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The Rōzu Rōzu No Mi is a Logia type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create, control, and transform into rose petals at will, turning the user into a Rose Human. This fruit eaten by Vice-Captian of the FAA Pirates Zane Deadwood

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths: The user can control, manipulate, and turn into rose petals. Since being a Logia type they can phase through most physical attacks and (if he chooses) with being rose petals he can easily be blown away with wind, making a quick escape. He can also gather the petals he's created to form solid constructs like weapons to platforms. This fruit also makes its user weigh the same as an actual rose

Weaknesses: Like most Logia types, Haki can damage the user. And like all Devil Fruits the user has a great weakness with water and Seastone, also most fire based attacks can damage the user greatly.


Zane has mastered the Rōzu Rōzu no Mi to the point of perfection where he can turn into petal reflexively if attacked and can change his own weight. While in a lush flora area, his abilities and power are increased greatly, and Like many other Logia users, he can fly by turning his lower body into petals. And just for fun he can even change the color of his petals.


Steel Petals: Zane mixes his Armament Haki with his petals to create a powerful attack and defense.

Petal Dance: He coats the area with petals and then makes them shoot upward like spikes under the target.

Rose Raid: Zane can create a torrent of petals to assault his target from all directions.

Rose Construct: He can create many different objects and items to help aid him in combat.

Rose Pet: This allows him to create multiple creatures made of petals to do his bidding.

Rose Guard: He surrounds his body in petals to add to his defensive abilities.

Rose Lance: He fires a small/thin pillar of petals at his target, at high speed, making this his fastest and most lethal attack.

Rose Walk: While moving around in combat he starts scattering his petals, laying them out like a trip wire.

Rose Bloom: As long as there is a handful of petals in one spot Zane can warp from place to place.

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