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Quilava Munzer
Title Quilava Munzer, the Jailer of Hope
Age 29
Height 6,2
Weight 172lbs
Weapon Jet Stream
Devil Fruit Ryuu Ryuu no Mi, Model: Seiryuu
Laterality Right
Home Skypeia
Elemental Color White
Primary Role Minister of Promise
Special Ability Deepening Despair
Allies The Jailers of Virtue
Family Unknown
To the Promised Land

Quilava Munzer of the Jailer of Hope is one of the second Tier virtues and the keeper of hope. Strong proud and furious with passion Quilava was once a crusader in the name of purity and raided many pirate ships and pirate towns in hopes of ridding the world of their filth. He believes the fire of hope must be kept alive by tossing the bodies of sinners on its flames. Eventually he was approached by the jailer of virtues and made the Jailer of Hope for his resolve.

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