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Raifu Nawa the younger brother of Vice Admiral Raifu Rein and son of the Late Raifu Nobu. He is currently alive, and he is 10 years younger than his brother, making him 14 years old. Nawa was present in the Cake Island and Wano Arcs, replacing his brother in the Marines for a short while until Vice Admiral Rein came back.


In terms of power, Nawa is fast enough to run on water and durable enough to survive a punch from Kaido. But he shines in power, as seen when he wounded Jack, a sweet commander. He only did this because the Marines helped him, but it still was impressive.


He can use a slither of Armament Haki, but only for defensive purposes. 

Design & Voice

He is 5'05 and weighs in at 112 pounds. In the Japanese Version, Nawa's voice sounds similar to the voice of Son Goten. In English, he sounds similar to Matt from Death Note.

After Timeskip

After the timeskip, he first appears in a series of Flashbacks in Raifu Rein's fight with Charlotte Oven. He later appears in Cake Island defeating Charlotte Noisette. 


Nawa can use all of the Sword Styles except Kyutoryu (Nine Sword Style), and he is really good with Nitoryu (Two Sword Style). He can also use a bit of Armament Haki for his blade.

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