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Raikō Minamoto is a swordsman and a member of the Kijin Pirates.


Personality and Relationships

Before Kijin

Minamoto before meeting Dulari and joining the Kijin pirates greatly differs from the present day Minamoto. Before he didn't really have much of a personality that most could really talk about at first. Nothing, this though in of itself was something to note, as it was here we see his sadly twisted enjoyment of being alone. Minamoto is someone who enjoys calm and quiet, so much so that he even though he has a crew and a family, still enjoys the prolonged moments of peace he gets at times. This enjoyment of solitude occured upon his mother's passing and especially after the death of his master at the hands of his senpai.

Minamoto was quiet and didn't really talk to many others, in all seriousness her came out to be someone "dull". It was like he only focused on the basis of survival instincts and focused on living a calm life. This was because alone at home he simply ate, read, trained and continued like this, living in an extremely basic way for countless years of his upbringing. He at some point lacked the passion or individualism needed to make goals for himself outside of what was needed but yet he also lacked the idealism to change his life around. An empty vessel with no personal thoughts or opinions on much of anything which in turn further sunk him into his loner lifestyle. An endless cycle of life of pure doubt and loneliness.

This wasn't to say he didn't have his own consciousness or was by any means not intelligent. In fact he himself knew what was going on with himself internally, he fully understood why he feels the way he does, he just doesn't have any real care or any real drive to change it, because go him, "does it really matter?" is how he takes it.

Post Kijin

During his clash with Shichiloh Dulari, Minamoto had finally met a force he could never overcome. Until that very moment, despite all those who had wronged him, he grew to no longer care. In fact until this point, he thought and truly believed that he wouldn't care if he were to die. But it was the indomitable force that was Dulari and her constant attacks, his sword being shattered, his bones being broken, it was the utter fear of this moment, the moment he was closest to death, his entire system was shocked. It was here where his sense on true individualistic personality had been born.

Minamoto would develop a personal connection for many members of the Kijin Pirates. He especially holds his Captain at high regards, aiming to repay her for all that she had done for him. He no longer struggled to speak with others, he laughed and enjoyed all the moments he could share with others, even if it wasn't always expressed. Mina would also adopt the name "Mina" as a way to show just how much he changed, how he no longer was the person he once was, even if bits and pieces of his original personality is still around.

His own individualism had spawned the dream he carries with him, the goal to one day become 'The World's Greatest Swordsman' even if that very dream is surrounded by obstacles. He truly aims for that summit and is so adamant about reaching such heights and trains on a daily basis, even regularly sparring with his captain, despite the constant losses.

Abilities and Powers

Physical Prowess

Even before joining the Kijin Pirates, before his twelve years of intense training, Minamoto was already quite physically gifted. He had immense durability, able to take assaults from multiple grown men in the dojo he trained at from their wooden swords only to tire them out and deliver swift and powerful blows to them.

Even though he was gifted in endurance, his greatest physical talent was his truly intimidating speed. He could quickly manuver around gangs of enemies, dodging constant barrages of attacks from over a dozen individuals without a single one landing on him. Minamoto was known for running the entire coast of Albion on a daily basis just to improve on his already super human speed.

After training with his captain, Minamoto's physical prowess had quickly grown to a monstorus level, to the point most can't even compare him to a human being now a days. When flexing his muscles and using his arms to guard an incoming attack most compare striking his bare skin as punching giant clumps of steel. Regular bullets alone barely have the capabilities of breaking his skin from how intensely durable it had become. This greatly improved his endurance as most unprepared enemies had a tendency of harming themselves when attacking him.

His speed had also transcended the level it once was, as while it was already super human, after Dulari's intense training his speed had reached the level a full Kijin can display, as he had naturally unlocked and quickly mastered their Mukijindō's Sen Fiito technique. He's able to land rapid and careful steps that allow him to run on water itself which allows him to dash from ship to ship, leaving massive holes on ships to sink them before most can even react. Most Soru users that have met him have mentioned that his speed is something they could never reach even with their enhanced super human speed.

Minamoto's unnatural and extremely well trained physical strength is also monstrous as seen in a few key moments. Before his training had even begun he had the capabilities of pushing Dulari, a pure bred Kijin who was unnaturally strong even compared to the immensely powerful Kijin and a prodigy for her strength, a few steps back. After their training he was seen cutting entire volcano's in half. This though is said to only be the top of the iceberg as Dulari theorizes he's not begun to show his full and true strength just yet.