hit up Zensuke Hercules of the Zensuke Family!" said Hercules as he got up preparing to leave.

"Oh I'll remember that!" Fang says with a thumbs up,"Wait a minute. Didn't we recruit some Zensake guy earlier?"

"I think it was a Zensuke indeed." Rambert replies,"Zensuke Byakko was his name."

"Oh yeah! That pup! He wanted to learn some shit from me after he read about me or something like that." Fang states.

"Zensukes,Angrbodas,and I guess the Londons ourselves my word there are a lot of famous families." Dane states.

"And we're only gonna get famouser!" Fang shouts with glee.

"Zensuke Byakko? Aye, that's a name I haven't heard in a long time!" said Hercules as he almost seem excited to talk about him.

"Oh, you so know of him?" asked Hebe who's voice is back to being deepened thanks to her armor.

"Not so much, but I did know his parents. More of his father who was a Zensuke himself. Pretty skilled scolhar from Ohara until...yeah I bet you lot know the rest of the story." said Herclues with solemn in his voice.

"Right. The Marines issusing a Buster Call on it. That was quite tragic, but it has no bearings on me personally." said Hebe bluntly.

"If I was a pirate, I probably would've gave my life to give the Marines hell. But, that is it. Not a pirate. So, like you, it has no bearings on me in the long run. Though I knew the kid probably took it hard. I heard he was part of the Marines for a short time but left at some point later." stated Hercules.

"Welp he looks like an interesting kid." Fang says thinking about when they found him,"Well I think he'll be a good pup,and he might rise up the ranks rather quickly." As he says that,Thresher and Nomad enter the room.

"We're here to escort them!" Nomad salutes with a smile.

"FAR HAR HAR,Good! And if we want to talk about giants. This fishman is sure of a giant for his size FAR HAR HAR!" Fang says about Thresher.

"It's cause I'm a megalodon shark fishman." Thresher states,"Our kind is known to be gigantic."

"But an actual giant is still taller." Krekos says,as he was a near foot taller than Thresher.

"Yeah. I can see." said Hebe as she was indeed caught off guard by his size but is good at hiding it. "But it looks like it is finally time for us to leave."

"Aye I drink to that! This trip ended up being not so bad!" said Hercules as he stretched his large arms.

"We rarely go out. That is why. Anyway, I do hope you enjoy your youth Fang. It was a pleasure." said Hebe with a polite bow.

"Yeah! And tell that Byakko kid "Aye" for me!I know he may not know me but just say it's from a fellow Zensuke." said Hercules.

"Will do fellow Zensake!" Fang says as he waves Hercules and Hebe away,"Now kids,Let's get ready for training tomorrow!"

"Oh boy..." Dane and Kakashi say deadpanly.

"Come on boys,our father is gonna teach us some things now he's in his prime!" Charmy says with optimism.

"I like this girls optimism." Fang says about Charmy,"Anyway,you kids do whatever you want. Me and Honey Collie have some business to attend to." He says with a smile as he looked down to his longlegged wife.

"I'm out of here then." Dane says walking away with Kakashi and Charmy following him.

"Now,I hope you're still good at puppies..." Fang says with a smile as he goes over to Collie and they start kissing as the screen darkens.

Capture the Flag Training

The Next Day

Back at the frozen lake,Fang took the triplets over to get trained at the cold,frozen lake. The cold,brisk morning with the chill breeze coming over as well. The trees either covered in snow or are green as grass were always seen. The lake was frozen and thick as always.

"Are you ready kids?" Fang asks,"I'll be making sure I go 100% against each of you kids!"

"Are we going one by one or all three of us against you?" Kakashi asks as he pondered.

"Yeah,I don't think you can fight us individually. I think that's not fair." Dane states.

"Fair or not,I'm ready." Charmy bows.

"FAR HAR HAR!! I'll have individual trials after this first training session with all three of you against me!" Fang says with a smile,"Now,you see this?" He points to his back,which had a wooden pole with the White Fang Pirate flag at the top of it,"All you need to do is capture that flag!"

"Capture the flag? That should be easy then." Dane says.

"Easier said then done I'll bet." Kakashi states.

"Well,I'm guessing we'll have to work together to do this." Charmy states.

"FAR HAR HAR That is correct!" Fang says with a laugh,"But one thing. I'll be fighting you three!" He then activates a strong surgance of electro all over,"I'll be a damn electric field to get to! So come at me if you dare!"

"Yup,he's a level 100 with us level 15 idiots." Kakashi says rolling his eyes.

"You're training. Begins. NOW!" Fang shouts as he got in a pose and prepared for what his children may do.

"Welp,we're gonna have to be in light of this." Dane says as he pulls out his buster sword.

"What do you mean "in light"?" Kakashi asks as he gets into a Shinigami pose,"We're gonna get our asses kicked."

"Why do you seem pessimistic brother?" Charmy asks as she took off her bra and underwear and got into a wolf position to get ready to pounce at Fang.

"oooohhh,y'all getting into poses like I did. How original.." Fang says with a chuckle.

"Sword Beam!" Dane then fires a giant sword beam from his sword to distract Fang. Fang only replies by grabbing the sword beam with his bare hands and throwing it back like a boomerang at the three!

"Great! He's going to throw our big attacks too!" Kakashi states.

"Like I said kids,I ain't gonna hold back! FAR HAR HAR!!" Fang says with a laugh.

"Akuma no iki" Kakashi says as he activates the devil's breath from the shinigami arts,"Perhaps the devil itself should stop you! Shi no zen'nō no kikku (Death's Almighty Kick)" He says as he tries to kick Fang.

Fang just grabs the leg and electrocutes Kakashi with very high voltage,"FAR HAR HAR,you're funny Roscoe!" He then throws Kakashi into the trees!

"Looks like getting to him up close would be dangerous,while sword beams won't be good enough." Charmy says thinking,"Let's try that one move Merlin does,Motoryu: Tatsu Maki (Dragontwister)" She says as she attacks Fang with spinning vortexes!

"Nice try girl! But no sword style will have no affect on me at this moment." Fang says grabbing Charmy's arm and then pushing her away with electro.

"Damn,father just pushed me away with that move." Charmy says.

"Take this dad! Braver!" Dane says as he leaps with his buster sword and tries to deliver an overhead strike while Fang was distracted by Charmy.

"FAR HAR HAR!!!" Fang would laugh as he grabbed Dane's sword in middair! He then throws Dane around and sends him into the trees without his buster sword! Fang then throws the buster sword far right behind him in the frozen lake. It seems Dane has now lost his buster sword for the round.

"Now you lost your main weapon! What are you gonna do?" Fang asks with a smile.

"I still have your former serrated blades!" Dane says pulling them out and preparing for the next part.

"There'll have to be more than that to capture the flag!" Fang says as he then pistol points at the three,"'Electro Laser!" He says as a beam of electro comes flying at the three.

"Oh crap!" Dane says as he dodges it and kakashi leaps away. Charmy wasn't near the attack to worry about it.

"Is there something I can do that is long range against father?" Charmy wonders.

"Well you're gonna have to think about that while I do this!" Kakashi says as he was running,"Ryū no chikara (Dragonforce)" He says as he leaps and attempts to punch Fang.

Fang only grabs Kakashi in the arm and electrocutes the crap out of him. Kakashi flies out again,with his right arm toasted from the electro attack.

"Damn,he has crazy electro now." Kakashi says.

"My turn. Nitoryu: Taka Nami! (Hawk Wave)" Dane shouts as he leaps into the air and releases a gust of wind at Fang.

"Oooh cool breeze,pretty redundant when you're in a chilly island." Fang then says as he fires a wide range amount of electro at Dane!

"Ouch!" Dane says as he leaps back down and rolls away,"We can't beat him individually. We have to work together!"

"Why not go into that demon form of yours?" Kakashi states,as then Dane was seen pondering that for a minute.

"I can't really unless I am angry." Dane replies.

"FAR HAR HAR!! Dane can't go into his demon! Kakashi's style seem weak! And my daughter is indecisive of what to do!" Fang mocks the triplets as he laughs. He then raises his palm out and then shouts,"Electro Cannon!" He then fires a large cannonball of electro at Dane!

Dane gets thrown hard into the trees and toward the mountain as a mini-crater was left on the stone as Dane was smoked out by the electro.

"Thanks brother!" Charmy shouts as she leaps into the air like a wolf to her prey! "Ira! (Wrath)" She shouts as she attempts to use Devastante that she learned from her Captain. She delivers quick kicks that were almost invisible and then tries to give an axe kick to the head of Fang!

Fang only blocked the kicks with his electro field around him and then grabs Charmy's axe kick,"Moonshine Kick!" He then raises his giant foot and delivers a cutting kick right at Charmy!

Charmy only flies into the sky and falls back down in a large puff of the snow. Her body been toasted by the electro field and kick.

"FAR HAR HAR! Nice try daughter!" Fang says.

"Demonic Lust!" Dane says as he was stuck in the crater and leaps out with a full head of rage in his eyes. He's tired of Fang was mocking him and his siblings.

"Oh? Bringing out your big guns? FAR HAR HAR!!" Fang laughs still.

"Demonic Lust: Nitoryu: Braver 360!!!" Dane shouts as he leaps at Fang with his serrated blades with haki.

"What?" Fang says surprised as Dane was actually about to grab the flag with a free hand as one of the blades was in his mouth. Fang,in time,grabs Dane's shoulders and then says,"Rage Point" He says as the aura came around him as he then spoke,"Electro Slam!" He then throws Dane down into the frozen snow next to the frozen lake. Dane was now stuck in the ground after Fang slammed him,and Dane couldn't wiggle himself out of the ground.

"FAR HAR HAR Y'all had a good try!" Fang says,"You even gave me a little scare Dane. I say training is done for now! We'll continue tomorrow!"

"Oh lord...." Kakashi says,"What we will be doing tomorrow?"

"Oh some basic warmups to learn Reijisutairu." Fang replies.

"I can't wait..." Dane says as he was stuck in the ground.

"Anyone know where my garments went?" Charmy asks as she was looking around.

Legend of Yukon

Hours later

It was now dinner time in the Yukon kingdom,and today was a special day in the calendar. Once a month,the people gather in the center of the great city and eat a giant feast. They also sing and dance amongst the giant feast. Despite the wasted looks of the barren snowland,the people made the feast because their hope in Fang was in them now. And so,the reconstruction of the island is not only physically with the buildings,but spiritually as in bringing back the traditions the citizens of Yukon once had.

"FAR HAR HAR!!" Fang was seen laughing as he saw the tables being set up and the food being made,"Never thought I would see this day in over 50 years."

"You remember these festivals since you were five?" Dane asks as he looked around and saw all the food being made.

"Oh yeah,these memories in this island I can never forget!" Fang replies,"Even the ones I don't want to remember..."

"Ah yeah...." Dane then replies.

"Well hopefully this becomes one that is memorable for you kids!" Fang says with a smile and a thumbs up.

"Man,honey have you seen all of this food the people are making!" Collie says with excitement as she smelled some of the food. "The festival is almost ready sir." Sariel speaks as she flew down at Fang.

"Good Sara." Fang says,"I hope the fire will be as big as I remember as a kid."

"Wait fire?" Kakashi asks.

"Yup! After the meal,we'll be singing and dancing around the great fire!" Fang says with nostalgic eyes,"Trust me it'll be a blast!"

"Sounds kinda pagan but I guess I'll honor it." Dane says with a raised eyebrow.

"What are you? A fucking knight or something?" Fang asks looking at Dane.

"I mean...." Dane replies thinking about his position at Chau.

"Nevermind!" Fang randomly states at Dane,"Where's Charmy!"

"I'm here father." Charmy says,"The moon will be out soon though."

"Oh all will be fine!" Fang says walking over to Charmy,hugging her,"All will be fine with Father Fang here!"

Dane shakes his head,"In all of my days,I can't decide if dad is either a really dangerous pirate or just a silly father."

"Probably both if we're honest." Kakashi states as Dane nods in reply.

Kama, Katsudon, and Zensuke Byakko can be seen looking over at the food that is being presented before them. Though Byakko seems to be more into reading a random book as usual.

"Damn, I haven't seen this much food since our own festivals! Why didn't you tell me they did this?" Kama asked Katsudon.

"I haven't been with the crew that long to know these things you know.." Katsudon answers deadpanly.

"Enough with that damn snark!" shouted Kama as she smacks him on the head.

"Yukon many years ago was a lot more lively and did these kind of things... From what I read up of course." said Byakko as he continued reading his book.

"You know, you probably could focus on the food more than the book. I've seen you read that thing for hours now." Katsudon said as he looked over at Byakko who was sitting on the ground.

"Sorry! Can't! I'm getting into this book of Ancient Giants!" said Byakko almost eagerly.

"See? If you were as smart as him, you'd know everything as well!" said Kama in an almost snarky tone.

"Ooh! I am sorry then for being a dumbass!" said Katsudon sarcastally which was, of course, met with another slap on the head.

"Let the feast commence!!" Fang then shouts as the citizens cheer in favor as the music begins. The sounds of rattles and drums were heard in the background along with the melodic sound of flutes. Kids running around with the bells on their clothes ringing. There was giant plates of bison,deer,duck, and any other type of game meat that was found in the Yukon forest and mountains. The sweet potatoes,beans,corn,rice,squash,pumpkins,all being great dishes on the side as well.

"MORE MORE MORE!!!" Fang then yells out a while later as he was seen gorging on all of the food.

"Wow,our dad is quite the eater." Kakashi says.

"I noticed that back at Vulpixia." Dane replies,"I think he ate a large chunk of their meat supply on that island."

"The place is so festive." Charmy says,"With all this food,the music,and the overall happiness of the land."

"Why are they all happy now?" Kakashi asks,"Couldn't they have done this without dad?"

"Maybe,but father is a rather big influence to the people as he is part of the royal bloodline of this island." Sariel randomly answers,"Ask your father about this,he'll answer them to you."

"Oh,well ok." Kakashi then continues to eat his food.

"Man. He can really pack it away huh?" asked Kama as she was eating her food.

"You've seen him back on Vulpxia! The sea Gods know how much he can pack away now. I doubt anyone but that tiger and that fire man could match his eating habits." said Katsudon as he slowly at his food and looks over at Byakko completely tearing through the meats.

"Well, lots of food is good to help build your strength! Especially after a hard day of training!" said Byakko as he continued to eat through his food.

"Then how are YOU eating that much? You haven't done anything but read all day!" stated Katsudon as he drunk a glass of water.

"I was! My brain got the training! Meat is also brain food." replied Byakko.

"I thought that was fish?" asked Katsudon.

"I'M STILL HUNGRY PEOPLE! COME ON! FEED. ME. MORE!!!" Fang yells out as giant stacks of game meat was then slapped onto the table.

"Well look at that,the moon has come out." Charmy says as she then turns into her werewolf form while eating.

"Welp shit I forgot it was night." Kakashi says as he was in his werewolf form as well.

"Well at least I don't need to become a wolf." Dane states,"I'm already one."

"Yeah but you have sulong." Kakashi retorts.

"But I can choose to be sulong." Dane answers back.

"Fine whatever." Kakashi rolls his eyes.

"Children! No matter if you're a werewolf,a wolf mink,or a longleg humink werewolf,I'm your father and I love you all as my children." Fang states,"But right now I'm gonna be taking your plates." He then starts taking the triplets' food from their plates.

"Oh? Uhhhh ok." Dane says,"Was gonna get more anyway."

" our father like this." Kakashi facepalms himself.

"My food!" Charmy would actually bark back at Fang.

"ooooh,girl got attitude! Papa respects that." Fang says as he backs off from Charmy's food.

"Man it's like super lively over there!" said Katsudon in shock as he looked at them out they are eating their food.

"You were a messy eater like that yourself! I guess having your ass locked up for years will do that heh." snarked Kama.

"Werewolves, or rather, wolves in general do eat a lot more than your average person. Even someone like me who turns into a tiger doesn't have the same habits. Well, most of the time." stated Byakko as he kept eating his meat messely.

"You SEEM that way anyway..." said Katsudon with a deadpan expression.

"Any more food left?" Fang asks as he searched around,"I'm not full yet!"

"Hold on captain. Krekos has more giant game food coming for you." Sariel states to Fang as Krekos the giant comes in with more barrels of meat for Fang.

"My word that's a lot of meat." Dane shakes his head.

"It's so he doesn't end up eating the whole game population." Krekos states,"If he eats all of the animals here,the people will be screwed."

"Well at least most of the people are satisfied with their food." Sariel says turning around and seeing the people done with their food,"Captain,you should probably commence the great fire dance while you're eating."

"Ohhh that's right! ALRIGHT LET'S START THE GREAT DANCE PEOPLE!!" Fang says as he turns around and sees the now giant bonfire before them that is starting to be encircled by wolf minks that had feathers attached to them,paint all over their bodies. The rattles and bells going off as drums banged hard to the beat.

"An interesting culture." Kakashi says,"It's different than what we see from other normal islands."

"No no,this ain't a normal island we see." Dane says,"This culture does seem to be more simple if we're honest besides the giant castle they're building for Fang."

"True." Kakashi nods.

"You know, we have similar things back on Vulpixia. Except mainly foxes of course." said Katusdon as he watched the wolves dance.

"Not like this though. We're like, ahem, REALLY "old school!" said Kama with a laugh.

"We had our own celebrations on Ohara..." said Byakko as he paused for a brief moment before speaking again. "Well, I'd better not dwell on that, but yeah it is understandable considering his break out from Impel Down and regaining his youth!"

The wolf minks that were wearing painted faces and were dancing around the fire in a circle dance started singing out toward the heavens a song,"Ley O Lay - Lay Le Loy Lao! Ly O Ley O Lay - LaLe Loy Lao! Le O Le O Lo - La Loy La! Ly O Ley O Lay - Lay Le Loy!"

"What are they speaking?" Kakashi asks Fang,who was smiling as he enjoyed it.

"It's the Song of the Wolf we say,it translates to: "May the stars carry your sadness away, May the flowers fill your heart with beauty, May hope forever wipe away your tears. And, above all, may the silence make you strong!"

"Really? Sounds like a bunch of the same words but ok." Dane says noting.

"It is a song of courage I sang while in Impel Down,they may take my right to move around,but I have never lost my will! And as the song says,the silence made me strong!" Fang answers.

"It is then a song of hope and courage." Dane then nods understandably.

A little wolf mink girl comes running toward Fang and motions him to kneel. Fang smiles and kneels before the young lady as the little girl then starts putting face paint on Fang's face and puts a crown of feathers on him too. Fang pats the little girl and motions her back to her mother.

"Why she do that?" Kakashi asks again.

"Cause he's the tribal chief." Charmy answers,knowing from the ranks of wolfpacks,"Our father is the Alpha of all of these wolf minks,and the little pups give him the respect by giving him the facepaint and feathers."

"Giving the elders respect they deserve is a big thing." Dane notices,"While this place is primitive,it sure does have the same honors we have in other lands."

"Well that sometimes is the thing that can be translated,honor." Charmy states,"Honor and Leadership."

"How do I look honey?" Fang says looking over to Collie.

"You look like the young Fang I knew!" Collie says with a smile kissing him on the head,"Perfect for the High Chief of the land!"

"Thank you!" Fang says with a smile and his wolf tail wagging.

"What's next after this father?" Charmy then asks Fang.

"Nothin,we do it until everyone is tired and the dance has ended." Fang says with a smile as he continued to watch the circle dance.

"What are we doing tomorrow again?" Dane asks Fang.

"We're going to do more training until soon we'll be climbing up the mountains me and you." Fang answers.

"Oh...ok then." Dane says as he then watches as the circle dance was nearly finished with the great bonfire still lighting up the night.

The Yukon Mountains

A few weeks later

The frozen lake was still the major training ground for meditating the inner Mantra of all of them. Dane was meditating in the morning as always,Fang training each of his kids in different times. Dane was practicing meditating while bare as in the beginning of his practices. Every day he has been training,meditating on this frozen lake bare,getting easier each and every time. The natural instincts of the wolf start to kick in as he was training.

Suddenly,as he was meditating,Fang swings another giant tree at Dane! Dane was focused on the meditation but suddenly shifted his eyes open as he grabs his swords and slices the tree into dices!

"FAR HAR HAR Nice job kid! Really focusing on that mantra now!" Fang says with a smile,"This intense training I have been giving you has now been showing."

"It was hard at first." Dane definitely states,"But I think I might soon have the hand of it."

"Great! Then I guess another chapter of your training begins!" Fang states with a smile as he looked towards the mountains.

"What would that be?" Dane replies as he too looks at the Yukon mountains.

"Nothin really,all it is that we're going on a trip." Fang replies,"A trip to the top of the Yukon Mountain!" He points to the highest point of Yukon,which rose over twenty thousand feet above the ground. The clouds touching the tip of the mountains. The mountain was mostly all snow and little forest,and few animals are seen in those mountains.

"Uhhh that looks dangerous doesn't it?" Dane asks,"You sure about that?"

"Yeah! And when we get to the top,I'll be teaching you about reijisutairu more." Fang says,"Learning to train with some lack of air does make you train harder."

"I guess you're right in a way." Dane says looking at the intimidating mountains.

"Yup,We'll start the climb tomorrow." Fang states,"The Climb will take the majority of this month,at least 3 weeks, just saying."

"What will my siblings be doing while?" Dane asks,"Don't you personally train them?"

"I'll have my trusted Betas train them." Fang answers as he walks back to the village,"Like I said,pack your things and get ready."

"Yes sir." Dane salutes,"How tough will this hike be?"

"I can easily get it done in a few hours if I'm honest looking at that mountain." Fang replies,"But you wouldn't,so I set the training to a bit more than you can handle."

"Well that's neat." Dane rolls his eyes,"What all should I pack?"

"Nothin but your clothes and your swords." Fang answers,"I'll be teaching you survival up there too."

"Oh ok." Dane states as he grabs his buster sword,"Let's hope we don't die up there."

"I know I won't FAR HAR HAR!" Fang laughs,"But you....that might be depending FAR HAR HAR!!"

"Uhhh that's encouraging." Dane replies as he puts his clothes back on and starts heading back to the village.

The Next Day

"ARE YOU READY SON!!!!" Fang leaps into Dane's tent and scares the crap out of Dane while he was sleeping.

"AHHHH What the heck dad!!!" Dane jumps out of his bed.

"I said! Are! You! READY!!!" Fang shouts at Dane,"We're going to start the climb to Yukon today!"

"Ohhhh." Dane rubs his eyes trying to wake up,"Yeah,I think I have all of my clothes and my swords."

"Good! Cause we're going to start climbing!" Fang says as he exits the tent,"And let's see if you live these next few weeks."

"Oh boy,like I'm super excited..." Dane says as he sheathes his swords onto him and follows Fang.

"Honey! You're in charge of the island for a while." Fang says kissing her in the head,"Be a good queen my dear."

"Oh ok! Have a fun time boys!" Collie then says to Fang and Dane before they walk to the entrance of the mountains.


"Alright! Let's start this hike!" Fang says as he starts walking up the giant mountain of snow ahead. It was a hard snowy day for some reason in this island,the wind and snow hitting the fur of the two wolves. The long slope ahead is gonna be at first a lot of trees,but soon the forest will turn into the barren snow wasteland that the Yukon Mountain Terrain is known for.

"Woah dad slow down!" Dane shouts as he was trying to keep his footing as the falling snow slammed against his dark fur.

"FAR HAR HAR! One thing about this abnormal weather is that you must adapt to it!" Fang says with a smile,"And I have adapted to this weather since I was 5! Survival of the fittest baby! Now follow me if you want to live!" Fang then continues to run off into the snow.

"I thought he said this will take a few weeks..." Dane says trying to run after Fang,"He's probably making me do this in a few days if anything." He then runs more to try and catch up Fang.

They keep running and hiking till it got dark. Where they end up and stop nearby a large rock on the way up the mountain.

"We'll make camp here!" Fang says,"Now! Who's got wood? We gotta make a fire!"

"Wood? There has been no trees since we started climbing this thing!" Dane says,"There is no way we're going back down for wood!"

"No way? Oh well,looks like we're gonna have to sleep without a fire." Fang says as he falls into the snow and almost instantly goes to sleep,"Good Night Sonny!"

"WHAT! Not even with a blanket?" Dane asks looking at Fang.

"Survival my son should be natural to you." Fang states,"Just fall into the ground and close your eyes. The fur will contain the heat in you." He then closes his eyes,"It's time you start thinking like an animal son!"

"Oh...ok." Dane says,"The luxury of Chau has probably made me accustomed to sleeping and living in comfort. But father is testing me with my animal instincts. So it's best I should learn it." He then falls into the snow as well and tries to fall asleep himself in the dark,snow heavy night.

The Next Morning

It was morning,the sun signalling the start of the day. The snow from last snowfall lying smoothly along the mountain slopes. Funny,Fang and Dane weren't even seen as they were covered by last night's snowfall.

Fang was the first to rise from the snowfall. He looks around and stretches his neck a little before shaking off the snow off of him. He looks right next to him to see Dane being completely buried in the snow as well.

"Hey Dane! Wake up! Wake Up!" Fang then starts slapping the buried body of Dane as it suddenly risen with all of the snow on him.

"Huh! Why can't I see anything!?" Dane says as he was opening his eyes with snow covering him.

"Shake yourself like you're out of the shower!" Fang replies as Dane follows the orders.

"Ugh,what happened?" Dane asks.

"We got covered by the snow while we slept." Fang states,"All is fine though,no need to panic."

"Great...." Dane sarcastically states,"Well I'm hungry! And there is no food nearby."

"Are you sure about that?" Fang points to a large mountain goat that was about 50 yards away from them.

"Nevermind then." Dane states as he saw it.

"You know how to hunt kid?" Fang asks as he was suddenly acting like an actual wolf as he was walking on his fours toward the large mountain goat. Despite Fang's size,he was unnoticed by the goat as it was eating its breakfast of grass under the snow. Fang then leaps into the air and snatches the goat and just gnaws the thing alive!

"My God!" Dane says as he sees Fang rip the skin out of the living goat,"You're eating it alive!"

"Hence the animosity of the hunt!" Fang says as he takes another bite into the bleeding goat,"Now I found my food,find yours!"

"Man,you're a crazy son of a biscuit." Dane says as he stood up and looked around for a prey himself. He looks around and could barely see if there was anything nearby him. So he closes his eyes and activates his kenbunshoku haki to focus on where the prey would be. In the distance about a 100 yards from him was a buffalo that had somehow wondered all the way to the mountain. It was snorting around,looking for where it pack was that he left. Dane unsheathes his buster sword and starts running for the bison. He then dashes and slices right through the bison!

"FAR HAR HAR Nice job my son!" Fang says with a smile and a thumbs up.

"Heh,that almost reminds me of when me and my other dad would go hunting in Chau." Dane says thinking,"Though this was more on the extreme side of survival."

"Now eat it!" Fang shouts to Dane,"Eat it raw!!"

Dane grabs one of his serrated blades to cut some meat out of the bison. He raises the meat toward his mouth. Dane takes a sniff of the fresh red meat. The metallic smell of the fresh meat was noticeable up close. Dane,with hesitation,takes a bite out of the bloody meat. The mild gamey taste of the bison meat was present in Dane's mouth. Dane was surprised as it interested his wolf tastes of the delicious meat to him. He starts taking another bite out of it and another one and another one.

"FAR HAR HAR Watching you eat raw meat is like watching a kid eat mash potatoes FAR HAR HAR!" Fang laughs.

"Well I would always cook my food." Dane states,"But it does interest me."

"Thus you'll be learning survival in this course as well." Fang says walking toward Dane as he finished his meal of the goat,with literally nothing but bones left.

"Survival,Mantra,and this reijisutairu." Dane says,"When are you teaching me that?"

"When we get to the top of the mountain." Fang states as he looked up to how far they need to go,which was still a ways to go,"There you'll learn of reijisutairu."

"Why at the top though?" Dane asks,"Why not here and now?"

"Cause you ain't proven ready till you can survive this mountain." Fang states,"This mountain will test your patience,and will extract the devil inside you. But if you can prove you can keep the devil inside,then I know you're ready." He then starts walking,"Now let's go. Let's not waste the sun on just speaking here." He then starts walking up the mountain with Dane following.

3 weeks later

There has been no animals since seeing the goat and bison on the second day of travel. The barren mountains showing nothing but snow and the despairing notion that the mighty Yukon Mountains bring.

It was evening,Dane and Fang are trying to sleep in the barren snow as usual. Fang was seen smiling,fast asleep as the snow covered him. While Dane was seen trying to sleep but was too hungry that it was forcing him to stay awake. The eyes in Dane being an annoyed red,as Dane is trying to resist going crazy with the devil inside him. Now,this trip could have been faster if Fang allowed it. Fang can easily go up and down the mountain in days if not hours. Fang was intentionally going slow to have Dane suffer and to see how Dane would last in the mountains.

"Come on mountains! Take me if you were to!" Dane blurts out in anger.

"FAR HAR HAR Giving up already?" Fang says as he woke up a bit and rolls around in the snow,"It is amusing that you are like this. Your wife would surely not recognize you at this moment."

"Because my clothes are tattered from all the avalanches we suffered,all the snow that has covered me. And all of the rocks that have been in the avalanches. Yeah! And I'm also hungry is not a plus!" Dane shouts.

"Now,I am wondering if you lost already and are not worthy of reijisutairu." Fang states as he closes his eyes again.

"I haven't yet!" Dane states as he closes his eyes,still trying to not let the demon out loose,"Why have you done this to me father? I know you could have gotten through this in days if not hours! But no! You just want to see your own son suffer for your pleasure. I know you're smiling under that snow! You want me to suffer!"

"It is cause your will needs to be strong when you learn." Fang states,"It has taken me years to create and master this art I have." Fang then turns around and looks at Dane,"If you're the devil and can't control yourself,you ain't worth living if you have to live with a family."

"What do you mean? I am going to be a father and I would've had myself contain until you came along!" Dane then blames,"You want me to get stronger! But I am here getting skinnier and hungry because you say I ain't ready!"

"DON'T Test my patience dear boy!" Fang then has his red eyes staring coldly at Dane,"It was my plan to find you ever since you were born in the prison of Impel Down! I knew you would be taken away by the hands of the marines,which then they gave you guys to the damn stork people! But then I had Sariel come to Chau secretly and place you there in the forest for whoever found you! You wouldn't have been living if it wasn't for me! I literally could have ate you and your siblings while in prison! But that would've proved my will was broken!"

"Well now you have me suffering here!" Dane says,"If you want to kill me! Now is your chance! Cause I'll be allowing it!"

"Those are words you'll regret son." Fang then looks up at the bright full moon that lighted up the blank night of darkness. Fang was then seen transforming into an even bigger wolf. His grey fur becomes white as his eyes became an even bloodier red and his black pupil becoming tiny as the red surrounded it. His top fangs enlarge and sharpen as it comes out to expose itself out of the mouth. Now Fang was double the size he once was,he was looking down at the only ten feet tall Dane. Fang extracts his claws out to reveal sharp claws and looks at himself.

"This is the first time I have been in sulong in many many years." Fang says looking at himself,"If you want to be worthy,survive without going demon form!" He then grabs Dane and throws him far across the mountain,even leaving a large crater in the wake of the impact.

Dane was surprised by the throw as he woke himself up from that impact. Dane shakes himself as he was then pounced by Fang and was nearly had his head off by the savage bite from Fang! Fang was biting Dane like it was Fang's first sulong meal he wished for. Dane then grabs the large teeth and attempts to push the fangs away from the large sulong Fang. Dane leaps up and pulls out his blades to attack back!

"Fight without my demonic lust huh?" Dane asks,"Then it's a fight you'll get!" He says as he was despite hungry and low of energy,"Santoryu: Blade Burst 540!" He says as he fires sword beam buzz saws off of his swords.

Fang only allows the sword beams to scratch his claws as it actually sharpened them even sharper! "Swords won't be an issue against me!" He then leaps again at Dane for a thunderous slap,"Sulong Smash!" He then slams his claws at the ground toward Dane.

"Santoryu: Counterstance 540!" Dane says as he tries to parry the attack as he then was suddenly kicked by Fang! Sending him back far into the snow.

"Think you can beat me? I am the White Fang! One of the most feared pirates in the land! The reason they put me in the sixth level of impel down!" Fang says as he leaps again and grabs Dane and attempts to bite Dane into a gory mess.

Dane only slithers and twists his body around so the teeth avoid him as Fang attempt to bite him,keeping his will to live,"Heh,I see what you mean by will. I need to know I have the will to survive and live with a demon inside me!" He then tries to break free of Fang,"Which means you won't take my life when I say no!" He then tries to push the claws away only to meet a lot of volts of electro run through him. Dane screams as he was fried but he stayed vigilante and made sure he didn't fall faint to the attack!

"Your will is much stronger than I thought." Fang says coldly,then throwing Dane the other way again! "You passed!" He says as Dane landed in the hard snow,"Now make sure you rest this time before you piss me off again."

"Heh,whatever you say dad." Dane says as he wipes his mouth,as he only suffered a cut lip and a lot of static from the electro. "So I proved worthy to you?"

"Yeah in a way." Fang states,"If I went any farther you would've died,but you survive a devastating electro attack. And your will just needed tested. So I think you've passed." He then lays down into the snow,"Now go to sleep,I'm gonna be a grumpy dad if you don't leave me alone!" He then instantly goes to sleep in the snow as Dane too laid down and went to sleep in the sudden quiet snowy night.

About 2 days later

The sun was hovering as it was a clear day for the hike. Dane and Fang were seen walking the mountains again,but this time they finally reached to the top. The peak was above the thin clouds,but the view was outstanding seeing the island of Yukon in its finest. The snowy forest below them,herds of bison in barren snow lands,the villages around the island.

"Welp son,looks like we made it." Fang says with a smile as he looked at the view,"I haven't seen this view in many years."

"It looks amazing here." Dane says looking down,"Though what is that?" Dane says looking down a little to see a little frozen stream of water going down the mountain.

"That there is how the frozen lake was made." Fang answers,"Water would fall down here and slide down the mountain and freeze below into the lake.

"That is interesting." Dane says nodding while he looked at the stream.

"It reminds me of to never forget where you came from." Fang states,"No matter where you are now,never forget what you were and how far you have gotten. That lake came from a little stream,just like how a tadpole becomes a frog."

"You a man in ideology or theoolgy or something?" Dane asks.

"There's more than a rabid wolf in this head." Fang states,"Now..." He then leaps to the rock that was the highest point of the mountain. Fang then starts making martial arts poses while standing on the rock. He then stomps his foot and then yells,"Rage Point!'" Where the aura of reijisutairu surrounds the giant wolf mink,"You want to learn Reijisutairu?"

"Yes sir!" Dane states in reply.

"Then I am your alpha from this point on!" Fang states,"Let's begin!" He then leaps into the air and attacks Dane with an axe kick as the duo is panned out by the view of the Yukon Mountains.

Training Can Leave Burns, but So Can Foxes

Yin can be seen playing with her younger sister as she watches the other Vulpines as they run around through the fields.

"So, how are you taking to the sights here Yin?" asked Omochi as she sat down beside her.

"It is quite a different change from my own home and the ship. That is for sure." answered Yin.

"How about that belly? I know you're expecting, but they may not go as easy on you per se." stated Omochi as she started to eat a piece of bread.

"Oh yes. I should be fine. I could say I can pace myself, but I hope they won't go too hard on me." stated Yin.

"Vulpines are supposed to be tough. We're not physical powerhouses like the werefoxes, but we definitely have our Pyroico to back it up. If it's too much for you to use your strength, then your Pyrocio is definitely going to be the main one." replied Omochi.

"Oh, so my fire powers will be even stronger right?" asked Yin.

"That is the basis." stated Biryani suddenly as the tall, elder brother of Yin's family walks in.

"Hey Omochi, you told our parents that Kama left again?" Omochi suddenly asked him.

"Yes. They will say her position will stay until she eventually comes back. As for you." said Biryani as he looks over at Yin. "You will be training soon. The elders are going to be blunt with their training."

"W-Were they like you with that Biryani? Or, ahem, brother?" asked Yin who was a bit embarassed to say the last part considering she only knew Yang as her brother for years.

"Quite. Although I am the eldest, and not pregrant. Someone in my position gets the very blunt of the training." stated Biryani.

"Unless you're a seahorse fishmen or something." said Dolma as she was laying down.

Chanchan and Onigiri then appear in Yin's room wearing their traditional clothing.

"It appears that the Elder that will be in charge of you will be wanting to see you soon." said Onigiri.

"It is best you go see her very soon." replied Chanchan.

"O-Okay. I am curious who this elder will be." asked Yin.

"Elder Pulihora." answered both Onigiri and Chanchan at the same time.

"Oooh you got lucky sis! Pulihora is like the perfect mix between nice and strict!" said Omochi.

"It does make sense that she is the trainer. Not only she is the most experienced, but she is one of the best Pyrocio users on this island." stated Biryani.

"Though, yeah, she doesn't take for weakness; but you should be fine." said Dolma with a stretch.

"Here. I will take you to her. Just be sure not to show any weakness around her." Biryani as he prepared to walk out.

"O-Okay! Wait for me!" said Yin as she followed behind her almost tripping on the way out.

"You think she will do fine? She seems a bit clumsy." said Dolma with worry in her words.

"She merly has the traits of the outsiders." stated Onigiri.

"Indeed. Elder Pulihora will teach her the correct way to behave like a Vulpine. Only then she can truly harness her powers." replied Chanchan.

"She has a lot of spirit, I just hope it doesn't break too easily. She seems like the type that can't stand to be away from her loved ones too long." said Omochi who was playing with her younger sister.

--- Meanwhile, Biryani can be seen walking Yin to a cave that appears to resemble a large tree where a bunch of lit torches can be seen going down a specific dirt patch in the road. It almost resembles a shrine where a large, older Vulpine can be seen in a seated position at the end of it. The torches that were right beside hers were lit with purple flames as opposed to the normal, red/orange flames of the others.

"We are here. There is Elder Pulihora I will go introduce you to her." said Biryani as he walked forward toward Elder Pulihor.

"O-Okay." said Yin with a nod. "Wow, she must be one of the oldest Vulpies around." she thought to herself.

"Is this the forgotten child that requires my services?" said Pulihora in a calm tone as she slowly looks up toward Yin.

"Yes Elder Pulihora. Although she goes by "Yin" now, she is still our younger sister that was lost from us from a long time ago. And now she must relearn her roots in order to become stronger." stated Biryani.

"I see." said Elder Pulihora as she started at Yin once again. "Her spirit is strong, but I can tell that she has no experience in being a Vulpine. This process may take awhile. Months I assume." informed Pulihora.

"O-Oh wow. Months huh? May I ask what will this process involve? I do hear boulders will be involved..." said a nervous Yin.

"Do no worry my dear. Yes, we will increase your physical capabilities, but we will focus more on your pyroico instead as that will be your specialty." stated Pulihora.

"Male vulpines have superiors strength, however, female Vulpines often has better Pyroico than the males. Mother is probably the only exception as she is proficient in both. However, we must focus on you alone especially when you are baring. I will be assisting in this training by the by." stated Biryani in his usual deadpan tone.

"I see. I do feel like my fire is getting stronger. That will be best if I can attack from a distance." said Yin as she had flashbacks to Nitro attacking her.

"There are usually three trials. The Trial of Strength, the Trial of Courage, and the Trial of Willpower as the latter combines both trials. I know you are expecting so we will go for the Trial of Courage for now as it is the one to help build your ability to attack with Pyroico." stated Pulihora.

"So this won't involve the boulders right?" Yin asked meekly.

"No. That is for the Trial of Strength which you will be skipping for now. However, you will still have to endure some tests with the Trial of Willpower. Now, for the Trial of Courage, I do hope you will have the courage to face it." stated Biryani as he then looked off toward a large glowing door just behind him with the letter "C" carved into it.

"W-What do I have to do for that?" asked Yin.

"The Trial of Courage tests one's courage naturally, and with enough courage, one can use Pyroico very effectivly. Pyroico requires concentration and, as such, one must not fear their enemy whenever someone is about to attack them. What you will face inside will be your biggest fear and you must be able to conquer it." stated Pulihora as she went over to the door.

"I-I will try my best. Although, my biggest fear...? W-Will HE be there..." Yin thought the last statement to herself.

"Do not worry. If anything gets too intense, Biryani here will intervene." said Pulihora as she opened the door.

"Right. I have done this with others that had to undergo this. This will be naught for me. Now, it is time for you to enter sister." said Biryani as he motions Yin toward the door which opens up with a lot of mist coming out of it.

"Okay. I will do get stronger." said Yin as she then enters the door as she is followed closely by Biryani.

"It is time for the Trial of Courage." stated Pulihora as her body suddenly glows as she closes the door.

The Trial of Courage

Yin and Biryani enter a forest-like area that is completely covered with a strange type of fog/mist. Only the trees and the path itself can be visible along with a few torches here and there.

"T-This place...feels strange for some reason." said Yin as she looked around.

"The trial has started sister. I cannot interfere only when things get too much for you. I will watch from afar." said Biryani as he suddenly disappeared into the fog from the spot.

"B-Brother! Wait! Oh dear...and I thought my other brother leaves in a hurry all of a sudden..." said Yin with a sigh.

The fog seems to be settling down a bit and something can be seen further head. A large shadow that appears to be taking form.

"Huh? Brother? Is that you?" asked Yin as she called out. Suddenly, a large shard of crystals fly toward Yin as she was barely able to dodge out of the way. "W-What was that!? N-No...don't tell me those are crystals..." screamed Yin as he quickly turns around to see the fog suddenly starting to form with the figure and Angrboda Nitroni appears before her.

"So you dodged that? Not bad, but the next one won't miss I assure you!" shouted Nitro as he prepared more crystals to attack with.

"N-No...W-Why are you here?! This place is supposed to be sacred!" shouted Yin as she tooks steps back.

"Do not underestimate the power of the Marines. We can go just about anywhere we want. Now, shut up and let me kill you already! Should be easy without that mutt to protect you!" shouted Nitro as he tossed more crystals toward Yin who dodged them and started to run away.

"NO!!! STAY AWAY FROM ME!!!" shouted Yin as she started to run through the fog forest.

Biryani can be seen standing on a very high tree looking down at Yin running away from Nitro. "That man is wearing the clothes of the Marines. It is understandable for pirates to be upset at the Marines. However, this man here seems to have personal issues with Yin. I don't know what he has done, but if Yin's biggest fear is this man, then she must learn to face him. Only then she can go to the path of getting stronger." said Biryani to himself.

Yin can be seen hiding behind a large tree catching her breath. She then looks forward. "T-That cannot be that Angrboda...Why is he here?! H-He must be an illusion or something! He didn't even have one arm after Dane cut off his other one!" said Yin assurengly to herself and then suddenly notices Nitro right in front of her. "Oh dear..."

"It's not that difficult for me to get a new arm you know! Crystal Wave!" Shouted Nitro as he sent a massive crystal wave toward Yin.

"T-Too fast!" said Yin as she got her arms up and the crystals slammed her back into the tree that was behind her. "Ah! T-That hurt...I-Is he real?"

"As real as that injury you suffered just now. There is no running. You may as well give up while you're still ahead!" said Nitro as he started to chuckle.

"Hm...That did look painful. I hope Pulihora doesn't make it too difficult on her. It rarely happens, but this situation could be dire if not handled right. Then again, this is why I am here." said Biryani as he stood up continuing to watch.

"You bastard! You tried to kill me, my husband, and our unborn childern! Aren't the Marines supposed to be protecting people like that?!" shouted Yin at Nitro.

"Are you kidding? That only applies to normal citizens. You and your husband are pirates. Once you decided to sail the seas as those, the Marines could care less if you live or die. In this world, there are the weak, and there are the strong. The Marines represent the strong, while you pirates are the weak. No matter how much you push yourself, you'll never be as strong as others. I mean, look at you! You're one of the captains of a bigger crew yet your brother Yang is leagues stronger than you, and your damn husband is second in command of your half, and he easily overpowers you. What makes you think that you'll even make it in the New World? You were born in it, but it's clear you don't belong in it. Some people are just destined to be failures, and you're one of them! Now just lay there and die!" explained Nitro as he sent another wave of crystals toward Yin and she moves to the side calmly and takes the hits to her right arm.

"She purposely got hit?" said a confused Biryani.

"You're right... I am pretty weak. Yang always excelled in strength both mentally and physically. Dane as well even though he can let his aggressions get the better of him. I don't have amazing Electro usage, nor I can do crazy things like fly around or slice buildings in half. I akwnodlge I am weak. That is all there is to it. However, that is why I am here right? To get stronger? To make sure I don't chicken out in fights where I am needed? I even found my true birthplace and I am not going to just run away now! I've been constantly being overdone by those that are stronger than me, and it annoys me. Not because I am jealous of their strength, but upset that I can't keep up and protect myself when necessary! I...I will not run away! I will not let my love ones constantly close the gap just because I'm too afraid to do something about it! I will get stronger!" yelled Yin as suddenly, the fire around her started to get stronger.

"Huh?!" uttered Nitro as he was caught off-guard by her intense power.

"Good. It looks like she finally got the courage to face her fear. Her pyroico is burning bright." said Biryani with a smirk on his face.

"Take this you bastard! Pyroico: Burning Fury!" shouted Yin as she sent out an intense wave of fire powered by her anger toward Nitro who was then hit and he suddenly disappeared into a cloud of mist. "I-I beat him? B-But why did he disappear into mist? Was that an illusion?"

"Indeed." said Biryani as he leapt down from the tree he was standing on.

"W-Whoa! Brother Yani? So you were still close-by!" said the surprised Yin.

"Yani hm? Interesting. Nonetheless, you preformed admirably. Although you did struggled at first." said Biryani as he helped Yin up to her feet as she almost stumbled over.

"W-What happened? I was just afraid, then he said those things, then I got mad and I just suddenly just let it all out." stated Yin as she looked at her hands.

"We will discuss the rest when we get outside." said Biryani as he helped Yin through one of the mythical doors.


Just outside, Yin and Biryani both seat themselves in front of Elder Pulihora who was drinking herbal tea.

"So, you have passed the Trial of Courage correct? You have done so quite fast. I am impressed." said Pulihora with a smile on her face.

"W-What was with that forest may I ask? It's strange how it can make Nitro appear and his attacks actually hurt me." said Yin who was still aching on her back.

"Well, I do believe it is fine to tell you. There is a reason the rulers put me in charge of the Test of Courage: My powers are better suited for this. You see, I ate a mythical fruit that allows me to produce a fog that can manifest the worst fears out of beings." said Pulihora.

"Ah...It must be a Devil Fruit." answered Yin.

"Her powers are quite useful for this trial in particular, hence why she is in charge of it." stated Biryani.

"I see. That is interesting. I wonder how long you've had the powers?" Yin asked.

"For as long as I can remember which is a very long time I assure you." answered Pulihora with a giggle. "But, nonetheless, you have passed the Trial of Courage. Do you feel your pyroico is stronger?"

"I-I do. When I used it earlier, it felt like a furance of fire suddenly came over me." said Yin as she looked at her hands.

"That is because emotion itself helps make Pyroico stronger. In most cases, it's anger. Anger represents the burning desire within an individual, and thus, be able to generate flames even stronger." explained Pulihora.

"Ah I see. But I definitely feel worn out from that. More than usual honestly..." said Yin as she tried to take in some breaths.

"That is fine. We will do the other trial tommorrow. I think it is better that we show you our traditions as you haven't had too much time to settle in yet." said Pulihora as she got u.

"Phew. I could use something to eat honestly. I better eat a lot!" said Yin with a giggle.

"Hopefully not as much as the Wolf Mink known as Fang. We are still trying to re-supply from his last feast." said Biryani with a slight sigh.

"I do want to play with Omochi and my other sisters more. Though, I wonder there are others I could make friends with?" asked Yin.

"Take your pick. There are plenty of others around." said Biryani as he stretched before walking off.

"W-Wait brother! I still don't know my way around!" said Yin as she followed him.

"My it must be good to be that young and full of energy." said Pulihora with a giggle as she followed slowly behind.

The Customs of Vulpixia

Yin, Biryani, and Pulihora can be seen walking through a lively village as they each can be seen trying out different fruits. Some that aren't seen as commonly with Yin even eating one that looks like a hybrid of an apple and an orange.

"My...this fruit is delicious! I never had anything like it!" said Yin as she wages her tails excitengly.

"Hybrid Fruit. I wouldn't say they're exclusive to Vulpixia, but it's an item that cannot be found too commonly elsewhere." stated Biryani as he took a bite of the apple/pear he was eating.

"Quite so. Most of the seeds are often fused with each other to create these kinds of unique fruit. It is quite heavenly aren't they?" replied Pulihora with a smile.

Suddenly, a very tall and ripped Vulpine can be seen walking over to the three with his height actually matching with Biryani. He seems to be looking at Yin with a smirk before looking over at Pulihora.

"Yo, grandma? Who is this cute little kit you've been hangin' out with?" asked the tall Vulpine.

"Now now, Arancini. This is Yin who is the long lost daughter of our leaders. And she is quite taken already as you can see." said Pulihora.

"W-Who is that? He is...very tall..." said Yin who took some steps back.

"Arancini. He's one of the strongest Vulpines on this island. Of course, he can be considered a rival to me." answered Biryani.

"Heh. More like you are the rival to me as I am the strongest! Nonetheless, yes I can see you're expecting. Yes, you seem to be married to a Wolf Mink. Foxes and Wolves don't mix and I do know we are both of the canine family. That matters not to me." exclaimed Arancini.

"Why does his name and personality remind me of someone...?" Yin thought to herself but then shook her head. "Right. I am happy about the thought."

"Now now Arancini. There is no need to cause more trouble this late. We are to enjoy ourselves." said Pulihora who patted her grandson's back.

"Sorry grandmother. However, I must try to follow my heart and I will fight this Wolf Mink to the battle to the death!" saud Arancini suddenly dramatically.

"T-That excluded quickly..." said Yin with a nervous look on her face.

"Must you always act this dramatic toward Vulpines you become enfacutated with. First, it was my mate, now my sister?" said Biryani with a deadpan look.

"Come now. You must help me and your parents with the festitives anyway." stated Pulihora as she grabbed Arancini's hand walking off with him.

"Don't worry Yin! I will make you mine! Ahahahaha!" laughed Arancini dramatically.

"D-Do the rest of them act this way?" Yin asked Biryani.

"I assure you, that man there is the only one that behaves in that matter..." said Biryani with a sigh.

"It seems like those two will be busy. Anything else I could know about this place?" Yin asked.

"You're probably hungry. Let us go to the village for something quicker to eat." said Biryani as he started to walk off.

"W-Wait brother! He is still pretty quick to go off like a certain other brother..." remarked Yin as she went after Biryani.


Yin and Biryani can be seen at a small stand in the village as they both take sticks of meat with some glaze on them.

"These look good! What are they?" Yin asked as she looked at the food.

"Fried Shish Kabobs. They are quite delectable." remarked Biryani as he prepared to take a bite. "Oh, I must warn you..." he stopped himself as he look over at Yin who already ate the entire thing.

"Huh? Warn me about...what....O-OH!!! AHHHH!!!!" screamed Yin as she started to run around with her mouth on fire.

"...That the glaze used on it is made of a special ghost pepper sauce. In other words, it is incredibly spicy..." said Biryani with a sigh.

"T-TOO LATE TO THE PUNCH BROTHER!!!" screamed Yin as she jumped into the water cooling herself off.

"You know, we eat spicy things a lot as it helps with our Pyroico even more." Biryani said as he looked down at Yin where suddenly ducks started to look at her with one even on her head.

"I-I will take the mild kind...if they have it..." said Yin with a sigh as the ducks around her started to quack.

Moments later, the two can be seen sitting near a lake that appears to be letting out hot steam.

"Ah...just the steam alone feels relaxing..." said Yin who was sitting by it.

"I would assume after landing in that cold lake earlier." replied Biryani who was calmly looking at the birds flying around.

"Maybe I ask, what is the Trial of Willpower like? Is it tough?" asked Yin.

"I don't want to worry you, but it was a trial that even me and Arancini could make it through. In fact, we were nearly broken by it." Biryani warned.

"O-Oh...I-I won't die right?" asked Yin.

"Of course not. Me and Arancini will be involved so you have no worries. Arancini may appear to be self-centered, but he is actually responsible. However, that trial will be tomorrow morning. For tonight, you will rest up." replied Biryani as he suddenly got up.

"Okay. Wait, where are you going?" asked Yin as she got back up as well.

"It is nearly dark. It is recommended we go home for now." said Biryani as he lead himself and Yin back to their home.

At the castle of the royal family, Yin can be seen eating a lot with Biryani beside her and her sisters and parents seated in front of her.

"So, how is our daughter's process son?" Onigiri asked Biryani as he was sipping some herbal tea.

"It went well. She faced some difficulities in the beginning, but she nonetheless has passed." answered Biryani.

"That is good son. I am glad your training is going by well. I can sense your pyroico is getting stronger." said Chanhan with a bow.

"T-Thanks mother." said Yin with a blush. "I-I can see where Yani gets his talking from."

"You're definitely a fast learner. I guess that time in Chau helped you after all. That reminds me, who is training her for the next step?" asked Omurice.

"Me and Aranchi." answered Biryani.

"Oh...THAT guy..." said Omurice with an angry pout.

"I-Is there something wrong with him?" Yin asked.

"That bastard flirts too much with the other Vulpines. Biryani's mate, me...I bet you soon if you met him." said Omurice.

"I eager to be with me..." said Yin with a huff.

"Yeah...That guy is strong and he is actually one of the more noble guys around. However, his stupid flirting won't get him anywhere anytime soon." said Omurice.

"I-I see...He sounds like someone so similar...I know..." Yin said to herself.

"All in all, I do believe you will be doing the Trial of Willpower in the morning. It is best you have yourself rested before then." said Onigri.

"Yes father. I will get myself ready for bed." said Yin as she got up preparing to head toward her room.

"I really do hope Aranchi stays focused. That odd perception of Yin concerns me in the sense he'll be distracted." stated Biryani with a sigh.

The Trial of Willpower

The next morning, Yin can be seen walking with Elder Pulihora, Biryani, and Aranchi down a long stone path toward what it seems to be a large clearing in the distance. Aranchi, of course, couldn't help but walk closer to Yin.

"Are you ready for the Trial my dear? I promise you that I will protect you with my life!" uttered Aranchi in a dramatic tone.

"Uh...I-I'll be fine." said Yin as she tried to look away.

"Aranchi, please be on your best behavior. You are supposed to be assisting us with this trial." said Biryani in a rare angry tone.

"Hmph! I don't know what you're so upset about my rival! It is not like I am after your wife instead anymore!" answered Aranchi.

"She is someone else's you fool!" yelled Biryani back.

"And I already said I will fight this man, win, and claim her as mine! I am confident in my strength!" said Aranchi with a proud smirk.

"It is more of, proud of that on massive ego of yours..." snarked Biryani.

"Oooooh just wait till we-" said Aranchi as he suddenly was cut off by Pulihora.

"Now now you two. You best behave yourselves. You don't want to upset the Gods now." said Pulihora calmly.

"Yes ma'am." said both Biryani and Aranchi.

"Heh...they act like how Dane and Garrett used to..." thought Yin to herself with a chuckle.

Moments later, Yin, Pulihora, Biryani, and Aranchi can be seen huddle in a circle in the middle of the forest clearing as the sun beams directly on them.

"And now, we will begin the Trial of Willpower. We will see how strong your will is. If you can survive the world that you will want to put yourself out to." said Pulihora in a near echoed voice.

"What is this trial about?" asked Yin politely.

"Ah! A good question my dear! Let me explain!" said Aranchi as he cleared his throat preparing to talk but Biryani cuts him off before he was able to speak.

"In this trial, you will have to take some of our strikes and our Pyroico. We know of your condition, and we are to take precautions. However, you cannot afford to be too weakened. You cannot take on the boulder test of the Test of Strength, but taking hits from the two of us will help build your endurance." explained Biryani.

"Cretin! Taking my glory!" shouted Aranchi with a huff.

"S-So I will have to fight huh?" Yin asked?

"No no my dear! It's more of building your endurance by taking hits from these two. You're Pyroico is strong and can help develop more over time. We just want you to be safe in the long run, and with Biryani and Aranchi, our two strongest warriors, helping you out, then this should go by swimmingly." said Pulihora with a smile.

"O-Okay! I believe I am ready in that case!" said Yin in almost an excited tone.

"Ahahahaha! After you see my skills, you will have no choice but to fall for me!" said Aranchi with a hearty laugh.

"I sincerely doubt that." said Biryani in a snarky tone.

"Second. Plus, I think Dane may still destroy you heh..." said Yin in a snarky tone as well.

"N-No! Don't pick up that sass from that filth known as Biryani my dear Yin!" said Aranchi in a defensive tone.

"Settle down you two. I think Yin here will get a good grasp on your power if you both should clash." stated Pulihora as she sat down by a tree.

"I agree." said Biryani as he suddenly took out a large sword.

"I've been waiting for a re-clash of our power for eons!" said Aranchi dramatically as he took out a much more thinner but longer sword.

"Wow...They are both swordsmen?" asked Yin.

"Indeed. Most vulpines rely on their claws and Pyrocio to fight. However, Aranchi and Biryani are the only two in this country that can use blades, and they are quite proficient in using them as well." stated Pulhora. "Now then, you two may fight! Until I give the signal to transition to stage two!"

"Yes ma'am!" said Aranchi and Biryani as they both started to clash swiftly with their blades. Despite their sword's different sizes, they both clash evenly and with grace to the point that whistle like sounds can be heard in the skies. The intensity is even enough to nearly knock Yin off her balance.

"Looks like you haven't been slacking with all of your tomfoolery lately Aranchi." said Biryani as he continued to swing his sword.

"Ahahahaha! But of course! If I am able to protect the women like Yin there, I must keep my strength up! Besides, I don't want to lose my #1 spot to you!" uttered Arancini as he clashed his sword with Biryani.

"Wow...T-They are so intense...T-This reminds me of Dane's father clashing with that blue-haired Angrboda...N-Not to this intensity of course, but wow..." said Yin who was watching in awe.

"Alright you two. That is all for now. I think Yin here will like to have a taste of your power for herself." said Pulihora as she walked over to Yin and gives her a strange robe. "Here, wear this."

"W-What is it? A robe?" asked Yin as she puts it on and nearly falls over from the sudden weight of it. "I-It's heavy!"

"These are special garments made of a heavy fiber that acts as armor. You are expecting so you cannot wear the actual armor we will use. However, these will help you build your endurance as these two will launch attacks toward you." explained Pulihora.

"I-I see. I-I am ready then." said Yin nervously.

"Do not worry my dear! We will not hurt you badly! Actually, that robe will save you from our lighter strikes! I cannot have my fair maiden be hurt before our great dance!" said Arancini with a bow.

"Just focus on the task at hand." said Biryani as he and Arancini got closer to Yin as they both bowed.

"B-Bring it! I can take this!" said Yin confidently.

"Then, let me make the first move! Make sure you block as you can my dear! Beautiful Slash!" shouted Arancini as he quickly swung his thin sword toward Yin who was able to block with her left arm just barely. "Oh ho! Nice block! I expect nothing less from my future mate!"

"T-That was a fast strike...I could barely react in time to block." thought Yin to herself as she watches Biryani preparing to swing his larger sword. "Oh dear..."

"Vulpix Strike!" shouted Biryani as he swung his sword as well toward Yin who blocks it with her right arm but is visually struggling with the attack. "Good reflexes sister."

"Ah...T-That was strong...Yani has a lot of power...I see...these two are speed and power. Arancini's base power is lower than Yani's but is faster in his attacks, but Yani has more power and proficiently. This is going to be tough with the two of them attacking me at once... I can see why they are considered the best." thought Yin to herself.

"You fool! Do not harm my princess with your rough tactics! You need to be more graceful and elegant with your moves such as I!" spoke Arancini as he made a dramatic pose.

"The only one that is a fool here is you, Arancini. My sister will be toughened up in her endurance, not just enhance her reflexes." snarked Biryani back.

"Uh, I'm not his princess?" Yin said with confusion.

"Now, now you two. You need to focus. We need to continue to build up her endurance more. And then we can move onto reinforcing her Pyrocio." explained Pulihora in a calm tone.

"Yes ma'am." said both Arancini and Biryani as they faced Yin once more.

"I-I'm a bit nervous on what happens next." said Yin with a nervous smile.

"Next you must block, block, block! With all your might, might, might! We are about to unleash a parry of attacks upon you my dear!" said Arancini.

"This is to help build your defense after all. Be ready." warned Biryani as he and Arancini grasped their swords.

"O-Oh dear!" said Yin as she got into a defensive state as Biryani and Arancini.

"Vulpine Secret Sword Style! 1000 Graceful Winds!'" shouted Biryani and Arancini as they both started to send rapid fire sword strikes at Yin.

"A-Ah! These attacks are so intense...Y-Yet I could feel this robe protecting me. And the strikes are slowly getting weaker on me." Yin thought to herself.

"Good. Good. The two of them are in perfect sync with their attack. 1000 strikes dear Yin. You must endure them all if you hope to become stronger." Pulihora said.

"Yang was able to just shrug off falling on his head and whatnot like if it's nothing. While I just go down to one attack from someone. This, I hope I can at least take more than just a decent hit!" thought Yin to herself as she stood her ground.

"Hey Biryani! Getting tired already my rival? I'm not even tired myself! Ahahahaha!" said Arancini as he kept swinging away.

"Humorous. I was about to say the same about your mouth. Just focus on the fight at hand." said Biryani toward Arancini as he turned toward Yin. "Sister, how are you holding up?"

"I-I'm fine! I'm really am! I feel like these strikes aren't affecting me as much anymore." said Yin beneath the flurry of sword strikes.

"That is quite impressive! Even others that have endured this same trial had difficulties adjusting this fast!" remarked Arancini.

"I agree, and she hasn't even going through the Test of Strength." stated Biryani.

"And now for your Pyroico! And after that, this will complete the trial for now." said Pulihora.

"Right. Sister, you are now tasked to use your pyrocio in conjunction with ours in order to push it back or deflect it." stared Biryani.

"Indeed! After this trial, we can prepare for the wedding! Ahahaha!" laughed Arancini.

"Riiiight...But I am ready!" said Yin as she prepared to use hers.

"Alright. Let us begin! Pyrocio: Ablaze!" shouted Biryani and Arancini as they both used Pyrocio while, at the same time, Yin does it as well and the attacks started to perfectly match with each other.

"W-Wow...I can feel how strong they are...But I'm not going to get pushed back!" said Yin who visualizes each of her friends in family in her head, more specifically Yang and Dane.

"Hey rival! She's starting to push you back! She will make an excellent bride!" said Arancini with a cheeky smile.

"She's pushing YOU back moreover. But she is improving quite well." stated Biryani as he continues to let out his Pyrocio alongside Yin and Arancini as the flames start to grow intense enough to singe around the surrounding trees.

"Very good, although the trees are starting to suffer. Alright, that is enough." stated Pulihora as she raised her hand and the flames from the three Vulpines instantly go away. Yin then falls backwards on the ground tired.

"Phew...I feel lightheaded..." uttered Yin as she was taking in breaths.

"Are you alright my dear?! I hope my Pyroico wasn't too much for you! It is strong I know!" stated Arancini in a bragging tone.

"Alas, the only thing that is "strong" about you is your ego. However, I do say that sister has been progressing very well." said Biryani with a stoic smile.

"Indeed. That is all there is to it to the Trial of Willpower. Of course, you will still have to do some off-time training since you won't be doing the Trial of Strength. But I do believe your pyrocio and endurance are well for now. Let us go eat." said Pulihora as she prepared to walk off.

"I-I definitely could use the meal. C-Can you two help me?" Yin asked Biryani and Arancini.

"Of course my dear! As your prince, I will carry you to safety! " said the eager Arancini.

"She said for us two, you biggot." snarked Biryani as he and Arancini prepared to help up Yin and walk off following Pulihora.

Hell....That's All It Is

Someplace Else

Along the stormy waters that is nearby the infamous Punk Hazard,was a lone stone island that was long and laid barren to the land. There was no trees,no animals,no life at all except two minotaurs that were preparing for the day.

"Son." The Bull Straight from Hell,Steelslayer Farkun states as he looked at the barren stoneland,"I know you have lived to deal with my hellfire,but I don't think in this training you have ever met this intensity I'll be bringing you. I'll be going even harder to battle that lead logia of yours."

Sully himself could only look around the deseliant land as he knows it is going to be tough. After being silent for a few moments, he then speaks up. "Right. Though I am ungraceful, I do feel like I can handle this training." Sully said.

"I don't think you can handle this." Farkun then stomps onto the ground,the ground shaking and trembling until it left with a massive crater in front of them. He then stomps into the crater to leave out hellfire to encircle and fill the crater till only hellfire is seen in the crater.

Sully then looks down at his father's creation and couldn't help but be taken aback by this. Sully is not one to show his nervousness in the open and can only comment at what his father just said. "Well, I am ungraceful, so someone like me may not can handle this. Although, it'll be even more ungraceful if I don't try." remarked Sully.

"Your goal is to walk through this pool of hellfire...unscathed..." Farkun states as he looks into his creation,"This will be impossible to do on the first day,so that is why we'll be doing this every week to see how far you make it each time."

"Unscathed...I see...This make take awhile for someone as ungraceful as I am. However, I too want to be at a graceful strength for my crew. So I will complete this if I can." stated Sully who kept staring at the hellfire.

"So tell me son..." Farkun states demonically,"Are you ready to enter hell?" He then motions over to the hellfire to have Sully begin his training.

Sully just blankly stares at the hellfire as the image of it can be seen in his eyes. He gives another nod as he walks on over toward it. "Though I am ungraceful, it is a reason for me to experience hell. Will hell itself can take someone as ungraceful as I am? We will see." said Sully as he started to step in the pool of hellfire.

Hellfire,as in the name,is a very extreme version of fire,so it would most likely incinerate normal humans immediately; But thanks to Sully being a minotaur,he is able to withstand the hellfire briefly until the flames started getting warmer and warmer to Sully's hide. Getting across a few feet,the feeling of skin melting is about felt when walking into it. The smell of brimstone rots and burns the nostrils of Sully as he walks deeper into the crater of hell.

" quite intense...I am ungraceful as my body seems to be feeling the effects..." stated Sully who's usual stoic demeaner started to break as he is feeling more and more of the fire burning on him.

"It's gonna get worse and worse as you head down there." Farkun states bluntly as he watched Sully go down the crater,"Each time you go down there,the smell and taste of fear is felt everywhere in the body. Despair screams out of itself as people enter my hellfire. The reason I am one of the most feared members in Fang's crew is how many people scream seeing me and Fang together. Because a ravagous animal attacking while the burnt smell of hellfire screams people in fear." He says as the effects of the hellfire get worse and worse on Sully.

"T-This is...Quite intense I will admit. These flames burn away at my ungraceful hide. Even I could see how someone could die here without proper training. Can someone as ungraceful as I am even accomplish this?" asked Sully to himself as he could feel himself sweating, but it then will instantly evaporate as he gets further down the hellfire.

"If you want to stop feeling this torture now,just drop a knee and I'll carry you out." Farkun states,"Though I want to see how much of a man you are so far." He then slowly walks behind Sully,the hellfire unaffecting Farkun as he calmly walked next to Sully and watch Sully burn in the hellfire.

"Hmph...I-I am ungraceful...As this heat is overtaking my hide. I feel like, the gates of hell themselves are opening up to me." said Sully as he, after a few more minutes, drops to a knee.

Farkun grabs Sully by the horns and then puts him into a fireman's carry to take him out of the crater of hell. Farkun then drops Sully into the cold rock ground before looking back,"I was surprised you lasted a fifth of the way into the crater,though still you have a lot to learn as we train." He then sits down,"You better eat one of those meals your girlfriend made you." pointing over to the little picnic basket Bliss gave Sully.

Sully looks at the picnic basket with a bit of a glum look on his face after taking a quick sigh. "Someone as ungraceful as I am isn't allowed to be with someone as graceful as well. Even I can see that I have a long way to go, as I am ungraceful." stated Sully as he stared at the basket.

"She doesn't think you're ungraceful." Farkun states about Bliss,"Much like of how mum would think of you now,she might not like I'm training you now since she always wanted to take care of you." He then has a long pause as he thought about his missing wife,"Eat in mother's memory if you can't eat for your own self."

"Mother was the most graceful person I know. I will do so." said Sully as he slowly started to eat the food as he was thinking of his mother as well. "She is too graceful to die easily. I sense, she is still out there..."

"I have that feeling too." Farkun says as he looks toward the ocean,"But I know she knows you can't retrieve her if you ain't ready for it." He then lets the silence last for a few minutes,"Heard about your cousin Rockhorn? He's became a Scabbard member of those damn marines."

"Is that so? I am unsure whether to say if that is ungraceful or not. Of course, I will always be the most ungraceful, but as a pirate, I have to look the other way. The sad tale of me having to probably one day fight my own relative. So ungraceful..." said Sully with a sigh.

"But when it does happen,make sure to give it your all so it ain't as ungraceful as you think." Farkun states,"Which is why we have this training going on."

"Right. I do think of my friends that may be going through their own tough training. If I ever want to be considered graceful as them, just a little, I will need to do this. This I am sure." stated Sully as he kept eating.

"Yeah,I have no doubt Captain Fang is putting his son in his own hell." Farkun states,"Welp..." He then kicks himself up to standing,"Let's get back to training." He then activates the hellfire logia into his arms,"I won't be going easy on you at all during this."

Sully nods with determination on his face. "Of course. I am ready, even though I am ungraceful." said Sully.

Jobs and Family

Back in Paradise

The seas are swaying as the blue waves crest over rocks and guide sea creatures around the blues. The peaceful sun keeping watch of the whole world. Along the seas was a strange looking ship,but the ship was a very distinct ship known as the Baratie. Right behind it was a ship that was tied onto the docks,the ship had the flag of the Yin Pirates. The only three people taking care of the ship,Udder Bliss,Shuten,and Aires, are trying to look for a job and take care of the ship while their friends are being trained.

"WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE???" The head chef,Craves R. Oliver,would be shouting out as they were serving a filled up restaurant,"WHERE. IS. THE. LAMB. SAUCE!!!"

"COMING SIR! I MEAN CHEF!" shouted Shuten as he, using his superhuman speed, delivers the lamb sauce as requested.

"Yikes...That man is scarier than that Nitro guy from that town..." said a frightened Aries as he was washing dishes. "Doing dishes suuuuck...I'm too young for this! Not a kid young but just young!"

Oliver takes a test spoon and tastes it,and was surprised by the result of the taste,"Hmmmmm That is some damn good food kid,PUT IT ON THE DISHES AND GIVE IT TO THE WAITERS!!!"

"Man it's only been a few days and I already wonder how that man doesn't ruin his throat with all that screaming." Bliss says as she was finishing a lattice top for a cherry pie.

"YES SIR! ON IT SIR!!!" shouted Shuten in response as he quickly put the sauce on the dishes and ran them out to the customers with quick speed.

"Scree....My arms are starting to fall asleep and I didn't even get halfway through all of this yet..." said Aries with a deep sigh as he kept scrubbing through them.

"And our shift ain't over till another 5 hours." Bliss states,"Seems like it got busier all of a sudden."

"GIANT BOOB COW LADY!!" Oliver would yell over to Bliss,"GET THAT PIE OVER HERE!!!"

"You got it sir!" Bliss starts running over with the cherry pie in her hand.

"G-Giant...Uh...Giant...Um...Giant Woman Parts Cow Lady? T-That is...Quite the name..." said Aries as he kept focusing on washing dishes.

"Are you doing fine my detective apprentence? This is quite the workout huh?" replied Shuten with a smile.

"Y-You can say...I wanted to enhance my archery skills, but I can see how washing the dishes could help my launching power." said Aries trying to make the best of the situation.

"HEY BAT-MITE! GET THOSE DISHES DONE QUICKLY!!! WE'RE RUNNING SHORT ON PLATES WITH HOW MANY CUSTOMERS ARE HERE!!!" Oliver would yell over to Aires,"And You! Start making the order of the beef wellington! I'll have cow lady work on the pastry for it too!" He points and shouts over to Shuten.

"AH!!! Y-YES SIR!!!" shouted Aires as he quickly put the plates on the stack and puts them one by one in the tray.

"You got it sir!" shouted Shuten as he started to cook the beef wellington. "I have to say this is the best work out I had in a long time!"

"How is this work for you?" Bliss says panting into the room as she started the pastry for the beef wellington,"I'm about to be hot and spoil my milk if I keep sweating this long..."


"Heh! I used to do three hour jogs every morning! I can go all day! AND YES SIR ON IT SIR!!!" shouted Shuten as he started to carry some of the food out as well.

"Owie....Training is haaaard....My poor arms are tiiiiired!" whined Aries as he was trying to keep up.


A few hours later,and it was closing time. The customers left as the sun was lowering itself and the waiters cleaned up the dining hall as the kitchen was being cleaned by each cook in their stations. Some cooks left to their rooms as the head chef left for his office. The trio of Aires,Bliss,and Shuten leave for their ship which was being towed by the Baratie.

"Phew That was a tiring day." Bliss states as she then hears her stomach growl,"And I haven't ate in a while..."

Aries can be seen as he was laying down on the floor. "" Aries said while panting.

Shuten, meanwhile, as actually jogging in place with a smile on his face. "Don't worry you two! The work may seem tough at first, but more of this and you will get used to it! Trust me!" said Shuten with a smile and thumbs up.

"" said the still tired Aries.

"I'm going to make some burgers so we can eat." Bliss says as she walks to the kitchen tiredly and gets the stove going to put some hamburgers to make. "Man,I hope everyone else is doing okay."

"'" said Aries as he was trying to get up.

"I wonder if that is going to be like that the next day? I do look forward to it as it's a good workout! Especially since this place is too small for me to do my jogging and we're in the middle of the sea!" said Shuten with a laugh.

There were a few moments of silence as Bliss threw a couple burgers onto the stove and the sizzling being heard from the stove. "Hey Aires,you want some milk as usual?" She says as she got a kettle onto the stove to make coffee.

"Y-Yeah...T-That'll be nice." said Aries as he slowly tried to get up but was picked up by Shuten.

"Don't worry my dear apprentice! That is just the pain of a good day's work! You will be feeling better and able to work more tomorrow!" said Shuten with another smile.

"Yaaaaay..." said Aries with a tired expression on his face.

Bliss sits down and grabs Aires as she unbuttons her shirt and starts feeding Aires her milk. "Hey Shuten,What do you think you'll be doing after us Yin crew are together? I don't know what's gonna happen to your buddies so I didn't know if you had any plans."

Shuten leans against the table as he rarely sighs and scratches his head. "Miss Bliss, I'm afraid even I don't know the answer to that. Of course I want to may sure my friends are alright! Even though I know they are! But, even still, I do want to know why Nitro did what he did. He seemed to enjoy us as his crew." stated Shuten.

"Well then,I guess what Dane and others in the crew would say: May God guide you in your future decisions." Bliss says with a smile and then notices a smell,"Oh! Those burgers are done!" She then looks down to her breast where Aires is still drinking,"I got my hands full Shuten,can you get them out please?"

"Sure thing! I am on it like a swift wind! Not the gassy kind!" said Shuten as he ran off to go get the burgers.

A Quick Lesson in Sharpshooting and Madness

Somewhere else in Paradise

The Rabbit Hole was seen sailing along the seas of Paradise as it was a peaceful day. Garrett was teaching Indie and John science while Caste Ainu was learning around the crew as Tim and her were working on maintenance of the ship.

"So what are we learning today Garrett?" Indie asks,"I'm sure you'll get my brother curious."

"Indeed." John smirks as he was sitting on a chair looking at the elf,"What does a wise old elf have to show?"

Garrett was seen looking at some combinations for stamina enhancing potions. I have found some combinations using some unique herbs I've gathered during my journeys, and from at home. However, it tends to last for only a few minutes. I'm trying to make it last at least 10." replied Garrett as he was looking at the potion as it turned purple. "Stamina is the most useful trait to have during fights after all."

"If you need herbs at all,be welcome to my garden of course! I have plenty of them!" John says to Garrett,"Now as a doctor,how do you fight since your devil fruit is x ray vision basically?"

"That does sound good. I will check them out soon. As for my powers, it does allow me to see through people's bodies when I am able to get close enough to them. And it doesn't just revolve around x-rays." said Garrett as a spark of electricity forms around one of his hands. "I have access to electrical powers as well. Although it is not on the level of Electro that the Minks possess. Just enough as a diterrant."

"Interesting..." John says thinking,"There any weaknesses to this fruit beside the standard weakness?"

"Yeah,he apparently can't see through our shipwright Sully for some reason." Indie states.

"Indeed. Alas, my x-ray powers doesn't work on those that are made of lead which I was able to discover. Sully himself ate a Lead logia, and my powers do not work on him. I do believe he may be my only weakness, and I am glad a man, or rather, a minotaur such as him is an ally." said Garrett.

"Indeed." John nods as he looks to see his sister setting up her rifle,"What are you doing Indie?"

"I'm gonna try to destroy that rock!" Indie states as she looked over her flintlock rifle,"I'm hoping I can shoot it with my gunman skills!"

"It's a rather big rock." John states looking at the rock in the distance,"I think you're going to need some explosive rounds if you were to do it." He then turns over to Garrett,"So I know you and my sensei Grimm Jacob go back. How did you guys get to know each other?"

"Ohh that was a bit of a story I think." Jacob says thinking,"Now I think I remember going to a certain customer that wanted a tattoo of his done,since I have the tattoo tattoo fruit. And I think us,the Grimm Family,ran into you while you actually were performing surgery on the same dude!" Jacob gives out a chuckle.

"Quite so. He was a, well, interesting client to say the least." said Garrett as he noticed the potion he was making suddenly exploded into a puff of smoke. "Well, that is unfortunate. Looks like the solution had, ahem, explosive results."

"And I think after that,he would be our family doctor that would sometimes visit Mockingbird Heights in the Florian Triangle while we mostly travel to his homeland for anything." Jacob states.

"That's interesting." John thinks,"How's that shooting going sis?"

Indie fires a shot from her rifle as he asks,the bullet flying into the rock and blasting out a chunk of the rock.

"Not the best,I thought I could destroy that rock." Indie states,"That only tells me I need to train more."

"Don't we all?" John asks.

"Speaking of which," Jacob says as he looks over,"We should be heading to Little Garden soon for your next phase of training."

"I can only imagine what your training will be." Indie says.

"Heh,don't worry about me sis! I know Jacob is strict in his training,but I know I'll be fine if I want to get better and be competitive against the likes of Yang and Leo." John then gives a smile,"I'm just gonna have fun while Garrett has science to teach us."

"Ah yes. Yang was it? That is the brother of Yin correct? I've heard a lot of things about him, mostly on the "causing mass mayhem" side." said Garrett rubbing his chin.

"Yeah,Yin's brother I believe." John nods,"He's a good friend honestly,just been kinda jealous that him and fire guy have been getting the most attention recently."

"I thought you usually avoid attention older brother." Indie states.

"I do....but at the same time,the pirate life does need attention if you know what I mean." John states,"You can't really get news attention if you do moonshining." He lightly chuckles,"Then again moonshining with a clown with a habit of explosives and randomness and a hungry dragon girl does raise the popularity a little."

"Those are...Quite the people you have encountered. I haven't heard of one, but a clown with a habit of explosives? I do recall Yin speaking about him, and she doesn't really like him from what I remember." said Garrett as he stared at the solution more trying to fix it.

"Yeah he doesn't really have a lot of fans,but he's probably a good definition of a pirate." John nods as he looks at Garrett trying to fix the solution,"What you might need in the solution there is some of these." He goes to the garden and pulls out some purple mushrooms for Garrett,"Try these."

"I thank you for these." said Garrett as he puts the mushrooms into the solution and notices them mix perfectly with each other. "Incredible...Those mushrooms sit extremely well with the solution. I have researched mushrooms all my life, but most of the ones I've come across lead to other results. Where did you get these ones?"

"Those mushrooms come from a special place in the New World that I know as Wonderland." John states,"My dad has given me this card that allows me access to shipments of these shrooms to me. I get these shrooms every so often from a group of flamingos that fly around the Grand Line. I am one of a few that have access to these shrooms from the Wonderland."

"I see. I have never heard of this place myself, but it does sound like a wonderful place as it has this kind of mushrooms." said Garrett as he finished stirring the potion. "And with that, it is completed. Would anyone like to try it?"

"Aw hell no,even I am sometimes skeptical of what I made." John says stepping back a little.

"I rather not have the dalmation spots like Aires's dog." Indie states.

"Sure buddy,for good times sake." Jacob says asking to hand it over.

"I made sure not to include the side-effect of spots. At least, I believe it won't happen this time." said Garrett as he handed over the potion to Jacob.

"Alright,I trust you doc." Jacob says as he raised it and drank the whole thing in a shot,"Phew that mushroom must be a sour one."

"Either that or whatever you added Garrett is sour." John states.

"According to me research over this position, it should give you enhanced stamina for about 10 minutes with minor side-effects. Give or take." stated Garrett as he started to write down his notes on a notepad.

"Well ain't that neat." Jacob says then looking over to John then,"Let's battle my student!"

"What! Well then..." John then unbuttons his shirt and prepares,"Let's do this sensei!"

"I can't wait till we reach Little Garden.." Alice rolls her eyes,"These boys will probably nearly wreck the ship apart if this comes up longer."

"Well let's hope that's not today." Indie giggles.

"Honestly, I don't see the appeal of men that must always uncloth to fight. It doesn't seem rather...sophificated. Then again, a fight is a fight." said Garrett as he was dusting off his shirt from the fumes.

How the Puppies Grow

Months Later

Becoming the Big Dog

At Yukon,we see Dane meditating in the frozen lake. The cold seem to now unaffecting the grey fur of the Stone Fox. Dane's eyes were closed in peace as the day's violent winter wind was blowing his face. And as he was meditating,4 large trees came flying at the wolf. Dane's eyes suddenly slide open as he leaps up and slices all 4 of the trees into 2 foot logs that ended up in a pile for firewood.

Dane then lands down in the ice,all three of his blades sheathed into their scabbard. He then kneels down as his father,White Fang,comes walking toward him.

"FAR HAR HAR Not bad..." Fang states as he walked toward Dane,"And now,your training is over....for now."

"Why is that father?" Dane asks,"Don't want to kick my rear end some more?"

"I kicked your ass plenty of times already." Fang says looking back,"You just won't be ready for me anymore until I think you're ready."

"So what am I going to do now?" Dane asks.

"We're going to be getting ready to go back to Vulpixia." Fang answers,"I have a very important meeting there that'll help me get back on track on the road to yonko that I was once heading."

"I see..." Dane says,"Shall I go then an pack my stuff."

"You have my permission to do so yes." Fang states as Dane stood up and walked toward the village,"We're leaving tonight."

"Yes father." Dane states,"You think I'll be back here?"

"Oh you will." Fang nods,"This time bring your family along this time."

"Heh,I will hopefully." Dane smiles as he walks away and heads for the village to pack.

The Fox out of the Box

Back at Vulpixa, Yin can be seen doing some friendly sparring with Biryani and Arancini. She was able to keep up with them, but her state does get her tired more quickly.

"Phew...I think I'm done for today..." said Yin as she was laying on the ground panting.

"You're endurance has been growing each day. Once you have birth your children, I expect you will have an easier time." informed Biryani.

"Ah yes! She will indeed be a good fit for me! A strong Vulpine alongside another strong Vulpine! Just think of the possiblities!" said Arancini with a noble-like laugh.

"Still...married..." said Yin tiredly.

"I think it is best we go get something to eat." stated Biryani.

"Let us go to the restaurant! It is closer, as my dear looks like she could use the food!" said Arancini.

"That is probably the only thing I agree with you about. Let's go Yin." said Biryani as he picked up Yin and started to carry her off.

"Y-Yani! T-This is kinda embarassing..." said Yin blushing with embarassment.

"It's either me or Arancini to carry you." said Biryani with a straight face.

"...I'll have the salad." said Yin deadpanly.

"Awww...I wanted to carry my dear..." said Arancini with a slow and depressing walk behind them.

Fire and Lead in the Morning

It was the morning at the barren island in the New World...or was barren. The island was now filled with only lead and hellfire. The deadly smell of lead infusing with the physical flames of hell in the center as the island was becoming more intimidating.

Farkun was seen rising up from his slumber,with multiple sea kings right next to them from both his and Sully's fishing trips they attempted together. It was on Farkun's side as he didn't want the food to be poisoned from Sully's side. He gets up and throws a sea king over to the slumbering Sully,"Wakeup son. It is the day to go back."

"Hm!" remarked Sully as he woke up with the sea king on him but was able to casually lift it off of him. "Go back? I take it that means reuniting with our friends from our crews. Hopefully they will be happy to see someone as ungraceful as I am."

"Nah,if anything,they'll be grateful to see that you've became more graceful than they seeing you ungraceful." Farkun then nods,"We turned this place into an uninhabitable place now,but it'll be a landmark now for anyone who come towards Punk Hazard."

"That is true... Both sides are rather graceful when you think about it. Of course, my powers I consider ungraceful due to the toxicity of lead." said Sully as he gets up and stretches.

"Anyway,Captain Fang should be picking us up soon and we'll be heading to Vulpixia for the meeting of Fang with the Elders there." Farkun states as he takes a bite of a sea king. "I don't think there's much for us to pack so we're just gonna be sitting here waiting for them."

"I see. Vulpixia...The place sounds very graceful. I don't think I'll be allowed in a place like that as I am ungraceful. I've heard that humans aren't allowed there, and we are technically half human correct?" Sully asked as he started to bit into his own sea king.

"Ehhh,I mean we have the bodies of men." Farkun states,"But obviously we have more bull than man in us,like our heads and legs, so it should be fine in a way." He then finishes cleaning a bone of a sea king,"Doesn't matter,the White Fang crew will be there to support Fang and Fang will hopefully convince the elders why they should side with him. And you'll get to meet your crew there too,at least Fang's boy and his wife."

"Right. Though, the doctor. Garrett. I wonder if he will be there. Even as someone as ungraceful as I am, he always treats me with a lot of respect. I wonder why..." said Sully as he almost finished off his Sea King as well.

"I believe he's over there in Paradise with the rest of your crew." Farkun states,"It is only you three that are here in the New World,and it would be a waste to go get your friends for a happy reunion when we can do it later."

"That is true. I am still ungraceful to see him too soon anyway, so it may be for the best." replied Sully as he threw the bones of his sea king to the side.

The Phenomenal Return

Days Later

It is the midmorning of the day as the White Fang Ship,Skoll,was seen parking itself in the port of Vulpixia after it was raised by Omochi so it could make its way up to the island. White Fang and Dane picked up Farkun and Sully along the way,so now they're about to go to the castle to meet Yin.

"'s been months without her." Dane says thinking,"Can't wait to get back to her!"

"I can't imagine what you're gonna do. FAR HAR HAR" Fang teases a bit to Dane who reacted deadpanly.

"Finally...Maybe you can stay at home this time mo-OWWW! I MEANT THAT IN A GOOD WAY!" shouted Katsudon who was rubbing his head after getting hit by Kama.

"Shaddup! I know you meant it by "You can't wait to have me go" way! Nice try!" said Kama with an intense look on her face.

"Heh. You cannot ever catch a break Katsudon. Glad you're all as entergtic as ever."said Omochi with a smile.

"So how is the Elder's kid? She progressed well?" Katsudon asked.

"Yep! Thanks to Elder Pulihora, Biryani, and Arancini, she developed pretty quickly! Although, for the soon to happen fight that is going to take place soon, Arancini said he will "Profess is love for Yin" after he wins the thing." said Omochi with a sigh.

"Seriously? Arancini is still going flirting with other vulpines? That guy has no tact." said Katsudon who sighed as well.

"Tell me about it. He was trying to go out with my sister's daughter not too long ago. He changes quick." said Kama with a facepalm.

"I know right? He does seem serious about Yin though. Heh. I told him he'd eat his words." said Omochi as she looked over at Dane.

"Looks like then I have to do that then." Dane says with a smile as he cracks his knuckles and his neck as well.

"A fight!" Fang says peeping behind Omochi,"What's the fight? I love watching fights! I even love to get involved in one more!"

"Whoa! You move fast for a wolf. Though you do look a lot younger than when I first saw you. Anyway, we always have these fighting contests every now and again to see who is considered the strongest every few years or so. Biryani and Arancini have always been winning the matches back to back with Biryani winning more than him. Though, I think Biryani said he was going to sit out this one." informed Omochi.

"What is that? He's always eager to prove himself to Arancini." Katusdon asked.

"Dunno. Even though he's my brother, it's hard to read him sometimes and tends to be vague with his responses. His response was simply "Don't feel like it." though I know there is more to it." said Omochi with a shrug.

"Well, Arancini is entering so it looks like it will be an easy win for him huh?" Kama asked.

"I think I know where this is going...." Farkun shakes his head as he sees Fang with a lightbulb above his head.

"Come on son! We're taking you to fight them!" Fang then starts dragging Dane to the arena.

"Was planning on it anyway...." Dane rolls his eyes as he was dragged away.


They make it to the arena entrance,there they see a large poster of a sign that says,"Vulpinian 30 Man Riot!" There was an entrance to the arena seats,while another one to the locker room.

"Oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!!!" Fang says looking at the poster,"This riot thing sounds awesome!"

Dane looks up and sees the poster,and he notices Arancini on the poster next to it,"So is that the Arancini that is trying to take my wife?" He asks casually.

"That's him alright. He may look like that "pretty boy arrogant type" but he is a pretty decent fellow. Except when he wants to take your wife from you." said Omochi.

"There's that trademark grin of his. He is very full of himself, but he can actually back up his power." said Katsudon with also a deadpan look.

"Heh I was hoping to see Biryani thrash him around a bit like before, but since he's sittin' out, guess I have settle for another." said Kama rubbing her chin.

"I'm not entering." said Katsudon defensely.

"Spoilsport." said Kama with an annoyed look.

"Alright son,time to show your strength to Vulpixia!" Fang states,"Go enter the Riot!"

"Alright I guess." Dane states as he goes toward the fighter entrance,"Do they know we're here yet?"

"Nope,I'm betting they're in the arena waiting for the fight to start!" Fang states.

"I guess so,there a fee or anything to enter this fight?" Dane asks.

"Oh no. You just go up to that bingo cage over there and draw a number!" said Omochi who pointed over to the bingo cage that appeared to be handled by Biryani. "Biryani?! You're here!?"

"Indeed. I finished my earlier duties, and the original handler of this device had to tend to some emergency business. So, I took over for him." stated Biryani.

"Heh, makes me wonder if that's why you didn't enter." said Omochi with a smirk.

"No. Just business. Is anyone here entering?" asked Biryani.

"Wolf guy right here!" said Omochi pointing to Dane.

"Ah, Yin's husband correct? It is quite ironic you're entering in a competition that Arancini is eager to, ahem, "confess his unbound love and marriage proposal to his lovely Yin." said Biryani as he was mocking Arancini in his last statement.

"Heh...I always liked when he showed his snarky side." said Katsudon with a chuckle.

"Welp nice to meet you sir." Dane nods,"And I promise to put the vulpinian in his place." He then rolls the bingo cage and a ball comes out with a number as Dane grabs it.

"What did you get?" Fang asks.

"Well just my luck...." Dane states as he looked at his ball number.

Meanwhile, Yin can be seen sitting in the stands with her parents Onigiri and Chanchan as they are looking in the ring itself.

"So, this match will end once everyone is out and the one left is the winner?" Yin asked.

That is correct. It is a contest that we have every now and again to revaluate who of the generation of Vulpines are capable in battle." said Onigiri.

"Your brother Biryani and Arancini are often the winners with Biryani having more wins. However, this is the first time Biryani is excluing himself from the battle. So, it would seem Arancini would be the favorite to win." said Chanchan.

"I really hope not...He seems nice but he seems to want to deticate his win to me..." said Yin with a sigh.


An hour later,as the Vulpinian Riot was toward its end. Arancini was seen dominating the place as he kept eliminating people from the top rope,even though he rolled only number 2 on the bingo machine. Number 29 just came in,and Arancini is seen eliminating everyone in the ring until there was no one but him. This was an opportunity to catch breath and prepare for whoever drew number 30.

"Wow...He really is strong..." said Yin with a worried look.

"Indeed. There is the reason why he is rather revered here." said Chanchan.

"Many tend to look past his personality, to recongize the skill that is there." said Onigiri.

"Ahahahahaha! This is child's place! I really wished Biryani would be here, but alas, we can't all have what we want. Nonetheless, I will eliminate #30 and I will go on to marry Yin!" said Arancini as he was posing for the crowd.

"5! 4! 3! 2! 1!!!" The crowd would shout as they saw the timer going down to 0 and the timer buzzing as it struck.

Suddenly,the sound of drums banged as a voice shouted out,"GET READY TO FLY!!!" As a man in a hoodie came out of the locker room and toward the room. What was different about this guy was that he wasn't a vulpine. He was grey,stood 10' 11",and had a grin of a wolf in him. The man drops down and reveals himself as Dane as he jumped up and lifted his hood to show that he has come to the Vulpinian 30 Man Riot!

"FAR HAR HAR!! Go get him son!" Fang says as he was right behind following Dane.

"Who in the world is this furry creature?" Arancini asked a confused look.

"D-DANE?! IS THAT YOU?!" shouted Yin.

"Now, this is quite the surprise." said Onigiri with is usual stoic look despite being surprised.

"So this this what Omochi had to do earlier. Indeed. A surprise." said Chanchan.

"So this is Dane! The one that is fighting for Yin's affections as well! This is turely a lucky day for Arancini! Ahhahahah!" said Arancini with a hearty laugh as he eagerly awaits Dane in the ring.

"Get rid of your swords son." Fang states as Dane entered,"This is a man's competition,show them what your bare hands can do."

Dane nods and throws his buster sword and serrated blades off the ring and enters as he went under the rope. He walks and stands in front of Arancini as he looked down to see the 9' 4" Arancini looking up at the Stone Fox himself. Dane smiles and then says,"So you're the one who is trying to take my wife." He raises his left eyebrow awhile.

"Heh. It is customary that Vulpines can fight for other's affection! I see, a Wolf Mink huh? Interesting, but only a Vulpine can be with another Vulpine! That is also customary!" said Arancini with a proud smile.

"Wow...Even with Dane's taller high and better build, Arancini isn't intimidated one bit..." said Yin.

"That's because his ego is so big, he doesn't know fear." said Omochi who suddenly seated herself beside Yin.

"Well let's say then that she wasn't raised in this country. So the rules don't apply like that." Dane says and then with a smile,"I know one thing for sure is that Yin doesn't like puppies like you,she loves big dogs to be with like me!" He then flexes his bicep in front of Arancini.

"Oh!? So uncoath! You and Biryani and your protruding muscles...That's why she belongs with me!" said Arancini who showed off his grace with the female Vulpines cheering for him.

"I never knew he had all these fans..." said Yin with a deadpan look.

"I know right? I makes me wonder why he keeps trying to get with you..." said Omochi with an equallay deadpan look.

"It is because he is a fool of the highest caliber." said Biryani who was suddenly there as well.

"H-Huh?! You two need to teach me how you can appear in so suddenly like that!" said a surprised Yin.

"Snooze...." Fang was seen snoring in the ringside as he then shook his head as he saw Arancini and Dane face off,"This is to be a fight! Not a snooze fest!"

"Guess he's right." Dane shrugs and then leaps back at the rope and bounces off of the rope for a forearm smash to knock Arancini down!

"Oh? Nice try my wolf friend!" said Arancini as he quickly ducks and rolls forward in order to dodge the attack. "Alas, I cannot use my sword otherwise this battle would've end with my next attack! However, that doesn't mean I can do this!" said Arancini gloatly as he powers his feet with Pyrocio and dashes off the ropes quickly attempting to clothesline Dane.

"Wow...I didn't think you can use Pyrocio like that." said Yin who was admitally impressed.

"He's always been quick on his feet. Almost literally." said Omochi who didn't look as impressed.

"Especially when you take it into account he developed that move to "chase after his lovers" easier..." said Biryani who had a deadpan look on his face.

Dane ends up ducking Arancini and grabbing the arm of Arancini. Dane hoists Arancini up into a fireman's carry and throws him into a cyclone of the century!

"OWW!!! H-HEY!!! THAT HURT!!!" said Arancini as he was struggling to get up to his feet.

"What the!? That wolf husband of yours used some weird spinning attack!" said Omochi shocked.

"Heh Dane always like his wrestling." said Yin with a chuckle.

"What surprises me is how that actually hurt Arancini. He took a minimual amount of damage throughout this tournment, and yet this one move from the one called Dane is enough to have him yelling in displeasure. Interesting indeed." said Biryani with a faint smirk.

"What? You crying already?" Dane asks as he stands up,"Come on,Yin doesn't like wimps!" He taunts Arancini to get up.

"FAR HAR HAR,Playing mind games with the fox!" Fang laughs from ringside.

"I will have your silence sir!" shouted Arancini toward Fang as he suddenly leaps up on his feet. "You're right! Yin doesn't like wimps! And I am certainly not one!" said Arancini who powers himself up with Pyrocio again as he got into a football like stance. "I'll show you Mr. Wolf why I am more worthy! The strength of the strongest Vulpine in all of Vulpixia!" shouted Arancini as he quickly dashes toward Dane attempting to spear him.

"The strongest he says." said Biryani in a snarky tone.

Dane gets speared by the fiery comeback from Arancini and is laid on the ground! "Welp....that at least reminds me this is an actual fight." He says as he rolls around the ring before getting back up.

"Ahahahaha! See? My strength is no lie! If you give up now, you can leave with your dignity in check! Although, no. Losing to me isn't embarassing! It's an honor really!" said Arancini who took a bow for some reason.

"Actually, losing to you will be embarassing." said Biryani and Omochi at the same time.

"Heh...I guess being in sync runs in the family." said Yin with another giggle and is enjoying herself.

"Lemme show you what I have then!" Dane says as he runs up with electro and leaps to give an electrifying big foot to the face of Arancini!

"GEH!!!" said Arancini was hit by the attack and was literally stunned from the Electro. "I-I never felt this...E-Electric charge before!"

"Heh he doesn't have nothing on Electro huh?" Yin asked.

"Looks that way." said Omochi.

"Come on,that was only a little static.." Dane says as he walks to the other corner of the ring and starts stomping! With each stomp,the electro on Dane's leg got more and more intense,"COME ON! Let's finish this!" He says as he kept stomping as he waited for Arancini to get up.

"Ugh...what is with all of that stomping he is doing." Said Arancini as he was about to get up

"Heh. He is in trouble now. I remember this move!" said Yin with a smile.

"Huh? Some kind of dance?" Omochi asked.

"Well, let's just say it's a move that not even Yang was able to stand against. And I do consider younger Yang stronger than Arancini. Well, in case of durability." said Yin as she was watching.

"You may want to put on some den den earmuffs! Cause this is gonna be! ELECTRIFYING SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!" Dane says as he then releases a superkick full of electricity right at the jaw of Arancini! Arancini ends up comically flying over the top rope and flying over the stadium and landing in a food booth outside of the stadium!

"And here is your winner! The Stone Fox Dane!" The announcer would shout as it concluded the Vulpinian 30 Man Riot.

Dane would smile as the rock music as he squared himself and gave a bicep flex in front of all the crowd as fireworks fired in the celebration!

"YOU'RE A SEXY WOLF!! FAR HAR HAR!!!" Fang laughs as he danced along to Dane's music.

"DAMN!!! HE GOT SENT FLYING!!!" shouted Omochi with was out of her seat.

"I will go and retrieve him. I don't think even he will be up after that." said Biryani as he got up and walked out.

"Heh heh. You really did get stronger huh Dane? H-Hey!" said Yin as she noticed a bunch of female Vulpines starting to crowd Dane.



"HEY BACK OFF! HE'S MINE!!!" were said by a bunch of vulpines over Dane.

"I thought we were...more cultured.." said Omochi with a deadpan look.

"Oh boy...." Dane says wide eyed as he was surrounded by the female vulpines,"You all smell nice though! Though one smell will never be better....." He then sniffs as he smelled the custom perfume Yin uses and leaps out of the ring himself! Flying over the girls and into the stands as he went running into Yin's face. And like a dog,Dane pounces Yin and licks and kisses Yin with glee and happiness. "I missed you so much while I was gone! Good thing you still use your custom perfume too!" He continues to kiss Yin all over.

"Heh heh missed ya to Daney. It's been awhile!" said Yin who was hugging and kissing him back as well.

"Awww...I always love these reunions..." said Omochi with tears in her eyes.

"Indeed. These are happy times for our daughter." said Onigiri with a stoic look.

"Yes. She does deserve this for all of her good work." replied Chanchan with the same expression.

"You two really need to get out a bit more..." said Omochi with a similar expression.

"Oh heavens! Look at you! That's a bigger belly than I remember I last saw!" Dane says looking at Yin's pregnant belly,"Those twins must really be growing!"

"I AM HERE!!" Fang then appears in front of the group,"Don't be running away from me like that son!" He then smiles and waves at Chanchan and Onigiri,"Hey y'all! It's been a few months!"

"Indeed. It is a pleasure to see you again." said both Onigiri and Chanchan with a bow.

"Heh...they even bow together at the same time. Biryani does that too." said Omochi with a smirk.

"Heh heh...well yeah it is huh? I did kept having people think I eat too much for some reason." said Yin with a nervous giggle.

"Sis, you ate our entire pantry of bread before we came here. I don't think the others should be faulted for thinking that." said Omochi who was trying to contain her laugh.

"I-I just like bread! That's all!" said Yin with an angry pout.

"Heh,well a pregnant woman is extraordinary hungry they say." Dane says as he hugs Yin close to him and kisses Yin on her forehead,"We even have Sully at the ship with us!"

"FAR HAR HAR yeah we got Farkun and Sully picked up before we got here." Fang states.

"Oh? Sully is here huh? I wonder if he got any stronger as well?" Yin asked.

"He looked that way. Though he kept insisting he was "ungraceful."" said Katsudon who suddenly showed up.

"Where in the world were you at? You missed the action!" said Omochi.

"Getting away from mother...I saw Arancini flying over earlier and now Biryani is carrying him over his shoulder. Guess he finally got his ass kicked by someone that isn't Biryani." said Katsudon with a snicker.

"Yeah he definitely did." Dane nods as he looked over in the direction he sent Arancini from the kick,"He was a good fighter though I'll give him that honor."

"FAR HAR HAR!" Fang laughs in reply and then turns over to Chanchan and Onigiri,"Well.....I think that meeting is tonight am I right?"

"Indeed. We can head back to the castle." said Onigiri.

"I am sure everyone else would be fatigued from this event. They can rest if they wish while we can discuss." stated Chanchan.

"Oh yeah. I could use something to eat again." said Yin with a stomach growl.

"You ain't eating the bread this time..." said Omochi with a deadpan look.

"I'm noooot!" shouted Yin.

"I'm coming either way,but I hope there's some meat!" Dane says with a smile.

"Meat! I love meat!" Fang says as he was distracted.

The Meeting of the Hounds

At the castle of the Vulpine royalty, the group can be seen heading down one of the long halls toward the meeting room.

"Man, remember how we used to run down the halls when we was younger?" Katsudon asked Omochi.

"Yeah! Your mother smacked you so hard in the head. "DON'T RUN IN THE HALLS OF THE ROYAL FAMILY!" she said!" said Omochi laughing.

"Heh...Me and Yang did that back at our castle on Chau. Although, he was a LOT more rougher how he played around though heh. He used to claw up all of the rugs as well." said Yin with a chuckle of her own.

"I remember wrestling Yang in the halls of the chau castle as well." Dane says with a smile,"I remember when I accidently threw Yang into an old statue and Lord Pangu was not very happy with Yang." He chuckles.

"FAR HAR HAR! Well I hope these halls may be similar to the one I am building in Yukon!" Fang says as he looked around,"Give me a minute to find a booth." He then mysteriously dashed away.

"I guess he went off somewhere." Dane shrugs.

"Uh...He is kinda needed for the meeting. Where did he go?" Omochi asked.

"Give him a moment. He tends to do this." said Katusdon with his arms behind his head.

"Heh...He isn't the only one I know that tends to go off and do things suddenly and without warning." said Yin.

"Well here is the door I'm guessing." Dane says as he looked at a large door that looked like an entrance to a meeting room,"Shall we enter without Fang I guess?"

"I believe so." said Yin as she and Omochi opened the doors to find the large meeting hall that is surrounded by Vulpines. Two of them were Kama and Pulihora while the two that sat in the center, of course, were the king and queen themselves Onigiri and Chanchan.

"Wow! You guys must be treating this very special to have all the Elders here!" said Omochi surprised.

"Of course. This is a meeting of an alliance correct? The other Elders must have a say as well as it is only fair." said Onigiri.

"Indeed. They are, of course, the wisest Vulpines of this island. Now, where is the one known as White Fang? I do not see him with your group." said Chanchan as she, Onigiri, and the Elders were looking around.

"He's....around. He'll be here heh heh..." said Katsudon nervously.

"Man up! You are around royality you know!" Kama shouted at her son.

And suddenly behind Yin,Dane and the others comes a slamming opening as they see Fang enter in a bright red jacket uniform and had a white pants on. He even had boots on for a change. This was probably the most formal of a mink Fang will ever get himself looking like.

"I AM HERE!!!" Fang says as he poses up and gives a thumbs up to the group.

"Wow! look a bit more formal than usual." Dane says looking up and down at Fang.

"Of course son FAR HAR HAR This is a meeting of an alliance!" Fang says with a laugh.

"Interesting kind of attire." said Onigiri with his hand resting on his chin.

"Indeed. He appears to have changed rather quickly as well." said Chanchan.

"Quick is right! He was only gone for like a few minutes!" said a surprised Omochi.

"Yeeep. Him being younger helps with that regard as well." Katsudon said preparing to sit down.

"Oh yeah! I did just noticed he looks a lot younger than before. He must have visited that "Goddess of Youth" person." said Yin with surprise in her eyes as well.

"That is correct my little daughter in law!" Fang says as he rubs his big hand on Yin's head as he walks over to the center desk and sits down,"So,I guess now we have a discussion in our hands."

"I'm curious how this will go down." Dane says as he sits down.

"Wait one moment!" shouted Arancini as he suddenly barges in. "I am needing to be here as well!"

"I apologize. He got away from me." said Biryani who walked in with a sigh.

"Arancini. Please be silent. This is an important discussion." said Pulihora who motion over Arancini to sit beside her.

"Yes grandmother." said Arancini who shot Dane a quick look before taking a seat as well.

"Heh someone's jealous..." said Omochi to herself.

"Hopefully he won't try anything." said Yin with a sigh.

"It is time that we discuss this meeting, now that everyone is seated." informed Onigiri.

"Yes. It is about an alliance if I remember? I should inform you that we were aligned previously with others, and it lead to the kidnapping of many Vulpines including Yin. Excuse us if we sound hesitant about this." said Chanchan.

"No worries madam." Fang nods and then slams his hand against the table. His aura around him becoming more serious and more intimidating to the younger ones,"52 years ago.....I was 4 years homeland was probably built like your kingdom is now,except a lot more snow and ice. It was a peaceful island,with a just law system and a loyal kingdom in the island with the majority being wolf minks. We lived in that island undisturbed for millennia until pirates came along and try to hide in our kingdom. Brickbeard was the pirates name,and he wanted refuge from marines that were chasing him. We promised nothing but food and a small hut outside of the village,as we didn't trust this giant human of a guy he was. But soon,we would realize bringing him in was a mistake as marines would swarm our island and trap us in the island,not allowing anyone coming in our out until they find Brickbeard."

"And then what happens is that Brickbeard decides to hold some of our people hostage to make us help him,while marines started burning our homes and killing some of our families in search of Brickbeard. Before we were even able to decide which side to turn,both sides started fighting and killing our kin more! Marines shooting Brickbeards and Kin while Brickbeards killed Marines and Kin. We fought a three front war...and was exponentially defeated by both forces. My father died while protecting mother and my siblings from marines that were trying to take our castle as a vantage point."

"Weeks later....the battle ends,and the marines leave with a limping Brickbeard in their arms; But the island has become a snowy wasteland filled with smoke and ashes,a lot of my brethren had died. The island went from battle strought to a famine,where a lot more would die thanks to.....arrogant humans. Humans that had no interest but themselves,when we were in time of danger,no one would lead us. And I was too young to lead at that time."

"Until I was six,I was facing the famine in the forefront. My mother trying to keep each of me and my siblings alive. It was only unfortunate that my siblings would all die of starvation and my mother was soon passing. That was until some slave hunters invaded our home this time and forced me and mother out of Yukon. My family was once royal family,but the battle and famine left us in rags. And my years of slavery are countless,I call them a curse and a blessing,as I would meet my wife in one; And I would have 2 humble slave owners that were nice and wise to teach me. One of them even becoming one of the elders in my crew......But the life of a slave has countless,and I say countless slave masters that are humans who prove to me that they're nothing but stinky filth that fill this beautiful earth. Even rewinding my body back to being 21,I still have age old scars that are hidden under my fur that remind me of the life as a slave."

As the White Fang speaks,Dane looks at his abdomen and reminds himself of the scar he has from battling Sir Axel when he was enraged. Dane then gets closer and puts his arm around Yin's shoulder to give him and Yin comfort through this emotional speech from Fang.

"Of course I would unwrap myself and show the scars,but I think this ain't the time for that. FAR HAR HAR!!!!" Fang would laugh to ease up the intensity of the room.

"I see. It seems you have dealt with your own issues in the past. As have we." said Chanchan who actually looked a bit saddened, showing different emotions for once.

"It is a reason why we reserved ourselves. Emotions do tend to hinder you depending on the situation." said Onigiri who still looked more serious.

"Wow...I never knew he went through that much in the past...being a awful thing." said Yin looking upset.

"Tell me about it. It gets my blood boiled just thinking about it." said Katsudon.

"Slaves are filthily, but those that own them are even more so. It is why I never want to leave Vulpixia!" shouted Arancini.

"Ever since I was 13,I became a pirate to my name and created lots of chaos against the majority controlled human world government. Mainly taking down marines,eating them up like it's my sunday breakfast. I have been caught and became a slave again between a few times,but have always manage to get away each time they caught me. I have fortunately met my wife Collie after my last entanglement with my last slave master,which is a great tale. But I have always fought against the selfish part of the human race to really extract what humans really are. And I can tell you that there are a few,a pretty small percentage,or humans that do not act for themselves. So it has been my job to try to get that percentage to increase by getting rid of all of the bad humans. I have been doing this until 30 years ago where me and that damn drunken admiral,funny fellow I got to say, fought and I end up losing and end up in the bottomless pit of Impel Down,where the attempts to have me become forgotten were tried. They tried...but they failed. They failed to see that this only builded me,not destroyed me. I brewed up in those cells like I was an age old beer ready to drink. I became more spiritually clear that it was my job to take out the selfish,arrogant human race that is controlling the World Government. And as I escaped from Impel Down,I remembered that damn bastard Brickbeard. And looked for his cell in the 5th level of Impel Down and killed him to prevent him from escaping,not to let another selfish human pirate like him ruin the earth. There are not many pirates I think that should rot in hell,but he was one."

"So....father...." Dane asks,"I'm sure the people would be wondering what would you ask for if they decided to ally with you?"

"Hmmmmm,that's a good question my son! FAR HAR HAR!" Fang states,"But I think it would be that Katsudon gets a small army of defense that is made up of my men and your men. I think Kathy,as he is one of your own people,would be a good choice to help increase the defense of this island. Even though he is a pup to me and isn't a high ranking member of the crew,he is one hell of a good warrior." He turns to Katsudon and nods,"He's even a good escape artist FAR HAR HAR!!!"

"Hah. He's saying you're good at running away." said Omochi with a laugh.

"That's the understatement of the year." said Kama in a snarky tone.

"Yeah yeah, that was an easy set up to take jabs at me I get it." said Katsudon as he shurgged casually.

"There appears to be an unbalance of sides in the world. There are the Marines where half appear to have noble and honest goals, while the other half aren't. The same goes for pirates and even revolutionaries." stated Chanchan.

"That is why we have difficulities trying to associate with any of the outside world. I do see where you are coming from. We have had time to strengthen our own forces, and Biryani and Arancini have been the strongest pair on this island for the longest time." stated Onigiri.

"But wouldn't the World Government won't like the fact this island is allied with a pirate crew? It seems rather daunting and risky right?" Arancini asked.

"True. However, they cannot easily get here remember? Unless they come from the skies, they shouldn't pose a problem." said Kama.

"Indeed there is truth to that." Fang states,"Couldn't get here without Sweet Miss Omochi over there."

"So then how has slave hunters and marines gaining access to Vulpixia if we are above the sea?" Dane asks.

"Some of them have ships that appearantly can help them launch them into the skies. And I heard there are some Marines that are trying to make like sky ships or something." stated Omochi.

"Now that you mention it, I think Finn mentioned that was possible but it will take a lot of work and resources." said Yin.

"I believe some of those that attacked us did have a mythical power that allowed them for flight of objects." said Chanchan.

"But we are unsure as this was decades ago." stated Onigiri.

"Hmmmmm,well. Even though we could take our chances and not worry about a similar incident happening again. I will talk to my navigator angel Sariel and my scientist Force and see what both of them can help out with that incident." Fang states,"If only I could find that explosive man FAR HAR HAR!"

"Ain't he with that clown?" Dane asks.

"Oh yeah! He was there to only be a scout for us. As we were looking for you kids." Fang states,"But I guess he's having his own fun there. I'll let him go until I'll need him,besides I can call him now if y'all really wanted to."

"I think I remember him...That clown, Jack, he's...pure chaos..." said Yin with a grim look on her face.

"Damn is he that bad?" Omochi asked.

"I heard the guy kills Marines for fun. Sounds like a total psycho." said Katsudon with a shrug.

"What pirate isn't a, quote unquote, psycho? Aren't they all ruffians?" Arancini asked.

"Not all of them. You'll be surprised. I mean, even a marine can be a psychotic son of a bitch!" said Omochi with anger in her voice.

"Omochi! Language!" said Onigiri and Chanchan at the same time.

"S-Sorry...That's what I get for picking up "his" way of speaking..." said Omochi with her ears down.

"Despite my "Image" of being a Stone Cold Big Dog and being a cannibalistic monster that'll eat marines for breakfast,I do make sure the hurt and weak are taken cared of,especially those that were harmed from the ways of the selfish human. If you guys decide to ally with me,I promise to have this place under my protection without any fee for me. All I ask is that you give Kat a little army that I'll help set up,and we'll start having this thing set up. And no,you don't need to fly my flag at all. It's somewhat best to keep this under wraps from the Government." Fang states,"And maybe a little package of meat every now and then would be nice FAR HAR HAR!" Him saying with a sense of humor.

Onigiri and Chanchan stare at each other before nodding.

"I believe that we can agree to these terms. Yes." said Onigiri.

"It will benefit us greatfully for this to happen. Indeed." said Chanchan with a nod.

"As for the meat, just keep Yin away from them!" said Omochi with a laugh.

"T-That's not funny!" shouted Yin with an angry blush.

"I wonder if this shrimp can handle leading an army? Biryani and even Arancini could handle the task way better." snarked Kama.

"Because I'm actually PART of his crew mother..." said Katsudon with an annoyed look.

"I have no interest in being a pirate." said Biryani bluntly.

"Same here! Wait, what do you mean by "even Arancini"?!" shouted Arancini defensely.

"If Katsudon or you guys wish to have those two in the army of defense for this island." Fang points over to Arancini and Biryani,"That will be fine with me."

"Well this seems like this alliance has become a thing now." Dane states as he looked on.

"Not until it's on paper." Fang states,"Unless you guys have one of those stenosauruses with you guys in the background typing this whole conversation."

"I think the word is Stenographer." Dane replies.

"Yeah Yeah that word." Fang says.

"We actually do. Quite a few of them that are taking down the notes as we speak." said Chanchan.

"Would you like a copy of the transcripts?" asked Onigiri.

"No No that is fine." Fang states holding his hand up,"But a paper of what our agreement is and us signing it is all we need."

"Indeed. We will get that to you right now." said Onigiri and Chanchan as they both clapped that one of the writers brings a form over to Fang. "You may sign on here to make it official."

"Wow it makes me wonder if they trained to talk to each other at the same time like that?" Yin asked.

"Heh I ask that two but the two have been together for a looooong time after all." said Omochi with a smile.

"Heh heh....marriage would do that to you kids." Fang says as he overheard Omochi and Yin as the writer comes over and gives him the paper. He pulls out of his pocket a large crow feather,"This I pulled out from my friend Rambert FAR HAR HAR!" He then looks over to the little ink set next to him,and shook his head,"Nah,I don't need that ink." He then bites out a skin of his thumb and places his feather on his blood from the thumb.

"I hereby sign this paper..." Fang starts,"As a rebirth of the White Fang Terror. To protect those that were harmed by the selfish human race,to strengthen the defense of the weakened,to honor the codes of the islands that will be my friends. It is time to make the White Fang....Great...Again...Signed....." He finished writing his signature in his blood and then smacks the paper with his palm,"The White Fang,London Jack",a giant black handprint of the wolf mink was now encased into the paper.

"D-Did he just sign that with his blood..?" said Arancini with a shiver.

"It looks like this is offical then. Thank you for your association." said Onigiri and Chanchan with a bow.

"I think this is the first time I've seen an alliance form! Well, that isn't between all pirate crews that is." said Yin.

"Hey at least we got some extra layer of protection." said Omochi.

"Hast! You still got me to protect this land! Although this...Wolf...bested me, I will NOT give up! Ahahahaha!" laughed Arancini.

"Hast?" said Biryani with a facepalm.

"Don't worry. He will move on to someone else. Just give it...well, can be days to years." said Katusudon casually.

"Y-Years?!" said Yin with a shocked expression as she looked at Arancini still laughing.

"Oh like the big boy said." Dane says to Yin,"The little one will move on like he said." Goes in to kiss Yin to obviously make Arancini jealous.

"FAR HAR HAR It is a pleasure to make this official with you all." Fang nods and tips his tricorn hat to the leaders. He then looks over and walks to Katsudon,"Now don't let me down Kathy,Me and Vulpixia are giving you access to an army to protect this island." He smiles and rubs the head of Katsudon,"I know you won't let me down though FAR HAR HAR!!"

"Hmph! I will move on when I feel like it!" said Arancini in a childish tone as his back was calmly patted by Pulihora.

"Y-Yeah I won't. T-Trust me." said Katsudon in an almost embarassed tone.

"Hah! Little bastard doesn't get too flustered often! You better not suck at your job!" said Kama in a teasing tone.

"Mother, you are not helping..." said Katsudon in a deadpan tone.

"Heh..."Kathy"" said Omochi chuckling to herself.

"I do not see the error of the name." said Biryani deadpanly.

"Oh Yani, you can be so kind even when you're not trying to." said Yin with a giggle.

"Well is this a call for celebration?" Dane asks as he looked around.

"Doesn't matter to me." Fang says as suddenly his stomach growls,"Then again....."

"He probably needs to eat." Dane states.

"Well, it looks like it is time to arrange the feast then." said Onigiri and Chanchan as they got up and prepared to walk out.

"Yin don't-" said Omochi before her mouth was covered up again.

"I'm not going to eat all of the bread again..." Yin said with a deadpan look.

"Don't worry my dear! I will make sure you are well fed!" said Arancini as he graced over toward Yin.

"You're not going to win dude." said Katsudon with a sigh.

"Heh, it looks like he has a new rival now huh Biryani?" Omochi asked Biryani.

"You have my sympathies." Biryani said with a bow toward Dane.

"Nah,I think father would like to talk to him." Dane says looking up and giving a wink to Fang.

"I do? Ohhhhhh Yeah I do!" He then walks toward Arancini and suddenly pulls out a 6 pack of beer,"Hey kid I like you! Definitely have guts to take on my son and try to court my daughter in law. Say let's have a drink in honor of this alliance and your bravery." He throws a can of beer right at Arancini and opens his before drinking the whole can in one gulp,"Ahhhhh refreshing isn't it?"

"Is this the beverage known as alcohol?! How uncouth! I cannot sully my body with this stuff! I-It's a travesty! And I heard the smell is awful! I can smell it from your breath here!" said Arancini who was caught off-guard by the proposal.

"I bet he can't take it..." said Omochi with a smirk.

"I know Yang couldn't. My goodness never give someone who can transform into a giant breathing dragon alcohol." said Yin who was remembering the last incident.

"What? Don't like beer? Well then...." He then points the middle finger right in front of Arancini before kicking him in the gut and sending him flying through a stone cold stunner!

"And away he goes!" Dane states with a chuckle.

"That's....What mess....with my son and daughter in law..." Fang then says after giving out the stunner,"My eyes feel like they're going in circles." He says as his eyes were actually going in circles.

"Sigh. Not again. I'll go and retreive him." said Biryani as he went after Arancini who left through the front door.

"Damn. Arancini can't catch a break huh?" asked Omochi.

"He's stubborn. He'll be back. Eventually. Maybe. Don't know." said Katsudon with a shrug.

"He reminds me another of one of Yang's friends now that I mention it. Steel I believe. Arancini is like him...but a more "flirty" and a lot less "yelling". Except he at least is settled with someone if I remember. Makes me wonder if Yang will ever do the same?" Yin wonders.

"I met the guy before. He is so oblivious to love, it isn't funny." said Katsudon in a snarky tone.

"Who knows what has happened to him." Dane states,"We can only pray he hasn't done anything too stupid yet."

"Yang.....that the...tiger kid?" Fang says as he was now walking around funnily to the feast.

"Uh oh...I think Fang there is acting like how Yang does when he gets hungry..." said Yin looking at him.

"I'm pretty sure they will have it set up. Let's go to the main diner!" said Omochi running off.

"I need to eat something before Fang eats it all again!" shouted Katsudon running off at blinding speed.

"HEY!!! NO RUNNING IN THE ROYAL HALLS YOU BRAT!!!" shouted Kama as she ran after him.

"Wow...They all are...eager huh?" Yin asked Dane.

"Well,you have father who could be a heavier eater if not the same eater as Yang." Dane states,"And maybe they're afraid a certain woman would eat all of the bread." Dane teases as he kisses Yin on the head,"Let's head to the feast."

Yin has a brief pout because of the bread thing but quickly transitions into a smile and nods. "Yes lets!"

The Feast of the Ages

The ravenous party is seen going underway and everyone is seen enjoying themselves. Onigiri and Chanchan are at the end of the main table eating while their children, friends, and relatives are also having fun. Arancini and Biryani appear to be staring at each other angrily with Katusdon eating slowly while his mother watches intensely. Yin, of course, was eating as much as she could.

"Jeez sis! Slow down! There is enough for everybody!" said Omochi trying to slow Yin down.

"I'm sorry...I picked up Yang's habits after all..." said Yin who was clearly enjoying herself despite her apologies.

"Those wolves are trying to tarnish my glorious name! Can't you see that I am the most fit for Yin?!" said Arancini angrily toward Biryani.

"You don't give up. You're a fool from head to toe." said Biryani in a stoic, but angry tone.

"Man you are stubborn you know that?" Katsudon said looking over at Arancini with an annoyed look.

"Not as much as you! Eat those greens dammit!" said Kama angrily looking at Katsudon.

"MORE MORE MORE!!!" Fang says as he was literally dumping out the giant plates into his mouth due to his bigger size and his bigger appetite.

"What did I say about dad eating all of the food?" Dane asks,"Yeah this is what I was meaning."

"Yeeep...He really does eat like Yang." said Yin in awe.

"Look at that beast! So undinified to eat that way in front of our leaders! It is uncoath!" said Arancini with a huff.

"Since when you started to say "uncoath" a lot?" asked Katsudon.

"Vulpines are more definined, however, he is not one. That rule does not apply to him." said Biryani as he started to eat again.

"Yin! I know I lost but trust me, I will show you that my eating ways will change the others!" announced Arancini.

"Yeah. Um, good luck with that." said Yin as she tried to focus on eating.

"Hey father,What is next now?" Dane asks as he sees Fang keep on eating more of the feast.

"Man,lemme get another drink of my beer." Fang grabs two cans and dumps it all down his mouth,"What you say son? Ohh! Well I'll be looking for plans to conquer more islands! The White Fang terror must be known again!"

"Oh yeah, there is some nutcase going around conquering islands in the New World already. I'm not sure if you have to kill him or anything, but he is making a name for himself and apparently had ties to that Reaper guy." said Katsudon.

"Wow, so he must be strong huh?" Yin asked.

"Sorta. I heard the Warlord Ryushiki and the Greastest Sharpshooter in the World, Vipe Lycodia were crewmates of his as well, but left for some reason." stated Katsudon as he was eating.

"How do you know all of this?" Omochi asked.

"Before I got locked up in Impel Down, I did adventured around the world a bit. I picked up some intel from Marines here and there. They tried to recruit him and Lycodia as Warlords for the war, but they both declined." said Katsudon.

"Hmmmm,maybe you could do some more scouting for me. Though the island might take an interest in your folk." Fang states,"It's that moving island known as Elysium. It's a moving island that is runned by nuclear power plants,which caught my interest. Now what was even more interesting I heard in the dark web of the underworld is that the company that runs it,Omni-Com it is called,is a corrupt scientific organization with experimentation on any creatures other than human."

"That does sound horrible and interesting." Dane states.

"That does sound a lot more scary though...Nuclear power plant? Underworld?" Yin asked with a shaky voice.

"I heard some tales about it. Apparently the World Government may have interest in it too. Particularly, Admiral Fermi since he is highly skilled in Scientifics especially dealing with nuclear weapons." stated Katusdon.

"That sounds freaking dangerous! Jeez, it's bad enough this place apparently runs on nuclear power, but the living breathing nuclear plant himself apparently has interest in it too." said Omochi thinking.

"This island does sound benefictual, but I have heard the Admiral of the Marines are considered one of the strongest forces to deal with." said Onigiri.

"The expermientation does worry me. Those poor creatures." said Chanchan with a rare saddened look.

"Omni-Com...It does sound like something that is strong." said Yin to herself.

"Yeah,I'll probably need good scouts to get in there and know how to hide." Fang states,"I heard they have tight security when it comes to people coming in and out."

"Why don't you just come in there and let "all hell" go loose?" Dane asks.

"Cause I don't exactly have an army yet,and I would prefer to do it in style FAR HAR HAR!" Fang states,"I am still gonna try to get more allies,conquer more islands,and plan out this battle against Elysium."

"That is the more recommended apporach. There is no need to go into war without having your own army." said Onigri.

"Especially with the big one going on in the world right now. That place may be even more guarded that it is now." explained Katsudon as he finished eating.

"You still haven't eat the greens.." said Kama with a deadpan look.

"Well, that admiral is going to be busy with the war so he won't visit there at least right?" asked Yin.

"Nah. Like I said, that place will be guarded heavily in case of attacks during this war. Unless you have a big army, you're just inviting yourself to die." said Katsudon.

"Man it's scary how quick you are to becoming insightful like this." stated Omochi.

"Well then...." Fang states thinking as he took another swallow of a can of beer and eating a whole giant bird,"I'll be checking out Fimbulvetr soon. It's a neighboring island from Yukon that is filled with vikings,many minks,and birdmen."

"What's that island like?" Dane asks Fang.

"Oh it's a nice looking place. It depends where you land as well. Some parts of the island is a nice,hilly green. While other places are mountainous snow. There is like one or two swamp spots there but it's a nice looking island." Fang answers.

"Interesting. I haven't heard of it myself, but it's interesting that there are vikings there." said Yin thinking to herself.

"They are not to be confused too much with giants. I haven't seen any personally, but yet." said Katsudon.

"Vikings...I've heard tales of them. Their unruly beards, their lust for's daunting I tell you!" said Arancini dramatically.

"Perfect candidates for me!" Fang says with a wide smile,and takes another plate of chicken to dump into his mouth,"And then there's Sphinx! Those poor people could be provided jobs and plenty of food if I took over that island."

"Are those all the islands you think you can get peacefully?" Dane asks.

"Maybe,though Fimbulvetr might be a bit unpredictable with vikings there." Fang says,"But I'm sure I'll get other islands either by force or them wanting to join me!" He then slugs more cans of beer,"Man.....I think my eyes are spinning again..."

"There is still that island conqueror to worry about in the New World you know." Katsudon warned.

"I don't think he is the type to worry heh...I already compare him to Yang, so I don't think anything scares him." said Yin with a giggle.

"Those must know fear if they are to know to be smart!" said Arancini.

"You are not one to give out good advice. I advise you to be silence." said Biryani bluntly.

"Ahahahaha! That is what you think! If these furry creatures think they can best me, then I shall take up on that challenge! I will expand my pallet and journy the world!" announced Arancini.

"You will get eaten up by the world..." said Omochi with a deadpan expression.

"I second that." said Katsudon with one as well.

"Ditto." said Yin with a nod.

"You will die as soon you step one paw out of Vulpixia." said Biryani with a sigh.

"Grandson, I know you are strong, but one who falls easily to the two wolves here just shows you aren't ready." said Pulihora patting his back.

"Everyone doubts me! That is why I must show them! I will even overshadow those pirates that you keep talking about!" said Arancini in a dramatic tone.

"Ah Shut up you little puppy." Fang says to Arancini a tiny bit annoyed but was still devouring the food,he about devoured a whole table of food while they were talking,"I'll probably throw you into Elysium for my own entertainment if you don't quit yipper snappering."

"Yipper Snappering?" Dane asks,"That's a word you don't hear everyday."

"I don't have to listen to you, you...wolf! I will make my own path you'll see!" said Arancini who appeared to be standing behind Biryani.

"Why are you hiding behind me?" Biryani asked in a deadpan tone.

"I am NOT hiding! Both of those wolves have sent me flying through the roof already! I don't want that to happen is all!" said Arancini.

"If you're afraid of getting your ass kicked like that, then you best stay here and let Biryani do that for you." said Katsudon in a snarky tone.

"Damn that burn!" said Omochi laughing.

"I-It really was." said Yin trying to hold in her laughter.

"Silence all of you! It is a shame my dear Yin...for you to be tainted by the ways of the wolves..." Said Arancini as he was still hiding behind Biryani.

Suddenly,the likes of the Betas and the Deltas of the White Fang crew show up to the feast. The crow swordsman Rambert in his blue kimono and his swords on his sash. Sariel and her beautiful long red hair swinging around along with her angelic wings as an angel. The giant Krekos,looking at the food and studying it. While Farkun and Sully would take the rear of the group and would enter the feast.

"Ahhh Finally my friends!" Fang says with a smile,"We are now officially allied with this great island of Vulpixia!"

"That is wonderful news Alpha." Sariel bows with her large wings surrounding her.

"Sounds like we had a good deal then." Rambert says with his bird talon arms crossed and in a serious look.

"This is some fine rice." Krekos says as he was tasting a spoonful,"What is the recipe for this?"

"Hey Sully! Hey Sully's dad!" Dane says with a smile greeting them.

"Hello Dane,Hello Captain." Farkun says as he and Sully saw Dane and Yin,"Seems like this went well."

"It sure did Farkey!" Fang says with a smile.

"Sully! It's been awhile! How have you been?" asked an excited Yin.

"Fine. As ungraceful as ever, but I am happy you are doing well Yin." said Sully with a bow.

"WHAT ARE THESE CREATURES?!? MORE AND MORE BEINGS ARE SHOWING UP!!!" shouted Arancini from the top of his lungs.

"You are still standing right behind me..." said Biryani who was rubbing his ears.

"Two man...pigs, a human bird, a human girl with wings, and some giant? This is UNCOTH to the highest degree!" shouted Arancini again.

"You don't get out much do you. Wait, nevermind." said Omochi who corrected herself at the last second.

"We are not pigs..." Farkun states to Arancini,"We are minotaurs. Part man,part bull."

"Now now Farkey,the kid is just rambling his mouth off." Fang says,"Though if you want to give him a hellish chokeslam I don't care FAR HAR HAR!!"

"So is this the daughter in law of Captain?" Sariel asks as she looked at Yin,"It is an honor to know you." She bows in front of both Dane and Yin.

"Never thought an angel would bow in front of us." Dane states,"Besides,might want to be careful how that Arancini would react toward very beautiful angel."

"Oh! T-Thank you and this is my first time seeing an angel as well." said Yin who was in awe.

"Hmph! Don't humor me Wolf! I only have the eyes for the Vulpines or those with the ears and tails! Any of these other races don't have my eyes!" said Arancini with a huff.

"Heh...You're not going to find that "one" at this rate." snarked Omochi.

"How about all of his "adoring" fans?" asked Katsudon dryly.

"YOu mean the ones that are fawning over Dane there?" replied Omochi.

"Got me there. Yep Arancini, you're destined for the single life going by that mindset." said Katsudon with a smirk.

"Hush you two! I can get with anyone if I wanted to!" Arancini answered.

"I wish you luck with that." Dane says as he then gulps seeing the girls are still coming for him,"Yin protect me!" He then himself rushes behind Yin.

"FAR HAR HAR!!" Fang laughs hardly,"Looks like Daney boy only has a love for one woman."

"A good husband,he is." Rambert nods.

"Heh heh Dane never does well with other girls." said Yin in a playful teasing tone.

"See?! How uncoath he is to hide behind a woman!" said Arancini was he was still standing behind Biryani.

"Says the one that is currently hiding behind me." said Biryani with a deadpan expression.

"This is different I assure you! Alas, should we be having all of these different races here at once? We were stretching the wolves!" asked Arancini.

"It is allowed. They are part of his crew after all." said Onigiri and Chanchan.

"I-I see...I have no objections to that...but I won't like it!" said Arancini.

"Anyway...." Sariel then turns back to Fang,"Have you told them three the "thing" yet?"

"Nah Nah! I have been too busy eating and drinking." Fang answers as he finished up his last can of beer and finished eating a whole table of food,"Anyone else got any more food or drinks?"

"Oh dear,looks like Captain ate all of the feast food hasn't he?" Rambert states.

"I can help fix that." Krekos says to any of the vulpinian chefs.

"Yeah,Yin here is still hungry I am betting." Dane says with a tease.

"I-I am not...Just a little." said Yin with a small pout but quickly remembers what Fang said. "Three things?" she asked.

"I am three things: Charming, Strong, and Smart!" said Arancini with a smug grin.

"More like: Arrogant, Average, and Incomptetent!" said Omochi with a laugh.

"Yeah what is this "thing"?" Dane asks.

"Oh nothing really,but I noticed a marine base that wasn't far from Mystoria and Punk Hazard." Fang states,"Seems it was also recently built,and some old iceman is there leading that base."

"How did you get this information?" Dane asks.

"Give ol thanks to Kathy over there!" Fang says with a smile pointing to Katsudon,"We honestly wouldn't have noticed until he saw it FAR HAR HAR!!"

"Damn Kathy, you really been putting your brain to work after being locked up for so long!" said Omochi who was laughing hard.

"Q-Quiet! I just had a sharp mind after all!" said Katusdon who was looking away with an angry blush on his face.

"He got that from me I take it. Heh, I thought with his dad's genes, he wouldn't get far. But here he is doing better as a pirate of all things!" said Kama who was laughing as well.

"I swear you're just taunting me by this point..." said Katsudon with a defeated tone.

"Marine Base...Punk Hazard..." Yin said voicing her thoughts out in the open.

"If you need a quick reference, Punk Hazard is a major Marine facility located within the New World that specializes in working with scientific things and other kinds of experiments. Of course, Fermi is the one heading the proceedings there as well." stated Katsudon.

"From hearing that, I can see why he would be personally interested in this Elysium place. It sounds scary what he can do though...If he is the type of Marine like Nitro, terrfying..." said Yin who looked worried.

"Don't worry. From what I heard, Fermi isn't the type that goes around randomly killing people or things like that. If anything, he prefers to just let his victims surrender beforehand because it is "quicker" for him to do. If I described his alignment, it'd be Chaotic Neutral at most: neither good or bad, but is destructive as all hell." stated Katsudon as he leaned backwards. "How did you think I got locked up in Impel Down in the first place?"

"Wow...Fermi got to you?" Omochi asked.

"The bastard just vaporized an entire revolutionary army base by himself and it was nearly as big as a small island. How can you not want to surrender to someone with that kind of power?" said Katsudon with a rare look of sadness on his face. "'s scary man. I know I said I got myself captured on purpose, but let's face it I didn't have a choice. Of course the Marines probably hid that fact as I'm not notable enough to be worth a mention."

"It'll be fine my dear pup." Fang rubs Katsudon's head,"I am interested in taking on this Fermi. I remember taking on the old dinosaur,and I would like a rematch for that."

"Well by the sound of it,he might be a potential opponent once you two cross paths." Farkun states.

"Which could be sooner than later." Rambert nods.

"Oh yeah. Shishio. I'll admit I don't know much of the guy but its considered a rival for the fleet admiral. When it comes to raw power, he has Fermi beat. However, Fermi has a more effective and powerful devil fruit not to mention is fast as all hell." stated Katsudon.

"Gamma radiation is nothing to laugh at. He is apparently called the "One-Man Buster Call" since he can just destroy an entire island by himself." said Omochi.

"O-Okay...all this talk of island-busting admirals is kinda making me nervous...heh..." said Yin with a concerned look on her face.

"Don't worry my dear! I shall protect you!" shouted Arancini as he twirled around.

"As long you don't make a big name for yourself and purposely attract the attention of the Marines, you should be fine. Your brother seems to be already doing that though." said Katsudon as he was still leaning backwards.

"Indeed he has." Dane nods.

"Anyway,I would like you kids!" Fang states pointing to Yin,Dane,and Sully,"To attack that base and leave nothing there but a pile of junk!"

"Excuse me...What?" Dane says with his eyes wide open.

"You heard him." Rambert bluntly states,"You three are to go and destroy that marine base."

"D-Destroy an entire Marine base?! B-But didn't we just discussed about trying not to draw too much attention to ourselves?!" said a shocked Yin.

"A request like that...maybe too much for someone as ungraceful as me." stated Sully.

"Now you fools are acting like fools! You dare put Yin here in harms way like that! For shame! I will do this task instead!" announced Arancini.

"Not to be blunt...Well okay yes to be blunt, Yin's pyrocio has grown stronger than yours, Dane has powerful Electro, and Sully has a lead logia. I think they will accomplish this." state Katsudon.

"The key word is THINK! I shall accomply them! They need my power!" shouted Arancini.

"I don't think a puppy is needed in this mission at all." Fang waves off Arancini.

"But don't you worry about Yin's children?" Dane asks about Yin's pregnancy.

"FAR HAR HAR As long as she doesn't get herself hit,she'll be fine just like Farkun's wife! Ain't that right!" Fang says.

"Yeah..." Farkun rolls his eyes and replies.

"HMPH I say! I have my own means of getting my way I assure you!" shouted Arancini.

"That is fun...How often has one get hit on a mission like this?" Yin asked.

"Unless you're a Logia or some really tough bastard, I'd say a solid 99%." said Katsudon.

"Lovely...Maybe I'll be the 1%" said Yin nervously.

"Wait, this base is near Punk Hazard right? Wouldn't that alert the staff there?" asked Omochi.

"Well, not really. Punk Hazard mainly a research facility and most of the people there are scientists and other things like researchers. Unless you have extreme bad luck and Fermi happens to be visiting there at the same time, then you should be safe." stated Katsudon.

"I-I see...Though I still worry on who may be guarding this one." said Yin.

"Oh it's that Vice Admiral Iceberg I believe it is." Fang states,"The old man who knows how to make everything cold."

"Though we'll be smart and have you guys attack while he's on a perimeter check." Farkun states,"We'll get you three in as he starts his patrol,and you three will start wreck havoc until he comes back."

"This should give you three 30 minutes to destroy everything." Sariel adds on.

"Seems like y'all had a plan before." Dane states.

"We just know when there's a group of people who can probably do it for us." Rambert replies.

"A Vice Admiral even? W-Well they aren't as threathening as Admirals right?" Yin asked nervously.

"That depends honestly. Strength can be determined by either your raw physical strength like Shishio or having a powerful and verstile Devil Fruit like Fermi. Like it is tough to rate Iceberg personally since I don't know him much besides of his cold powers which I heard are very effective. Echo has a Mythical Zoan and is a Rokushiki Master which makes her powerful. I'm getting derailed, just always keep your guards up around any kind of Marine force no matter one. Even the nameless mooks can be threathening if their numbers increased." informed Katsudon.

"Oh yeah! This guy can lead an army! For sure!" said Omochi impressed.

"Damn kid, I think I misjudged ya! For someone that grew up sucking his thumb and scared to eat his greens, you turned out pretty damn well!" said Kama with a laugh patting her son's back.

"And you had to include the embarassing stuff huh?" said Katsudon in a snarky tone.

"FAR HAR HAR I always knew you would be a good kid since I picked you up from Impel Down!" Fang says with a smile.

"So when is this going to happen may I ask?" Dane asks his father.

"Tomorrow after a good night's sleep." Fang answers,"Need y'all well rested if you three want to destroy a marine base!"

"And eat a good meal,cause a fight ain't without eating a good meal." Krekos states as he came back with a large plate of steak.

"You got that right buddy!" Fang says as he grabs the plate and eats all of the steaks on the plate.

"Is it normal to feel nervous about this...?" Yin asked.

"I am ungraceful, so I cannot answer that personally I am afraid..." said Sully who seemed saddened to not be able to answer.

"Don't worry! I will protect you all!" said Arancini with a dance.

"Yeah...Right..." said Omochi and Katsudon with deadpan expressions.

"I think we'll be fine." Dane says in reply,"I guess then we should get ready for tomorrow then."

"But the night is still young!" Fang says as he was hopping around looking for food,"I need more beer and food before I can go to sleep!"

"I think I'll have to assist on that." Krekos states.

"But yeah kids,make sure you three get a good rest so we can leave for the morning." Sariel turns back to the trio.

"Well looks like Yin will get to leave her home again." Dane states.

"Well..It will be nice to get some fresh air. No offense to my family or any of my other race, but it does seem rather closed off at times huh?" Yin asked with an embarrassed blush.

"Heh why did you think I wanted to leave?" Katsudon said with a smirk.

"To get away from your mother?" said Omochi snickering.

"S-Shut it! Well, fucking of course But that's not it! I just wanted to be free is all! I always wanted to be a pirate. Or a revolutionary. Just something to go against the World Government for what they did before." said Katsudon.

"What did you say...?" said an angry Kama.

"Anywho, I guess you're going to cause some trouble! Better not let the big boys of the Marines go after you!" said Omochi teasengly.

"P-Please don't make me nervous..." said Yin with a sigh.

"Don't worry my dear! Ignoring the big wolf's attempts to keep me away, I will ensure you will be safe in my hands!" said Arancini with a bow.

"Whatever you say." Dane smiles and rolls his eyes,"Should we go to our rooms and sleep now to be ready for the morning?"

"I don't care! It's whenever this party is finished!" Fang says looking under a table comically for food.

"I think it is because you did eat the majority of the food." Rambert states.

"Indeed..." Farkun nods.

"Yeah I could use some sleep myself." said Yin with a yawn.

"Same here my dear! We shall rest ourselves and be ready for the morning!" said Arancini as he was stretching.

"Still on that huh?" said Omochi with a deadpan expression.

"Uh, you think you have any moer food? He will keep at that until he gets any." said Katsudon.

"Biryani could lead you to the extra food storage." said Onigiri.

"It is kept just a bit further in the back. Those are our extra supplies, however it is easy to restock." said Chanchan.

"Right. It wouldn't be difficult to make the proper arrangements, but we can provide that." said Biryani.

"I'll grab some extra beer from our ship." Krekos states as he walks back to the ship.

"Sounds good Krekey!" Fang shouts,"And if Collie wants to know where I'm at,it'll be whereever they're leading me to!" He says as he follows Biryani.

"I guess then we must get to our room Yin." Dane says with a sly smile,"First time together in months..."

"Don't waste any energy beside trying to sleep." Rambert states,"I know how wolves and foxes can both get devious with the similar looks."

"You just don't have any fun do you?" Dane asks.

"No...just don't anything energy-consuming before a big mission that'll prove your worth to your father." Rambert states as he then flies off to the ship.

"Heh...Trust me we will be good." said Yin with a smile and a yawn.

"I will say so! You are good, but the wolf man, I have my eyes on him!" said Arancini as he was preparing to be dragged off by Katsudon. "H-HEY!!"

"I think they had enough of you for tonight and with Biryani taking captain to more food, someone has to put the pup away." said Katsudon in a deadpan tone.

"W-When did you get this strong?! UNHAND ME!!" shouted Arancini from a distance.

"Looks like the party is over for now. Looks like you have some marine bases to destroy!" said Omochi with a yawn.

"I-I'm still nervous though...Now that a Vice Admiral is on there..." said Yin.

"I can tell you and Dane are a lot tougher. You may have a chance against Iceberg. Yeah, the key word is may. Just a tip, live to fight another day. Especially in your case." said Omochi as she pokes Yin's belly and heads off for bed.

"Yeah,I believe no matter what,we make sure you are ok." Dane states looking at Yin,"Worst comes,I'll make sure to defend you. That way we know our kids are ok as well as you."

"I know I am ungraceful, but I can also do my best to lend a hand." stated Sully.

"Indeed and I thank you both for that. I do feel a little better." said YIn with a relief sigh.

"Let's get going." Dane says holding Yin's hand and walking to the royal bedrooms.

A Phenomenal Attack on a Base

The Phenomenal Morning

In the morning,the sun was bright and ready for the Yin trio to get ready for their big day. Yin and Dane were seen sleeping,Dane snuggling with Yin's tails as usual. And Fang creeping up toward the couple as they were asleep in the bed?

"Like little babies they sleep..." Fang says as he was kneeling at the bed,"So innocently...I thought I would catch them fucking like usual..." Until he got slapped in the head by his wife Collie.

"Fang! How dare you interrupt their sleep!" Collie says picking up Fang and starting to slap Fang more. Looks like even a powerful pirate can't get away from their motherly wife.

"I'm sorry!! I'm sorry!!" Fang shouts as Dane was waking up.

"Not now...." Dane was still snuggling with Yin's tails,"5 more minutes..."

Yin was already away from hearing Fang talking earlier. "I know I say this a lot, but he really does act like Yang." said Yin as she pats Dane's head.

"Look at that cretin! How dare he spies on dear Yin! It's a travesty I tell you! That is why I MUST go!" shouted to Arancini who was sitting on the ground looking bored.

"Yeah yeah...Blah blah... Don't really care." said Katsudon who was obviously tired of dealing with Arancini.

"Why is everyone suddenly in our room now?...." Dane asks as he slowly opens his eyes.

"Look into my eyes son!" Fang says rushing toward the tired Dane's eyes,the dark red eyes staring at the blue eyes of Dane,"What do you see?"

"A cult of personality...." Dane replies tiredly moving his head toward Yin's breast.

"No! It's the eyes of a man that is ready to give the finger to death and fate and give both of them a stone cold stunner!" Fang replies.

"What does that mean?..." Dane asks.

"It means I am ready to take you three to the marine base!" Fang replies in giddy,"It'll be so much fun!!"

"Oh joy...I sorta kinda forgot about it." said Yin with a head rub.

"Be more excited my dear! For I am going to accomply you all!" announced Arancini.

"You're still going on about that? Also you're too loud this early..." said Katsudon with his hands over his ears.

"Are we really letting him come with us?" Dane asks.

"That'll depend..." Fang says turning around and looking at Arancini,"Come to think of it,he could be a good Omega in the crew FAR HAR HAR!!"

"Why is that?" Dane asks.

"Cause he would be the shittiest part of the crew FAR HAR HAR!!!" Fang laughs.

"H-HEY!!! WHAT KIND OF COMPARISON IS THAT?! Your foul language never ceases to amaze me!" said Arancini with his arms crossed.

"Hah...You got burned." said Katsudon with a smirk.

"A-Anywho, are we actually going to destroy an entire base? Is that possible for us?" Yin asks.

"We'll find out when we get there!" Fang says,"Come on! Sully's dad already had him up hours before you two just got up."

"Yeah...." Dane says as he wipes the crust off his eyes,"I guess we better get ready."

"I guess so. I should be used to waking up like this, but I'm not heh..." said Yin as she was getting up.

"Yes! Let us be ready so we can go forward! This will be Arancini's first journey as a bandit!" shouted Arancini with a laugh.

"It's "pirate" you plank!" shouted Katsudon.


They head to the ship,Skoll,that was standing there at the port ready to be sailed away. The crew was prepping the ship up for the potential battle should the need for the crew to interfere should. The White Fang flag waving proudly on Skoll.

Fang takes one long inhale before exhaling and says,"It is a good day to be in the sea!" He walks over and sees Farkun pulling the anchor chains off,the hellfire-breathing minotaur turning around and seeing Fang,"Morning captain,you ready?"

"Like hell yeah!" Fang answers,"Oh and we're bringing that kid with us." He points over to Arancini.

"And who the hell is he to be?" Farkun asks as he wrapped up the chain.

"Our new Omega!" Fang replies,"Courtesy of Vulpixia and Kathy! They are both happy to have him in the seas with us!"

"Is Omochi coming with us?" Dane asks looking around.

"Yep! Sorry almost forgot a few things." said Omochi as she hopped on.

"Good because you can help me deal with...THAT!" said Katsudon as he pointed over toward Arancini who appears to be standing on the end of the ship posing.

"Ah...This lovely breeze does wonders for my stature! The great Arancini out to seas as a bandit! Oh how the world will view is prescense!" muttered Arancini in an almost poet-like tone.

"Uh...I think "that" is a good way to describe it..." said Yin with a very deadpan expression.

"Agreed...." Dane says deadpanly as well.

"Oh No You Don't!!!" Fang says grabbing Arancini and throwing him across the ship,"Posing on the head of MY ship is MY doing!!" Fang then postures himself before taking a deep breath,"Alright boys! And Ladies..." He looks over to especially his wife,Yin,and Omochi,"It is time to set sail for the Cold Man's Base!!!" He points outward from Vulpixia,"Set sail Farkey!!"

"Aye aye." Farkun starts steering the ship away from the port.

"Let's not end up dropping from the island this time." Dane states before turning around to look back,"GOODBYE MY WIFE'S BIOLOGICAL MOTHER AND FATHER!!!!! SEE YA BIRYANI!!! HOPE WE CAN TALK MORE SOON!!!"

"Yipes you're as loud as Arancini!" shouted Katsudon as he was holding his ears.

"OW!!! HEY WOLF!!! That was rather RUDE of you I must say!" said Arancini as he slowly gets up and dusts himself off. "So this is the life of bandit! Besides the rude gesture, I do say I enjoy this!"

"Dammit how many times are you going to say "bandit"? It's "pirate!" Pirates sail out the seas to go on adventures and such while bandits stay in one place stealing from people." stated Katsudon.

"I don't see how that is much of a difference!" stated Arancini back.

"Alright ladies. You're both beautiful! More importantly, how close is this base is? It does seem like it's pretty close if it's near Punk Hazard." asked Omochi as she sat down.

"I'm not sure. I'm not too verse in the New World. I think Axel once told me he used to travel around a lot here and briefly mentioned Punk Hazard one time." answered Yin.

"It's close, but not too close. That Marine base is pretty much there to help out Punk Hazard or any other surrounding islands when necessary." stated Katusdon as he was staring at Arancini staring forward at Fang. "The hell are you so focused at?"

"I just realized that Bigger Wolf seems younger than I thought...IT'S ODD!!!" shouted Arancini dramatically as Katsudon comically falls forward on his face.

"Can we throw him out already?" Abrafo the lion mink swordsman asks as he looked at Arancini with a glare.

"FAR HAR HAR!! Maybe give him to Krekos and he'll throw him in the fridge!" Fang states,"And I'm looking at the giant drop from Vulpixia here!" He says pointing to the exit of Vulpixia,which is in fact a drop,and last time they exited,they nearly fell to their deaths.

"That is a good point to look at." Dane says looking at Omochi.

"This tough crowd will soon start to appreciate my greatness." said Arancini as he walks over to Yin. "I wonder how you put up with these...creatures!"

"Uh. Not sure. This is my first time interacting with Dane's father's crew like this." said Yin.

"Got you covered! De-pressurize!" shouted Omochi as she slammed her hands down on the ship which cause it to de-pressure and become lighter than air. "Have to hold this position, but this ship should float down smoothly now!"

"Such a useful power you have! Alas, it cannot compare to my might." said Arancini as he randomly took a bow.

"I wish I can just drop this ship on your head..." said Omochi with a glare as well.

"I wouldn't mind if you did." said Katsudon in a snarky tone.

"Why must my own kin be this rude to me?! At least Yin isn't rude like you lot!" shouted Arancini.

"We ain't rude,we're just not used to landlubbers as they say." Farkun bluntly states as he let go of the wheel for the smook landing,"Or we just don't like anyone that is not of the pirating family."

"Let's just focus on this mission." Dane states as he sits down next to his wife,"At least me,Yin,and Sully will be working on this mission." He then looks over to Sully nearby,"You ready buddy?"

"Even though I am ungraceful, I am ready." said Sully who was sitting off to the side.

"Not of the pirating family? How daft! None of the rest of us here are of the pirating family!" shouted Arancini.

"Actually, my dad went off to be a pirate." said Katusdon who was laying down with his arms behind his head.

"I think my other father Pangu said he was associate with pirates in the past..."said Yin as she was trying to remember.

"Oh hush! And I will of course be joining! There is no need for thanks!" said Arancini with a smirk and his head hair flowing in the wind.

"I hope that wind gets strong enough to carry you away..." snarked Katsudon.

Time to Make Some Noise


They sailed right past the Lead/Hellfire Stone Island and made it within eyesight of the base. The seas rough as ever,and the small base standing still as thunder arose from the sky. A ship was seen just sailing off of the docks of the marine base. The noticeable marine flag waving along the strong winds on the ship.

"Marine base approaching captain." The wolf mink Nomad says to Fang from the crow's nest.

"Are you sure we should do this sir?" Karael,the young blonde angelic navigator that works under the main navigator Sariel, asks Fang,"What if they find out we're here?"

Fang kneels down and rubs the small head of the angel,"Don't worry young girl,Fang knows what he's doing." He gives the girl a fist bump and smile with a thumbs up. He then stands up and looks at the trio of Dane,Yin,and Sully,"Alright you puppies,you ready to become dogs?"

"Not dog father." Dane says as he wields his buster sword,"I'm ready to be a wolf!"

"Well, I am still a fox but I'm ready?" said Yin in an embarssed tone.

"I am as well, though I am ungraceful." said Sully as he walked behind the two.

"And do not forget about me! I am ready to show this world who I am!" said Arancini as he got in front of the group.

"You're staying here." Fang bluntly states to Arancini,"And you're gonna learn to be useful." He whistles for Krekos to come,"You are going to learn how to be useful for the White Fang Pirates. And you're going to be wiping the deck." Krekos then throws a mop and bucket at Arancini,"Now start mopping FAR HAR HAR!!!"

"W-W-WHAT?!?! H-HOW IS MOPPING THE FLOOR USEFUL?!" shouted Arancini in disbelief.

"Hah! The great Arancini who is the #2 of Vulpixia now downgraded to a choirboy!" shouted Omochi as she rolls over laughing.

"H-How dare you laugh at me!? W-Why I must do this?! I want to make sure Yin is protected! You can't expect me to do this!" demanded Arancini as he throw the mop on the ground.

"Yeeeeeah....You may want to do what you are told." said Katsudon who was relaxing backwards.

"Why is that?!" shouted Arancini.

"Cause maybe that mouth of yours will find out who you're messing with." Fang says looking down at Arancini with his bloody red eyes,"These eyes get even bloodier at a full moon..And I am the White Fang..The one who instills fear into the human race. And I can instill fear into other races if I need to." He then points to the floor,"Now leave my daughter in law alone and start mopping before I make you walk the plank!"

Arancini meekly looks on as Katsudon casually hands him a mop.

"Told ya." Katsudon said with a smirk.

"Oh you hush..." said Arancini as he started to mop.

"Damn. Not even Biryani can control Arancini to that degree! Then again, he never threatened his life!" said Omochi with another laugh.

"Well, at least he has something to do in the meantime." said Yin with a small giggle.

"NOT FUNNY!!!" shouted Arancini.

"Captain! The ship is now about far enough to let these three go." Nomad shouts to Fang,"How shall we do this?"

"Get the lifeboat ready." Fang states as he walked toward the three,"They're rowing to the base." He looks down at Dane,Sully,and Yin,"This is as far as the ship will go that I'll allow. I'm sure you two will handle the rowing for the young lady." He looks at Dane and Sully,then turns to Yin,"Please come back alive!! I really want to be a grandpa!!" He lays down and looks at Yin with puppy eyes.

"We'll be fine father." Dane rolls his eyes,"You don't need to be that dramatic."

"Oh uh...sure! We'll be fine right Sully?" Yin asked Sully who appeared to be staring off into a random direction.

"I am ready. Of course I am ungraceful, but I will do my best. If I can." stated Sully.

"Just come back unharmed! I will cast you to your doom if you let her be hurt Wolf Man!" shouted Arancini as he was talking to Dane.

"She's mine Arancini." Dane says in retort,"I always make sure I'm there when she needs it. Just make sure to do what the captain says." He points his buster sword at Arancini as he spoke.

"GET MOPPING BOY!!!" Krekos's giant voice booming right at Arancini,"Or I'll have Farkun send hellfire up your ass!"

"T-There is no need to shout!" shouted Arancini back as he started mopping.

"On a second thought, this may not be so boring after all." said Omochi with a smirk as she watches Arancini mopping.

"Heh I know right?" replied Katsudon.

"Ugh....I am more used to being carted to...Not doing...Chores!" whined Arancini as he was mopping slowly.

"The boat is ready." Farkun states,"You three better get on it now."

"Have fun my kids!" Fang says,"Don't get killed!"

"We won't." Dane states,"Ladies first." He scoops up Yin and jumps onto the row boat. The row boat swaying as the mild waves crested.

"Is it normal to be nervous? Because I'm even more nervous than I am..." said a worried Yin.

"Don't worry. I am ungraceful, but I'll do what I can to help out." stated Sully as he got on the boat making sure to get on carefully so his larger size doesn't mess with it.

"We're here and that's what matters." Dane states as he grabbed an oar,"Let's get this mission done and then hopefully find our crew." He looks over to Yin,"Show me what you learned." He smiles and starts rowing the boat,"Get that other oar Sully!"

"Y-You got it! I promise I have gotten stronger." said Yin confidently.

"Sounds good, and sure. I may be ungraceful, but I will help row." said Sully as he grabbed the other oar and starts to row.

They make it to the base without anyone noticing,Iceberg's ship far away from the base as it did it's perimeter run. Some of Iceberg's officers were seen still there patrolling the base. Dane,Yin,and Sully take the rowboat to the port.

"Alright let's get in quickly." Dane states picking Yin up from the rowboat,"I'm guessing our plan is to just start wrecking havoc."

"Uh...Anyone know where to start?" Yin asks with a confused look on her face.

"I have no idea myself. I know I am ungraceful, but this will be my first time doing something of this caliber. With these new powers." said Sully as he looked at his hand with lead on it.

"If I was Yang, he would just charge in guns blazing...Heh...That is just reckless of me to think of." said Yin with a giggle.

"Well there's the gate." Dane states looking over to the marine base gate entrance in front of them,"I'm going to bet it is locked."

"HEY! What are you three doing here?" A guard on watch duty who finally finds the three,"Raise those hands up or we'll use deadly force!"

"Uh, special delivery?" Yin said with an embarassed blush.

"He wants us to raise our hands. That is ungraceful, I will raise them, but not with a conquence." said Sully as he raised up his arms but is starting to form lead on them.

"Good idea Sully." Dane states as he unsheathes his buster sword, "Forget about a sneak attack Yin,cause I think we're going in the way father would want us to! Braver!" He leaps into the air and slices right through the thick wooden gate that entered the marine base. The alarms now suddenly going off.

"Huh! FIRE!!" A marine shouts as guns go blazing right at Sully and Yin.

Sully just lets the attack pass through him as Yin was able to dodge them.

"Eep! Should've expected gunfire!" said Yin as she kept dodging.

"You take him or me?" Sully casually asked Dane.

"You take him!" Dane shouts over,"I got plenty more in here to deal with." He looks over as he was suddenly surrounded by marines with guns,swords,crossbows and many other weapons,"Come on,you wouldn't hurt a cute wolf would ya?"

"Put those hands up!" A marine shouts.

"Can't we settle this over some wine or something?" Dane asks looking around,"No?.....Well then....COME ON! Santoryu: Disorder 540!" Then swings all three of his swords around in a fluid motion and took out all of the surrounding guards there.

Sully then simply hardens his fist upon Dane's answer in points it toward the Marine guard. "Sorry for you to be felled by someone as ungraceful as I am. Lead Punch!" shouted Sully as he sent a punch of lead toward the guard.

"Wow...These two have impressive powers. H-Hey! Save some for me!" said Yin as she activated her Pyroico in an instant.

The guard falls down immediately and was intimidated by the power,"Was that?...." He then faints to the ground due to the lead punch.

"Come on inside!" Dane shouts over from the entrance,"Let's start wrecking this place!" He runs more inside the building as marines charged more at him.

"O-Okay! Let's go Sully!" shouted Yin as she followed Dane inside.

"Right." said Sully as he stomped his way inside following behind Yin.

"I know this is a Marine base, but my goodness there are a lot of Marines around already." stated Yin.

"Well probably cause that guard did activate the alarm system." Dane says as he runs,"Let's just hope that Vice Admiral doesn't come before we finish this base." He says as he was running and slicing marines left and right,"I guess this is what Yang feels when he takes out marines."

"H-Hey! Don't be going down to his craziness! His motivations are pretty personal!" said Yin as she was quickly dodging and burning some Marines.

"Marines and pirates facing off is a given. Unless you're a warlord. Which is ungraceful, but not more than I." stated Sully as he was attacking Marines with his lead powers while keeping flight.

"I ain't going down to his level at all my dear wife." Dane states,"I'm just meaning that this is him most of the time. Fighting marines who are mostly labeled as the good guys,even though corruption is in them." He leaps and slices right through a thick wall to take out more marines.

"Oh! Right! That is true and you definitely have his mad power too." said Yin as she was kicking away some Marines and following behind Dane.

"Mortality...Quite the status in this world. Good pirates, evil pirates, good Marines, and evil Marines. There seems to be a middle ground. Though, I don't know where I fall as I am ungraceful." said Sully as he trucked through some Marines that were attempting to dogpile him.

"You're definitely good Sully! I'd say Yang is more neutral honestly. He's friendly, but he can be pretty violent for his own good." stated Yin.

"I think our crew is definitely more good than Yang's,but Yang is also a man who will help out anyone who needs it." Dane replies as he electro sparta kicks a marine through a wall,"Let's focus on this mission now though! We're gonna need some explosives to make some big damage to this."

"But how are we even going to cause explosions suddenly? My fire burns rather than explodes." said Yin as was looking around for more attacks.

"I have heard lead and electricity together can lead to explosions." stated Sully as he stood behind Yin.

"Oh? How you know that?" Yin asked.

"Garrett mentioned it before to me once. I was ungraceful, but he did told me my powers can be put to use in that caliber. We even tested it." informed Sully.

"Let's try it then." Dane says looking around,"Let's try it on this wall here." He says as he points over to a wall, he then charges a wild amount of electro onto his sword as well as hardening it.

"You may want to stand back a bit Yin. My powers, as ungraceful as I am, are quite dangerous around others." Sully warned Yin as he was gathering lead up in his hand.

"Right!" said Yin as she quickly moved backwards.

"Lead Shot!" shouted Sully as he launched a bunch of lead at the wall covering it. "Now you can go Dane."

"Electro Sword Strike!" Dane says as he strikes the wall with his buster sword of electro. And immediately,the wall explodes into dust and falls to the ground. Behind the wall in front of them was filing cabinets that were filled with certain papers that could be full of intel.

"Well look at this." Dane states looking at the room,"This place looks important."

"Is this like the records room or something? There is a lot of papers and filing cabinets around here." said Yin as she started to look around in the room.

"Although it is ungraceful for me to know something of this, I have heard that each Marine base has something of a records room to keep tabs on certain pirates or people in the area. This place appears to be no different." said Sully as he was looking around as well.

"I mean it couldn't hurt to look I guess." Dane says opening a filing cabinet and looking through it,"Find anything that may be beneficial to any of us or father we'll probably give it to them."

"But what kind of info would even be helpful? I don't think this random base could have anything too informative right?" Yin asked as she was looking through the files as well.

"Maybe. It depends. Though, I am ungraceful, so I do not know what kind of information to look for." said Sully as he was looking as well even casually lifting the entire cabinet and shaking it.

"Anything can be in these files." Dane says as he looked through some files,"Hey,here some on ships passing by. Let's see....marine ships,different pirate ships they are probably spying on,merchant ships,slave ships...." He stopped at slave ships file and pulls it out,"Could this be useful?"

"Slave ships? That's quite something that they will have...Or be willing to..." said Yin as she looks over at the files as well.

"Slave ships...Hm..." Sully remarked as he appeared to be pondering to himself.

"Something wrong Sully?" Dane asks as he looked over at Sully,"Hey these files apparently have the slave ships routes and destinations each ship is known to go to." Dane looked more into the files.

"It's nothing. I'm just being ungraceful as usual." said Sully as he walked over.

"They actually keep tabs of routes of slave ships? That is pretty concerning...But your father used to be a slave. This is something he may want to know." stated Yin.

"Indeed." Dane stuffs the file into his shirt and then states,"I don't know if anything else is of interest,but I think father wants more boom than intel. I guess we shall continue on to our destruction of this base."

"Y-You say that so casually..." said Yin with a surprised look but, suddenly, there is a very large crash that shakes the room! "EEP!" said Yin as she jumped onto Dane as she noticed Sully breaking through the wall.

"Sorry. I am ungraceful, so I couldn't help but make a loud noise." said Sully as he casually looked through the wall.

"Heh,I guess that is what dad would want." Dane states as he then unsheathes his sword again and causes more damage to the place.

A few minutes later

"What in God's holy land happened here?" Vice Admiral Iceberg asks as he looked around.

"Definitely a sign that pirates were and fucked it up." One of his underlings, Pickett, states.

"Language George." Iceberg comically hits Pickett in the head with a bible,"They're still in there,I can sense it."

"Well let's go catch them." Another underling, Longstreet, states, "They can't get out of here with us in the way."

"Not yet." Iceberg states,"I'm going to give them a warning shot." He then stomps his foot onto the stony ground, and the surrounding area became cold and soon ice in a gradual state. And the coldness went far and far into the base, soon hitting the trio, who were in the middle of the base.

"Ow!" Dane jumped for a moment as the sudden drop in temperature occurred,"That ground was not ice cold like 2 seconds ago!"

"Yikes! W-Why did it get cold here all of a sudden?!" shouted Yin as she was using her pyrocio to keep herself warm.

"This cold is unnatural. Though I am ungraceful, it may be coming from a source." said Sully who was unfazed by the sudden shift in the cold.

"I think that Iceberg guy has returned to his base." Dane states looking back,"And I don't know if he's particularly pleased." He says as the place got colder and colder and the pyrocio battling with the cold.

"Oh no! That Vice Admiral?! T-That didn't take long...He has a power to manipulate the cold itself it seems." said Yin as she kept using he powers to push against the cold.

"Vice Admirals...Can be as threatening as admirals. Well, depends." said Sully who appears to be staring down the hall. "Well, he is probably upset we are messing up his base. I am ungraceful, so I will apologize."

"I-I can't tell if you're being serious or sarcastic." said Yin.

"We can probably go apologize." Dane chuckles,"He's probably waiting for us to come to him,I'm betting he's over at the entrance that we need to use to get out of here. So a proper strategy could be in use."

"That is going to be tough as we don't know the full structure of this base...GAH!!!" screamed Yin suddenly as she noticed Sully breaking through another wall. "A-Again?"

"Sorry. I am ungraceful, but these walls seem to be rather easy for me to break. Especially with my lead." said Sully.

"We could just take them on head on." Dane does states,"Then again we're probably facing all of the marines right there...." He then thinks,"I do believe father's ship is near watching us."

"We may be stronger, but taking on a crowd of Marines plus a Vice Admiral may be too much." said Yin.

"Hm. So what is an effectiant plan?" Sully asked.

"Hm...We can probably fight...Or try to alert Dane's father to help maybe? Does he think we can take on a Vice Admiral?" Yin asks.

"I think he thinks "we" can take a vice admiral on." Dane states,"Meaning we would have to work together on this. Though killing him or defeating him may not be the option here."

"I think killing would've been too much anyway...The last thing we need is the blunt of the Marines after us." said Yin with a nervous smile.

"True. Our mission is to cause destruction to the base, not kill a Vice Admiral. Then again, I am ungraceful, so I'm unsure which is the better method." stated Sully.

"I think I might know what we should do." Dane states,"We go over and fight that Vice Admiral,and then play a game of smarts with him until father maybe fires a cannon to distract them or something. Then we can start getting away,maybe we should discuss this plan with him." He then reaches over himself,"Oh wait,he never gave me his den den mushi."

"...I think he and Yang would get along..." said Yin with a deadpan look.

"I was ungraceful. I didn't remind him." said Sully with a disappointed look.

"I-It's not your fault Sully! We were kinda just thrown into this on the orders to just "destroy the place." Yang would just destroy it without a reason, but he has the power to do so. Hmm..." said Yin as she was thinking.

"You say it so many times father would get along with Yang." Dane chuckles,"But looks like we got ourselves trapped here. Hmmmmm,maybe a message over to their ship could do? Like if we had a bird or something that can fly that far."

"Do we even have something like that? Or even think to bring a bird?" Yin asked.

"Not me, though I am ungraceful, so it is a certain." stated Sully with a shrug.

"This may be too advanced.but could you fire a piece of paper with that fire of yours?" Dane asks,"Without burning it, and it flies across and hits the ship. Your fire shouldn't damage the ship,if even show a scratch."

"I never tried that before. Then again, I was told that pyroico can be used to not burn things all of the time...But it is still something new." said Yin who was unsure.

Dane then sighs,"I think our best option now is to go face him." He then looks over in the direction of where Iceberg would be,"And let's hope God is on our side." He bows his head and does a hail mary.

"Heh...I wonder if he will like it that we will be destroying a Marine base? Seems like he would smite us instead." said Yin with a slight grin as she looks over where Dane is looking.

"Even still, thought I am ungraceful, we will have to fight. Father told me that it is always bound to happen." said Sully who joined in with the staring.

"Indeed." Dane nods as a wall crumbles from the cold surroundings. The surrounding area is slowly becoming more and more ice like, and if they stay any longer their feet will be trapped. "We should get going now." He starts running for the exit and prepares to battle the Vice Admiral.

"Yikes! Does he have some ice power instead?!" Yin asked she started to follow Dane out of the room.

"No. It's just cold. Although it can lead to ice." said Sully as he took flight with his powers and followed behind them.


The trio make it to the entrance, where marines were seen with their guns aimed at the trio. And the famous Vice Admiral Iceberg was there in the center looking at the trio. He had to look up mostly to see the sizes of the three, all of them taller than his 6' 10" stature.

"So you three are the ones who destroyed this base?" Iceberg asks,"Either you were lucky to get in here while I was on outside patrol or you had this planned."

"Maybe a bit of both." Dane replies as he stared at Iceberg, then smiles, "You seem like a chill person, want to talk it over?"

"Ha! Like you're going to use cold puns instead of me." Iceberg replies.

"W-Well, first thing. He is definitely a lot more laidback compared to most Vice Admirals. That Nitro guy could take a lot of lessons from him." said Yin with a nervous smirk.

"I take it, this is one of the "good" Marines while Nitro falls under the "evil" side. Then again, I am a pirate so saying something is "evil" is rather ungraceful of me." stated Sully as he looks at Iceberg.

Dane looks over and sees Iceberg's bible in his pocket, "Godly man?"

"Yeah, been a god fearing man since I was little." Iceberg states, "You too?"

"Yeah, well at least most of us in captain's crew." Dane says waving to Yin.

"Then why as christians are you pirates?" Iceberg asks.

"God does lead people to different routes." Dane replies pulling out his cross necklace.

Iceberg sighs, "That is indeed true..." He then looks over his watch, "Listen, I should be arresting you folks now. So make a decision if it's going to be the easy or hard way."

"Uh, does the easy way involve not dying? Because I would like that option in my current state." said Yin with an awkward giggle.

"Though I am ungraceful, I am sure that either option would eventually lead to death. We have already caused trouble in this base." stated Sully.

"Indeed it would my fellow bull." Iceberg states, "The easy way would probably deal with be with being arrested and you would probably be sent to impel down or be executed. Now in your state madam, I would make sure that you had your delivery first then you'd be executed. Now the hard way would probably mean you'll be dead."

"So not many options." Dane then pulls out his buster sword, "May the better man be then."

"May the better man be." Iceberg bows and pulls out his mighty Holy Hammer, the marines were about to shoot them until Iceberg held out his hand to say he's got this.

"Woop...I don't seem to have a weapon. Well, neither does Sully heh..." said Yin nervously as she activated her pyroico.

Sully then simply crafts a large club made of his lead and arms himself with it. "Sorry. I am ungraceful as I can make a weapon. I would for you, but lead is toxic to touch." stated Sully.

"T-That's fine. I'd rather not suffer from lead poisoning heh.." said Yin with a nervous grin.

A Light Show For Sure

Iceberg was seen leaping high up into the air and looking down as he was chilling his hammer into an ice cold blue. He then was seen dropping right down in a large thud!

"Samu Samu: Icicle Shockwave!" He says as he landed the hammer onto the stone deck, giant forms of Icicles started spawning as the sharp ends were heading to pierce the three.

"Braver" Dane leaps and drops down to slice one of the Icicles in half with haki and landing on his two feet. The marines comically have their eyeballs out of their sockets as they see Dane standing unaffected from the powerful Icicle Shockwave.

"Whoa...That is pretty impressive how Dane dodge like that. I can't back down! I have to attack this cold! Pyroico: Heat Burst!" shouted Yin as she let out burst of fire that went toward Iceberg which also melts any of the ice around.

"How graceful. You have had much better handling on your powers. Compared to someone as ungraceful as me." remarked Sully as he was dodging the cold by hovering in midair.

"These kids are tougher than I thought." Iceberg states as he stomps on the ground, "Samu Samu Shield" He says as he chills the ground and makes an icicle wall in front of him to block the pyrocio from connecting him.

"Time for us on the offensive!" Dane says with a determined voice,"Cross-Slash!" He says as he makes a sword beam cross hit the giant iced shield of Iceberg. The shield effectively cracking on the surface of the icicle barrier.

"Wow his cold powers are a lot more potent than i thought...I better try not to get in Dane's way if he is about to attack. Sully, you think you can aid Dane?" Yin asked Sully.

"Of course. Though I am ungraceful, I will do my best." said Sully as he quickly charges toward Iceberg. "He is cold, not ice. I don't require Haki with this next attack. Lead Shot!" Sully shouted as he sent punch of lead toward Iceberg.

The lead breaks right through the ice cold wall and slams Iceberg in the face. Iceberg leaps back to regain his movement. He then chills himself to prevent the lead from poisoning him. He then exhales an ice cold breath right toward Sully. "Samu Samu: Cold Breath"

"That is cold, but I have endured hellfire to not be harmed by the cold that much. Even though I am ungraceful." stated Sully as he backs up to avoid getting fully covered in the ice cold breath.

"Careful Sully. He may not have ice powers, but his cold powers can be rather potient." said Yin as she was studying Iceberg. "His powers are good for offense and defense...Tricky to deal with."

"Your turn!" Dane then leaps over to Yin and throws her high into the air for a clear shot for Iceberg.

"Handling a woman like that?" Iceberg asks Dane, "Especially when she is carrying?"

"She can handle it." Dane says with a smile, "I know so as her husband."

"Eep! G-Good thing I'm used to me and Yang doing this kind of things! Pyroico: Blaze Punch!" shouted Yin as she lit her fist on fire covering it in Haki as she heads toward Iceberg.

"Haki huh? How graceful..." said Sully who looked impressed.

Iceberg pulls out his shield and has the attack land right on the shield. The attack sending Iceberg to slide a couple inches.

"Not bad." Iceberg states, "Not bad for a woman carrying, keep this strength up and you can be known for being the strongest woman who fought while carrying." He then swings his mighty hammer right at Yin for a clobbering impact attempt.

"Oh no!" said Yin as she was preparing to brace herself until Sully quickly gets in front in order to block the attack for her. "S-Sully?"

"It is ungraceful of me for you almost being attacked. Careful, this man is still a Marine." said Sully as he glared at Iceberg.

"A minotaur huh?" Iceberg says as he took a look at Sully, "I have had not too many encounters with them." He then swings around his hammer, "I heard minotaurs are tough creatures, especially with devil fruits." He then charges and attacks Sully with haki on the hammer. The haki hitting Sully in the abdomen and not going through his lead body.

"Geh..." uttered Sully as he slid backwards but kept his ground. "That was a powerful blow. This man's strength is rather graceful I'll admit."

"It makes sense he has Haki...Meaning he can attack Sully normally despite being a Logia..." stated Yin as she prepared to charge at Iceberg again.

"This is quite a strange trio." Iceberg states, "But I can see the impressive teamwork between them."

"It's cause we're a family." Dane states, "Whether by blood or by goals." He then leaps over Yin and clashes his buster sword with Iceberg's hammer, the two weapons both encased in haki and a minor shockwave is created upon the contact of the weapons. "Yin! Now!" Dane says as he was contesting his strength against Iceberg.

"Right! Pyroico: Flash Strike!" shouted Yin as she fired a wave of pyroico toward Iceberg.

Iceberg looks to his side as he feels the pyrocio strikes his shoulder shields, Iceberg tries to move a bit to avoid the full contact but ends up losing his balance. He extends his right arm, which holds his heavy hammer, to balance himself from the deck that was filled with stormy waters at the end.

This extension from Iceberg was a mistake, as Dane saw this as an opportunity to disarm Iceberg! Dane lifts his buster sword mightily and swings it down in a forward thrust to break the handle of the large hammer! Marines were again literally having their eyeballs out of their sockets in surprise as they say the powerful end of Iceberg's hammer fall to the ocean.

"Nani...." Iceberg thought as he saw the hammer fall.

"Looks like I caught you in trouble." Dane states getting ready to strike again.

"It appeared he has lost his main offensive weapon. It appears he is weakened, though I am ungraceful to know for certain." stated Sully.

"Careful Dane! He is still a Vice Admiral! Just because he lost his weapon doesn't mean he have other ways to attack!" Yin warned Dane.

It could be said that his confidence ignored his wife, which would become his biggest mistake as he attempted to make a strike at Iceberg, "Focused Thrust!" He strikes at Iceberg, aiming right for the abdomen.

Iceberg sensed Dane's upcoming attack with Kenbunshoku haki and instantly turns around to stop Dane's buster sword with his own Ice Cold Bare Hands. It was now Dane's turn for his eyes to be coming out of his sockets as he saw the sheer strength of Iceberg holding on to his sword with his hands, without even Busoshoku haki.

"And looks like you had your confidence a little bit too high." Iceberg states as what looked like Ice started to encase Dane's sword, "Samu Samu: Icebreaker!" He then states as Dane's buster sword was completely encased in ice and instantly shattered the buster sword completely!

The marines were surprised by this turn of events and cheered for their Vice Admiral as he probably took out the biggest factor of the battle. Dane's hands and wrists were now bleeding as the sharp ice that shattered now pierced into his hands.

"I ain't done yet." Iceberg states as his whole arm was encased in haki and ice,"Samu Samu: Chilled Fist" He then strikes an uppercut right at the shocked Dane, taking Dane off guard and sending Dane flying backwards and back into rubble of the marine base.

Dane was seen laying on the rubble, "Crap.....He didn't just do that did he?"

"D-DANE! YOUR SWORD!" shouted Yin who was caught off guard that Dane just lost his treasured weapon.

"He actually cause it to freeze then break off. An almost literal case of frostbite. I am sorry Dane my ungracefulness is what eventually lead to your weapon breaking." Said Sully with a hint of sadness in his voice.

"It is not your fault Sully..." Dane says trying to stand up, "It was none but my own."

"A man who can admit his mistakes." Iceberg states, "Honorable, but can't ever escape justice either way." He then stomps onto the ground, "Samu Samu: Glacier Cage" He says as a cage of Ice starts to surround the trio.

"Oh no! He's trying to encage us! Sully do you think your lead could help battle against this as well?" asked Yin as she was preparing her Pyrocio.

"Lead isn't fire or hellfire or magma or acid. It cannot melt as easily as those elements." stated Sully as he braced himself from this.

"I'm sorry I failed you guys..." Dane looks down onto the ground as he was prepared to be trapped by the ice.

"NOW WHAT TYPE OF ATTITUDE ARE THOSE MOPEY LOOKS KIDS!!!" Fang suddenly appeared as he shattered right through the ice cage. His fur wet as he shook himself off to dry himself off, "Ahhhh A great day for a swim!"

Marines now screamed in frantic as they realized they just met the 6th level Impel Down Prisoner White Fang himself. Iceberg looks up at the massive mink and draws a cold breath.

"Looks like this took to another level." Iceberg states.

"D-Dane's father? You are here pretty suddenly." said a surprised Yin.

"It is a shame for him to see me in this ungraceful state even though it is certain for me." stated Sully as he tried to look away.

"Ungraceful? Shut up about that gracefulness you son of a bitch." Fang states.

"So what are you here for father?" Dane asks, "Whoop our butts for about to lose to a Vice Admiral?"

"Losing? No No! This ain't losing! This is just tipping the board." Fang replies, "Besides you kids have done more than enough! Time to take you kids home!" He then whistles for his ship.

"Huh?" Dane says in confusion.

"Even I am as confused." said Yin as she turns around to see the ship actually flying toward them. "Wha...?"

"T-This is sure is tiring! N-Never used my powers...this much...before!" said Omochi as she was using her powers to make the ship lighter and floating toward them.

"Heh those DF powers of yours are sure as amazing. Keep it up!" said Katsudon with a smirk and thumbs up.

"Y-You're...Not...Helping!" shouted Omochi.

"A flying ship? How graceful..." said Sully as he was looking up at it.

Marines were having their eyeballs again out of their sockets as they see Omochi using her powers to float the ship. Even Iceberg looked stunned from the sight.

"By the heavens..." Iceberg mutters.

"FAR HAR HAR! She's doing good for how big Skoll is!" Fang states.

"Are you sure she's not wearing herself out majorly by doing that?" Dane asks.

"Ah she'll be fine!" Fang states, "Worse thing can happen is her passing out as she's doing this. HEY FARKEY! Bring down the ladder!" He yells up to the ship.

"Aye Aye Captain!" Farkun drops a roped ladder down to Fang who grabs it to steady it.

"Alright! Puppies first!" Fang shouts to the trio.

"Oh uh okay." said Yin as she looks up at it feeling a bit nervous. "It looks so high up. Whoa!" she shouted as Sully was suddenly carrying her on his shoulder as he was climbing up.

"Sorry for being ungraceful. I just thought it would be fine if I helped you for now." stated Sully.

"Thanks Sully. I worry about Dane though. He did just lost his trusted sword." said Yin as she looks over at Dane.

"Alright son! Off of your knees! No need to be moping around!" Fang says to his son, who was still laying there blankly before Fang decides to grab Dane and throw him up, "Alright let's go guys!" He steps onto the ladder himself as the ship starts to leave. "Just don't pass out as we leave!"

Marines start to fire at Fang without Iceberg ordering them, they want to be the ones to catch the White Fang. But they couldn't aim for their life, the bullets would hit the side of the ship and ricochet into the water. While a few bullets did hit Fang, his very tough skin let Fang notice none of it.

"Come on you sons of bitches! I've seen raccoons throwing pinecones having better aim than you lot!" Fang shouts as he proceeds to give the middle finger to the marines, "Funny story, that story is too FAR HAR HAR!"

"Uh...He is sure energetic huh?" said Yin as she and Sully got on the ship.

"Welcome back. You look worn out." said Katsudon casually.

"I know that was a jab at me you know!" shouted Omochi as she kept using her powers on the ship.

"It was still ungraceful of me to not have assisted better. I clearly have a long way to go for the New World." said Sully as he looked as his hand.

"This is the New World you're standing on son." Farkun states to his son, "But yes you kids might not be 100% ready for the New World."

"Keep going Omo!" Fang shouts over, "I can feel ourselves getting closer to the water!" He says as he looks down at the water.

"Vice Admiral Sir!" A marine shouts to Iceberg's attention, "What are we gonna do now?"

"Sigh Nothing really, we'll just need to report that the son of Fang has struck again with the twin sister of Yang and a minotaur with a lead logia." Iceberg answers, "And report another sighting of Fang." He shakes his head and heads into the rubble of what's left of the marine base.

"T-Trying!" said Omochi as she was trying to keep the ship floating for awhile.

The Most Powerful Sword is the Heart

"Phew...That was scary and that was just against a Vice Admiral..." said Yin with a relieved sigh.

"Indeed. Although, how ungraceful as I was to allow Dane's weapon to break." said Sully with a sigh as well.

Dane was only staying in his kneeled position as he looked down onto the wooden floor of the ship. He looks to his hand, which still held the handle of the buster sword he once had. His mind goes back to how the sword was given to him, it was a gift from his "dad" in Chau, Gawain. And then he remembers using it in training, and in all of the battles he fought in the Chau arena. Then he remembers training himself Santoryu with the buster sword in his mouth and two swords in hand. He then pictures the battles he fought that the sword with, especially the fight against Nitro. Dane's eyes were seen wide and were seen flowing tears out for the sword. Dane, has truly lost his greatest weapon.

"It's just a sword..." Dane says to himself as he was trying to resist the tears, "It's just.....a sword..."

"Phew" Fang is seen on the deck of the ship now, "You can drop it Omo, you probably need to rest yourself now." He then looks over to Dane, "And why is my son looking like a bitch?"

"A-Alright. Phew..." said Omochi as she deactivated her powers and the ship falls gently onto the water.

"Good job. You've make for a good sky ship person! You should go into business." said Katusudon with a smirk and his response was met by a glare from Omochi.

"Dane? Are you alright?" Yin askes as she say beside Dane patting his back. "I know you loved that sword, but you fought to protect us all."

"Yin..." Dane would have his hand touch Yin's hand on her back as he just turns around and weeps right on Yin's belly, "How am I to protect my family now?"

"Oh relax Dane." Fang rolls his eyes, "You still got those serrated blades I gave you as a birth gift! FAR HAR HAR!!!"

"Despite me carrying three swords, I lost two-thirds of my swordsman life." Dane replies with tears continuing to go down Yin's sullied dress.

"Hmmmmm." Rambert would fly down and look at Dane and the remaining handle of the sword.

"Don't worry Dane. That sword didn't just make you strong and a good protector alone. It was your own strength that helped powere you through everything. I know I may not understand not losing a sword considering I don't use any type of weapons alone. However, I do know one thing that is stronger than that sword and it is your heart and that is one thing I love about you. And I am sure we could get another one that is stronger." remarked Yin with a hug and kiss.

"Awww...That was touching...I only see love like that between Katsudon and his mother...Except that is a lie heh..." said Omochi with a snicker.

"Yeah yeah. You're mad about me teasing you about lifting the boat. Now we're even." said Katsudon with a deadpan expression.

Dane was lightened up by Yin's words and gave back a kiss. His tail slowly wagging a bit in hope.

"BAH!!!!!!" Fang was seen shedding tears wildly as he witnessed the little speech, "Such a moving speech from my daughter in law!!"

"Ah shush the tears before you flood this ship!" Farkun kicks Fang with hellfire in the crown jewels.

"GAH!! Not in the crown jewels!...." Fang would tip over and fall on his side as he was kicked by Farkun.

"Your sword." Rambert says to Dane holding out his crow talons, "May you show me what's left of it?"

"Wow. I still can't believe how that man was able to easily destroy it like that. Not even Nitro could do that and he had, I thought, a more effective Devil Fruit." stated Yin as she looked at the sword.

"Hmm...I could say to make a new one of my lead, but being ungraceful as I am should know that only me can handle lead to that caliber." stated Sully.

"Oh? Sure..." Dane says handing the handle of the sword over to the birdman swordsman. He gave it a good look at it, looking at the handle and the remains of the blade in his talons.

"Hmmmm." Rambert looks over it, "Your wife is right, I think it is time you found a sword that is better. This sword obviously has shown wear over the years and wasn't built by the best." He then hands it back to Dane, "I recommend finding a Meito."

"A Meito?" Dane asks, "What is that?"

"A sword you won't find often is what it is." Rambert states, "Swords that are made by world famous swordsmiths and are used by famous swordsmen from around the globe."

"Oh yeah. There are just ordinary swords that could be easily broken by a good enough force. However, a sword with a Meito are considered far more powerful and more durable than a sword without one." stated Yin.

"Wait, I thought you didn't use weaspons but know enough of Meito?" Omochi asked as she sat up.

"Well, no but I remember Axel talking a lot about Meito back when I was younger. He said if his lance had a rank, it would be a Great Grade. Even though it is a lance, it still qualifies on the scale of Meito. As long it is a bladed weapon he says." said Yin as she was looking at the remains of Dane's sword.

"Surpreme Grade, Great Grade, Skillful Grade, and Grade. These are the four main ranks from best to worse. Surpreme Grade are considered on a league of their own, but Great Grades when handled enough can even compete alongside Surpreme Grade swords." said Katusdon.

Rambert was seen handing a wooden box to Dane. The box was made of oak wood and had a little red cushion inside the box. "Take it." Rambert states, "Wrap you sword in this cloth and place it inside the box." He says as Dane takes the box as he gives out a velvet cloth, "Then you will drop the sword into the water, and begin a new life as a swordsman."

"You think I'll find a meito?" Dane asks Rambert.

"Heh, You're a knight aren't you?" Rambert asks, "Besides, I'm sure the son of Fang is as lucky as his father." Rambert looks over to his captain.

"Not much in the lucky mood at the moment..." Fang would drag himself as he was still feeling Farkun's kick.

"Is a burial of his sword at sea?" Yin asked.

"It seems that way." stated Katusdon.

Dane grabs the cloth and starts wrapping it over the handle and shards of the remaining sword before placing it into the box and walking over to the end of the ship. Looking down at the ocean, Dane extends his arm so that the box was hanging over by his arm. Dane changes to his look of sorrow to a look of determination as he then drops the box and watches the box fall to the ocean. The box landing in a splash and floating along the seas, who knows to be seen again as Skoll left the box floating.

"A sword is only a sword in the end." Dane walks back toward Yin and gives her a hug, "It is my heart that really protects my family. My will to stop evil in their tracks."

"Attaboy!" Fang says with a triumphant fist before going back to his painful states.

"Good." Rambert nods, "But now is time to find yourself a meito, Sir Dane."

"Haven't heard that name in a long time." Dane says with a little smile when Rambert mentioned Dane's knighted rank.

"Awww...That takes me back...Anywho what is a good place to even get a meito? Can one just buy one or something?" Yin asked.

"You can have one made for you. Though if you want a Supreme Grade or Great Grade, it would actually have to have someone skilled that made it." stated Katsudon.

"Oh yeah. Axel said he had a skilled blacksmith made his lance." Yin replied.

"Maybe he can make my sword?" Dane ponders, "Is he even local in Chau?"

"There are many skilled swordsmiths out there." Rambert states, "You can have them make one or...You could challenge a swordsmen their weapon."

"Is challenging a swordsman chivalrous though?" Dane asks.

"That. Can depend on your view of chivalry." Rambert states.

Dane looks over to his wife and then states, "I would like to know more about this swordsmith."

"Oh! Uh I don't know too much of him personally. I know he is a close friend of father and he does live somewhere in the New World. It is an island known for being, well, sword-shaped." said Yin as she was thinking.

"Is this man really that good? Swordsmiths are hard to come by these days." asked Katsudon.

"That's what father and Axel said. I don't know any others I'm afraid." said Yin with a shrug.

"Hmmmmmm." Dane ponders, "Hey pops, Where are we going?"

"Oh? We're going back to Paradise and drop you kids off." Fang replies, "Get your crew back together and I'll be back to creating my terror here in the New World."

"Understandable..." Dane states, "Oh we found this for you." Dane pulls out the files of slave ships that the marine base had record of and their routes. Dane gives it to Fang as he takes a good look at them.

"Hmmmmm, I need to get some glasses to read this." Fang gets comically large glasses and tries to read the files, only to know the letters were now to big for him to read, "BAH These stupid glasses! Forgot I don't need them anymore since I'm 21 now." He then looks at it more and more, "You kids found a good find." He smiles and nods at the trio.

"Paradise huh? I just can't wait to see the guys again! I bet you're happy to see Bliss again Sully." said Yin who noticed Sully was turned around with a serious look on his face.

"....She doesn't deserve to see someone as ungraceful as I am.... Especially after what transpired today...." said Sully in a dejected tone.

"Damn. I usually find it hard to read that guy's emotions, but I can feel the self-hate coming from him." said Katusdon as he was leaning backwards.

"Hey man." Dane sits down over to a barrel next to Sully, "Let's forget about what happened in that fight. We did what we came for, wreck the marine base apart. I mean we did get a bonus of fighting a Vice Admiral. Though, while it was a defeat in a way, it was a victory for us. Both sides made each other look like a fool, and we'll just get better making marines look like fools." He offers a fist bump to Sully.

"...Sure. Sorry if I was being ungraceful." said Sully as he fist bumps Dane.

"Awww it's always happy seeing friends comfort each other." replied Yin.

"You got strong wills that's for sure. You'll need it in the long one." stated Katsudon as he started to walk around the ship.

"Indeed, especially in the New World." Dane states, "But I can't wait to go back to our crew and say hello! I'm sure Bliss is taking good care of Aires, I'm sure Indie and Garrett are having fun with Indie's brother. And Joan, well who knows what she's doing. Maya and Auratus are probably having a great time at fishman island together. And of course we got our new recruit Omochi here so that'll be great to welcome you to the crew!"

"Oh yeah I wonder if you guys go nuts with the introductions and whatnot? Most crews do." said Omochi as she got up.

"Sometimes. I remember hearing when Yang recruited Renni to his crew, he did a "surprise gift" that ended up sending Steel over the ship. That was so funny I'll admit." said Yin with a giggle.

"That does sound rather...reckless. Though I am more reckless being ungraceful I am." said Sully.

"I think mostly we're just going to have a nice large dinner to welcome you." Dane says to Omochi, "Nothing too dramatic, but still fun."

"Sounds good to me. Doesn't have to be too over the top." said Omochi with a shrug."

"Says the princess..." said Katsudon with a smirk.

"Shut it momma's boy." snarked Omochi back with a deadpan expression.

"I wonder if our friends got any stronger as well?" Yin asks.

"I have no doubt that our friends got stronger in some way." Dane says with a smile, "I just can't wait to go back and see them. Poor Aires must be missing the whole family together."

"Well then there begs the question." Fang then kneels down and looks at the trio and Omochi, "Are you kids ready to go to Saboady?"

"Sabaody? That famous archapelego?" Yin asked.

"That's the one. With bubble trees and all that fun stuff." stated Katsudon.

"Indeed, I'll be dropping you kids off there and leave immediately back!" Fang states. "You kids can go do whatever you want. But if you kids need anything." He then hands Yin and Dane a slip of paper, "There's a vivre card and my den den number."

"Thanks pops." Dane says looking as he received the vivre card while Yin received the den den number.

"Thank you. It is a way to keep in contact. I wonder if we'll meet others at Sabaody?" Yin asked.

"Oh yeah. A side warning: Don't cause trouble there. There is a Marine base very close to Sabaody and I heard a certain admiral likes to go there." said Katsudon.

"Seriously? A place like that with a Marine base and an admiral that visits there at times? Yeesh..." said Omochi with a sigh.

"Like I said, just watch out. Unless you want to get a bounty or something." said Katsudon with a shrug.

"Yeah we ain't too keen on bounties." Dane says, "But we'll do what we need to do."

"Then are you kids ready?" Fang asks, "Roscoe and Charmy too?!"

"Oh?" Dane turns around and see the rest of his triplet brother and sister, "Hey I forgot you guys were on this ship."

"Heh, probably cause you're the favorite one." Kakashi snickers.

"Don't be like that brother." Charmy states, "Father likes each of us."

"I didn't ask for a chit chat." Fang says to his kids, "I asked if you kids were ready to head back?"

"Well I am ready to go back and meet my captain." Charmy bows.

"Same here, I'm ready to go back home." Kakashi states.

"I just can't wait to get the old gang back together." stated Yin.

"Yeah we'll just meet back up and get the hell outta there." said Omochi as she looked out into sea.

Dane then looks over to his wife and then looks back to Fang and smiles, "Let's head to Saboady."

"ALRIGHT!!!" Fang gives a thumbs up, "Huhhhhh, LET'S SAIL FOR SABOADYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!"

"Aye aye captain!!" Farkun says as he was steering the ship right toward the direction of the Fishman island, the island that connects the New World and Paradise.

"Man he's loud." Kakashi rolls his eyes.

"I can't wait to meet the crew again!" Dane says as he got close and hugged Yin, "Yin, I think this is the beginning of a whole new chapter in our lives!"

"Whoop! Yes it will be! Here's to hoping for a great adventure!" said Yin as she hugged back.

"Maybe this could be graceful after all." said Sully with a smirk.

"Hah! He smiled! You owe me 1000 beli Katsudon!" shouted Omochi with a laugh.

"...Dammit." said Katsudon with a deadpan expression.